Legends of Twitter, S1 E3 -“She’s Having An OG Orgasm”

Previously on Legends of Twitter… Luciana left the show following an altercation with Jac and Grace, Brian Social departed for Ibiza to join the ladies, whilst producers plan on surprising the Legends with two more special guests…

The episode opens with a gorgeous day in the south of France, we hear birds chirping, the sea crushing against the waves, we see Paulo put a shirt on and wink to the cameras, all is calm… until we hear a champagne cork POP as Erica pours all the legends a glass of champagne as the legends take their seats on a private jet!

Billie: Cheers girls!

Devyn: Yep, cheers all! No more Luci!

Grace: Oh, drinking so early, naughty.

Tre: Yas! We are the moment!

Jac: Ibiza here we come girls, we’re going to have the best time.

The jet takes off for Ibiza!

Erica: How are you feeling Jac?

Jac: I’m fine ladies, I’m waiting for a bruise to come through.

Grace: It wasn’t that hard was it? *looks shocked*

Jac: She’s lucky the cameras were there that’s all I will say and anyway it’s good she’s not here because we’re staying in Ibiza which is special to me.

Jac’s Confessional: You know, I’m glad Luciana left. I think hitting someone, especially on such a special show and season like this, isn’t called for. Back in the day maybe it would have been iconic, but nope. We’ve moved on and things aren’t the same anymore, Luciana, take notes. *looks into the camera*

We see Paulo cheers the ladies and take a seat next to Erica and he winks, as she looks away. The private jet takes off and the ladies discuss the upcoming plan of someone surprising them…

Grace: Paulo, who’s coming to join us then? C’mon spill the beans!

Paulo: Ladies Ladies! She will be coming very very soon, she’s on her way now. Be calm, many of you know her I think.

Tre: I’m texting Andy! *laughs*

The scene then shifts to another jet, where we see Brian talking to herself

Brian: God what is happening here. It’s a little bumpy here girls, maybe it’s a metaphor for what’s to come. God what have I let myself in for.

Brian’s Confessional: I’m not nervous no, but I am intrigued to what the other ladies will make of me arriving to Ibiza later on. I may have two big surprises coming with me too for these Legends… *winks*

Producer: You mean the two OG’s we’ve got already there and waiting for you all? *laughs*

Brian’s Confessional: Oh, Well, we’re breaking the fourth wall here? Okay then, great! No, I didn’t pay for anything and haven’t booked anything, it’s all them *laughs and points to the producers* okay?

The scene ends as we see all the legends enter their SUV’s and they drive off into the sun… As they arrive to their new home whilst in Ibiza…

Jac’s Confessional: WE’RE HERE!!!!!! After a bumpy start to our girls trip, I just know Ibiza is going to be fire. Great food, great drinks, great partying and best of all a phenomenal villa for us girls. Oh and I have a few surprises up my sleeve. You’ll soon see *smirks*



Billie: Oh this is expensive expensive!

Grace’s Confessional: You all are spending MONEY on this show huh *laughs*

Jac: Well this is actually my ex husbands estate. He stays out here during the summer but is travelling for the week. So here we are!!

Grace: I could get him millions for this, MILLIONS!

Billie’s Confessional: Listen the streets of twitter talked back in the day and when Jac wasn’t with beau she was with this guy the streets referred to him as big daddy. Now I don’t know if he’s the one that set this up or what. But it’s nice *laughs*

Tre’s Confessional: Oh so she’s still in contact with the ex-husband? Honestly good for them! More exes should be that way. It’s still about Tom…

Jac’s Confessional: Yes, Tom & I are still very close. We may have split some time ago but we were together for well over a decade. There was and will always be love between us. Platonic love people. No hanky panky spanky spanky

Billie: Jac can you show me to my room? I’m ready for a catnap because the clubs here in Ibiza go until the sun comes up! Granny needs her sleep!

Grace: Wait what, Billie how old are you? And you want a nap?!

Tre: Oh Miss Billie Reed you’re no granny…maybe an Auntie but not a granny

Tre’s Confessional: Was that shade towards Grace? Absolutely. We see how she acted in St. Tropez so the real granny in this group needs a nap.

