Season 15, Episode 13: “Burning Questions”

Ladies of Twitter
30 min readMar 16, 2023
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As the episode begins and the intro fades from the screen, we hear tense music as the camera returns to the beachside table where we see the group getting ready to eat dinner on their first night in Cape Town, South Africa…

Cape Town, South Africa
Leila, Billie, Devyn, Luciana, Teairra, Harlow, Erica, and Grace

Devyn: Are Luci and Billie going to a funeral?

Luciana: Excuse me?

Grace: Girls, I preordered they’re bringing us a ton of food. Shall we get some drinks? Then I’d like to propose a toast!

Devyn: You’re wearing black long sleeves like you are going to a funeral.

Luciana: Some of us look good in black. Idiot.

Devyn: I know that better than you honey. I have melanin for days. Devyn winks.

Billie: Billie sits down. I’m in a black shimmery dress with a Bob Devyn. I don’t think I’m attending anyone’s funeral but maybe yours. Billie smirks.

Erica: Oh wow, we’re starting early… Erica sips her water.

Devyn: Billie, you’re closer to death than me. Just ask your lungs. Years of smoking does a number.

Grace: Okay ladies, hush…I’d like to propose a toast! I’d like to propose a toast! To you all, thank you for coming and leaving your families and businesses to attend with me. I’d also like to just take this time and own my mess. Devyn… Grace turns to Devyn. I apologize to you and for what I said to you today, I was angry and hurt. I hope you know that I did end up inviting you for a reason, I hope we can come to some sort of resolution.

The camera pans to Devyn as she shakes her head.

Grace: Cheers girls! Grace laughs.

Leila: Leila raises her glass. Okay accountability, we see it.

Billie: And cheers to that!

Erica: Cheers to that, ladies!

Devyn: Devyn takes a deep breath and whispers. Cheers.

Erica: Speaking of a mess, what exactly happened with you and Dev, Grace? Erica laughs. I thought y’all didn’t come shopping because you were going to kick her and Teairra out.

Grace: No, no, I wanted to talk to them both to clear the air and make some sort of amends.

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: Erica’s doctors wanted to go on vacation so bad they let a full-term pregnant woman fly across the world. Devyn shakes her head. That baby is going to have dual citizenship after it drops while we are here. I’d sue them myself.

Teairra: Kicking me out would’ve been the joke of the year.

Grace: It didn’t go that way and I wasn’t very nice, so I’ll own my side of it and hope that now she’s back in the house with us all we can just enjoy our time here. Life’s too short girls.

Devyn: Or put us in our place?

Grace: I’m not here to put anyone in their place. Just trying to get some clarity and clear air in this group.

Teairra: Teairra nods in agreement with Devyn. Exactly, but should we go around the table or what?

Devyn: We will agree to disagree, Grace. I appreciate your attempt at owning what you said, but honey apologies don’t erase the words. You were a mean ass bitch today. I forgive you, but all of this owning your shit seems staged if you ask me.

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: I don’t think Grace realizes she can be a little bitch sometimes. Not a big mean bitch, but a little one. She’ll say things that kinda sting. Leila laughs.

Grace: Well, I meant what I said Devyn. I am sorry. And it’s a shame you won’t own your side. But maybe in time you will. Who knows.

Luciana: Don’t hold your breath.

Devyn: Luci, did your crystals tell you to talk?

Erica: Well Grace, are you sorry for the sake of the trip or actually sorry? Because the conversation everyone had at the library was very different energy. Erica laughs.

Grace: I am sorry. I mean it, truly.

Leila: But Grace you can’t say you’re sorry and then come back with “I meant what I said.” It don’t work like that.

Erica: Like Devyn, everyone was taken back by Teairra inviting you to this trip. You were talked about, so I was just wondering.

Grace: No Leila, you misheard. I meant what I said was for my apology.

Devyn: Erica, what was said at the library? Devyn sips her drink. I know Teairra says the energy from Grace about me not attending wasn’t pleasant.

Erica: Well, I’ll be real and say that it was mentioned how you don’t support people in this group, you were NOT invited here and the majority of us didn’t want you here due to your physical altercation and everyone jumped on Teairra about inviting you. So, I’m just trying to understand if this is a fake apology for the trip or what. Erica shrugs.

Grace: And we spoke today on how I said I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t come to my book launch to spite me.

Harlow’s Confessional

Harlow’s Confessional: So much is going on I have to look left and right! It’s like a tennis match.

