S2 — E4: Vegas Baby!

Paul’s voice over plays “Previously on Ladies of Twitter” scenes from Nate’s luncheon are shown of everyone finally getting along and we see Nate announce his engagement and inviting the ladies to a mini getaway to Las Vegas for his bachelorette party! We then cut to the scene of Tre’s game night chaos and Paul once again lashing out on Nina calling her every name in the book. We eventually see Tre blow his lid when he kicks out both Joshuaa and Nina from his home. In the last scene of the recap we see the Joshuaa, Paul, and Tyler having a nice beach front brunch and Paul apologizes to both ladies for his recent behavior. Joshuaa then blindsides Paul by letting him know Nina is stopping by for brunch as well. The 4 originals all sit down for the first time in a year and Paul also apologizes to Nina, Joshuaa then drops a bomb about his company turning down Tre’s daytime show Tea Time With Tre leaving the flabbergasted…

The episode begins with the ladies all arriving at Twitter International Airport and being escorted by a shuttle to the private landing strip for personal and business jets. We see all the ladies greet one another then board the private jet as it heads off to Las Vegas for Nate’s bachelorette party! The scene closes out with all the ladies cheering with glasses of champagne then we see the jet fly off into the sky.

Two hours later we see the ladies all arriving at their exclusive high-end penthouse suite in the heart of Vegas where suites run up to $50,000 a night!

“We’re here! I just want to get drunk, dance, and PARTTTYYY! None of these bitches better start, I want a stress free head! I couldn’t be bothered with the bullshit.”

“ I’m beyond excited to be back here! Vegas is like my second home I’m so excited to be here with all the ladies celebrating… *thinks about why they’re in Vegas* Whatever it is we’re here for…”

Once the ladies are all settled in they begin getting dolled up for the pool party happening downstairs as they have a private VIP cabana awaiting them to catch some sun and sip some drinks!

Nina: Pour me up! Shots!

Joshuaa: Hey girl!

Nate: Hey bitches! How you doing!

Tre: Nate girl, you look good!

Tyler: Hey beautiful girls!

Paul: Hey ladies!!!! *waves at them*

Nate: Thanks Tre! I’m barely wearing anything so I’ll take that as a compliment! *winks*

Joshuaa: Wow you all look so stunning!

Nina: Lots of hot boys in the pool ladies! Tre, Joshuaa attack! *laughs*

As everyone is seen complimenting each other and getting along Nina takes it upon herself to go over to the fully stocked bar of their cabana and pour out a round of shots for the group of ladies! Then Nate tells the ladies he would like the make an announcement before they get too wild and he forgets.

Joshuaa: Man Nate you love your speeches girl

Nina: *shouts* speech! speech! speech!

Nate: Tyler, you’ve been one of my best friends since college so I would be honored if you would be my maid of honor! Tre, we’ve been friends, enemies, dicks to each other, but we go way back and let’s be honest we both know each other like the back of our hands at this point. So I would you to be one of my bridesmaids?

[Nate’s Interview] I love Tyler, and I would love for him to be with me at the happiest time of my life. Me and Tre on the other hand…. we’ve been… well… cunts to each other, but we do go way back. So I wanted him to be there with me.

Tre: *shouts* OH MY GOD!!!! Absolutely!!!

Tyler: Ahh, Nate darling, yes yes yes. *gets up and hugs Nate*

“Hold a bitch! Nate just asked me to be her bridesmaid! *Starts to shed a tear* I’m happy we could move on so I can be apart of her special day!

As Tre and Nate hug which is the firs time ever we’ve seen these two embrace since coming into this group Paul is seen cheering them on from the sidelines. Paul then gets in between the two and pulls out his phone for a selfie and they all do a cute pose with kissy lips.

“ lawd! I just can’t help but feel disconnected to Paul, she’s acting so damn extra for these ladies she’s known five mins? Hmm. Weird”

The scene continues on with everyone shown doing their own thing around the pool party. We see Nate and Tre over by the bar getting hit up on by many of the younger gentlemen who are buying them rounds of shots, we see Nate getting a little touchy with one of them. We see Paul and Tyler sitting in the cabana sipping their drinks cheering on both Nate and Tre. Lastly, from afar we zoom in on Joshuaa and Nina on top of two muscular guy’s shoulders in the crowd as the deejay set begins by the pool.

The scene comes to a close with all the ladies gathering back in the cabana and talking about the plans for tonight. They ask Nate what he feels like doing since this weekend is all about him and his last hurrah before he ties the knot with his future husband. Nate doesn’t really care as long as he gets to “whoop it up” he says. Nina then surprises everyone with saying she made special reservations at a club for them to celebrate in Nate’s honor.