Jac: You missed Ibiza in Season 7 remember Billie, you have to experience!

Grace: Oh, so you both have beef then, makes sense!

Devyn: Who’s got the master? Who’s on the most seasons should get it? Me? I’m the senior legend then that means. *smiles*

Erica: I think the master should go to Jac since she’s knows the home better than anyone and obviously had relations in that room. It makes sense. *laughs*

Tre frowns at Devyn

Tre’s Confessional: Why would Devyn want the master bedroom where Tom had sex with Jac and God knows who else. I’m just saying. You don’t know who he had before we got here. *laughs*

Erica: I don’t think we mind that much where we sleep to be honest

Producer: y’all are being too nice, what happened to making our lives hell every cast trip *laughs*

Billie: Oh production. We are just getting started. Usually you guys start feeding us drinks and then that’s when the shit hits the fan. *laughs*

Jac: Grace you should probably stay on the ground floor. The fewer stairs you have to climb when drunk, the better

Grace: Bitch! But actually, yeah that does make sense.

Jac’s Confessional: Can you imagine if she breaks her hip on this trip?! The rehabilitation alone will take 6 months. Old people don’t heal as fast from broken bones. No, it’s true. My grandma broke her hip

As the ladies each arrive to their rooms, they take in the gorgeous views, we see time pass and we pick up watching the ladies get ready for a sunset dinner at a restaurant… The ladies arrive, take their seats as the servers serve them drinks… Devyn and Erica let the ladies leave without them, as they decide to stay in for the night…

We see Erica and Devyn sit on a private balcony overlooking the moonlight hitting the sea…

Erica’s Confessional: Although I’m on vacation, the grind never stops and between running a multi million dollar cosmetics line and preparing my new book, I had to take a break from all of the madness and get some money hunny. It’ll be great to catch up with my girl Dev because everyone knows how I have missed her.

Devyn’s Confessional: Work literally never stops when you’re the CEO. I hate I had to pull back from the group for a day, but responsibilities came a calling. I’m looking forward to talking to my other Bad Ass Boss!

Devyn: Hello gorgeous girl, did you get what you needed to get done?

Erica: Yesss, I did.

Devyn: I don’t want to see another zoom link for a while *passs Erica a wine*

Erica: Girl! Did I… I’m right with you. *laughs* I’m happy you’re doing better! I’m loving the new aura around you and I never doubted that you would overcome your situation. You’re a strong woman hunny. & We’re actually working on the soft launch now, that’s why I was on those conference calls all day. It’s coming along but it’s still a hassle working with so many people on this big project.

Devyn: Thanks Eri! I’m so excited about the new line. I’ve only heard great things so far. How has everything been for you since joining the show?

Erica: Honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed but I’m loving the RP community. Everyone truly cares about each other here and it’s a good time *laughs* I think I did my part though, I wanted more POC and POC representation and I think I showcased that.

Devyn: Twitter is a good place to be. Doing the show provides so much more good than bad. People either love or hate you. There’s not much in between. It’s been nice to have another sister in the show. It’s so important that we continue to strive for more diversity, it only makes everything better.

Erica: exactly! And I love that LoT Production gave us a chance to do that. Even though behind the scenes last season was very dark. Has it always been that dark since you been on? *laughs*

Devyn: Not really. I do think there are people who just being the vibe down, But you’ll find that on every show

Erica nods in agreement

Erica: *sips my drink* always. How do you feel about coming back for s15? Or is the great Dr Dev clocking out.

Devyn: I would love to come back. I don’t want my tenure to end the way Season 14 did. I’m so open if they invite me. What about you?

Erica: I’m always down for another season. Do I know how we move on from s14? Not at all *laughs*

The scene ends with Devyn and Erica toasting each other, as the camera zooms to the other ladies sitting down to dinner ahead of their club…

Grace: Girls can someone rub this aloe Vera on my neck, I think I got sunburn

Billie: Grace, babe you got the leather dress all hot from the blow dryer!! My god.