Erica: Because I’m kind of sick of all the fake shit.

Devyn: Well then. I appreciate the facts of the matter.

Grace: Erica, this isn’t fake. I apologize when I’m wrong. And I was mean earlier, so I’m sorry for that.

Erica: It’s coming across a little fake. At least Luci kept her same energy.

Devyn: Grace, if you didn’t want me here why call and invite me? Why the charade at the pool? Why the apology now?

Grace: I still think she doesn’t support me or even like me for that matter, but I still can own when I’m a mean bitch. Because Devyn we were once friends, and for the sake of the group, I wanted to make amends.

Erica: So, it was just for the sake of the group and this trip… got it. Erica nods.

Grace: No Erica!

Luciana: It’s coming off that way Gracie.

Teairra: Well, while we’re on the topic, I’m sure you… Teairra looks at Billie. Felt a way as well considering you jumped in my face about the invitation.

Devyn: And frankly I was sick. That’s why I didn’t attend your event. I’ve attended everything else I was invited to by this group. Leila’s boutique opening, Harlow’s jewelry launch, and Luci’s sham of a trip. Who the hell am I not supporting?

Grace: If you’re sick, you’re sick. Grace shrugs But let me get this straight, so because I was willing to put my issue aside so Devyn can come on this trip and hopefully make some sort of amends with some of you. It’s all my fault?

Devyn: That’s not what you said though Grace. You said I didn’t come just to spite you.

Leila: So besides not coming to the book launch Grace when was Dev not supportive of you?

Grace: Can nobody at this table admit when they were wrong or when they’ve been a bitch?

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Listen, Devyn is sitting here tonight like a lump on a log. She isn’t wanting to move on with anybody and her sidekick is sitting there just co-signing her shit. I mean you can’t make this up.

Grace: There’s a lot of people at this table who start shit then can’t finish it.

Teairra: Well, make a list! We’re putting everything on the table.

Erica: Let’s say names. We’re all grown.

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: Part of me wants to just scream ABORT, ABORT, and grab Gracie and take her away and save her.

Grace: How about we talk about Erica being a bitch to Harlow? Or Leila to Billie? Or Billie to Luci or Devyn to Erica? Or Teairra to Erica? And the other way around! Let’s get it all out then. C’mon!

Erica: Well, if I was being a bitch to Harlow, you should have said something in the moment not now.

Teairra: Or Grace to every single last person here?

Leila: Exactly, why is this all coming up now?

Erica: You were the one who telling me things about Harlow story wasn’t adding up, sorry that I’m real enough to ASK. Erica looks at Harlow. And that’s your friend?

Harlow: Wait, so I’m so confused right now!

Grace: Erica, you are being so rude right now! Talk facts or shut your mouth.

Harlow: I’m confused! Harlow turns her head to Grace. Were you saying stuff to Erica about my divorce?

Teairra: I wouldn’t be surprised. Teairra mumbles and sips her drink.

Erica: She said that she knows your husband and he would NEVER lie. Since we’re bringing everything to the table.

Grace: Oh my God, you’re a liar!

Harlow: Harlow gasps and looks at Grace. Please tell me she’s joking! That is a joke!

Erica: Harlow, I wasn’t asking out of nowhere sweetie. The snakes were in your own camp.

Grace: You’re disgusting Erica! How dare you! I didn’t say that. I said I know them both and know them deeply.

A flashback plays of Erica and Grace sitting down…

Grace: I mean, I do know her ex really well…and Harlow, she’s been very quiet lately. Grace shrugs.

Erica: Well, apparently he’s saying she’s lying about all of this and that he has money so he’d never leech off her. So, I’m just confused…do you know anything about it?

Grace: I do worry about her.

Teairra: Teairra shakes her head. WOW!

Devyn: Grace, Grace, Grace… just wow.

Grace: And what I’ve heard is that he is WRONG!

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: Now this is juicy because I know Harliar be fibbing her ass off when it comes to this “marriage,” but Grace being friends with the husband!! Oooh this is good!

Harlow: Well Grace, if you did say those things, I am ashamed. But Erica you need to take accountability! You are spreading those rumors you allegedly heard from Grace, and that’s not girl code!

Leila: Leila shakes her head. Erica don’t lie though.

Teairra’s Confessional: This just shows nobody in this group really has loyalty to anyone because Harlow was the closest to Grace in every situation! She always had her back but it’s clear the energy wasn’t returned.

