Season 15, Episode 1: “The Reveal Appeal”

As “Fake Ass Bitches,” Ladies of Twitter’s longstanding theme song, along with the intro fade from the screen, we see opening shots of Twitter’s city skyline as a playful beat plays in the background. We quickly pan across town, as we see Billie on set filming followed by a shot of Erica looking through different party décor opens. The scene then transitions as we focus in on a restaurant in Twitter’s Upper East Side. There we see shots of the interior before the camera transitions and we see a woman in a red pantsuit entering the restaurant, before the camera pans up revealing Luciana. The camera shifts as we see Grace seated at a table in the restaurant already as we begin…

If you would have asked me last year if I’d ever sit down with Grace again, I would have said Nada, no thanks. But after a long summer, some thinking, and some therapy…I’m happy to get lunch with her.

Luciana approaches as we see she and Grace kiss on the cheek before sitting down at the table. The camera then pivots once more as we see a stunning brunette making her way towards the restaurant and going inside….

I think I see one of my friends over there! Harlow walks to Grace and hugs her. Hey babe! You look amazing, per usual!

We’re back! Listen it’s been a long time coming that Luci and I sorted our things out. We sat and talked and went over everything and apologized. I’ve invited Luci and one of my friends, Harlow, for a lunch and a girly catch up!

: Hello gorg! Come, come, and sit!

: Harlow sits down. Let me look through the menu first! Harlow removes her sunglasses and begins reading the drink menu.

: I met Harlow a few years ago, I’ve been a customer of her gorgeous jewelry brand and I’ve sold her about 3 homes, so, friendship has abounded! Grace laughs.

: How are you my Gracie?

: I’m good, thank you, you look radiant!

: A new scrub!

: How are we both?

: Luciana looks at Harlow for a moment in silence. Hi, I’m Luci!

: Hi! I’m Harlow. Nice to meet you! You look SO gorge.

: Thank you! But you! What’s the secret?

: She’s younger than us, Luci, say no more!

: Drink tequila. Harlow laughs.

: Grace laughs. Tequila! Ooh!

: Harlow and Luci will love each other; they both live for a good time.

: But seriously, be natural! Being plastic will never be the secret!

: I love myself a wine spritzer! You’re a doll, I can tell we will get along! Just don’t listen to the others!

: I sway my own way darling, so I bet that will be easy!

: Harlow, tell Luci about your business!

: Ooh yes!! So, I own a big A-List jewelry brand. It’s called Laurier. Everyone has heard of it. We sell everything EXPENSIVE! We don’t sell fake! So don’t be worried. Harlow chuckles.

: It’s beautiful

: Oh my God, like THE Laurier!? Of course!!

: Yes!

: Well, I’m impressed!

: Harlow nods. It’s amazing.

: So, girls…Grace sips. I have some exciting news to share.

: Spill it!

: So, I got my tits done a few months back, I know I know, don’t they look bouncier? But anyway, my doctor’s wife, who is my friend and referred me to this guy, is a publisher.

: I thought something was different!

: And well, we got to talking and, I’m writing a book!

: Harlow claps. I’m so happy for you!

: A book! Wow? Will it be a fairytale?

: Gracie is now an author? How can someone be an author when they can barely read? Luciana laughs. God, I love her.

: Is it a memoir? I’d love for it to end in a fairytale though! Harlow laughs.

: It’ll be a book about having it all and making it work with what you’ve been given. There’s a lot to scope here, I’m sure it’ll be hard but hey, I love it hard *winks*

: It’s a memoir, of course. I’m thinking…Facing It All With Grace.

: Working title?

: It’s all at the starting process.

The camera pans to Harlow who is making a face…

: Well… hopefully that stays a working title!

: Will your sister be in the book?

: Well, I would think so. Any tips or thoughts? I’m thinking it’s about having it all, or can you?

: Wait so like… what part of your life is this memoir ultimately about?

: It’s all a work in progress! But I’m excited to get started!

: Do you think you have it all?

: Absolutely not! Who does? Do you Harlow honey?

: Never!

: Give Luci the rundown on what’s going on with you, Harlow.

: Well, I clearly don’t have a husband right now since a few months ago I did file a divorce, and it’s a stressful process. Especially since a prenup wasn’t filed. Custody is rough as well.

I was going all IN for a prenup! But ultimately, we didn’t get one for the marriage.

: Are you guys still friends? Let me know if you want me to ring his neck.

: Oh H, that’s all so awful. If I can do anything to help, let me know.

: Harlow and her ex? They seemed very happy! I don’t know what happened there but we’re not asking any questions. Yet.

: We are still friends, but more of like distance friends who talk once a week.

: Listen, I’m a girl’s girl. If I need to turn into a Pitbull for a girlfriend, you better start running.

: Well, exes are exes for a reason! Cheers to not putting up with shitty guys! Grace raises her glass.

: The three Ladies cheers their glasses. Yeah, cheers to that!

: Yes!

: Harlow? I have a gift for you.

: What’s this gift?

: It’s odd I’m getting a gift from someone I just met…but here I’m all in!

: I’ve been on a new journey in my life. One that brings me much happiness and peace.

Luciana begins to rummage through her purse. Here! Luciana hands Harlow a crystal.

: Crystals! Harlow’s jaw drops. I love these! Thank you for this!

: What’s that do?

: My crystals have guided me through my new life with passion, compassion, and fashion.

: Is it one of those vibrators?

: Honey! It isn’t a vibrator!

