S1 — E2: Whiners and Wine

Ladies of Twitter
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Security takes Paul by the hands and begins to escort her out of Karina’s swimwear store. Paul get nervous with the whole situation, he does what every other person would do! He pulls out his iPhone and gets Tyler on the phone! Paul starts off the conversation with “Tyler, you wouldn’t believe what just happened” Tyler and Paul had agreed to go on a fun shopping day. They met in front of Chanel both with a warm tea; they hug one another and start to chat about what took place earlier


Paul: Well I went to Karina’s store to go apologize to her and Joshuaa was there too! She basically said I have no loyalty to ANY of my friends, she had a Xanax and then she kicked me out!

Tyler: that Joshuaa really is out of her mind saying that when she came to me for help. Who is she in Twitter? No one, that’s who!

Tyler: Wow. What a psycho bitch. And to think, I was also going to apologize to her. I’m sorry love, I think you are marvelous.

Tyler: Ah, you know, just busy with all of that work that I don’t do. That Joshuaa really is out of her mind saying that when she came to me for help. Who is she in Twitter? No one, that’s who.

Paul: Joshuaa is the new girl on Twitter that is ruffling feathers! That’s who & she’s messing with the wrong people!! That gallery opening was absolutely crazy Karina turned me on like a pit-bull! She decided to date my ex-boyfriend who cheated on me!

The camera shows the long strip of shops that the ladies spend their afternoon. Paul and Tyler are shown trying on sundresses for the upcoming heat days of Twitter. Paul then begins to tell Tyler about a certain man she met while at the Art Opening. Before leaving Tyler invites Paul to a dinner with the self proclaimed Latin Princess of Twitter. Paul accepts with excitement and joy.

A restaurant on the rooftop of a tower in Downtown Twitter sets the scene for a introduction among the ladies. Tyler wearing a sleek black simple dress with full hair and fresh make up, she’s setting the name cards on a little intimate dinner for three. Paul arrives first and allows for a quick recap of Tyler’s busy day! Casey arrives in a bright orange and blue Valentino dress; she began to air kiss Tyler, while extending her hand for a proper handshake.

Tyler: [Confessional] I’m here today to introduce my fabulous friend Casey to my fabulous new friend Paul. I’m sure that they’ll just love each other.

Paul: [Confessional] — So excited to meet the new girl Casey that’s friends with Tyler. I’m excited to get to know her!

Casey: oh my! Hello pretty ladies! Nice too meet you Paul! [Confessional] Everyone knows about me and my family in here Twitter! I’m one rich Latin woman! You’re going to hear me roar!

Tyler: Casey, we missed you at Paul’s art gallery opening. It was…interesting, but Paul was lovely though!.

Casey: What?! Happened?! Please fill me in on this juicy detail! I most certainly did not get a invite.. I was a little hurt but oh well!

Paul: Oh I’m sorry Casey , I actually didn’t know you too well so I didn’t think with all your wealth in Twitter you’d want to come to my stupid art show.

Tyler: Well, the other day, I met this interesting character named Joshua.l who was asking for help with his charity work, and she was late, which isn’t cool. But she flipped out on me when I told Paul the truth about her unpunctuality.

Casey: Honey! I’m always ready to help the everyday woman! I would’ve been there in a heartbeat! But now we know that I’ll hopefully get a invite next time! I love Art! [Confessional] Art show? Not my cup of tequila but you know I’m always ready to help out!

Tyler: She’s just crazy. So have you ever heard of Lime Productions, Casey?

Paul: Has anyone?

Casey: Por la gran puta! Porque?! Están con esa pen… oh sorry I forgot you ladies don’t know Spanish! Lime Productions, is one of our rivals networks! Herman my hubby hates them! [Confessional] My husband Herman, runs a Latin Network here in Twitter! And we hate Lime Productions for certain reason I’m not allowed to disclose..

Paul: [Confessional] Casey’s cool. She’s rich on Twitter but doesn’t act like it. I’m liking her!

Tyler: But anyways, Joshuaa, the new girl, runs Lime Productions. [Confessional] hmm, I have a good feeling that Casey will have my back against that witch, Joshuaa

Paul: Well last night we went to the most beautiful restaurant in Twitter & then uh we went back to Dustin’s place for some …. fun! Casey do you want to see a picture of my new boyfriend?

