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Ladies of Twitter
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Tyler’s voice over plays “Around here the social scene is nothing but Twitter’s elite. You either have the money to buy your way in or its pass down from generation to generation. Outsiders are never welcome with open arms.” As we get an aerial view of the gorgeous city of Twitter from the rolling hills lined with multi-million dollar mansions to the skyscrapers in downtown all the way across west towards to crystal blue ocean lining the city. The cameras then pan down on a hip coffee shop in downtown where we see a thin dark haired beauty walk inside.

“Can I get a large vanilla latte with a shot of caramel? I’ll be sitting over there by the window waiting for someone.” The dark haired beauty says before we’re introduced to him in his interview.


“My name is Tyler, and I’m a fun loving spitfire that isn’t afraid to call it like I see it. I’m known in Twitter as one of the top socialites in this small elite group of wealthy and classy individuals. I was born into the wealth of Twitter and I am not going to hide that! No wonder I’m the head of the Charity committee in Twitter, anything charity related has to be approved by yours truly! Which is the reason I’m here today to meet a fabulous person who is interested in getting into the charity scene.”

A few minutes pass by as Tyler is seen scrolling through emails and checking his watch periodically then glancing out the window of the coffee or popping his head up every time the chime of the door goes off, but still no luck. Finally, after 45 minutes of waiting and 2 lattes later a beautiful curvy individual with gorgeous glistening chocolate skin comes in through the door and looks around as if he is meeting someone.

“Joshuaa is that you darling?” says Tyler as he waves his hand in the air.

“Hello!!! So good to meet you. I’ve heard such great things about you, sorry I’m late!” says Joshuaa.

“Thank you, thank you. No worries darling! Can’t wait to find out more about you and your charity.” says Tyler.

[Tyler’s Interview] In the charity world, reputation is EVERYTHING! Being late doesn’t start you out on the right foot, but I’m willing to give Joshuaa another chance to redeem himself of course.


“I’m suuuuper late, but hey its fine. I’m about to meet the apparent queen of the social scene maybe she can hook me up with some of the locals for my big charity ball that I’m planning. Coiiiiiiiins!” Says Joshuaa with laughter.

The server walks over to take Joshuaa’s order then the two get into conversation before you know it the server returns with an ice latte.

“So tell me all about this place. I’m new to the area and I’m hitting the ground running gurl!” Joshuaa says.

“Darling, Twitter is such an amazing city! I’m born and raised in this city and to this day I fall more and more in love with it! The charity scene is just glamorous and my personal favorite. What brings you to our fair city?” says Tyler.

The ladies continue conversing about the different charities in town while getting to know each other on a little more personal level. Soon after Tyler’s ringer goes off and he checks his watch and starts gathering his belongings as he needs to head out for another meeting with some charitable donors.

“Say I have a fabulous idea. Why don’t you come to an art gallery opening tonight? My girlfriend Paul extended the invite and said I can bring a guest. It’ll be a great time and you’ll get to meet some of the ladies too!” says Tyler.

“Are you sure? Wow!” Joshuaa says as he flips his hair. “Sounds good to me I’d love to meet more ladies who are around town.” says Joshuaa

The scene ends with both ladies walking out of the café and give each other a hug and air kisses on the cheek before they depart ways in the opposite direction.

The day dims down and we are shown a loft with a newest 11-piece collection. Paul arrives on the step and repeats for this event ready to shine. Paul is fairly new to the town of Twitter, arriving four years to Twitter, she found that life was tough and not everything will ever be handed to one. She had to fight for her cover shots. She has graced the magazines of Elle, Vogue, and Twitter’s finest own a combined total of ten times! That was all before she actually decided to make Twitter her home. Paul takes her pictures and head to the bar station because she needed to get a good drink before socializing. Tyler arrives and does her usual rounds, talking to everyone that she’s met before and meeting new faces. She bumps into Paul by accident and the two ladies gush about each others outfits. Next on the step and repeat is the one and only Joshua, she begins to smile and feel very comfortable in front of the cameras. Joshua spots Tyler and quickly brings her to the side of the room with a drink in hand. Tyler introduces Paul to Joshuaa. The ladies exchange kisses and hugs as they begin to chat about tonight's event.


