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Ladies of Twitter
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Nina’s voice over plays “This season on Ladies Of Twitter” the clips begins rolling of everything to come this season starting with the introduction of two new ladies on the scene. It is followed by lots of clips of the ladies doing fabulous outings together and laughs and champagne glasses cheering end the happy scenery. Ominous music begins to play as dramatic scenes start to play across the screen we hear accusations being thrown, yelling matches, and hugs ending in tears. The screen switches over to a happier mood showing the ladies on their fabulous vacations they take throughout the season, and the clip ends with a wedding scenery, but the bride isn’t revealed…

Ladies Of Twitter Season 2 Intro

Grecian music plays as we begin the scene out of Twitter and on location with one of our ladies who had to get a breathe of fresh air away from all the drama in the city. We zoom down on a yacht not too far off the mainland and we see none other than the beautiful Nina sunbathing on the deck with an unfamiliar face.

Nina’s Interview

“So it’s been a year since all of the drama in twitter with everyone. Jerry and I have been travel around the work and this is our last spot before we head back home. Jerry’s friend who is also his trainer and his “friend” joined us so this should be a good ending to a wonderful vacation.”

Before we’re introduced to Nina’s friend, the scene changes and we’re cut back to the city of Twitter. We see Tyler bossing people around as they get ready for the annual Twitter Fair where all proceeds are donated to the various charities in town.

Annual Twitter Fair
Tyler’s Interview

“Well, we’re back! And so much has changed since I last saw these ladies. Adam and I are in a fabulous place and I’ve been focusing on family and business. I’ve got lots of irons in the fire, and I can’t wait to tell the other ladies. I’m bringing my old college friend, Nate, to meet the other ladies as well. We go way back and I absolutely love him. So great! The Twitter Fair should be fabulous!”

Twitter’s Annual Fair

We begin seeing the ladies arriving 1 by 1. Tyler and Paul spot each other and greet with a hug and air kisses on the cheek. Joshuaa is seen looking around for the group but can’t seem to find them so he decides to get on the Ferris Wheel to get a better view. We then seen an unfamiliar face walking through the crowd trying to spot Tyler as he is way too small to see over the towering people around him.

Tyler: Nate darling, we’re over here!

Paul: I have no idea where Joshua is… *laughs*

Paul’s Interview

“I’m back!! A lot of changes have happened since then. I’ve started building my house with my boyfriend Dustin and it’s been awesome. I haven’t seen some people for a while but I’m excited to see my girls Tyler and Joshua again today.”

Joshuaa: *screams from top of ride* HEY YOU BITCHES!!!!!

Joshuaa’s Interview

“GURRRRRL I’M BACK! It’s been some time and I haven’t seen any of the ladies for a while. So we’re all meeting at some sort of carnival! The gang is back! *snaps* *straight face* yeah let’s not go there with Nina haaaaaa”

We finally see all the ladies come together and Tyler introduces Nate to the group of ladies. The ladies walk around the fair as Tyler says hello to strangers along the way, they all come to a spot where they have a wine stand and each of the ladies grab a drink and have a seat at a table underneath a tree. Before we get into the tea spilling session the camera zooms away from the ladies and back to the yacht in Greece where we’re introduced to Nina’s friend Tre.

Yacht in Greece
Tre’s Interview

“ My name is Tre and you may know me from a previous reality show I was on. Well, you might not recognize me because of my face! *Smiles* I am a newly divorced and I thought I would change things up a bit. Nina is my fabulous friend who is a boss. I mean look at her? Can you keep your eyes off her?

Nina comes up on the deck and has a seat next to Tre who is sunbathing and sipping a sangria. Nina lays on the opening lounge chair and chats with Tre.

Nina: Are you excited to move to Twitter? Thank god I have a friend after last year no one wants to talk to me. *laughs* How are things going with you and him?

Tre: I’m very excited to move to Twitter! Twitter moves fast and I like that. Things are going great. I’m taking thing extremely slow because I just don’t wanna get hurt again you know? How are things with you?

Nina: Totally understandable! Jerry and I are doing a lot better now that all the toxic tricks are out of our lives. *smiles*

Tre: Well, how are things with you and those girls?

Nina: Tyler and Paul are like butt buddies. Tyler says jump and Paul ask how high! Joshuaa on the other hand is Jerry’s sister but she turned on me so fast it’s sad.

Tre: Nina, listen. You and Jerry need to be a strong union because if Joshuaa turned on you, who knows what he’s telling his brother ABOUT YOU? My advise would be to watch your back with those women. If they come for you, I’ll come for them. You just have to play the game smart.

Nina: *hugs Tre* Thanks girl! I knew I could count on you for great advice. You’re a real one!

[Tre’s Interview] I love Nina and she wouldn’t hurt anyone, and to hear that Joshuaa turned on her is so sad. I mean, I understand if you want to climb the social ladder & f*ck any man you see in sight, but dropping your supposed-to-be sister in law like a hot potato? Get out of here!

