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Casey’s voice over plays “Previous on Ladies of Twitter” as we pick up where Thursday’s episode started with Casey speaking to Joshuaa at her birthday bash and both agreeing for a fun drama free night for once. The ladies are all seen having a blast with other another and living it up. Nina is seen drunk and falling asleep on the couch, and it makes some of the others wonder about her alcohol intake. In the next recap scene we see the 3 couples meeting up for a dinner only to have Paul be the topic of conversation and Tyler feeling ambushed by Casey and Nina. In our final scene of the recap the longed awaited sit down between Casey and Joshuaa happens only to have it end with Joshuaa walking out on Casey who won’t apologize on queue for spitting in his face at the self-defense class Joshuaa closed out the episode by saying he will never be friends with Casey.

Ladies Of Twitter Season 1 Intro
City of Twitter Beach

The camera travels along the coastline and we come upon Paul’s Twitter Beach home where he is seen getting ready for tonight’s group dinner with the rest of the ladies and testing out the food from the hired chef.

Paul’s Home

The scene cuts to a split screen of two limos driving down the coastline in one limo we see Casey and Nina together laughing and talking. In the other limo we see Joshuaa and Tyler taking selfies. We then cute to full screen of one limo arriving and leaving two of the ladies, but not before long we see the second limo pull up and leave the next two ladies. All the ladies say their hellos and walk towards the door.

Tyler, Joshuaa, Casey, and Nina dressed for Paul’s dinner.

The ladies all gush over Paul’s lovely home nested up against the beach. Casey pops open the bottle of wine he brought as a hostess gift for Paul and begins pouring out glasses for each other ladies. They all grab their glass and head over to the dining table to take their seats. The chef explains what he is serving tonight and even let’s Nina know he created a special vegetarian meal for her. Everyone compliments the chef on his exquisite meal, but then Tyler takes it upon himself to let Paul know about the rumors being told to Nina, or are they being started by her?

“Well…Paul, I’m going to be honest with you. Nina, Casey, and I were out with our men the other night and Nina said you might have a coke problem. I know it’s bullshit, but maybe you clarify for the ladies.” Tyler says.

“TYLER!!!” Nina shouts. “Listen Paul these are rumors I heard going around amongst makeup artist and hair stylist. I was worried whether or not it was true so I confided in the other ladies.” She clarifies.

“ Ladies you should know not to spread rumors” Paul says.

“That is not appropriate dinner talk Tyler what is going on.” Joshuaa ask.

“I’m sorry ladies, but I just wanted to get it all out there and work this stuff out.” Tyler responds.

“Honestly ladies , I don’t care because I know it’s absolutely untrue but you ladies may need to learn not to gossip.” Paul says.

Joshuaa tries to change the subject, but Casey keeps insinuating and going at Paul with this he’s rumored to have. Nina then adds in saying “don’t take it to heart if there’s nothing wrong with you it shouldn’t bother you sweetie.” Everyone is trying to talk over one another causing everyone to just get louder and louder. We have Casey and Paul at each others necks, we have Nina telling Joshuaa and Tyler to be quiet. Finally Tyler stands up from his seat and shushes the ladies up and continues with a surprising announcement.

“Well ladies, I’m hoping we can all put all this bullshit behind us and you ladies can come with me on a trip to beautiful Cabo San Lucas! Who’s in??”

The ladies all cheers to their first ever girls trip! Joshuaa and Tyler are the first the leave Paul’s followed by Casey and Nina.

Nina’s Interview

“This dinner was something else. A lot was brought to the table but it just went in circles. Joshua is being super moody right now but whatever. I don’t know if Paul is on drugs or not. Tyler is a shit stirrer and Casey and I are actually getting along out of everyone! Who would’ve thought. Can’t wait to see what Cabo has in store for us.” Nina says closing the scene.

Ladies arriving to the Twitter International Airport

“Hello darling, of course, I’m just excited for an amazing trip with all the girls.” Tyler says as he rounds up the ladies outside the airport.

“It’s gonna be good. There’s certain people I wish weren’t coming but oh well.” Paul responds.

“Hey!!!! Oh my god! I’m so excited for the trip!!!” Nina says walking up towards the group.

The ladies are all seen walking into the airport. Shots of an airplane are shown. Video footage captured off Joshuaa’s iPhone of the ladies on the plane laughing and having a good time. Casey is seen asleep with her eye mask and beat earphones on. A time lapse is shown of the girls arriving to the home in Cabo.

Cabo San Lucas vacation home

We see them arrive and immediately are greeted with a margaritas by the door and a beautiful ocean view. The ladies wonder around the house Tyler lets everyone know that the master bedroom is to be shared by himself and Paul and everyone else can have their own rooms. We see everyone find their bedrooms and start unpacking, Casey goes to Nina’s room and the ladies start throwing back tequila shots laughing loudly and being extremely extra kind of irritating the other women. We see Joshuaa walk over to Tyler’s and ask if he can speak to him alone in his room for a moment. The two walk back to Joshuaa’s room and Joshuaa closes the door behind him.

“What’s up darling?” Tyler says sitting on the bed.

“Gurl thank you for organizing this trip. I just need to talk to you.” Joshuaa says.

“Of course, and I hope that I didn’t bother you the other day at Paul’s. I just wanted everything out in the open.” Tyler responds.

