Season 12, Episode 16: “Reunion — Part One”

As the episode begins, we see shots of the Ladies of Twitter stepping out of the backs of SUVs as they make their way onto the soundstage where they will film the reunion. We then see them beginning to get ready, followed by shots of Andy stopping by to say hello to each. The cameras then pan to the stage, where we see Andy, followed by the Ladies coming out and taking their seats one by one. We see Pat take a seat next to Andy, followed by Joshuaa on Andy’s other side. Then, Luciana comes out, taking a seat next to Joshuaa. Finally, we see Aspen come and take a seat next to Pat, followed by Charlotte on the other side of her. The camera crew then begins counting down as the reunion begins…

Andy: Hello and welcome to the season twelve Ladies of Twitter reunion, I’m Andy Cohen, and I’m joined by some of Twitter’s most expensive and elite. Hi Luciana, it’s your first reunion, how are you feeling?

Luciana: I am feeling spicy Andy! SPICY!

Andy: Charlotte Burton! Welcome back to the reunion stage, does the second time feel any different than the first?

Charlotte: Well, I’m in the same spot on the end so almost exactly the same. Though I am no longer married *mimics sad face*

Andy: *laughs* Aspen, it’s always a pleasure to see you, what’s one word you’d use to describe how you feel going into this reunion?

Aspen: *smiles* And it’s a pleasure to see you as well Andy! Hmm, I would say truth. All truths will be revealed today!

Andy: Joshuaa, we’re back together again, and yet again, it seems like you’re in the hot seat. Are you nervous for today?

Joshuaa: I’m good Andy, excited to see you and see what everyone has to say. Lots of things to talk about that’s for sure *smiles*

Andy: Finally, Patrick Fireson, it seems like every time we’re all here, you’ve gotten into some trouble. Would you say this reunion will be easier or harder for you than the last few?

Pat: *laughs* Trouble? Me? Never. I mean every reunion is hard but I have a feeling this one, won’t be as tough for me… since I tell the truth *smiles directly at Joshuaa*

Andy: As always, it is great to see you all. This season saw a Twitter changed by faces departing, new faces emerging, and old faces resurfacing. It made for great TV, and even better fun. Watch this. *footage plays of Luciana joining the group followed by shots of Nate, Kylee, and Tre making appearances, we then see the Ladies dancing and drinking throughout the season* Through all the drama, it definitely looks like you guys had fun. Returning Ladies, was this a more enjoyable season for you than years past, and if so, why?

Joshuaa: It’s always great to have Tre around

Pat: *Smiles* I don’t know about you all but I love seeing Tre on the show. I want her back!! This season wasn’t that fun, Andy, but it was nice to have some of the former LoTs with us. Of course, Luci joining was fun…for 4 seconds.

Charlotte: I liked getting to know Tré. I think this season started off really good but ended very sour

Andy: We saw many old faces, was it nice for everyone to see Nate, Tre, Lauralie, old cast members, do you think they helped bridge the gap at times in the group?

Joshuaa: Sure. Sometimes

Pat: Well Nate was brought in by Joshuaa so Joshuaa could have a storyline, Right?

Joshuaa: Luciana has been great and it’s been refreshing to not have someone be so full of the person who brought them on the show

Charlotte: Tré was the only helpful one

Aspen: It was great seeing new and old faces. I loved getting to know each person I haven’t met before.

Andy: Finally, Luciana, this was your first season, and we will get into it more later, but would you say the fun outweighed the negative for you?

Luciana: I had so much fun with these ladies! I think I made a lot of new friends, and made great memories. This season tested a lot of friendships!

Aspen: The martinis outweighed both. *laughs*

Luciana: I had a few! *laughs*

Andy: It certainly did, Luciana!

