Season 13, Episode 17: “Reunion — Part One”

As the reunion begins, we see quick clips of the women in their dressing rooms getting ready. We then quickly shift as we see Andy quickly greeting the group, before we hear dramatic music as the Ladies make their way to the stage. We hear a steady, pounding drum beat as we hear the crew counting down… “FIVE…FOUR…THREE…TWO…WE’RE ROLLING,” as they point to Andy and the reunion begins…

SEATING: Grace, Luciana, ANDY, Elle, Kathy, Rose

Andy: Hello and welcome to the season thirteen reunion of the Ladies of Twitter. I’m Andy Cohen joined here today by the successful and radiant Ladies of Twitter, in my lodge inspired by the Ladies’ trip to Jackson Hole. Welcome Ladies, it’s good to see you all here.

Luciana: Well, hello Andy!!!

Grace: Hi Andy!

Elle: *puts binder under her pillow* Thank you so much for having me, Andy!

Andy: Grace Whitworth, first time at the reunion, any nerves coming into today?

Grace: Of course! It’s great to be here though Andy! There’s a lot to talk about

Kathy: Definitely lots to talk about!

Andy: That there certainly is. Kathy Irvine, do you think there will be any resolution here today?

Kathy: I am hoping so, there’s no where for anyone to run thankfully!

Andy: Elle Stonewood, certainly a tough first season, are you ready for today?

Elle: You should ask these other ladies if they’re ready for me. *winks to Andy* Lots to discuss as Gracie Poo said.

Andy: Oh wow. *laughs* Luciana Donatella, it’s your second reunion, how do you think it’ll compare to the first?

Luciana: Oh boy, I think it’s like apples and oranges. This season we have brand new friendships. Very organic. We all hurt a lot, fight a lot, but we love a lot. So I think this is a much needed reunion. Less forced.

Grace: Real is the word

Andy: It was certainly a brand new season. Rose Salzar, it’s your first reunion, how does reality compare to novelas and film?

Rose: It’s nothing alike! On films, we know we are acting… here, I have to ask myself if you are acting. So happy to see you, Andy

Andy: *laughs* I’m thrilled to see you too!

Andy: This season, the winds of change blew through Twitter, with an almost entirely new set of Ladies. Now every moment may not have been picture perfect, but these women? They shine. Watch this. *footage plays of all the new women hard at work on their businesses, followed by shots of Luciana discussing opening a new bar; the footage then shifts to shots of the women drinking and dancing* Wow, certainly seems like there was a lot of fun this season too. Did you all enjoy the experience this year?

Grace: It’s been a lot of fun! It’s everything I thought it would be and more! And boy, the fights! Worse than I had expected, that’s for sure

Elle: I had an okay experience. There were definitely some fun moments with my triple threat trio over here!

Luciana: Enjoy? Not really…

Kathy: I did have a wonderful experience this year! It was great showcasing my collection line and interacting with mostly Intelligent women. We had a blast this season as Triple Threat!!

Rose: I had a blast getting to know more of these ladies! Some of us got very close.

Grace: We get it, you three love each other *laughs*

Elle: We’re friends Grace, never had friends? Must be hard being that old with no friends. Need help crossing the street yet?

Andy: Luciana, would you say you enjoyed season 12 more?

Luciana: I loved last season, but this season was dark for me. I use to be all happy happy, this season was a lot and very heavy…and most of these ladies were supportive. Not all.

Kathy: It was hard watching you this season, Luci…

Andy: Who did you all think was the most fun when you were out drinking?

Luciana: For me, I’d surprisingly say Rose. She has some great one liners that made me laugh out loud.

Elle: Despite the animosity, I had fun drinking with Grace at times, but definitely Rose is fun.

Kathy: Rose and Luci! For sure always knew how to have a good time.

Rose: Luci is a lot better with a drink in her hand

Grace: I think Elle is great when she lets her hair down

Luciana: Yes Elle! Elle letting down her hair is like the Elle I love!

Andy: Well, I think viewers everywhere enjoyed watching you all drink. *laughs*

Andy: This season, we met new Lady Kathy Irvine, and got a glimpse at her life full of handbags and hustle. But was all that glittered really gold or would struggles in her marriage and with her mother push her over the edge? Let’s watch. *footage plays of Kathy and her husband struggling in their long distance marriage, followed by shots of Kathy disagreeing with her mother, Margaret* So Kathy, what has it been like showing your marriage on this show?

Elle: I just wanna say it was so interesting watching the parallels of what Kathy and I were going through this year.

Kathy: It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with since giving my child up for adoption. We actually have filed for a separation agreement. Not a divorce but it’s gotten to the point where we can’t even get along in the same house. *starts to tear up* I am hoping for better days, girls.

Elle: Can we get her a tissue?