Erica: Erica points at Harlow. Y’ALL NOT NO FRIENDS OF MINE! What girl code is there?

Grace: Harlow, I think you know me well enough to know that’s not what I would say.

Erica: You come here Harlow and you huff and puff. I have no loyalty to you!

Harlow: You shouldn’t be spreading that lies! What makes you think of that?! What if I started spreading that your baby’s dad isn’t your husband!

Erica: I don’t know you! Sorry I ask quest- Erica looks around the table and stands up. Say that again!

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: I am shocked. Erica is lying and people are eating it up? Shows me the truth.

Teairra: Oh no! We’re not doing that.

Leila: Whew girl, no let’s not.

Harlow: You heard me, Erica!

Billie: Billie stands up and grabs Erica. Girl, you’re pregnant! Let’s sit.

Devyn: Erica, sit down before your water breaks. You are going to be having a water birth in the ocean.

Harlow: That’s how I feel! You are out of your mind! Is it true? No!

Erica: You wanna make up lies about MY husband because your husband is on every news outlet telling the TRUTH about you!

Harlow: Oh, really now? Oh really? ERICA YOU ARE A BITCH! BITCH, BITCH, BITCH!

Grace: You’re the one spewing LIES!

Billie: Billie looks at Harlow in shock. Okay Harlow found that voice of hers.

Leila: Leila jumps. Dear Lord! She can yell!

Erica: Erica laughs and sits back in her chair. I’LL BE THAT BITCH! I’LL BE THAT BITCH, THAT BITCH WITH A HUSBAND! CHECK THAT. Erica holds up her hand flashing her wedding ring.

Harlow: Your lips are blabbering some random glitter shit and I’m not here for it! Harlow stands up. FUCK YOU! YOU ARE A LOW-CLASS WOMAN!


Harlow: Harlow points at Erica. HOW DARE YOU EVER?



Teairra: Harlow no! Teairra tugs Harlow’s arm to sit her down.

Harlow: Harlow sits down. You are delusional Erica. Delusional.

Devyn: All this standing and nobody is doing anything. I have something to say for real. Can everyone sit.

Leila: This group is crazy!

Grace: Anyway, Devyn. You have the floor.

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Erica just stood up on Harlow and she’s shocked Harlow stood up? Everybody needs to stay in their seat! It can’t get physical; we have to remember she’s pregnant right?

Devyn: Billie, why did you get in Teairra face about inviting me on this trip? You were just at my house 2 weeks ago celebrating my child, but you didn’t want me here?

Luciana: Oh wow… can’t we enjoy vaca?

Teairra: She mentioned you got physical with her, as if it was unprovoked.

Devyn: Hush, Crystal Meth. Go for swim if you want to enjoy your vaca. Devyn turns to Teairra. I was provoked by her throwing drinks on me like a child.

Billie: I want you here, but your violence, I do not.

Devyn: What about your violence?

Teairra: That’s what I mentioned! I said she poured the water first.

Billie: Have I touched you? Teairra, you butt the fuck out of this!

Devyn: Yes bitch, you did. Throwing a drink on me is touching me hoe. You still can’t own that. Stop using me for clout and a storyline. Don’t you have a LIFE???

Teairra: I’m a part of the conversation you got in MY face are you kidding me?!

Grace: Nobody should be touching anybody.

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: Caged animals. Caged animals at the zoo right here. Step right up, step right up! Meet the wild Ladies of Twitter! ROAR!!!!

Leila: And nobody should be unprovkingly throwing water bottles on each other either.

Billie: The water touched you. I did not. You’ve had to be restrained how many times in the past few weeks. You are just feisty for what reason? And Leila we get that. You’ve said it numerous times. How many more times does it need to be said?

Devyn: I haven’t had to be restrained. What the hell??? She can keep saying it until you OWN YOUR SHIT!

Teairra: She tried to run out afterwards, not fast enough I suppose…

Billie: Teairra, your husband kills people on the operation table for a living. I don’t want to hear about about violence from you when innocent lives are taken because of your husband’s shitty skills.

Devyn: Billie, shut up. This is between you and me. Leave Teairra out of this.

Billie: Come on, who else’s wants a go? Teairra chimed in and so has Leila. Anyone else want to jump in and get their ass handed to them on a silver platter?

Grace: Billie, I bought you a purse and didn’t get a thank you card! Grace laughs. Just kidding.

Teairra: For a living? Bitch, you’re barking up the wrong tree you might want to stay on that end of the table before you get added to a lawsuit.

