Legends of Twitter, S1 EP4 -“You’ve Got To Cut These Cameras!”

Last time on Legends of Twitter, Billie and Jac’s old feud came to a head, Tre and Grace continued to find uncommon ground, Erica and Devyn discussed the importance of representation in RP and whilst OG’s Paul & Tyler came for a visit, Brian arrived as the newest Legend to the group…

Legends of Twitter — Season 1 Intro HD — YouTube

As the episode begins, we see the ladies each waking up and heading down for their breakfasts, we see Tyler, Brian, Tre, Paul and Jac sitting down on Tre’s balcony for a breakfast…

Tre: Good morning Legends!

Brian: Hello my love!

Tyler: It’s the morning already? Oh god.

Jac: That was fun last night huh! I think I threw up

The scene flashes back to Jac being sick all over Billie, all the legends laugh

Tyler: Yes, you smell of it dear

Tre: Paul was READING Miss Reed last night. I felt like a proud mama, she’s still got it! *laughs*

Paul: Well it’s easy when Billie’s mouth isn’t sucking, it’s useless.

Tyler: *hides face in hands* No really, Billie is such a sweet girl

Tre: You’re both my friends, so I’m not in this! *sips mimosa*

Jake: Paul could always read! *snaps*

Jac: So girls, now the foods here… What happened last night? It’s all a bit of a blur

Paul: Well there was you and Billie, Tre and Grace going at it. The rest is a blur to be honest, but I didn’t blackout like you *giggles*

Jac: I’m usually a composed drunk

Flashback to the numerous times throughout Ladies of Twitter history where Jac hasn’t been a composed drunk

Tre: Look *shows phone footage of all the legends dancing*


Brian: You don’t remember much huh

Jac: Well Billie threw a glass and cut my hand, look! ANYWAY so are you girls staying for the rest of filming?

Jac’s Confessional: Billie still knows how to cut me deep *laughs*

Brian: Well, I know I am! I signed the contact on the jet! I’m excited

Tre: We do need another Legend to replace Luciana!

Jac: Tyler? Paul?

Paul: I think Tyler and I are going to head off somewhere together

Tyler: Well girls, I went back and forth when they asked me when they were casting and I love many of you, but I believe now isn’t the time for me, so Paul and I are going to be jetting off to Greece!

Tre: Ty’s got an appointment to see Mr Chocolate! I get it! *laughs*

Tyler: I have to go back into hiding! I can’t imagine all the twitter trolls seeing that I am here*hides face*

Brian: I never thought I would see the day when we would have different casts coming together and meeting, well fighting it seems. It’s really nice

Tyler: I mean, did I think this show would last 14 seasons? No!

Tre: I agree with Brian! Clearly it started with you two, the OG’s and without you guys, none of us would be here

Paul: Well listen when we started in 2016, I thought it would be a few seasons and be fun, it has now become one of the most influential roleplay shows of all time. I’m so proud.

Tyler: I never thought we’d be here, let alone all these years later! I have love for all five OG’s. We were in the trenches together, so to speak. A couple of them might not love me anymore, but I have respect for what we did together, because look at us now. Legends!

Jac: Who do you still talk to from the other OG’s?

Tyler: I speak to Joshuaa and Paul. I don’t have a relationship with Nina or Casey anymore.

Paul: I speak to Tyler, I just got back into contact with Joshuaa, Casey and I talk from time to time. I have NO desire to speak to Nina ever again.

Paul’s Confessional: What makes a Legend? Someone who is open and authentic, there’s too much manufactured personalities on the timeline these days. Be you!

Tyler’s Confessional: A legend is someone compelling, with a real story to tell. Whether it’s drama or bullshit, or a story from the heart. That’s what makes you a legend.

Brian: So, OG’s I have a question for you both, would you say everyone on this cast are actual legends? And if not, who isn’t?

