Season 12, Episode 9: Ladies of Secrets

As the episode begins, we see shots of the Twitter skyline as upbeat music plays. We see shots of the women going about their days, getting ready for events and plans. The camera then focuses in on a garden in Twitter’s Upper East Side. Charlotte is seen preparing for a business relaunch. Just then, the shot shifts to outside the event, where we see Joshuaa stepping out of a car, followed by Aspen. Both pose on the step and repeat before entering the party, and looking for Charlotte.

Charlotte’s Confessional: Today is my relaunch party! I’m hosting a mid-week cocktail party. None of the ladies RSVP’d but I’m not going to let the hurt frustrate me right now. Roman and I are ready to put a new foot and face forward.

Aspen enters the event to circus jugglers, she spots Charlotte the crowd.

Aspen: Oh my! Excuse me! *to Charlotte* There’s my girl!

Joshuaa: Congrats C! Here! *passes bouquet*

Charlotte: Oh, hey Aspen! I’m glad you could make it even though you mentioned nothing to me about it *smiles and turns to Joshuaa* Thank you, these are beautiful. *passes flowers off to assistant* Please find a beautiful place for these, and send the waiter over here with some cocktail choices.

Maci (Charlotte’s Assistant): Yes Ma’am!

Aspen: Girl this event is in the middle of the work day! *laughs* BUT I’m here! *hugs* it’s a lovely venue.

Charlotte’s Confessional: Aspen doesn’t work, so what’s the issue?

Joshuaa: I’ll have a sour lime extra sour, please. So, what are we here for?

Charlotte: This is the relaunch of my business; I’m rebranding the company to be luxurious lifestyle focused.

Aspen: I love that! I’m sure there’s lots of money in that department and you sure are an expert on luxury! You can always spot a fake! *looks at Joshuaa*

Joshuaa: Oh of course I’m sorry, my brain is so full right now. I need my assistant back. *laughs*

Charlotte: Yes, how’s the case going? Are you winning?

Joshuaa: Should be settled in a couple weeks. But we’re doing 70/30 custody, in my favor.

Aspen: Wonderful! Children should always be with their mothers.

Joshuaa: And I’m paying him about $1,000,000 in fees. Don’t ask!

Charlotte: *spits drink* Did you marry a broke boy?

Joshuaa: Yeah, and he’s done me dirty once again.

Charlotte: Well, Joshuaa, you know that Roman spends time in London- as do I. We’ve actually met a woman who claims to be the new girlfriend. Fiancée of your ex and she did not have nice things to say…

Aspen: *laughs* And to think you were worried about Joe doing you dirty!

Joshuaa: About me? I’m sure she had great things to say. Gurl, Joe money is peanuts compared to this mess.

Charlotte: Yes, she mentioned that you’re only trying to get custody to keep up an appearance.

Joshuaa: Okay… and?

Charlotte: Well, considering I’ve never met or seen you around the kids. Is there some truth to that?

Joshuaa: *slowly puts drink down* Are you kidding me right now? What are you doing to me?

Charlotte: I think it’s a valid question.

Joshuaa: Don’t start Charlotte, I’m here to support you.

Aspen: Charlotte, that’s enough.

Joshuaa: Leave my children out of this, don’t bring them up plase.

Just then the door to the party opens, as we see a young man with muscles and a well-tailored suit enter the party. The camera then pans up as it is revealed to be Joey, Pat’s son.

Charlotte: *takes glasses out of pockets* Oh, that’s Joey! He’s been my Intern. You know Pat’s son, he’s in business school.

Joshuaa: What? You kept that quiet, girl.

Joshuaa’s Confessional: What the hell is Charlotte playing at by hiring Joey?

Charlotte: I’ve never met him in person, he’s been doing virtual consulting.

Aspen: Well, bring him over let’s meet him!

Charlotte: *calls out* Joey!

Joey is shown mingling with friends as Charlotte calls him over. He excuses himself from the group and approaches the ladies.

Joey (Pat’s Son): Ms. Burton! How are you?

Charlotte: I’m good Joey, how are you? It’s great to meet you in person. You’re very tall!

Aspen: *cuts in* AND HANDSOME!

Joshuaa: How has he been your intern girl and you only just meeting him?

Aspen: *places hand out* Aspen Sinclair!