: Gracie, that crystal was used to bring you and I back together. Look at us now! My crystals speak to me!

: I need a new one! The vibrator, NOT a crystal. Grace laughs.

: Producer asks Luciana what her crystals say to her and Luciana responds in a whisper. Buy more crystals.

: Grace, have you spoken to Erica or the girls?

: I haven’t spoken to Devyn, Luci, but I have spoken to Erica. Did you get an invite to her event next week? And have you spoken to Devyn, Luci?

: No to Devyn. What party were you talking about?

: Harlow, do you know any of our friends?

: Harlow shakes her head. Not as I know of.

: Erica sent us all an invite to an event next week. Grace shows Luciana her phone. See, you’re on the email Harlow, come with us and be my date!

: Oh, I don’t think I was invited. Oh…an EMAIL? I’m only going if Harlow goes!

: I’d love to go and meet all these other girls! I hope they are fab!

: I don’t want to see Devyn.

: She’s always hot and cold. I can’t keep up.

: Did you see she got her old face back?

: Old face?

: Fickle, she’s very fickle that one. She had all her work reversed! Or something.

: She needs to stop reading all the comments on Instagram. No one liked her last face.

: Devyn? I was but a friend to her, she just threw it back in my face. Hardly Legendary, is it?

: Well, I’ll be rising above. Harlow, you’ll have to bling us up with some of your finest jewels!

: All for you guys! But it’s only borrowing… because I’ve had some friends, or quote on quote friends who thought I told them to have it for free!

: Oh, we would never! Right Luci? Grace laughs.

As the Ladies continue chatting and finish their lunch, we see the cameras pan across town as we see Doctor Devyn King sitting on the balcony of one of her homes overlooking the coast as party music plays and the camera pans over Devyn’s tropical backyard as the scene begins…

: It’s so good to be home. I’ve been staying at my beach house since Legends wrapped really decompressing. First, I had some procedures back in Jamiaca, I’d planned to have some procedures and then I decided I wanted my kids to see where Mommy was from. Now I’m healing well, and so many unexpected things have happened.

A home video montage plays on screen of Corey, Devyn’s ex-husband and father of her children, playing with the kids, and taking care of Devyn post-surgery…

: Honey, I thought it would be my mom, Annalise, taking care of me and the kids, but unexpectedly Corey has shown up for me.

Just then, Corey walks out to balcony where Devyn is seated and hands Devyn a cocktail…

: Devyn takes the drink from Corey. Thank you. Stay please. I was just thinking about you.

: Sure. Corey sits.

: Corey, thank you for everything you’ve done for me and the kids as I convalesced back to health.

: No problem, Dev. Y’all are my family. Thank you for letting me.

: Things have been interesting and have taken a turn. For the good.

The camera then shows video footage of Corey proposing to Devyn in Jamaica…

: Devyn grabs Corey’s hand. WE’RE GETTING MARRIED AGAIN! Devyn and Corey laugh. Man, has it ever taken a while to get here. The divorce was hard, and necessary though.

Footage then rolls of Devyn and Corey’s marital issues, along with Corey’s struggles with addiction, which saw Devyn break down and ultimately led to their divorce during season 11 of Ladies of Twitter…

: It gave me space to explore my sexuality and focus on myself and the kids. It also gave Cory space to focus on his recovery. This show was a little much for him, and I’m glad that he was able to step away and take care of himself. Devyn begins to tear up.

: Oh, it’s OK baby. Don’t cry. I’ve been sober for almost 2 years now. And I can’t tell you how special it is to have my family back. Every single day I fight for my sobriety, and I will also fight to be a better father and husband. Just taking it a day at a time.

: That’s all you can do. The last time everyone saw me on this show, I wasn’t at the reunion because I was dealing with debilitating mental health issues. I appreciate my friends on this show for standing up for me and loving me through it. I am on a very great combination of meds, and I feel great. This season will be different though. We have a wedding to plan and the DOCTOR IS BACK. Devyn laughs.

I’m so happy in my life right now. There’s so much to share, and I’m so in love.

The scene then pans out as we shift to several days later, where we see the exterior of Devyn’s home in the Twitter Hills along with interior shots of Devyn’s living room accompanied by upbeat music. The scene then progresses as we see a gorgeous woman in a blue dress walking up to the front door and knocking, but no one answers. The camera then pivots again as we see Billie Reed walking up the driveway to Devyn’s door as the scene begins…

The B is BACK baby, and she’s better than ever! I really enjoyed my time on Legends of Twitter so I thought it would be fun to continue that positive energy on Ladies of Twitter. When I got the phone call from the Executive Producers… A flashback plays of the producers calling Billie to offer her a spot on the show. I was thrilled to be honest. Let’s just hope we, as in ME, can all stay as peaceful as Legends was.

Leila waves to Billie. Billie…girl, I’ve been waiting here for 5 minutes. Where’s the doctor!?

: Billie sees Leila, before knocking and opening the door and entering Devyn’s home. Girl, she didn’t let you in? Typical Devyn. She’s probably somewhere around this big ole house sleeping.

: Leila enters with Billie. Well alright then!

: Billie walks over to refrigerator. I guess I’ll fill in as hostess until she wakes up! Billie laughs and starts getting food together for a charcuterie board.

: Devyn rushes down the stairs. Hey babes! Welcome. Sorry. My FIANCÉ wouldn’t let me go. Come in please!

: Girl, I’ve done opened the fridge and poured me a glass. Come sit, you know I act like what is yours is mine.

