Legends of Twitter, S1 EP1 -“We’re Legendary Baby!”

In a first for the Roleplay Community, Andy Cohen gathers his ladies of twitter and turns them into legends for a girls trip unlike anything seen before, as the ladies arrive and gather to their first destination, drama starts before the first dinner…

Opening Titles, Legends of Twitter

As a new day in Twitter begins, we see the bright sun shine down as we see infamous moments from the show’s history, we then zoom to New York where we see a certain handsome gentleman welcoming the cameras…

The camera then zoom to Andy Cohen in his home office in New York City, for the first time on the show… Andy is on the show and as notices the cameras, he laughs…

Andy: “Okay I gotta tell ya, this is kinda creepy. *laughs* Seeing you guys filming me like I’m a Lady of Twitter. Okay, c’mon let’s do this! SO We’re doing it guys, an all-stars Ladies of Twitter is finally happening!”

The camera follows Andy to his desk where we see 7 envelopes, all with the Legends of Twitter logo on them.

Andy: “So each Legend of Twitter is about to be surprised by a crew that we have filming them, they have no idea what is happening at all, all we have told them is to expect something from me… let’s start Jake I want to get this going!”

Jake: But Andy, who are the legends!? The people wanna know!

Andy motions the cameras towards his desk, where he shows 7 ladies pictures…

Andy: We’ve got Tre, queen of shade, we’ve got Dr Devyn, the lips aka Billie, Jacqueline is coming to play, we have Grace, Luciana and we actually have Erica hot off her killer first season. I’m so excited, now go! Get those legends Jake!!

As the screen zooms back to Twitter, we see a gorgeous mansion, and a familiar face inside, Tre Spice-Slovain!

Tre: “Where is Noah & Nala?”

Mike: “They’re in their rooms”

Tre: “Okay so like are we almost done with everything or are we…*Tre’s doorbell rings*

Tre: “Wait who is that?”

Mike pulls out his phone and checks the Ring app

Mike: *says annoyingly* “It’s a group of people with the cameras and shit. I really don’t have the time to deal with this shit…”

Tre: “Okay babe wait. Let’s just go to the door and see who it is. You don’t need to get all worked up.”

Tre & Mike proceed to walk to the door and open it where they are surprised to see Tre’s old LoT producer, Jake, and some cameramen*

Tre: “Jake?! What the hell?!? What a nice PLEASANT surprise! May I ask what THE HELL are you doing here? Did you stalk me? I know you miss me, but I don’t want to be on Investigation Discovery! *laughs*

Mike: *firm look* “Jake, why are you here? You do remember I’m a police officer right?”

Jake: “I have a message from someone special…” *hands Tre an iPad*

A special message from Andy begins to play…

“Hello you Legend! It’s me, boss Andy and I’m here to say welcome to a very special Ladies occasion!

Everyone at Bravo loves you and we’re so happy to be having you on this adventure. So welcome and thank you.

You’re about to join a whole bunch of other ladies, they’re on their way too, so get yourself prepared because this group is WILD.

Seriously… Listen you’re here it’s exciting, and you’re about to jet off to an unknown destination, or is it destinations?

I’ve got everything you could need waiting for you the other side so pack your best swimsuits and shade because let’s just say, this will be a week you won’t forget!”

Jake: “So, what do you say? We need the Spicé!”

Tre: *looks at Mike before looking back at Matt* “Um…I mean. I’m flattered.” *laughs*

Mike: “I really don’t appreciate you guys invading our privacy and surprising us like this. I don’t know what you guys had back then, but my wife’s priorities have changed.”

Matt: “I understand Mike. I assure you, your wife will be just fine. This is only for a week and I promise I’ll take good care of her.” *Tre looks at Mike*

Mike: Alright.

Tre: Is that a yes?

Mike: Yes. Go have fun baby. *gives Tre a kiss on the cheek*

Tre: Well…it sounds like I’m in! Let’s hope it’s fun! *gives Matt a high five*

Tre’s Confessional: *waves hands to the camera while smiling* Guess who’s back back back?! But this time as a Legend! I can’t wait to get started! *winks*

The scene shifts to Uptown Twitter where we see Luciana and her sister Maria entertaining the crew as they wait for the surprise…

Luciana: *hears the doorbell* “Coming! *sees the crew* WHAT THE HELL?! I thought we were taking a long break until next season? Come on in. MARIA! Get a charcuterie board out from the fridge!