Charlotte: I just said he’s been doing virtual service…

Joey: *kisses Aspens hand* Hello Aspen.

Joshuaa’s Confessional: Something smells fishy, and it’s not just Aspen.

Charlotte: Not to mention, I have staff Joshuaa that I pay to interface mostly with interns.

Joshuaa: Hi Joey, I’m Joshuaa, it’s nice to meet you.

Joey: Hey! I’m Joey *puts out hand* What are you guys all doing here?

Aspen: So where is your mother tonight? She wasn’t able to attend?

Joey: *laughs* I think she’s out with *coughs* Joe…

Joshuaa: The pig! Oink, oink. It’s okay, we hate him too.

Joey: *hysterical laughs* I gotta fucking hug you girl. *squeezes Joshuaa*

Joshuaa: Oh!

Charlotte: You don’t like Joe, Joey?

Joey: He is a Pig!

Charlotte: Why are you hugging Joshuaa?

Joshuaa’s Confessional: How old he now? *laughs*

Joey: Anyone that dislikes Joe, is my friend.

Charlotte: Well then, we all should be your friends. But, of course, our friendship will wait until you aren’t on my payroll.

Charlotte’s Confessional: I do pay my interns minimum wage plus a slight stipend when they’re done.

Joey: Absolutely Ms. Burton! *takes another drink*

Charlotte: Well, I’ve got to go mingle with some other guests.

Joshuaa: GURL, BYE.

Aspen: So, tell us Joey… Why such hatred for your mom’s new man?

Joey: Ugh, I mean have you met the guy? Super Sus.

Joshuaa: He took my money you know. Apparently, your aunty Kylee is his new best friend

Aspen: He did push your mom at the winery a few weeks ago… *sips drink*

Joey: He pushed my mom?

Aspen’s Confessional: Whoops.

Joey: Are you serious?

Aspen: I mean it was a slight shuffle. Nothing severe. But it was… mmm… questionable behavior.

Joshuaa: He called her a cunt I heard. He’s not a good guy.

Joey: *stunned* He called my mother a Cunt?

Charlotte: *walks back over* What’s the problem? What have you two been saying to my intern?

Aspen: *sips drink* Sorry, sorry, this is a business event, go on now, Joey, and meet some people and enjoy yourself. *walks away with Joshuaa*

Charlotte’s Confessional: This is not the place for two grown women to be playing Messy & Messier with our co-worker’s son… He needs to be about his P’s and Q’s today not F-bombs.

Joey: Sorry Ms. Burton It seems that I’ll have to commit a murder *laughs* They said Joe hit my mom and called her names.

Charlotte: *walks away with Joey* Listen, don’t go off the deep edge listening to these two. Your mother can handle this and she should have been the one to tell you. Let’s go take you to meet some people and walk off the frustration.

Joey: *deep breath* Okay, let’s mingle. I’m sorry Ms. Burton.

Aspen’s Confessional: I mean the boy had a right to know it’s his own mother for crying out loud. If Joe isn’t protecting her who will! The only man in her life! Her son!

Later That Evening…

As we see Joshuaa and Aspen leaving the event together, the scene shifts to later in the evening. There, we see Pat getting out of a car dressed for a night of drinking. Just then, the camera pans outside, where we see Nate coming in and greeting Pat before sitting across from her at the table.

Pat’s Confessional: I reached out to Nate to get to know him a little more. Since Miss Sour Lime wants to take my friends, I’m gonna take some of hers!

Nate: *approaches Pat* Well hello Ms. Thang! You serving some looks this evening!

Pat: Hello, Hello! *kisses* Sit! I got us this bottle I love a smooth Rosè.

Nate: I love anything with alcohol or a penis, love, so this works. *laughs*

Pat: You are looking hot too mama! How do you stay in shape?

Nate: Hitting the gym 5 days a week girl! A bitch at my age can’t afford to be filling their face with Chinese noodles every night *laughs* so how are you? I haven’t seen you since that horrible dinner at Aspen’s house.

Pat: I’m good! How do you feel about all the girls?

Nate: Oh gawd! That’s a loaded question! Some of them are whack! I like whack. but this is whole different sorta whack, darling.

Pat: Like who? *giggles*

Pat’s Confessional: Lord knows I like a little mess. I’ve heard Nate gets messy…so let’s put it to the test.

