S3 — E20: Reunion Part One

City of Twitter
Billie, Casey, Joshuaa, (Andy), Nina, Tyler, Jac, & Stephanie

Andy: Hey everybody welcome to the Ladies of Twitter reunion. I’m Andy Cohen joined by the fabulous radiant ladies of Twitter. Let’s dive right in shall we! A new year in Twitter meant the welcoming of some fresh faces and a familiar one let’s take a look into the lives of our latest additions, Jac Carter, Stephanie Abbott, and Billie Reed.

Andy: I’m going to start with Jac, during the application process I didn’t know what to expect, but you killed it out the gate and the viewers loved you! What made you want to try out for the show and what are your thoughts on how you were portrayed looking back now?

Jac: Aww thank you Andy. That’s so sweet. Well I’ve been great friends with Nina for a few years now and she’s been urging me to apply but I was always quite hesitant. Then when I had my business fall out with Ty *grabs Tyler’s hand* it felt like the perfect platform for me to grow my business and my brand. As for my portrayal I think it’s been quite accurate. I’m a unique individual that laughs big, cries big and when I’m angry brings big drama.

Nina: It felt great having an honest friend who had my back 100% throughout filming this year. Beside Tyler I would consider Jac a really good friend of mine and I’m happy she decided to apply.


Andy: Why are you rolling your eyes Joshuaa? Something you want to share?

Joshuaa: I mean… She’s said she joined the show because of her fallout with Tyler it says a lot.

Jac: Girl you’ve been on the show and destroyed your relationship with your sister in law to be. At least when I joined the show I made amends with Tyler.

Jac: *mumbles* I guess she doesn’t have her liquid courage.

Andy: Speaking of Stephanie you live such a laid back calm life what made you decide to get involved with this hectic group of ladies? Do you regret signing up and has it hurt or helped your business?

Stephanie: Well, Andy that’s true I do live a very laid back and private life but I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet some new friends and get closer with my bestie Tyler. I don’t regret it at all. It was a HUGE learning experience.

Andy: Great answer Stephanie! *To Joshuaa* Did you feel your relationship with Tyler threaten when Stephanie joined in knowing they have a much longer history than you two do?

Joshuaa: Oh no not at all! Stephanie hit it out the park she really wanted to get to know me and know my story. It was great to have her join the cast.

Andy: Billie, we all know you from Twitter Palace and the character you played so being in front of a camera isn’t something new to you. Out of all the ladies here who do you think is putting on a show for the cameras and not being 100% real?

Billie: Honestly Andy, I would say from what I have experienced Joshuaa is the most manufactured, and calculated. I mean people can say I’m acting as well but in reality I’m not.


Andy: So I want to hear what some of our OG’s thoughts of the new ladies. I have some questions for you… Casey, we all know you have a bit of a problem with Stephanie for a moment but what do you feel she brought to the show?

Casey: First of all… Who are we talking about? Stephanie? I thought her name was Leslie this whole time. She brought her loud ass lips to every conversations that’s what I feel.

Andy: Stephanie do you have anything to say in your defense?

Stephanie: Be Blessed Casey.

Andy: Bouncing back to what Nina mentioned earlier Joshuaa I want to know what your actual thoughts are on Jac since you claimed half the season you didn’t know her?

Joshuaa: Oh goodness *flicks hair* you know I didn’t film with Jac for a while when we started, and the few times I did bump into her she would try to get in between me and Nina and I just got frustrated. I really don’t know much about her and she knows nothing about me other than what people have told her. She is Nina’s lap dog and was ready to hate me and attack me like Nina does.

Jac: Wow that was a mouth full Joshuaa and a complete lie might I add.

Nina: You got frustrated at her trying to help us out yet the whole season you looked for help from Stephanie and Tyler. Did they not frustrate you as well?

Jac: Let’s call a spade a spade Joshuaa. You don’t like me because you are deprived. You are deprived of a man, you are deprived of love, and you are deprived of happiness. You attacked me from the get go because I am blessed with a lot of things you don’t have.


Joshuaa: I just would like to say one thing. Yes I make mistakes and yes I can be rude and obnoxious, I have apologized for most of my wrongdoings this season. But I have not continuously been nasty about someone’s issues, life, looks, relationships etc like Nina and Jac have to me and it’s wrong!