Jac: Oh we love a producer asking you to ask that! *points at Jake*

Jake winks at the camera

Tre’s Confessional: In this setting with these legends, I think we can have that conversation because on our first night, everyone was too sensitive. I’m curious what the OG’s have to say.

Tyler: Well, I’ve got to be honest, I was surprised to see Grace here. But otherwise, I think everyone here has had a legend moment.

Paul: I think every lady who has been on the show is a legend, you all bring so much. Oh except Billie, unless you call stripping on a freeway legend behavior?

Tre: Oh Paul is SHADY with that answer

Jac: Honestly, let’s not start this again, are we going to start calling people boring as well?

Tyler: Well you are boring, but I didn’t think we were going there!

Jac: Shut up haggler, you love me and my antics!

Tre: Devyn was adamant that Grace isn’t a legend either *laughs*

Brian: So Grace is boring? Where is she?

Tre: Grace is just a mess. This was my first-time filming with her and I can see now what Erica was saying.

Tyler: What was she saying?

Tre: That she’s very messy *laughs* very two faced and she has a weird relationship with the truth. I wish Erica was here, she would tell you herself! Grace wouldn’t last a day with us back in the day.

Paul: Oh my

Tyler: Now Erica, that’s a strong casting.

Jac: Well Luci slapped me, hence why she isn’t here anymore

Tre: Yeah, that wasn’t nice, the legend took herself out. I don’t know Luci that well to call her trash.

Tyler: Slapped?! I always loved Luci

Jac: I know I’m annoying but to slap someone after 48 hours, is a bit much.

Tre: I mean Jac, in all fairness, you did accuse her of killing her husband.

Brian: WHAT! JAC!

Tre: Jac got slapped and a glass thrown at her, maybe you’re the hot mess of this group!

Brian’s Confessional: I mean, wow.

Tre: Last night was the best night of filming so far!

Paul: It was so fun, it’s been so fun hanging out with you ladies

Brian: It’s going to be fun, that’s for sure!

Tyler: Well, legends, the PJ awaits!

Jac’s Confessional: The five of us here? That’s Legends Season 2 already for you!

As Tyler and Paul say their goodbyes to the ladies, they get into their car and leave the villa as the scene ends.

We see the stunning villa in Ibiza, Erica, Devyn, Grace and Billie are all sat outside on yoga mats having completed a session with Paulo.

Billie: Oh wow that was intense after last night! I feel rested after last night, how are you all doing?

Grace: *yawns* Oh my head, wow. Wait, YOU feel rested! After last night?! WOW! You two girls sure missed a crazy night

The screen flashes back to the crazy, drunk filled night, we see Billie smashing a glass, Jac screaming and vomiting and then Billie and Jac sobbing in each others arms

Erica: I heard! Did you all miss me? *laughs*

Devyn: I’m doing good, I handled some work last night, I can’t be playing as much when you’re a CEO.

Billie: God I needed you both there last night! I smashed a glass, fought with Jac. We went at it.

Erica: Girl I was at work, conference calls all day for this new product I’m working on. You know a girl gotta go when the money calls!

Grace: Billie sobbed in the corner over there for like 30 minutes

Grace’s Confessional: *laughs* I had heard about Billie’s wailing. It’s truly a legendary thing on it’s own at this point.

Devyn: WOW. You and Jac are like oil and water, always have, always will be.

Erica’s Confessional: There’s a thing with me and glasses *flashes back to when Elle slammed a glass down and how things escalated* I don’t like glass, I don’t like cups. I don’t like glass cups in the hands of “ladies”

Billie: Well I hope we reached a resolution last night. At least I hope.

Grace: You have a habit of breaking things?

Devyn: I’m not a breaking things kinda girl, you’ve grown though B. Don’t let people bring you down.

Grace: Anyway, I think some of these girls have bee’s in their bonnets

Erica: And who are you referring to Ms. Whitworth?

Billie: What do you mean Grace?

