S4 — E2: A Change of Plans

(L to R): Lauralie, Joshuaa, Tyler, Jac, Stephanie, Jerika
City of Twitter
Tyler & Lauralie

As the scene opens up we get various shots of the ladies going about their day to day activities. We then focus on Tyler who is on 5th Ave the luxurious shopping strip in Twitter where the location of his new storefront will be.

Tyler’s Interview

“Today I’m meeting with a new interior designer who I am hoping can help me design the best storefront that anyone has ever seen!”

Lauralie: *opens the door* Hello? Tyler? Are you there?

Tyler: Hi how’re you? Great to finally meet you!

Lauralie: Hello you look fabulous! I see so much space I’m loving it already.

Tyler: I’m wonderful thanks you look great too. I want it to be an open concept with stunning fixtures throughout. What do you think would be best and how was your trip to Europe?

Lauralie: I was visiting my relatives and just catching up with old friends it was a fabulous trip. So this will be your boutique, right? *smiles*

Tyler: It will, I’m already involved with my fashion lines, and will be making a story of it. Tell me more about yourself darling I want to hear it all.

Lauralie: I hope that I will get some discount if we will be working together. *laughs* Unfortunately I didn’t bring my portfolio, but I have pictures on my phone. I’m already thinking about minimalism with glamour it looks modern and clear. What you think?

Tyler: I adore that! Minimalism is exactly what I’m going for!

Lauralie: Well, even though I wasn’t working for couple years I’m always with latest trends. I think you will be shocked, but I’m not from here. I don’t even have an accent, I married a rich businessman when I was 18 years old. I moved to him starting new life I didn’t know anyone I did feel alone, but I really loved him and I wanted to be with him. We separated two years ago we have two beautiful daughters. I haven’t been working after the second child it was the best decision to my kids, because you want to see them grow up.

Tyler: Absolutely darling, I was a stay at home mom for a while and it was so rewarding. But fashion called and here I am now. *laughs* I still love spending time with my three gorgeous daughters they and my husband are my loves. So have you met many women in Twitter yet?

Lauralie: Well, I’m mad at myself that my marriage didn’t work, but now I feel happier. We were fighting every day it wasn’t good for the kids. Good thing that some marriages still works quite well in Twitter. No I haven’t I’m more a guy’s girl I don’t have many girlfriends. Therefore, it’s good opportunity to meet someone new.


Tyler: Well sometime you will have to come to dinner with me and my outspoken, loud, fun friends honey! Or wait, how about coming to my Sip & See for my daughter Emma later this week?

Lauralie: I would love that! Are they as nice as you? *giggles*

Tyler: They’re crazy for sure so be prepared honey!

Lauralie: Should I take with me pepper spray?

Tyler: I don’t think so, but don’t let it be too far away!

Lauralie: It was really nice meeting you we have a lot of work, though. By the way I brought wine, but I forgot about glass.

Tyler: Here, I’ll grab some out of the back office, we have a full kitchen there and we can have a glass to toast to a beautiful new friendship!

Tyler disappears to the back of the store for a moment and emerges with two wine glasses in hand and a corkscrew. Lauralie opens the bottle and fills both glasses.


Lauralie: To new friendships and successful cooperation of course.

Tyler: Cheers to that darling!

Tyler’s Interview

“The fashion line is taking off SO well and I am living every second of it to the fullest. So the fact that I’m finally opening the boutique this is the icing on my deliciously successful cake.”

Stephanie & Jerika

As upbeat pop music plays in the background the scene opens up to various shots of an gated community in Twitter. We see big mansions, expensive cars, fancy dogs being walked up and down the sidewalks before focusing on a home and “Stephanie’s house” is written across the screen. The camera cuts to the interior of her home as it pans from room to room showing off its beautiful decor and design. The doorbell rings and Stephanie is shown coming down the stairs and opens the door to greet Jerika and takes her to the living room to sit and chat.

Stephanie’s Interview

“Boy has it ever been a busy few days. I had to leave the Halloween party early due to a family emergency. I’m sure something happened after I left I don’t know Jerika well personally so I invited her over for coffee and just to chat.”

Jerika: Hey Stephanie, how’s everything? I’ve been worried for you since you had to leave the Halloween party early.

