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As the episode begins, we see shots of Tyler making her way out onto the stage as she prepares for her next sit-down. The camera then shifts as we see Grace and Amal making their way out to join Tyler as the episode begins…

Grace: Hello! *sits down*

Tyler: Hello Ladies, it’s wonderful to see you both. Are you two channeling the Angel and demon thing tonight? *laughs*

Amal: *laughs* More like Ying & Yang, Ty!

Tyler: *giggles* Something like that. I guess it depends which Lady you ask?

Grace: Exactly! We’re here for a good time!

Tyler: Welcome to Ladies of Twitter: Cocktail Hour, I’m Tyler Newman, and I’m joined by Grace Whitworth and Amal Hadid. Lots to discuss from the last three episodes, but first, Grace, I’ve got a question for you. What has been like watching these first nine episodes? You certainly seem to have gotten into trouble in the group

Grace: *pauses* I mean *hands in the air* I’ve made some mistakes it seems. But you know no one is perfect, I was going through something and I guess that’s a big part of this gig! Free therapy!

Amal: *nods in agreement and whispers* Many mistakes…

Grace: Well. I guess I need a list then, because I thought it was only one mistake…

Tyler: *laughs* They would start giving out free therapy after I left the show. So Amal, was it a trial by fire meeting this group halfway through the season?

Amal: Oh absolutely. I remember my first time meeting the ladies and it was rumors this and tabloids that. My head was practically spinning trying to keep up with the childish antics of these girls *pauses* at a charity event no less but *shrugs* I suppose it didn’t take me too long to get accustomed to it

Tyler: On that note, it’s time for a drink. *claps hands* Oh Remi!

Just then, a shirtless bartender walks out with a tray of drinks…

Tyler: Remi is tonight’s shirtless bartender, here to keep us with drinks and dishing all night long. Tonight, he’s made the Loose Lips. It’s a delicious drink with whiskey, lemonade, pomegranate juice, and lemon zest.

Amal: Hello Remington. Loose lips did you say? Something our friend Grace knows a lot about *pretends to cover Grace’s crotch with my hands*

Tyler: *sips drink* Delicious!

Amal: *takes a sip* Oh, how refreshing

Tyler: Lots to discuss, so Grace, I’ve got to ask you about a topic that’s dominated this season…the Elle Rumor

Grace: Sure!

Tyler; Now my question is a bit different…did you feel you pinned the blame on your daughter for the rumor? Because hearing you say “oh, i heard it from Amy.” I was kind of like shit.

Amal: Let’s maybe refer to it as the Elle matter. Rumor suggests it’s a lie

Grace: Thank you Amal, and no, it is not a lie, and no I wasn’t pinning it on anyone other than the culprit. My daughter knows the nanny, they talk. Simple as that. I asked a question and then you see what happened

Tyler: So, just to be clear, you’ve doubled back down on saying the rumor is true? Because you apologized to them on the show

Grace: Have you watched? I apologized for mentioning something I heard

Tyler: I have. Every episode. That’s why I ask these questions

Grace: That’s it, and as you see it easy and so comical to see the others scramble for something to come at me with

Tyler: Well, I mean, you did first mention the Elle rumor according to what we’ve seen.

Grace: It was a question, that’s all. I’m allowed to ask questions.

Tyler: Ask whatever the fuck you want. Anyways, it’s game time! Grace and Amal, this season, you both find yourself in trouble with the other women, so tonight we will be playing Hot Seat. Here’s how it’ll work, I’ll ask you each questions about your costars and you’ll have to answer truthfully. Sound fun?

Grace: Trouble?

Amal: *looks shocked at Tyler swearing* Yeah sure. Sounds like a blast *awkwardly takes a sip of cocktail*

Tyler: Let’s begin. Amal, we’ve seen you on social media arguing with Kathy so I’m sure there’s more on that later this season. Can you tell us one nice thing you have to say about Kathy Irvine?

Amal: Oh, of course. Umm, her accessories line is affordable.

Grace: *giggles* It’s very interesting to say the least.

Tyler: *chuckles* Grace, we’ve seen you with your ex-husband Marc this season. When was the last time you two slept together?

Amal: Not too long ago, what did I tell you about the loose lips? *laughs* I kid, I kid.

Grace: Erm… like mid way through filming I would say. Our relationship has changed however, now.

Tyler: Wow. Amal, what was your honest reaction to the grocery store incident this week?

Grace: Comical. I loved it

Amal: I was dumbfounded. In my opinion, Kathy became somewhat unhinged. Imagine throwing papers and screaming about the IRS at your local health foods store. She’s certainly a unique character *takes a sip of cocktail*

Grace: If I may add to that, I really don’t understand why Kathy has such a hard on for me. She seems to have taken upon herself to try to have numerous moments with me.