Andy: Oh wow. So you’re separated and living alone? *hands Elle a tissue*

Kathy: Yes, well, you know Marge Senior is in her suite in the backyard. But yes, I am all alone in my house. I appreciate everyone for rallying around me and keeping this a secret.

Andy: Did you other Ladies know about this?

Elle: I knew.

Luciana: Kathy told me. I kept it a secret.

Rose: *looks over to Kathy* Kathy, I want to say you’re a truly inspiring women! I am sad for this news that you are revealing.. I did know but I also kept the secret

Luciana: That’s the thing, Andy. We all fight like crazy, but we ALL have dark and hard times. I think deep down we have more in common then we realize.

Andy: What about Grace, did she know? Is your husband James living in Twitter or exclusively in New York?

Kathy: Grace may have heard it through town. I’m not sure. She did reach out and ask if I’m doing well

Grace: I didn’t know, no. I think what you can gather from this season is that Kathy and I don’t know hardly anything about each other

Kathy: He’s living in New York and I’m living in Twitter. And it may permanently be that way or it may not. It’s really in the hands of the higher above!

Elle: This is a hard thing for her to reveal and a moment of compassion so please just show her some, Grace.

Grace: *raises hands* I’m here to listen and make sense of things too Elle

Kathy: And Grace you are absolutely right we didn’t know anything about each other. So for that, I apologize for not taking the time to get to know you. I’m to blame and I was just going through a lot that no one knew about besides Elle and Rose.

Andy: We see you and your mother, Margaret, butt heads on occasion as well this season. How are things between you and your mother?

Kathy: She’s actually came around since I’ve filed for separation. She’s trying to get me out of the house more. She’s really hit off with Luci and Elle’s mother-in-law, Mariah! So I’ve been spending lots of time with them!

Luciana: It was so much fun having our moms together! The three of them are a hoot.

Andy: Well that is great to hear, and how is the handbag business?

Rose: You mean empire right, Andy?

Kathy: It’s booming! Flying off the shelves at both storefronts and Neiman Marcus! I have the records of my sales, would you like to see Grace since you like to discredit my business so much?

Grace: No thank you, I think you’ve questioned my business and empire a lot more than I have. I’m pleased the bags are selling

Elle: I think the IRS questioned you, not Kathy. *shrugs*

Kathy: Well, that’s neither here nor there love. But moving on, Andy!

Andy: Speaking of Grace’s empire, while Grace may have once seemed like a Desperate Housewife, this year, following her divorce, she decided to challenge that label and do it all on her own. But it wasn’t without a little struggle. Watch this. *footage plays of Grace working to sell homes to some of the Ladies, followed by shots of Grace dealing with her missing sister and her ex concerning finances* So much happening here, let’s start with your sister. What is the status of Allie?

Grace: My sister is doing good, she’s now living with my mother, and the family are so pleased to have her return to us after such a turbulent time.

Luciana: Glad she’s back, hun!

Elle: That’s great to hear, I’m glad to hear she’s doing better.

Kathy: I am so glad she’s doing well! Mental health is nothing to shy away from!

Andy: We also see you and your real estate business Whitworth Estates, we see you working with your ex-husband originally, but there are struggles with that. Has he always controlled everything prior to now?

Kathy: Aren’t they still together?

Grace: I built the business with him, when we split I wanted to continue it and have it as my own and for my daughter Amy. He would take care of the finances, the bills, everything. Yes, that’s a bit prehistoric of me but it’s what worked but also something that ultimately landed me in hot water, which thankfully is over now

Kathy: I could’ve swore you two were seen out and about a few weeks ago?

Grace: Nope, you may need glasses Kathy. Maybe binoculars from the bush will work better

Andy: We see you throw a salad bowl at him when arguing about this IRS stuff. What is the status of that? And based on Kathy’s claim, what is the status of your relationship now, I suppose?

Rose: Did you go with the payment plan Grace?

Luciana: Just update us Gracie.

Grace: We aren’t speaking. He’s with Amy when she needs him ,and that’s all that I care about.

Andy: And the status of your issues with the IRS?

Grace: Cleared, paid, done and dusted.

Kathy: Sure. *laughs* Okay.

Rose: I hope she went with the payment plan

Elle: That’s great to hear.

Grace: I’ll be happy to talk you through the payment plan, you keep bringing up Rose. Thank you all for your concerns

Kathy: Glad it’s cleared for now!

Rose: I’m fine... girl, I pay my taxes on time. Thank you. I know when the day taxes are due… do you? Or just did it leave your mind?

Andy: I think we’ll save the tax class for season 14. *laughs*

Andy: Moving on, this season, viewers watched as the dynamics changed time and time again among the group with friendships building and burning at a rapid pace. Let’s watch. *footage plays of Rose struggling to find a place among the Ladies early on, followed by footage of the changing dynamics between Kathy, Luciana, and Grace throughout the season* Rose, let’s start with you, what do you think was difficult about connecting with this group as the season began?

