S4 — E13: The City of Lights: Part Un

The scene continues on after all the ladies have went back to their rooms from Stephanie’s suite to get some rest or so it appeared. Jac is shown getting dolled up as a knock on her door is heard, she opens it and it is Joshuaa and Tyler almost dolled up and ready to go. We see the three ladies exit the elevator in the lobby and into a taxi as they head over to a nightclub that is owned by one of Jac’s friends. They arrive and are met at the entrance by her friend and immediately escorted into the club that has thumping dance music blasting.

Jac: Girls are we ready?? This is one of the hottest nightclubs in all of Paris and yes bitches we have VIP access.

Joshuaa: Girls let me tape my girls away quick

Tyler: I’m excited!

“Tom and I have known the owners of this nightclub for about 5 years. All I had to do was put in a sneaky phone call and *snap* VIP access and bottles ready for us on arrival.”

Jac: Ok girls now let’s go to our section *points to large roped off area*

The ladies have a seat and begin mixing drinks for themselves.

Tyler: Joshuaa. Can I say something?

Joshuaa: Oh, sure Ty…

Tyler: I would like to say I’m sorry if I sounded bitchy at the Fashion Week After Party. I was stressed and upset overall that Steph was the only one to show up.

Joshuaa: That’s fine I’m glad you’ve said that I don’t want any tension between us. I just didn’t like what you were accusing me of, but it’s water under the bridge now.

Tyler: I just want to put it all behind us if we can. We’re in Paris bitches!

Jac: I’ve ordered us a few drinks to celebrate!

The host then comes over to the ladies talk with a round of shots that we see then toss back quickly. She then returns with another round and informs them that a group of guys seated at the bar sent them over to the ladies and they giggle as they turn and wave then down the shots. Tyler then orders another round of shots.

Jac: I live! I never want this night to end! *hugs both ladies*

Tyler: So I ordered some wet pussies… Everyone loves a wet pussy!

Joshuaa: Oh you know it bitch! Especially Mrs. Abbott! *laughs*


“These girls keep talking about Steph loving “wet pussy,” plus her reaction to me saying she wishes Quinn was here was quite odd. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m confused. Is Steph a lesbian?”

The scene concludes with the ladies dancing and continuing to throw back shots as the hostess keeps them coming, and Joshuaa pulls out his phone to FaceTime with Nina as the ladies cheers to her and tell her that they miss her and wish she was on the trip with them. We then get a glimpse of the Paris nightlife before transitioning back to the exterior of the hotel.

We see Lauralie and Jerika sitting in the lounge bar at the hotel. They have glasses of wine in their hand as they talk to each other about family and just life.

Lauralie: How are you holding up? Are the things better with your husband?

Jerika: You know Lauralie it has been very difficult but you know me, I’m a smart successful business woman and I will come out on top with this whole divorce settlement. He is the definition of a scum bug. Are you not nervous to be going back to place you once lived before and seeing new and old family members?

Lauralie: Great to hear. It’s remarkably difficult time for people. You know I’m separated with my husband for a year now. It seems like we want to give each other a second chance. We will see. I’m so happy that I’m back in France. I wouldn’t say that I’m nervous. I can’t wait to see my mom. I haven’t told this to anyone, but I was raised only by my mother.

Jerika: *gasps* Oh no, I’m sorry but look how you turned out. You’re such a wonderful woman.

Lauralie: Thank you. My father died in car accident when I was two years old, so I didn’t know him at all…

Jerika: That’s so sad Lauralie. I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m really sorry that happened to you. Well you aren’t nervous but I am… Being here considering the relationships I have with these ladies. They seem to not even want to acknowledge me. It is very difficult to be around such woman with such poor character.

Lauralie: I hope they can behave… Otherwise we will leave them in Reims and good luck coming back to Paris… *laughs*

Jerika: That would be downright embarrassing. I actually wouldn’t mind the van leaving them there. Imagine them trying to speak French! *laughs* Well girl let’s go get some rest, but first let’s down this shot!

The Next Morning…

Lauralie, Stephanie, and Jerika are all shown getting ready and having their morning coffee and breakfast. They arrive down to the lobby a few minutes later. The camera then cuts Joshuaa, Jac, and Tyler who are shown moving glacier pace as they get ready after a rough nigh out partying. We see flashbacks of them downing shots and dancing with strangers. 10 minutes pass and the ladies in the lobby decide to get in the bus that is waiting to take them to Riems, France the hometown of Lauralie and champagne. 25 minutes pops up on screen and we finally see the 3 ladies getting on the bus looking and without acknowledging the others have a seat and fall back to sleep.

1 Hour and 30 Minutes Later…

Lauralie: We’re here, ladies!

Jac: Yay… *monotone voice*

Jerika: I’m so excited! It is so beautiful here.

Stephanie: It looks so gorgeous!

Lauralie: Let’s go inside.