Jake: Here watch this… *Andy’s message plays*

Luci: WHAT? All Stars!? Oh my god! Oh my god!

Maria: What the heck is going on ?

Luci: I’m going to be on the first ever all stars!

Maria: Shut up! Do the friends of get to go?

Luci: Maria, you need to stay and watch the restaurant and exotic lounge! Mama needs a vaca! YES JAKE I AM IN!!

Luciana’s Confessional: “Wow!! Legends!? LEGENDS?? I am so excited, I don’t know who is going, but I’m happy we are filming legends. That just means Dev and the one season wonder girl won’t be there from last season!”

The next cast member is revealed to be Jac Carter as we see her organizing her office in her new home when Jac hears the doorbell…

Jac: “COMING!!!” *sees a camera crew at the front door* What in the hell is this? *opens the front door* Is this TMZ? I told you guys, I don’t have a comment on Tyler’s alleged butt lift!

The crew laugh

Jac: Oh wait, Jake? Pattie? Anderson? What the hell are you guys doing here? Why are there cameras in my face?

Jake: Jac, darling! It’s happening!!!

Jac: What are you talking about?! *kisses Jake on the cheek*

*hands over Andy’s message on the IPad to Jac*

Jac: Is this a gift? Why isn’t it in wrapping?! Jake!!

Jake: Jacqueline, just open the damn iPad and play the video *laughs*

Jac: *laughs and plays the video* Oh ANDREW!! Look at how great he looks!! *watches video* Oh my god!! Is this All Stars?! You have to be kidding me!

Jake: We’re calling it Legends babe.

Jac: Ohhh Legends! Legends of Twitter. I like the sound of that *laughs* Hmmm…so whose doing it?!

Jake: You’ll just have to find out!

Jac’s Confessional: When I tell you I thought I had to call the police and file a restraining order against TMZ, I am not even joking. Everywhere I go, people keep asking me about Tyler and his booty implants *laughs* but Legends? Now that’s something I’d open the door for.

Jac: And the money? You know I’m all about the money Jake.

Jake: *chuckles* It’s a nice cheque.

Jac: Hmmm, well you know I’ll come out of retirement for a nice cheque *laughs* How much time do I have?

Jake: You have an hour, the private jet leaves in 2…

Jac screams and runs back into the house as Jake knocks on the next door…

Jake knocks on the door and Dr Devyn opens it!

Devyn: Hi guys. Is this Publishers Clearing house? What did I win? *Devyn sees her old LoT producer Jake* JAKE! *hugs him* What’s going on friend? I just made dinner!

Jake: Hey Dev. *hands Dev and iPad and she watches Andy’s message*

Devyn: Oh WOW!

Devyn’s Confessional: I’m so caught of guard by this offer. In a good way. This could be fun. I wonder who’s going to be there. Hopefully some friends.

Devyn: Y’all come in. Sorry for my lack of hospitality. I’m shocked.

Jake: How bout it Dev? Will go do it?

Devyn: YES!!! Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Jake yawns as he knocks on the next door, he looks into the camera and talks to Andy

Jake: When you watch this Mr. Cohen, I want a raise.

The scene shows gorgeous Erica in her home with her husband as Jake arrives next…

Erica: *hears a knock on the door and looks at Robert* Are you expecting anymore?

Robert: *looks confused* No… *We both look at each other and walks towards the door as I open it and looks at the camera crew from Ladies of Twitter*

Erica: *Notices Jake* Now Jake, why y’all showing up to my house unannounced. We’re closed honey.

Robert: I thought y’all were on break babe?

Erica: *turns back and looks at Robert* Do you see my face full of glam? I thought we were. *looks back at Matt and the camera crew as a producer walks forward handing me an ipad*

Producer: This is for you… Just click play.

Erica: Now what is all this *presses play*

Erica: *looks at Robert and back towards the screen* Wild? Is this Ladies gone Wild? I’m not into the pornographic scene.

Producer: Keep watching, Erica

Erica: Omg! A Girls Trip!!!!

Producer: So are you in?

Erica: Uhh… Duh! You didn’t think I would say no… Now would you? *laughs*

Robert: Babe, you’re leaving me?

Erica: You damn right! I’ll see you next week. You know I’ll be calling you every chance I get.

