Legends of Twitter, S1 EP6 -“And So, Here’s To New Beginnings…”

Previously on this season of Legends of Twitter… 8 Ladies of Twitter, past and present were gathered together by Andy Cohen for an unforgettable Girls Trip! Drama, Laughs, Drama, Scandals, Drama and LAUGHS ensued.

Thank you for watching this season, it means so much to us all!

As the episode begins, we see a new day in Norway begin! The Legends are all seen getting ready, as well as them all getting into cars and head into the mountains.

Jake: Okay Legends, we’re heading back to Twitter tonight so we have set up some free time, with the cameras of course for some skiing! Let’s go!

Brian’s Confessional: With all of the drama on this trip, one of my favorite ways to wind down is skiing. I’ve been skiing since I was 5, so that means I’ve been skiing since Grace was 49.

Grace’s Confessional: Ee all begged to be let out to go skiing and that’s what we’re gonna do! Let’s go girls I do this all the time let’s see how you slope!!

Tre’s Confessional: I’ve only been skiing once in my life and that is when I was in my twenties and I was bad at it then. I assume all these years later I’ll still fall face first, but sure…let’s give it another try! *laughs*

Erica’s Confessional: Aside from all the drama, production has finally let us out our cages and allowed us to go “skiing”. Apparently, this is going to be “fun” but I’m pretty sure none of us ladies can ski so… let’s see how many times we bust our asses to amuse y’all.

Grace: SOOO, Are we ready ladies? I’m ready to slope!

Brian: It’s always a good time on the slopes!

Grace: A sloppy slope for you B!

The camera pans to Jac sitting at the bottom of the mountain

Jac: *sips cocoa* mmm, this is much better than skiing down that death hill

Jac’s Confessional: Do I ski? Are you mad? Absolutely not. So whilst these girls go down a mountain of snow and plummet to their death, I’m going to sit back at the lodge and drink a nice hot chocolate. No broken bones for me, thank you.

Tre: I was last on the slopes when I was 20 and I busted my ass so I’m really being a good sport *laughs*

Billie: I just had a tequila shot and I’m ready!

Tre: *go towards Billie* Dear Lord Jesus! Billie I’m sliding! Oh my goodness… *slides down towards Billie and does a split* This is exactly why I don’t do slopes. I need someone to help me up. My legs hurt. *laughs*

Brian’s Confessional: *yawns* I need a cocktail.

Billie’s Confessional: Listen can we roll tape on Tre busting her ass on tv! That shit was too funny, I know she’ll probably kick my ass for laughing but it was HYSTERICAL! A train wreck waiting to happen.

The ladies finish skiing and lunch arrives…

Paulo: Ladies we have our final lunch together sorted! Champagne here too, ladies cheers to the legends and my final bow to you *bows* thank you thank you, kisses each ladies cheek. It’s been an honour!

Grace: Aw Paulo! Come to Twitter, we all want to ride you!

Tre: Which one of you girls is taking Paulo home with you?

Billie: *eating* What’s one takeaway you’ve had from this experience and one thing you regret or wish you could’ve changed about this experience?

Jac: As in the experience of being with you women for the last 7 days or from my time on the show?

Billie: The past few days. I mean you could tie into your time on the show if you wanna compare how much more sufferable you were this time around *laughs* I kid. But you get the point

Brian: I think I wish Erica and I would have connected better and not had our Moments. I think the real wacka do is not her and clearly someone else here.

Grace: I wish Luci had stayed and faced the music, but it’s been an honour to become a Legend. It’s been amazing.

Tre: I guess one takeaway on this trip has been connecting with all of you in a different way. It was a very fun experience with all of you honestly. I guess I wish the outcome with Luci would’ve turned differently but it showed me she’s not as strong as she makes out to be and that’s okay. Not everyone is cut out for this

Grace: Only the best ones rise to the top and take the shit along with the good. We can’t run away from our problems girls!