The ladies follow Lauralie to the front door where she knocks excitedly as she sees her mother coming to the door to greets Lauralie with a huge hug as tears roll down Lauralie’s face. She then begins speaking French to her mother and introduces the ladies to her.

Jac: Please don’t knock so loud. *laughs*

Joshuaa: Oh god it smells out here ima puke…

“I’m beyond thrilled that my mother and I can see each other face-to-face after two years. Too bad that my daughters aren’t here to witness this moment. I hope ladies can appreciate this trip to my family’s house, and they can behave. I can’t wait. I have goosebumps all over me.”

Lauralie: Mon dieu, tu m’as tant manqué.

Constance (Lauralie’s mother): Ma chérie, tu es superbe.

Tyler: Mon dieu, le soliel est trop lumineux.

Lauralie: Thank you mama, she welcomes you all! *smiles*

Joshuaa: *burps* May I please get a glass of water sir? Oh sorry Madame…

Joshuaa: *whispers to Jac* Is that the right way to say it?

Jac: Girl I have no clue. For all I know they’re calling us a bunch of whacked out whores. *shrugs shoulders*

“ Joshuaa and Jac are doing a lot of complaining. Geez. Just hush so we can make it back to Paris in 1 piece.”

Jerika: These girls look dehydrated, they need some water ASAP!

Jac: I say we get some drinks and keep this bender going.

Lauralie: Let’s go outside my mother and I will make you something to drink.

Joshuaa: Brilliant thank you so mucho.

Lauralie’s mother escorts the group of ladies out to her patio where the scenic view overlooks miles and miles of vineyards. They all have a seat at the table as Lauralie pops open some bottles of wine and champagne made from her families own vineyard.

Lauralie: So we have here one of the best champagne made in France and wine too. My mother prepared for us Prawn and salmon terrine, Salmon mousse choux pastries. Enjoy ladies.

Jerika: How’s your head feeling ladies?

Joshuaa: Oh I feel great thanks…

Tyler: I’m pretty hungover, but I’ll do. I haven’t went like that in years *chuckles* This is stunning Lauralie!

Jac: *takes glasses off and is blinded by the sun* Oh wow Lauralie this is gorgeous. *yawns*

“We get it that Tyler, Joshuaa and Jac are hungover. Hush if you don’t have the decency to not meet peoples family inebriated.”

Jac: So tell us Mrs Rose. How was Lauralie growing up?

Joshuaa: Oh yes we’d love to know what’s brought her to this state… *sips*

Constance (Lauralie’s mother): *speaks in French*

Lauralie: So my mom is really proud of me. *starts to cry* I didn’t tell you all, but I was brought up only by my mother. My father died in car accident when I was a toddler, so I didn’t know him very well. She worked very hard. As a single parent, it was really tough on her. She’s proud that I finished my university in Paris, and I found love my life and… Even though that I didn’t have everything, I’m so pleased to say I have the best mother in the world. I’m not gonna lie I was a rebel. Well, I think all of us were in our adolescents. Some of them still are… *looks at Joshua, Jac, Tyler*

“What is this a damn Oscars speech? Lauralie girl have a drink and calm down”

“Her daughter is a bit of an ice princess, but oh well I guess this apple fell quite far from the tree”

Stephanie: That’s so sweet Lauralie.

Tyler: I’m so sorry to hear that honey.

Jac: Please tell your mom she’s done a fab job raising you. *downs drink*

Joshuaa: We all have our flaws… So what did you girls get up to last night?

Jerika: We had a really nice dinner and talked about our personal lives.

Jac: Who’s we?

Jerika: Lauralie and I. We had no idea where you girls went.

Jac: I’m hoping you two *points at Lauralie and Jerika* only discussed your personal lives and nothing else. One of my friends owns the hottest nightclub in Paris so we went out.

“And clearly you didn’t shower after because you still smell like a hot mess. I’ve honestly lost so much respect for these girls after seeing their behavior today. Even that hot mess Roxy would have behaved better.”

As the table becomes awkwardly silent Stephanie tells Lauralie they should be heading back to the city now as they have some site-seeing to do. Lauralie agrees as all the ladies thank Lauralie’s mother we see Stephanie take a picture of the two before they’re off in the bus back to Paris.

“I’m not a crier type, but it really stroked me to see my mother again. There was a year that we hadn’t have a money to buy groceries, but she is a strong woman and that’s where I get my strength from to carry on. Some of these ladies behavior was… Questionable… Etiquette and good manners, ladies. If your parents didn’t teach you that, someone has to.”

Later That Evening…

One by one the ladies arrive to Stephanie’s suite where a fabulous meal has been prepared for the evening. They each greet each other and comment on each others outfits of the night. Stephanie tells the ladies to have a seat wherever they like as she pours out glasses of champagne in each flute for them.


Stephanie: So do you honey!