[Nina’s Interview] Okay so I may have lied a bit… I’m actually hosting the event at the nightclub tonight so the attention won’t be fully on Nate but hey it’s a free table and drinks all night…

The scene begins with an aerial shot of Las Vegas as the lights sparkle in the dark desert night. We cut to a scene of the ladies walking through the lobby of the hotel with bystanders looking on checking the ladies out. They exit the lobby and walk right up to the party bus provided by the club Nina is hosting for tonight to escort them to and from the venue. The ladies arrive to the club and the fun begins.

“So like this club always requests me to host events and it just happens that they wanted me to host tonight that I’m in town. Hope the ladies have good time in the DJ VIP booth they have set up for me. *smiles* Oh yeah and we’re celebrating Nate’s last night as a single hoe…”

“ Wow!!!! This is fucking gorgeous! Nina really outdid herself tonight!!!! Now this is what I’m talking about.”

Nina: Welcome ladies! Come into the booth!

Tre: I have arrived bitches! *looks at Joshuaa and coughs* Tyler & Nina!! You both look like little twins!

Paul: Nina is this your event?

Tyler: But who wore it better hun? *winks* you, of course, hello ladies, you’re all looking beautiful!

Nina: Not really, I’m just helping host tonight since they knew I was in town with my Instagram post… They wanted me here my friend hes the club promoter.

Paul, Nate, and Tre walk over to the bar area and order some drinks as they chit chat before heading back to the booth. Joshuaa, Nina, and Tyler are overlooking the crowd and the other group of ladies thinking what a strange friendship the three of them have formed. Nina has a seat and then begins to spill what she has up her sleeve for Paul tonight.

Nina: So I took it upon myself to invite Nate’s friend from the pool party earlier… *sips drink*

Joshuaa: oh who?

Tyler: Nina, girl, shady shady shady. *laughs and sips cocktail*

Nina: The young guy who looks like her son… or grandson… *laughs*

Joshuaa: STOPPPP IT NO! *laughs*

Nate: *spots guy from pool* Hey?? Hows it going??

“I see the guy I was speaking to at the pool earlier, and I’m shell shocked, why are you here? He then answers me and says my “friend” invited him? He points to Nina…..what has she invited him for?”

We see Nate become angry as he is looking up at Nina in the booth laughing and posing for the cameras. Paul and Tre are deep into conversation about Paul and Tyler’s deteriorating friendship and Paul is asking advice on what he should try to do to save it. Nate growing more angry by then minute leaves the young man in mid-conversation and walks up to Nina.

Nate: Emm….can I just ask why you feel it was necessary to invite that guy?

Nina: *sips drink* You seem like you were getting to know him earlier I thought you both might want to continue chatting it up Nate! *puts hand on shoulder* Sweetie let loose have fun! It’s your last night of freedom… *kisses Nate’s cheek* No excuse me I have some business to attend to…

Nate: Well… I have to be a little tightened up otherwise Ill end up like you…

“Okay, so I’m talking to Paul, then Nate leaves right. Then Paul points out the boy Nate was talking to earlier. How does he know Nate is at? Is he stalking us or is this a setup?”

Nina: *shakes head and turns back to Nate* Seriously Nate don’t do that tonight don’t ruin a perfectly good night because you have a stick up your ass…

As Nina walks away to handle her business else where we see Nate rejoin the other ladies in the booth visibly angry and he let’s the others know that Nina is ruining his night already. Tre implies that there are snakes in the group referring to Joshuaa as he walks away but then turns back around.

Joshuaa: boo you’re trash, leave me out of it. I don’t want anything to do with you.

Tre: Then turn your fake ass around & talk to Paul & not worry about what the fuck I’m saying. You got that, or do I need to bring it down a language you’ll understand?

Joshuaa: Bring it down boo I dare you. Bring it real down…

Paul: Okay let’s calm down.

Nate: Oh you can go fuck yourself too. Dick.

Joshuaa: Wow Nate you got a mouth on you. Just calm down.

Tre: Okay. Quit being a whore Joshuaa. It doesn’t look nice on you. I understand you love to flop from man to man, but don’t try me. Remember I’m the bumblebee that stings, don’t go there.

Joshuaa: Tre you don’t know anything about me, back it up!

Nate: Okay then *puts on posh voice* Okay would you rather me talk like you then ladeda.

Tre: That’s all you got? Really? Go fuck your brother because we all know you screw him secretly you FREAK TRICK! *leaves & walks over to bar* YOU FREAK HOE IS WHAT YOU ARE!

Then the camera cuts to Nina who is about to give an announcement on the mic in the deejay booth.


We see Paul telling Tyler to “stay in your lane” as Nina comes back she is shocked to see all of this as Tyler apologizes for Nate’s nasty behavior Nina tells Nate he is being disrespectful. Nate and Nina are now both arguing with each other resulting in Nina slamming her drink down on the table splashing all over Paul. Joshuaa, Nina, and Tyler all walk out of the club with Nate following behind egging on Nina calling her every name in the book, we then cut to Tre’s final interview before we go to a commercial break.

[Tre’s Interview] Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, we have a problem. Nate has left the building… I usher in Nathan.