Leila’s Confessional: Billie’s loving this right now. She’s getting all the drama and attention. Chile she crazy! Leila chuckles and sips her drink.

Devyn: Billie, why don’t you tell the group what’s going on in your life? You have secrets and I’m ready to spill them all.

Billie: Barking up?? Billie stands up. You like to bow up to bitches, come try me bitch.

Teairra: Teairra stands up. You might want to sit back down! This ain’t the library BITCH, you got a pass at Grace’s event. You won’t get another.

Grace: Oh god, another one’s getting up.

Billie: Billie looks over at Devyn while standing. What now bitch? What do you have to say?

Leila: This dinner is literally insane…

Devyn: All this standing up for nothing. Sit your scary ass down Billie.

Harlow’s Confessional

Harlow’s Confessional: The definition of DINNER FROM HELL.

Grace: Grace stands up. You’re all being so embarrassing. Luci, Harlow, let’s get out of here and have some fun.

Luciana: Billie, let’s go with Grace. We need to leave. This is insane.

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: Leila looks around. I don’t know what these South Africans put in their alcohol, but goddamn these women are ANIMALS. Who acts like this?

Devyn: All I’ll say is Billie is being sued…for several things. Devyn sips her drink.

Billie: Erica, let’s go. Leave these stupid bitches to themselves.

Erica: Oh, that’s nasty, Let’s go. All they do is spew lies when the truth is in their face. Nasty ass bitches.

Devyn: TMZ contacted me this week to make a statement about my “friend” who is being sued by stagehands at her soap opera show. That “friend” is Billie.

Leila: I’m leaving and going back to my room. Y’all are acting psycho. Leila walks away.

Teairra: And she’s worried about my life? That’s comedy.

Devyn: There’s more where that came from Billie. Don’t try me again.

As Devyn and Teairra remain finishing their dinner, the scene begins to pan out as we see shots of the Cape Town skyline as the sun begins to rise the following day. As we do, we hear upbeat music once more as we see the Ladies beginning to awaken for the day. We see shots of Erica as she speaks with the medical team she brought to Cape Town, followed by a shot of Luciana pouring herself a glass of wine. The scene then transitions as we see Grace, Erica, Teairra, and Leila exit a van as we see shots of cars zooming up and down over Cape Town as the scene continues…

Erica’s Confessional: I don’t know what possessed me to even come out on excursion but I’m here. If it wasn’t for Leila, I would have took the private jet home. Lord, give me strength.


Teairra: Teairra sits and looks left and right. Grace, what is this?


Erica: Might be her final resting place. Erica smiles and looks around.

Grace: It’s a stunning view at the top apparently. I’m looking forward to seeing it.


Leila: This looks fun!


Erica: Erica turns and talks with her nurse beside her. Do we have snacks in the bag?

Teairra: Is it sturdy enough, I hope this thing doesn’t collapse on us I’ve seen 1000 ways to die!

Leila: Leila laughs. We ain’t gonna die!

Erica: Erica looks out the window. This is beautiful.

Grace: Nope, these things are very sturdy.

Teairra: Well, this is actually relaxing, I can tell you had this trip planned out!

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: I’m not giving them anything to talk about by speaking.

Leila: Y’all, I have not recovered from last night!

Teairra: I’m trying to forget last night, it went absolutely haywire.

Erica: Erica looks at Leila. I haven’t either. Surprised I made it here.

Teairra: Maybe I can politely ask Luci for one of her witch crystals, it’s clear I may need one.

Grace: Luci isn’t a witch.

Leila: I don’t get how we’re grown women acting like this. There are healthy ways to argue this is batshit crazy.

Grace: It’s true. It’s very embarrassing.

Leila: VERY embarrassing! We need a goddamn therapist to work out all these issues.

Grace: Oh well, I’ll know next time to not plan a trip and attempt any sort of resolution. These girls just live to fight.

Erica: Erica lets out a laugh. Wow. That’s rich coming from you.

Leila: I see where you were coming from Grace, but I think taking Dev off to the side woulda been more effective.

Grace: I tried before but she wouldn’t have it. So, not that any of you would know that or allow me to speak on it.

Leila: Well, that’s tough.

Grace: Erica, I have to say I’m VERY hurt by you! I think what you did last night was really vile.

Teairra: Teairra looks out the window while mumbling. That’s interesting.

Grace: And it shows me that you’re really not my friend, huh?

