S3 — E14: All Bets Are Off

Ladies of Twitter
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Previously on Ladies of Twitter; The recap begins with scenes from Stephanie and Joshuaa meeting up and Stephanie asking him if he would like to adopt her nieces unborn twins. We cut to the next clip of Casey, Nina, and Billie meeting up at the dog park to hash out the drama lingering between Nina and Billie. Casey also invites the ladies last minute on a trip to Havana, Cuba to bring her mother back to Twitter. The final recap shows different scenes of all three ladies in Cuba having fun and getting to know each other a bit more especially Nina and Billie who begin to form a friendship.

The scene commences with aerial shots that pan from the crystal blue Twitter Beach waters to the high rises of Uptown. We then transition to the newly opened Twitter Casino where we see Jac seated at the bar ordering 3 very dirty vodka martinis and a diet coke.

Stephanie, Tyler, Joshuaa, & Jac

Jac’s Confessional: I haven’t seen any of the girls since Casey’s surprisingly tame Botox party the other night so I invited Joshuaa, Tyler and Stephanie to catch up, gamble and drink. We all know these girls love their drinks *turns to producer and laughs*

Tyler: *walks in* Hey Jac.

Jac: Hey Hun!! Perfect timing I’ve just ordered us some drinks Ty! You look so pretty tonight! You’re glowing!!

Tyler: Thanks darling. I don’t feel pretty lately *laughs*

Joshuaa: *walks in with a cocktail* Hey bitches!

Jac: Wooooooo the party is here ladies!

Stephanie: Hey Joshuaa! How are you?

Joshuaa: I’m a bit turnt ladies but good!…

[Jac’s Interview] This is the most odd girls night I’ve ever been to in my life. Joshuaa’s drunk, Tyler’s pregnant and Steph doesn’t really party. I guess I’m getting drunk.

As the ladies begin to catch up on everything that has been happening since Casey’s Botox Party, Jac orders a round of wet pussy shots making a sly joke about her promiscuous past with other girls. Just as Stephanie raises her concerns about Joshuaa and his recent behaviour, Joshuaa informs the girls that he is recently single.

Stephanie: Is that good news?

Jac: Oh Joshuaa! I’m so sorry honey. What happened?

Joshuaa: We went through a lot as you ladies know and we hit a wall. I can’t fix everything in life can I?

Tyler: I know darling and as long as you’re happy, I’m happy for you.

Jac: I’m so sorry honey I didn’t know any of this was happening! You’ll find a better man now lets cheers to that!

Just as the ladies begin to celebrate Joshuaa and his new found freedom, Jac scrolls through his Instagram feed and shows the ladies a photo of Casey, Billie and Nina in Cuba posted from Nina’s Instagram account with the caption reading, ‘With my 2 favourite girls in Cuba’

Jac: So they’re in Cuba bitches! Can you believe it!?!

Joshuaa: Nina is so strange I can’t!

Jac: That’s kind of odd that none of them mentioned anything.

Tyler: From enemies to besties? *laughs* Okay…

Joshuaa: *to Steph* Why are you worried about me?

Stephanie: Because I worried about your stress level and drinking. Coupled with how you are handling the bomb I dropped on you that’s all. I love you dearly and want you happy and healthy.

Joshuaa: *raises hand over Steph’s face* I don’t want to talk about that.

Jac: You can’t put your hand in someone’s face Joshuaa that’s not nice!!!

Stephanie: Which part are you avoiding Joshuaa?

Joshuaa: You know what I’m so done with bitches. *gets up* I don’t want to hear about the fakery of Cuba. I don’t want to hear about the shitty drama with Nina and Steph I don’t want to hear about the baby!

Jac: Baby?! What baby? *turns head*

Steph: Well Joshuaa would you like to tell them?

Joshuaa: Steph’s trying to give me her nieces baby and I don’t want it. Let’s just leave it at that...

Stephanie: *pulls a picture of a sonogram out of purse*

[Jac’s Interview] I don’t know what’s going on with Joshuaa. He’s screaming, he’s drinking, talking about a baby and fakery. Either I’m on a heavy acid trip and I’m the only one that’s confused or nothing is making sense

As Stephanie begins to go into more detail regarding her niece and her recent pregnancy with twins, Joshuaa begins to tear up and storms off leaving the ladies in shock. Jac and Tyler chase after Joshuaa trying to console him.

Joshuaa: Jac please! Just go back over there!

Jac: *raises eyebrows* Wow okay I was just trying to be nice. *walks away and mumbles bitch under my breath*

Joshuaa: Bitch who you calling a bitch? Walk away! *turns to Tyler* I just can’t handle this right now Ty it’s too much.

Tyler: You need to just breath I think Steph was really just trying to be kind and caring. That’s who she is…

Jac: *sits next to Stephanie* She needs to calm down I think it’s time she make the switch to water.

Tyler and Joshuaa re-join Stephanie and Jac who are playing blackjack where Joshuaa apologises to the women for his outburst blaming it on the time of the month and his lack of sex. The ladies all laugh and agree that a good stuffing can solve any problem.

Joshuaa: Ok now lets go play some poker!