Andy: Moving on, as last season concluded, two people who it was clear had a bond were Pat and Charlotte. However, as this season progressed, we saw the once friends battling with words and accusations. Roll the package. *footage plays of Charlotte and Pat last year as friends, before the scene shifts and we see shots of Pat saying Charlotte isn’t open, and of Charlotte saying things about Pat, as the package concludes, we see shots of Charlotte and Pat arguing* Wow, a major shift from last season. Charlotte, we’ll start with you, what changed from last year to now in your relationship with Pat?

Charlotte: Nothing changed. Same old Pat. Messy.

Joshuaa: That’s putting it nicely *laughs*

Andy: But what caused you to react differently to her this year compared to last?

Charlotte: I felt I reacted quite the same. Perhaps a little more energy because Pat assumes the role of “friend” but will sit at tables, hear rumors, and won’t tell it. I have no… what’s the word…time for overly aggressive and invasive species like that

Andy: Pat, what do you think caused the change in your relationship with Charlotte?

Charlotte: Nothing changed over here, so Pat should just pass on that question

Pat: Well…so I love Charlotte. But Charlotte likes to keep people accountable, which I love but then we people do it to her, she calls you unsupportive

Charlotte: Please show me where you balanced being a supportive friend and holding me accountable. I’m still trying to figure out where you feel you were a good friend who held someone accountable as opposed to being two-faced

Andy: Charlotte, do you think it’s fair to say you aren’t fully forthcoming with the Ladies when it comes to you?

Charlotte: I don’t feel I owed them more than I gave

Pat: I asked you about your relationship. You’ve asked everyone here about their relationships, Charlotte.

Charlotte: PAT ENOUGH! I’m talking to Andy, not you. I was open with Luciana and Joshuaa because they came to me like women. Pat was delighting in my marital issues.

Luciana: That’s who Pat is! *shrugs*

Pat: No. I was holding you accountable to be real like you did with me. Only difference is I didn’t get mad at you

Andy: Pat makes a fair point, Charlotte. You’ve discussed other’s relationships for your two years on the show. Is yours off limits?

Charlotte: No, it’s not. Look at the difference. Pat was being messy, didn’t even tell me about Nate until the trip. Like I said, this is a way for Pat to evade accountability for not being a good friend. That’s where I’ll be leaving it.

Pat: Woah Stop. I didn’t open up about Nate because I didn’t know if it was legit

Andy: Misty from St. Louis writes and asks, “Pat, do you feel like you turned on Charlotte when she was at a low point with her marriage?”

Charlotte: I asked questions when it was brought to the group, that’s actually the key. I didn’t sit in bars with harlots laughing like a kindergartener when someone passes gas

Pat: Not at all. I think like I said before, I was asking questions like Charlotte does.

Andy: Watching the footage, don’t you feel you could’ve gone about it a different way, Pat?

Charlotte: There is a difference between information and instigation, refer to for more information Patrick.

Pat: Of course, Andy! And I apologized to Charlotte about not going about it a different way because I do value our friendship

Andy: Because, for several years now, you’ve talked about how the Ladies come at you in the group setting, and it sort of seemed that’s what you did to Charlotte

Charlotte: Pat, you say that, and if there was another rumor next season, you’d be on it like Joshuaa on a new Lime product

Joshuaa: Oops, that’s a dollar to me.

Pat: I didn’t come at Charlotte with all the ladies around. In fact, I think only Aspen was around when I asked her the question at my Halloween party.

Aspen: But you did bring up the rumors at the Halloween party as to why Charlotte wasn’t there Pat…

Luciana: It was messy…

Andy: It’s still in an environment around the other Ladies though. But as we close out the segment, where do you two think your friendship goes from here?

Pat: Well…I hope Charlotte and I can move on

Charlotte: I see Pat for who she is. I will treat her as such. Isn’t that the way Ladies do it? *winks at Andy*

Andy: *laughs* It certainly is Charlotte.

Andy: Moving on, this season saw the Ladies at crossroads in their lives, and one person dealing with a lot was Joshuaa. Roll the tape. *footage plays of Joshuaa discussing his legal proceedings, followed by clips of him discussing his custody case and crying* Tough to see, Joshuaa, what is the status of your legal issues now?

