Season 15, Episode 11: “Dressed to Destroy”

Ladies of Twitter
33 min readMar 7, 2023
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While the episode begins and the opening titles fade from the screen, we hear a jazzy beat as the scene begins and we see shots of the Ladies going about their days. We see shots of Grace speaking with an employee followed by a clip of Erica as Robert brings her lunch. The camera then focuses in as we see a bakery in downtown Twitter. There, we see Devyn seeing at a table as the scene focuses in…

Devyn’s Confessional: After everything that happened the other night between Leila and I, I wanted to meet up and talk. Talk about our friendship, the wedding, celebrate her new store, and the drama in this group. She is my friend and I need to make sure she knows that.


Just then, the camera shifts as we see Leila walking into the bakery toward Devyn…

Leila: Hey girl…


Devyn: Hey. Wonderful to see you. I got us an assortment of baked goodies. I love the scones here. Devyn takes a deep breath. How are you?

Leila: Mmph! I love a good scone! Leila sits down. I’m doing alright, how are you?

Devyn: I’m okay and stressed. People magazine wants to cover my wedding. Just not sure I want that type of publicity. Folks will be saying I only got married because I needed attention. And I’m worried that my best girl is hurt by me, and doesn’t want to be my maid of honor…

Leila: Why is she hurt?

Devyn: I think you can speak for yourself better than I can. I’m really sorry about what happened the other day.

Leila: Leila takes a deep breath. I’m just disappointed that we’ve been friends for so long and you’d take away my place in the wedding like that. Leila snaps her fingers. I love you and want you to do what you want, but I also would like to be a part of your special day. I apologize for possibly overreacting but it’s really how I feel.

Devyn: Your feelings were valid. I’m wrong for spouting off to Teairra that day. It was important that you heard from me what I said, and not her.

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: I’m not that upset about Devyn kicking me out of the wedding, I’m more upset that my friendship with her was lumped into these ladies where she felt the need to kick me out as well.

Devyn: I’d love you to be my maid of honor if you’re willing.

Leila: I would love to be your maid of honor Dev! Leila hugs Devyn.

Devyn: Devyn tears up. Thank you. You’re one of the only real friends I have in this group.

Leila: I feel the same, the other girls are always so quick to betray each other. I still invited them all to my fashion show, did you get my text?

Devyn: Of course. I’ll be there. God, I hope they act like that belong. Not everyone can afford what you offer anyway. Devyn laughs.

Leila: I know, I’m not doing all the drama that these hoes normally do. This is my career, they ain’t playin with that.

Devyn: Harlow had zero control at her event. Poor girl.

Leila: Harboring doesn’t even speak. I don’t know why I even invited her. Same with Billie, I can’t believe she came at me just because I defended you.

Devyn: She really doesn’t. Billie is fake as hell. She makes more excuses for her behavior than anyone else on this show. Not happy with her at all.

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: Billie and I are good friends; I don’t know why it’s not okay for me to make one comment about her being wrong. Friendship isn’t blind loyalty; I don’t do that.

Devyn: Teairra had me over at a photo shoot last week. She seemed to have an issue with you.

Leila: Girl bye with Tiny T, I’m done with that lying ass hoe. She’s shady as hell. I’d like to talk to Billie and try and fix things with her. We are good friends.

Devyn: Billie stabbed me in the back and she’s the godmother of my children. I hope everyone else is just careful around her. You included.

Leila: I am now, but I’m glad we’re good, that’s all that matters.

Devyn: Me too. We should get together soon and talk dresses for the wedding, but for now I know you need to go get ready for your opening, and I have a hair appointment. Might change my hair drastically.

Leila: Okay girl! I’ll talk to ya later!

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: I’m so glad that we are okay. Today has been a good day.

As Devyn hugs Leila and departs, the scene begins to shift as we see a coffee shop in uptown Twitter as we see Harlow placing her order before taking a seat at a table, stirring her coffee as the scene begins…

Teairra’s Confessional: It’s been a little minute since I’ve seen Harlow, and me and her have been getting along really well, so it’s only right to chat with her just to see where her heads at, considering her event went to complete shit as hard as she tried to hold it together chile!

Teairra: Teairra hops out of her car and enters the coffeehouse. Harlow!


Harlow: Teairra! How are you sweetie? I love this outfit! Harlow kisses Teairra.


Teairra: You look amazing as well! Teairra sits and crosses her legs. I’m good how are you?

Harlow: I’m doing great! I’m happy to see you.

Just then, the camera pans as we see Billie making her way to the building…

Billie’s Confessional: Harlow inviting us to lunch after the chaos that transpired after her event is only necessary. Today she’s going to learn how to read a bitch! Take notes!


