Ladies of Twitter Season 15 Announcement

Ladies of Twitter Season 15 Full Time Cast

The wait is OVER! The Ladies of Twitter are making their grand return to Medium for an epic fifteenth season. Tune in starting Friday, January 27 at 8/7c for a season filled with explosive secrets, jaw dropping revelations, and stories like no other. Scroll through our cast gallery and see what the Ladies are getting into ahead of the season premiere.

Doctor Devyn King (S5–7; S9–11; S14–15)

Doctor Devyn King returns to the group amid a time of deep personal change. Fresh off having some work done, Devyn is ready to reveal to the world that she and her ex-husband, Corey, have found love with each other once more. However, will Devyn achieve her happy ending as she experiences major clashes with those in her friend group?

Billie Reed (S3; S5–7; S15; Friend of- S10; Guest- S4; S9; S13)

Billie Reed is back in the mix as a Lady of Twitter once more! As the season begins, we see Billie’s career as an actress shine with roles in a soap opera and a new role in hit movie. However, as the season progresses and some of Billie’s friendships find themselves on rocky ground, will news of potential legal trouble send her over the edge?

Luciana Donatella (S12–15)

Luciana Donatella is back and ready to find her zen, with crystals and positivity abounding. As her sister Maria informs her that Luciana was adopted, she sets out on a journey to find her biological parents. But when her beloved Italian restaurant mysteriously burns to the ground, will Luciana find herself unable to continue on her new, positive path?

Grace Whitworth (S13–15)

Grace Whitworth returns to the group ready to make amends for the mistakes of her past. After being offered a book deal and the chance to write about her life, Grace begins to dive into her issues, both personal and in her friend group. But when the Ladies begin to question the sincerity of Grace’s new choices, will the old Grace rear her head?

Erica Ka’Oir-Dalio (S14–15)

Erica Ka’Oir-Dalio rejoins the group this season with a big announcement, her upcoming pregnancy with her husband Robert. While Erica navigates what life will be like as a first time mother, she does not hold her tongue when dealing with the other Ladies. Will this conflict cause too much stress on Erica and her unborn baby as she takes this huge step in her life?

Teairra K-Blanco (S15)

Teairra K-Blanco joins the Ladies this season fresh off her move from California with her husband, Donte. Teairra is a talented model, and an up and coming fashion designer, who is known by many across the world. However, as she enters the group, will questions posed about Teairra’s move and husband Donte’s past cause her to crumble under pressure?

Leila Harris (Friend of- S15)

Joining the Ladies as a Friend of the group, Leila Harris is a celebrated boutique owner and socialite known all around Twitter society. Leila always lets her opinions be known and has tea from all across Twitter. Will the Ladies respond well to Leila’s tea and opinions?

Harlow Laurier (Friend of- S15)

Also joining the Ladies as a Friend of the group, Harlow Laurier is a talented jeweler who has made many pieces seen on celebrities worldwide. As Harlow enters the group, she finds herself in a heated and nasty divorce. Will the Ladies support her in her struggles or find holes in her story?

In addition to the talented cast this season, viewers can expect guest appearances from many former Ladies, including Tyler Newman, Amal Hadid, Joshuaa Lime, Elle Stonewood, Nina Love, Tre Spicé-Slovain, and many more, as well as several stars from other fabulous show. Tune in every Monday and Friday at 8/7c, starting on January 27, to find out all about the explosive drama of season 15.



Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!

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Ladies of Twitter

Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!