: Devyn you had me waiting at your front door like I’m a member of your staff. What you been doing?

: Devyn girl, if you and your fiancé wanted to hang it out before we came over you should’ve told us a later time. Billie laughs.

: I’m so sorry Leila. Devyn laughs. Life is great girls. I’m happy y’all. Devyn plops onto the couch. Billie, help yourself always.

: I love the mommy makeover; you look so good!!

: Thank you babe. That makeover brought my ex-husband crawling back.

: You are giving us body and grace all in the same look!! You look absolutely stunning! Now what happened to that girl you were dating? She was a mess, Dev! Billie laughs.

: Thanks Billie. Devyn takes a deep breath. We broke up and are still friends. Enough about me y’all. How are y’all?

The camera pans to Billie and Leila, before focusing on Leila’s confessional for a moment.

My name is Leila Harris, and I would say I’m the hidden gem of Twitter. Everyone knows me, but this is my first time stepping out into the spotlight. Leila smiles. I’ve known Devyn and Billie for years through the best boutique in Twitter…mine of course. And we all became fast friends!

: Leila looks at Billie. You go first girl! Give us the tea!

: Leila and Devyn, I’ve been busy with going back to daytime TV full time. Aside from that, I just have been trying to get back in the dating game, which has been interesting for me so far. I went out with this one guy who said on Bumble he was a real estate developer here in Twitter and come to find out it was a colleague of Grace Whitworth’s. He told me flat out that she don’t pay people and she’s cheap. Now that’s just what I heard.

: Look, I do not know Grace all that well, but if her bank account is anything like her attitude it’s low.

: Devyn, isn’t Grace your friend?

: Leila’s eyes widen as she sips her wine. I don’t want to start mess but… I’ve heard some of the same things about her.

: Chile, she’s not my friend. She was my realtor. Devyn laughs. I’m not surprised she’s not paying people.

: I love me some pretty mess Billie sips her rosé. What have you heard Leila?

: I see a lot of high level clients in my boutique every day. The tea is always spilling Leila smirks.

: Listen Leila is Uber-connected in this community, so I highly doubt what she says is some bullshit.

: Oh, you know…like you said I heard she’s cheap, doesn’t pay contractors, fake photos on the showings she posts, stuff like that. Lots of…fraudulent activity *sips*

: Devyn dies laughing. Why am I not surprised?

: I don’t know her really well, but where there’s smoke there’s fire. Leila shrugs. You two know her? Seems you do Dev.

: She helped me buy the land for this house, but I used a contractor who wouldn’t work with her. So, we didn’t. Devyn sips her tea.

: Contractor apparently heard the rumors too! Leila laughs.

: Billie chugs back rose and laughs. This is getting good!!

: He never would say why he wouldn’t do business with her, but he was adamant. She was upset with me. But look at this place! Who cares.

: You did so good with this place, it’s gorgeous

: I mean it’s stunning Devyn, you’ve done a great job on the place! Devyn, have you talked to Erica or any of the other ladies lately?

: Thanks girls, we love it. I talk to Erica, but she has some secret announcement. Even I don’t know what it is.

: Did you guys get Erica’s invite for her announcement party? What the hell is she announcing?

: Girl, who knows. I’ll be there though. How do you bring a gift to a surprise announcement? I’m so thrown, but excited for whatever she’s doing.

: Like girl, why you keeping secrets from us? Tell us already, you don’t gotta have a whole ass party for it. I guess it must be big! Leila sips her drink.

: I did get a text from her about this party where she is announcing whatever she has going on.

: Y’all better be there. I need my friends.

: Oh, I’m there. I gotta get the tea on the announcement!

: God, I have missed you Devyn! It feels like forever since we’ve actually caught up. And Leila, I’m glad you’re in the mix with us now. I think these girls might need to fear what you hold in the vault.

: Oh, they absolutely should be afraid…you two should as well! Leila laughs. I’m just playing!!

The camera pans over as Corey, Devyn’s fiancé walks through to the kitchen…

: Girl, you promised you and I would go to the grave with our secrets Billie nudges Leila. Hey Corey, long time no see!! Glad to see you

: Devyn beams. I’m so happy he’s back here. I love him.

: Damn right Billie!

: Well Leila I think that’s Devyn’s husband nice way of saying get the hell out of my house! Billie laughs.

: Shit, take my secrets to the grave too. Devyn laughs.

: Alright girlies I’ve got to head back to the boutique for a fitting and guess who’s coming in today!

: It’s been a good day with some girlfriends. Just laughing and gossiping is really medicine for my soul, I don’t know about anyone else’s. Billie laughs.

: He’s fine y’all. Stay for dinner. Go get the families. It’s seafood night.

: Well, it’s just me but I’ll be back over for dinner! And who is coming in Leila??

: Halle Bailey needs a dress for the Little Mermaid premiere! Leila squeals.

: Congrats babe.

: It’ll give Leila’s so much coverage, but any who. I’ll talk to y’all later, and Dev, we’ll reschedule seafood night! Leila winks and grabs her purse, then walks out.

: Alright Dev, it’s just like old times! Go get the speaker and crack open another bottle. I’m ready to dance on a table!

As Billie and Devyn are seen laughing, the camera pans out as we transition to the following day in Twitter. We hear exciting music as the camera focuses in on a boutique in downtown Twitter. There, we see Erica Ka’Oi-Dalio chatting with the owner and her staff as she sifts through a rack of clothing and the scene begins…

: And will you be having champagne during your shopping today?