The scene ends with the ladies cheers and walking down below to the living area to take body shots off of each other while the men talk above deck while stirring the yacht. We then return to the city of Twitter and back to the women sitting around a picnic table with some wine.

Picnic Table

Joshuaa: It’s been a while ladies, what’s new?

Tyler: Not much darling, I’ve got a huge announcement though. I’m hoping to start my own fashion line! I’m so excited.

Paul: Are you married Nate?

Nate: Divorced actually…….

Joshuaa: Congrats Tyler! Now Nate, tell us more you hate the dude?

Nate: He’s a……..how can I put this without coming across as an ass……..there is now other way, he’s a dick. Easiest way I can put it.

Nate’s Interview

“My name is Nate, and I’ve recently moved here to Twitter from YouTube! I’m attending this fair to hopefully to get a taste of what the social scene is like! Obviously….I’m not showing up like a loner haha. I’m meeting up with my longtime friend Tyler and his group of ladies in town.”

Paul: So have any of you seen the wicked witch of the west Nina lately?

Tyler: Eww, don’t mention her, I want to have fun!

Joshuaa: Paul I’m happy for you but please don’t bring her up thanks!

Nate: Who’s this?

[Tyler’s Interview] After last season, Nina and I have quite the uphill battle and right now, I just want to do downhill in my life. *laughs*

Paul: Nina is …. a character

Tyler: Nate, Nina is a gossiping bitch darling.

[Joshuaa’s Interview] I mean. I haven’t seen these ladies for months and they’ve seen everything happen in the headlines about mine and Nina’s relationship. Paul has no clue it seems about what’s been going on.

The ladies continue to bash Nina and call her mean names. Joshuaa then cuts them off as he doesn’t want to deal with the negativity that comes with Nina’s name. The final scene of the fair is of the ladies cheering to a wonderful fresh new year in Twitter and welcoming Nate into the group.


We return from the commercial break with the screen flipping through each lady as they get all dolled up for the Sippin’ Socialites Cocktail Mixer that is hosted by the charity committee to start off the new year of charities.

Day to Night
Sippin’ Socialites Cocktail Mixer

Tyler is the first lady in the scene being he is apart of the charity committee, followed by Paul, and then Tre who heads start to the open bar to wait for Nina. We then see vivacious Joshuaa stomp onto the event finding Tyler and Paul sitting in a designated area for the ladies. Nate walks in and joins the ladies also.

Tyler’s Interview

“I’m here at this cocktail event in downtown Twitter today and it should be fun, I think some of the ladies should be there and hey, a cocktail can’t ever hurt, can it?” *winks*

The music changes from upbeat and lively to dramatic and ominous as we see Nina finally walking into the event. The group of ladies spot her as soon as she enters and Paul makes a disgusted face. Nina spots Tre by the bar and walks over to greet him.

Nina: Girl! You serving in yellow! *snaps*

Tre: Thank you girl! You look cute! You know we never disappoint!

Nina’s Interview

“I was invited to attend this event in Twitter tonight so I made sure my girl Tre was going to be attending also as I feel like I’ll be seeing all those bitches who hate me tonight.”

The camera pans towards the group of ladies sitting as the waiter takes them a bottle of champagne and pops it open for them and pours out five glasses for each lady.

Tyler: Hello Joshuaa, Nate, Paul! *air kisses all around* great to see you guys again!

Paul: *hugs Tyler* Look over there.

Nate: Hey all! The theme here as mighty good I must say!

Joshuaa: Hey ladies! You all look great!

Joshuaa’s Interview

“ I have a crush on Nate for sure. She’s hot! I love a new girl on the scene.”

Tyler: We’re all looking great! And yeah, I see her…should someone go over and say hello? *sips drink*

The camera pans back over to Nina and Tre as they sip their cocktails and scan the event for any familiar faces in the crowd.

Nina: Do you see anyone you know here?

Tre: I see an old friend from YouTube. I see Joshuaa the little trader.

Tre’s Interview

“I see some people Nina was telling me. I mean I can spot them right away because some of them look like hookers.”

Nina: That gang over there *points towards the ladies* is the gang of old mean girls. *laughs* well lets go get some champagne and say hello to your friend.

Tre: Oh the old hag gang?!?! *Laughs*

The two ladies begin making their way towards the group at the far end of the event. Everyone’s eyes are now on the group of six as they are all finally meeting face to face since the events of last year has transpired.

Tyler: Hello Nina. *sips drink*

Paul: Oh look who we have here? The wicked witch.

Joshuaa: Hello ladies. Hello Nina, how’re you?

[Tre’s Interview] That gang over there looks pressed. Like they look real pressed. Jealous much?

Nate’s Interview

“ Me and Tre have a history…..and not the Toy Story lovey dovey crap……more like a gangster mafia sorta film…..” *laughs*

Joshuaa: Who’s your friend? *side eye*

Tre: Hello! My name is Tre! I’m new to Twitter & you all are? Except you Nate, I know you really well.

