Ladies of Twitter: Cocktail Hour Season 2, Episode 4- “Strawberry Limeade with Luciana, Kathy, and Elle”

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9 min readJan 13, 2022

As the episode begins, we hear upbeat music as we see a shot of Tyler walking out onto the set, followed by clips of Elle, Kathy, and Luciana getting ready backstage and then making their way towards the set as the show’s title card flashes across the screen…

Tyler: *smiles as the girls walk out onto the set* Hi girls, welcome, welcome.

Elle: Hi Tyler! Thank you for having me!

Kathy: Hi Tyler, how are you doll? *hugs Tyler and takes a seat*

Luciana: TY! OG! OG!

Tyler: Of course, of course. I’m good, I’m busy, in a world that seems sometimes challenging. I’m glad you all could join me. Welcome to Cocktail Hour!

Tyler: Luci, first question goes to you, obviously last season had its challenges for you, would you say this season was better or worse?

Luciana: I wouldn’t say challenges, I would say… obstacles. For me, I had a friendship twist! Once upon a time, my girls were Gracie and Amal, and now, I learned blondes have more fun.

Tyler: Well, I meant the alcohol addiction, but it certainly sounds like your friendship dynamics should be interesting this season. *laughs*

Luciana: *gasps* Oh. If I had a confessional, I would say… “RUDE!” *laughs*

Tyler: *laughs* Alas. Elle, next question goes to you, would you say that married life is still a big feature of personal storyline after last season’s rumors, or did your husband take more of a step back?

Elle: Ooo, my personal life definitely is showcased a lot this season. You see more of the dynamics with my mother-in-law and my husband. I would say our marriage is still in the forefront of our personal scenes, but in terms of the group, it really only gets brought up to be used as an insult at this point. *laughs*

Kathy: We love the Stonewoods! Twitter’s finest!

Tyler: I know what that’s like, Elle. *laughs* And Kathy, I was sorry to hear about your divorce after the last time I saw you, and perhaps we will see it, but have you been able to conclude your divorce?

Kathy: Tyler, I’m happy to announce we have came to an agreement so yes it is final!! I am so free and I have been dating and I love the single life! Ask Luci we usually close down the clubs! You’re never too young for a good time!

Luciana: Yes!!

Kathy: Some nights I can sneak Elle away from the kids!

Elle: I have to say, it’s so nice seeing the lift off of her shoulders. She’s back to the fun Kathy I met!

Tyler: That’s wonderful, and I agree, nothing wrong with a good time at any age. On that note, it’s time for a surprise, though this one is namely for Luci! *claps hands* Oh Fabian!

Just then, the camera shifts as we hear music and see a man wheeling in a cart with a juicer and three fruit juices…


Kathy: Did you get him from Luci’s Exotic Bar? *laughs*

Luciana: He looks exotic enough to jump on!

Tyler: Tonight behind the bar, we have Fabian making strawberry limeade. This is a nonalcoholic drink with lime juice, sugar, water, sliced strawberries, and mint leaves!

Elle: Oh my gosh. *laughs*

Tyler: *takes a sip* It’s not quite a cocktail. That’s for sure. *smiles* But cheers!

Elle: Non-alcoholic? And you want to talk about this season??? Okay girl. *laughs* Thank you Fabian! *whispers* Pour at least two shots of vodka in mine please.

Luciana: Girls! Ty is looking out for me! They can have a lil vodka!

Tyler: Exactly, Maria told me I’d be locked in my dressing room closet. *shakes head* Speaking of, Luciana, can we expect to see Maria by your side again this season? I know lots of people have loved her appearances.

Kathy: Oh. she’s definitely around. *laughs* We always know when Maria is coming!

Elle: You can smell the cigarettes from down the block!

Luciana: I can confirm Maria is around a lot more this season. She is in love with her fans and has created a cameo account as well as a fans only. You will see she is actually the manager of one of my newest business ventures! A BAR!

Elle: WAIT, SHE HAS AN ONLYFANS? I need the name after the show oh my gosh!

Tyler: Not a fans only! *laughs* I guess Mariah hasn’t started one of her own, Elle?

Luciana: Something like that. I don’t know what it is but she always closes the door when she adds content?

Elle: *laughs* God, no, and if any of her family did we might be killed execution style.

Tyler: Well, we support small businesses here at Cocktail Hour, so go Maria, go! *laughs* Kathy, would you say this season was more challenging or less challenging, given the changes you were going through?

Kathy: I would have to say this season is by far the worst season for me. I think I got the sophomore season curse. *laughs* I really struggle with my mental health but the viewers will definitely resonate with some of my pain. I am just thankful for the support of my girls and the show to showcase my life

Elle: There were definitely moments where I was thinking; “Should the cameras still even be up?” It was definitely a rough season.

Kathy: I have multiple breakdowns and even refused to film for a while. I’m not proud of my actions by any means!

Tyler: That’s definitely a powerful message, so I know it’ll be great to watch, I appreciate you sharing that. How did you girls enjoy the additions of Devyn and Erica?

Luciana: At first…great. Dare I say, I loved them…fast forward to our cast trip…we went somewhere and it was mass chaos.

