S1 — E13: Reunion Part Two

Andy’s voice over plays “previously on part one of the Ladies of Twitter reunion” We see the ladies all arriving to the set and getting dolled up for the reunion. We come to first segment of the reunion that covers everything from Joshuaa being introduced to the group to Karina and Paul’s friendship shattering before our eyes on screen. We see Tyler talking about his martial problems with Adam and how things are going now after the show, we then see the scene of Nina meeting everyone at Joshuaa’s charity event. Finally, at the biggest cat fight of the season accusations are unleashed about Tyler resulting in Tyler nearly walking off set.

Reunion set

Andy: Okay ladies welcome back! We needed some time to cool off and let the dust settle from our first portion of the reunion filming. As you can see Casey has decided to no carry on with filming today she packed her things up and left the studio already. Ladies do you have anything to say about this?

Joshuaa: Good Riddance

Paul: Woo hoo!! Bye Casey Bitch!

Nina: *flips hair* Well Andy I just want to say I’m super disappointed in Casey deciding to not continue on in the reunion, but you have to understand these three do not let either one of us say a word. I understand her frustration and walking off but I want to set the record straight, which is why I’m here still.

Paul: Let’s move on from the irrelevant Casey.

Nina: The only irrelevant one on this stage is you Paul. You never know when ti shut your goddamn mouth.

Paul: Shut the fuck up bitch, No one likes you & you’ve fought with everyone at this reunion. So bitch stop using everyone else and shut your mouth & fix you GOD DAMN LIPS!

Tyler: Adios Darling. Can’t handle the truth so there’s the door.

Nina: ugly mouth? Did you learn to speak like that in the trailer park you were born in?

Paul: You know we never want to hear anything you say. Stick to sex tapes & stop talking.

Andy: Right since we can’t get Casey’s side of the whole self-defense fiasco let's go to you Nina. What triggered you to attack Casey the way you did? Ladies who do you think was at fault?

Nina: Andy what you ALL NEED TO KNOW is I’m not just a pretty face that’s going to sit back and watch my friends or family get fucked with, I fought back because she tried to hit my face plain and simple.

Tyler: Honestly don’t know who was at fault. All I know is fighting is so classless.

Paul: I feel like Casey was at fault for that one.

Andy: Thank you Nina. Moving on after you were escorted out of the gym probably the biggest moment of this show happened… Roll the footage and let’s take a look. *clip plays of Joshuaa getting spat on by Casey* So many questions coming on for Casey too bad she isn’t here to defend her classless actions.

Joshuaa what was going through your mind at that moment?We also have a viewer question for Joshuaa, Tonya from Los Angeles, CA says “Joshuaa I know you got hands girl! Why didn’t you deck Casey after she spit at you?”

Joshuaa: You know what. I almost quit the show after what’s Casey did. What she did was a disgusting, violent and classless move and I really had to push through to not end her right and there *gets angry* If anyone ever does something like that to me I do not react well. She mad a very bad move and I feel like I don’t want to be near someone like that. I was there to protect my family and got nothing but violent behavior

Tyler: Classy, not trashy darlings

Andy: I agree that was truly a classless moment and I’m sorry you had to experience such disrespect Joshuaa. Nina do you have anything to say about the incident? Because in all Joshuaa was defending you went this all happen.

Nina: I agree it was classless and gross of Casey to spit on Joshuaa, but I can’t talk about a situation when the main person involved isn’t here to back herself up. *shrugs shoulders*

Tyler: Why stop now? You Made rumors all season.

Andy: In episode 6, we saw Tyler host a grand dinner for the ladies and their significant other. Tyler didn’t extend the invite to newbie Nina leaving Joshuaa no choice but to stand by his sister in laws side. Let’s take a look.

Such a dramatic night. Paul was it necessary to start arguing with Casey at Tyler’s dinner party in front of everyone? Tyler, did it bother you that Paul did that?

Nina: Paul is classless of course he’s going to start a fight anywhere he goes. Thirty for camera time.

Andy: Nina, please give Paul a chance to talk thank you.

Paul: I felt I needed to get it off the chest. It wasn’t appropriate but at the time so I apologize. Thanks Andy. *smiles*

Andy: Paul you also said Casey takes no accountability for her actions and you see right through her. Care to elaborate?