Grace: It’s stuck to my ass

Jac: Come here grace! I’ll rub you down *grabs grace from behind and unzips her dress and rubs aloe vera on her back and then on her breasts*

Grace moans in delight

Grace: Oh you rub it Jac, yeah! TO THE LEFT! *laughs*

Jac: You like that *laughs*

Tre looks at Jac & Billie with wide eyes

Tre’s Confessional: The Earth is trying to tell her something. I’m not going near hell. *laughs*

Billie: Maybe she’ll have a happy ending!!

Billie’s Confessional: Oh Grace. *laughs* someone pass me a drink

Grace: I did from riding a horse once!

Tre: LORD!

Billie: Oh my god, Grace!! I did not need to know that

Jac: Let me tell you something for an older woman, Grace’s Tata’s are really nice. Maybe I should get a boob job *squeezes her own boobs*

Tre: *whispers to Billie* That’s the only action she was getting…

Paulo: Ladies! We have the kitchen here preparing you a gorgeous Mediterranean feast that is being served shortly, however before we start… I think there someone wants to catch up with you…

Dramatic music begins to play, Brian enters the restaurant

Brian: Missing a legend!? Hello Ladies!!

Billie: OH MY GOD! Brian Social, get over here!

Tre: WOW!

Grace: Oh hi! Gorgeous! IT’S AN OG ORGASM!

Brian: I heard you’re down a legend, so here I am!

Brian’s Confessional: Listen, Luci hasn’t been on as long as I was, so you should have called me first *winks*

The ladies settle back down, as Brian makes an announcement…

Brian: But I brought you a surprise, and by that I mean the producers *laughs* Missing some other legends?

As Brian nods to the entrance of the restaurant, we see Ladies of Twitter OG’s Paul and Tyler enter!


Paul: Hiiiii ladies! Long time no see!

Tyler: Hello darlings! Here I am!

Jac’s Confessional: Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Paul Parmar-Gold, Tyler Newman and Brian MOTHERFUCKING Social!


Devyn: Wow. Hello.

Billie: Who’s the blonde? Grace’s daughter?

Paul: Who am I? The better question is who are you? *smiles*

Grace: Hi Paul, I’m Grace, nice to meet you!

Paul: You too honey! You’re so pretty!

Grace: The two OG’s! I mean, wow!

Tre’s Confessional: I’m SOOOO HAPPY my bestie Paul is here!! My season 2 sister! Paul is MY sister! I stood in her wedding, she’s been there for be during my lows. I’m just so happy!

Paul: It’s so nice to be here with you legends!

Paul’s Confessional: Yes! I am here and YES, I am an legendary OG. I’m just happy to be able to be a part of this! It feels really good to be back as an OG. Its been like I don’t know… 10 seasons since I left Twitter & moved to Youtube & I’m happy to be back for tonight

Tyler’s Confessional: I mean, I couldn’t not turn up at some point for this, I didn’t do 11 seasons for nothing! *laughs*

Tre: Billie and I were wondering where you two were!

Tyler: You know me Tre baby, I’ve been hiding out in Malibu *laughs* Too many trolls.


Grace: My daughter taught me this one!

Jac hugs Paul once more

Jac’s Confessional: Paul and I go way back. When I was first approached about joining the cast of Ladies of Twitter, I actually reached out to Paul and we became the closest of friends. I was in her wedding for crying out loud!! *flashback to the brawl on #RHOYT and now here we are. A decade later in Ibiza. It just makes me emotional *starts to cry before getting up* I just need a minute

Jac: God I will be drunk!

Brian: That’s the plan bitch!

Paul: Never have I ever stolen anything, including someone else’s man! *winks*

Tre: The shade starts early!

Tyler: I’ve never! I only had my husband stolen. *laughs* I kid. Really, I’m kidding *stares at the camera*

Grace: Wait, we found out that Devyn stole Tyler’s husband or something?!

Tre: I might’ve said I fucked someone’s husband but that’s different. I had to defend myself. *laughs*

Tyler: You fucked my husband too!? *laughs*

Tyler’s Confessional: I’m never really going to be over that… *shrugs*

Jac: *hiccups* never have I ever refused to film with another Lady!

Brian: Oh god I’m pretty sure I’ve refused to film with you Jac!

