S2 — E2: Let Bygones, Be Bygones

Ladies of Twitter
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Joshuaa’s voice over plays “Previously on Ladies of Twitter” from Tuesday’s episode. With Casey out of the the mix we see Nina and Tre who is Nina’s longtime friend sailing around Greece in a beautiful yacht, meanwhile back in Twitter the rest of the ladies meet a good friend of Tyler’s named Nate at the annual Twitter Fair. We see Paul, Joshuaa, Tyler, and Nate all having a blast walking around the fair playing some games and even getting on some rides. The scene changes to the Socialites Cocktail Mixer where all the Ladies Of Twitter come face to face for the first time since last year’s drama. Lots of words are exchanged between everyone, but the most shocking moment is when Joshuaa grabs Nina by her arm causing Nina to become aggressive and swing her clutch at Joshuaa’s head ending the night and the scene…

Ladies Of Twitter Season 2 Intro
Twitter Hills Estates

The city of Twitter is shown from an aerial view, we then cut a scene of Nina walking her dog with Jerry at local park as she snaps a selfie of the happy couple kissing. We zoom across to the fashion district to see Tyler taking care of his fashion line approving sketches and picking out expensive fabrics. We fast forward to Paul going on model auditions and walking for designers in his skimpy bikini. Then, we zoom down to the financial district where Joshuaa is shown walking around Lime Production Studios waving hello to his employees and signing deals as he walks into the boardroom for a meeting closing the door behind him. Tre is seen working out doing some squats with his “trainer” right behind him checking out every dangerous curve of his body at Tre’s home gym. Lastly, we see Nate unpacking boxes and sipping a glass of chardonnay in his new lake house a few minutes away from all the craziness of the city.

Downtown Twitter

Lunch hour is upon us in Downtown Twitter everyone is hustling around the streets to catch the nearest cab, or race down the steps to the metro in order to make their lunch dates, meetings, etc. Our scene settles in on a chic restaurant in the downtown area.

Nina, Joshuaa, and Tyler
Tyler’s Interview

I’m here today to meet with Nina and Joshua, maybe I can get some resolution with Nina and any time with Joshuaa is a great time!”

We see Tyler arrive first to the restaurant and escorted to a table for three. He begins clearing the table of any glass or sharp objects as he knows these ladies like to take it all the way to next level when in a heated discussion and today’s meeting with Joshuaa, and Nina should be no exception. We cut to Joshuaa walking up the restaurant and also being escorted to the table.

Joshuaa’s Interview

“I got the call from Tyler about meeting today, I don’t want to meet but she insisted and I’m sure Nina has something to say. Let’s see I guess! I mean it’s time to move on right?”

As the two ladies order some glasses of water and chat amongst each other outside the restuarant we see Nina crossing the street is a very sheer and revealing choice out outfit.

Nina’s Interview

“So I’m meeting with Tyler and Joshuaa after the cocktails fiasco. I really want to put last year behind us and just start fresh and as friends again.”

Nina: *walks in and sees the ladies sitting down* Hellllllllo…

Joshuaa: *whispers under my breath* Here we go! Hey Nina, How are you? Nice to see you.

Tyler: Hello darling. Good to see you.

Nina: *smiles and has a seat* how’s everyone’s day going?

Joshuaa: Great thanks. Sun is shining…

Nina: So what’s up ladies? You asked me here for a reason…

Tyler: Well Nina, at some point we have to discuss things and try to find a way forward.

Nina: Yes we can try to move forward I would love that. So let’s just lay it all out in the talks here and now. Squash it and move forward.

[Nina’s Interview] This is going to be good. 1 vs 2 typical.

Nina: *looks at Joshuaa* I know you have PLENTY to say… why don’t you start.

Joshuaa: I’m good, I don’t want to start you like starting things. Why don’t you go..

Nina: Well that’s a first… Tyler? What do you want to clear up here?

Tyler: I want to get rid of the bullshit rumors that have been created about me and my family.

Nina: Are you finished? I don’t want to be rude and cut off then be accused of not letting you speak. *smiles*

[Joshuaa’s Interview] Nina is just acting weird and normal for once. *rolls eyes*

Tyler: I’m finished. For now…

Nina: Well I will apologize for saying Adam is gay… *sips water* he has nothing to do with our problems and it was just me being catty and backed into a corner so I attacked.

Tyler: Not just catty. It made you a lying bitch. I thank you for the apology though. *smiles*

Joshuaa: Can we move on from that now? There’s a lot more to go through Tyler. I feel like that’s been dealt with now.

Tyler: Gladly. I did this for everyone not just me. *rolls eyes*

[Nina’s Interview] I think this new me is like scaring the ladies but I’m really trying to be nice now.

Nina: *sips water and looks at Joshuaa* so what’s the deal with us Joshuaa? Where do we go from here?