Grace: Like, I’m all for making this show a success and lord knows it will be. I just don’t want all the fake shit. I’m not about dragging things out or comparing dick’s with any of you.

All the ladies look at Grace in confusion

Devyn: What does that mean?

Erica: *looks confused* riiiight

Grace: I’m basically saying we’re all here for a reason, no one here is better than the other. We’re all legends.

Billie: Well isn’t that why we are all here on this trip together because we were chosen legends

Grace: Exactly, so let’s act like it.

Erica: Oop!

Devyn: Legend is such a loose word, but I get the point.

Billie: Just say who you’re referring to Grace, You’re beating around the bush.

Erica: is there some animosity here between you two *points between Grace and Billie*

Devyn’s Confessional: Is this a pissing contest? Like be an legend, and let’s move on. For the love of God.

Billie: Who’s not acting like it?

Grace: You! Jac! Luciana! Don’t let all this get to you Billie. Just get to the root of the issue with Jac and solve it, you both seem very similar so just solve it! Talk!

Devyn: Like me and Luci did

Grace and Erica roll their eyes

Erica: Well, Grace… Are you going to do that with Tre as well?

Billie: Good point, I don’t like these double standards happening right now.

Grace: Listen, I would LOVE your outsider perspectives. I don’t know what I have done to get Tre so wound up. She doesn’t understand what happened between Luci and I.

Billie: Well, why don’t you just ask her and get to the root of it, like you want Jac and I to do? *smiles*

Grace: I have, last night. Unlike you Billie.

Devyn: Just cat fight it out, petty shit. Preferably in a mud pit.

Billie: Does anyone else here think Grace and Luci’s friendship is weird?

Erica: Well I don’t think anyone understand you and luci’s relationship Grace, you did just throw her under the bus again while she wasn’t here but hey! I guess that’s friendship.

Grace: I didn’t do that Erica. You weren’t there, wait until you watch it back.

Erica: You just said Luci acts like she’s better than everyone, that’s what I was referring to.

Billie: So okay we’ve concluded that your friendship with each other is off. So tre is entitled to feel the way she does.

Erica: I wouldn’t talk about my friend around people who don’t like my friend. That’s all I’m getting at.

Devyn: Period Erica.

Billie: You are just kinda a flip flopper grace or maybe early stages of dementia. You know they say people our age start showing signs of it. If we are going to have it.

Grace: Yeah, I’m old Billie. Don’t say things like that on camera, it’s not nice. You all think it’s weird and so do I. I see that now.

Devyn: Make it unweird then.

Devyn’s Confessional: Are y’all secretly cousins? Sisters? Lovers? What?

Grace: Okay, clearly you three are in cahoots about something and I’m in not state to talk about it obviously so, im done *starts to cry* Luci is like a sister to me, I hate falling out with her over a stupid show.

Devyn: I’m in cahoots with the truth, join me.

Grace’s Confessional: I don’t know if it’s the hangover or the gang up I’m experiencing now, I don’t expect them to understand such a long and complicated friendship, they say I’m not telling the truth or I’m two-faced, when in fact I’m the only one who says what I’m really thinking.

Billie: Quit being weak, Grace.

Erica: If you think that’s how a friendship works then continue on with your friend. I could honestly give two fucks anymore.

Devyn: Tre will call you out on your bull as well.

Grace: I thought us three were friends? *points at Erica and Devyn* HELP ME SEE THE LIGHT THEN

Erica: If me telling you the truth about yourself is me being bad friend then we shouldn’t be friends at all.

Billie: We are going in circles with you grace. Do you want us to be Dr Suess and break it down to you?

Devyn: We’re friends Grace, but I won’t lie to you. Stop talking about Luciana behind her back. Is that understandable enough? You wouldn’t want us talking behind your back now would you.

Grace: Got it.