Teairra: You as well! Teairra looks over as Billie enters. Hello!

Harlow: Billie babe! Welcome! I’m so glad to see you!

Billie: How are we ladies?! Billie hugs and kisses the girls. It felt a little chilly outside!

Teairra: It was! I don’t know how I’m surviving without my jacket. Teairra laughs.

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: I heard a saying once that a hoe never gets cold! Maybe Teairra is a secret hoe, I mean who knows. Billie laughs.

Billie: Billie laughs. Ladies, how are we feeling after the event? Harlow?

Harlow: I feel as if I wasn’t able to actually speak. There saying speak up. I’m speaking up and look what happens! They don’t shut up. Like?!

Teairra: It was just so chaotic like what’s going on. Yeah, they were kinda shutting you down which was crazy.

Billie: I felt like you didn’t get a chance to even showcase your jewelry.

Harlow: I wasn’t able to. These girls always make stuff about themselves. Let a girl shine for once!

Teairra: I was paying attention but everybody else was acting like some type of animal, I’m just glad it wasn’t me this time!

Billie: Harlow… Billie snaps her fingers. I gotta get you in shape with these girls. They are running laps around you, on your, all over you. You gotta get a backbone and just start reading these bitches!

Teairra: Teairra nods in agreement. If you don’t start clapping back, they start getting comfortable!

Harlow: I’m starting to really learn that. Like these bitches are nuts!

Billie: Like, who is working on your nerves really badly lately?

Harlow’s Confessional

Harlow’s Confessional: I may be a mother of two, but god forbid! These ladies are a workout! They act like children.

Harlow: Erica and Leila are giving me bad vibes. They won’t let me speak. Devyn is also starting to seem… shady.

Billie: Well, let me just Devyn is really just miserable in her own life that it has kinda just spewed over into the group now…

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Harlow is a really sweet girl! But she can’t allow these ladies to snap at her like this; at this point, it’s starting to look like bullies and I don’t condone bullying in the slightest.

Teairra: For example, when you told everybody to be quiet at your event and Leila snapped at you, that was a moment to get her together because who are you talking to? At your own establishment.

Billie: That’s when I would’ve had to check Leila and say Leila you can snap those fingers at me when you own the establishment your boutique is in!

Harlow: Harlow nods. This is a learning experience. And then when I actually said something, they were saying that’s too much?! Like honey! You do things that are way too over the top that sometimes it’s giving… desperate.

Teairra: You stood up for yourself when they were trying to pull information out of you at the spa though, some things are just personal.

Billie: Harlow, when they say that babe you tell them you say if I’m over the top, you guys are the circus act! These ladies will try to bulldoze you if you allow them. You gotta stand strong and just fight back!

Harlow’s Confessional

Harlow’s Confessional: Harlow laughs. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry! Harlow snorts. Circus act! Alright… I got to get myself together. This is serious.

Teairra: Teairra laughs. I agree with Billie though, they’re going to treat you like a doormat if you allow them to, I feel like they underestimate you a lot and I know you have a voice.

Harlow: I feel as if sometimes, I’m not prone to speaking to someone I don’t know. I don’t know these ladies, nor do they want to know me. But now, I’m seeing that these ladies are trying to be disrespectful to get something out of me, so I think it’s time that I’ve known them enough for them to start receiving it. I can’t keep letting them get into me more than I can handle.

Billie: I agree Harlow, but my advice to you is if you are going to be in this group, you’re going to have to be honest about it all and lay it all out there because if not someone will bring it up. Kinda like Erica was trying to help you do Teairra.

Teairra: Teairra widens her eyes. Erica’s was a totally different approach, so I don’t agree with that, but I agree that Harlow should be honest.

Billie: How was it different? I think her approach was she wanted you to offer something about your past so the girls could connect with you, is that not what you got from it?

Teairra: No, she tried to embarrass me and tried to expose me and spread misinformation in front of all the ladies because she was angry. I don’t expect anyone to connect with me.

Billie: I’ve connected with you. Billie shrugs. Harlow, I think connects with you.

Teairra: Personality wise, maybe yes! But other than that, I’m not quite sure.

Billie: Honestly knowing what I know now about you makes sense why you are guarded. It gave me more of a perspective into your life. I know it May have embarrassed you but look at the positive it has opened you up to all of us!

Teairra: Now see, that’s a good example you see as to why I was a bit secretive and didn’t want to open up, but now that it’s all out there I feel like I’m even more on guard…because it’s going to be a constant dig.

Billie: I just think instead of harboring that hate towards Erica, try to just own it and just say here’s what’s out here. It was a complete accident and keep it pushing. Malpractice insurance exists for a reason!