Joshuaa: It’s all done and dusted. We settled the case and we have a formal agreement when it comes to the girls now. And yes, it’s 70/30 as he’s in London

Pat: *whispers* Lie

Andy: Joshuaa, the group felt that your custody issues were contrived, what would your response be to that? Throughout the years, it seems like several women have said this as it relates to you sort of playing for the camera, as they would put it.

Aspen: Exactly what it is… a show.

Joshuaa: I don’t know, Andy. I have been horrified at what all three of those ladies have said about me as a mother and my children. I’m an open book, and I just think it’s dirty. Go at me all you would like, but not my girls.

Pat: We do it cause you’re an illegitimate mother. You’re an open book? Then how do you really make your money?

Joshuaa: *smiles* Sour Lime brand, baby. Next question.

Aspen: What girls? Are they even real?

Andy: But Joshuaa, is there something to be said for the fact that we sit here over and over, and people still have issues with your authenticity?

Joshuaa: I don’t know what to tell you Andy, it’s all they have for me because I’ll ask the hard questions to them. They say it because they’re bored and dirty like I said.

Pat: Is it that busted businesses that make money or the prostitution company that you’re running in London?

Luciana: Prostitution!?! What are your sources, Pat?

Joshuaa: I won’t stand for that. Pat just spews lie after lie. It’s sad

Pat: Ask Joshuaa.

Joshuaa: All they can say is I’m poor and have no business and I don’t have two children. It’s funny really. Look at their lives and storylines, there’s nothing going on.

Aspen: Because that’s all you ever talk about on the show.

Joshuaa: What do you do Aspen? Other than try to look cute.

Andy: Joshuaa, the ladies mentioned that they haven’t seen you as a mother, why haven’t your kids been around?

Joshuaa: I don’t want them around these ladies. Luciana has seen me with them, and they’ve been on the show

Luciana: Love the kiddos! Joshuaa is a wonderful mother.

Joshuaa: So, I’m surprised that’s even a point to be made

Andy: I actually don’t remember them on the show, Joshuaa. I have to be honest with you.

Joshuaa: I gave birth on the show. *laughs* Are you kidding? Page the devil doctor!

Luciana: Hopefully you shaved!

Joshuaa: Ask Jac, they’ve been on the show.

Aspen: Luciana who you met 2 seconds ago has met your kids? Shows this you’re willing to bring anyone around them. Sad.

Joshuaa: We’re actually friends unlike you and I

Luciana: I’m not just anyone. She trusts me.

Andy: Okay, Ladies, we’re going to move on.

Joshuaa: Thank you, Andy.

Aspen: Thank God.

Andy: Moving to our newest Lady, Luciana found herself in a new phase of life and attempting to create her own identity again. What happened next? It was fun to watch. *clips rolls of Luciana entering the group and Luciana discussing her restaurant, followed by clips of Luciana cooking for the group and coming into her own* Luciana, it seems like you had a lot of fun in your first season. Did you enjoy this season of your life?

Luciana: I had so much fun Andy, I loved getting to know three of the ladies. Aspen, was very kind. Charlotte was very uplifting and positive. Joshua was a friend I thought I would hate.

Andy: How are things with your restaurant? It looked like you have delicious food.

Luciana: Ever since the show aired, business has been busier than ever! So, I’m very appreciative of that!

Andy: That’s wonderful! Have the Ladies been frequent diners?

Luciana: Joshuaa, Aspen and Charlotte have all been at the restaurant recently. Not together, but they were there!

Joshuaa: The food is great!

Andy: Wonderful. *laughs* Have you gotten used to your daughter being away at school and have you picked up any new hobbies to distract yourself?

Luciana: So, with Annie away I’ve just been busier with the restaurant and working on my manor. And then of course hanging out with Vinny. *laughs*

Andy: Well, it has certainly been entertaining to watch you grow.