Confessional: I’m very intrigued to see these “Legends of Twitter”, It’ll be interesting to be with a whole new group of women who all have ties to LoT. Hopefully it’ll be all giggles and laughs but who am I kidding… It’s still Ladies of Twitter *laughs*

Erica: *Begins to walk back in the house* Lemme Call Tae! I need a new wig before I go on this trip.

Erica continues to ramble to her husband as the scene moves to the next lady…

As Jake knocks on the door of the next place, there is no answer… As the cameras show the door, we hear a ping noise from the elevator… Grace Whitworth exits and looks confused…

Grace: WHAT is happening JAKE? What are you doing here? What have I done this time!

Jake laughs and hands Grace the IPad

Grace: WHAT’S HAPPENING? I’VE JUST BEEN TO YOGA I NEED A SHOWER I STINK! DON’T CATCH ME IN THIS LIGHT *laughs* Oh wow, wow! This is going to be so fun, I thought you had someone else doing it instead? OKAY! I have to cancel some work things then!

Grace’s Confessional: A LEGEND? ME? Gosh. I’m not worthy! The haters are going to have a lot to say! *smiles* But it’s okay I know it’s because you lot couldn’t get Tyler to sign *laughs* HE TOLD ME! THAT BITCH!

The final lady is revealed as we see a gorgeous mansion in hidden hills twitter open it’s door and Billie Reed answers…

Billie: What in the world is going on here now? Hello? Hi!

Jake: SURPRISE Billie, you thought you had seen the last of us? Didn’t you!

Billie: Well, I am shocked needless to say! What in the world are you guys doing here? Am I getting sued? *laughs* Oh Jesus help me, what it’s going on?

Jake: Andy flew us out here to talk to you about a potential opportunity that would be life changing!

Billie: Okay, so no lawsuit, that’s good! When you say it be a life changing opportunity is that in a good or bad way?

Jake: Here, Andy recorded a video for you! Just watch what he has to say here!

The video plays of Andy telling Billie about the opportunity…

Billie: JAKE… is this a set up you guys are trying to do to me? What if I don’t mesh with all these girls? You guys know I have a little bit of temper to me. It’s my Italian roots coming out, but thankfully over the years I’ve aged and gotten more mature and just realized life is too short to be angry. I love to have fun, so why not come. To hell with it. It can’t be too bad for two weeks!

Billie’s Confessional: Well you thought you probably would never of seen me again, or maybe you did because of how much I love the spotlight *laughs* What can I say I’m an actress at heart- I am used to the spotlight on me! I am still doing daytime tv, but I have been slowly stepping away from it so I could focus on my mother and I’s Restaurant that we just recently opened together.

Jake falls to the floor in celebration…

Jake: 7 Ladies turned into Legends today. A great cast. Okay. Let’s do this. We have 7 private planes to organize! ROLL OPENING TITLES!

(88) Legends of Twitter — Season 1 Intro HD — YouTube

The scene opens with the summer sun shining down on seven cars each featuring the legends of twitter, as they each get taken to different and secret locations to keep the cast a secret…

As each lady exits their car and their luggage is added onto the jet, they each open an envelope which reveals where they are going… ST. TROPEZ

Erica: Production came into some money for this show huh? Wait, where is St Tropez again?

Grace: Wait, we don’t see the others until we get there? I have a wedgie! I made this effort for nothing! *looks into the camera* OMG FRANCE! HERE I COME, A LEGEND! Wait, Jake, can we talk to the camera on this show?

Devyn: Is everyone getting this treatment? Whew. Bravo upgraded from the Mastercard to the Black card. Well, France it is baby! Let’s Go!

Billie: What’s this for? *opens card* We are going to St. Tropez! That’s like party central. I went way back in the day like in my earlier 20’s. You do the math, how ever many years that has been! *winks to the camera*

Jac: Ooop! St Tropez?! Oh, how I love to summer in St Tropez!

Tre: This is LIVING! I’m so happy I decided to accept this offer. So we’re heading to St. Tropez. I can already tell this is already going to be better than Hawaii and London. Production really decided to make me truly feel like a legend.

Luciana: Saint tropay? Okay, that’s a choice but I heard it’s pricey! I’m sure I will love it.