Teairra: I’ll work on that, as long as she’s able to apologize for the words she used towards me, I can do the same with her. It doesn’t have to be constant hate! We have history.

Billie: I just met you through her, and I love and adore you both so I want to see resolution. I’ll talk to her too; she can apologize for a few things too! This has been fun, girls! I’ve got to get back on set, we are close to finishing production on the show!

Harlow: Ooo! Exciting! Well, it was good seeing you girls!

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: I can be an adult and admit some things I’ve said were wrong, but I did NOT go to the lengths Erica did, if she can apologize, I’ll be more than happy to move on! I need to hear those words though, I don’t care.

Teairra: Teairra grabs her coffee. This was cute. Good luck on set to you Billie, and I’ll see you soon Harlow!

As the Ladies go their separate ways, the camera shifts and upbeat music plays as we transition several days and see shots of a beautifully decorated space where a fashion show will take place. We see shots of the backstage as models are getting hair and makeup, as well as beginning to put their dresses. Finally, the camera focuses in on Leila as we see her rushing around to confirm everything is in place as guests begin to arrive and mingle…

Leila’s Fashion Show

Teairra: Teairra steps into the place and looks around. Well, this is cute.

Teairra’s Confessional: You know what, hosting a fashion show is a big step so I’m actually going to give her 10s for that! Teairra claps. And I’m glad I lit a fire under her ass to finally get a new boutique location. Teairra snaps. This should be huge for her.


Billie: Billie walks up the bar. I need a double vodka soda with four limes! I am going to need it for this event.


Teairra: Teairra gets her cocktail as she walks around and approaches Harlow. Hey boo! Are you excited?

Harlow: I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see these designs!


Devyn: Devyn walks in with a gift for Leila. This place looks great.


Grace: Hi bitches, you all look nice for once. Grace laughs. I joke, I joke.


Devyn: Hello Grace. I can see you tried as well. A for effort.

Billie: There’s Grace! You finally don’t look like a hag.

Grace: I look stunning! Everyone does.

Billie: Devyn, I love the look! Erica walks up and joins the group. Erica, absolutely stunning even with the bump!

Billie’s Confessional: Today is Leila’s fashion show! Despite what bump we encountered I will always show up for my friends even if we have some shit to work through! Billie raises a flute of champagne. Cheers to Leila’s second location!

Erica: Well, this is nice!


Teairra: Like, even this setup is cute. I’ll give her that. Teairra looks around,

Devyn’s Confessional: Grace looks like she rented a dress from a 1989 Dolly Parton collection.

Devyn: Thanks Billie. I do look amazing.

Erica: Erica rubs her belly. Thanks Billie, he’s almost here!

Billie: Yes, I see!

Grace: I’m excited for Leila’s fashions.

Devyn: Erica, pregnancy agrees with you. You look stunning.

Grace: Oh, she’s looking for a compliment Erica!

Just then, Leila’s employees begin to filter through the space and tell people to begin taking their seats as the show will soon start…

Erica: Thank you Dev, I’m loving your look as well. Showing body! Erica laughs and begins to walk away towards her seat.

Devyn: She who? I don’t need a compliment. I know I look good honey. Grace, we all age at some point. Yours is just accelerated at rapid proportions.

Billie: Ladies, let’s go grab seats!

As the Ladies all take their seats, the camera shifts and focuses on the runway where we begin to see beautiful women strutting the stage in beautiful gowns as the Ladies react…

Leila’s Dresses


Harlow: Harlow sits and claps. I love these!

Billie: She’s always had good clothes! Billie whispers to Erica.

Erica: Erica points. Oooo, I like that!

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: Leila did AMAZING, the fashion, the music, the models, it was everything. I can’t say I’m surprised though, one thing about that bitch, if she’s not stirring up some mess, she’s bringing some fashion.

Leila’s Dresses

Devyn: Devyn claps. I love the red.

Harlow: These are beautiful!

Grace: Grace leans over and whispers to Devyn. Devyn maybe Leila can dress you!

Teairra: Pink! Gorg!

Erica: Now that’s stunning! Oh my God.

Leila’s Dresses

Billie: Now, this is off the runway!!

Devyn: THE GOLD!

The camera then watches as all the models begin coming back out followed by Leila as she waves at all the guests in attendance…

Devyn: Devyn stands and claps. WOOOOOHOOOOO!

Grace: Grace stands. Gorgeous!! BRAVOO BRAVOO

Teairra claps in her seat and nods…

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Now see, me and Leila aren’t on the best of terms right now, I will say these pieces are beautiful! I might have somebody get the pink dress for me, I don’t know. Teairra laughs.

Harlow: Amazing!

