S2 — E6: A Twitter Divided

Ladies of Twitter
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Tyler’s voice over plays “Previously on Ladies of Twitter” The recap starts off with the ending of the dinner in Vegas where all the ladies are at each others throats. Nate tosses a wine in Nina’s face causing her to leave the dinner with Joshuaa and Tyler following behind her. Back in Twitter we see Nate, Paul, and Tre meeting up for some morning tea where Tre drops a massive bomb for the ladies by playing an audio recording exposing Joshuaa and his alleged lies. On the other side of town we see Joshuaa, Nina, and Tyler walking around Twitter Central Park when Nina let’s them know she saw a mysterious man leaving Nate’s room early in the morning back in Vegas. The scene cuts back to Nate, Paul, and Tre cheers and declaring war!

Ladies Of Twitter Season 2 Intro
City of Twitter

The scene begins with a view of the city at night, the screen is split between all six ladies as they get dolled up for the event Paul is hosting tonight for charity.

Paul’s Interview

“I’ve got a beautiful event today with some fabulous jewelry pieces I’ve collected while traveling overseas and I have invited all the elite people of twitter. I’m so excited!!”

We cut to Paul at the event overlooking the set up and checking out all the jewelry before the guest arrive. One by one the ladies begin to arrive to the event and walk the carpet while posing for the cameras.

Paul’s “Diamond Affair” Charity Event
Joshuaa, Nate, Nina, Tre, and Tyler
Nina’s Interview

“Tonight everyone is seeing each other for the first time since Vegas and I just hope we can all act like adults and keep our drinks in our hands.”

Joshuaa’s Interview

“I’m here for the jewels and I just banked a huge new television show at work, so I’m celebrating! Plus I need to let my girls know some exciting news!”

The night begins with the ladies clearly divided, on one end of the room we see Nate, Paul, and Tre along with some other ladies talking amongst themselves laughing. We then cut to Joshuaa, Nina, and Tyler who are shopping the stands checking out all the fabulous diamonds.

Paul: I love how the three stooges didn’t even acknowledge the host. *laughs with Tre and Nate*

Tyler: *to Joshuaa and Nina* We should probably stop and tell Paul thanks for the invite, just to be cordial

Nate: *sees Joshua and Tyler approaching* I’m not doing this fake shit, no no no…..*walks to bar*

Joshuaa: *brushes past Paul* Hey Paul, great job on the event it’s great! Thanks for the invite.

Tyler: Yes Paul, thank you for having us. It’s lovely.

Paul: Feel free to look at the jewelry and help yourself ladies. *fake smiles*

Nina: *ignores Paul, Tre, and Nate* Oh diamonds! I can’t want to spend spend spend…

Paul: Yeah Nina If you can afford them…


As Tre excuses himself to the restroom Nina lashes back at Paul saying that he should join Tre in the restroom to powder up his nose insinuating Paul does drugs. We see Joshuaa follow and call out Tre as he walks away to the restroom he turns, and Joshuaa takes a sonogram out of his purse and hands it to Tre saying “It’s my sonogram from just before I lost the baby for your records. Thanks!” he then turns and walks away from Tre, who if left there and just rolls his eyes and continues on to the restroom. The camera focus on Tyler and Nate who are having their first conversation since Vegas.

Tyler: *goes over to Nate* Darling, I don’t know if you realized, but I said hello earlier, we haven’t gotten to chat since the Vegas fiasco. We need to get lunch or something soon.

Nate: If you want I mean, I really don’t have much to say…

Paul: Hey everyone!!! *stands up* I have an announcement! All the jewelry sold tonight will be going to children with cancer. *claps* Make sure to buy!

[Nina’s Interview] Umm who knew Paul was a model, whore, art dealer, cokehead, contractor, psycho, cradle robber, follower, and now a jeweler… *shrugs shoulders*

Tre: *I get out my phone & text Tyler, Nina, & Joshuaa* My text says: “Because of the current events that have happened recently, I am officially uninviting you to Tea Time with Tre.”