After a tension filled night at the club the ladies took the day off from each other doing little activities here and there in city. The scene picks up with the ladies all getting glammed up for their last evening in Las Vegas and they have a nice dinner awaiting them at the restaurant in their hotel.

[Tre’s Interview] So the last time we were all together, the shit didn’t turn out well. I’ll try to be on my best behavior, but if Joshuaa says one thing to me, I’m going off, no regrets!

The ladies at first sit around in awkward silence for the first 10 minutes of the dinner. We see everyone looking around at each other not saying a word, Nina tries to lighten to mood by ordering a shot for Nate who rejects it and ask Nina not to look at him. Paul finally has had enough and decided to break the ice and confront the issues at hand.

Paul: Okay ladies. My idea is that we all go around the table and we air out our issues in the open and try our best to resolve them *smiles and sips wine*

Tyler: *laughs* are we hiding the knives?

Tre: I agree with Tyler. We should hide the knives, the girls, the spoons, the plates, the glasses.

Nina: Oh no there’s meat in this… Sorry I don’t eat meat… *pushes plate away*

Nate: High maintenance… *coughs*

Paul: I think we need this to move on. Instead of our catty bitchiness behinds our backs. Let’s be adults & try to move on *laughs at Tre* So who’s going first?

Tyler: Why don’t you start?

Joshuaa: Oh god.. You go first Paul seeing as you think it.

Paul: So Tyler!!! You hurt me yesterday. Really fucking bad. You know why? We were best friends last year. But now it’s like we’re complete strangers Care to explain?

Tyler: *laughs* Paul, are you serious? I’ve been here the whole time. You’ve been screaming on tables and acting fucking crazy. You’re calling people names and stuff constantly and that isn’t the girl I knew. Where is my best friend Paul? I do miss her. But this girl last night that came into my conversation and told me to “stay in my lane” isn’t her. And that’s the only girl I’ve seen this year.

Paul: Are you kidding me? The whole world does not revolve around you. Other people have problems too you know! You don’t know what I deal with every night! *screams starts crying* I miss my friend Tyler!!! But this girl is a cold fucking bitch!!! *screams*

Tre: Calm down, don’t cry, no…Don’t cry. *Comforts Paul*

Tyler: *laughs* You don’t know what I deal with Paul. You’ve tried to make this group “The Paul Show” and without any fans here, you’re heading for cancellation. *rolls eyes* And you used to insult people for crying too. Double standard darling?

Paul: *cries and hugs Tre* And you know what? Your life is like a deck of cards and it’s a deck of cards that’s about to topple over!!!

Tre: Who are you talking to Tyler?

Tyler: I’m talking to Paul, Tre. I’ll get to my issues with you get in line boo and darling, my deck of gold plated cards won’t fall as quick as your cards from Walmart.

Tre: Okay Adam. Doctor right? Fucking nurses? In surgery? A damn bitch.

Tyler: Tre. I said I’ll get to you next bitch.

Tre: Classy lady, calm down child. I know your not getting it at home. I haven’t called you out of your name.

Paul: So stop pretending with your ugly Walmart clothes, and your fake jewelry and your fake attitude. I am done with you!

Tyler: Paul, darling, you and I both know that isn’t true so I won’t even dignify that with a response and Tre darling, my name isn’t snake so you have called me out of my name.

Paul: You’re the only one sleeping with skeletons in your closet Tyler!!!

“Fuck Tyler. Condescending bitch. Like who the fuck are you? If you cared about your friends instead of worrying about your reputation…”

Tyler: My designer closet gets cleaned twice a week so I’ll make sure the maid gets the skeletons out, Paul. Thanks for letting me know and you said lots of snakes, Tre. Joshuaa is only one.

Paul: Oh and while your at it. Tell your maid to stop fucking with your husband. Get some self respect *screams*

Tre: Shut the fuck up. Stop speaking condescending to people & apologize to Paul!

Joshuaa: He doesn’t owe Paul an apology!

Paul: Oh can’t handle the heat? Get out of my kitchen babe!

Tyler: *laughs* I love how every lady in this damn group loves to come for my fucking husband. *stands up* listen up once and for all ladies. My husband hasn’t slept with anyone else’s man or woman during our marriage. So shut the fuck up and if you keep saying that shit, you’ll see what happens.

Nina: Paul stop being a cunt! hush up now you talk too much… *sips wine*

Paul: Nina I’m over my drama with you. I’m not fighting with you!

Nina: Because you will lose every time… Like you’re losing to Tyler right now… So keep it cute and put it on mute… NEXT topic!!!!!

Nate: *points at Nina* for fuck sake! Nina sit there and shut the fuck up, your comments are pointless!

Tyler: but don’t worry Nina, he’ll call you a whore and a hooker when you cross him. Rumor making bitch.

Tre: Let’s leave. You tried & he clearly wants to act like a dick, so let him act like one. I mean his husband has a little one.


To Be Continued…



Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!

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Ladies of Twitter

Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!