Joshuaa: The hangovers gone and I’m ready to have a nice evening in Paris!

“I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on my behavior at Lauralie’s today and I do owe her an apology. I was a little rude but that’s because I’ve had a lot built up that I plan on releasing tonight. I hope these bitches are ready.”

Stephanie: WOW all you ladies look amazing tonight!

Jac: Steph you’ve decked the suite out!

Joshuaa: Sooooo…. What do you have planned for us tonight Steph?

Lauralie: Hey ladies!

Jac: We’re great Lauralie. Your outfit for tonight is very *gulps* interesting…

Steph makes an announcement that Jac by Jac Carter is sold out following finishing the contacts for Jac’s company, the ladies cheers to success

Jac: *brings hands together* Thank you beautiful Steph. Honestly it wouldn’t have been achievable without Tyler’s support. We have so many orders that his investment is crucial…. OKAY ladies lets all sit down, there’s a lot for us to talk about

Joshuaa: So Lauralie I see you have something to say, dressed like that… why don’t you say what’s on your mind? Lets address it.

Lauralie: Putting me in the hot seat already? Well, I don’t have anything to say… Unless you want to say something about yesterday.

Jac: It was earlier today but okay… Then I’ll start, Lauralie I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on my behavior from EARLIER TODAY and I truly want to apologize to you for my antics. I was definitely a touch out of line but I think it all stems back to some unresolved issues between you, Jerika, Joshuaa and I

“We haven’t even made through the salad yet before the Come to Jesus Meeting started.”

Jerika: We literally just repeated what Joshuaa told us.

Joshuaa: Oh come on *waves* bring it over…

Jac: Joshuaa says he didn’t say that.

Stephanie rolls her eyes in annoyance.

Jerika: Well clearly you haven’t taken the medicine Lauralie gave you because you are still FULL OF SHIT!

Joshuaa: Its like talking to dumb and dumber.

Jac: Jerika, did Joshuaa say out of his mouth that I snort cocaine and inject heroine?

Jerika: He said that at least HE is not snorting or injecting and we should talk to YOU about that… I may not be a rocket scientist, but that sounds to me like he was insinuating you’re on drugs… I know you would never do drugs like that Jac, but he still SAID IT!


Lauralie: How about smoking a joint in my house?

Jac: *rolls eyes* I smoked a joint Lauralie, lord knows you could use one.

Stephanie: That’s hardly a drug…

Jerika: To be honest I wouldn’t have even brought it up, but the only reason I did at the gala was because I couldn’t deal with the fake BS.

Joshuaa: Baby you’re the fakest woman I’ve ever met so lets not go there.

Jerika: At least I’m not a drunken mess, make sure you don’t get behind the wheel of a car this time bitch…

As Lauralie agrees with Jerika, Joshuaa stands up points in Jerikas direction

Joshuaa: Listen to me peroxide, maybe you have some bleach in your ears, You’re talking about something you know nothing about! I was never an alcoholic! At least I’m not a cheater on my husband! Rinse him of his money to carry on with that trashy thing you call a magazine. You’re a joke.

Stephanie: WOAH let’s keep it classy, bringing marries into it is uncalled for.

Tyler: marriages are off limits…

Joshuaa: Oh come on! Steph please… Just relax!

Tyler: I’ve been on the other end of marriage nastiness!

“So Jerika is apparently the morality police. She fucks her husbands nephew and then questions us about our behavior.”

Joshuaa: It’s okay for these hoes to run their mouths on me, and I cant defend myself?

Jac: Shes made her marriage a topic of discussion!

Stephanie: It’s not a double standard. Stop talking about people’s relationships. Find something other ammo to defend yourself.

Joshuaa: Oh I cant with you… She’s not even married anymore!

Tyler: just let it die…

Joshuaa: I’m leaving I’ve had enough of this, don’t worry about my past or how much you know I was hurting, yet its fine for them to throw it all in my face? Okay…

Joshuaa gets up and grabs his purse and demics himself and walks out of the suite and slams the door behind him… We see him walking into the elevator and the doors closing as we cut back to the dinner table.

Stephanie: If you don’t want your mug shot brought up then don’t have one!

Jac: WOW. Steph you should know where your loyalties lie.

Tyler: Joshuaa should know what I went through and how it made me feel.

Steph: My loyalties are with right and wrong. I don’t have to condone a friends behavior if I don’t agree. If you want a “yes” man, I’m not the one.

As tempers continue to rise, Jerika reminds the group to talk all they want about his failed marriage since he published it in his magazine, Jac decides to also leave following more back and forth with Jerika, Tyler and Stephanie.The ladies cheers as the Parisian nightlife can be seen in the background.

Jerika: Now they are gone lets just enjoy our night!



Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 12 seasons ahead of the Season 13 premiere on July 2!

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Ladies of Twitter

Ladies of Twitter

Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 12 seasons ahead of the Season 13 premiere on July 2!