It’s their Sweet 16th Season! #LoT

Ladies of Twitter
3 min readNov 27, 2023


Meet the cast of Ladies of Twitter ahead of the epic Season 16 premiere…

Devyn, Harlow, Grace, Erica, Teairra, Amal and Billie

Ladies of Twitter returns for a monumental 16th season on November 29 and this season, the ladies’ dirty laundry gets aired! Tune in for the unmissable season when it begins!

Take a look at the opening titles for Season 16:

Billie Reed

Seasons 3, 5,6,7 10, 15–16

Billie Reed is picking up the pieces as they attempt to sort out what to make of their legal situations going on. Billie’s problems soon multiply both in her personal life and among her circle of friends when she shares her opinions within the group…


Seasons 5–7,9-11,14,15 and 16

Doctor Devyn King returns after a tense year among the Ladies, and she is ready to make some amends. But as her professional life begins to boom once more, secrets from her past and issues with the group threaten to derail it all…

Grace Whitworth

Seasons 13 to 16

Grace Whitworth continues to build an empire for herself, in business and personal. This season, Grace quickly finds herself at the centre of much controversy as accusations and innuendos surrounding her businesses, her personal life, and her friendships begin to come to light in unusually scandalous ways…

Erica Ka’Oir

Seasons 14, 15 and 16

Erica Ka’Oir finds herself facing many challenges as she returns to Ladies this season following the birth of her son. With her marriage on the rocks and some friendships even rockier, Erica pushes to take herself to new heights despite the pressure, but will it all deem too much?

Teairra K-Blanco

Seasons 15 and 16

Teairra K-Blanco returns to the group having fully settled into her new life in Twitter with husband, Donte. With his old issues behind them, Teairra begins to pursue a music career, but will the past continue to impact Teairra’s future?

Amal Hadid

Seasons 13,14 and 16

Amal Hadid rejoins the circle of Ladies following her move back from Dubai. While hoping for an easy reentrance to Twitter society, Amal finds herself struggling as her husband Tommy is angry over her extended stay in Dubai and her circle of friends question her true intentions on why she is back…

Harlow Laurier

Seasons 15 and 16

Harlow Laurier is back for another season, and this time she’s a Lady! This season, as Harlow continues to try and move forward from her divorce and build her jewelry business, she finds herself at odds with many of the Ladies over her actions and behaviors as they question her sincerity…

Kaylani Marriott

Season 16

Joining this season as a Friend of the Ladies, Kaylani Marriott is the wife of hotel royalty. Her opinionated nature and shady wit quickly find her in the center of the action with many of the Ladies.



Ladies of Twitter

Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 15 seasons, and catch season 16’s new episodes Sundays & Wednesdays HERE!