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Casey’s voice over plays “Previous on Ladies of Twitter” as scenes from Tuesdays episode are shown on the screen. We begin the recap with the double date dinner scene with Casey and Tyler as Casey is giving her opinion on why she really doesn’t care for Paul. We then cut to Karina and Paul arguing on a rooftop bar as bystanders are watching in awe. We see scenes of Tyler and Adam visiting a couple’s therapist and a confessional of Tyler wiping his tears away. Finally, we come to the last scene of the recap of Joshuaa and the introduction of Nina who is engaged to Joshuaa’s brother and Nina’s surprising announcement of the newly engaged couple moving to Twitter, and Joshuaa talking about his first ever charity event in the city of Twitter.

Ladies of Twitter Season 1 Intro

The scene starts off on a cool summer’s evening, perfect for a charity gala. We cut to multiple shots of a fabulous home in the Twitter Hills live with action from the DJ booth being set up to the last pieces of the dance floor being put together like a jigsaw puzzle. The cameras roll around into the chef’s kitchen where we see a dozen people running around placing hor d’oeuvres onto platters for the waiters to hand out. Out of the hallway we see Joshuaa walk into the kitchen talking a million words a minute to someone on his bedazzled pink iPhone.

Joshuaa’s Interview

“I’m Joshuaa, and I’m a happy go lucky, romantic kind of gal. I’m new to Twitter but a lot of people already know my name and my high ranking, but I always stay humble as I know where I’ve come and how much I’ve sacrificed to get here. My inner circle is small yet we’re all very close, but we don’t open up quite often to strangers it’s a hard group to get into. I can’t stand drama for no reason and shouting, or being a basic b*itch!” Joshuaa’s interview closes with him giggling.

We get a glimpse into Joshuaa’s lifestyle starting off from his move to the city of Twitter from London. He talks about his past and his family and how his childhood was in London. We see clips of him and his family from home video footage on his mother’s birthday last year. We then go back to real time. We see Joushuaa snag one of the many finger foods off a try and samples it. We then follow him to his master bedroom suite to begin the process of getting dolled up for tonight’s events.

[Joshuaa’s Interview] “ So my new home is finally done and I’m having all the ladies over for my favorite charity. We’re going to be eating, drinking, chatting and checking out some exciting new projects I’ve been working on, this’ll show them all that I work hunny! It’s also time for the ladies to meet my sister in law to be Nina!” Joshuaa says excitedly.

Joshuaa’s Charity Gala

The guest begin filling the decked out backyard and the dj starts playing some uptempo dance music for the crowd. We see Tyler make his entrance on the red carpet taking some photos, next we see Paul, followed by Karina, and finally Casey all follow in repeat. The dj stops the music to get everyone’s attention towards the top of the stairs where we see Joshuaa being escorted in by two very muscular men. The ladies all greet each other and chit chat amongst one another and sip on some bubbly.

“ You all look so glamours thank you making such an effort.” Joshuaa says.

As the ladies mingle the cameras move away and towards Nina who is now entering the gala alone. She searches the crowd for Joshuaa and finally spots him.

“JOSHUAA!!!!!!” Nina lets out a big squeal from afar causing some party guest to look her way. She rushes over to Joshuaa and gives him a hug and says “OMG you’re home is amazing and you look stunning!!!”

Tyler approaches them “ Wow Joshua, you have such a fabulous home and ladies, I agree, you all look fabulous. Casey, Paul great to see you two as well. Hi Karina, hello to you as well darling. Nina, it is just amazing to meet you hun.”

Joshuaa then officially introduces Nina to the group of ladies “ Ladies can you please meet Nina, she’s the high pitched noise that you’ll hear around the place.” he says with laughter.

Everyone gathers together to talk to Nina and get to know her a little more. Nina flashes her ring to the ladies and Joshuaa lets everyone know that Nina and Jerry recently got engaged, everyone congratulates her. Nina rambles on about her trip to Bali and how Jerry proposed, all the ladies just listen starting to become a little annoyed at how much Nina talks.

Casey’s Interview

“I’m not sure about this Nina girl! Yes she’s cute, but something about her got me wondering what this girl does for a living?” Casey says.

Nina’s Interview

“omg these ladies are so… so… so much older than I *giggles* it’s like partying with my aunts.” Nina says still giggling at her statement.