Leila: Leila grabs the microphone. I want to thank you all so much for coming out and supporting Leila’s. These dresses are part of the new collection we’re selling at both of our boutiques! This space will be turned into a second location and Leila’s will be a franchise! Now go drink up and have a good time! Leila blows kisses to the crowd.


Harlow’s Confessional: Although I’m really not, I will say cordial with Leila, she did wonderful. All of her pieces are amazing. Some girls can’t afford those pieces. Harlow laughs.

As the Ladies applaud Leila’s hard work, the camera transitions as we see the group returning to the bar as dance music plays in the background…

Teairra: Teairra looks over at Harlow. It was better than I expected!

Harlow: Harlow stands around. Definitely!

Leila: Leila walks up. Hey girls! Thanks for coming!

Grace: Gorgeous Leila! Congrats

Devyn: You did great. Love the fashions, Lei.

Grace: I’ve got my eye on a few.

Leila: Y’all are too sweet! Enjoying yourselves? Everyone getting along? Leila laughs.

Grace: Of course not!

Devyn: I’m having a great time. Leila, I’m going to purchase my 3 favs.

Erica: Erica hugs Leila. You did amazing! You know I’ll be getting a couple of those pieces.

Teairra: I haven’t even seen the other ladies hardly; they’ve been speeding all around this place.

Grace: Avoiding you most likely… Grace sips her drink.

Teairra: That’s the best thing they should do.

Leila: Y’all tell me what you want and I’ll save it for you!

Harlow: I like all of those pieces. Each were unique in their own way.

Teairra: Yes! The pink was my favorite, I’m a feign for some pink.

Leila: Leila looks at Billie. I would like to talk with you at some point…

Billie: Yes, I would like to talk to you! Do you want to do it now?

Leila: Sure, let’s go over there. Leila points to an empty high-top table and walks away with Billie.

Erica: Erica stirs her lemonade with the straw. I’m so proud of everyone here. You ladies actually were on your best behavior! I’m shocked. Erica looks over at Teairra and Harlow before looking away.

Harlow’s Confessional

Harlow’s Confessional: Erica is getting SHADY… and I’m sensing a 100% chance of Drama!! And I’m not even a meteorologist!

The camera then pans as we see Billie and Leila beginning to speak…

Leila: I’m glad you came, but I’m disappointed in you.

Billie: I’m glad to be here, I’ll always support you. But I’m disappointed in you too. I’ll let you explain yourself!

Leila: What am I explaining!? You flipped on me and started talking ‘bout my business. That ain’t cool.

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: Does Billie have dementia or is she just stupid? She told me I was making “sneak digs” whatever the hell that is. And that I wasn’t her true friend. Like she wants an issue

Billie: Billie looks shocked. I started talking about your business when I thought you were flipping on me for pouring the drink of Devyn. Which I still feel that way.

Leila: And?

Billie: That’s where it started, Leila. That’s and.

Leila: You poured the drink on her. You instigated the situation for the same reason you’re doing with me. My opinion ain’t changing over here. Leila waves her hands. You’re both wrong as hell.

Billie: Then say that! You sat there and just pointed the fingers at me. Devyn and I are both your friends, but you hold me to different standard than her and she’s the one that kicked you from her bridal party!

The camera watches as Devyn listens from a close distance behind Leila as the arguing gets more heated…

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: Billie is jealous of my friendship with Leila. Too bad. It’s not going anywhere, and unlike Billie, Leila is loyal. I’m not going to get in this fight until I’m addressed directly, but I’m standing behind Leila in support. That’s on PERIOD!

Leila: No, I hold y’all both to the same standard Billie. You don’t know shit about my friendship with Dev and how we communicate. So don’t go there. Billie, it seems like you want issues with people for attention. That’s pretty clear to see.

Billie: I need attention? Billie laughs. I’m in a whole fucking movie. You had an event to showcase your brand and promote yourself.

Leila: Girl, what movie?? We ain’t seen nothing about it while I’m out here running a successful brand. You’re so petty and childish!

Billie: Leila this is the first fashion show you’ve had since you’ve opened, and you did it for all this. Billie points at the cameras. Your little Etsy store didn’t pick up until you came into this group…

Devyn: Devyn walks up and tries to interject. Leila, there’s some beauty bloggers over there looking for you.

Leila: Leila looks at Devyn and puts her hand up. Hold on! Billie, you weren’t pretending to be an actress till you came on here… Leila dramatically waves her arms. And put on a fake ass show.

Billie: I’m always in scene babe! That’s nothing new. You didn’t start this facade until you got in front of a crowd! Just remember I know the real Leila from back in the day!

Leila: You shop at my boutique; you’re pulling shit out of your fat ass to keep fighting with me. Alright Billie if that’s what you want to do, bring it!