*The camera flashes back to all the women talking badly about each other at some point*

Grace’s Confessional: I really don’t care what Billie has to say to be honest. I care about what Devyn and Erica have to say. Their opinions matter to me and I hope that they will continue to keep me on the right path, maybe Billie is right and my old brain is going to mush!

Erica: Let’s just go get ready for dinner.

As all the legends get up and grab their things, we see them go into their bedrooms. Grace faceplants onto her bed and continues to cry.

The camera shows shots of sunny, stunning Ibiza, we then see Tre, Brian and Jac at the bar outside as the next scene begins…

Brian’s Confessional: Surprise ladies! I’m staying! I still need to get to know who these new ladies are. They seem rather bland to me.

Jac: *walking back to the villa with Brian and Tre* Bri, I’m so fricken’ happy you’re staying!!

Tre: So Miss Social I’m so happy you decided to stick around! Seeing all of you ladies was definitely a nice surprise and probably the best thing that happened on this trip. *laughs*

Brian: Thank you! It’s good to be here!

Jac: It’s changed the vibe already! I love it!

Brian: What’s been happening since before I came?

Jac’s Confessional: The trip has been a little divided between with Luci and Grace kind of sticking together and the rest of us really bonding *pauses* well with the exception of my brawl with Billie *laughs* so I know Brian staying around will make things that much more fun

Tre: I mean we have the newer ladies, mainly Grace, and formerly Luciana, making things difficult for everyone.

Brian: Oh god. Old hags bringing the drama for cameras.

Tre: And then the other night Devyn kinda snatched her arm away from me like she didn’t want to be bothered but she had no problem twerking with me when I greeted her. *laughs*

Tre’s Confessional: I can never tell how Devyn is going to be with me. One minute she’s fine and the next minute she’s upset.

Brian: So Grace, have any of you filmed with her before this or no?

Jac: No never, Tre and Grace are supposedly good friends!

Tre: I have not but I heard about Grace and her ways through mutual friends who were on the show with her. Also Erica tells me things too and I still gave Grace a chance

Brian: Looks like we will need to keep an eye out for this Ms Grace

Tre: I wouldn’t say we were good friends. More like…acquaintances? I’ve never met her daughter and she’s never met my kids. *laughs* She’s definitely going to have a field day with you Brian. Don’t you worry!

Brian’s Confessional: I can’t wait to unravel this one.

Jac: I genuinely think she’s a harmless older woman but I don’t know. I don’t know where she stands with this group or what she’s like on the show but from what I can see she’s a little messy

Tre: A little messy? Didn’t she say she came on a horse?

Both Brian and Jac look shocked

Jac: Jesus, that poor horse

Brian: I won’t take her bullshit. And if she is playing it up for the cameras, she doesn’t know who she will be messing with.

Tre: Now if you don’t mind me asking Brian, it seems you and Tyler are in a good place these days. How were you two able to get back on track after what happened on Ladies?

Brian: To be honest, lots and lots of therapy. Tyler had a lot of owning up to do. Bless her heart, she isn’t perfect but she apologized for a lot of the fighting while we were on camera.

Jac’s Confessional: Brian has definitely had his fair share of drama on the show *flashback to he and Tyler fighting, he and I fighting over the christening, Billie breaking a glass that cuts his ankle, Devyn and Brian arguing and Tre and Brian arguing at the season 7 reunion* but I love that about her. She gets in the thick of it

Brian: Don’t get me wrong, Tyler still has his slips, but I try to get him back on track being nice to me.

Tre: Well listen we needed an OG on this trip to straighten some of these girls out!

Jac: I think we can pull Grace in line though. She seems rather level headed, so maybe if she hears it from a few people, she’ll fix up her behavior

Tre: Miss Brian Social will be the one to straighten her out so I’m going to sit back and be entertained

Jac’s Confessional: God, I forgot how difficult these girls can be. I guess this little peace mission is a job for Saint Jacqueline

Tre’s Confessional: Miss Brian may be cute and skinny, but don’t let it fool ya, she can handle the best of em…including delusional Miss Grace.

