Season 12, Episode 8: You Are My Friend! Right?

Ladies of Twitter
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Ladies of Twitter Season 12 Opening Titles

The episode begins with ariel shots of Joshuaa’s modern mansion in the Twitter Hills, the scene cuts over various shots of his home and ends on a bowl of Limes as Joshuaa grabs one to cut into a Sour Lime. Joshuaa makes two drinks and heads to the lounge where we see a man… it’s Joshuaa’s ex!

Joshuaa: Here, it’s the new one. Enjoy.

Hugo: Cheers. *takes a sip and looks at Joshuaa* so…. I’m here.

Joshuaa looks straight into Hugo’s eyes.

Joshuaa: Yes. You are. The kids love it when we are together as a family.

Hugo: I know. It’s just not realistic anymore though. We’ve gone too far.

Joshuaa: YOU have, that’s for sure. I just can’t believe in a few weeks we will be in court for this. We worked hard to not get there but look at us.

Joshuaa’s Confessional: Hugo and I were good. We were good friends, GREAT friends… until I started making more money than him and he changed again. He demanded more money from me in support and I gave it to him. It’s only until he wanted to get married again and I wanted to meet the girl, that issues started.

Joshuaa: I mean we can sit here and play happy families or we can talk about the kids and what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, Hugo this is a mess. I want it to be done.

Hugo: So sign what I want and it’ll be done. I deserve more money and that’s that. I’m not working what do you expect.

Joshuaa looks angrily and downs his drink as tears fall down his face

Joshuaa: NO. Listen. I asked you months ago about changing the agreement and meeting your new boo, that’s it. YOU want more money to fund a lifestyle that is nothing to do with me Hugo! Get over yourself and sign the agreement we have come up with! It’s not right!

Hugo: Imma leave if you think I’ll sign that. You want them here more? WHY?

Joshuaa: BECAUSE THIS IS THEIR HOME! The have school here and they have their family here. *waves arms*

Hugo: What about me? What about me in London Joshuaa?! I have bills to pay.

Joshuaa: You lived here, we had our lives here we had our babies here. That’s on you moving. I am not funding you and your girlfriends lives, sorry. Get a job!

Joshuaa’s Confessional: I was hoping that by inviting Hugo over, we could speak like we once could. Human to human, but now I can see CLEAR AS DAY, that this is just about money for him, and nothing to do with our children. It’s sad, but I’m not going to allow it to change my babies lives.

Hugo finishes his drink and decides to leave as Joshuaa begins to usher him out

Hugo: I’ll see you in court Joshuaa, we will see how that works out for you, I will make sure I get what I deserve.

Joshuaa shuts the door and laughs as the scene moves into fast forward to later on in the day where Joshuaa is now arriving at a bar to meet Nate…

Nate is already at the bar as Joshuaa arrives, the two swap pleasantries and sit down and begin to chat following some chatter about town that needs to be cleared up…

Nate’s Confessional: I’m meeting up with the Slime….for drinks this evening….I’m kinda pissed to be honest, the fact that he started on me at Aspens house. It’s clear him and that clown, Charlotte are in co with each other. She seems extremely boring to me, she’s really mute, cold, and honestly, just a bitch…and not in a cute endearing way

Joshuaa’s Confessional: Nate invited me out for drinks and I’m going because I want to just be good and forget about the past, clearly he’s still stuck in it

Joshuaa: Hey Nate, How are you?

Nate: I’m good, bitch. Assuming you clearly aren’t with me?

Joshuaa: Oh we going straight in huh. I’m great thank you *orders drink*

Nate: Of course

Joshuaa: Look I’m here aren’t I I thought we would be good with you coming back into the mix. But I’m hearing rumblings you’re telling people we aren’t good. So I’m just wanting to find out why?

Nate: I never said we weren’t good Joshuaa…People were asking me how we know each other, and I was explaining a bit about our past….the way you just came for me in front of the girls was tacky and classless. As for that Charlotte one, she was literally mute the majority of the time I was there. There doesn’t seem to be any substance with her…like…why would anyone want to be around that negative shit.