Andy: MOVING ON! After a year off to care to her ill husband Casey returned to the Twitter scene a widow looking for an outlet to keep her mind off all the things going wrong in her personal life let’s take a look.


Andy: Casey I’m so sorry for your lost! How are the boys doing now? I know it’s hard to watch those flashback scenes of you and Herman during season 1.

Casey: I’m just very emotional.

Billie: It has been rough for you Casey, and I’m glad I could be a friend for you this season.

Casey: The boys are fine! Frankie has been accepted to university in Madrid so I’m happy for him! Kyle is still my little boy it was difficult to watch him again! I play back every good and bad memory about Herman. I just thank those who have been close to me! Thank you Billie! I love you.

Casey: *grabs Joshuaa’s hand* Thank you all for coping with my wacky self.

Stephanie: I’m sure that excludes me who you don’t know.

Casey: Congrats on ruining a great moment, just be quiet from now on.


Billie: Does everything have to be about you Stephanie, EVERYTIME!

Andy: It’s so great to see you some of you come together for Casey in her time of need.I have a viewer question for you Casey. Are you angry with him for leaving all of this on your shoulders?

Casey: I’m not angry with him! He was my husband I loved and will always have a space for him in my heart. A true marriage that is something that these ladies have never experienced.


Andy: Well, moving along. It was a night of celebration for Tyler as he chartered a yacht for his birthday party, but when Jac showed up slightly wasted causing a fuss it put the ladies in an awkward situation and Nina having to pick and choose her battles wisely. Roll the clip!

Andy: Tyler so explain to me the whole situation with Jac and her interning for you?

Tyler: Okay well intern is a bit small of a term, Jac was more than an intern.

Jac: I was not an intern of hers.

Tyler: Jac came on board with my team for some guidance, she had very creative and innovative designs we all loved what she brought to the team.

Andy: Jac do you agree with Tyler or want to explain your side of things?

Jac: Oh definitely, you know Andy fashion is a field I’ve studied for and worked in for years so I came on to help Tyler as much as possible. Tyler openly says he doesn’t have the qualifications that I have the only thing that annoyed me was the way our relationships dissolved but we’ve moved on.

Tyler: Wait… That isn’t accurate and I’ve never said that Jac.

Jac: Ty you aren’t a designer designer. You don’t sketch or sow.


Tyler: I may not have the number of degrees that you do, but I have worked with high profile fashion companies like Saks 5th Avenue.

Nina: Jac I’ve seen Tyler selecting fabrics and putting together mood boards.

Joshuaa: I’ve also seen some of his sketches.

Andy: How is Jac By Jac Cartert doing where can we find your designs?

Jac: I’ve just inked an amazing deal with Nordstrom. So my gowns will be nationwide in the next year thank you so much for asking!

Andy: That’s great Jac! Good luck with your future endeavors. What about you Tyler how is your line coming along I know you mentioned a store front opening soon...

Tyler: Currently we are in Saks 5th Avenue, Macy’s, and several smaller boutiques. Yes, I am in the process of opening up a store on 5th Ave in Uptown Twitter to sell more Design By Tyler pieces. I’m very excited for the future!

Andy: I have a viewer question for Nina regarding the Yacht Party incident: Nina why did you feel like you needed to back up Jac in this when your loyalty should have been to Tyler as it was his event and he has been your friend longer.


Nina: *laughs* Well the funny thing is Jac and I have been friends longer than Tyler give or take a few months, but I’m always going to stand up for the underdog and that night Jac was indeed the underdog. It doesn’t help that she is close to my heart so I will fight 10x harder for her, and the same goes for SOME of you ladies on the stand... *points to Joshuaa* not you.... My intent was never to make Tyler feel like I was choosing sides *turns to Tyler* I’m sorry if you felt that way I would never turn my back on you, but you see why I stood up for Jac in the heat of the moment.

Jac: Awww thank you Nina you know I love you!

Tyler: I understand you standing up for Jac, and I appreciate you saying that you would have mine. But you can also understand how looking at it from in the moment it could be seen as offense to me or a viewer. I don’t see it that way watching back though, to clarify.


To Be Continued…




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