Tyler: Paul specifically didn’t bother me, the situation as a whole bothered me. Everyone misbehaved and it was hard because of the relationship issues Adam and I had at the time.

Paul: Okay Andy. Just as seen now when its get too hot for Casey she leaves. She starts rumors & fights with no basis and then doesn’t apologize or act like she did anything wrong. I’ve just never seen anyone act like that.

Andy: Casey had stated she felt ambushed by the bother of you at dinner,which brings me to our next viewer question Hannah from Seattle, WA ask “Where is the loyalty between Casey and Paul? How long have you guys known each other because you both flipped on each other fairly quick?” Paul was there ever even a friendship to be loyal to?

Paul: No, from day one I had nothing but nice things to say but as seen on screen Casey was mean to me since day 1. Honestly I never considered him a friend & probably never will have

Andy: There you Hannah! Moving along… Tyler this is the first time we’ve ever seen you very upset, is disrespect one of those triggers to get you there? Nina we saw you hurt that Tyler didn’t invite you, why if she hardly knew you?

Tyler: I mean yes, but at the same time, these women came to my home with their dates at a time when Adam and I were struggling. He agreed to do this couple’s dinner with me and then these women acted like fucking animals. So you’re right, I blew my fucking lid.

Nina: I wasn’t really hurt. I mean it’s just sad you would treat someone like that who is trying to get to know/make friends in a new city.

Tyler: Nina. Nina. Settle down.

Nina: I cried yes, but I’m always crying and in that scene I didn’t cry because I wasn’t invited.

Tyler shut up fuck up I’m speaking.

Tyler: I apologized and explained that to you when you came to my house with Casey afterwards.

Nina: Oh my god.

Tyler: No. I won’t shut up darling.

Andy: Ladies ladies.

Nina: She need to stop talking you asked me a question.

Tyler: I was asked a question too. Stop trash.

Andy: Thank you Nina… We’re going to our next topic now. Episode 7 and 8 we saw you ladies finally coming around to each other. We saw Casey and Nina call it a truce and for once you all were in the same room without any drama at Casey’s birthday party. But Nina, took it upon herself to stir it up once more lets take a look.

Joshuaa: Typical

Andy: So Tyler being friends with Paul what did you think when you heard Nina saying this.

Joshuaa: This is typical Nina spreading rumors!

Nina: No it’s not me Andy! I heard something and I shared it out of concern not to start drama.

Tyler: That it was exactly what it was which is bullshit. Nina may have just heard it, but she spread it. I don’t give a fuck if you say something without facts, you’re a gossiper.

Nina: *begins tearing up*

Tyler: And you didn’t have concern.

Nina: This is bullshit. YES I DID TYLER!

Tyler: Yes! Bring on the tears!

Nina: Fuck you!

Joshuaa: Darling, you’ve only made rumors since you joined this circle. Then she cries about it

Nina: Fuck you too Joshuaa!

Andy: Ladies please cool it for now. Thank you.Nina, you have to understand I mean from the nail salon scene you started questioning Paul’s age and modeling career, then you come to the ladies with a drug rumor. It does kind of seem fake. I’m sorry!

Nina: *tears rolling down my cheeks* I really was coming from a concerned place. I don’t give a fuck what those trashy ass bitches think!

Joshuaa: Stop crying!

ANDY: I want to go back to Casey’s Birthday, Nina you got really wasted and fell asleep on the couch.

Nina, a lot of people are asking… Do you have a drinking problem? Ladies do you think Nina drinks too much.

Tyler: Drinking and cries to much of you ask me.

Joshuaa: She’s a liability.

Tyler: The footage is what we’re talking about darling. You did all of this.

Joshuaa: And this season showed that!

Andy: We’re moving on… Joshuaa you and Casey met to hash it all out. Do you feel like it was an accomplished meeting?

Joshuaa: Not really.

Andy: Okay… So moving on to the epic Cabo trip for you ladies. Tyler you planned this getaway. Did you think it would help mend fences between the ladies?

Tyler: I obviously had my apprehensions, but I hoped so, yes.

Andy: Let’s take a look at the footage montage of the whole trip and we will get down to questions.

Wow! Joshuaa, was it tough reliving that again?What’s going through your head?