Stephanie: I’m okay Quin was rushed to the hospital. It’s been a whirlwind ever since then. They think he had a mild heart attack so crazy he’s the healthiest person I know. My friend is coming over to prepare some heart healthy meals for him this weekend.

Jerika: That’s so scary I hope he’s okay!

Stephanie: But other than that I think I’m okay. If I’m honest with you, off the record the marriage hasn’t been the best lately. *tears up*

Jerika: I’m sorry to hear that. *pats on back* I’ve been having my own marriage issues lately and my divorce is getting uglier than ever!

Jerika’s Interview

“I know I had issues with Stephanie last year but now that we have been able to open up with each other, and she’s shown me a more vulnerable side of her. I feel like we can get along she seems like a very nice person.”

Stephanie: I’m so sorry to hear that what’s going on legally?

Jerika: I’m going through a very bad divorce, I’ve had a horrible marriage with my husband for years, and now that we are finally divorcing he is trying to take everything. We never had a prenup and he feels entitled to my business and money. I’m worried I think I overshared information about my situation at Jac’s Halloween party since I had just come from court.

Stephanie: It’s your truth don’t worry about oversharing there are some incredible women in this group you should feel all kinds of support. From a legal perspective, have you ever thought of hiring a private investigator to bring tangible proof to court of his cheating?

Jerika: This was my plan for years because I knew I was going to divorce him one day and I have a ton of evidence, but now the situation has gotten more complicated. I don’t know how it happened but I ended up sleeping with his nephew and he found out! Now he is threatening to expose me!


Stephanie: Oh Jerika, blackmail is against the law.

Jerika: I know I know, but we have such a toxic relationship. We’ve both been blackmailing each other for years and I realized it’s consumed my life. I’ve turned Twitter Magazine into such a dark and hateful tabloid and it’s all because of what he was putting me through.

Stephanie: I totally understand. You know when you are hurting you tend to hurt others.

Stephanie and Jerika continue chatting a bit more about Jerika’s divorce and if it can be settled in private with no media attention. Stephanie continues to offer up some advice and tells Jerika if she needs anymore legal advice to let her know. The scene ends with the ladies sipping coffee in Stephanie’s living room as the camera zooms out and we get an aerial view of the home.

The Following Morning

Nina & Jac

As we get interior shots around the gym we see Nina on the floor stretching with the very attractive trainer as she waits on Jac to arrive. The two talk and laugh as Nina playfully punches his muscular arm, just then the door swings open and in walks Jac sipping her protein shake as she witnesses the flirtation going on.

Jac: Hoe get your ass away from my trainer! *laughs*

Nina: Girl shut up! How are you? *hugs*

Jac: I’m great my love how are you? Did you have fun the other night?

Nina: Oh girl you know I did! I remember Tom throwing you over his shoulders to take your ass home.

Jac: That wasn’t the only time he was throwing me over his shoulder that night girl! *laughs*


Nina: So what did you talk to Joshuaa about?

Jac: You know I just apologized. I’m over the back and forth mess with that. I want us to just move on *starts skipping rope* we both agreed we need a one on one sit down.

Nina: That’s cute! Joshuaa and I are good so it would be really great for me if you two make up as well so I’m not stuck in the middle.

Jac: That’s one of the main reasons I want to make up with him. When I first came into this group I thought the three of us could be like sisters, but it all went so bad *flashbacks of last years fight* hopefully when we sit down it’ll be resolved. What did you think of Jerika and the water works about the husband, and the nephew?

Nina: Girl who says that at a party! *the trainer puts his hands on my waist to position me correctly* anyways… I don’t think she should be talking about herself or problems at events it’s tacky.

Jac: So tacky and very messy like who fucks their husbands nephew! *to trainer* Get your hands off my lover!

Nina: That’s your friend girl!

The girls continue working out and checking out the trainer as he goes around helping people in the gym. They talk about Nina and her possibly moving to Los Angeles for the off season with Jerry. They finish up their work out and Nina suggest they go to a juice bar for some kale shots, but Jac grabs her hand and leads her to the bar across the street for a some brunch mimosas.

