Season 15, Episode 14: “Lions and Tigers and Ladies, Oh My!”

Ladies of Twitter
30 min readMar 17, 2023
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As the episode begins, we hear dramatic music and we see shots of Cape Town before the camera focuses in on the Goodman Gallery where the Ladies are shown looking around the gallery, before the camera pans in on Billie and Erica as they chat…

Cape Town, South Africa

Billie: Billie walks away with Erica. Girl, I need to talk to you.

Erica: That was insane, girl. What’s up?

Billie: Billie covers her mic as Erica’s mic begins to pick up audio from both she and Billie. I haven’t told all the ladies, and Devyn knows because TMZ called her, but as you know I’m being sued. I’m trying to hide it but I’m afraid she’s going to try and attack me on social media and make this public. Please don’t say a word about this to anyone.

Erica: No, we’ll keep this between you and I. We can’t let this get out and if Devyn knows what’s good for her, she won’t either.

Grace: Grace clinks her finger against her glass. Okay girls, dinner is about to be ready! Let’s move through, we can get your art sorted after

Billie: Billie starts breaking down. I can’t take it with all these girls going back and forth. I don’t know who’s with me or who’s against me. It’s the real reason why I have been acting out so bad.

Erica: Erica hugs Billie. It’s okay, don’t cry. You know I’m here for you through whatever and some of these girls were actually your friends at some point. Maybe you should just be a little bit vulnerable with them as well. Real friends support their friends in a time of need.

Billie: Billie wipes her tears. I appreciate you so much Erica. You have been the realest friend to me since I’ve met you! I guess time doesn’t prove loyalty, people do.

Leila: Y’all I’m hungry, let’s eat!

The camera then transitions as we see the group beginning to walk out of the restaurant into an outdoor space outside the gallery, where the Ladies will be dining for the evening…

Outdoor Dining Space

Grace: So, anyone buying?

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: I’m craving Chinese. I hope they have Chinese food at this art gallery.

Devyn: I’m buying 5 pieces. They should arrive in 2 weeks. I’m pleased with my purchases. Even got a sculpture for the entrance of my home.

Grace: Teairra, you’re very quiet tonight, all okay?

Billie: Billie chugs her wine glass. Let’s go girls!! I’m starving!

Teairra: Teairra sits down at the table and looks around. Oh, this place is an all in one. I’m fine Grace, just trying to go with the flow…how are you?

Grace: And wonderful Devyn, I hope you paid over price for the artists!

Devyn: Grace, honey I paid more than all of you combined. Just make sure the tip is fat tonight. They deserve it.

Harlow: Harlow yawns. I’m tired.

Grace: So, shall we toast to a fabulous dinner?

Leila: I’m getting two paintings for the boutique. Gonna give it some South African flair!

Devyn: That’s Awesome Leila. I can’t wait to see them.

Grace: Cheers ladies! To a delicious dinner

Devyn: Why the sour looks Grace and Luci? Jealousy looks terrible on you. Smile darling.

Luciana: Jealous of what babe?

Devyn: Well, Luci you’re married to crystals. Can’t keep a man. Don’t have a business to speak of. Are routinely unhinged. I could keep going, but I won’t.

Luciana: Finally! The voice of reason! I hope you all just heard her…

Teairra: Teairra holds a laugh in. Dev, it’s okay, just pay it no mind. Teairra pauses. So…what does this place serve?

Grace: Whatever you want Teairra!

Erica: Can we please just have one nice dinner? I’m sorry, but this is just tiring.

Billie: Ladies, can I have the floor for a minute? I can’t sit here and listen to this.

The camera pans as we see Leila rolling her eyes while Teairra side eyes Billie…

Grace: Billie is about to speak!

Billie: I just wanted to take a moment and be open and honest about my life since I ask for the same from you guys! I wanted to tell everyone before it made it to the press ,but I’m being sued by an old stylist for apparently not paying her for her services. I can’t go too much into it, but I wanted to share it with you all because it has brought a great deal of stress in my life. It has financially drained me and caused me to lash out.