The scene quickly ends with each jet taking off and landing into St Tropez with ease, each lady again enters an SUV and is taken to the house where the legends will be staying…

Tre is the first to arrive and enter the stunning Château and accepts a champagne

Tre: Yassss! Twitter who! This is PARADISE *twirls* This is absolutely stunning! I guess I can check out the rooms later when the other legends arrive. I seriously need to take this all in for a second.

Grace: *exits car and enters the house* This is so extra Bravo, I LOVE IT.

Grace’s confessional: I just want to know who else is on the trip you guys come on, a whole episode will be about this moment I bet. *rolls eyes*

Grace: TRE! I am so happy to see you!

Tre: *hears a familiar voice inside the house as I peep around the corner* Is that Miss Grace Whitworth?! *goes and hugs Grace* GRACE!! I’m SO happy to see you oh my god!!

Grace: I wonder who else will be coming?

Jac walks into the chateau and doesn’t see anyone…

Jac: Hello?!? Is anyone here?

Jac’s Confessional: Am I being punked? Is this an intervention? *laughs* I promise I’m not as crazy as I was a few years ago *laughs then looks at the camera with a straight face*

Jac: *overhears Tre’s cackle* Okay, I know that voice from a mile away. SPICÉ! IS THAT YOU?!

Tre’s Confessional: *sighs* Here we go…

Tre: *Overhears Jacqueline Carter* Why hello Jacqueline Carter! It’s surprising to see you again!

Jac: Girl, you know you aren’t surprised to see me here. *laughs* Could they do a Legends without you or I? *laughs*

Tre smirks and shakes her head

Tre’s Confessional: The last interaction I had with Jac is when she called me a whore and she somehow disappeared from the face of the Earth. Wasn’t her show cancelled too?

Luciana: *sees the house* Oh wow! This is so nice!! *walks in and sees three ladies and looks at directly in the camera and says* Am I on set for a documentary about the 3 stooges?

Grace: LUCI! My girl! I knew you’d be here! *hugs Jac* You look like my daughter wow, stunning!

Luciana: LADY LADY! At least one person I know.

Jac: *greets Grace with a kiss on the cheek* Jacqueline Carter, charmed. And you are?

Grace: Grace Whitworth, real estate legend *winks to the camera*

Devyn enters


Grace: Devyn! You’re back!

Devyn: *hugs Grace* nice to see you again love, JAC! Wow! It’s great seeing you too!


Erica and Billie both arrive at the same time hand in hand

Billie: Oh my goodness, okay, are you ready for this?

Erica: Let’s do it! I wanna see who’s in there!

They both enter and all the ladies scream with excitement and glee as they are all finally together…

Erica’s Confessional: I don’t know if Bravo just recently won a lawsuit with Bill Gates or WHAT but they are acting up, honey. If this is what it feels like to be a Legend then I want this treatment all the damn time!

Billie’s Confessional: I hope production didn’t put me with some boring bitches! Because for the next two weeks it’s nothing but being on the fun bus for me. Are you ready Production? *looks at them and laughs* I will do my best to be on my best behavior this time!

Erica: IS THAT MY BITCH TRE!!! *starts twerking* YESSSS

Tre’s Confessional: Although Erica joined Ladies last season and we haven’t filmed together, she is my girl! She’s honestly like a sister to me and everything about her is just amazing!

Billie: AHHHHHH HELLO!!! Did someone say bring the lips back, because she’s HERE!! And ready to talk about it ALL!!

Devyn’s Confessional: Describe the ladies? Jac = legend Tre = All Star-ish Grace = uneventful, but business mogul Billie = Legend Erica = a Legend in every way. *to producer* is that everyone? Producer: No Luciana. Devyn: Oh… Luci = An extra

As the front door is closed, Paulo, the house manager greets the ladies and serves them all more champagne and asks if he could make an announcement…

Paulo: Welcome ladies, Bonjour! May I make a small announcement?

All the ladies look in awe of Paulo

Paulo: Welcome to your first evening together, some may say legends but all I see are gorgeous ladies ready for an unmissable vacation! *winks handsomely* Now before we start this legendary season, let’s get to know each other a bit more!

Tre: Don’t be flirting with me now Paulo! *winks* Oh I better stop before they make it a storyline… again!