Nate: That space alien, Charlotte, with that stupid noodle wig of hers…. she has like zero personality, and when she decides to speak, it’s all bullshit.

Pat: Girl, something is up with Charlotte, because she usually has more of an upbeat personality.

Nate: That girl definitely has something going on…

Nate’s Confessional: Now maybe I do know something about little Miss Charlotte or her significant other perhaps. *sips wine*

Pat: I don’t know what her deal is as of lately.

Nate: She could be on drugs, who knows!

Pat: Last year, she was different. I mean she gave my son an intern job, I considered her a friend.

Nate: She seems a little unhinged. Bless… Anyways, I don’t know a whole lot about you are you married or what? *laughs*

Pat: I’m with my Joe, he wants to get married but I don’t know if I’m ready.

Nate: Oh, okay cute! I’m in a bit of a well, let’s say, fuck up with my marriage right now.

Pat: What’s happening?

Nate: We got in to a bit of a bad business deal and there’s a whole lawsuit going on…and well, it’s sort of pushed us apart for the minute…I’m hoping we can get it sorted…one way or another. *rolls eyes*

Pat: I’m sorry. Listen, couples go through it, sis. If you come out of this, you guys can do anything. It could make you stronger. So, you got to tell me girl. I need to know about your relationship with Joshuaa.

Nate: Oh God…I don’t know how to define that mess girl *laughs* he’s been a little busy lately let’s put it that way.

Pat: What do you mean busy? What is she doing now?

Nate: Uhm, well okay I guess I can tell you, well I probably shouldn’t be, but I don’t really care. So me and Joshua literally only made up a month or 2 ago, and one of the first nights that we were hanging with each other…well she got BUSY…

Pat: Busy? *sips wine*

Nate: Me and her were at a bar, and we notice these two guys staring at us from across the place… So they bought us drinks and we did the same back. They were cute, so we partied a bit and all that fun stuff, but I had an early day the next morning so I decided to call it. Joshuaa and the guys kept partying and all that, and were talking about taking the party to a hotel room. When I was leaving, I saw the three of them in an elevator and well, they were playing about with each other’s funny business. Joshuaa couldn’t even see, she was SO drunk!

Pat: A ménage à trois?!?

Nate: But listen Pat, I recently just came to find out that the two men were… Thomas and Roman!

Pat: *screams* WHAT? You have GOT TO BE LYING!

Nate: Now I didn’t know who they were until I started hanging with you girls!


Nate: Girl…there’s one thing I am not, and that’s a goddamn liar!

Pat: Are you trying to tell me that Joshuaa Lime had sex with Charlotte and Aspen’s MEN?

Nate: *stares* Yes…

Pat’s Confessional: *sitting in silence* Nope. Nothing to say.

Producer: Pat you have nothing to say about this?

Pat: Nope. Nothing.

End Confessional.

Pat: Wow Nate. You have done something that many haven’t… you have me absolutely SHOOK to my Core.

Nate’s Confessional: I can only assume they might not have been going to town in that damn elevator but they may as well have been.

Nate: *smirks* I’m an observer babe! I see everything!

Pat: Nate, I have a feeling we are going to be besties! Let’s cheers to being shook and hey, a new friendship!

Nate: Oh girl, we most definitely are! No back doors with this girl! Well, unless we’re in the bedroom of course.

Pat’s Confessional: Pat Fireson is keeping this information in her Birkin bag. But don’t be fooled, if it needs to be said….it will be.

Nate: Cheers bitch! *raises glass*

We see the two getting into an uber as their night ends.

The Next Day…

The camera pans across Twitter landmarks, before the scene shifts to a nail spa in downtown Twitter. We see Joshuaa and Tre walk in chatting as the scene starts, followed by Charlotte, who is seen on the phone as she enters. Finally, the three are seated for their pedicures as the scene begins…

Joshuaa: Hi Charlotte, how are you hun?

Charlotte: I’m okay, how are you? Who’s your friend?

Joshuaa: Oh, you haven’t met? This is Tre, my gorgeous gal pal.

Tre Spice (Joshuaa’s Friend): Hello Charlotte! Nice to meet you! I’ve heard good things about you around town.

Charlotte: Hi, nice to meet you as well.

Joshuaa: Well, mostly good things. Listen, I wasn’t very happy with you at your launch.

Charlotte: Excuse me?

Joshuaa: Have I done something to upset you?