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Not sure what’s going on…on that side of the room but I’m seeing a lot of hand movements and neck rolling so my best bet is to mind my business. It’s looking like a catfight!

Leila: Back in the day? We’ve been friends for like 2 years you don’t know shit. You’re seriously delusional.

Billie: I’m delusional but you are the one going around gossiping about this group and spreading lies. Go on somewhere TMZ wannabe.

Leila: I didn’t perform sexual favors for acting gigs because I had no money. That was you. Now there’s the door, you can leave my event trash bag. Leila points at the exit and walks back to the group. Lying trifling bitch. Erica, get your friend, she needs help!

Billie: Leila, you had to sleep with an old married man to get your first boutique. Let’s run the records on who actually owned that building when it was first opened!

Leila: Security! Security! Leila grabs a man. Please remove that woman. Leila points to Billie. She’s screaming and yelling trying to make a scene.

Harlow: Harlow makes her way towards Erica with Teairra. Hey Erica, how are you?

Erica: What just ha- Erica turns around and looks over at Harlow and Teairra walking up. Oh. Hello Harlow, I’m doing good… are you just arriving?

Leila: Leila walks over with security. Billie, why are you still here? Get the fuck out or these men can drag you outta here.

Billie: This is a public venue space, and quite frankly I paid my dues to be here this evening. So, I won’t be leaving.

Leila: Oh no, you will be leaving hun, this is MY event, and you aren’t welcome here.

Billie: Go over there and market your brand, so another married man doesn’t have to pay for this!

Leila: Shut up you old hag, you’re such a stupid bitch!

Erica: Wait, Wait!

Erica’s Confessional: I’ve never seen Leila so… bothered. I don’t know what’s going on, but Billie has completely taken her out of character. She’s even trying to throw Billie out? This is crazy.

Devyn: This is Billie best acting job in years. Devyn laughs.

Erica: Leila, listen to me, this is your event. Let’s get your composure back, you have guest and important people here.

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: Leila breathes. I’m trying to keep my calm with this…girl but she testing me

Teairra: Teairra looks over. Oh…well this isn’t so classy!

Billie: I mean look at yourself Leila. Billie laughs. You’re making a fool of yourself at your own event. I’ll leave when I get ready. Plus, I drove Erica.

Leila: Oh, my composure is all the way here! We are classy and this event is wonderful. The person ruining it is here. Leila points at Billie. No foolery is being made we’re calm cool and collected. I’ll go talk to my bloggers but… Leila whispers to Billie. You can go fuck yourself Billie. We’re done. Leila walks away and goes to talk with fashion bloggers.

Billie: Goodbye darling. Billie flips off Leila. Sit and spin on this bitch!

Erica: Wow. And to think this was going good…

Harlow: Wow. Oh wow. Harlow looks around.

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: Billie loves ruining the nights of people celebrating. It’s annoying, and childish.

Erica: Erica turns back to Harlow. Now what’s up? You were marching over here girl, I thought I was going to have to belly bump you back! Erica laughs.

Harlow: Well, I just wanted to talk to you. I feel as if… there’s a bit of… tension between us both. Something feels off.

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: I don’t want Leila to ever act like she’s too classy for anything after today, at your own event? where’s the decorum in that?! she’s giving out small shade everywhere else but here she wants to act like she was released out a cage!

Erica: I wouldn’t really call it tension… It’s just I don’t know you. We’ve been around each other for months and the only word I can think of to describe you so far is… a liar. Maybe you’re not, maybe you are, but this cheating scandal you’re in has surely got you tight lipped. Erica shrugs.

Harlow: Wait, wait, wait. Why do you think I’m a liar?

Erica: Well Harlow, I’ve heard from multiple people that you’re just putting on this act. You instantly came into this group attacking your husband and now when he’s on the blogs coming back at you with people to support his claims, you’re just quiet. It doesn’t sit right with me, seeing as though you had no problem telling us all the tea about him after one day of meeting us. Now he’s talking and you’re shhh, a church mouse.

Harlow: Okay well first of all let’s get the facts right. I don’t care what you believe in, but you calling me a liar in my face is, honestly, unacceptable. You have no involvement in my divorce. You know nothing. Hearing rumors off the streets don’t do anything. And my lawyers they’re telling me to shut up and not listen to blogs. I’m sorry that they’re telling me that! What do you want me to do?! Tell my lawyers to let me respond to the blogs?

Erica: Erica rolls her eyes. Is that the excuse you’re going with right now? If anything, you should have been shut your mouth from the get-go. It’s only when he says something back now you have to shut up? Girl please.

Harlow: You’re acting like a bitch right now.

Erica: Erica’s eyes widen. Excuse me?

Harlow: Excuse you!