: Erica laughs. Sorry Jill, you know I love a good glass, but I’m on an alcohol-free diet. How about some tea?

: I’ll get that right out to you!

Today, I’ve decided to do a little shopping spree at one of Twitter’s most fabulous boutiques. I’ve decided to invite an old “friend”, emphasis on the old, to come out and shop with me. She has recently moved to Twitter and Robert suggested that it would be a good idea to catch up with her. Somewhere public, of course.

Just then, the camera pans outside as we see a beautiful woman in yellow stepping out of her BMW in front of the store…

: Teairra sighs. Chile…well, this is cute. Teairra makes her way into the boutique.

: Erica looks towards the door as she drinks her tea. Hello, lovely of you to make it.

: Teairra walks over to Erica slowly and waves my hand with my fingers. Yes, hello, hello! Teairra looks around. I’m liking the scenery, its cute

: Erica smiles. Yes, yes. I wanted to bring you around something nice. Erica looks over to Jill. Where are my manners, this is the owner of the boutique Jill, Jill this is a very old friend of mine, Teairra.

: Yes, yes. Teairra smiles. I’ve always been around nice things so I’m glad you’ve grown into luxury, its been a minute. Teairra looks at Jill. Hello Jill, very nice to meet you Teairra shakes her hand. This boutique is fab!

: Erica looks up and down. Hmph, right. Hey Jill, do you think you can start bringing out some of your exclusive pieces for me? Thank you. Erica looks over at Teairra and crosses her legs. So, how have you been? I was a bit shocked at you being in Twitter.

As the women are talking, the scene fades out for a moment, as we transition to Teairra’s home, before transitioning inside her home and focusing on her along with her husband, Donte…

: Donte hits Teairra with a pillow while she makes a serious face. If you tear up my pillows, I swear to God…I just bought those pillows! they’re fresh out the packaging from Milan. Teairra laughs.

: My name is Teairra K-Blanco, for those who don’t know. Teairra coughs. You should know me by now, but I’m an upcoming fashion designer & a well-known model all across the world. I came here to Twitter to start a brand-new life with my husband Donte Blanco who is one of the BEST cardiovascular surgeons, who is NOW… Teairra moves her hands. an attending surgeon at Twitter General & I’m SO proud! because I wasn’t so proud of the old reputation, we both had due to something so…severe, it was time for a fresh start and everything has been amazing so far.

: Alright, alright, I’m done. Donte laughs and sits on the couch. How you feel about our new house? We’ve moved to hella places but this one kinda takes the cake.

: I love it! everything is exactly how I wanted it! Like it’s a fairytale house, I’m just proud of how far we’ve came, you like it in Twitter? Like generally? Teairra laughs. The air feels fresher for me.

: Yeah, it’s cool! You already know anywhere away from that last area feels like a home to me, I was so stressed out & anxious being there.

: I get it, because me too it was almost like jail on earth, I lost so many opportunities Teairra sighs. It was damn near hell, not even jail which is worse! Teairra looks down at her phone and deeply sighs as she sees a text from a California news outlet about their personal life.

: What? What happened?

: Teairra shows Donte her phone and starts to cry. It’s like we spoke of the devil & it arrived! How did they even get my number? I’ve changed it so many times this year. I’m so over this, like for real.

: Let’s just say … a fresh start isn’t the ONLY thing that prompted us moving here but the way I’ve adapted, it’s like Cali isn’t even a thought in my mind, until things like this happen.

: Chill, chill, we can get our numbers changed again nobody even knows we moved over here, I promise you, we’re good.

: I’m just tired, I’m over it…this is supposed to be a fresh start my endorsement deals and everything is coming back to me after I lost it all, this is my redemption arc. I REFUSE for that to be tarnished, I’m sorry. Teairra blocks the number.

: I get it! we’ve both been doing big things, but people always want things to talk about as you get higher in life, its natural. Donte scoots over and wraps arms around Teairra.

: You’re right about that! Teairra laughs and wipes her tears, before cuddling up on Donte. It just brought back that feeling of…defeat, by a simple message! but back to regularly scheduled programming.

: Which is?

: Modeling! I’m putting a slight pause on my clothing brand because I’m not sure if its perfection yet, it’s still a lot of planning to do you know I’m a perfectionist.

: Definitely that! Donte laughs. But everything you do is perfect. Donte does the chef’s kiss.

: Don’t gas me! Teairra laughs and playfully pushes Donte. I’ll definitely be on one of the magazines soon, I haven’t been on a cover in forever, but the offers here? Whew! I’m here for it all!

: I’m just excited to push my craft even further and better myself in my elements, anything in the fashion world? I’m there! I just have the drive now that I’m unstoppable & I can’t take any type of backpedaling, that’s not on… Teairra taps her shoulders. This bitch’s schedule. I only go UP! from here.

: I’m hungry are you making us food now? Teairra stands up from the couch.

: Are YOU making us some food? Donte smacks Teairra’s ass.

: Stop! She laughs. Okay, so Chipotle? Chipotle it is!

As the camera pans out and away from Teairra’s home, we return to the boutique where we see Erica and Teairra seated and chatting…

: Teairra crosses her legs and looks at Erica. Well! I’ve been amazing …you know having multiple occupations can get a little hard, but I’m working through it. How about you? Had no clue you were here myself; it’s been forever! Teairra laughs and flips her hair.

: The last time I saw Erica was …years ago, it’s like she became a complete stranger to me. But I don’t stress it, the way I’ve elevated in the fashion realm, I don’t really need anybody around me that doesn’t want to be around, I mean c’mon …fashion icon in the making hello!