Rose: Andy, thank you for that interesting question! I came to this show with an open mind and truly wanted to get close with these ladies…but some ladies didn’t want to get to know me. So I wasn’t going to kiss ass to someone who wasn’t trying to respect me

Elle: Well said.

Andy: Fair enough. *laughs* Who do you feel you had the hardest time with?

Rose: The ladies on the other side of the couch and their friend… what was her name, Elle? Anal?

Grace: When you turned up to film though, you were barely present. And when you were, you’d leave, so.

Elle: Some people are more quiet when they meet new people though, that’s just how some people work.

Rose: You need to try to connect with someone genuinely… I don’t know who taught you how to make friends but try to get a re-lesson on that. You’re gonna need it in your life.

Luciana: I had a hard time connecting with Rose. Sometimes Elle.

Kathy: Oh Grace, let’s not talk about people leaving scenes. You know all about that.

Elle: I had no problems with you in the beginning, Luci? It was only after Grenada when you lied.

Luciana: Lied!?

Elle: Yes, lied.

Andy: We’ll get to Grenada. Moving on to Kathy, Luci, and Grace, Luciana, what was it like watching your friends at odds all season?

Luciana: Exactly. Save the receipts, Ellen.

Kathy: Hold on Andy. Can we address this issue with Grace having an issue with my friendship with Luci?

Grace: I don’t have an issue, Andy, that’s the point. Kathy, you’re desperate. I said it!

Luciana: Oh boy.

Andy: SHUT UP, we’ll get to you two. Let Luciana SPEAK.

Luciana: Oh boy, Andy. Well, let me tell you about these two. We have Kath who I’ve known for years, Business woman, family woman of the year…we have had some amazing heart to hearts. Then My Gracie, we worked on projects together…she’s an amazing mother… but these two…they are very… how do you say? Territorial…these two are like cats after a good gang bang.

Grace: I just can’t stand Kathy. It’s simple

Luciana: Why though ?

Andy: So you feel they are both possessive over you, got it. Next, Grace, why don’t you think you and Kathy saw eye to eye? Because it was from the first meeting.

Kathy: I can’t stand Grace. I mean, how can you when she lies about the simple shit?

Grace: I haven’t lied! Where have I lied? I don’t know you, Kathy.

Elle: You made up the rumor about my husband according to Luci.

Kathy: YOU BEGGED, BORROWED, AND STOLE TO have what you have today, Grace. Don’t do it

Grace: And you are hellbent on ruining me to come across as some sort of healer, a goddess, a woman who rights wrongs when really you’re an old hag who’s clutching at straws to have issues with me. I’ve worked thirty years to be where I am! I’ve never stole, begged, or borrowed anything!

Andy: Okay so you don’t know Kathy, then why didn’t you ever get along?

Grace: I just think she’s a bitch, and a low life dirty dog. And I have no time for people like that.

Luciana: No, no, no.

Grace: You run with dogs, you get fleas

Luciana: That’s low, Gracie.

Elle: You would know being the dog you are.

Grace: And I’m fed up with her coming for me when all I did was try with her. She thinks she’s something she’s not. So, I just don’t want to associate

Luciana: Be honest, Gracie. You didn’t want to share me!

Grace: *claps* I thank you for telling me about my IRS issue. How’s that? Without it, I’m sure my ex would have me locked up by now. *laughs*

Elle: If only…

Andy: NOW it’s Kathy’s turn. Kathy, what do you feel was the initial issue between you and Grace?

Grace: *points to the other couch* You three are just reaching. Desperate for an issue. DESPERATE!

Rose: Us? You don’t even know our last names.

Elle: You made up a lie about my husband, what exactly am I reaching at? The truth?

Kathy: You are the one that went out on a smear campaign against us!

Grace: Shut up Barbie

Elle: Make me geriatric

Grace: Oh, come for my age now. Tell me how old I am

Elle: Get your walker granny.

Luciana: We’re not old we are just mature!!!

Grace: Hit me where it hurts! 62 and proud! I love my age!

Elle: I can’t hit you as desperately as you deserve it.

Rose: 62 and proud? Girl come on

Luciana: Same Gracie! 43 and proud!

Grace: I look amazing!

Rose: You look like you’re still hanging in… Grace chill.

Elle: Looks on the outside don’t make up for the inside Grace.

Andy: LADIESSSS STOP IT, ENOUGH! It’s Kathy’s turn. Kathy, what do you feel was the initial issue between you and Grace?

Kathy: I think Luci is right. It was a territorial thing for Grace and I. I can be woman enough to own it and say that probably was the initial problem. However, I was really excited about Grace. I even reached out to her prior to joining the show and Luci talked her up to me. I thought we was gonna be the modern day golden girls!