Erica: Erica points at Harlow. What you won’t do little girl, is disrespect me like that. That’s what you won’t do.

Harlow: Little girl! Please! Get your finger out of my face!

Erica: You haven’t seen bitch yet, so you need to take a few steps back before she comes out.

Teairra: Alright, alright. Teairra slowly scoots between the two of them.

Harlow: Come at me! I don’t care! You will do nothing to harm me!

Erica: Erica points at Harlow again. You’re a little girl.

Harlow: Keep coming! Who’s next?!

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: I guess Harlow took some lessons from my session with her. Billie laughs. She’s using that voice alright.

Teairra: This isn’t the time or place!

Erica: You’re mad I’m telling the truth? Ask your friend Grace baby… she doesn’t believe you either. Erica blows kisses at Harlow. You’re a liar and we all know it.

Harlow: Liar! Oh my gosh! I’m totally so scared!

Billie: Erica, let’s go! I’ve been ready to leave this event. Billie laughs.

Harlow: Shut the fuck up, Erica. You know NOTHING!

Teairra: Teairra slowly pulls Harlow away. Harlow, it’s okay!

Erica: Erica starts to walk away. Fuck outta here with that Claire’s jewelry. Bitch, go get some real diamonds.

Harlow: You know what I’m done! She wants to call me a liar! Erica, you are a crazy bitch! And I mean crazy!

Teairra: Ignore her! You know yourself more than her!

Leila: Leila walks over. Harlow girl! Chill! You’re good! I’ve never seen you…yell!

Leila’s Confessional: Now these other girls are fighting at my event…only I’m allowed to do that. Leila laughs. Kidding!

Erica: Erica walks with Billie. It’s Ms. Bitch! Put a Ms in front be respectful, little girl.

Harlow: Tears start to fill Harlow’s eyes. Where is she getting all of this? Where is the women empowerment! Is she crazy?! Liar, liar! That’s something a little child would say!

Leila: It’s okay Harlow. Leila comforts Harlow.

Harlow: Liar! Oh my gosh! I’m totally so scared!

Teairra: Teairra hugs Harlow. Don’t even let her get the best of you.

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: I don’t who THE HELL hyped Harlow up to come at me like she was a hyena from the wild… but that little bitch is truly messing with the wrong one. I’ll see you later baby.

Harlow: I think I’m ready to leave. I need rest.

Teairra: It’s not worth it, she’s trying to bully you out of this group!

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: This event was a success besides Billie and the other girls coming in here starting drama. Especially Billie. I can’t believe she wants to fight with me, it’s childish. Anyway, I’ll be booked and busy over here making money while she’s living in a trailer.

Teairra: I’ll leave with you. Teairra slowly walks out the event with Harlow. That was low vibrational.

As the Ladies begin to leave the event, the scene shifts as we transition to the following day. We see shots of the city skyline, before the camera quickly focuses in on Luciana’s apartment where we see her eating on a tray of snacks with Harlow as the scene begins…

Luciana’s Home

Grace: Hi girls! Sorry I’m late.


Luciana: No worries baby cakes!


Harlow: It’s great seeing you ladies.


Luciana: How are you doll?

Grace: I missed most of last night, I had to leave right after the show. How’d it go?

Harlow: Oh, you should be glad. Harlow rolls her eyes. It was pure hell.

Luciana: What! Why!?

Harlow: So, Leila and Billie got into a big argument about something, and then Leila was threatening to kick Billie out! I was confused and shocked.

Luciana: It wasn’t her place!

Grace: Oh right. Well, Billie’s got a random tongue on her. She says whatever the cool thing of the day is or is friends with who’s the most popular. Grace laughs.

Harlow: Well anyways… moving on to the part I really don’t like. Harlow rolls her eyes and groans.

Grace: Okay, well tell us! We’re old we don’t have all day.

Harlow: Be patient! Harlow laughs. But anyways. I walked up to Erica with Teairra. And I pointed out that I felt… tension between us. It felt off and weird. She looked at me and Teairra and then immediately turned her back on us before, so that was definitely off. So, I confronted her about it, and for some reason she started calling me a liar.

Luciana: Any punches thrown?

Harlow: No, but there were some… threats.

Luciana: Lame. What a waste of a fight.

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: Gimme a brawl and I’ll come to the next party!

Grace: So, she ignored you and you asked why and she went off?

Harlow: She ignored me way before I walked up to her, and that seemed off. She went off cause I called her… a bitch. Harlow smirks. Cause she is one.

Grace: Well, I think she’s frustrated because you seem a bit closed off to everyone. You’re not saying much around these girls and that only propels questions.

Harlow: But I’ve been trying to tell her I’m not a liar! She keeps hearing quote unquote rumors about me cheating from multiple people. She knows nothing. She has no involvement in my divorce. I hope you understand that.