We cut back to the scene with the ladies talking and Tyler says “ so Nina, why don’t you tell us a little more about yourself? I know I would love to get to know you, and I’m sure the other ladies would as well”

“ Well I’m a model and PETA activist I’m vegan of course! I’m moving to town because my fiancée Joshuaa’s brother Jerry was just offered a huge deal to play for the Twitter Titans! *squeals and claps* so you may be seeing a lot more of me!” Nina says excitedly.

Paul’s Interview

“I like Nina. She’s super nice. & Paul Parmar has good instincts about people.” Paul says.

Joshuaa gathers everyone together to begin his speech about the charity and letting the donors know where their money will be going. He tells a sad story about why he started the foundation because someone he was extremely close to passed away of cancer. Everyone starts signing the dotted line on their checks and handing them to Joshuaa. Nina spots Casey over by the bar and she walks over to talk to her, but things don’t go as planned.

“ Don’t think I didn’t notice that accent girl! De donde eres?” Nina says in Spanish as she sips her champagne.

“ Mera mami soy de Cuba! Y tú? De donde eres?” Casey replies.

Nina then starts laughing out of nowhere and responds “ I’m from Canada, but I know Spanish very well I lived in Mexico City for a few months to help out in low poverty towns. Jerry and I just loved helping all the little people *touches chest where my heart is* it’s like omg so sad what they go through.”

In a different area of the party we see Joshuaa approach Karina and ask if everything is okay. She responses “I don't feel comfortable with Paul... We met and up and are cordial but I don't feel good around him.” The camera turns to Paul and Tyler who are mingling by the bar with some mutual friends and taking shots.

“ Did you just move into Twitter?” Casey ask Nina.

*tosses hair back and adjust my engagement ring* “We will be moving here soon we’re in town for the week to look for a condo in uptown.” Nina answers back. We then see Tyler walk over to the ladies and join in on the conversation.

“Do you work?” Casey ask another question.

“ I do work as a model. I’m sure you’ve seen me in some ads in magazines or do they not have fashion ads in readers digest.” Nina says with a smirk.

We then see Tyler walk over to the ladies and join in on the conversation. “Hate to intrude girls, but I thought I heard you mention uptown, Nina? I used to live in a fabulous penthouse uptown.” Tyler says.

Casey then cuts off Nina before she says anything. “You had a cute penthouse before moving in with your hubby! So Nina is that similar to your story? Poor girl turned into a cute rich girl?” Casey says as she sips her champagne.

Nina’s Interview

“Wow Casey has the nerve to call me poor, but I still haven’t seen her hand over a check for Joshuaa’s charity.” Nina says.

Nina then fires back. “Well no I wasn’t poor! I lived a great life until Jerry came into it and it got even more fabulous. When did you migrate to America?” She nonchalantly sips her champagne looking at Casey who is in shock at the immigrant remark.

Karina pipes in “Casey, who is this chick talking to you that way?” as she looks Nina up and down with a face of disgust.

Casey’s Interview

“This hoe just said I’m a immigrant! At the moment Joshua said the ladies who’ve donated get a free bar… I laughed she couldn’t even afford a open bar. I’ll keep my millions with me.” Casey says as she smirks.

We cut back to the party that is in full effect and the drinks are flowing we see Paul, Tyler, and Joshuaa gathered by the bar drinking it up. Nina removes herself from Casey and Karina’s present as she doesn’t want things to escalate even higher. The ladies by the bar are having a good time taking shots and mingling amongst each other. We then see Casey and Karina join the group, Tyler turns to Casey to ask what is the matter as Casey is visibly angry with something. Casey ask what Joshuaa’s charity was all about as she doesn’t feel right give him a lump sum of money and she knows nothing about his charity or about Joshuaa for that matter.

[Casey’s Interview] “He’s new in town and all of a sudden these bitches are handing out their husband’s allowance!! Kinda desperate if you ask me!” Casey says.

Joshuaa turns back and notices Casey is upset and he turns to Paul and ask “Paul, whats going on over there?” as he points towards them.

“I have no clue maybe drama?” Paul says with a shrug.

We then see Nina approach Casey, Karina, and Tyler with three glasses of champagne and offers them to each of the ladies. Tyler graciously accepts, but Casey is cold to Nina and spits out a venomous “no thanks.” Nina frowns at Casey and walks back to the bar with Tyler. Joshuaa notices that Nina is a little distract and ask her what’s wrong. Nina says “ no clue! That blonde Latin one over there is totally just being rude me.”