: It’s multiple now? That’s amazing. I’m so glad you’ve spread your wings hunny. I know Donte was the breadwinner! So, I’m happy for you. As for myself? I’ve been amazing. Robert & I have been just enjoying each other’s company. I’ve recently just stepped back from my business for personal reasons, but I’ll be back soon.

: We’re both breadwinners, but yes! I love how life is going for me and that’s amazing. Teairra nods. Both amazing marriages, but what business do you own? My brain is a bit foggy, I haven’t seen it anywhere, I’m sorry if that’s a crazy question.

When I saw Teairra walking around my neighborhood like a lost puppy with her husband, I was a bit taken back. I thought we were going to have security because someone had broken into our nice, gated community. Teairra and I go way back to when Robert & I had just actually got together. We’ve always been in the same circles, and we used to have a lot of fun together. We have always had a weird relationship, when we were good, we were GOOD, but when we were bad… let’s just say if it wasn’t for Robert’s respect for Teairra’s husband Donte, there wouldn’t be enough of Teairra left to actually move here to Twitter.

: Erica sips her tea. Well, I’m CEO of E&J cosmetics. You don’t have to know I’m the owner to love the product. Erica points to Teairra’s lips. I’m glad you love that color though. It’s a best seller! How is everything with you? What businesses have you been dabbling into Mrs. Breadwinner.

: Are you insinuating this is your brand on my lips? Teairra laughs. Well, its cute & I was going to actually ask what the reason of the break from it was, but never mind! Uhm, I’ve been modeling in a few shows & I’m currently in talks of starting my official brand, I didn’t come up with a name yet, but it’ll soon come to me.

: Did Robert run out of money to fund E&J cosmetics? Because Lord knows Erica was never a cash type of chick! But I’m glad she has grown as a person and businesswoman; I must say that.

: So, it’s just one occupation for now… Erica nods. Got it. What shows have you been in? I hope you’re looking into Twitter Fashion Week. The best of the best walk in it. I’m actually providing my cosmetics to most of the events, I’m sure they would be delighted to have you walk.

: You haven’t been keeping up on the blogs? I’ve been in too many to name. Teairra sips her tea. But I have heard about the Twitter Fashion Show, I’ll definitely want to walk in it because I am the best of the best.

: Right. I’ll see what I can do for you. It’ll be an amazing opportunity for you. Do you know any ladies here, let alone anyone here?

: Hmm, I’m not too familiar with anyone I’ve been to myself for the most part! maybe if I see faces it would ring a bell. Other than that … eh, are the ladies enjoyable?

: Define enjoyable. Erica laughs. Like how we used to get down? Of course not. But they’re a nice group to be around. I know a lot of us are starting fresh after last year, so I’m hoping things way better than they were. I would just watch your back with Grace. She has a tendency of being disloyal towards her friends.

: Teairra makes a face. Woah! Well, I would love to get that tea when I meet these ladies Teairra laughs. Considering that last bit of information, I’m not sure what to expect chile.

: Between S14 and Legends, A-lot has changed. Last year was extremely dark for this entire group and I’m hoping things go way smoother this time around. I thought Grace was a dear friend of mine; however, her antics towards her friends make me question her loyalty.

: Well, I’m actually having this event at my house. Since you’re right around the corner, I would love for you and Donte to join us. It’s something very important that I’ll be announcing and plus all the ladies will be there, so you can get to acquainted with them all.

: Teairra nods. I would love to come, it’s about time I expand my social skills here anyways Donte & Rob are good friends, I wonder what this surprise is!

: Oh, you’ll see! Jill comes out with Erica’s bags filled with clothes. Teairra, it was lovely to see you love. I actually have an appointment to get to, so I’ll see you this weekend.

If she’s already married, what possibly else can she be announcing… honestly, I can play the guessing game with Erica, but when I say she’s unpredictable…honey, she’s unpredictable! We’ll just have to wait and see.

: Okay! That’s amazing I have a shoot to get to in about an hour, after I run some errands, this was a cute little time. Teairra stands up. I’ll see you this weekend! Teairra walks out the door.

: Erica waves as Teairra leaves, talking with Jill. She’s still so basic.

As Erica goes to check out all the clothes that she has purchased, the camera pans out as we begin to see shots of the Twitter city skyline. Next, the camera focuses in as we see the Twitter Hills. There, we see a shot of Erica’s new home’s exterior followed by the living room. As cameras descend on Erica’s new home, voices are heard. “Alright Erica, just a couple more, you ready?” Followed by Erica’s confident, “Lets Go Julie!”. We then hear signs of a scuffle with the mic as cameras zoom in to Erica, shown only from the waist up, with her Yoga Instructor as she stretches on the mat.

: Erica is seen dancing in her confessional. Guess who’s back! Back Again! This whole year has been amazing for me. I’m now Mrs. Dalio! Erica shows her ring. E&J Cosmetics continues to do amazing things and I just got back from traveling the world with some crazy people. Oh, and I almost forgot the biggest blessing of them all. The cameras move downwards to my stomach as a bump is revealed. I’m 4 months pregnant!

Erica and her yoga instructor as seen doing a couple more stretches as the scene progresses…

: Like I said, this year has been amazing for me. Between my marriage, pregnancy, and getting to just be stress free, it’s been everything. Robert and I wasn’t really expecting to have a baby so soon, but we’re so happy that we’ll be welcoming a new edition to our family even if that ruffles a few feathers.