Brian: Okay I’m ready for a margarita after all this!

As the ladies reach their rooms once more, the scene ends…

That evening, we see the crushing waves hit the beach, the sun beginning to set and two cute crabs cuddling each other on one of the legend’s bikini’s, we then cut to all the legends heading into two separate cars…


Grace: Oh! Brian, Hi, how are ya?

Brian: *Looks around* fine. *Looks at phone*

Grace: Oookayyyy then…

Devyn: Well damn, it’s Brian Social!

Brian: DEV! There’s my girl!

Devyn’s Confessional: Really production? Really? Brian Social?

Devyn: How are you?!

Brian: Good thanks my love

Jac: So, girls, how were all your days in the sun?

Grace: Uh, so gorgeous! How was your breakfast?

Jac: It was… good.

the car sits in silence for a few moments

Jac’s Confessional: Wow, this is awkward!

Jac: Well it soaked up the alcohol that’s for sure!

Devyn: We did some yoga, I love the chef here he does the best eggs

Brian: We just chatted, didn’t we Jac *winks*

Jac: I gave Bri the rundown on all you ladies

Grace: Dev gave me a kick up the butt, I had a moment but I saw the light in the end and I feel better.

Devyn: I hope you know it came with love

Grace: I know, thank you

Brian: What did you say?

Devyn: We have a thriving friendship off camera. You’re a great friend to me. I would just hate to think you talk behind my back. Grace just needed some tough love on how she discusses Luci.

Devyn’s Confessional: Grace knows better than to talk about me behind my back.

Jac: I don’t like talking behind peoples back. I’ve never done it before in my life *flashback to earlier that day where Jacwas talking about grace with the other girls behind her back*

Grace: You both are acting very sheepish though, what really happened at that breakfast?

Grace’s Confessional: Something’s up here, but I’ll be on my best behavior tonight.

Producer: We’re here ladies!


Tre: Are my tits in? I know they’re still fucking huge but Nala has been sucking them dry. *laughs*

Erica: let me see *looks over at Tre’s titties* they’re good!

Billie: *starts dancing up the car* I told the concierge to put me in the party car, *looks at tre and erica* looks like they did me right!

Erica: *looks out the window* Ibiza is so beautiful! I’m so mad I missed going out with your girls last night

Billie: Oh tre would you say she missed a whole lot of bullshit!

Tre: You sure did miss a fun time! A glass might’ve been thrown but no one was hurt in the process. *laughs* Maybe Jac’s new face had it connected but Billie has good aim

Erica: *laughs* I heardd!! We should have brought some plasticware for Billie over here. I hear glass and her is not a good duo…

Billie: Listen the bitch kept on with me. I just had to break the glass for the bitch to know I am Italian but grew up in Newark NJ! But Tre you were definitely a topic of conversation bright and early this morning.

Tre: Now see how I get thrown in stuff and I ain’t even did nothing. What was said chile? Probably by Miss Grace I’m assuming…

Billie: Well she pretty much told me to stay out of it. So I’ll let Erica do the honors of telling you what she said!

Tre’s Confessional: I’ve been on this trip minding my business but some people just want to poke at lil ole me. Check my resume…this not what you want. *laughs*

Erica: *stirs my glass and looks over at the girls* She basically said how you’re just attacking her for no reason and it’s unfair to her. like basically YOU have the problem and you’re worrying about her relationship with her friend!

Tre: *laughs* Grace has not seen me attack anyone. Have I thrown my shoe at her yet? No. Have I thrown wine on her yet? No. Have I raised my voice at her? No. She seriously needs to back up. She thinks she runs the show but she has another thing coming.

Billie: But trust me we all chimes in and I think I might’ve rubbed her the wrong way but I definitely had your back. I don’t know if that grace is delusional or just plain messy but she could not for the life of her see why she was in wrong for bad mouthing her friend Luci.