Luciana: Well, are you lying or not though?

Grace: I think we both fully understand divorce Harlow

Harlow: You guys know I will not lie. I will do everything, but cheating is disgusting, and I feel as if that’s a disgrace and that it could possibly ruin the Harlow Laurier name. I don’t like false rumors, and spreading it farther is HURTFUL.

Grace: I just want you to be okay with opening up more.

Luciana: You’re a sweetheart babes. We just need to find the true you

Harlow: I’m trying, but these girls are just not my close friends. I don’t care about some of these girls.

Luciana: So, are you just writing them off?

Harlow: I’m not saying that! But I feel as if it’s clear they’re not going to support me, and all I want is support.

Luciana: I fully support you, Gracie and Billie. That’s it.

Grace: Well, talking about support…I’m basically done with my book, and well, it’s completely changed me.We’re going to print soon and I’d love to ask you both to write a little note about me, our friendship, and what having it all means to you for the book if you want!

Luciana: Oh my god, yes! That’s like being asked to be in a wedding, but even better!!!

Harlow: I’d love that! I’m so excited for your book. I know it’ll sell greatly.

Grace: A book is for life!

Luciana: Until you end up in a used bookstore! Just kidding love.

Grace: Audio file too! Or a talking book? What’s it called?

Harlow: An audio book! Harlow laughs.

Grace: Well, I’m gonna plan a big event and I want you both involved, okay? It’ll be fabulous.

Harlow’s Confessional

Harlow’s Confessional: Harlow pulls out an Amazon Kindle. I love reading on this! Harlow chuckles. Maybe I’ll see Grace’s book on here!

Harlow: I’d love that! This is exciting.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: The book is going to shock people, that’s for sure. I’m vulnerable and raw.

Grace: Thank you girls. My therapist wants me to, but I’m not sure I want to see or talk to my sister. She’s the key to a lot of my trauma, and it’s a lot.

Harlow: I mean… it’s your choice either way. I feel like you should, but I know that it’ll be hard to look at your sister.

Luciana: What are the therapist’s reasons?

Grace: That I need to face the music and stop running from what scares me. Luci, what’s new with you?

Luciana: Oh the usual…dealing with Maria trying to run my life!! She keeps telling me I need to move on from trying to find my real parents. But I need answers…I deserve them!

Grace: You do. What’s the update?

Harlow: I feel like you should see your parents.

Luciana: Thank you. Luciana starts crying. I’ll be okay. No news yet…I just hired a new private investigator.

Grace: Grace hugs Luciana. It’s hard honey, I know. You’ll get there!

Luciana: Baby steps. Maria will come around. Maybe she’s guilty for keeping this secret from me…

Grace: But it’s important to remember you may not get answered

Luciana: It will all be ok! Luciana takes a deep breath. I know sweetie. I know. Thank you both!

Grace: Now where’s this lasagna? I’m starving.

Luciana: Here girls, I’ll go heat it up. Someone set the table!

As the Ladies continue chatting, the camera pivots once more as we transition to Billie’s house where we see Erica arriving as the scene begins…

Billie’s Home

Billie’s Confessional: Dreary weather in Twitter calls for a chill afternoon at Casa Billie! Erica is the perfect one to have over when I just want to catch up and do nothing!


Erica: Erica knocks on the door. Billieee, I’m homeee!

Billie: Come on in, come on in!! Billie hugs Erica. How are you doing? Still waddling around I see?

Erica: Yes! Damn near about to pop. Erica laughs.


Billie: Come sit. I got us takeout from that steakhouse you love in the neighborhood!

Erica: Erica sits down. Oh, you just know me so well! Whew! So how has everything been?

Billie: Billie sips water. You know I’m very tired, just tired from working and how this group is acting. The movie wraps up in the next few weeks and I’ll be free again.

Erica: Yes, You know I can’t WAIT to see this new movie. I know you’ll definitely do the Scream genre justice…and don’t even get me started on this group. Erica rolls her eyes.

Billie: Well considering I master in theatrics, horror is probably going to be my genre. Billie laughs. Erica, girl why is it always us two riding for each other. None of these other girls are loyal.

Erica: I wish I could answer that question… it’s just been constant backstabbing with these girls. And am I the only one noticing that they keep walking up on me while I’m pregnant?

Billie: That shit doesn’t fly with me. I don’t like when Teairra does that. Speaking of that, Harlow invited us to lunch the other day and I tried to rationalize with Teairra, because I like her more now that I know some background to her. She didn’t like that I was trying to make her see it in a positive way.