Erica: Is that so? I can be the big bad wolf in your fairytale grace. It’s nothing new to me, it’s just a reality you’re making up in your head. We know the truth baby. It’s okay.

Grace: You’re a liar!

Erica: One thing about me baby, I don’t lie. Faults and all. It doesn’t feel good to be ambushed, does it?

Grace: Do you think I deserved it? Answer me this.

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: Oh lord, we’re fighting again get me off this thing.

Erica: Absolutely. You’re the one who brought the whole table into something that had to do with you because you were getting called out.

Grace: What gives you the right to tell lies and then claim you’re this high and mighty power? No, you both made it about something that isn’t what happened. I didn’t bring Devyn up at my event. You did. I answered.

Erica: Like I said, I don’t tell lies. You might’ve forgotten what you said because we know your lightbulb rarely clicks up there, but baby I retain any and all information.

Grace: I owned it. You retain nothing but lies and deceit and I see you fully now for who you really are.

Erica: All I asked was the apology for the trip or for y’all to get better. Sorry that you made a whole fuss about her coming here and then proceeded to kiss her ass. Erica looks at Teairra. Was I wrong for asking about that? Or did that make you feel weird as well?

Grace: Why is that any of your business?

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: You know what? I can agree with both sides here they’re both making valid points, but I’m going to mind my business before it escalates and this thing flips over.

Teairra: Teairra turns to Erica. Asking about what?

Grace: I tried to make amends and said some mean things. She wouldn’t talk to me. So I did it in front of you all. Like my book says, give me grace.

Erica: Asking if her apology was genuine or not, Teairra.

Grace: I’m telling you it’s genuine. Look into my eyes when I tell you.

Teairra: No, I feel like it was a valid question, I never know what’s Grace’s true intention and its scary.

Leila: Is there any way you two can make up and move on?

Erica: Erica shrugs. Exactly. Thank you, Teairra. Leila, I have no beef with Grace but baby if you’re trying to change, please just own your shit.

Grace: How is what I did last night not me owning my mess? Like who do you think you are?

Erica: Erica laughs. You know exactly who I am. Erica waves Grace away. I’m tired of this conversation.

Grace: I try to change, and you make it out like I’m lying and doing it for show. Yeah, well you look tired.

Erica: Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: Erica has really hurt me. She’s so wrong here.

Grace: So, feel free to get that PJ home.

Erica: Actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Teairra: Grace, come on, you can’t keep telling people to leave when arguments happen.

Grace: I’m not interested in hearing you tell me if I’m genuine or not.

Erica: Well, you’re not.

Grace: I know I am, and I know what I need to do.

Leila: No, no, no, we can’t be kicking people out!

The camera pans out as we see the gondola hanging thousands of feet above Cape Town with the Ladies inside…

Grace: She can go home! I’m not having her tell me what or who I am.

Teairra: This is exactly what happened with Devyn… Teairra shakes her head. I practically had to beg her to stay. We can have disagreements.

Erica: I can most definitely go home. I have the funds to do so. Can this thing turn around?

Grace: Anyone who’s on this trip doesn’t have to be here. Plain and simple! You think you’re better than it all, then go Erica.

Erica: Not everyone, just you in this particular moment.

Grace: Just go home then. Tears begin to well up in Grace’s eyes.

Leila: Well, if Erica’s leaving, then I’m leaving. I’m not letting her travel without one of us.

Erica: Oh, save the tears, if you wanna be a bitch don’t cry when I give bitch.

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: You don’t just kick someone off the trip because you have an argument. That’s childish behavior from a 70-year-old woman.

Erica: I’m tired from all of this, not only this conversation but the constant lies against my husband.

Grace: Okay. I’m done. I’m good with whatever.

Erica: Erica looks at Teairra. Did you start that lie about him? Because I heard you say it first.

Teairra: What lie? The one Harlow said at the table? I don’t know where that came from, where did you hear me say that? I must’ve been drunk.

Erica: When we first got into it. I know I’ve said some things but that lie about my husband is nasty.

Teairra: I didn’t start the rumor; I can assure you that. Everybody and their husbands being slandered is nasty.

Erica: I’ve NEVER talked about anybody’s children. So, for y’all to go around spreading that disgusting rumor is nasty and I refuse to be around it. This is about my child Teairra!

Teairra: Y’all?! You don’t even know who started it!

Erica: And I’m not trying to argue with you but I’m honestly getting sick of it.

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: I’m sorry but Erica can’t be serious, she woke up some disgusting baseless rumors about my husband being a…and I quote MURDERER, but this is where she draws the line? I don’t even know what she wants me to say.