Erica: Honey are we about to see THE SPICÉ

Billie’s Confessional: I’m loving seeing Tre eat Grace alive!! Honey the spice isn’t the one to mess with. When she’s at her point she’s at HER point. And it’s slight work for her

Billie: Is season 7 Tre out tonight?

Tre: Grace has a problem with anyone who calls her out on her nonsense. She was a nice acquaintance before the show but she keeping poking at me and she’s going to get the show she wants. *laughs*

Producer: We’ve arrived ladies!

We see all the legends greeted with a cocktail as the stunning sun sets on Amante, Ibiza, a gorgeous restaurant… Each of the ladies sit down and they each order their drinks…

Billie: This. Is. FABULOUS!

Grace: It’s stunning

Erica: Wow, this looks amazing

Grace: Let’s get some tequila shots for the table

Billie: Is that Brian social!? It’s been so long!

Brian: Hiya!

Erica: *to Tre* Who is that joining us?

Tre: Oh that’s Brian!! She’s cool. A bit shady, but she’s cool. *laughs*

Devyn’s Confessional: Since WHEN are Brian and Billie FRIENDS?! *shakes head* not that that is any of my business

As the drinks are served and the first course brought to the Legends, Paulo brings another Lady of Twitter via a screen to ask the ladies a question… Leah D’Vanzo appears!

Paulo: Ladies we have a very fun question from a former Lady to kick start the evening!

Leah D’Vanzo: *Leah arrives on the screen* Hi girls! I hope you’re having the best time! Now, tell me which is your favorite cast photo look? I wish you all the best Legends! MWAH!

Grace: Wow, she’s gorgeous!

Tre: *rolls eyes* oh fuck her…

Tre’s Confessional: The infamous Leah D’Avanzo. *sticks out middle finger* Bout the size of her husband. *laughs*

Devyn: Well if it isn’t the former Mayor’s wife! I liked Season 14’s pic

Grace: Season 13 & 14! It was my best looks yet!

Jac: Oh that’s easy! I think it was season 7? The one where we all wore blue and white? Brian had this god awful blue lipstick on. It looked like she’d been sucking off a Smurf

Brian: I fired my stylist after that!

Tre: Season 2 was my favorite! An ERA! Long before some of these ladies were even thought of. *laughs*

Erica: *looks up the cast photos on my phone* Oh My… they were just letting y’all wear anything in the ancient age ladies

Devyn: 7 was good. Leah sent a question all the way here to ask about cast photos? She should have been talking about those nonexistent bike lanes downtown and what the mayor is doing about them.

Jake: Season 14 and Season 2 and Season 6 won a poll recently!

Erica: I can’t wait to shoot the cast shot for this show!

Brian: Production has gotten so much better in time!

As the screen is taken away and the Ladies all head to the beach bar

Devyn: DJ! HIT THE DECKS! *screams and points and Erica* SHES A REAL BAD BITCH, GOT HER OWN MONEY

Erica: *grabs a drink and runs over to the dance floor* THATS MY BESTFRENN

Billie’s Confessional: I love Devyn when she’s in her party mode! She knows how to tear up a whole club with her moves!

Jac: Why hello Grace! *rubs grace on the arm* How’re you feeling after this morning? Must’ve been hard to have heard all the stuff Tre had to say to you?

Grace: *chokes on drink* What?

Brian: Do we need a medic Grace?!

Grace: What happened now?

Grace’s Confessional: Here we go *shrugs and rolls eyes*

Jac: Wait what do you mean? You weren’t at breakfast this morning?!

Billie: *sees Grace choking* what are those girls talking about now?

Grace: No *shakes head* I was at yoga?

Jac’s Confessional: *producers laughing at her* Oh…shit. Was she there? Honestly I can’t remember. I was still plastered from the night before. I could only make out shapes and shadows

Tre: *walks over to the other ladies* So what’s going on over here ladies?

