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Previously on Ladies of Twitter; The recap begins with the scene of Kylee apologizing to Tyler as the ladies meet at Kylee’s home. Joshuaa and Tyler continue to patch up their fractured friendship. Next, Billie and Jac meet at an IV Drip client and bond over wine and cupcakes as they get their cleanses. We cut to Nina and Casey also meeting up and making amends as they want to move forward and Casey extends and invite to her procedure party. The last recap scene we see all the ladies in attendance at Casey’s event where Kylee starts to stir up drama with Jac. The rest of the ladies are tired of it and let her know now is the time or place to be causing a scene.

Stephanie & Joshuaa

As the scene begins the sun is seen setting from afar as we focus down onto Stephanie’s backyard where she is shown turning on the fireplace outdoors. We then cut to Joshuaa walking through the house with Stephanie’s assistant who is leading Joshuaa outdoors to her. They greet each other with an air kiss on both cheeks then have a seat by the fire.

Stephanie’s Interview

“Joshuaa is coming over to the house. I have something to give him and want to talk about the drama with Jerry.”

Stephanie: I’m sure you think I asked you over to talk about you spilling tea that you promised not too but that’s not why. I don’t appreciate that though. It put me in a very particular situation.

Joshuaa: Okay well I’d like to apologize for that, but I was sort of backed into it and had to use what you told me to really try one last time to get through to both Nina and my brother. To be honest you’ve entered an environment where they would of found out anyway.

Stephanie: Apology accepted. That’s true I’ve talked to Jerry about how his situations are effecting my objectivity. I don’t directly represent him anymore my partner does. So to why I asked here… *deep breath* I’m nervous.

Joshuaa: You’re scaring me…

Stephanie: My niece is expecting a baby. She’s a teenager it’s not an ideal situation at all. I talked to my sister yesterday she asked me if I knew of any potential adopting parents I instantly thought of you.

Joshuaa’s Interview

“WHAT?! Here I am expecting a cease and desist and I’m being handed a baby? Shocking!”

Joshuaa: Erm. Okay I did not expect that…

Stephanie: I know I’m sorry they asked Quin and I to adopt and I told them I could recommend somebody incredible and that’s you.


Joshuaa: Steph I’m really not in the right mental space right now for this. Like wow I’m really finding life hard right now. *cries*

Stephanie: I’m so sorry if I overstepped you can say no. After what happened between you and Ty at the party yesterday I saw healing in you. *hugs Joshuaa* I’m sorry everything is so bad. I shouldn’t have assumed you would want this.

As the ladies embrace each other Joshuaa opens up to Stephanie about no one understanding about the miscarriage, but Stephanie reveals for the first time that she too has suffered multiple miscarriages before. Stephanie gives Joshuaa all the information needed on the babies and her niece and tells him to give it some time to think it over. Joshuaa nods in agreeance and says he will speak to his boyfriend about it and get back to her. The scene ends with them talking about the Nina drama and maybe Stephanie can help repair the yet again fractured relationship between her and Joshuaa once and for all.

City of Twitter
Casey, Nina, & Billie

The scene begins with aerial shots of the city then zooms down on a dog park over in Twitter Beach. We see Casey hop out of her Maserati and struggle to pick up her dog as it runs away from her and she chases it in high heels. We then see Nina roll into the parking lot in her Lamborghini and she exits with her dogs on a leash. Lastly, Billie walks up without her dog as it is at the pet spa getting pampered for the day. They ladies greet each other and let their dogs loose as they sit under an shaded bench to have a chat.

Nina’s Interview

“Of all people Casey wants me to get along with Billie. For the sake of our friendship I’m willing to try it with her but she’s done and said so much that’s hurt not only me but Jerry.”

Billie: Hey Casey! Sorry my dog couldn’t come he’s at the groomer today he has monthly appointments. *to Nina* how are you. Love your outfit.

Nina: Thanks! I’m great and you? I like your shirt. *laughs*

Billie: it’s quite the humor I love t-shirts like this. I’m doing great hopefully finishing up on my house in a couple weeks.

Casey: Ladies I’m happy you two are here! I love me heels always a heel unless it’s for sex! *winks*

Nina: Yeah I’m glad we’re here being civil with one another also. I just want to take the time to clear the air well we are at it and no one is here to influence neither of our opinions on each other…

[Casey’s Interview] I’m so excited I want these ladies to become close friends. Or at least be peaceful with one another.

Billie: Okay yes Nina I would appreciate that. I will listen with open ears.