Teairra: Teairra nods. Well, that makes two of us, that’s the second time I’ve heard that rumor. I didn’t know it got around to Harlow.

Erica: Second, meaning you heard it from another person? Were they in this group?

Teairra: Me being a friend to them, I would rather not put a name on it, but yes they are.

Erica: Erica smiles. Got it.

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: I’m tired of all this drama with the girls, not only has it been constant, but it’s been draining. The private jet home isn’t sounding like a bad idea; however, I now know who started the rumor in this group. So best believe, this shit is to be continued.

Teairra: Teairra looks out the window quicky. Is this thing going to finally land, lord.

As the Ladies gondola ride continues, the camera shifts as we see the other Ladies making their way to a tiki bar on the beach as they step out of their van…

Harlow’s Confessional: These bitches are nuts. I’m the odd one out over here! These 3 all have problems with each other. I guess I’m the observer. Harlow winks.


Luciana: Harlow!


Devyn: Devyn walks up in silence. Harlow, you look great. Let’s make some cocktails. Devyn is seen sitting at the bar with our personal bartender misting drinks. This is fun. Concoctions are right up Luci’s alley.


Luciana: Luciana shakes a martini shaker with the bartender. Want a drink Billie?

Billie: I need a STIFF one to be in this setting right now.


Harlow: Is there a martini?

Luciana: Luciana’s phone rings. It’s Maria, I gotta take it. Luciana steps away.

Devyn: They must be having meatball problems at the knock off Olive Garden. Devyn sips her drink. This is so good.

The camera pans over to Luciana as we see her fall to the ground screaming and crying…

Luciana: NOOO, NOOOOO!!! Luciana drops her phone.

Billie: Billie looks over at Luciana. What is going on?

Harlow: Oh my gosh! Harlow walks to Luciana. What happened?!

Luciana: My…my restaurant. It’s…GONE! Luciana sobs. It burnt down!

Harlow: NO, WHAT?!? You’re joking me! Oh my gosh!

Luciana: No! Oh my god. What? Why!?

Harlow: Harlow hugs Luciana. Oh my God! I’m so sorry!!

Luciana: A fire. The fire. I…I need a drink. What do I do from here? I’m ruined!

The camera pans back over to Devyn and Billie who remained seated at the bar…

Devyn: Devyn talking to the bartender. Her restaurant burned down apparently. The food wasn’t good, but that’s sad for her. I’m sure she has great insurance…might be arson. Devyn sips her cocktail.

Billie: Devyn, right now isn’t the time to be a bitch. Let’s try not to kick them while they’re down.

Devyn: Billie, you’re one to talk, and I wasn’t talking to you.

Harlow: Harlow walks back to the bar with Luciana. No, you’re not ruined. You have a lot of people around you who’ll help you. Do you have details on the incident?

Billie: Well, can Maria handle it until you get back? Or are you fixing to leave?

Devyn: Build something better Luci. That’s exactly what you do.

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: With a new chef preferably… Devyn smirks.

Luciana: Let me go call her back. Oh my god.

Devyn: Devyn watches Luci walk away. Sam’s Club is going to be so sad to lose her business. That’s where they bought those meatballs. Fresh beginnings can be good for the soul.

Billie: Billie laughs at Devyn. You’re so evil…it’s not even funny!

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: My life was this restaurant. I put my heart and soul there! Flashbacks play clips of Luciana and Vinny the Meatball at the restaurant.

Luciana: Luciana walks back. So, Maria is handling it until I get back. They suspect arson… oh my God.

Billie: Do you have any enemies who might’ve don’t this??

Luciana: I don’t think anyone has said anything that bad about me!

The bartender comes back to the Ladies with platters of traditional South African cuisine…

Devyn: OOOO! A traditional South African meal. Yum!

Luciana: Interesting…I can’t even eat right now.

Billie: I need a bite, I’m about to starve.

Devyn: Bring it back for later Luci. We don’t want to locals to think you’re rude.

Billie: So, Devyn….

Devyn: Devyn responds chewing. Yes Billie.

Billie: Last night was atrocious. I feel like we didn’t get to actually talk about us and where we are.

Devyn: Yeah, I agree with that. What say you?

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: I’ve had too many cocktails. Anything I say CANNOT be used against me. Devyn laughs.

Billie: Well, I’d like to apologize for saying that I didn’t think you needed to be here. You’re a part of this group just as much as anyone else.