Erica is then shown wrapping up her yoga session as she walks upstairs to the living room where Robert is…

: Robert, are you up here?

: Yes Babe, come here let me help you. Robert is shown escorting Erica to the couch.

: Thank you! Erica sits down. Next time, you should join Julie and I

: Babe. You know I’m not doing any Yoga.

: Erica laughs. It’s good for the Namaste.

: Robert rubs Erica’s belly and kisses her. I have all my Namaste right here.

: Robert has been amazing when it comes to me being pregnant. He’s been by my side every chance he can, he doesn’t miss an appointment and he’s even learning to cook. But he’s still the CEO of his family’s business and Dalio’s Luxurious Suites is constantly expanding. I mean this 21-million-dollar ring speaks for itself. Erica shows her ring and smiles. Just so Robert can continue to be this breadwinner, I’ve decided to move my mom & sisters in with us. It’s been nice to actually have more support here in Twitter.

Jayla walks in from the kitchen. When are you guys going grocery shopping? A girl needs to eat.

): Jayla, can you stop being a hog for just one second?

: You’re the hog.

: No, you’re the hog

The twins continue bickering as Erica’s mom enters the scene…

Can you two stop all that yelling? Your sister and my grandbaby doesn’t need to hear all of that! Kiara rubs on Erica’s stomach.

: Twins, how about y’all take my card and go grocery shopping? Don’t go crazy!

: The twins smile and talk in Unison, taking the card. We won’t!

The Twins Scurry off as the cameras show Robert, Kiara and Erica in the living room…

: Well since the twins are gone, I definitely want to ask you two a couple questions.

: Oh God…

: I just have to know, Robert, how is your side of the family taking this pregnancy?

: Well…

Erica is shown shaking her head and putting her hand on her forehead.

: Robert’s family and I have this weird relationship. His mother, Diane is the matriarch of the family and whatever she says goes. With that being said, Hating Erica is number one on her list right about now. So, although Robert’s father gave the company over to him to run, the “Dalio’s” mainly shut us out. They even decided to have a party to spite my wedding day. Erica shrugs. I know this is sensitive topic to talk about with Robert. I just hate that he’s going through this.

: I talked with my sister, she’s excited about a new Dalio coming into the family. My mother has also reached out.

: Erica, Are you okay with that?

: Mom, I’m okay with it. I want my child to know his grandparents and I want Robert to not have to worry about this nonsense.

: Kiara rolls her eyes. That lady is just pure evil.

: Diane literally hates me. I wasn’t her choice for her baby to marry and he despises me for it. It’s a lot that can be said about things she’s said and done to me over the last couple years, but I don’t even think we have that much time to talk about it.

: She actually said she wanted to talk. I told her that if we have any chances of any reconciliation she’ll have to sit down with Erica and me.

: I’m just so skeptical of that lady, I’m sorry Robert. She’s continuously tried to tear Erica down and I’m just not okay with that. I doubt that she’ll even want to sit down with Erica.

: Mom, she actually agreed to do it. I agreed to it as well because I think it’s best that we have this family dinner. We’re all family now and I want all of us to get together especially for my baby.

: We’ve decided to host everybody here and just try and make this family work. I won’t let anybody disrespect my wife or my child. Especially in my home. This is their final chance. It’s either be a part of this journey or never speak to us again.

Erica is shown nodding…

: Regardless of what’s happened in the past with Diane and I, I really want to come together as a family for Robert and our baby. I know just being in a happy place with his family will make Robert happy, so I’m willing to try just for them.

: So, a family dinner? I might need my wig extra tighten for this.

: As if you get them properly done anyways.

: Oh, girl, don’t play with me!

Erica and Kiara are shown laughing as the scene fades away and we transition several days and see Erica’s backyard and home decorated beautifully for Erica’s Pregnancy Announcement. We see Erica upstairs getting ready in hair and makeup as the guests begin to filter into the event…

: Tonight is my big announcement party! It’ll be filled with glam, surprises and of course an outfit change. None of the ladies have a clue why they’ve been invited here, and I can’t wait to laugh as they try and figure it out. I’ve also decided to invite all the girls, yes, all the girls, because there is definitely some unresolved issues since we filmed Legends; however, I feel like having everyone in a room where we’re celebrating a new life could be a reset button. Because come on…who doesn’t like kids?

We then transition as we see the Ladies beginning to filter into the event, beginning with Devyn and Leila…

: Leila sees Devyn and runs over. Hey boo!

: Hey Leila. Devyn gives Leila air kisses. How are you babe?

: I’m good! Did you find out what she’s announcing today? Leila laughs as she looks around. And where is she by the way?

: Not yet. Devyn laughs. Did she tell you?

Leila: No, not yet! But I WANT to know!

Just then, the camera shifts as we see Luciana and Grace entering the party, followed by Teairra…

: In a shocking twist of fate, Erica invited me to her birthday party. So, I thought it would be rude to say no, so here I am!

: Grace walks through the front door. Oh, it’s getting chilly! My nipples could cut glass! Grace laughs before stopping Luciana. Luci Loo!

: Hi Gracie! Where the birthday girl? I brought her champagne!

: Oh, it’s her birthday? Shoot!

: Isn’t that why we are here? Her birthday party!

: I have no idea honestly…

: Teairra walks into the event, smiling and looking around. Oh, this is cute!

Just then, the camera once more returns to the door as we see Harlow, then Billie making their way into Erica’s home…

: I feel like I’m an intruder. Harlow laughs.