“First of all I just wanted to say it’s fine with that, what do you think is happening with Nina and Casey? They’re best friends all of a sudden?” Joshuaa ask.

“I know, it’s crazy to me darling. We all had dinner the other night and I felt ganged up on. What do you think of it?” Tyler says.

“I just don’t know what to think anymore with her she’s just so extra and I’ve heard so much from Jerry about her.” Joshuaa says.

“Jerry seemed so angry with her at dinner the other night. Are they having problems love?” Tyler ask.

“He’s told me she’s spending like crazy and is acting out a lot. I’m just stuck in the middle and now she’s besties with Casey I just can’t connect.” Joshuaa then takes Tyler into the restroom and closes the door we can only hear their mics at this point.

“I’ve heard she’s cheating on my brother.” Joshuaa tells Tyler.

“Wow. Darling, I am so sorry for you and your brother. Are you going to call her out darling? That’s wrong of her if it’s true!”

The ladies exit the restroom and Tyler let’s Joshuaa know lunch will be ready soon by the pool so get dressed in his bikini and be downstairs in 20 minutes. We finally see all the ladies down in the kitchen throwing back shots left and right laughing and having a good time. Oddly Joshuaa isn’t taking shots with ladies and he is just sitting back sipping water.

Tyler announces that he has set up a private swim with dolphins event for the ladies, but Casey and Nina forgot to mention that they already had other plans set up. The two sneak off to Casey’s bedroom and from there they are shown leaving in a cab to do their tequila tasting without informing the other ladies. Tyler goes looking for the ladies but they are no where to be found and he seems hurt by their decision to skip out on the group activity. Joshuaa and Paul cheer up Tyler by letting him know the three of them will have a blast without the others and just then they hear a honk in the driveway and that being the bus shuttling them to the swim with dolphins activity.

The camera cuts to Casey and Nina arriving to a tequila tasting bar in downtown Cabo where we see lots of tourist and hot young men checking out the ladies as they take a seat at the bar and start throwing back even more shots.

Nina and Casey at the tequila tasting bar

“Okay girl… I was stepping into the room and Tyler was saying some shading things about you to Paul… I think these ladies were talking about you… and not in a good way…” Casey says.

A flashback is shown of Paul asking Tyler what Joshuaa wanted to talk about and Tyler explaining to Paul the whole conversation as Casey was standing in the hallway she overheard everything. We now come back to the tequila tasting.

Nina rolls her eyes and says “when aren’t they talking about me Casey!!!!”

Just then the scene cuts to the other 3 ladies who are arriving and gearing up for their swim with dolphins encounter.

Tyler, Joshuaa, and Paul at the swim with dolphins excursion

We seen them get into the beautiful blue water as the dolphin swims up and starts playing around with the ladies splashing them and squirting water at them. We see Joshuaa sit off to the side as Tyler and Paul both get into the water and take turns swimming with the dolphin. The ladies then take a break and sit next to Joshuaa and start chatting about the rumors of Nina cheating on Jerry and the unexpected friendship of Casey and Nina. Joshuaa then reveals the biggest shocker of the season.

“It’s just such a sad time for me right now. My brother won’t talk to me about it all things are just tough for me right now.” Joshuaa says.

“Darling, you know I love you and I’ve got your back, right hun?” Tyler says hugging Joshuaa.

“I’m so sorry Josh!! Hope you’ll be okay with your family!” Paul says.

“And I can’t speak to him or her I’m so isolated. I can’t even tell him the biggest thing going on with me right now.” Joshuaa responds.

“I completely support you and understand that you’re going through a lot. What’s up darling?” Tyler ask.

“When a few months ago it would be him I told everything to… I’m pregnant” Joshuaa says as dramatic music plays in the background. The two ladies are seen comforting Joshuaa as they gather their belongings and head back to the bus to escort them back to the house.

Then scene then cuts back to the tequila bar where Casey and Nina’s conversation is picking up where it was left off…

“It’s an obsession that they have with you! I mean who wouldn’t have an obsession with you! You’re so FREAKING CUTE!” Casey says.

“They’re all jealous!!! Tyler wants to be young and hot like me. Paul wants to be engaged like me and Joshua just is so desperate to find a husband she’ll spread her legs for any hot man. You saw her with the trainer. I feel like she hates me now. She’s my sister in law like W T F!” Nina says as tears start forming in her eyes.

“The only thing you did wrong was look so CUTE!! She’s jealous that she doesn’t have what you and her brother have!” Casey reassures her.

We then go to a double screen showing both vans escorting the two group of women back to their home in Cabo. The van carrying Joshua, Tyler, and Paul arrives first, Paul says his goodbyes as he goes and lays down for a nap before dinner. We see Tyler and Joshuaa in the kitchen eating off a tray off fruit from lunch. The camera cuts back to the the van containing Casey and Nina rolling into the driveway both extremely intoxicated. Before they get off Casey tells Nina what she over heard Tyler telling Paul about Joshuaa saying Nina is cheating on Jerry. Nina is visibly angry and runs out of the van and to the door of the house.

Nina kicking the door in


The screen goes black and the only thing audible is the screams of Nina and Joshuaa arguing and production calling Nina’s name asking her to calm down and stop the madness.

To be continued…

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