The camera pans around the table as the Ladies’ reactions vary from supportive to shaking their head and grinning…

Billie: So, I wanted to take this time to apologize to Devyn for hurting you and your family, and I’m sorry for hurting Leila and your business. I just really need the love and support of my friends right now. Billie starts to tear up. This has been really challenging in my life.

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: So, she’s gonna sit here and weep when she didn’t pay her stylist. I guess the cheap bitch isn’t Grace, it’s Billie. And these crocodile tears can kiss my ass…attention whore

Luciana: Oh my God, Billie hun. You don’t need to apologize!

Harlow: I’m so sorry Billie… I wish you the best.

Erica: Erica rubs Billie’s back. It’s okay love.

Billie: I have been a real C you next Tuesday to you ladies. Even you Grace!

Devyn: Apology acknowledged. Thank you.

Leila: Leila claps in a circle. Let’s give it up for the actress everyone!

Teairra: Do I get an apology as well?

Billie: Billie looks at Leila with tears in her eyes. What are you saying?

Leila: I’m just confused as to why we’re supposed to feel bad for you when you did something wrong.

Erica: Aww, c’mon, I think it was genuine everyone. It took a lot for her to come up here and say this.

Billie: I DIDN’T do anything wrong. She was paid in full.

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: Leila isn’t having it. Maybe I shouldn’t either, but she is my kids’ godmother, and we were like sisters once. I don’t want to see her name dragged through the mud. I’m trying to choose the high road and grace.

Luciana: We believe you, sweetie.

Grace’s Confessional: It’s nice to see Erica allows Billie a moment of healing without questioning it. So happy for Billie… Grace rolls her eyes.

Leila: That’s the truth Billie?

Billie: Do you know something different that I don’t Leila? Either say it or quit acting like you know something!

Grace: Does anyone else want to apologize whilst we’re on the apology tour? Let’s make it a nice dinner.

Harlow: Leila, I think you should stop. Billie right now is going through a tough time.

Leila: Girl, I don’t know nothing ‘bout your court case. You just told us about it.

Devyn: I want to apologize to someone after Leila and Billie are done.

Billie: Then quit acting like you know something!

Leila: All I know is that you’re broke as hell!

Billie: And if I’m broke, you’re poor!

Leila: You are broke, you just said you were. It’s not an if, idiot.

Luciana: Who says that?

Leila: She DID! She said she’s struggling financially.

Luciana: So, why poke someone when they are down?

Billie: When did I say that? Billie laughs. Lawyers aren’t cheap. I’m sorry you’ve never consulted one. Maybe you should and the legitimacy of your business wouldn’t be in question.

Leila: I’ve never had to, I don’t do anything that’s against the law. Leila claps. And there it is! Fake, fake, fake!

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Honestly, I don’t think anyone is going to believe Billie. She just attacked my husband the other night and she didn’t even apologize to me about that, and she wants pats on her back? She’s one of the oldest on the cast and stealing? It’s giving broke!

Billie: You are fake!!! You climbed on my back to get into this group so you could get some publicity for your boutique.

Leila: You apologize for coming after my business during your little performance and then you turn around and attack it again. Girl, shut up, don’t flatter yourself.

Grace: Leila, stop!

Devyn: Grace, stay out of it for once. Just hush.

Grace: Shut your mouth Devyn, I’m the host. I can attempt to bring peace tonight,

Billie: Because you attack my character. But I’m done with Leila. She just wanted a moment, and I was the one.

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: The person I feel the worst for is Grace. She planned this whole trip and now it’s turning into World War 4.

Erica: Erica whispers to Teairra. How are we the sane ones tonight?

Devyn: You shouldn’t be the host, but that another conversation.

Leila: The girl who just gave us the performance of a lifetime says I’m looking for a moment. Girl bye. Leila waves Billie off. Can we all stop acting like this dinner is INSANE? Leila mimics the Ladies. This is nothing compared to what you animals acted like last night!

Devyn: Anyway, my apology. Harlow, I’m sorry for arguing with someone at your event. You didn’t deserve that and I’m sincerely sorry. Erica, I’m sorry as well.

Harlow: Harlow looks at Devyn. Thank you, Devyn, for owning that up.

Erica: Well. I have to say I’ve been really combative with a lot of you Ladies, and I would honestly just like to apologize to you all. I didn’t mean to keep my foot on everyone’s neck the way I did but it just happened. Erica laughs.