Billie: I would say for me my biggest takeaway has been how much I really miss being around a fun group of girls and reconnecting with my old dear friends Tre, Brian, Dev, and even Jac after our rocky start and making new friends with Erica and Grace! The only thing I would’ve handled differently is how I interacted with Jac when I broke a glass and acted an ass.

Jac: *laughs* For me, I’m happy I was able to make a new friend in Grace and reconnect with old friends like Brian, Tre and even you Billie. I regret last nights dinner though. I wish Devyn and I didn’t end in such a bad place because we worked so hard to repair our friendship but hopefully we can mend that *smirks*

Jac’s Confessional: Producer: You didn’t mention Erica in your toast? Jac: Who? Producer: ERICA Jac: Oh I only know her by her stage name. Tammy Big Jugs

Erica: One takeaway from this trip is that I actually did get to connect with some of you. I had fun even with all the mess that you ladies brought *laughs* I just wish we had more fun! Some of you girls still can’t twerk.

Billie: Well girls, I say let’s raise our glasses to Norway and being fucking legends! I’ll see you all at the Twitter Gala right?

Tre: Of course I’m going to be there! I wouldn’t miss such a LEGENDARY event!

Jac: TO BEING LEGENDS!!! *cheers the ladies*

Erica: to being FUCKING LEGENDSS!! *puts glass up*

Brian: CHEERS!

Devyn: YEA!


As the sun sets on a beautiful day on the slopes, we see the Legends each pack their bags and all head off seperately into their private planes. We catch up with them all as they settle back into their usual routines, the screen then reads…


The camera pans to each Legend as they get ready for the Twitter Gala Extravaganza, the camera then pans to each Legend watching a video message from Andy himself, again!

Andy: Okay you Legends, we’re SO happy with what you gals got us with this trip. Now you know we have the gala, we can’t have anyone or anything spoiling the announcement before it comes out, we have to be cautious so NO SPILLING IT AT THIS GALA! Now, I’ll see you there…

Tre: Oh Andy he’s so dramatic *laughs*

Devyn: Oh my goodness you all have this on lockdown!

As the camera pans to Luciana’s apartment, a new scene begins…

Luciana: I MISSED MOST OF IT! I won’t be spilling! *laughs*

Maria: What is it now?

Luciana: Oh this Legends show, I’m back to film the final group scenes!

Maria: What?! We’re filming now?

Luciana looks at Maria in shocked annoyance

Luciana: What the hell do you think all these people and those *points at the cameras* are here for? HELLO?

Maria laughs

Maria: You know, that makes sense! So we’re going right? This is your big moment! *laughs*

Luciana: I will need your assistance yes! Of course!

Luciana’s Confessional: You know, I left the trip very early and it was good for me, it’s put a lot into perspective for me and I’m now focused on making the relationships I know that are worth my while, right again. That’s why I’m back.

Producer: That and the money? *laughs*

Luciana: … Well of course, I want to redo my apartment *laughs* needless to say, I’m excited to see what happens at this event.

The scene ends and we see all of the Legends arrive to the Twitter Gala… including Twitter’s most elite from the entire roleplay community!

Grace: *rushes onto the red carpet and takes pictures with numerous bravo legends* Hi! Omg hi! *gets ushered into a secret room*

Tre: Hi ladies! You all look gorgeous! *waves at all the ladies*

Erica: The bitch isn’t late today! *poses on the red carpet and waves to everyone*

Devyn: HI LOVES! *enters secret room* You all look LEGENDARY!

Devyn’s Confessional: This has been truly magical, I don’t want it to end!

Billie: *steps on the step-and-repeat* This is such a honor to be here tonight! Hey paparazzi *blows kiss*

Grace: This is like a huge deal! So many from the community are here! It’s amazing!

Jac: Hi girlies!