Jac: Lets win some money ladies! Mama needs a new Gucci bag. *laughs*

Stephanie: Poker table or slots ladies?

Jac: Are we 75 Stephanie? Poker table. I don’t want to see Nana at the slots!

All the ladies laugh and walk over to the poker table. As they commence playing the camera zooms out with a final shot of the Twitter Grande Casino shown.

City of Twitter
Jac, Tyler, & Jerika
Jac’s Interview

“Today I’m taking my pregnant friend Ty out for a little luncheon. I know it can be a stressful time with Twitter Fashion Week around the corner so I want to check in and make sure nothing is effecting the little bambino.”

Jac: Hey Mama!! Thank you so do you! As you see there is a third seat here. You wouldn’t believe who is joining us…

Tyler: Oh God, who?

Jac: None other then the editor and chief of Twitter Magazine Miss Je-ri-Ka!

Tyler: Ugh. Shit I’m not ready for that alcohol free. She just makes me uncomfortable because her magazine published the cheating rumors about Adam and I.

Jac: I know I should’ve warned you but she called me from a private number minutes before I arrived saying she wants to apologize for her behavior at my doggy funeral. So this should be fun! *laughs*

As the ladies settle in and order some appetizers and nonalcoholic beverages the camera cuts to the exterior of the restaurant where we see Jerika making her way towards the entrance. We cut back to the ladies and Jerika approaching the table to greet them and have a seat across from both Tyler and Jac.

Jerika: Well hello ladies, how are both of you doing?

Jac: Hi Jerika, I’m fine thanks. How are you? I was surprised to get a phone call from you…

Tyler: Hi. I’m well, thanks.

Jerika: I’m good, thanks honey. Look, I really wanted to talk to both of you after what happened at your dogs funeral. I felt horrible about it, and I really wanted to clear the air and explain what happened leading up to it. I hope both of you are ready to listen to what I have to say.

Tyler’s Interview

“This girl just comes up in here expecting that magically we will all sit down and shut up for the crap that will fly out that beak? Ugh.”

Jac: Yes Jerika I’m definitely open to listening, but from what I’ve been hearing from your friend Kylee I don’t really know what I’m listening to.

Tyler: On with it honey…

Jerika: A few weeks before the funeral, I met with my good friend Billie who introduced me to Kylee. I got along great with both of them, but Kylee was definitely speaking negatively about you and Nina. I didn’t think much of it, but Kylee was pushing me to go after Nina especially with my magazine. On my way to the funeral, Kylee was texting me and urging me to come in and go after Nina AND you. She told me that both of you were spreading rumors about me and my magazine!

The scene continues on as Jerika spills endless tea about Kylee wanting her to go after Jac and Nina. She even pulls out text messages and shows the ladies what was said. Tyler then changes the topic of conversation to Jerika writing bogus stories about her marriage and demands an apology. Jerika is completely taken back and gives him one backhanded apology which leaves the ladies starting to bickering with one another. Jerika continuously throws jabs at Tyler’s pregnancy and Tyler walks out with Jac following along.

A Few Nights Later…

Billie, Joshuaa, Jac, Kylee, Nina, Stephanie, & Tyler
Kylee’s Interview

“TODAY’S THE BIG DAY! It’s my book release party and I’m SO excited! I invited all the ladies but some were unable to make it. Casey has family over though so I’m not mad at her because families definitely a priority always! I did invite Jac which I know we’re not on the best of terms but all her friends are coming so I thought it’d be rude to not include her.”

everyone is walking in saying hello, saying how cute everyone looks, and wishing Kylee well that her book is FINALLY being released Joshuaa starts off the night with the fact Billie hasn’t returned her agents phone call

Joshuaa: Billie! What’s with you running off on holiday with Nina!? I was like she can go on holiday but not respond to my assistant about her role on my new show.

Billie: Oh girl Casey done invited me and Nina to her old stomping grounds, but whose agent contacted who?

Joshuaa: My assistant called yours to finalize filming dates; that’s all, just get back to her we have to get moving on the show girl!

[Billie’s Interview] I see what Joshuaa is doing here, this a test to see if I betray him and I see right through it..FYI his agent NEVER contacted me? Hell I’ll take a “decent” job when offered to me.

Nina: On a lighter note you should’ve seen Billie grinding on the Cuban men!! We had a blast.. Didn’t we B?

Jac: That is what I like to hear Billie girl a single gal like you deserves a Cuban man in YOUR LIFEEEE!!

Kylee: I’d like to say a couple of words if I may. I just would like to thank you all for coming to my new cookbook release party! This one’s called “Kylee Vanderia: The Perfect Guide to Healthy Meals!” and it has over one hundred recipes for weight loss, healthy weight gain and everything in between! Again I’d like to thank you all for coming and for everyone who supported me and helped make another book happen!

[Joshuaa’s Interview] I’ve never seen Kylee pick up a whisk or even a frying pan, writing a cook book doesn’t make sense to me.


[Jac’s Interview] A book about healthy eating with the author being a size 18… Does it make sense to you? Exactly me either.

Joshuaa: Girls where is Casey she is super MIA lately.