The camera pans around the table as we see Harlow roll her eyes and Teairra shake her head laughing…

Erica: No, I’m just kidding. Teairra, starting with you, I didn’t mean to blurt out your incident with your husband. That was wrong of me and also Grace, I apologize for attacking you the way I did. I was holding onto how you tried to get Amal to attack me. That’s it and that’s all.

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: No, I’m not apologizing to Devyn nor Harliar because not only have they continued to spread lies about me but they went as far to say some bullshit about the paternity of my child? Kiss my ass bitches.

Grace: Mmm okay. Thanks Erica

The camera pans to Harlow as her eyes widen…

Harlow’s Confessional

Harlow’s Confessional: Where’s my apology? I was viciously called a liar, and I don’t receive an apology?! The math is not mathing!

Billie: I love these apologies tours. Devyn, myself, and Erica are on a HEALING journey. Y’all should try it.

Teairra: Teairra nods. And I accept your apology, I think it all blew over at the wrong time and I also apologize for all the things I mentioned about you.

Harlow: Harlow mumbles to herself. I think this is all bullcrap.

Devyn’s Confessional: Erica didn’t apologize and that’s fine. She has bigger fish to fry at home than any in this group. Her focus should rightfully be on her baby daddy and his family.

Erica: Erica looks over at Harlow. Are you upset about something?

Harlow: Oh, not at all. Harlow smirks.

Grace: I’ll have Amal tell you the truth, then we can revisit that.

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: I can’t with these girls. They are going at each other’s throats last night walking up on each other blah blah blah. And now I’m supposed to believe they’re all zen and on healing journeys. Girl bye

Erica: I’d rather not have Amal in my space.

Grace: Dinner was delicious! I you will excuse me ladies I’m going to take another tour of the gallery before the boat comes and gets us.

Teairra’s Confessional: Erica didn’t mention she made my husband out to be a murderer and had these ladies running with it! But I think the apology was real and touched on the surface! We can work with it for now.

Erica: Teairra, We’ll talk but I do appreciate this. Erica side hugs Teairra.

Teairra: Teairra side hugs Erica and nods. We can work on it again!

Billie: I’m going to the club after all this!! I don’t care what you girls do!

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: I’m sorry but Erica needs to see her mess, that apology wasn’t enough for me.

Devyn: Staying the obvious, but apologies don’t equal trust or friendships. Devyn laughs.

Teairra: So, nobody else has any apologies to dish out? Teairra looks around.

Harlow: Not. At. All. Harlow crosses her legs.

Billie: Teairra, I’ll apologize to you another night. I can’t handle you too tonight. Billie laughs.

Devyn: Well, let’s hit the club Klub Krew.

Grace: Grace walks out of the gallery. C’mon, the boats here girls! Before I change my mind and leave some of you. Grace giggles.

As the Ladies all stand from the table and prepare to depart, the camera shifts once more as we see shots of the group eating breakfast and preparing to get ready for the day. We then watch as the Ladies begin to start their days as playful beats play in the background. Then, we focus in as Teairra, Leila, and Devyn are shown walking in Greenmarket Square as the scene begins…

Greenmarket Square

Leila: Leila walks with the Ladies. Oooh, this place is cute!


Devyn: Isn’t it though. I’m ready to shop.


Teairra’s Confessional: I love shopping! No matter where it is, if there’s any stores to shop at, I’m THERE! So I’m excited to see what cape town offers for the last bit of time we have left here!

Teairra: Yesss, I’m obsessed with this scenery.


Leila: Teairra this suit is giving honey! Leila snaps.

Leila’s Confessional: I feel like Teairra and I are at an okay place. I was wrong for talking about her not having any money and her man killing someone, but I think we’re kinda over that and just working on a friendship.

Teairra: Thank you! I’m loving both of y’all’s outfits! How has this trip been for you guys?

Devyn: Girl it’s been one thing after another. Grace is on my nerves and Luci is unhinged. She really tried to say I had something to do with her cafeteria burning down. That’s what she gets for buying an old Golden Corral.

Leila: Yeah, that was nuts but she’s probably frazzled so I’ll give her a pass. This trip is too chaotic for me, it doesn’t even feel like a trip.