Tyler: Grace, what was your role in the Luci allegations in the tabloids?

Grace: N-o-t-h-i-n-g! I would never do anything to hurt Luciana

Tyler: Amal, rank the following from favorite to least favorite. Kathy, Elle, and Rose

Amal: Oh, that’s tough *pauses* Umm I’d say Elle is my favorite then Kathy then Rose. Slim pickings in that line up.

Grace: The trumping trio

Amal: Trump supporting Trio

Tyler: Finally, Grace, did you demand a facelift for selling Elle her home?

Amal: *busts out laughing*

Grace: Of course not! Like I said, I waited my turn and paid in full and sent tons of my friends to him. He’s truly gifted. I have all of the paperwork and receipts. So I’ll be bringing it to the reunion

Tyler: Well, I’m sure that will be quite a day. *laughs* Thanks for playing In the Hot Seat. Pig backing off of that last question, Grace, what should viewers make of the fact that there’s just so much that gets brought up about you among the group?

Grace: In what way?

Tyler: I mean…first, the Elle rumor. Then, there was the tabloid stuff. The facelift. The latest IRS issue. It’s just…a lot for nine episodes

Grace: I guess you’re right. What I brought to the group about what I heard is truth. And as you’ll see, what Kathy brings up actually opens up something for my business and my relationship with Mark. So I guess I’ll thank her, I’m better than ever

Tyler: Well that will be great to watch then. Amal, what was going through your head on your shopping day?

Amal: I was mortified. Here I am, I’ve invited all the ladies to come to my dear friend Donatela’s flagship store in Twitter and Kathy starts to behave like a belligerent beast. I was truly shocked but you kind of see that is her MO. She’s always creating some kind of outlandish spectacle

Grace: Kathy is a beast, a thirsty one.

Amal: Desperate for attention I suppose

Tyler: On that note, it’s time for another game. This time, it’s Would You Rather. I’ll give you a scenario and you’ll tell me who you’d rather do it with. Would you rather tell a secret to Rose or Kathy?

Grace: Rose, she’ll use it for one of her little iPhone movie things

Amal: Rose. She’d probably forget the conversation a few minutes later. She’s kind of like that blue fish in Finding Nemo. Dory?

Tyler: Would you rather have a girl’s night out with Elle or Kathy?

Grace: Elle! She’s actually a good time

Amal: Elle. She serves champagne not house Prosecco

Tyler: Damn, no love for Kathy tonight.

Amal: *laughs* She’s not all bad. *grimaces*

Grace: We have to give her something to tweet about, Tyler.

Tyler: Next up, if your home was shut down temporarily, would you ladies rather stay at Elle’s estate or Luciana’s apartment?

Grace: Luciana’s! Well, either would be great, I sold them both of their homes.

Amal: Luci’s apartment. I don’t want to be witness to any philandering that may transpire during my short stay at The Stonewood’s

Tyler: *hides face behind cards* Next up, would you Ladies rather partner up for a business venture with Rose or Kathy?

Grace: Neither, I wouldn’t waste my time.

Amal: Kathy. Rose’s business dealings don’t extend beyond a couple products that she’s plastered her name on whereas Kathy does have a legitimate business. Hell, Target stock her bags for Pete’s sake

Tyler: Finally, would you rather do a workout with Luciana or Elle?

Grace: Luciana, of course.

Amal: Luciana. She’s quite strong. She has a good push on her

Tyler: Thanks for playing Would You Rather. Just a couple more questions. Grace, what was your take on Luci defending Kathy against you at your apartment?

Amal: *goes to stand up* Just need to stretch quickly *stretches then sits back down*

Grace: Kathy probably put something in her drink. Luciana knows me better than anyone else on this cast. I was disappointed, but I know she has my back

Tyler: Amal and Grace, what did you both think of the drama at Grace’s event?

Grace: Again, Kathy ruined a beautiful and meaningful event of mine. She shows herself as nothing but a mean girl.

Amal: She does seem hellbent on coming after Grace.

Tyler: Well, certainly so much more to get into there, but it’s time for Tyler’s Moment of the Week. This week, it’s kind of a moment from two women, Luciana and Amal. One searching for food, one for drinks. It’s every woman for herself. Watch this

Amal: *laughs out loud* These girls really do enjoy interrupting my meal

Tyler: It certainly made me laugh out loud. I’d like to thank my guests, Grace and Amal, for joining me tonight. You can catch them on Ladies of Twitter on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. And you can catch Cocktail Hour on Sundays!

Grace: Thanks for having me! Let’s get another drink!

As the women continue chatting, the camera pans out to a shot of the entire stage as the episode comes to an end.

Next time on Ladies of Twitter: Cocktail Hour…Tyler sits down with Rose, Elle, and Kathy to chat about the three latest episodes of LoT.



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