Grace: *does shot* Well you tell me Tre, Jac says you’ve had a lot to say about me? So, tell me.

Jac: Oh Tre! I kinda slipped… I thought grace was with us at breakfast but it turns out she wasn’t

Grace: Can I get another shot please I dribbled it everywhere

Tre: *to Grace* I heard the same about you. Unlike you, I have no problem saying it to your face.

Brian’s Confessional: Oh my god. Did jac just throw us all under the bus??

Grace: Enlighten me, all I said earlier was that I was upset we were being at odds

Tre: You’re like a snake honestly. I heard mostly negative things about you but I was still very kind to you. You’re upset with me over telling your friend Luciana about the things YOU said about her. Where is she? Obviously I struck a nerve. Or the truth…

Devyn: *DJ plays Candy Shop by 50cents* Ooo that’s my song. Take me to your candy shop Eri.

Grace: I’M A SNAKE?! WOW, that’s wow. wow. That’s rich!

Jac looks on and laughs to herself

Jac’s Confessional: Producer: Do you think you cause a lot of drama? Jac: Me? Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama. Am I the villain? Oh no I’m definitely not the villain

Brian: Well we’ve heard things…

Grace: I’ve heard things about all of you here! You said it and delivered it wrong Tre let’s be honest

Tre: Clearly I didn’t if Luciana isn’t here. Obviously she believed me over her “friend” for twenty plus years.

Grace: Tre, I thought we were friends? Clearly not.

Tre: You’re messy Grace, end of story.

Grace’s Confessional: It’s funny to me that Tre is calling ME messy, when she’s the one who’s dragging this non issue out. I want to have fun, get to know the other Legends more. She’s talking out of that fake booty. That’s for sure.

Jac: *mouth drops* But I thought you two were friends!

Tre: I wouldn’t say we were friends. I never met your daughter and you never met my kids. We were more social “friends.”

Grace: Oh that’s how it is, okay. Okay Tre.

Tre: Your Friend would be that horse you came on.

Grace: So you’re a phony as well as a liar, got it. Makes sense. I apologised to you and I’ve spoken to Luci since she left. Have you!?

Jac: *puts head in hands* I didn’t want any of this to happen

Tre: *to Jac* Don’t sorry baby. She doesn’t scare me. She needs a moment to be relevant so she’s using me. I get it. I have The Spicé. Clearly your apologies don’t mean shit to people Grace!

Tre’s Confessional: I did yell at Grace this time but that’s because something isn’t clicking up there…

Grace’s Confessional: Tre just wants to jump on that bandwagon, I get it! It’s easy and it’s popular, but at least you’re still talking about me

Grace: Okay, I’m done with you Tre. *to waiter* I’ll get that bottle there, of the pink stuff. No, not a shot, the whole bottle.

Tre: *to Erica* You better check your friend.

Devyn: *sits next to Grace* You good? *lays head on the bar* My head is spinning.

Grace: I’m fine Dr, I’ve apologised that’s all I can do. Accept or don’t, that’s on you not on me. Let’s dance!

Tre: *looks over at Devyn sitting next to Grace* And why is she over there and she said Grace was boring as shit?

Billie: OOP! Miss Spice is spicy tonight

Tre: *to Billie* No you know I truly try with Devyn but I feel she truly doesn’t like me AT ALL and I’m not going to kiss her ass. *laughs*

Tre’s Confessional: Devyn goes to Grace…the same person she said isn’t a Legend. Make it make sense. She’s kinda a little Grace…very two faced.

Erica: *To the bartender* Lets get a round of shots and a double for Ms.Spice over here!

Brian: Jac, come here! Who’s that? *Points to Erica* have you met her?

Jac: Well I’ve been travelling with her for like 4 or 5 days now, so yeah I’d say we’ve met. Do you know each other?