Teairra: Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with Luci, some screws are missing maybe she bought the wrong crystals. Is it crystal meth?

Devyn: I’ve been wondering T. This trip has felt like a work retreat from hell. All I wanted was to go on a safari and see the locals. Grace has us in a villa, with yachts, and art galleries. Like, who are you trying to impress? I didn’t come to treat Cape Town like Miami.

Teairra: Teairra nods. And it’s like she has the plans all together, but she doesn’t seem to know how to orchestrate her OWN trip, immediately making us play a game about HER to get a room…it seems narcissistic to me.

Devyn: Facts. Just annoying. I have no intentions of reading that book of lies.

Leila: Hmm, well in my opinion, the plans have been nice, but I see what y’all are saying.

Devyn: It’s been nice, I just think these are experiences we could have gotten in Twitter or Miami. I’m thinking about extending the trip honestly. I want to hop up to Tanzania anyway to see my family there.

Teairra: Teairra nods in agreement. And I didn’t know what’s gotten into Billie lately, but her explaining what’s going on kinda sums it up…I thought it was a bit theatrical though, but she is an actress. Teairra shrugs. I’d love to go there too, I’ve heard its more beautiful.

Leila: Teairra don’t get me started on Lips.

Devyn: Come with me T and Lea. It will be fun.

Leila: Yaaas! I love a good vacation from the vacation!

Devyn: Between us, it’s weird to me that Billie brought up a lawsuit about not paying a stylist when TMZ called me about a lawsuit of sexual harassment on set. Are there 2 lawsuits?

Leila: Anyway, Billie is fake as fuck and she needs to worry about those legal fees instead of my business, which she seems so obsessed about. Wouldn’t be surprised if there were two!

Devyn: You have a thriving business. I didn’t get that at all.

Teairra: I wouldn’t be either honestly, Billie made it seem like she was so picture perfect, but she has a lot of cracks in her life. It’s like she lashes out at you and expects you to be her friend immediately after, I don’t know if its undiagnosed bpd or what…

Leila: No seriously, that’s exactly it, T! She thinks everyone’s her best friend. When she really only has Erica, God bless her soul.

Devyn: I still never got to the bottom of why she lashed out at Lea for defending me, and T for inviting me on the trip. Her problem with me runs that deep. At least I was nice enough not to babble to the tabloids on her.

Leila: Leila nods. Because she needs attention from anyone that’ll give it to her.

Teairra: Literally made a big scene for no reason and got mad because we were asking her about it.

Devyn: Devyn stops walking and sees cute African dresses. Y’all look. I love that orange.

Teairra: Teairra feels the fabric. Oh, this is actually really cute! And a pink one? Teairra picks it up. I’m definitely buying this!

Leila: Dev, your ass is not fitting in that thing. Leila laughs.

Devyn: Look at these too! Devyn points.

Teairra: Oh, the far left is really cute!

Devyn: Yes! I want that purple Wakanda. I’m such a tourist. I guess we better make our purchases and head back to the house.

Leila: Let’s do it!

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: I’m actually starting to get back on a good foot with Leila! It’s been a minute since we’ve actually had a good conversation with each other, but I’m enjoying this mini spree with Devyn and her, its looking like the most peace we’ve had so far on this trip!

Teairra: Teairra makes her purchases quickly and grabs her bag. Oh, we definitely have to come back before we leave!

Devyn: For sure. I want to get more things for the kids.

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: This outing has been the best part of the trip. It was fun and peaceful. More of this PLEASE.

The camera then transitions as we see Grace, Billie, Harlow, and Luciana stepping out of their van as the camera pans up and shows a large mountain with a beautiful view of Cape Town. We see a shot of a paragliding business where the Ladies are shown meeting an instructor as the scene continues…

Cape Town, South Africa

Billie’s Confessional: Kudos to Grace for organizing this fun activity! Looking at who’s all coming we are in for some geriatric fun! Billie laughs. I think I’m probably the only adventurous one out of the four though. I’ve been through the Amazon Forest, camping in Canada, and staying in the safari in Africa.

Billie: You guys look phenomenal! Even us elderly women. Billie laughs.