Andy: Next, this season, we saw Pat struggling with whether or not to marry her boyfriend, LoT’s resident bad boy, Joe. What would come of the relationship and would Pat have her family’s support? *footage plays of Pat discussing Joe’s proposal and her refusal, followed by clips of Pat discussing her relationship with her son, Joey* Certainly a difficult year for you, Pat. What’s the status of your relationship with Joe now, Pat?

Pat: Joe and I are no longer together…

Luciana: Shocker!

Andy: Really? Wow, what led to that?

Pat: Watching the show back was an influence on my decision, as well as my son Joey.

Luciana: How has Joey been taking it?

Pat: Joey is fine.

Andy: Have the two of you been in contact since your split?

Joshuaa: Hopefully he didn’t steal money from you… *laughs*

Pat: None whatsoever, which is for the best, but I did receive something interesting in the mail yesterday. He’s apparently suing me for doing work around my home *laughs*

Luciana: He loves to nickel and dime Pat. He always has.

Andy: Wow. *laughs* Do you have a response to the allegation?

Aspen: The house he lived rent free in for months? *laughs*

Joshuaa: Oh, so now maybe you can see I was telling the truth! *laughs*

Pat: I mean he didn’t do anything really. I paid other contractors for the work. I’ve seen his work…have you seen Lime’s Bar? No thanks

Joshuaa: He hasn’t touched my bars, thanks. *gags*

Andy: Where you shocked to see your son discussing your relationship with Joshuaa and Aspen this season?

Pat: I wasn’t shocked he was talking to them. I was shocked at the information they were giving him. They should have talked to me first. He’s a responsible respectful boy, ask Charlotte, who he loves by the way. He would talk to anyone

Aspen: Well to my defense… I thought you and Joey had a free-flowing relationship and told each other everything. Given you were drunk off your ass I guess the push never really clicked in your brain. But I’m sorry if I overstepped and shared too much.

Joshuaa: I mean he hates Joe, and it’s clear that there were issues from day one.

Pat: You spoke to my kid about Joe putting his hands on me. What did you think that would do to my kid? I wouldn’t do that to ANYONE, even Joshuaa and her fake kids.

Andy: Is your relationship with Joey better now that Joe is out of the picture?

Pat: Joey and I have always had an amazing relationship. No matter what

Joshuaa: I’m not even sorry. He deserved to know truth for once

Luciana: Joey is a character! He’s got more personality than his mother! He’s a gem.

Andy: You don’t think your relationship strained your relationship with your son?

Pat: No. I mean listen ’m no fool, I know Joey was upset about the relationship but I made the decision in the end to end it. So, he’s thrilled and loves the new guy *laughs*

Joshuaa: Let’s be real you’ve been with the new guy for months

Andy: New guy? *raises eyebrows* How long have you been together?

Joshuaa: Before he broke up with Joe. You’ve been seen whoring it about with him all over Twitter

Pat: It’s been over two months now. *laughs* Yeah, whatever he was too fucking hot to not be with

Andy: Well, best wishes in it all! Thank you Ladies for sharing your lives with us!

Andy: This season, the women went away to the winery and to Aspen’s family estate. However, the sparks flew among nearly everyone as this trip’s drama boiled to the surface. *footage plays of everyone arriving at the winery, followed by Joshuaa discovering that it is a couples’ trip and sobbing, the cameras then shift to Aspen’s estate where we see Luciana preparing dinner for the group as Aspen appears disgusted* Let’s start with the winery. Pat, do you feel bad watching back and seeing Joshuaa’s reaction to not knowing it was a couples’ weekend?

Joshuaa: Of course, he doesn’t, he planned it

Pat: No *laughs*

Luciana: Pat! Really?!

Andy: Do you still maintain that it was an accidental omission, as you said on the show? A lot of the group felt that it was a way to make a dig towards Joshuaa.

Pat: *laughs* Well… no. I lied, I wanted him to feel embarrassed

Joshuaa: I’d love to know why!

Pat: Because you’re a gross human being and I like to see you suffer!

Andy: It reminded me a bit of the maid’s closet in Barcelona a few years back, I have to be honest.