: Harlow! Over here honey!


: Harlow walks to Grace and Luciana. You guys look fabulous!

: So do you! Wow!

: Billie enters with an entourage as she chants. Billie Reed is here, Billie Reed is here!

: Billie!! Leila hugs Billie.

: Girls, it’s been a while since I’ve seen some of you! Billie looks around at the entire group as they all linger beside the bar. Hey Leila, hey Dev!

: Devyn hugs Billie, before saying to Leila and Harlow. Who is Harlow? Devyn points down the bar towards Harlow as she stands with Grace and Luciana.

: I did not know plus ones were on the invitation.

: I don’t know that much about her, just heard her name.

: I’m so glad you could come. Let’s take you over to the group, the wolves should I say. Grace laughs.

: Billie is here? Oh, okay. Game on!

: Grace walks with Luciana and Harlow towards where the other Ladies, except for Teairra, are standing. Hi Ladies, this is Harlow!

: Hey Grace! Hey Harlow, nice to meet you, I’m Leila Harris.

: Billie looks at Grace. Who is she? Is she your friend?

: Hi Billie, you’re…here! Yes, I asked Erica if I could bring my friend along.

: Well, of course of her, it’s good to see you! I see you dressed for church! Harlow! Billie extends her hand out. It’s my pleasure to meet you. Be careful of that one. Billie points at Grace. She can be sneaky!

: She’s never sneaky…but hopefully I get to know you better! It’s nice to meet you.

: I don’t get why that one girl who looks like they belong on E’s Botched is acting shady!

: Nice to meet you guys! I’m Harlow! Harlow smiles.

: Hi Harlow. I’m Dr. Devyn King. How do you know our Selling Sunset?

: Well, we’ve been friends for a long time!

: Harlow’s…cute. Leila pauses. I mean if that’s what you want to wear… Leila shrugs.

Teairra then walks over to the bar and grabs a drink, making her way towards where the Ladies are standing….

: Hello ladies!

As the Ladies are seen continuing to talk amongst themselves, the cameras pan upstairs as we see Erica getting finishing touches done on her hair and makeup…

: Julian did a good job putting this together. Oh, the guests are here? What time is it? Is my coat secured? Robert nods to Erica. Alright, let’s go. Erica walks out onto a balcony overlooking the other guests as Erica waves and makes her way down the steps. Hi Everybody!

: There she is!

: Woooo!

: There’s the Diva. Yes God, she’s here!! Billie hugs Erica. Oh my god. You look so beautiful

: Happy Birthday Erica!! I brought you a bottle of champagne.

: Erica hugs Billie. Thank you, my love! Erica takes the champagne. Oh, it’s my birthday? Erica laughs. I didn’t even know but thanks!

: Isn’t that why we are here?

: Now I am READY for this big announcement…

: Yes, tell the girls why we really are here!!! Billie sips on a martini.

: Hey Erica! Teairra snaps. You look fabulous!

: Erica hugs Teairra. I’m glad you could make it, T! Seriously. Everyone, this is my old friend Teairra. She just recently moved here from Cali.

: Hey, hi, hello! Very nice to meet you all, I’ve heard about you guys… Teairra smiles.

: Erica whispers to Billie. Who’s the girl sipping martinis at the bar? The camera pans to show Erica looking towards Harlow.

: Billie whispers back to Erica. Girl, this is Grace’s plus one. I thought you invited her!

: Erica whispers back. I don’t even know that lady…you know I wanted this to be a bit intimate.

: Do you want me to call her out about it?

: I don’t know what Grace’s agenda is by bringing a complete stranger to an invitation only event, but I have no energy for this right now. Harlow can stand by the bar and drink all of the FREE liquor; she’s probably not used to an open bar anyways.

The camera then pans down the bar where we see Leila chatting with Harlow, Grace, and Luciana…

: So, Harlow…did do you know Erica? Did she invite you?

: Well, Grace invited me!

: Grace sips her martini. Yeah, I text Erica and she said it was okay!

: The ladies seem to give me dirty looks so I’m scared I’m not supposed to be here!

: Oh okay, good, good!! I think you’re just new love!

: Billie walks up with Erica. Ladies, I see we are all taking advantage of this bar! Can I get a shot?

: Hi Everyone. Erica then turns to Harlow. I don’t think we’ve met, who are you?

: Hi, I’m Harlow! I think you’re Erica! It’s nice to meet you.

: Erica lets out a faint smile. Oh, you think? Well, I think I can thank you for coming to my party uninvited, enjoy the open bar and free food though.

: Erica! This is my friend I text you about, remember?

: Luciana whispers to Harlow. This is what I warned you about. She’s nuts.

: Erica? What the F? You’re being so rude to a guest YOU said could come? I’m so confused. SHE HAS BABY BRAIN. IS SHE PREGNANT?

: Erica turns her head to Grace. I’ve never received a text from you about her.

: Grace attempts to show a text exchange. Here honey, look, last week.

: Not shocked Grace lied to Harlow about being a plus one. Grace was scared to come alone. She has no friends here right now.

: See, now this is why I used to be an anti-social bitch!

: But that’s neither here nor there. Like I told her, enjoy the free bar and food. Erica walks away. I have an announcement to make.

: Harlow, you’re welcome here, she knew you were coming. I’m sorry for her rudeness.

: I’m not even that cool with Grace at the moment, so why would I even allow her to invite a plus one? Girl please.

: Let’s hear it for this announcement ladies, WOOHOO!