Luciana: Can we have fun?? No drama please!! I love you ladies.


Harlow: Yes! The point of this trip is to have fun, girls! Drama free zone!


Grace: Let’s! Let’s do this and get it over with, I’m scared. Then we can get a coffee at the bottom?

Grace’s Confessional: It’s a new day in Cape Town and we’re going to have fun damnit!


Luciana: Let’s do this!!!

Grace: Billie, you’re with me!

Billie: I have been dying to do this! Let’s do this, Grace!!

The camera then watches as the instructor guides Billie and Grace off the edge and watches them go flying over Cape Town before GoPro footage from the two of them plays…


Billie: Billie laughs at Grace as they sail through the air. This is fucking hilarious!!! WOOHOOO!

The camera then shifts as we see Luciana and Harlow flying through the sky…

Luciana: WOOOOOOOOOO! Wait, wait, AHHHHHH, HARLOW MY TITTIES! They’re gonna pop out!

Harlow: Harlow begins laughing as she screams. OH MY GOD, WE ARE WAY UP HERE!

We then watch as all the Ladies land and begin to get out of the harnesses and straps…

Grace: Grace gets up. Oh my God, I peed myself! Grace laughs. Okay girls, I need a new set of pants and a coffee.

Billie: Billie laughs. I can’t with this!!

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Grace and her weak bladder!! I think that bitch got some pee on me! Billie laughs. This is old age at its finest.

Billie: Billie sits down and starts drinking coffee. This is the funniest thing I’ve done the whole trip.

Grace: Grace sits down. So Billie, how are you doing after last night? I must say it was very out of the blue.

Luciana: Also props to you for being so open!

Grace: I’m struggling with like hosting this trip, girls. I feel like everyone’s so mean to each other. I hoped we would have gotten to a better place!

Luciana: I’m sorry babe. I’m just going to ignore Devyn from now on.

Grace: I feel like I can’t do anything right. It’s infuriating.

Billie: I’m doing okay after last night. Sorry for hijacking the dinner but I couldn’t sit there anymore and listen to the bickering. I know I haven’t been an easy guest to host. Billie laughs.

Grace: You haven’t. But no one has been, to be honest. Everyone’s a drama queen!

Luciana: Amen. Is it just me or Devyn always has something to say?

Grace: Everyone’s too much for these. Grace points to the cameras. Devyn is a thirsty, hungry, starving mess of a person. I’m actually done with her.

Billie: I know and speaking of! Did anyone hear screaming in the house last night? It woke me up from my sleep!

Luciana: SCREAMING? Maybe it was a goat. I also passed out drunk watching Judge Judy though so…

Grace: Screaming? I didn’t hear anything?

Billie: Billie laughs. I thought maybe it was the elephants!? That’s how loud it was.

Grace: Let’s make a pact to have each other’s backs and ensure we have a good final day.

Billie: Wait, we get judge Judy here? I love that mean bitch! Reminds me of my mom.

Grace: We need some union here

Luciana: Yes! Well, I have saved episodes on my tablet. Yes, please we need a pact. No matter what we go through, no matter how bad it may be, we will always have each other’s back.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: Us four have a good set up, I’m not that close to Billie but we’re getting closer. Tables have turned.

Billie: This has been a great start to my day!! I definitely can make a pack to have both of y’all’s backs. Plus, we are the elders in the group and Harlow!

Grace: You’re obsessed with age! Cheers girls! Grace raises her coffee cup.

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: I need some real friends other than Erica. So, I need these girls to have my back and I have theirs.

Billie: And you’re obsessed with younger men! Cheers!

As the Ladies continue to chat and sip their coffees, the scene shifts as we begin to see the sun sink down in the sky as the end of the day approaches. We hear tense music as we watch the Ladies beginning to arrive to a safari located just outside of Cape Town. We see shots of various wild animals as the camera focuses in on the Ladies arriving and the scene begins…

Grace: Who’s ready for a safari, Ladies?


Teairra: Teairra walks over slowly. Oh, this is CUTE!


Grace: Hop in Teairra, we’ve got a tour to get on! We have wine too. Grace sips.

Teairra: Teairra hops in the vehicle. Oh, I’m excited, I won’t lie! Teairra laughs.