Devyn: Well, I accept your apology. Teairra deserves one too for you getting in her face about me. She was being the friend to me I always thought you were. We’re not in a good place Billie. I’m not sure what it would take to get back to a resemblance of our past. Devyn takes a breaking while eating. I apologize for aggressively pulling your hair and snatching all your edges. That was mean.

Billie: Yeah, I’m tired of this narrative that you have been this great friend to me. Sure, I’ve had my time of playing dirty but so have you. Ladies, did you know TMZ contacted Devyn to release a statement about me being potentially sued for somethings that have happened on set at the tv network?

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Yes, she’s right, I’m being sued but it’s all based off false allegations and bullshit.

Billie: You bringing that up on this platform. You knew what you were doing with that information.

Devyn: I have been a great friend to you in the past. I was also good enough to tell TMZ no comment when you’re not one of my favorite people right now. You’ll never be able to say I went to the press on you.

Billie: See, my source told me you have a statement. So, which is it, because I need to know my friends are and who isn’t.

Devyn: We aren’t friends right now, but I didn’t make a statement. I said no comment and hung up.

Billie: Billie starts crying. Thank you, Devyn. I know you would never say anything to the press. These other bitches maybe but not a platform like TMZ. NONE OF YOU OTHER BITCHES BETTER SAY A WORD.

Luciana: Never!

Devyn: I would never do that.

Billie: I’m taking care of it. And justice will be served.

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: I would never talk about her in the press. Even though I’m not so sure she wouldn’t do it to me.

Billie: Devyn, what can I do to make this better? What do you need from me. I’m already taking on your lap dog!

Devyn: Please don’t call Leila a lap dog, and we can only make small attempts at rebuilding trust. I’m willing to do that, but it won’t happen overnight. My kids love you dearly, and we can start by focusing on them.

Billie: Okay, I’ll take that!! Billie clinks her glass and cheers with Devyn. Luci, I’ll host a fundraiser to get your restaurant back up and running. I want us to focus on making this trip more like a vacation and less like hell! Even Harlow spoke up and said her peace. I’m proud of you for at least not taking their shit this time Harlow!

Luciana: Thank you hunny!

Harlow: It was too much to handle, so I had to use my voice. It was funny to see how people were shocked though.

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: This group is capable of having fun. I promise. Maybe I need to assign myself as the fun police.

Devyn: Cheers to us. We aren’t perfect, but we’re ladies. Let’s go have a fun night on the town with the others. But I need a nap first. Devyn laughs.

As the Ladies are shown walking off the beach, the scene transitions as we begin seeing the Ladies arrive at the Goodman Gallery in the heart of Cape Town. We see some Ladies continuing to get ready as they drive over, while some begin to enter the gallery as tense music plays and the scene begins…

Goodman Art Gallery — Cape Town

Devyn’s Confessional: The last time we were all together it was a shit show. Whew. Hopefully nobody gets tossed off this boat and acts their wage in this art gallery. We know some ladies could afford a paintbrush in the gift shop. Let alone an actual painting. I am however looking for a custom piece for my made over office.

Grace: Do we love art ladies?


Devyn: Well, this looks lovely. I love nice art.


Grace: Only the best for us girls.

Devyn: Thanks girl. That book advance is coming in handy and I ain’t complaining.

Harlow: Harlow walks in. Oh okay, this is amazing!


Billie: Billie gets out of the sprinter van. These roads almost made me sick!!


Grace: So, there’s an array of local artists here today! Take a look around then we have drinks over there and dinner outside in a bit!

Luciana: Luciana walks in and begins looking at pieces. How pretty is all of this?


Teairra: Well, this is cute… Teairra looks around.


Grace: So gorgeous, Luci! I want to get that naked man one over there for you.

Erica: Erica walks in. Wow, look at all this art!


Billie Is any of this for sale!? I see lots of art I would love to put up in my house!

Devyn: Devyn whispers to Billie. No major purchases in light of the lawsuit. Just let me know which ones and I’ll get them.

Luciana: Is there a mini bar?

Grace: It’s all available! Drinks over there, darl. So Luci… how are things after the restaurant news? I can’t believe it’s all gone!?

Luciana: Wonderful. It’s all gone. The restaurant is all burnt to the floor.

Devyn: Luci, what about your sobriety? Do you need to work your steps?

Leila: Leila walks in. Hey girls, sorry I’m late!