Joshuaa: You tell me Nina you don’t seem to think you’ve had any wrong doing on our issues you’ve alienated me and my brother.

Nina: Well first I think you need to apologize to Jerry and I for saying I was cheating on him and spreading those vicious lies to these women in Cabo.

Joshuaa: I had a miscarriage and you said nothing I’m not apologizing for that Jerry told me that.

Nina: Then I still have nothing to say to you I apologized to you at the reunion what else do you want. Stop being stubborn!

Tyler shocked at Nina’s response

Nina and Joshuaa continue to go back and forth about who needs to apologize to who. In the end Nina gives in and sincerely apologizes to Joshuaa for not being there in his time of need and she gives her condolences for the miscarriage Joshuaa suffered last year. Joshuaa accepts her apology but in his interview he says “I’ll forgive Nina, but I’ll never forget.” On a happier note the ladies sit and chat about the newbies being welcomed into the group Tre and Nate. Each gives there honest opinion about the ladies and then its time to call it a day as everyone needs to get back to their work. The ladies depart the restaurant and we close the scene and go to commercial break.

Day to night

We fade back from a commercial break from our sponsors. The day turns to night and we go to our next scene. Nate is shown looking at himself in his full length body mirror fixing his outfit and then walking out and getting into his Porsche. We skip over to Tre who is seen laughing and chatting with his makeup artist as she works on Tre’s face, he is then shown on the phone with Nate saying yes to meeting at the restaurant on TIME! They both fake laugh and hang up.

Nate and Tre meet for dinner

The ladies both arrive to the restaurant in Uptown Twitter. It is filled with nothing but the elite socialites and moguls of Twitter, the ladies get a private table down in the basement area of the restaurant. They both give each other a hug and a kiss on both cheeks before they sit down and order drinks. Nate and Tre have quite the history, they both come from the metropolis city of YouTube. Tre starts the dinner with clearly up any issues the two have had in the past.

Tre: I moved to Twitter for new opportunities and when I saw you at the cocktail mixer you were just very dark and you were honestly being catty and bitchy.

Nate’s Interview

“I left my past behind me. I’m not saying I’m innocent but arguing with the same person over and over again gets old. Move on! Look at the little nice rainbows in Twitter!”

Nate: I wasn’t being bitchy, nor do I have a problem with you. Honestly though, you just showed up at that event with all guns blazing when you have nothing to do with Nina and Joshua’s arguments. Please tell your minion to step down because that bitch doesn’t intimidate me one bit. *laughs*

Tre’s reaction

Tre: Are you kidding me?!?! When you walked in you had a problem with me! I do know Nina very well & she is my TRUE friend. Honestly Nate, I’m done with this. When I said I was sorry in the past, I meant it. At the party, when I said I’m sorry, I meant it. When I gave you that hug, I genuinely meant I was sorry. I’m sorry Nate if I betrayed you, stabbed you in the back & then anything else to you. I’m sorry.

Tre’s Interview

“He always points fingers & can never own his sh*t. I’ve apologized now & hopefully he can do the same because me & Nate were tight. We had fun times together & we were the best of friends. I just don’t wanna argue anymore.”

Nate: Okay, I’ll take that, lets just leave it in the past. So, with that being said, I am sorry for anything I may have caused you, onward and upwards from now…..right?

Tre: Thank you! That genuinely means a lot! Hopefully you can accept my apology & maybe, just maybe one day we can be best friends like we once were. Time heals wounds, here’s to onward and upwards!

Tre pouring out champagne for a cheers

All the ladies arrive one by one to the SkyBar in Uptown Twitter, which is known for its breathtaking views of the view skyline to the left and to the right the glistening blue ocean under the full moon. They each greet each other in the lobby of the building, once all six ladies are present the proceed into the glass elevator up to the 52nd floor where the SkyBar is located. Everyone seems in good spirits for the first ladies night out in a year and all seems to be going good for the once enemies Nina and Joshuaa, which leaves Paul wondering what’s going on between them.

[Nina’s Interview] Hopefully tonight goes much smoother than the last event we all were at. Tre isn’t joining me tonight as he has a family emergency back in YouTube.

Joshuaa: Hi Nina, Good to see you you look stunning!

Nina: I love this long Naomi inspired weave you got going on Joshuaa! Slaying!

Joshuaa: Thanks Nina! Come take a pic with me by the balcony! Oh my god Nina remember that time in Ibiza?! Nate come take a selfie you hoe!

The ladies begin order rounds of drinks and Joshuaa informs them that the tab is covered by him today so to drink up! We see Paul asking Tyler at the bar what’s going on with Nina and if everyone’s made up now. Tyler tells Paul that all is forgiven and they’re moving forward with Nina. Paul raises concern as to how they can be so forgiving after everything she did last year.