Teairra’s Confessional: Safari and a dinner? Interesting combination, I haven’t been to a safari in a couple years since the last time I was in Africa on a business trip. So, I’m excited to see it once again as long as the animals stay faaaar away from me! Literally and figuratively. Teairra smiles.

Grace: Can I ask you something T? Can we like, clear the air, are we good? I like you, I think you’re lovely. Can we start fresh?

Teairra: Teairra nods. We can work towards something; we’ve started fresh about 20 times already. Teairra laughs. But if you’re serious this time we can.

Grace: I wouldn’t say that but answer my texts then! Grace passes Teairra a wine. Cheers.

Teairra: Fine! I’ll take your texts off do not disturb, Grace. Teairra giggles.


Leila: Leila walks up. Hey, hey!

Leila’s Confessional: I’m so glad this trip is over and I can go home and see my babies. These ladies are too much!!!

Harlow: Harlow walks in. Hey girls!


Grace: Why is everyone so late? Where’s the rest? We’ve got a safari to get to before the sun goes down.

Devyn: Devyn strolls up. Hey y’all. I love a good outdoor adventure.


Grace: I’m glad you’re happy now Devyn. Cheers!

Luciana: Luciana struts up. Safari time!!!


Teairra: Teairra takes a sip out of her drink. Hello ladiess!

Leila: Yaaas leopard print! I see you Luci!

Luciana: Yes!!! It’s real too!

Teairra’s Confessional: You know I LOVE to dress up, but I could not afford to dust up any of my designer! You never know what could happen, I can’t take any risks. Teairra laughs. And I mean we’re in a safari for crying out loud!

Devyn: Poacher… Anyhow, I’m always happy Grace.

Erica: Erica walks up and sits down. This should be cute…


Grace: Grace checks the time and instructs the driver to go ahead as the camera pans to Billie’s SUV pulling out of the rental house. Okay, let’s go girls!

Luciana: This reminds me of my exotic lounge!

Harlow: Harlow points to a hippo. That hippo’s mouth looks like a lot of your guys’ mouths!

Grace: Okay Harlow. Grace laughs. LOOK A GIRAFFE!

Luciana: What a neck!

Teairra: Teairra looks at the hippo and jumps back. Oh my!

Devyn: Devyn snaps photos. The kids will love these. I can’t wait to bring them.

Grace: Meow!

Leila: Ooooh animals!

Erica: Cute.

Grace: Girls, have some wine! Or fireball!

Teairra: Teairra holds onto her bag tightly while taking sips slowly. What if they start charging towards us?

Leila: Where you getting fireball? Leila laughs.


Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: Luci is the least sober person I’ve ever seen. Amal was right.

Devyn: Devyn points out of the car. OOOOOO. It’s Nyla.

Harlow’s Confessional: I wish that lion would just jump onto the safari cart and takes me with them!

Harlow: Harlow points. Aww look at that baby elephant running!

As the Ladies enjoy watching the animals and approach their dinner table in the sky, the camera pans back as we watch Billie sitting alone in another safari car watching the animals…

Billie: The views are stunning, and the ride is peaceful and quiet! Do I really want to catch up to the group? Billie laughs.


The scene then continues as we see the Ladies pulling up to an enclosure as we see the camera pan across a beautifully decorated treetop dinner spread as the Ladies exit their car and Billie quickly pulls up behind them as the group reunites…

Leila: This is BEAUTIFUL!

Grace: I knew you’d all love it!

Luciana: Time for food!

Billie: Billie walks up to the Ladies. Sorry I am late!! I had a wardrobe malfunction!

Grace: Let’s get some more drinks in

Luciana: I need a fireball cocktail!

Devyn: Luci needs a sponsor. Help your friend Grace.

Luciana: A sponsor? Do you always have to bring the mood down?

Devyn: Maybe we shouldn’t drink as much in front of Luci. It’s so tempting.

Erica: Can we not? We just sat down. I at-least want a bite of my food first.

Devyn’s Confessional: Luci, your real friend would have kept that in mind. But let me mind my business.

Billie: I don’t think any of us would be good sponsors. Billie laughs.