Joshuaa: Hello Tre. Lovely in yellow *sips drink*

Tyler: Hi Tre, I’m Tyler. Charmed to meet you, you look fabulous.

Paul: You look cute Tre.

Tre: Yellow never looked great on a person!

Joshuaa: I agree, I hate yellow…

[Tre’s Interview] F*ck you Joshuaa who are you? You don’t like yellow? No one cares what you like.

Joshuaa: Nina, *waves* hi I said hello…

Joshuaa looking at Nina

Nina: *flips hair towards Joshuaa* Oh hey. How you been?

Paul: Nina still classy I see? *sips drink*

Joshuaa: Yes great thanks. You? How’s my brother?

Nina: Paul with his legs closed. Shocked. *fake gasp*

Paul: Oh don’t steal my line bitch. We all know you are the one Nina that sleeps with married man.

Nina: And we all know you does crack in the restroom all night bitch. Look at your disgusting face.

[Tyler’s Interview] I’m just trying to meet the new girl before we go to def con 4 ladies. Come on, please? *laughs*

Paul: Shut the fuck, crack cocaine slut! Keep your alcoholic Botox face away from me. *screams*

Joshuaa: Paul, seriously just walk away. Ladies this is ridiculous. Behave we are at an event.

Paul: I can’t deal with her. I’ve walked away for too long. You’re a bitch Nina! Go to hell! *smashes the champagne glass on the table*

Nate: Hey what the fuck….*turns to Tyler* Why is this one Nina trying to intimidate us all, it’s hard to get intimidated by a shrimp.

Tre: I literally just met you Paul and you’re not gonna be rude to my friend. Walk you little happy ass off somewhere.

The group of ladies begin to cause a bit of a scene at the mixer and bystanders are watching in shock at some of the words that are flying out of these ladies mouths. Paul and Joshuaa leave the table and walk around the open balcony overlooking Twitter to get some fresh air, we see Nina and Tyler at the bar having a light conversation, and we still see Tre and Nate bickering at each other and giving dig after dig. After a while all of the ladies minus Paul gather around the bar to order another drink and they turn around to see an odd Paul standing on the table and acting like a completely fool talking to himself about nonsense. We see Joshuaa walk over to help Paul down and see what’s the matter and hand him a glass of water. The rest of the ladies join Paul and Joshuaa at the table once more, then Nina ask Joshuaa if they can speak in private away from the group so the two ladies walk over to an empty space near the balcony.

Nina: Listen I don’t want to talk to you just as much as you don’t want to talk to me, but your mom is coming to town and Jerry wants us all to do something for her. So I just wanted to see if you’re in…

Joshuaa: I know my mom is coming to town, of course I know that. I haven’t seen you or Jerry for months Nina and you want me to pretend.

Nina: *rolls eyes* fuck this shit I’m trying here Joshuaa I am! Why can’t you just be civil?

Joshuaa: I’m being civil, I’m giving you a lot more than what you’ve given me this past year.

Nina: Can you just leave the past in the past. New year let’s start fresh.

Joshuaa: Let’s be clear. YOU owe me an apology. I’ll move on when we can have a proper sit down and talk this out don’t give me that fake apology shit Nina. Where have you been his past year?

Nina: You never returned my calls after the reunion. I’m not going to be sitting around waiting for you.

Joshuaa: Show me receipts I called you… I called Jerry too! Let’s not go there with the lies again Nina.

Nina: *Rolls eyes and laughs it off* This is stupid. I’m leaving.

Joshuaa: Why do you do that run away when things get real…*grabs ninas arm* come back here!

Nina swings at Joshuaa with her clutch after he grabbed her arm

Nina: Don’t fucken touch me you bitch! Don’t you ever put your hands on me!

As Joshuaa stumbles back onto against the railing we see Nina storm off towards the group of ladies. She grabs Tre by the hand and pulls him towards the exit with her in mid conversation. Security is seen walking behind Nina towards the exit.

Nina: *screams* fuck you Joshuaa! Stupid cunt!!!

Joshuaa: *runs over to Nina as production cameras scramble to follow me* WHAT YOU SAY!!!!! Say it to my face you fucking dumb bitch!!!!!

The scene ends with Nina and Tre being picked up in a blacked out SUV. We see the rest of the ladies saying their goodbyes to each other and leaving the event. The camera pans to a view of the city and to Paul’s closing interview.

Paul’s Interview look

“ I’m sure done with the lies and drama Nina has been bringing. The distance apart from Joshua has created tension and I don’t know why. Nate seems sweet and I clearly misjudged him early on and as for Tre, I’m not sure yet. We’ll wait and see. Tyler and I are still on track and I got my family, health and love while that Nina has nothing but an ugly dress or two. This year no one is gonna walk over me. So fasten your seat belts!” *laughs*

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