Joshuaa: I’m not here to talk about Charlotte. Why bring up the past though What good can that do? Especially with people who don’t like me!

Joshuaa’s Confessional: Nate’s messy and classless himself. I don’t trust him but I want to be better with him. Or do I? See I can’t make my mind up he’s so fickle *laughs*

Nate: Well, joshuaa I think she needs to be addressed seeing how you hated her a few days ago now you’re clearly getting her to hun against me

Joshuaa: *laughs* We’re friends. I don’t account for her. You have an issue with Charlotte then invite her for drinks

Nate: They asked me a question joshuaa, what do you me to do, lie?

Joshuaa: No but why make it all so negative all the time? I’ve been very honest and open with you on how I want to move forward with you.

Nate: Because are past was very negative, let’s be honest. But I did want to start fresh with you… I get that you don’t like some of them, ie Kylee and pat…but I kinda do *smiles* But I will ensure I’ll not speak of you in their presence if you are getting annoyed over it. Look, I just wanna move on AGAIN *laughs*

Joshuaa: LISTEN, I won’t talk about you. You don’t talk about me. Then we’re good.

Nate: DEAL.

Joshuaa’s Confessional: *crickets* Do I believe Nate…. NO.

As the two Ladies cheers and smile to each other, the server returns with fresh drinks and canapes as the scene fades and ends…

A new scene begins with Aspen and Charlotte enjoying a dinner and drinks, the scene begins as their third drinks arrive to the table…

Charlotte: Everything here is just so scrumpcious!

Aspen nods as he sips his wine with eager eyes

Aspen’s Confessional: It feels so great to be back in the city! God the rural life was never for me. I’ve been really busy making business moves and haven’t had time to catch up with my bestie Charlotte so we’re having a little bestie date night!

Aspen orders the most expensive bottle of champagne, pours out 2 glasses and hands one to Charlotte

Aspen: Cheers! So how’ve you been?

Charlotte: Stressed would be an understatement *takes glass and downs the drink* Between business and going to therapy with Roman, it’s been quite a return to Twitter

Luciana suddenly appears to the table

Luciana: *Squeals* wellllll look who it is! Hi ladies!

Aspen’s Confessional: Is she here to hijack my friends dinner too!!!!! *shakes head*

Charlotte: Oh hey Luci. Have a seat, I didn’t know Aspen invited you

Aspen: I didn’t *laughs*

Luciana: How are we doing! Oh no no I’m with the ladies from one of my volunteer groups. *Takes seat anyway* we all surviving after Kylees lash out?

Charlotte: Yes, Kylee and I are on good terms right now. Now what about you two? I feel like there is some tension…

Dramatic music begins as Aspen looks annoyed and Luciana stares him down

Aspen: *sighs* Luciana you know what you did. I think you owe me an apology.

Luciana: Is this in regard to me bringing food?

Aspen: You hijacked my trip Luci!

Charlotte: *laughs* In Luci’s defense, she said that you basically asked her to while vomiting into the toilet. Ladies, I think this is a petty issue than can be squashed with a simple apology.

Luciana: Your trip!!? Then why did we spend most of the time at my house!? And not your house!? Why would you drink so much that you were in your bathroom?!

Aspen: Are you calling me a lightweight?

Luciana: AND MESSY! Are you really upset!?

Luciana’s Confessional: This chick… honestly

Charlotte: Luci, can you simply apologize? It did seem weird you didn’t invite Aspen to the brunch

Aspen: I thought I was being nice! A hostess with class. I am so sorry you felt like that. Truly

Charlotte ushers Aspen to accept Luciana’s apology. The ladies sit in silence as Aspen thinks…

Aspen: I accept.

Luciana: Aww thank you. You know I love you. You remind me of my little sister.

The two ladies hug and laugh

Aspen’s Confessional: She reminds me of auntie Mildred so much I can’t.

Luciana: My sister is dead, so it’s great to be close with you

Charlotte: Okay great, resolution. I love this. Now, I have an announcement of my own… I’m having a relaunch business for my new luxury goods brand, The Charlotte Burton Company. I’d like you both to come, I’ve invited Joshuaa as well.