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: Devyn is SOOO eager to start problems with anybody, it’s exhausting. Like okay girl we get it, last year was lackluster for you.

Devyn: You’re right Billie.

Leila: Leila touches Devyn’s hand. Let’s have a nice night.

Devyn: Listen, all I’m saying is if I was in recovery and working my steps, I wouldn’t want to be around things that tempt me to change that. If y’all don’t see that as sincere, I don’t know what to tell you. Now, yes, food.

Luciana: Can I say one thing? Since my sobriety is being talked about?

Billie: Luci, not tonight no. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. So, what did everyone do today?

Luciana: Okay, okay…I was gonna be nice. Luciana shrugs.

Grace: We had an amazing day!

Billie: Grace, Harlow Luci, and myself did paragliding. It was so much fun!

Grace: Flying down the cliff!

Leila: Dev, Teairra and I went shopping it was fun!

Teairra: It actually was, I got a few new dresses!

Devyn: Shopping was incredible. With great friends.

Grace: Awesome! Did you buy the host a gift?

Teairra: Teairra widens her eyes and looks at Leila and Devyn. Oh, I don’t think so.

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: I didn’t know I was supposed to be a personal shopper for the host! She could’ve asked … probably wouldn’t have gotten it either way, but still.

Devyn: Devyn coughs. Ugh. No. Us being here is the gift. Devyn chuckles. Besides African dresses would look strange on you.

Leila: I think Luci and Dev need to talk outside the group. Y’all need to figure out that accusation you made toward her that was dirty! Leila looks at Luciana.

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Grace is quick to make shit about herself. Let those girls go shop in peace!

Devyn: Leila, I plan to let my attorneys handle Luci. What she accused me of is defamatory.

Grace: Erica, you’re quiet, all okay?

Erica: Erica laughs. I find it very comical that you’re getting lawyers involved when you’ve been also spreading lies, Devyn. It’s a bit hypocritical.

Devyn: Devyn looks down at her phone after a notification and screams. I LOVE IT! EEEEK. Devyn looks back up at Erica. Did I accuse someone of a crime? Don’t think so.

Billie: Billie looks confused and then at Erica. She loves being hypocritical?

Erica: No, but you did accuse my husband of not being my child’s father. You did do that.

Devyn: I sure did. Because I’ve heard he isn’t.

Grace: She said I didn’t write my book too! How awful of her!

Devyn: Bitch, you had a ghostwriter. Shut up.

Erica: Devyn, who talks to you? Nobody. You’re just making things up to get back at me because we’re not friends.

Teairra: Teairra’s eyes widen. Woah!

Grace: See, now she’s lying ladies! She’s sick.

Devyn: Everything always has to be about Grace.

Erica: Then you let… Erica points around the table. These bitches run around with this narrative to try and bash me about it.

Devyn: Erica, I was told that. I was also told that why his family doesn’t want you or the baby around.

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: A producer asks if Leila has you heard anything about Erica’s child’s paternity and Leila responds. I’m not gonna talk ‘bout that. Leila sips her drink.

Devyn: Frankly, I don’t care who knocked you up. Your in-laws have questions. That says enough.

Erica: No, you do give a fuck. Because you went around and tried to say it to everybody so it could stick! I don’t open my legs for every man or woman, that’s you honey.

Billie: Billie gasps. ÉRICA!

Devyn: No, I don’t girl. I didn’t try. I did. Big difference.

Leila: Let’s not go low, Erica!

Erica: Measure your hole, don’t try and measure mine.

Harlow: Oh my god! I thought we were ladies!

Erica: Don’t go low? She’s talking about the paternity of MY CHILD! Are you kidding me?

Billie: Leila, you don’t go low!

Teairra: Okay, let’s dial it down! We can talk as adults. It’s going a bit left.

Leila: I mean let’s have a conversation without shading each other the whole time. That’s all y’all do. Just talk like adults for once!

Devyn: Erica bitch, you were a whore before you moved to Twitter. You got your husband from someone else. Miss me with the I’m modest and holy shit.

Erica: Devyn, you’re making shit up once again. You’re the stripper honey. Let’s not talk about how many miles you got on that body.

Devyn: I sure was. I own my shit. You don’t. Are we really sex shaming people on a show about women? Devyn laughs.