Grace’s Confessional: Who doesn’t love a gala! I’m excited! I’m not sure what it’s in aid of though, but I still wrote a cheque! *giggles*

Jac’s Confessional: It’s been a stress free couple of weeks since coming back to Twitter. No glasses waved in my face, no slaps, no screaming. It’s been a dream but tonight is the first ever Legends Gala and regardless of where I am with the other ladies, I’ll always show up and show out

Erica: Now this is how legends do it! You all look amazing.


Tre: I’m glad we’re all here included in this special moment!

Devyn: I mean, this is BIG, I’ve never seen anything like this before

Billie: I am excited!! This is such a great turnout in twitter! It’s a PACKED house tonight

Jake: Now Legends, we have you in this special room because as you know the casting hasn’t been announced yet, and we have a special someone who wants to say hello to you all!

As all the Legends look excited and confused as to who is arriving, we see Andy Cohen arrive and hug all the ladies!

Andy: Surprise! Hello ladies!


Erica: ANDY!

Grace: You look so handsome Andy! You’re not here to fire me are you? *laughs*

Billie’s Confessional: Well damn are we in trouble we got Andy cohen in the room… no I love Andy.

Devyn: I mean, a firing at the gala would be a great way to go out *laughs*

Andy: I just wanted to come in here and say that watching the cuts of this show so far has been awesome. I’m so glad you all were on board to do and I couldn’t have wished for a better cast of legends!

Brian: So… is there a season 2 on the horizon?

Billie: YES! Give us a pickup Andy! *laughs* I kid but this has been a great ride

Andy: I think the fans are going to love this show, it’s truly WILD.

Grace: Season 2 but it’s Legends from all the other shows!

Erica: Now Grace, that would be something!

Andy: Well, that’s something! I have a question for you all actually Ladies.

Tre: Legends from all the shows would be something else! Just imagine how wild that would be!

Andy: I say…we need a reunion. Don’t you guys think?

Jac: That would be something *sips champagne*

Grace’s Confessional: Oh god, a REUNION!? They’re all going to eat me alive, and not in a good way *fake cries* hey I want all the coin I can get before I’m a fired *laughs*

Andy: I think you all exceeded our expectations, a reunion will be the icing on the cake!

Tre: I think a reunion would be wonderful! I’m sure there’s plenty us legends will need to discuss once the show airs *laughs*

Billie: I want first seat!

Devyn: Jac and I in the first seat?

Tre’s Confessional: These ladies are hoping they sit next to Andy. I sat next to him during both of my seasons so I’ll be more than willing to hand the crown over to someone else. I just want to be entertained. *laughs*

Luciana’s Confessional: These thirsty bitches only care about where they sit. This isn’t the Oscar’s.

Jac’s Confessional: A reunion? Historically I don’t do the best at reunions *flashback to me throwing a pin with Kylees name at her during season 3, feuding with Tyler on season 4, trying to attack Billie in season 6 and fighting with Pat during season 10 & 11* but a check is a check

Andy: Now before I go, we will be announcing the show next week. So that’s super exciting! You shoot the promo tomorrow right? It was so nice getting to see all of you again, I’ll be sure to have you all on WWHL at some point!

Grace: Cheers to the Avengers of RP!

The Gala begins, with the Legends spread out with the other RP Ladies who are in attendance…

Presenter: Ladies! Gentlemen! Well, mainly the Ladies here *winks* We’ve got some exciting things to say, announce and confirm. Take your seats and listen good!

Tre’s Confessional: This is a MOMENT. We ARE THE MOMENT!

Billie: Let’s hear it! *gives a round of applause*

Presenter: Ladies of Twitter has graced our screens for 5 years now, across 14 seasons and numerous and infamous ladies! Today we’re announcing the show is returning for a landmark fifteenth season! And that’s not all, with a different cast than you’re used to seeing… *clips play*

Erica: *whispers* I thought I was the only one, All these announcements a bitch anxious *laughs* looks over at my s14 cast members* oo oo

Luciana: OH GOD

Billie: Fifteen seasons in the game and to think I started on season 3! Wow what a time!