Tyler: *looks at phone* Tre darling, you could’ve come over and uninvited me. I will gladly accept!

Tre: Well Tyler, I must respect my elders & because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, I just sent a text love.

Tyler: My feelings aren’t hurt. You’d have to mean something to me to hurt my feelings, and you aren’t much younger than I am hun so try on a new insult.

As Tre and Tyler begin to bicker back and forth throwing shady digs at one another Nina reaches in her purse and pulls out some photos, but doesn’t reveal them until she has the attention of everyone… Including Nate.

Nina: Ladies can I have your attention this is going to be quick and straight to the point.

Nate: *snaps at Nina* Oh MY GOD! Nina! It ain’t your event, take a back seat for fucking once!

Nina: No this is actually about you, you whore.

Nate: Really??? I’m the whore…go tighten that vagina honestly….its as wide as the gran canyon.

Nina: So I spoke with your little friend from Vegas Nate… And boy did he have a lot to share about you… *sips water*

Paul: Okay ladies I refuse to have this drama at a charity event Nina & Nate let’s keep it cool.

Tre: Nina, stop talking you’re talking entirely too much.


Tre’s Interview

“ Is Nina accusing Nate of cheating? Now that’s a low blow. Clearly, Nina can’t handle her liquor well…”

Tyler’s Interview

“I came here to buy jewelry and see these ladies and now Nate isn’t talking to me and Paul is being a bitch? What the hell is in the water with these girls?”

Paul: Let’s calm down with the accusations everyone. If your not buying jewelry , you can leave. And that’s to you Nina.

Nina: LOOK FAMILIAR YOU WHORE! *Nina throws the photos at Nate* THIS ISN’T YOUR HUSBAND!!!!

Paul: Oh my god!!!! That’s enough Nina!!!

Tre: Nina stop!


Nate: That’s a friend?? What is your problem??? *looks confused*


Nina: I’m leaving this event sucks ass with these homemade craft bracelets anyways…

Tre: Wow. Nina, stop being a bitch! You’ve let Joshuaa control your mind!

Nate: You’re pathetic, GET…THE…FUCK OUTTA HERE.

Nate to Nina

Joshuaa is nowhere to be found as he slipped out when Nina was going on her bizarre rampage about Nate. We then see Nina leave the event a few minutes later. Tyler who is loving all the jewelry is seen walking the stands with Paul. Nate and Tre are seen laughing at Nina’s accusations by the bar. The scene comes to an end after Paul announces that they have raised $900,000 dollars and it will all be donated to children’s cancer center.

City of Twitter at night

“Today is the big day! The first fashion show from Design: By Tyler is finally happening. After all of my hard work, I hope this is perfect. I’ve decided not to invite the troublemakers of the group because I don’t want anyone ruining my fashion show! *squeals* I’m so excited!”

Tyler, Joshuaa, Nate, and Nina

Before the fashion show begins we see Tyler doing some last minute alterations to some garments that are on models in line already. We see Nina sitting in hair and makeup before dressing into the finale look. Joshuaa and Nate are both seen coming backstage to chat with Tyler before his big debut.

Joshuaa: Tyler!! I’m so excited babe! How you feeling?

Nate: Hey Tyler! Congrats!

Tyler: Darling, I am so nervous! I can only imagine how it must be opening any type of business so nerve wracking. But I’ve spent a lot of time working on these designs so it should be amazing.

Nina: Hey ladies! You both look great tonight!!! *turns to Nate* hey Nate you look lovely.

[Tyler’s Interview] I asked Nina because I needed one more model and let’s be honest. I want a young and sexy vibe since Paul and I haven’t been on great terms.

The ladies stand around chatting a bit more and Nina informs the ladies that she is going to meet with Tre in a few days to discuss the drama between and see what they do to move forward in their friendship. Nate steps in the defend Tre everyone seems to have a negative opinion about him and the drama he’s caused in the group, before Joshuaa and Nate ruin Tyler’s event he shuts both of them down and ask that they take their seats at the show is about to begin.