Tyler: Just Jac. *sips drink* Clearly my demands weren’t met!

Billie: I have definitely refused to film with a lady or two before!

Jac: I’ll take a big sip. Hell some of the people I refused to fill with are sitting here

Tre: I don’t think I’ve refused to film with anyone before.

Jac: I think the person I truly never wanted to film with ever again was Billie

Jac’s Confessional: Billie used to be such a cunt. I think it was the menopause but she truly was one hateful something of a something

Tre: Never have I ever got another lady wet… and not in that way Grace!

Jac: You threw wine at Tyler and I!

Tyler: Remember when I dumped that water on Nina’s head in Mexico! *laughs*

Tre: Brian, I want to apologize for throwing wine on you in Hawaii in Season 7.

The table pauses

Grace: I always pee myself a lil, does that count?

Grace’s Confessional: I should wear a diaper sometimes *laughs* I’M KIDDING!

Brian: *To tre* oh that was forever ago! To be honest I barely recognized you. It’s been a minute.

Grace: Never have I ever been fired *sips*


Brian: Well yeah, you’ve only done one season right?

Grace: Who? Me? No, Two actually.

Jac: Does it count if when you go to quit, the producers didn’t want you back anyway? *laughs* After season 7 and season 10. What can I say? I’m like herpes. I never truly go away

Tre: I’ve never, I left both times.

Grace: Billie you were fired! Right?

Billie: What’s it your business bitch? Worry about me coming for your spot!

Billie’s Confessional: *sips drink and raises eyebrows*

Grace: Yeah, I’m not worried about that.

Billie: Did you not watch my seasons?

Grace: I must have been asleep for those ones *laughs*

Jac: Billie was absolutely fired *laughs*

Paulo: Okay new ladies hello. Now tell the table, out of the others here who do you think is worthy of your spot on the show!?

Jake: We didn’t ask him to say that ladies, but answer if you want!

Tyler’s Confessional: WHO IS PAULO? Hello! *winks*

Tyler: I’ll go next! Never have I ever crashed a girls trip! *laughs*

Tre: *turns to Paul* We didn’t crash Vegas or London did we? *laughs*


Tre’s Confessional: Joshuaa was about to beat my ass on that bus in London *flashback* WOW

Tyler: ANYWAY, I’m sensing tension between Paul and Billie, what’s happening here? You girls weren’t on a season together!

Grace: Yeah, what’s up with that

Paul: Billie’s jealous *laughs*

Billie: Jealous of what? Your little house on prairie dress, Paul? I see you had to come make your 5 minutes of fame and what better to come for than the legend herself. Come on bring it baby!

Paul: I might be house on the prairie but at least I don’t look like a two bit hooker from the 90s.

Paul’s Confessional: Don’t mess with Paul honey, you’ll be more than you bargained for

Jac’s Confessional: I know Billie is a little sociopathic but Paul is not the one to be messed with

Tre’s Confessional: Miss Paul knows how to READ! Not read hunni…READ. There’s a difference! *snaps*

Jac: Ty, isn’t it good being back?

Tyler: I’m out of practice *laughs* This is worse than watching a tennis match

Paul: SO just to be clear, We’re all legends except for Billie of course. Unless there is a legend award for whoring yourself out to half of twitter.

Brian: Billie is an award winning actress, a star dare I say A BLOCKBUSTER BUSTER

Jac: A soap opera digest award winner, but still a winner

Tre and Jac laugh

Tre’s Confessional: I think Billie’s career has been more successful than the Brian talk show. *shrugs*

Grace: This is so fun to watch *laughs*

Grace’s Confessional: I’m the newest cast member at the table and I’m surrounded by ladies legends, I keep forgetting we’re filming a show and I’m not watching an old episode of the show *laughs*

Paulo: LADIES AND LEGENDS, LEGEND LADIES *winks* your cars are here for club we are heading to!

The ladies are seen getting into their SUV’s where they all toast to their evening, we see them all toast with a can of sour lime *not sponsored* and they enter the club…


Billie: Ty, can you see that Jac is trying to just talk about her business’ all the time, can you see my new facelift?