Charlotte’s Confessional: I’m excited to be able to relaunch such a brilliant business!

Aspen: Oh fancy girl! If you need some sparkling wine I have shipments of it on standby… you’re looking at the co ceo I just bought half of the business last week!

Luciana: OMG! AMAZING!

Aspen’s Confessional: Sip on that Sour Lime! *sips sparkling wine product through a straw*

Charlotte’s Confessional: I don’t know how to tell Aspen that the wine had an awful fore-and-after taste. I don’t think this will be a good business decision in the end.

Luciana leaves the table and bids the Ladies farewell as he rejoins a friend’s table

Aspen: GOD. Luciana doesn’t shut up!

Charlotte: Aspen, don’t be fake. You two are good buddies, don’t go down the wrong road.

As Aspen laughs, the Ladies cheers once more as they finish their dinner and the scene ends…

A bustling night in Twitter is many things, but more importantly if you know the right spot, it’s a night to remember! As the next scene ends, the stars are out as noise can be heard from Luciana’s restaurant, which is full of customers! Luciana is seen serving some of her friends and then sitting at a table with two red wines, as he goes through his phone as he awaits his guest…

Pat exits his car and enters the restaurant, surprised it’s so busy

Patrick: WOW. This really is the place to be!

Luciana: YOU KNOW IT.

Patrick’s Confessional: I’m going to see Luci tonight to talk to her about what it feeling. Between Kylee and the mess at Aspens event to just feeling like there’s this issue between us, I have to sit down with her!

Luciana: What a surpise to have you here. It’s great to see you. Sit down! Sit down! Let’s get some bread and oil. Are you hungry?

Patrick: *Kisses Luci* How are you! You know I can always eat here!

Luciana: Yes! Carbs are always the enemy, but carbs won’t trash talk you like Kylee.

Patrick: Okay! What is that all about. Honestly Luc, that is coming out of nowhere

Luciana seems to get ngry all of a sudden

Luciana: Oh ok I see what is happening.

Luciana’s Confessional: Suddenly she doesn’t believe me? I thought we were like sisters? No Christmas gifts for you bitch! *Smiles* Just kidding. I love presents.

Patrick: No no! Nothing is happening *laughs* I’m just asking. I’m shocked by what was said, that’s all

Patrick’s Confessional: This isn’t the Luci I know. Someone is pulling the strings here!

Luciana: You should be shocked! People warned me about her, And you to be honest.

Patrick: People warned you about me?

Luciana: I’ve heard things. From people in this group. Let’s not get into that.

Patrick: No let’s get into it. Cause i’m telling you right now that there are people you are surrounding yourself with that are pretending to be your friend

Luciana’s Confessional: I’m not here to talk about what Joshua and the girls say about her. *turns head* and there’s a LOT.

Luciana: Listen, I don’t let them get to me. I’m Luciana fucking Donatella. They say you are going to stab me in the back. You know what I said back?! I know her very well thank you. Pat is like a sister to me. She will stab me in the front NOT the BACK. And that is why I respect her!

Patrick: You’ve known me long enough that if I was gonna stab you, it wouldn’t be the back. *laughs* Joshuaa is pretending to be your friend. Don’t you see that!

Luciana frowns and shakes his head

Luciana: *Laughs* YOU are clearly upset about me and him being friends. You had joe on the trip, I had Joshuaa.

Patrick: No. You could of had Vinny but you’re giving into Joshuaa and her baby bullshit

Luciana: Maybe I didn’t even want Vin!

Patrick: WHAT WHY?!

Luciana: We aren’t here to discusss that. It’s fine, we’re fine. Let’s move on from this. What will it ta-

Patrick interrupts Luciana

Patrick: Just have my back. It seems that the ladies want us *points back and forth* not to be friends. We are SISTERS! *bangs on table* I’ll be dammed anyone trying to ruin that

Luciana: Well they can say what they want, and do what they want but they can’t tear us apart. It’s a fact! Don’t break my tables!

Patrick: I love you girl, I NEED YOU!

Luciana: I love you too, now. LET’S EAT OKAY.

As the two old friends laugh and cheers to always being friends, the scene begins to fade out as the scene ends…



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