[Casey’s Interview] “Was I rude? Uh Duh… I don’t know this gold digger! I hear around town about these ladies that are getting married to footballers so they can get a fast check and then bounce…”

Joshuaa’s Interview

“ You know what helllll no. I have ladies over and no one listens to me about the cause of this party or even acknowledges my work, now I hear Casey is making Nina uncomfortable? I’m about to clear this party out!”

Joshuaa quickly walks over towards Casey and Karina after hearing that Casey is being rude to Nina. Nina follows behind Joshua as he makes his way to the blonde duo.

“ Everything okay Casey?” Joshuaa ask.

Casey turns her back to Joshuaa and Nina and walks towards a crowd of mutual friends and begins chit chatting with them clearly ignoring Joshuaa’s question.

[Joshuaa’s Interview] I ask if everything is okay and she walks away from me. After her ignoring me twice and decide to head to the bar and party with the rest of the ladies.

Joshuaa grabs Nina by the hand “Come on Nina forget that hoe!” Just then Casey swings around and says “THAT HOE?!?!”

[Nina’s Interview] “Casey is a bitter old lady who needs Botox on that frown on her forehead.” as she starts laughing in her seat.

“ Yes darling. You’ve ignored me twice. Is all okay? I hear you’ve upset Nina and you haven’t donated to the charity I’ve been told.” Joshuaa answers.

“ You’ve been told fucking wrong! I’m donating but I’m just waiting to see what time is the best time to donate. And what is the appropriate amount as well.” Casey fires back in an aggressive tone.

“ Do not swear at me in my own house, relax please!” Joshuaa says calmly.

Karina chimes in “Josh… Casey isn’t doing anything wrong.”

“ You can’t talk to Joshua like that in his own house. So classless.” Nina says with a disgusted look on her face as she stares down Casey.

Tyler and Paul sit back at the bar enjoying the view of the drama unfolded in front of them as a front row ticket to this sh*t show. They crack jokes amongst each other and cheers to not being involved in the drama.

“You have a mouth like that you can leave my house!” Joshuaa says as he turns and starts walking away to join Tyler and Paul.

Casey then says to Nina “Girl you don’t know anything about class! A woman earns her money not marries her way to it!” as she rolls her eyes.

Just then we hear someone shout “Security!!!!” Tyler says with a gasp “Holy sh*t this is wild!” Nina walks about from the blond duo and just as she gets a few steps away she turns and sticks her tongue out at Casey then winks her eye and walks over to Tyler, Paul, and Joshuaa and shouts “SHOTS!!!!”

Tyler’s Closing Interview

“Wow, I’m all for class in your own home, but this is crazy to even me. Security? Seems like a bit much. What a fabulous and shocking night. I can’t believe everything that transpired tonight, but all I know is that I’m glad it isn’t me involved *laughs* with all these ladies as my friends, I hope that we can all find some way to move forward” Tyler says.

Casey’s Closing Interview

“The bitch did it! She tossed my ass out! It was fine, it was a dry night.. I didn’t have a once of her alcohol! I’m happy I didn’t even have the time to leave my check for the 12 dollars it was worth for!” Casey says extra dramatically.

Paul’s Closing Interview

“I love Tyler and I have made great friends with Nina and Josh. I do like Casey but it’s clear she’s going to be manipulated by Karina next. I feel bad for her cause I was in that position once. Let’s see where this goes. It’s going to be a bumpy ride ladies.” Paul says with a smile.

Nina’s Closing Interview

“ Oh my god everyone was so night I may have drank a little too much but I enjoyed all the nice ladies I met. *squeals* I’m so excited to me in twitter!!!” Nina says excitedly.

Joshuaa’s Closing Interview

“I've put too much effort into this event with personal ties to have some girl play it like that. *giggles* She doesn’t know that my security guy is actual my beefcake friend Tony.” Joshuaa says with laughter then closes out by saying “ bah bye bitssssh.”

We focus back on the group left at the party which consist of Tyler, Joshuaa, Nina, and Paul all dancing on the dance floor and laughing and enjoying each others company. We then see Joshuaa grab Nina’s hand and the two run and jump into the pool. The camera then zooms away and the scene ends and episode finishes.

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