Paulo kisses Tre’s hand and a sizzle reel of Paulo plays

Paulo: Now… Grace, Luciana, Devyn & Billie please head outside to the poolside bar for some gorgeous cocktails! Jac, Tre, Erica head on downstairs to the wine cellar for some gorgeous wine made on the site. Oh, and tips are welcome ladies *winks once again*

Grace moans out loud

Jac’s Confessional: He’s about to get a tip for sure. Here it is…lock your door. Some of these ladies won’t take no for an answer *laughs*

Grace’s Confessional: Thank god I brought some lube on this trip. *laughs* I’m old! I need help!

The legends each separate as the scene ends and we see Tre, Jac and Erica head into the wine basement for some drinks as Billie, Grace, Devyn and Luciana outside in the garden.

Jac: *walks down to the cellar with Tre and Erica* Wow! Isn’t this stunning ladies?!

Tre: This is! Production truly went all out with us legends!

Erica: *looks around as I walk* Production has stepped their cookies up! Treating us like the Queens we are!

Jac: That’s for damn sure! So, what do we think of the group they’ve put together?

Tre: Now Mrs. Jacqueline Carter…I need to get something off my chest with you because you know I can’t sit here and pretend. *laughs*

Jac: Oh *pauses* okay

Jac’s Confessional: I think I know where this is going *pauses* threesome

Tre: *pulls out phone and shows screenshot to Jac* So the last time we had words, you called me a whore and I politely had to do what I had to do. I wasn’t expecting you to disappear from the fact of the Earth but I just want to know if we’re going to be cool on this trip.

Tre’s Confessional: When Jac is nice, that’s the time to clock her ass the right way because one she’s on the other side…she’ll make you want to slap her. *laughs*

Jac: *looks at Tre’s phone* Ahh yes… *laughs* Well, we got into some words. Lord knows I can’t remember what it was about so I’m fine on my end..

Tre: So we’re good *laughs and opens a bottle of wine*

Erica looks on awkwardly

Jac’s Confessional: Tre and I got into a very heated exchange a few years back. She felt some things. I felt she was a whore. She expressed those things. I expressed she was a whore. I ended up leaving Twitter and I never really saw her again. I’ve completely moved on, maybe she hasn’t.

Jac: Completely, my love. If me calling you a whore upset you, then I’m very sorry. You know how I am with my mouth. Recklessm but I want us to have a good time on this trip. There’s a reason we’re both here. We’re legends for crying out loud

Erica: I’m glad you girls could settle your differences from the golden age… we should all be ready to have fun in this nice ass Castle.

Jac: Yes!! Let’s do it! *sips wine* Speaking of the golden age, are you surprised to see anyone here? Or more importantly, anyone not here?!

Erica: Honestly, I was expecting a little more. Don’t get me wrong I love my season 14 cast but are they really… legends? *sips wine*

Tre: Can we talk about Luciana?

Jac: Look I wasn’t going to say anything but I don’t know half of you girls. Luciana? Is she the old blonde lady or the older blonde lady?

Tre: She didn’t speak to me or anything and then when I started twerking with you Erica, she walked off as if she were disgusted by the display of our asses moving. *laughs* Luciana? She’s the one with the short hair. Kinda bob looking? Like she needs a walker almost.

Jac: I wish I could move my ass. Pancake booty over here

Erica: It’s only because her ass is as flat as a cardboard box, it don’t *gets up and twerks* Shake baby, shake!

Jac: Oh, the one who had a welcome drink glued to her hand

Tre: You got a lil booty back there Jac. *laughs* *smacks Erica’s ass as she twerks* YES BITCH!!

Erica’s Confessional: Do I know why Luciana is here? Not exactly, I really think she missed her flight for Iyanla, fix my life but hopefully she acts accordingly on this trip. Just keep the bitch away from the drinks. Please.

Tre’s Confessional: If I were Luciana I would be disgusted too, wasted all them years with a flat ass. Poor grandma.

Jac: Okay let’s go up girls I’m exhausted!

As the ladies begin to exit the wine basement, Devyn and Luciana can be heard screaming at each other…

Erica: Can y’all hear screaming?

Jac: What is happening over there Jake?

The screen rewinds…

The scene begins at the next area where Grace, Luci, Billie and Devyn are enjoying a cocktail in the candlelit garden…

Billie: So, ladies this is awesome that we are all here. I’m really not familiar with you two blondies!! What is your names, and how are you a legend? *laughs* I’m kidding but seriously what do you ladies do, got any family?

Luciana: Well…I had a husband…But Vinny the meatball died and I moved on. I also own an Italian restaurant and new exotic lounge!!