Joshuaa’s Confessional: Let’s just rip the band-aid off!

Charlotte: Well, you didn’t RSVP or say anything in response to my invitation.

Joshuaa: I came to support you and brought you a beautiful bouquet.

Tre: We’re just going to get right into it chile…

Charlotte: You clearly were upset when I brought the new woman up…

Joshuaa: Okay, I apologize for not fucking responding! Just listen to one thing, okay, because I care for you so much!

Charlotte: I can’t accept that. That wasn’t from the heart.

Joshuaa: Do not bring anything up about something you know absolutely nothing about! I don’t want to know anything about my ex or what he does!

Tre: Well, I think you both need to understand where the other is coming from. Joshuaa has a lot going on in his personal life and the appropriate thing to do would’ve been to RSVP…

Charlotte: I brought up what I did know, which was the woman’s comment. Take your anger up with her.

Joshuaa: Don’t do that shit, Charlotte, it’s not nice. I’m sorry I didn’t RSVP.

Charlotte: Okay, Joshuaa, dead it. I can apologize for hitting a sore spot.

Joshuaa: Just move on! At least I turned up.

Tre: We need more bubble or something in here *laughs* Joshuaa, just relax a little bit babe. You know if you need me to slice a hoe’s tires, I’ll do it.

Charlotte: Should I be scared? *clutches pearls*

Joshuaa: I don’t know what it is. I’ve said sorry! *to Tre* So Tre, how are you?

Tre: I’ve been better actually. Me & Mike have been butting heads a bit and then to top it off this baby. I kinda feel like a single mother at times, since he’s always working and everything.

Joshuaa: Honey, babies are a blessing and a bitch.

Charlotte: Do you have any free time? Does he take over when he comes back?

Joshuaa: Oh — Tre you can attest to me being a mother, can’t you? Seeing my kids and me in the same room. Charlotte seems to think I’m using my kids in my case.

Charlotte’s Confessional: Joshuaa is SALTYYYY…choose another spice!

Charlotte: Excuse me- sorry- I just got bored…

Tre: Yes Joshuaa, I can attest to that! *laughs* I mean he does his part. He’s a good dad and everything and I won’t take that away from him, but we need to work some things out. *laughs* I’m not this typical housewife that he wants me to be. I’ve been there, done that. You know Joshuaa, I think in your situation, a truthful conversation needs to be had…

Charlotte: Right, you shouldn’t give up your freedom. I say get some boundaries set and maybe hire some help. Oh- truth?

Tre: Because I do think you’re a good person, but I can sense your spunk is kinda gone in a sense. Don’t let someone else try and dictate your happiness. Fight, true enough because I know you’re a good mother but also live your life.

Joshuaa: My court case is closing next week — I’m going to pay him off what he is owed and then some and I get 70/30 custody. They’re schooled here and holiday in London with him. I can’t! He’s grabbing me. He wants my babies and I’m not going to let him!!!

Charlotte: They’re his children too. Why is it 70/30 and not 50/50?

Tre: *downs champagne* PAY HIM?! And yes, I agree with Charlotte. You should also let your kids have a relationship with their father.

Joshuaa: *to Charlotte tearing up* Bitch, what I do to you!? What is wrong?

Charlotte: Woah, woah! What is this energy? I just asked a question.

Tre: *grabs Joshuaa* No hunni. It’s going to be alright. I think you’re just very tense at the moment because of everything that’s going on. I don’t believe Charlotte meant any harm…

Joshuaa: *wipes tear* I’m confused what you’re doing. Aren’t you my friend?

Charlotte: I genuinely want to be there for anyone going through man problems. Joshuaa, you’re making up a big thing out of nothing in your head

Joshuaa: I’m sorry I forgot about your launch!

Charlotte: You brought your lovely friend Tre here, and you’re acting like this? Let’s zip this up and put a bow on it, maybe you should go to therapy. It’s helped me and is helping my relationship right now.

Tre: We just want to make sure you’re okay.

Joshuaa’s Confessional: I’m so angry at Charlotte. What are you doing? Who are you right now? Clearly not my friend.

Joshuaa: Don’t even go there with your man. girl

Charlotte: I’ve been upfront about my problems so what are you doing right now? Get your nails painted, I’m here for healing and you’re here for trouble.