Joshuaa: It’s so hard for me to see that, I didn’t watch the episodes Andy. I was in a bad place. I shouldn’t of been there in all honesty. Given my state and the fact that she *angrily points at nina* laughs it off and rolls her eyes is exactly why I will never call her family. She is nothing to me

Paul: I love how everyone in attendance here has seen Nina’s colours . I’m still shocked I was asleep for most of the juicy drama.

Nina: Shut the fuck up Paul. Omg you just don’t know when to SHUT UP.

Joshuaa: Nothing juicy about the drama Paul.

Nina: You told me NOTHING. How was I supposed to be there for you!

Joshuaa: You found out. After and you did nothing. You said nothing. I can’t sit here Andy I can’t!

Andy: Casey is gone you can't go too. So Joshuaa when you told the dad to be about this miscarriage, what did he say?

Joshuaa: He was heartbroken. We’re all heartbroken still.Everyone in my family is broken!

Andy: You and him are still together right? How's the relationship? I’m sure it's gotten a lot stronger. Do you blame Nina for the broken family?

Joshuaa: yes we’re still together. He moved in a couple months after filming stopped *turns to Nina* I don’t blame you for anything. Only what you know is true and yes I guess, who knows I hope we stay together forever.

Andy: This brings us to our finale segment of the evening. Joshuaa’s summer finale party let’s take a look at all the drama the ensued.

Tyler what has Adam said about Nina insinuating he is gay?

Nina: He is gay. Tyler is just a cover up. Everyone in twitter knows it.

Tyler: Nothing, she’s a nobody, a nothing. He knows it isn’t true. Then why keep talking about it? Shut the fuck up. You talk too much.

Tyler: *screams and stands up* he isn’t fucking gay and I won’t take her making comments about my husband or my looks.

Nina: You would KNOW if he’s gay or not. I know what you did Paul you disgusting whore.

Paul: I AM SICK OF THIS BITCH *screams and throws pillow at Nina*


Paul: *starts to cry* All fucking season she’s been saying stuff about me. I hate her!

Tyler: I apologize Andy, but she can’t keep talking about my husband. It’s inappropriate!

Nina: Love you Paulie…

Joshuaa: She needs Jesus.

Andy: Joshuaa, Your relationship ended with Jerry in the season finale? Have you spoken to him since? How long has it been? Why do you blame Nina for that?

Joshuaa: Erm. It’s been what, six months? I haven’t spoken to him at all, Nothing!

Will you continue fighting? To be a family again? Or you over it?

Joshuaa: I guess I blame them both. I found out I was pregnant and then I found out I probably wasn’t going to be able to carry the baby, and then I was forced onto the cast trio and I have a medical emergency. Nina obviously didn’t know none did. But I had nothing from either of them once it came or. I’ve had nothing. Not even a how are you doing? Where did you bury your baby? Nothing Andy. My brother, My life and soul.Hasn’t even said anything

Tyler: *hugs Joshua* there there darling.

Joshuaa: I’ve had nothing! What can I do? I tried so hard

Andy: Nina, you’re tearing up over there do you have anything to say.

Joshuaa: I said sorry and got nothing.

Nina: all I can say is I’m sorry for not being there. That’s about it.

Joshuaa: I don’t want it! It’s too late!

Andy: Nina, Joshuaa do you think your relationship will ever be the same?

Nina: No

Joshuaa: Never *wipes tears*

Nina” I’m over it all.

Joshuaa: She’s broken me.

Andy: Well this is our final moment together ladies. Does anyone want to say any last words?

Joshuaa: All I can say is, and I know this isn’t my time to speak, that the break up of a family is absolutely heartbreaking. It would be great to see you ladies move forward.

Nina: Can I leave already? *wipes tears and gets up and walks off*

Joshuaa: Erm no Andy. I wanna say that this has been a roller coaster for me. And that I hope we can all have some sort of future together. And I’m glad I met these two

Tyler: Well I would like to say that this has been a wild roller coaster of a journey and it will be interesting to see what happens next. Best wishes and I love these two girls that are here with me on the couch. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride from here on out!

Paul: My last words are. Don’t ever let anyone spread things about you that are untrue. I think today made some relationships unbreakable & some I wouldn’t care if I never saw again. It was an awesome ride ladies

Andy: Thank you to you 4 for being here and staying until the very end and I hope to see more of your fabulous lives in the future.



Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!

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Ladies of Twitter

Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!