Tyler: Oh god *looks into camera*

Tre: *rolls eyes at Grace* Grace, please don’t start this nonsense again. We’re in a club for goodness sake

Grace: *dances* Oh Tre shh, let’s dance!

Tre pushes past Grace to reach Paul

Tre: I’m dancing with my bestie! Sorry! *dances with Paul*

Billie: Okay you bitches, Get up on the table and dance for the ladies of twitter NOWWW LADIES!! NOW THIS IS LEGENDARY!


Jac: WOOO! God Brian your ass is so flat!

Jac’s Confessional: I love me some Brian but she would benefit from a squat or two

As the legends dance, Paulo is seen at the DJ booth as he puts on the theme song to Ladies and Legends of Twitter, FAB by JoJo!



Billie: *grabs Tyler and kisses her* you know I had to give you a flashback of that trip where everyone made out with everyone and we were too stunned to speak!

Tyler: YESSS!! It’s only fitting in this group of girls. Everybody is always kissing. *laughs* I’ll never forget everyone making out in the pool with my pregnant belly making me as wide as I am tall.

Jac: *drunkenly yells* Billie!! Aren’t you glad you aren’t ruining this trip to Ibiza like you did the last one?

Billie: *yells back at Jac* do you wanna start this right now because we can go!!

Brian: Oh here we go

Paul: *shimmies* let the games begin!

Grace: *hiccups* TRE, what’s our issue

Tre: *to Grace* I don’t have an issue with you. I just felt you weren’t being honest about… *turns and looks at Jac & Billie* Oh shit…*takes out phone and starts recording*

Jac: You ruined the last time we were here. Don’t you remember? *flashback to Billie and devyn arriving uninvited to Ibiza*

Billie: You haven’t shut the fuck up about this since we’ve gotten here!!

Jac: Did you just tell me to shut the fuck up? You shut the fuck up!! *pokes billie*

Billie: Yeah Tre record this in case this bitch tries to put her hands on me and provoke me like she’s good at. LIKE SHE DID WITH LUCI. I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!

Billie’s Confessional: Jac is just as bad as she was back in the day, I mean seriously. Don’t come for me, I will end you!

Tyler: Girls, listen. Jac has had thirty babies since then and Billie has gotten at least thirty rounds of Botox. Let’s just move on *downs my drink*

Grace: Just stop! Enough *hiccups*

Billie: There she goes, poking the fucking bear. What’s with you two blonde bimbos tonight *looks at Paul and Jac* are you two happy in your lives? Miserable. walk away

Jac: No, I’m not walking away! This has been going on for years with this cow!

Paul: Shut up Billie. You know why no one likes you? You have nothing to do but be horrible inside and out.

Brian and Tyler continue to dance

Tyler: At least the Cousins aren’t arguing! *chuckles as I watch*

Tyler’s Confessional: Brian actually bought the house next to my Malibu mansion. He couldn’t bare to be apart from me

Jac: She’s never been a true friend. She’s always had it out for me. For years, you’ve done everything you can to hurt me

Billie: A cow bitch your face looks like it’s been filled with cow milk!

Grace’s Confessional: I’m just trying to have a good time, there’s clearly major history here

Jac’s Confessional: This issue with Billie goes way back. I remember after our first season and nobody liked her fucking ass. I was the only one who was friends with her. I decide to leave the show after season 4 and boom. Billie disappears from my life entirely. Seeing her here is bringing everything back to the surface

Paul: How embarrassing are you Billie? Someone you barely met is the one you are picking fights with. Listen, you are the problem sweetheart if everyone hates you.

Billie: And Jac I’ve tried being nice to you especially on this vacation and it’s been backhanded compliments the entire time. *smashes glass Against the chair* I’m sick of this bull shit

Tre, Grace and Paul all roll their eyes at Billie’s dramatics

Brian’s Confessional: Billie loves to be dramatic *laughs*


Tre: *still recording* We’re throwing glass now…

Tre’s Confessional: We know how these ladies get so a little evidence goes a long way. I hope they don’t break my new phone. *laughs*

Billie: *stands up* who here fucking hates me. Let’s take votes and then who hates me can go join those bitches outside in the line!