Tyler’s Fashion Show

After the fashion show is over everyone is escorted to the rooftop of the hotel the show was held at where cocktails and appetizers are being served. We see Joshuaa and Nate waiting around for Nina and Tyler to come up the elevator. Once they enter the room everyone claps and cheers for Tyler’s successful debut. The ladies all come together by a high top table.

Fashion Show after party

Nate: Fabulous job!!!

Joshuaa: Please I need that red dress!

Tyler: Thanks girls! It went even better than I could’ve even imagined!

Nina: That was so amazing! Tyler your collection was amazing!

Tyler: I’m just hoping that the public loves it as much as my friends. *laughs*

Nate’s Interview

“ Okay the shows over….i need a drink! Now! Then I look over and see Tyler, Joshuas and Nina talking…. This is so uncomfortable at this point, I wanna leave.”

The ladies continue mingling for a bit, guest come up to the ladies and congratulate Tyler on his work. Nate still feeling out of place sips his drink in silence. The waiters hand out a glass of champagne to all the guest as Tyler makes a speech. Everyone raises their glasses and drinks. We then see Nate immediately after say his goodbyes to group and rushes out of the party.

[Nina’s Interview] I’m so happy Tyler’s so was a success and I’m glad I got to keep the dress *laughs* things lighten up once the demon spawn named Nate exit the building. The after party was so much fun with my girls!

[Tyler’s Interview] well this was a fabulous event and my show was a success. I’m glad there wasn’t too much drama with the girls. I just want to figure things out with Nate. That’s my first mission moving forward. *laughs* here’s to my business and its success.

Paul and Tre

[Paul’s Interview] Tonight I’m heading out to the club. I need to unwind after all the drama & after all the problems with Tyler. Her cheap second hand fashion show is the last place I want to be. I’ve invited Tre & it’s just gonna be a girls night Gonna be a blasts.

[Tre’s Interview] Paul invited me to a girl’s night out! I would rather hang out with Paul than go to Tyler’s second hand fashion show with no fashion. *laughs* Time to let my hair down, let the girls hang out & have some fun!

The ladies meet up with each other at the bar they each grab a drink and head over to the open lounge area where they start catching up with each other.

Tre: Girl, it’s alot of people! How have you been? I haven’t seen you since you hosted the Jewelry shop.

Paul: It’s been great!!!!! Besides for Joshua & Nina trying to ruin the event aka dumb & dumber. How have you been? Your show must be almost ready to start filming?

Tre: And Tyler calls us dumber & dumb with her fashion show with no fashion…

Paul: I’ll be front row at the premiere!!!! Thanks for inviting me!!!!

Tre: No problem, I’ll be meeting with Nina soon to just to see what drama she has with me… I just believe some people have been feeding her information about us you know? Let’s forget about those women & have some fun! LET’S PARTY!!!!

Tre dancing

We see Tre then flirting around with a gentlemen by the bar and he buys her a drink. Paul is seen on his phone texting away to Dustin trying to stay away from the temptation of all the eligible bachelors in the bar tonight. Tre exchanges numbers with the gentlemen then returns to sit next to Paul.

Tre: Can you believe that bitch Tyler didn’t invite us to her fashion show?

Paul: She’s fucking awful. Have you read twitter magazine?

Tre: No! What are they saying? Spill the tea!

Paul: There’s an article about her. It says that her house is going into foreclosure and the fashion line is the last attempt to save it.

Tre: Oh my god Paul! I’m not surprised. She claims to be the elite of Twitter, but she lets her husband cheats on her with her maid & his nurses. She has no respect for herself. And for her not to invite us to the fashion show is so unclassy. I know we have our issues but damn. Me & you both would love to look at the fake clothing line to save her marriage. *laughs*

Tre’s Interview

“Tonight was epic! I didn’t know there was all this tea in Twitter. When we expose Tyler & Joshuaa for who they really are…Boy will they be mad. Don’t come for us.” *Sips tea*

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