Grace: You never reached out to me! You lie, lie, lie!

Andy: Okay so, Grace, if Luciana thinks its territorial and Kathy thinks its territorial, do you think there’s something to be said for that?

Grace: I mean maybe, but like I said I am very confident and comfortable in my friendship with Luciana Donatella. We’ve known each other for 27 years. We’re sisters. I don’t need to be competing for her attention. Kathy wants to make it known she’s besties. Great! More the merrier

Luciana: Dare I say, thick as thieves.

Kathy: Well then why do you post every time you hang out?

Grace: I just don’t like someone who is desperate for attention and for affection. Be natural in a friendship I say

Rose: Grace, do you own a mirror at home?

Kathy: And you know what I may need a little bit more attention right now. I’m going through a separation, you ASSHOLE!

Grace: YOU POST EVERY PERSON YOU GO OUT WITH! So I can’t share one or two pics with Luci? She’s my friend. We have a good time. You’re jealous

Andy: As we close out this segment, because we aren’t reaching resolution here, does anyone have hope for this friendship?

Grace: *looks to Luciana* She’s a wacko.

Luciana: Can we just stop? I think me, Gracie, and Kath would be amazing together. The power of three? It would be like Golden Girls meets Hocus Pocus. Maybe even Mean Girls!

Kathy: Dare I say, I think there is hope.

Grace: No. No hope. I thank you for helping me out, sincerely, but I think you did it all for attention and a storyline and to try to humiliate me. I have no interest right now knowing you. Sorry

Luciana: Seriously!?

Kathy: Babe, your sales humiliate you. I didn’t have to humiliate you in Twitter babe

Grace: See Andy? Jab, jab, jab.

Andy: Okay, we’re gonna close this chapter, because it’s going nowhere.

Grace: Fuck off Kathy, you’re a bitch

Elle: You just called me Barbie, yet you don’t take jabs at people?

Andy: When Kathy decided to invite her new girlfriends for a weekend away, she thought the country would be peaceful and build friendships. The result? Anything but. Let’s check this out. *footage plays of the weekend in Jackson with Kathy and Grace arguing at the rodeo, followed by Rose asking about Vinny’s passing with the group* Kathy and Grace, what do you think really sparked your big argument in Jackson Hole?

Kathy: Alcohol plain and simple!

Grace: Agreed. I think again, Kathy wanted to poke me and try to make me look bad

Elle: A mess of a trip. *laughs*

Rose: We went to Jackson’s Hole?

Grace: I don’t care where I sleep or what I do, but I’ll ask for respect. Hell, Luci and I had to host most of the trip anyway

Elle: You earn respect you don’t just get it.

Kathy: That’s a fucking lie Grace and you know it.

Andy: Certainly what a trip. Rose, you asked Luciana about her husband’s murder on the trip, do you regret asking that way based on how it turned out?

Rose: No, I was set up… I was asked to bring this information on camera and it was horrible. I wanted to bring Luci aside and do it privately, cause I don’t know the girl

Grace: Liar!

Luciana: Did you apologize?

Elle: She is NOT lying. Don’t do all that mess.

Rose: We had a sit down, Luciana? Did you not remember? Did they not send you that episode?

Andy: Luciana, you had sort of said it drunkenly the night before, if I’m not mistaken, that there was an investigation, but this still hit you hard. Why did this strike such a nerve with you?

Luciana: Well hello… an investigation …I own this restaurant and my husband was dead.

Elle: It was awful to hear about.

Grace: Shame on anyone that thought it was a murder!

Andy: Has the investigation concluded?

Luciana: Yes. It’s over and done! I just want to move on. I’m still sad and hurt. It was natural causes. Just stop all, I loved him… just believe me for once! DAMNIT! *cries*

Andy: We’re all happy to hear that. *hands Luciana a tissue*

Luciana: Thank you Andrew.

Rose: Luci, can Ipersonally apologize to you here? I know that I was in fault and hope we can move forward with this friendship

Kathy: We all love you Luci, sincerely!

Luciana: Thank you Rose. Thank you Kath. Fuck the rest of you. I’m just kidding! Let’s move on. *laughs*

Elle: I know we went through a lot this year but despite it all I care about you as a friend and I want you to know it’s horrible what you had to endure.

Andy: Finally some resolution! I think this is a good time to take lunch and then we will bring out Amal.

Elle: Fuck me. *rolls eyes*

As we see the women beginning to get up from their seats to head to lunch, the camera pans out to a shot of the full stage as part one of the reunion comes to an end.

Next time, the dramatic conclusion to the Ladies of Twitter season 13 reunion, as Amal comes out to join the Ladies to discuss the season’s most talked about stories.



Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!

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Ladies of Twitter

Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!