Grace: *pauses* Divorced, one daughter and a multi million dollar real estate business! Are you still acting?

Billie: Omg, YOU’RE the one with the exotic lounge that me and my girlfriends go to all the time!! Grace, that’s awesome. I may need to buy a second home soon! I am still acting, and I actually am getting ready to close a deal for a new movie! So still on daytime tv, but also trying the move thing!

Billie’s Confessional: That’s right. I’m a star! *waves and laughs*

Devyn: The lounge is new? Hmm Grace is fantastic with the real estate market. She sold my last home, and helped me purchase my forever home last year.

Grace: So Billie, how long have you been off Ladies now? Did you leave leave or were you fired? *sips*

Grace’s Confessional: It’s always fun to ask the ladies who aren’t on the show anymore if they were fired… most of them lie and say they quit! Devyn was fired and quit too I think she said? Interesting…

Billie: So my last season was season 10 as a friend of the ladies. And lately made a cameo on season 13. I’m trying to thing. The first time I left the show I was fired but I believe the second time I left it was a mutual thing.

Devyn’s Confessional: Grace, asking Billie if he was fired. Petty with a Capital P! I LOVE!

Billie’s Confessional: Damn Grace came in hot with these questions. She’s with the program for sure for being her age!! *producer asks if she was fired* I don’t answer that *winks*

Devyn: I’ve been on 7 seasons. They eventual start to blend together. *laughs* Remember when Joshuaa had sex in a bush? *flashback to this moment in Season 10* LORD

Luciana sneers at Devyn and takes a sip of her drink…

Luciana: So Dev, didn’t you just skip a reunion? Now you’re here? Must have been a bigger cheque!

Grace: *to Billie* Last season was dark! I’m so happy it’s over. We need a cast change.

Grace’s Confessional: Season 14 was considered quite dark by the audience, and the cast. We had a lot of issues, sometimes some people shouldn’t be int be same room I guess!

Billie: So I don’t know anything about you Grace, did I hear you say you were someone’s replacement?

Grace: Well I think I was! I thought Tyler would be here! But honey I will take that big fat CHEQUE!

Billie’s confessional: I don’t see how someone who’s been on two seasons is a legend but maybe they needed the seat filled for the rooms! *laughs* I kid…

Billie: *high fives Grace* And I never thought I’d be back but look at us here!

Devyn: I don’t skip anything. I wasn’t medically cleared to attend.

Luciana: Ha! Did you get your full pay??

Grace: I got told if you skip filming or a reunion they dock your pay! But, health comes first!

Devyn: My full pay is guaranteed at the signing of the contract.

Billie: I skipped a reunion and got full payment!

Devyn’s Confessional: Did I get my full pay? Girl, who are you talking too? I don’t get paid by the episode like some of these hoes.

Devyn: Well Grace, I hate to burst any bubbles here, but I got all my money.

Grace shrugs and Devyn claps

Devyn: So Luci, how’s dating? Are you making sure they don’t have platinum and diamonds on their ring fingers these days?

Luciana frowns

Luciana: He didn’t wear his ring when we would bang FYI

Devyn: Oh, he put it around his cock. That’s very clever. Cheers Luci!

Grace’s Confessional: Okay so let me catch you all up. Devyn and Luciana had a big falling out last season on Ladies of Twitter, they haven’t made up and Devyn never showed up to the reunion and we haven’t seen or heard from her since we taped really. So Luci wants revenge! She’s getting heated I can see. Pray for Billie and I *laughs*

Luciana: You will never get over this. You’re such a low person.

Devyn: Luci girl lighten up. I couldn’t care less who you are fucking. Just stop being offended by it.

Luciana: You just won’t stop! Dev, are you getting laid? Let’s not include your vibrator. You’re so damn tense!

Devyn: The sky is the limit Luci! The sky is the damn limit. *makes a vibrator noise*

Devyn sees an olive tree and rips a branch off and throws it to Luciana

Devyn: HERE, let’s move on Luci!

Luciana: No thank you. *begins to walk off* A damn Legend? More like a DAMN LIAR.

Grace and Billie both look at the camera as they all rush to follow Luciana and Devyn into the home

Devyn: Excuse me!? Come say that to my face!


The scene and the episode ends as the screen fades to black with a dramatic TO BE CONTINUED…



Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!

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Ladies of Twitter

Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!