Nate: What’s up Paul! Get a drink haha, I wanna see that crazy Paul again!!

Nina: So Nate how has the move to Twitter even?

Joshuaa: Hey Paul! Lighten up and have a drink girl! You look too stressed!

Paul: I just don’t get how you can forgive her so easily.

Paul grabs his wine and gulps it down

Paul: Looks at Nina. You look good today Nina.

Paul’s Interview

“I lied she looks like a hooker.”

Nina: Thanks Paul. *smiles* your nails look nice… So Nate how has the move to Twitter even? Where did you purchase?

Nate: I’ve actually just sold my old home in YT and have been going from hotel to hotel for a few weeks there. It was a disaster!

Tyler: Well Nate, you would be welcome to stay in our guest house, as you know darling

Joshuaa: Nate come stay with me whenever you need!

Nate: Thanks for the offer you guys but I don’t wanna be a disturbance, Tyler knows how late I’m out “working”!

Nina: Oh god are you a hooker? Lady of the night? Street walker?

Nate: You know it Nina. *winks*

[Nate’s Interview] Bitch please, I don’t comment on the fact that your lady parts are more drilled in than my exes windows. *makes funny face*

Joshuaa: Nina can I talk to you…

Nina: Sure what’s up?

The two ladies move away from the group and talk amongst themselves. Joshuaa then pulls out a gift for Nina and explains to her that it is her engagement gift. Nina opens up a beautiful Tiffany charm bracelet, Joshuaa then begins to get teary eyed and explain to Nina how excited he was to be moving forward and he let’s her know what they named the baby Hugo the two share a hug and a shot and return to the group.

Nina and Joshuaa hugging

[Joshuaa’s Interview] We seem to have finally made something of a fix of this. Nina has a heart down there deep inside somewhere.

Nate: Thought you 2 were gonna make out! *laughs and sips drink*

Paul: *Whispers to Tyler* Do you think I should make up with Nina?

Tyler: *Whispers back* That’s all you, darling. I can’t force anything you have to do what’s best for you.

Paul: *loudly* Alright!!! Nina could I talk to you for a second?

[Paul’s Interview] I’ll try to keep it civil with Nina to keep the peace.

Nina: sweetie now isn’t a good time to start shit with me. I’m enjoying my time with my friends.

Paul: I don’t really like you and you don’t really like me. And that’s okay but we run in the same circle of friends So can we be cordial?

Nina: *brushes it off* yeah sure we can…. *turns back to Joshuaa* Jerry is going to flip when he finds out we’re good again.

Nate then informs the group of ladies about his dinner date with Tre and how they’ve decided to put the past of YouTube behind them and move onward and upwards with each other and give their relationship a fresh start in Twitter.

Nina: I think it’s a great thing that you both met up and hashed it out!

Nate: Bitch please, stay out of it, if you want a good piece of advice run for the goddamn other side of the globe because you’re starting to smell like Tre!

Tyler: *laughs* Ladies, wow? So how about that shot?

Nina: Excuse me Nate? Maybe you should go back to that trailer park in YouTube you crawled out of.

Nate: Please, sit, you’re irrelevant to me.

Nina: Nate shut your damn mouth.

Nate: Girl please go get those tits looked at because they’re beginning to look like inflated marshmallows

Paul: Stay in your lane Nina. Which is off the street of hooker’s anonymous.

Nina: Tyler thank you for the invite and Joshuaa I’ll text you tomorrow. *kisses both on the cheeks and looks at Nate and Paul* Fuck off both of you stupid old bitches.

Nate: Nina, just piss off honestly. You’ll know and see the truth soon enough.

After Nina leaves Joshuaa and Paul bicker back and forth about Paul’s erratic behavior lately and how he needs to calm down. As stubborn as Paul is he just brushes off whatever Joshuaa and Tyler have to say and he continues drinking his vodka on the rocks. The ladies say their goodbyes and begin to leave the bar we see Paul move to bar side and orders another drink although he is clearly intoxicated.

Nate’s Interview

“ I like Paul, however, he should maybe not get involved with another persons argument, it’s the worst thing you can do……trust me. As for Nina she knows nothing about me and Tre’s history, so please, just stop with it. I probably do owe her an apology, but egh…..I just don’t care enough.”

Tyler’s Interview

“Well… When one problem gets better the rest of the bitches act up. What can you do? Paul is acting strange, but all of these ladies love to argue. For once though, no bullshit for yours truly. Will it stay that way though? Probably not in this group.”

Joshuaa’s Interview

“ Paul is making it all about her again, time away has made me see how much she likes to be the centre of it all. I just want to have fun! She’s dragging us down, gurl bye!”

Paul’s Interview

“Every single time this year I’m in the middle of drama. All because I don’t want to forgive that bitch Nina. I tried to keep it cordial but now I’m not backing down”

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