Legends of Twitter, A Legendary Sit down with Luciana Donatella

Legends of Twitter star sits down to reveal all about her newly found legendary status, what it means to them and why they said YES to this all-star event…

Producer: Okay *laughs* let’s start! Please introduce yourself and tell us what seasons of Ladies you were on!

Legend Luciana is here baby!! After three seasons, I am one of the infamous legends and owner of my infamous restaurant and exotic lounge. I think I was on seasons 15–18? I was part of the reboot of the series which was MUCH needed. If ya know, YA KNOW!

Producer: SO! You’re back! How do you feel?

Like baking a lasagna! I could do this shit in my sleep. The cameras. They just love me, and I love them!

Producer: What made you sign on to ladies? How did it change your life?

The main reason I signed on was because it wasn’t scripted, it had an amazing audience, production was so easy to get along with. It was a win win. Since joining my businesses are booming, And my family is stronger than ever.

Producer: Are you excited to see what this trip will bring?

I’m confused on the locations. Production told us to being a bunch of different options for clothing. I have an idea of who is coming, all I can say is….these are the legends you guys wanted to come on this season??

Producer: Who do you hope is there and who do you hope isn’t there?

I just don’t want to see anyone I have had issues with, okay? I want to go in to this with a fun, open mind and just have a good time.

Producer: Finally, tell us what you think makes a lady legendary?

The glamour, the elegance, and the trash. A lady must have a legendary moment. Example, pushing someone into the ocean off a boat, or something like being accused of murdering your lover.

Catch Luciana on Legends of Twitter this summer when the show premieres, July 28 only on Medium!



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Ladies of Twitter

Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!