Nina: I know we kind of got off on the wrong foot and it’s probably because of your loyalty to Joshuaa… Which I don’t mind I actually think that shows you’re a trustworthy person, but I don’t appreciate you getting into my personal life and bringing up the past that I tried so hard to keep hidden and buried. Jerry knows what I’ve done before him and we’ve moved on but now that your friend Jerika is coming around with all these absurd allegations we’re in a rough spot.


Casey: Jerika did seem to have reliable sources. I’m not saying I agree, but it’s just she’s going around tellin people about it…

Billie: Okay I will take complete of ownership of my actions towards you. I just think I went into the group knowing you and Joshuaa’s past and I’m a pretty loyal girl till you aren’t loyal to me. That is what Italians do they’re loyal you and ride for you. So I apologize I didn’t take the time to get to know you just immediately started attacking you. But I’m really good friends with Jerika I just don’t see her running around spreading gossip about just anyone. I mean she did claim to have a real reliable source. I just want you to all get that me and Jerika are friends I’m not involved with her magazine that’s her professional life I’m in her personal life and that’s where I want to stay. So i can’t speak for her, especially with her not being here.

Casey: *to Billie* That’s the girl I know and love! Billie you are a great and loyal girl. I’m so happy that you take responsibility when it’s due Jerika is a great girl. Right it’s just part of her job she’s looking for good reads weird she hasn’t posted anything about me yet.

Nina: I never doubted your integrity Billie you seem like a real ride or die. Let’s just keep the Jerika situation away from our building friendship… Well that’s if you would like to start over with me. Trust me I’m a bitch but it’s easier to be someone’s friend for me than it is to be a bitch to them. *laughs*

Billie: Thank you girl I appreciate you saying that. I would actually like to genuinely start over with you. I say let’s put my good friendship with Jerika aside from us. I want to get to know the real you and you feel like you can trust me one day.

Casey: I hope you two can start a new page, with your friendship. I wanted you two to get along because I had a favor to ask of you two ladies. I’m going through a tough time as you all know by now. A great way for you two to become better friends is with a good old fashion girls trip! I’m going to pick my wacky mother since she wants me closer with her now. I want to know if you two want to come to Cuba with me? It will be only us three I don’t want to invite the rest of the girls because I know that’s a mess waiting to happen. Plus I don’t want to be exiled! *laughs*

Dogs playing

The scene concludes with both ladies accepting the invite and chatting it up some more. The topic of conversation is Kylee’s behavior at the procedure party Casey hosted a few days ago. They all agree she isn’t a tamed person and her poor behavior was unacceptable especially at a good friends event. The ladies say their goodbyes after a while and the scene ends.

Three Days Later…

Casey, Nina, & Billie

The ladies arrive to a private airport in the outskirts of Twitter. Casey has booked a private jet to get them to Cuba for the weekend, but she is running late as usual. As Nina and Billie stand outside the jet a car comes rolling up and the doors open as Casey exits the car. She walks up to the ladies and greets them. They’re then escorted onto the jet as they prepare for takeoff.


Casey: Thank you for coming! Here lets cheers with a nice glass of scotch!

Nina: *eyes widen* Oh girl no scotch for me! Dark liquor and I do not mix! I’ll have a club soda and Tito’s please!

Billie: I’m down for any drink anytime! *downs shot* LETS GO LADIES

Nina: Well cheers to a great weekend getaway!*raises glass*

Casey: Let’s head out now! My mother is waiting to meet you lovely ladies!

Billie: *raises glass to cheers* I’m so excited to see what you have in store Casey, this should be fun to say to say the least!

Casey’s Interview

“I’m so HAPPY for these ladies to get to Cuba! They are going to love it! I have plans for a cigar tasting, and liquor tasting, alongside a dinner with my mother. I hope the Nina and Billie get the love from my motherland!” *sips drink*

Private jet

We see video footage captured on Billie’s phone of the ladies. Nina is seen sleeping with her eye mask and earphones on wrapped in a blanket. Meanwhile Casey and Billie are chatting with each other sipping on some scotch.

Casey: So Billie are you excited for this trip?

Billie: I’m so excited Casey. I go on trips all the time but Cuba is new for me. How long has it been since you’ve been here?

Casey: *sipping on coffee* you are going to love it! You might not want to leave Havana. It’s been 10 years now, it makes me sad. My mother and I talk all the time.

Billie: Oh my god! I feel so honored that you invited me and Nina to come to your home country; it makes it even more sentimental that it’s been ten years. You’re going to make me cry when you and your mother meet up again!