Erica: Are you surprised? She just wants to continue this problem and I don’t see why. It’s out there, you gotta face it and that should be the ONLY problem you should be dealing with right now. Period. I will admit, I was wrong with how I said it and how I went about it. I can take ownership in my part, but girl it’s out there now.

Billie: I did tell her if she’s going to hang with this group you got to be open and honest about things. If not, it will find its way to the light. I think she’s willing to move on if you can admit how you went about it, which I just heard you admit.

Erica: Exactly and I think that’s why Harlow and I aren’t meshing. It’s like she’s in this group to listen and observe. Like what are you, the cops? I think Teairra and I just need a one on one. We were very close before and there’s still just so much between us that we still need to discuss to fully move on.

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: Teairra coming to Twitter was weird for me. She knows how we fell out, she knows we never talked about it, and now I feel like that led to everything that’s happened thus far. The only resolution right now is a sit down and that can end with us agreeing to be cordial or me belly bumping this bitch into yesteryear. Swear.

Billie: I agree, do it away from the group. It never seems to work whenever you do something in a group standing.

Erica: Of course not. So, how did you feel about what happened at Leila’s fashion show? I was a bit baffled.

Billie’s Confessional: I hate where Leila and I are at in our friendship. We are such great friends. But I didn’t appreciate her condemning me in a group setting. Maybe I overreacted. Who knows?

Billie: Did you see how quick she was to turn her back on me?

Erica: I was completely shocked by her behavior. I never seen her get out of character like that, especially at her event.

Erica’s Confessional: Leila & Billie are BOTH my girls now, but we have to have some type of decorum at our own events now chile. Leila had so many people there for her and I just didn’t want her to ruin any opportunities.

Billie: It kind of let me know what kind of friend she is to me. She was yelling out some horrible things and trying to remove me from her event. I was actually trying to support her ass for.

Erica: I really believe you two just need to have a one on one as well. We were all friends and I think the problem was talking to other people instead of being a friend and talking to one another.

Billie: I think it’s possible for her and I to move forward with maybe you there to meditate and also so she doesn’t attack me. Billie laughs. She pushed security trying to get to me!

Erica: I’ll definitely set that up. I want my friends to be good!

Billie: Where are you at with Devyn? You know it’s always hot and cold with her

Erica: I feel like we’re just cordial. We say hi, we say bye. I was actually shocked that she complimented me. So, I guess we’re moving on and honestly good. I’m so over all this drama at this point. Between family drama and planning the finishing touches of this baby shower at 8 months, your girl is exhausted!

Billie: I know girl! Especially with Roberts family making your life hell. I could only imagine how stressed and tired you are!

Erica: Exactly! You know his mom went and left our family dinner, didn’t even stay. The only one who did was his sister and I guess that’s some progress. She’s been actually spending time with us and we’re working on his mom. I know my husband is hurting by all this, but he’s been keeping a smile on his face just for me. Erica starts to tear up.

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: My heart breaks for Erica seeing her like this. Like I could not imagine not having my mother be involved in my life.

Billie: Billie grabs a tissue and hugs Erica. This is the first step though! I only hope that his mom sees the pain she’s causing you all.

Erica: I wish she did as well. And I’m trying because Robert’s mom is EVERYTHING to him but I’m just so tired.

Billie: You can only pretend for so long, Erica!

Erica’s Confessional: I’ve been so stressed. Between all this drama within the group and my personal life, I try to smile and keep myself less stressed but it’s been so hard. I know my husband is hurting, but he’s trying so hard to be strong for me and our baby. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

Erica: I know, I just want my husband to be happy.

Billie: I want you to focus on the baby shower and finishing on picking the theme for the nursery. Once this baby comes, I think it will bring this family together.

Erica: Yes, yes! Erica wipes her tears and fans herself. I have to send out invitations and I need to do it quick. Greenwich is across the country! Erica laughs. You know I love everything that you’ve been doing for me. Seriously.

Billie: I love you girl! You have been a great friend to me. A true definition of a ride or die. Pregnant and all!

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: Billie has been a saving grace here in Twitter. In this hard time, I know I can count on her with WHATEVER. That’s a true sisterhood.

Erica: I love you more girl! Erica eats a piece of steak. You know I love me some red meat! Erica laughs.

Billie: Now, I got some ladies coming over for mani and pedis. So, let’s go get changed into the robes I bought us!

Erica: I love it here, you need a roommate? Erica laughs.

Billie: Billie laughs. I might. I’m all alone in this big house.

As the two Ladies continue laughing and chatting, the camera pans out as the scene and the episode come to an end.

Next time on Ladies of Twitter…Grace has her book launch party and prepares a getaway with the Ladies to celebrate, but who will she invite? As the Ladies begin to get settled in Cape Town, familiar issues begin to resurface.

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