Casey: [Confessional] One second we’re talking about me then Paul buts in and changes the subject to her… um a little rude… quien la creyó?! [Who raised her]

The ladies finish off their meals with laughter and excitement, Paul and Casey hug and air kiss each other before stepping out of the restaurant. Casey at the end of the dinner invites Paul to her wine tasting event at her club, that she’s working on opening.

Casey explains that she will be holding a private Wine Tasting for the ladies! Tyler was having lunch with Joshuaa and Casey extended the invite to attend. Casey goes on and gives a layout of how the event will run, blind tastes of Pinot Noir, after that blind tastes of Merlot and Cabernet. Joshuaa explains that she has appointments she must attend to, which mean she won’t stay for too long.

Casey: [Confessional] I’m so excited to have the ladies over to my bar for a fun and private wine tasting! Since it hasn’t officially opened yet I’m excited to see what the ladies think of the place! I can’t wait to see how things turn out!

Joshuaa: [Confessional] I’ve been a bit unlucky with the ladies so far and since Karina isn’t attending today I’m a little apprehensive. I’ve never met Casey either so hopefully she’s a lot more open minded and welcoming than the others seem to be.

Tyler: [Confessional] I’m here at my fabulous friend Casey’s wine tasting. I’m flattered that she’s having us, but I hope SOME people can behave Joshua but I’m sure it’ll be fine!

Joshuaa: Hi girls great to see you!

Tyler: Who doesn’t love a good glass of wine? And with Casey, it’ll only be the best wine money can buy, she’s fabulous, Joshuaa.. Joshuaa, same goes for me, darling, hopefully we can move forward.

Joshuaa: You know what guys I’m all about moving forward and having fun and drinking and talking about boys so let’s start fresh!

Casey: you ladies need to calm down with all the butt kissing! So ladies I’ve decided to set up the wine tasting and I thought it’d be fun to play a little game of never have I ever! If you have done something we drink a glass of champagne! What do you all think?

Joshuaa: Let’s get this game going then!

Casey: Yay! This is going to be fun! I’ll start! Never have I ever had Botox done….

Joshuaa: I never!

Tyler: Caught me doll. *sips champagne*

Paul: Touché *sips champagne*

Casey: [Confessional] Of course I chose this game to find out secrets about these ladies! duh! I’m not a stupid girl!

Tyler: Ooo, I’m next loves. Never have I ever had any sort of implants..

Joshuaa: God didn’t give me mine hunny

Paul: I’ve never!

Casey: Never

Paul: Never have I ever slept with a married man! [Confessional] Let’s make things a little interesting

Casey: Never!

Tyler: Well..oops..

Joshuaa: A story for another time ladies!

The ladies all chat about the latest trends in fashion and Joshuaa and Casey try to get to know each other more, Casey begins to look disconnected from getting to know Joshuaa. Joshuaa ending the conversation before the ladies got to know one another really bothered Casey.

Joshuaa: Casey tell me about yourself. You have a lovely bar!

Casey: Joshua, well I’m in the Latin Princess of Twitter! Of course!

Joshuaa: Ladies I have to make a move it’s been such a pleasure and I wish I didn’t have to go

After Joshuaa leaves the ladies to head to work, Paul begins to talk the ladies about herself. She didn’t want to brag but she was became overrun with confidence to tell them how things with Dustin were going.

Paul: Oh & ladies I have an announcement! I’m going back into modelling.

Casey: That sounds fabulous! I’m so ready for that! [Confessional] well I have to give it to Paul… it took him a whole 45 minutes to keep things hush hush until it was back to the Paul Show…. Overall I thought the wine tasting was great! I know I had some fun! I can’t wait to see more of these ladies!

Tyler: Omg, darling, that’s fabulous. Congrats. Can’t wait to see you walk those runways. You’re gorgeous. Goodbye ladies, love you. [Confessional] A fabulous wine tasting and things seem better with Joshua. Sounds fabulous. Can’t wait to see what the future holds with all of these fabulous girls. Just hope everything can stay drama free.

Casey had arrangements for the ladies to get home safe. She had her personal drivers to pick them up. Casey was happy with the turn out, no drama and everyone got to know a little more about each other! Next time on Ladies of Twitter, Double dates with old time friends, a therapy session no one saw coming, and there’s a new girl in town!

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