Tyler: nobody hates you just stop let’s go now, I think we’ve had enough

Paulo separates the women into two cars, where they leave the club and they return to the house

Jac: *seen hugging Paul* she’s fucking crazy

Tyler: *steps out of the van* I’m so fucking confused. What a night! *laughs*

Tre: *goes over to Billie* Are you okay? Jac & Paul are my friends too but I wanted to make sure you were fine. I’ve been where you are before and I know it’s not a good feeling.

Billie exits the car and goes into a corner of her bedroom. Jake passes her a bottle of water as she sobs

Jake: Here hun, drink this

Billie: *seen drunk crying in the corner* why the fuck did I come back to this shit. It brings me back to all the times I’ve been ganged up on.

Tyler: Billie, are you alright darling?

Tre: Billie are you okay? Jac & Paul are my friends too but I wanted to make sure you were fine. I’ve been where you are before and I know it’s not a good feeling.

Jac: *sees Billie crying in the corner of her bedroom* Why is she crying?? I don’t want to see her cry! *drunkenly storms over to Billie* Why are you crying?

Billie: No, I lost my shit in there you guys. I probably should apologize to Paul, even though I don’t know her. But I have deep love for Jac and there’s a lot of love there. So I think that’s why I am lashing out so bad.

Cameras leave Billie’s room as we see Paul, Grace and Tre sitting downstairs

Jake: Here we go

Paul: Is she fresh out of the mental hospital or something, wow

Grace: *takes shoes off* So Tre, what am I not honest about?

Tre: You weren’t honest about your feelings about Luciana. You said one thing to us and went in her face like everything was perfect.

Grace: Get over it! We have an honest friendship! We tell each other how we feel! She knew it. Stop being a bitch to me and move on

Tre: Honestly you don’t have an honest friendship and you aren’t going to call me a bitch Grace! You haven’t seen a bitch. Maybe if you learn to be honest for once! It’s clearly not the first time you and Luciana had these issues so I’m not going to let you put that shit on me.

Grace’s Confessional: Before this show Tre and I were super good, I don’t know what or who has gotten into her head about me but there’s something. She’s out for me and I don’t know why.

Grace: Why is this your business? I’ve known her for 20 years and we have our own way of doing things and it has NOTHING to do with you. Just stop, you and I are friends.

Tre’s Confessional: Grace is super lucky I’m not the same girl you saw during Seasons 2 & 7.

Tre: So where is she? Where is your friend of 20 years? She’s not here. LUCIANA! *looks around* She’s not here… So are we done?

Grace: I apologize for calling you a bitch. I’ve already spoke to Luci, we’re good so stop with the theatrics. You hardly know Luci haha

Cameras go back into Billie’s room

Jac: *drunkenly storms over to Billie* Why are you *hiccups* crying Billie?

Billie: *slurs words* Because Jac, whether you wanna play it or not I do fucking love you like a little sister. I had no family growing up and there were times when we both would hang out that you would give me that sisterly love I always wanted. But you’re a grudge holder and never let’s go of anything!!

Jac: You think of me as a little sister? *starts to ugly cry*


Jac: I think of you as a significantly older sister

Billie: *hugs Billie and sobs into her arms* I’m sick of fighting with you

Jac: Me too, I’m sorry for you yelling at you! *looks to Paul* I’d like to apologize to you too little house on prairie!

Paul: Well apology … not accepted. I’d say nice try but I don’t mean that. *walks out and hair flips*

Jac’s Confessional: I feel like Billie and I needed this. There was so much bad blood there between us and we just needed an explosion. It was sort of cathartic. We got it out and now we can start afresh

As the scene ends, Grace looks directly into the camera

Grace: Look at that, look at them hugging. It’s nice to see people sob sometimes isn’t it, I wish I cried more. I just never cry.

Jac and Billie embrace by the pool

Jac: I think it’s time for bed *vomits a little on Billie’s shoulder*

Billie: Oh god, someone get me a bucket!

Paul: Jesus these bitches are crazier than ever!

Jac then laughs and slips into the pool, with Paulo following her as the episode ends…



Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!

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Ladies of Twitter

Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!