“Hi my name is Paul & I have lived in Twitter for the past four years I’m newly single and ready to mingle. & I have also been a model for the time I’ve stayed in Twitter; today I have an art gallery with all my friends. I’m so excited!” Paul.

“I’m here today for the opening of what is said to be an absolutely fabulous new art gallery in Twitter. I’ve heard about Paul on all of the major runways of Twitter and she looks fabulous. And I’m super excited to get to know her more. And then I invited Joshua since she’s new to town. Here’s to hoping this event is fabulous” Tyler.

“Hi nice to meet you!!! You look gorgeous” [Confessional] I’ve seen Tyler around Twitter because in Twitter everyone knows everyone; it’s a big city with a small group of elite! I get such a good vibe from her!

“Hello pretty lady! I’m so excited to be here!” [Confessional] I made sure I was early after yesterday. Let’s meet some of these Twitter girls! I got a feeling they’re gonna be fierce and fabulous!

The ladies begin to chat and bond over each other’s love for charity. The ladies start to ask one another what their professionals are.

“Joshuaa you work for a TV production company? Hmm interesting…. What’s it called? Lime productions? Never heard of it” [Confessional] I’m just giving Joshuaa a hard time. Paul says.

“I don’t recall a show that I’ve watched lately from Lime Productions, but who am I to judge. A business is a business.” Tyler said in her interview

The jabs continue for moments after Joshuaa ignored all the low blows, she obviously doesn’t have the time for anything like that. Joshuaa decides shop around the art gallery. She decides to purchase 5 of the paintings that are up for sale. Paul moves away from the group to get another drink, and bumps into a hunk!

“Wine? Yep Art? Yep! Low class bitches? Yep. Yesssss” Joshuaa says in her interview.

Meanwhile, the other ladies mingled Paul found himself in a sticky situation. Dustin, was a 24 year old model in town of Twitter. His family had been in and out of the press for fraud.

Paul: Hi my name is Paul

Dustin : Hey I’m Dustin!

Paul : What are you doing in Twitter?

Dustin : I’m a model & I can clearly tell you are too.

Paul : *blushes*

Dustin : We should hang out sometime here’s my number *writes down number*

Paul : *looks at number, smiles & walks back to Tyler*

The event concludes as all the art is purchased and the bars become dried up of their alcohol. Joshuaa and Paul begin to talk about their busy schedule and both agree to go on a shopping outing. After this 6 foot model sees Joshuaa and begin to hit it off. The lady introduces herself as Karina the self proclaimed bikini expert of the town. She invites Joshuaa personally to the event, giving her the option of inviting a plus one. Joshuaa decided to invite Paul, since they had agreed to both go shopping in the next couple of days.

Paul and Joshua walk into the one and only Sun Kissed by Karina Two, the hottest bikini shop in town. Karina was restocking her store as an owner, she loved it when the ladies would come into her store and she’d open her finest champagne and let ladies try on her bikinis. Paul had a off and on relationship with her and was not so happy when she was informed that Karina was dating her most recent ex. Paul felt like Karina had betrayed their relationship between the two.

I’m not going to kiss your ass to be your friend! Got that!, Paul seemed to come into this meeting with an agenda. Karina gets uncomfortable with Paul yelling in her own store. She informs Paul that she would like it if she could control herself when their are other shoppers in her store. She nods off to her security guard. Security begins to walk up to Paul and decides to escort Paul outside of the store. Joshua in complete shock decided to stay in the shop and not defend Paul. Joshua felt that her reputation would have been effected if she talked back so rudely to someone she’d just met. Before Paul is escorted out of the shop she threw the bikinis she was going to try on…..To Be Continue [For More Information about Ladies of Twitter… visit Bravo.com]

[For More Information about Ladies of Twitter… visit Bravo.com]



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