A Few Days Later…

City of Twitter
Tyler, Joshuaa, & Nina

The scene begins at Tyler’s store as we see him doing a walk through with his contractor as he points out things that still need to be done before Tyler can begin to officially move in. The front doorbell rings and we see Nina walk in and as Tyler makes his way to the front of the store to greet her. The camera then cuts to Joshuaa who is walking fast down the street to the store and she walks in.

Nina: Hey boo! *looks around* Wow Ty this location is so amazing! Right on the main shopping strip!

Joshuaa: Hey girls! I’m late I’m sorry!

Tyler: Hey gorgeous! Thanks *air kisses* I can’t wait to have my designs all over the place. Hey Joshuaa! You both look amazing today.

Joshuaa: How are you Ty this location is gorgeous! Nina girl you be looking good too!

Nina: Hey Boo! You look good! Coming from the office? So Ty when do you plan on doing a grand opening?

Tyler: Hopefully soon. With construction, things are always tricky.

Joshuaa: Yes I was at a luncheon, I’m signing a huge new deal with a competing company that’ll surge us into the big league.

Joshuaa’s Interview

“ I love where Nina, Tyler, and I are now. It’s better than ever and I love it.”

Tyler: Yes Girl!! Those coins will be even bigger than ever and who would’ve thought? *laughs* So did you all have fun at Jac’s Halloween party?

Nina: Aside from the little flare up towards the end of the night I think the party was fabulous!

Joshuaa: The party was fun! It was good to see everyone again after such a long time apart.

Tyler: I felt so bad for Jerika crying.

Joshuaa: Yeah she seems to really be in trouble…


Nina: That was so sad to hear she’s going through a hard time, but bringing it up at the party wasn’t a great idea it takes the attention off Jac and her event.

Joshuaa: I mean she seems to want to have all her business out there. I agree Nina, she wanted to shine light on her issues for sure.

Tyler: That’s true I hadn’t even thought of that…

Nina: She’s just a lot for me to take in in one sitting. *laughs* the big blonde hair, the big ass, the big mouth, the pink!

Joshuaa: Oh ma gawd she’s an enigma that’s for sure!

Nina: So Ty how does Adam feel that you’re an extra hard working woman.

Tyler: He’s getting used to it again. I worked a good bit with a few companies when we first got married, but then I quit to be a stay at home mom and work in charity. He’s home more these days, which I love.

Joshuaa: That’s great, you seem happier than ever I have to say. You both do.

Tyler: How’re your men?

Nina: Well I’m flying out this weekend to see Jerry. He’s being really overprotective of me being here in Twitter alone without him.

Joshuaa: No complaints here. How are y’all coping with that Nina?

Nina: We’re dealing with it, but the distance is a factor.

Tyler: Well I’m here if you ever need anyone darling.

Joshuaa: Me too, you know that.

Nina then drops a bomb that shocks both ladies by saying she may end up moving to Los Angeles to be with Jerry. Both Tyler and Joshuaa look at each other shocked, and Tyler begins to shed a tear and Joshuaa makes a sad face.


Nina: Don’t cry! You’ll still see me! It would only be on the off season while they train, I would be back and forth a lot from there and Twitter.

Tyler’s Interview

“Nina and I have gotten close who would’ve thought when I met her, but we have. I’d be sad to see her leave Twitter full time, of course!”

Joshuaa: Twitter will be so different without you…

Nina: But please keep this to yourselves I don’t want the others to know yet. *looks at watch* I have a meeting with some charity members so I got to get going. Ty this store is turning out so lovely! Joshuaa see you soon boo! We need to plan out that sleepover still! *begins walking out* bye ladies!

Tyler: Bye gorgeous!

Joshuaa: Oh okay Nina! Take care now… *turns to Tyler* Wow I can’t believe this can you?

Tyler: I can’t believe that she’s considering it either.

Joshuaa: I hope she doesn’t things have been good between us. I’ll understand if she does though, things are surely changing here in Twitter!

Tyler: That they are!

The two ladies chatting about the Halloween party and Jac pulling Joshuaa aside to chat about moving forward. Joshuaa tells Tyler he feels like he threw him into without warning and Tyler says he didn’t mean for it to play out like that. Joshuaa says he just wants to be cordial with everyone this year and not be involved in the drama. They chat a little more before saying their goodbyes with air kisses and the episode comes to an end.

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