Billie: We have told you Joshuaa she is back at her home with her mother that she hasn’t seen in 10 years, do you get that?

Jac: Billie and Nina I really need you two to come over here *ushers them to a corner in the event center* Girls! Jerika called me yesterday. She met up with Tyler and I to discuss the dog funeral and was the tea spilled and she exposed someone in this room, you will never guess who..

Jac: Do you guys remember when Kylee sent us those messages between her and Jerika? She edited them to make herself look good! She hyped Jerika up to the point of no return then threw her under the bus. Kylee wanted Jerika to come after Nina and I. She wanted Jerika to “end” us!


Billie: What the fuck is up with this Kylee girl!

Nina: Should we confront this manipulative conniving bitch?

Jac: We need to do something! She’s going around saying I’ve been trashing her husband and her family when she’s done so much worse to me. I hate a bitch that plays victim…

meanwhile Tyler and Kylee are talking about the incident the other day when Tyler and Jac ran into Jerika.

Tyler: Your good friend was talking about you the other day darling she was saying you tried to be her puppet master. She is just pure trash I wish she hadn’t been brought into the group or even around me.

Kylee: Hmm, all I did was hype her up because I was mad at certain individuals. But you can defiantly say that again *sips champagne and smirks* I wasn’t the one to bring her in, that was ALL BILLIE REED!!!

Joshuaa: *to Kylee* I wonder what those two are up to in the corner…

Nina: *whispers to Jac* Oh god the drunk is starting to shout things out. She’s looking over here…

Joshuaa: Do Nina and Jac always have to complain about something or always be huddled up together. The Jac and Nina show is long time retired and off air, they’re exhausting.

Jac: What was that Joshuaa… Did I hear something from you about mine and Nina’s spinoff called “The Jac & Nina Show”

Stephanie: Some people are made for the spotlight, then some are steadily trying to steal it.


Joshuaa: Why don’t you come up with something a bit more original, you’re fake as fuck bitch try me!

Kylee: Shut up Jac you’re so rude.

Jac: * ignores Kylee* Let’s talk about what you don’t want out there and that is the fact that you were sprawled all over the front of a national magazine because of your drinking problem.

Joshuaa: So what I like to drink, I know you don’t mind a few dicks in you, don’t you? I’ve heard all about you hoe, and the FOURSOME You, Tom, Nina and Jerry set up.


Jac: Kylee as for you, you are nothing but a broke down wore out nursing home Paula Dean knock off. Joshuaa as for you hoe? Girl you’ve brought in at least two men each season.

Kylee: *throws sandwich at Jac* Here you anorexic bitch eat up I know you need the food.

Jac: I will Kylee but it won’t be your cooking would prefer not to get food poisoning bitch! *blows a kiss*

Joshuaa: Jac just fucking leave, you and Nina are nothing but trouble.

Jac: No bitch you leave! Who are you to kick someone out!


Jac: You know what I will leave it was great seeing you girls. Joshuaa I’d recommend you stop drinking. Kylee I hope you motherfucking die tomorrow!

As Nina and Jac are walking out they continue yelling insults towards Kylee and Joshuaa. The insults begin to take a toll on Joshuaa who out of a drunken rage runs after Nina and attacks her in the lobby of the library.

Nina: *walks back to the bar to get my bag* take that bitch to a rehab!

Joshuaa: Nina you’re pathetic, and such a coward!

Nina: You’re a useless cunt and no one wants that mangled up vagina.

Joshuaa attacking Nina



[Joshuaa’s Interview] I’ll never be in the same room as Jac or Nina I’m done! Thanks. Goodbye. I only really care for Tyler and Steph at this point.

As the altercation is diffused with Nina and Jac leaving the event Joshuaa is taken back inside where he walks into the conversation between Billie and Kylee where things are starting to get heated.


Billie: Hold on Kylee let’s get it right if you didn’t HYPE JERIKA UP AND EDIT THE CONVERSATION YOU SHOWED US TO MAKE JERIKA LOOK LIKE A VILLAN THIS wouldn’t have happened. So FUCK YOU KYLEE!!!


Tyler: Oh no my water just broke.

Billie, Kylee, and Joshuaa: WHAT OH MY GOD!

Tyler: Kidding! I wanted to get everyone’s attention and stop this madness.

Billie: Anyways back to the problem Kylee, because this is really bothering.

Kylee: Oh please shut up Billie she was your puppet. All I did was hype her up! Now you can leave *steps in Billie’s face* leave or you WILL regret it.

Billie: At least I don’t have failing businesses. Do you want to talk about the fact you have to lease your car, and cannot even afford to buy a vehicle?

Kylee: I own all my cars! Failing business my ass try again! You’re excused, security please escort this poor little girl to her taxi. *security escorts her out*

[Kylee’s Interview] This party was horrible, like worse than Jac’s funeral horrible I hope to never see Jac or Billie again. And seriously? Coming after my business Billie? Try again. I’m paid, I’m rich and as you’ll see when you watch the show, TONS of people were here and my husband wasn’t up anyone’s skirt. My God.

City of Twitter



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