Pat: Yeah! I don’t know Andy, maybe it was mean. Oh well

Andy: If the shoe was on the other foot, maybe you would feel differently. Joshuaa, what got you to the point at the winery where you were threatening to go home? I didn’t quite understand, it seemed so sudden.

Joshuaa: I was just over the whole mean girl attitude, it’s easy for me to go home and just focus on what I needed to. Pat’s a horrible human being

Andy: But doesn’t that seem like a cop out? Things are rough, let me bail out early?

Joshuaa: They don’t care if I’m here

Aspen: Pat isn’t that bad. There’s a little heart in there somewhere. *laughs*

Joshuaa: They wish I wasn’t even here! So, what was the point of me going back? But I did and it didn’t do anything to help.

Andy: To address it? That’s what the show is all about.

Luciana: Pat is like the grinch, he’s got a heart, it’s just three times too small!

Pat: It helped! You got Luci to fall for your bullshit victim act

Joshuaa: What was there to say? He said it was an accident, which it wasn’t. He lies all the time

Luciana: I would have done the same for you Pat!

Joshuaa: I didn’t want to be near him, or the other two either to be honest.

Charlotte: *rolls eyes* Always blaming others…

Aspen: Playing victim and running from conflict sounds like Joshuaa.

Joshuaa: Change your tune girls

Pat: Difference is you know me, Luci. You don’t know Joshuaa and her crap

Luciana: I felt like I knew him from all the talking you did about him.

Joshuaa: Pat, Luci is a human being capable of making his own decisions

Andy: Pat, what was it like seeing Joe push you?

Pat: Horrible. Disgusting. His balls should be hanging from my chandelier

Andy: Why were you so quick to believe him when he said he didn’t do it?

Pat: Because the girls have made up things before about him and I know I was drunk so I thought I fell

Joshuaa: He hit you all the time don’t lie

Andy: Had he ever abused you before, Pat?

Pat: No, that was the first time he put his hands on me. Listen, he was a douche bag who was pretty verbally abusive, but he never hit me. You think I would I allow that?

Andy: Moving to Aspen’s, Luciana, did you feel bad watching back that you hijacked Aspen’s dinner?

Luciana: Hijacked!? Do you mean saved?

Andy: You think she’s a bad hostess?

Luciana: I would do it all over again, and this time I would send Some chicken noodle soup over to Aspen’s house to help the hangover. Aspen is a cutie, but hosting is not her strongest suit.

Andy: Aspen, what’s your response to that?

Aspen: Okay so everything was good for my dinner aside from me getting so drunk. I had a chef hired and waitstaff there. Luciana wasn’t need as a hostess she was a guest in my home, and an awful one at that. All you had to do was sit down shut up eat and drink your martinis.

Luciana: Awful?! What would have happened if I didn’t take over? We would be playing board games as your head was in the toilet. I HAD TWO MARTINIS! JUST TWO!

Aspen: Two hundred maybe!

Luciana: *laughs* You are lucky you are pretty!

Andy: Aspen, we had several viewers write in and ask why Luciana’s help bothered you so much. What really set you off?

Pat: Help? *laughs* I’ve known Luci for over 20 years. Luci wasn’t helping Luci was taking over

Joshuaa: Aspen would go missing for hours it was weird and nothing like a host should do

Aspen: You hush, no one is talking to you.

Luciana: Andy, I’m a perfectionist. I had plans on top of plans ready in case stuff didn’t go as planned. Luciana ruined everything. It wasn’t help; it was attention seeking at its finest.

Andy: One final question for you Ladies, whose home is nicer? Luciana or Aspen?

Joshuaa: They’re both nice

Luciana: I agree, both are very different but also very nice.

Aspen: I love her home!

Andy: Great! Well ladies, I think we are going to take a break and then bring Nate out.

As the women get up from their seats to go to the dressing room, dramatic music plays as the cameras show Nate, followed by Joshuaa. The screen then fades to black and says “TO BE CONTINUED…”

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