Casey: Thank you! I know that Nina is the last person you want to be with. But she and I have some strange history.

Billie: Well I’ve decided it’s getting tiring arguing with her. So I’m glad we are getting this experience together.

Casey: *hugs Billie* here is too good times *cheers*

6 hours later the ladies arrive in Cuba and are taken to hotel in a classic Cuban car! We see them driving through the streets with the winds in their hair as they take in the Cuban sun and air! They arrive at the hotel to check in and get into their rooms.

Havana, Cuba

Casey: *walks into our hotel* this is the lovely Havana Royal Suites. I say we should get dressed and get ready for dinner?

Billie: *gasps* Casey you did so well, and Royal Suites for the Royalty of Twitter! I’m so excited to try some Cuban food, sounds good after that flight.

Nina: *walks in* Wow Cuba is absolutely gorgeous! See you all in an hour?

Billie: Sounds good with me, I need to call in and check on my mom anyways.

Casey: Sounds perfect! See you bitches in an hour!

2 hours later the ladies meet up in the lobby and are taken to one of Casey’s favorite restaurants in Havana.

Casey, Nina, & BIllie

Casey: Ladies welcome to El Cig I love this place! I came here as a little girl.

Billie: This so cute and small Twitter is nothing like this. I love the architecture and vibe here.

Nina: *walks into the restaurant* Casey this place is so cute! So authentic! So did you grow up around this area? *sips water*

Casey: I did! I actually lived not far from here from the ages of birth till 4.

Nina: Wow that’s so interesting. Do you remember migrating to Twitter?

shows flashback of Nina calling Casey an immigrant.

Casey: *stares at Nina* I actually don’t. It feels like I’ve always lived in Twitter.

Nina: Well it was for the best! Otherwise I wouldn’t have ever met you!

Billie: Speaking of Twitter, what do you think the ladies are doing?

Casey: I think the place is going crazy without us!

Billie: I thought so too. So did something happen when you brought Kylee here or something?

Nina: Kylee is a mess… Well not a mess, but a loose cannon. *sips wine*


Billie: I’m starting to think she’s not right, like the doctors don’t have her medication in tact or something.

[Nina’s Interview] Finally someone sees what I see! Kylee is off her rocker.

Billie’s Interview

“I almost want to reach in my baggie of medicines and just had her a Xanax my GOD this lady is crazy town, mayor of ONE!”

Nina: Well maybe you should talk to her see if she has some issues in her that are causing her to lash out. I feel like you’ve gotten closest to her.

Billie: Maybe that’s something that Casey and I can tackle when we return.

Nina: So onto something more important and worth talking about. What are the dating lives looking like for you two?

Billie: I’m not really putting myself out there I like my me time way too much. Plus I love the time I spend with my mother when I visit her! How’s everything in your life going Nina? Tell me more about yourself I feel like I’m starting new getting to know you and all.

Nina: A mess! *laughs* All this unnecessary drama with Joshuaa causes tension between Jerry and I. I can’t focus on my foundation charity event coming in a few weeks. You two are the first in sharing this with but Jerry and I aren’t living together at the moment he’s living in a condo in uptown while I stayed in the house in the hills.

Nina’s Interview

“I know its risky sharing such personal information with Billie and Casey, but I want them to know I feel comfortable with them to share this.”


Billie: Nina I never saw this is coming! You got to be kidding me I’m sincerely sorry to hear that. What can I do to help you out?

[Billie’s Interview] I am the first to admit Nina and I haven’t always been good. It’s possible the conversations I have been in on may have caused this, but genuinely I feel awful and sad for her and I don’t want to see her anymore sad than she already is.. *tears up*

Nina: Sorry I don’t want to get too emotional… Anyways my foundation is to help sheltered animals get into loving homes! I’m planning a carnival themed event with an adoption center set up for people to take home doggies!

Billie: That sounds so cool that’s awesome you do that for animals. It takes a person with a heart of gold to do that.

Nina: Thank you Billie means a lot to me *smiles*

[Casey’s Interview] These two ladies are not killing each other?! How is this happening?

Billie: When do we get to meet your lovely mother Casey?

Casey: Pretty soon! Tonight she has royal dinner she has to attend. I tried to get her to invite us but she said we couldn’t tag along.

Billie: She already seems like a legend. I can’t wait to meet her and see more of this beautiful city of Havana.

The ladies continue drinking and chatting as the night goes on. They finally arrive back to the hotel to their separate rooms and go to sleep.



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