: Leila whispers to Billie. I don’t believe Grace. If she can lie about everything with her business, she can lie about this.

: Me either Lei.

: Girl, I don’t either. She’ll tell a tall tale through them veneers all day.

Just then the camera transitions as we see Erica standing at the top of the stairs looking down at everyone once more, prepared to make her big announcement as Robert stands alongside her…

: Erica taps a microphone. Hi Everyone! I’m so excited and happy that you could all actually come out. Even the people who I’m not in the best place with and who weren’t invited. I wanted to have everyone here to actually be a part of this huge moment in my life. So, to no longer keep you guys waiting, Robert and I are expecting! Erica takes off her coat and rubs her stomach.

: AHHHHHHH! Congratulations!

: Oh wow. Congrats.

: Teairra claps. Woooo!

: Woo! Congratulations darling!!! Becoming a mother will be the making of you!

: Congratulations!

: FINALLY!!! God, I thought my lips were going to bust keeping this secret!

The camera then pans to Luciana as she slips the champagne she gifted back into her purse as she claps…

: Did Erica just announce her pregnancy like Beyoncé at the Grammys? Devyn laughs. And Erica and I are meant to be close-ish friends, yet she didn’t tell me about this, just Billie? Noted.

: Did Billie really know about the announcement or is she saying that to act like she’s close with Erica? Leila tilts her head.

As Erica makes her way back down the stairs, we see as the women all rush towards her with their congratulations and well wishes. The women then continue their chatting and drinking as the celebration continues…

: Erica talks to Teairra. I told you T, that girl does NOT have a loyal bone in her body.

: You told me! But I’m witnessing it firsthand, I understand what you mean now, I’m just a bit confused. Like what was the point?

: Devyn downs a third martini and approaches Grace. Hi Graceland. How are you?

: Good thank you, and you?

: I’m great. Jet setting to look at wedding venues tomorrow.

: Mazel! Sounds like fun.

: It will be. I’ll think about inviting you. We aren’t there yet. No fakery.

: Oh, you bet we aren’t.

: It’s your fault though Grace.

: I wouldn’t want to be invited Devyn, that’s the thing

: No sense in wanting something you can’t have. Says all the men on your Tinder.

: I wish you happiness and joy, but you hurt me and my family. I see your true colors. I’m hurt. I am, I’m hurt.

: Leila approaches and stands beside Devyn. Dev, you good?

: Yes, I’m good Leila. HURT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY? You tried it.

: Devyn is just so rude, nasty, and condescending towards me. When all I wanted and was to her was a friend.

: Erica jumps back a bit. Oh, they’re yelling!

: Don’t yell at me. Talk like a lady.

: Dev, can’t you pick on someone else?

: Luci, step back. Grace, why are you hurt? I PAID YOU.

: Seeing all the ladies first impression is…messy, I’m not too sure what the real personalities are beyond all of the different backgrounds meshing together, but honey… this is messy!

: Hurt for what you said about me and my family and my position in this group. Paid me for doing my job? You bet you did! It’s business. Listen, I’m not arguing, this is a classy, beautiful event.

: I DIDN’T say a damn thing about your family.

: I’ve stayed away from you for a reason since Legends and that’s how I think it should stay. Nice old face by the way. Grace walks away.

: You can’t stay away from someone you’ve had ZERO chance to be around. Grace, you need something to lift those titties, and fix those lines. Take note.

: Gracie, shall we just head out with Harlow?

: Yeah, let’s just say our goodbyes.

: Don’t hire Grace friends, if you want to hire a contractor. She doesn’t pay them.

The camera pans over to Erica as she watches the two arguing…

: Not only is “Doctor” Devyn and Grace the “A-List” realtor having a screaming match at something that was supposed to be positive, but they’re also literally taking away the meaning of this whole celebration. If Luci can keep her titties in her shirt and act sane, why can’t y’all?

: Erica, we’re heading out. Thanks for inviting us, and I’m looking forward to seeing how you do with motherhood.

: Erica smiles. Thank you for coming. It was great seeing you.

: Erica, I’m so sorry.

: It’s fine Grace. Thank you for attending, we’ll definitely chat soon.

Just then, the camera quickly pivots as we see Devyn walking out of the house…

: It’s clear I need to reevaluate my friends in this group. Time to reload. Having a whole party to announce a pregnancy seems wasteful of the resources honestly. People generally save that for the gender reveals we didn’t ask for.

: Oh lord Jesus. Grace exits the house with Luciana and Harlow. Here we go again…

: I am appalled by that behavior. Though it was very entertaining to watch.

We then watch as the remaining women begin to filter out of the event. The camera then pans back to Erica, who is standing by her front door next to her husband.

: Erica lets out a deep sigh as she looks at Robert. … women!

As the two share a laugh, the camera pans out as the episode comes to an end.

Next time on Ladies of Twitter…Billie’s professional life continues its upward rise as Grace talks with her daughter about writing her memoir. Luciana discovers a heartbreaking family secret that throws her for a loop. The new Ladies get better acquainted with one another and Harlow begins to share about her pending divorce. Grace and Erica meet up to discuss the plus one fiasco at Erica’s Pregnancy Reveal. Luciana invites Devyn to her bar as they attempt to become closer friends. Billie invites the Legends over to her beach house for dinner, and as the evening begins, lingering tensions begin to create conflict.



Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!

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Ladies of Twitter

Ladies of Twitter is a fictional virtual reality series on Twitter. Catch up on all 14 seasons ahead of Season 15, which is coming soon!