Brian: I just met her…for the second time jac. I’m pretty sure… Remember when I was low on cash when I was younger and tried to do seedy nudity modeling? She’s the won who beat me and got on the cover!


Brian: I mean, it looks like her, I don’t want to judge, who am I to judge? Let’s move on, I’ve said tooooo much!

Jac: Have you talked to her about the fact she used to bust her pussy wide open for the camera? *points to the cameras* well too bad, they’re going to use this.

Jake (Producer): Quick this is gold *grabs Erica and nudges her to Brian and Jac’s conversation*

Jac: Oh Erica! I love your little outfit. It covers you up so nicely!

Grace: *slowly grinding on a scared old Ibizan man sat in a chair*

Billie: *looks at Erica and Tre* what the fuck is going on? *walks over to the ladies*

Erica: I don’t maybe I should take it off since you ladies like to talk about whats underneath.

Brian: What? What do you mean?

Tre: Jake told me they were talking about Erica being a pornstar

Jac: It wasn’t about Devyn being a pornstar. Erica, apparently you were

Brian’s Confessional: ABORT ABORT ABORT, HELP!

Jac: I guess you worked on some major porn film? I think Brian said you bust it wide open for the camera

Grace: I love porn!

Paulo: ME TOO!

Brian: Can we put the cameras down? This can be damaging to the poor girl!

Erica: *sits my cup down* I was a what?

Brian: I mean, I tell it like it is.

Erica’s Confessional: Oh, you guys haven’t seen me real mad yet? Okay here we go…

Erica: Let me tell you something bitch… what you’re not going to do is come in here and try to bring down my name! Do you understand that *points in Brians’s face*

Tre’s Confessional: For them to try and single Erica out as being a “pornstar” when they’ve all had their saggy titties out at one point isn’t cool.

Brian: No, I was having a moment with jac and tried to get the cameras to not be on me. Keep your finger to yourself. God only knows where your fingers have been! We are done here.

Jac: No No you can’t point your finger. That’s unacceptable

Tre: *slowly pulls Erica away from Brian* We don’t want that baby…

Billie: Here I’ll give the girls some porn *flashes titties and shows the cameramen* is that what you guys mean by porn??

Jac’s Confessional: Maybe that’s how she got cast on this show. She banged one of the producers on camera? I don’t know. Brian said a whole bunch of things but I can’t exactly remember it all

Erica: You’re shaming me over a magazine that you wanted to be in? I’m sorry that your body doesn’t age like wine and it’s here sagging here and everywhere

Devyn: Why are we talking about porn? Only a few here have the needed sex appeal anyway.

Erica: if you’re mad you can’t keep up with me baby, say that. You came on here to immediately spread gossip… because you’re jealous?

Brian: No hunny. I was celebrating it. Never said anything bad.

Erica: I’m not surprised though, didn’t you do the same to your cousin? ANYTHING FOR A MOMENT!

Brian: You are the one who got all fight mode like we were in a back alley with you and that stanky finger.

Erica: You’re a reaching bitch!

Billie show’s a picture of herself nude on her phone to all the ladies



Tre: Her hubby likes it hairy!

Paulo: LADIES LADIES *adjusts bulge* can we please put a pin in this? As you American’s say!

All the ladies look at Paulo in awe of his beauty

Jac’s Confessional: Sorry but Paolo’s bulge is unbelievable. Good for him. Don’t let Erica know though. With all these cameras around, she might make a pornographic comeback

Paulo: So Ladies, this is your last night in Ibiza, tomorrow morning we head to our final destination! So let’s enjoy this moment. Now, who was in a porn because I want to get some details?

Erica: I’m about ready to head back now…

Paulo’s Confessional: Erica is a very beautiful woman, I would absolutely like a copy of her magazine, her video, anything! She’s gorgeous! Sorry to her new husband… *winks*

As the ladies are seen on the beach, we see Paulo hug Erica, as the other women



Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!

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Ladies of Twitter

Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!