Joshuaa: Just leave me alone! Tre, can we go please? Let’s go get lunch…

Charlotte’s Confessional: It amazes me how Joshuaa came in with an issue, projected that onto me, and turned my pure innocent help into DRAMA.

Tre: We can do that Joshuaa. It seems this environment is not the best for you. *to Charlotte* It was lovely to meet you!

Charlotte: Lovely to meet you too Tre

Just then, we see Tre and Joshuaa exit the spa, as both stand outside.

Tre: Girl, what was that about?!? *to camera crew* Can you give us a moment? Joshuaa, listen, I understand where you’re coming from, I really do but I don’t think she meant any harm by it. I think you two just need to talk…

Joshuaa: Is she serious? With her whore of a husband? Who is she? Who is she? Nothing! NOBODY!

Tre: I don’t know who she is! All I know is her name is Charlotte, and she has a whore of a husband sticking it everywhere. *throws hands up*

Joshuaa’s Confessional: I just see red. For no real reason other than trying to figure out what Charlotte is doing

Joshuaa: Let’s get out of here…

The two hop in a car and speed off from the spa, we see the sun setting in Twitter.

Later That Night…

The cameras pan to a restaurant on the coast of Twitter. We see Aspen and Pat getting out of their cars and greeting one another, before walking into the restaurant. The two are then seated and place drink orders as the scene begins.

Aspen’s Confessional: Tonight, I’m meeting up with Pat for dinner and after Charlottes event I don’t know if I can keep my mouth shut about Joeys reaction to not knowing his mother was pushed and named called by Joe.

Pat’s Confessional: Aspen invited me out to dinner. After hearing everything from Nate I need to know more about her and Thomas. I need some clarity!

Aspen: I love the jumper you little snake! *laughs*

Pat: *twirls and hisses* This old thing? What’s up bitch? What’s new?

Aspen: Oh nothing much, just trying to run a business now and doing the usual charity work and events I do. How are you? Everything good with the family? Joey? Joe?

Pat: I’m good! Yeah, everything is good. My boys are great! I know Joey was at the same function as you girls the other night. I haven’t spoken to him though he’s been so busy. Did he say hello?

Aspen: *sips* Oh, yes, such a polite and handsome young man!

Pat: Aww thanks! Yeah, I told him to be good. Charlotte was nice enough to give him the internship, although I’m not sure where we stand honestly. I have to really chat with her.

Aspen: He’s a charmer Pat, you better keep an eye out for that one. *laughs*

Pat’s Confessional: I have to chat with her about A LOT of things…

Pat: Aww, thank you! Yeah, he’s my boy!

Aspen’s Confessional: It’s really hard to keep this conversation going when I want to share everything but I can’t without possibly fracturing our friendship.

Pat: So, what’s going on with you? How is Thomas? It’s Thomas, right?

Aspen: Yes, Thomas. He’s great! We’re good, going on 8 months now, time flies! He’s in LA right now for work. He’s filming a fitness video out there.

Pat: *chokes on drink* 8 months? I thought this was like a brand new fling?

Aspen: Yes! We’re talking about moving in together it’s getting serious.

Pat: Oh? That’s great! You don’t think it’s a little fast?

Aspen: Girl I mean…you wanna talk about fast? How about how fast Joe pushed you in front of everyone? *laughs and sips* I hope you’re okay Pat. You know you can talk to me about ANYTHING. We aren’t close but I am here.

Pat: BITCH! *giggles* He didn’t push me! We spoke about it! You know I wouldn’t take his shit. But listen, does Thomas know any of the girls? Like was the weekend at the winery the first time he met everyone?

Aspen: Yes, it was his first time meeting most of them. He’s met Charlotte before. Why do you ask?

Pat: Oh no, I’m just asking! The girls liked what they saw. *nervously laughs* I loved that the men could bond a bit. Joe really enjoyed Thomas!

Aspen: *sips* I mean, who wouldn’t? He’s young and hot.

Pat: Girl, let me tell you this though. I need a fucking vacation! *laughs*

Aspen: WHERE WE GOING? We need to meet up all together to plan a trip!

Pat: Oh yes, let’s get the group together! We can work out where we are gonna go!! I’m thinking somewhere FAR away!

Aspen: *raises glass* Cheers!

As the two cheers and continue chatting, the scene zooms out towards the Twitter skyline as the scene and episode end.

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