Tyler: Mass chaos on a cast trip? Never. *laughs*

Kathy: Well, considering I was the one to reintroduce Doctor Dev to the ladies I expected her to be there for me more, but she definitely came into her own in this group and I can’t fault her for that! Erica and I really connected over our mental health issues so even aside from our feud we really were there for each other when it truly mattered the most! That’s my girl

Elle: I’ve known Devyn through my husband Chris, for many years. She’s extremely smart, extremely nice, and all around has always been a great person. Erica however, well we start off rocky but she’s actually someone I’ve grown to really love.

Tyler: Well, that sounds overall very lovely! On that note, girls, it’s game time! Tonight, we’re playing a classic round of Pros and Cons, but with a twist. We will go through the cast one by one, and have one pro and con for each of the four other Ladies in the cast. However, the twist is you don’t get to pick whether you give a pro or con. *laughs* Because we’ll be going in a predetermined order.

Luciana: I think it get it

Elle: Okay. *sips drink* I’m gonna need a stronger one Fabian!

Kathy: Okay I get this! I need another shot first!

Tyler: Fabian, spice up their juice. *laughs* And on that note, we’ll get started. The First Lady you all will be giving Pros and Cons is…Amal Hadid. And the person giving the Pro will be…Elle! *laughs*

Elle: *sips drink, extremely straight faced* Mmm, yeah. She can be funny, anything else I have to run by my lawyer first. *smiles*

Tyler: Fair enough. *laughs* And the person giving Amal’s Con will be Luciana.

Luciana: Ooooooh….this is tough… there can be many. Some ladies look GREAT when pregnant…and some Don’t. Next?

Tyler: *hides behind cue card laughing* The next Lady up at bat is…Doctor Devyn King. And the next person to go is Kathy with the Pro!

Kathy: That bitch can hustle!! She has many different avenues of income and I love a bitch who’s smart and rich!! Hence why I hang with these girls!

Tyler: You aren’t wrong, she’s one rich bitch. *laughs* And restarting the list, that means Elle, you’ll give her Con.

Kathy: Maybe that she isn’t a REAL lady, Elle? *laughs*

Elle: Oooo, I don’t know, I don’t have anything bad to say about her honestly. I guess pick better friends. *shrugs & sips her drink*

Luciana: Or become a better hostess?

Tyler: Well…seems you all had a con there. *laughs* The next Lady to go will be…Grace Whitworth. And Luci, you get to give the Pro.

Luciana: Oh god.

Kathy: Luci, be nice now!!

Luciana: She can be a really good friend when it’s convenient for her. Like a REALLLLLLY good friend.

Tyler: And turning to Kathy, what would you say is Grace’s con?

Kathy: Oh Tyler, how did I know you’d pick me for that one! *laughs* I think for me, her con would be she needs to sell more houses or be a better real estate agent! Twitter talks. *smiles*

Tyler: *laughs and shakes head* That leaves us with Erica Ka’Oir. Elle, what would you say is her Pro?

Elle: She is honestly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Like we have a ROUGH start to the season, but genuinely that girl has a great heart.

Tyler: That’s amazing! And Luci, you’re next up, do you have a Con for Erica?

Luciana: She has a lot of talent.

Kathy: That’s a con?

Luciana: Talent as in, she knows how to find a great glam squad. Oh! A con!

Kathy: We love a compliment but Luci we need to see what’s in your drink! *laughs*

Luciana: Cons…cons…she’s well…she’s a fucking bitch. What can I say?

Tyler: But she’s got talent too! *still laughing* And Kathy, since we don’t have any more Ladies, and Erica is brand new to viewers. We’ll let you give a Pro and a Con on Erica!

Kathy: Well, the pro is that she has outstanding fashion and really does have a huge heart. Despite what Luci says! *laughs* The con would be she doesn’t know when to shut the hell up sometimes!

Tyler: *laughs* Thanks Ladies for playing Pros and Cons! Just a couple more question for you all, do you think that the drama this season will shock viewers at all?

Elle: Considering nobody’s said anything about it yes! We’ve kept this season’s drama extremely quiet!

Luciana: A lot has changed. A lot is interesting. And a lot is changing in the future.

Kathy: Yes I think the drama is through the roof this season. It’ll be one way one minute, and the next minute everything’s changed.

Tyler: Yes, it’ll certainly be twists and turns in the drama. Would you rather be in the drama of last year or this year though? *laughs*

Luciana: For me…this year.

Elle: Is neither an option? Both were hell for me sorry. *laughs*

Kathy: Last year for sure! I had a great premiere season for me!

Tyler: Wow, answers all across the board! *laughs* And as we close out, if you could all describe season fourteen in one sentence, what would it be?

Luciana: We all want happiness but finding happiness will find drama.

Kathy: I think for me it would be looks can be deceiving and just make sure you pay attention Real closely to peoples behavior this season. *winks*

Elle: Hell. That’s my sentence too. *laughs*

Tyler: Certainly insightful sentences! I’d like to thank my guests, Luciana, Kathy, and Elle for joining me tonight! You can catch them and their costars in the season premiere of Ladies of Twitter on January 14th. Until next time, this is Tyler signing off, have a good night!

As the four women continue to chat, the camera pans out as the episode comes to a close.

Next time on Cocktail Hour…Tyler will sit down with some of the cast to recap the first four episodes of season fourteen.



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