Luciana: Suddenly you care Devyn? Just before when I found out you were making fun of the situation.

Grace: What happened though? Do the police actually know yet?

Luciana: They have an investigation under way. Against my will.

Grace’s Confessional: Luciana seems very calm about such a distressing situation…

Grace: Why? You must find out! It’s your livelihood.

Luciana: I already know what happened. Luciana looks at Devyn.

Billie: Luci, I have a fundraiser planned for when we get back!

Luciana: Thank you, Billie sweetie.

Leila: Oh yeah sorry about the fire Luci, that sucks.

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: Investigating against her will? Did she have something to do with the arson? I know those insurance checks come in handy. Lasagna can’t be paying the bills.

Luciana: Anyway…enough about my issues. I’m tough. A tough cookie.

Teairra: Oh wow!

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: If my boutique burned down, I’d be a mess. The fact that she’s still here on the trip shows the amount of strength she’s got.

Devyn: What the hell are you looking at me for Luci? I could care less if that cafeteria stayed open or chowed.

Billie: How are us ladies feeling about this trip? It’s been quite the trip so far. Billie laughs.

Harlow: It’s been very… unique, more than any other trip I’ve gone on.

Luciana: Luciana looks at Devyn. Wouldn’t be shocked if you were involved.

Leila: Oh no, Luci c’mon now!

Devyn: Are you sure you can afford a defamation lawsuit right now Luci?

Luciana: She’s a cow. You should have heard the things she said.

Grace: What happened?

Luciana: I think you allegedly had something to do with it. Luciana shrugs. There, I said it. Would I be surprised? Nope.

Billie: Wait Luci, you really think Devyn had something to do with it?

Grace: No, no, no, that’s so random and weird.

Devyn: That’s absurd. What would I gain exactly? I don’t like you right now, but you are worth prison jumpsuits.

Teairra: Teairra gasps. Whaaatt?

Leila: Why would she have anything to do with it? That’s another crazy accusation made in this group.

Grace: Anyway, changing the subject. I think opening up more, it’s a lot. Erica attacking me out of the blue just felt like a stab to the heart to be honest. I’ve worked hard on our friendship.

Devyn: Hold on Grace. Save your subject change for when we are done.

Luciana: We’re done.

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Luci has officially lost her mind! Maybe the witch allegations I was making about her is true, because all these crystals and you’re still going psycho.

Devyn: You just sat there and accused me of conspiracy to commit arson on a cafeteria I don’t go too. Why?

Grace: It seems like Luci is done, Devyn.

Luciana’s Confessional: Devyn, take a seat. You aren’t even successful. It’s always cry me a river with your antics.

Leila: Dev, don’t entertain this bullshit.

Devyn: Grace, SHUT UP! Stop trying to deflect for your piece of shit friend.

Luciana: I’m not discussing anymore. My lawyers don’t want me talking about it.

Grace: GIRLS!

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Billie gasps. WHEW, we have woken Devyn up!!

Grace: Enough. Luci stop, Devyn stop. We’re in a gallery, let’s focus on the art.

Luciana: She is being a friend Devyn. All you have is Leila Ali over there.

Harlow: This is getting chaotic girls!

Luciana: Luciana walks away. Champagne? Gotta be here somewhere.

Leila: Now why am I in it? Leila laughs.

Devyn: “Unhinged I need crystals to think for me” bitch! Grace, get your crystal ball in check before she is shaken by a lawsuit she can’t afford to fight.

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: I’m not entertaining Devyn and her yappy puppy. It’s them two all alone. I’m done with her.

Billie: Billie walks away with Erica. Girl, I need to talk to you.

Erica: That was insane, girl. What’s up?

Billie: Billie covers her mic as Erica’s mic begins to pick up audio from both she and Billie. I haven’t told all the ladies, and Devyn knows because TMZ called her, but as you know I’m being sued. I’m trying to hide it but I’m afraid she’s going to try and attack me on social media and make this public. Please don’t say a word about this to anyone.

Erica: No, we’ll keep this between you and I. We can’t let this get out and if Devyn knows what’s good for her, she won’t either.

Grace: Grace clinks her finger against her glass. Okay girls, dinner is about to be ready! Let’s move through, we can get your art sorted after

Billie: Billie starts breaking down. I can’t take it with all these girls going back and forth. I don’t know who’s with me or who’s against me. It’s the real reason why I have been acting out so bad.

The screen fades to black as we hear Billie hyperventilating as she cries that she can’t do this anymore as the screen reads…


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