Tre: The Good Sis might need to return for the landmark fifteenth season. *laughs*

Presenter: We’re confirming also today, that the Ladies, are known around town. Some may even say, they’re legends? *winks*

The crowd cheers as the Legends logo is revealed to the gala

Presenter: Next? Oh you want more from us? Legends of Twitter will also be getting a reunion AND a season 2!

Erica: YESSSS!!

Grace: WOOHOO!


Presenter: Now LoT is taking a break this summer, but the legends will fill your needs! Legends of Twitter is in fact filming as we speak so wave, you’ll be caught on camera! And it’ll be airing this summer!

Tre: *waves to the camera as if she is not already on the show*

The gala comes to a close and the scene fades to black, the next scene picks up the next day as the Legends gather at an undisclosed location, where they are all shooting their cast photo looks…

Grace: Our last scheduled thing together Ladies! Today is the day!

Tre: This is SO CUTE *poses* I love a photoshoot moment!

Erica: This is every *poses* thing!

Jac: Okay, is that a wrap? Ladies lets go sit on the beach outside before we all go!

Jake: Okay Legends! My final question to you all… tell me and the viewers what you think about how this all went and how it’s been different to what people are used to seeing!

Luciana: Well, I wish I had stayed!

Grace: You should have! I think it’s been my favourite thing I’ve done for a long time. This group of Ladies is truly something, it’s special.

Brian: Well thanks for leaving, so I could join!

Devyn: It’s been amazing. No matter what happened, I loved spending time with each of you. You too Jac. I love you Jac, and I’m sorry if I hurt you.

Jac: Aw Dev, I love ya too.

Erica: *smiles and nods* I had fun with y’all as well. It was just the amount of laughs, shade and slapping!

Jac: I honestly had a little reservation coming into this because I didn’t know how Mrs. Jacqueline Carter was going to act with me but she was well behaved…for the most part *laughs*

Billie: I would say for me I was really glad to be in a better spot with Miss Carter after all these years of not speaking! She’s sweet to even try and hook me up with her uncle!

Jac: All that being said, I don’t know if I could do this again *laughs* We jammed 3 months worth of drama into 2 weeks worth of filming

Grace: Well we have the reunion to survive first girls remember

Tre: For once I don’t have major drama with anyone so it’ll be a pretty light reunion for me I know *laughs*

Erica’s Confessional: I don’t know what’s funnier, they way Luci is giving Grace the death stare or how Grace is ignoring Luci altogether *laughs* Reunion where are you!

Erica: We say this now and then those confessionals get aired and it’s going to be a blood bath *laughs*

Jac: Ladies, this has truly been a groundbreaking moment, this show is the first of it’s kind. We did that.

Billie: It’s seriously been life changing to me

Devyn: I love you all!

Grace: This has been magical!

Brian: Okay, come on, there’s a bar on the beach, no more cameras. Let’s go girls!!

Jake: Okay okay wait, let’s make a toast for the cameras… Here’s to this show, an unforgettable season and time together, but mostly here’s to you Ladies. Ladies who have changed the game and our lives for the better (mostly)… HERE’S TO YOU LEGENDS!!

As the Legends cheers, the screen flashes over the entire season, showing the Legends in all their glory. Jake and Paulo both join the Legends as the screen focuses back onto the group, the entire crew also join in celebration.

As the scene ends we see the Legends all walk arm in arm towards the gorgeous sunset on across the beach, we see the screen begin to fade out, until something comes onto the screen…

As you get all the feels, the screen suddenly fizzles… UNSEEN FOOTAGE comes up… We see a quiet villa, in Ibiza, all lights are out and ladies asleep, except a tipsy Paulo, rummaging through the wine cellar, we see him through security cameras go up the stairs and knock on a door. The door opens slowly, we do not see who is behind it.. Paulo smiles, and says “ready for round two gorgeous?…

The screen fades to black, as Season 1 of Legends of Twitter comes to a close… As the titles roll, a note from the LoT Producers comes up…



Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!

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Ladies of Twitter

Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!