Erica: I always own my shit baby. But I won’t continue to accept bullshit from you.

Grace: You do that Devyn!

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: We are legit on a wild safari. Everyone hold on, no screaming and no feeding the wild animals!

Devyn: This is between me and Erica. Grace, shut up bitch.

Erica: Oh, now its sex shaming? Girl, shut THE FUCK up. You are not the victim, bitch.

Harlow: Devyn!

Erica: She’s an animal. Belongs on the other side of these walls.

Luciana: We’re all here, so too bad Devyn.

Grace: Make me! Grace sticks her tongue out.

Billie: Ladies, ladies, let’s just table this shit for tonight. Like it’s to the point of being insufferable.

Devyn: I never said I was a victim. Try again. You want to sit here and act like you got shit together. Devyn leans forward. You’re nothing more than a woman who is about to be single and living off Robert. Now those were his words.

Erica: Erica laughs. My husband doesn’t dare be near a desperate excuse of a housewife. You’re struggling with these comebacks just like you’ve been struggling since your return. You had to get back with your husband to even try to be relevant this year. The girlfriend wasn’t working out last year?

Devyn: Furthermore, I could care less if anybody at this table likes me. Except for Leila and Teairra. The rest of you can choke.

Billie: Well damn Devyn I thought we was trying to get in a better place. That was harsh!

Grace: I think that’s enough…we have a pregnant woman here.

Devyn: It wasn’t harsh you were just backing up Erica. Pipe down Billie.

Grace: Now let’s all take a breath.

Harlow: Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

Luciana: Yes! No more negativity!! Let’s all get off Devyn. Seems like she needs some space. Something is clearly off.

Devyn: Nothing is off. Devyn texts Leila and Teairra a picture of her wedding invitations which she recently got from the printer.

Devyn’s Wedding Invitation

Luciana: Luciana reaches in her bag and finds a Xanax and tosses it by Devyn. Take one!

Teairra: Teairra looks at her phone. Oh, this is so cute Devyn!

Leila: Yes, love this Dev!

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: A producer asks Devyn if she’s sure she wants to exclude everyone else from her big day as Devyn laughs and responds. YES! Over my dead body would I invite the others.

Devyn: Thanks ladies. So honored to have you both there.

Billie: Billie whispers to Erica. Did you just see that invite to her wedding on Teairra’s phone? Should we crash it?

Erica: Erica responds to Billie. You read my mind. Erica giggles.

Teairra: Only we got invited?

Devyn: Yes ma’am.

Grace: I’d rather go to a funeral.

Devyn: That’s good Grace because you’re old enough to start planning your own.

Teairra: I was wondering why nobody else’s phone lit up! Teairra laughs.

The camera focuses on Billie as she takes a photo of Teairra’s phone and the invite lit up on the screen…

Billie: We are gonna crash that shit!

Grace: Oh, an old joke, how original!

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: Old joke coming from the walking dead herself. Erica laughs.

Leila: Billie girl stop, why would you take a pic of the invite?

Teairra: Wait what? Teairra looks around confused.

Devyn: What happened?

Erica: Erica looks at Leila and tries to play dumb. What are you talking about?

Billie: Leila, for the last time girl why are you worried with what I’m doing?? You are proving yourself as Devyn’s lapdog.

Leila: She took a pic of the wedding invite and said she was gonna crash it. Trying to start shit as usual.

Teairra: How’d she get a picture? Teairra looks at her phone unlocked on the table with the invite open and quickly locks it. Well, that makes sense.

Leila: I’m no one’s lapdog Billie, stop trying to use buzz words for another moment.

Harlow: Harlow walks over to Teairra and Leila. Hey girls what’s going on? Am I interrupting something?

Leila: Actually… Leila puts her hand up. I ain’t giving her any more attention. Leila turns away, not facing Billie anymore.

Teairra: Harlow, I think Billie just took a picture of the invite Devyn sent me on my phone.

Harlow: She did?! Oh wow.

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: Billie wants to call me Dev’s lapdog. Bitch what? The only lap I sit on is my husbands, she sits on any lap her fat plastic ass can fit on.

Billie drops her phone onto the platform as Devyn kicks it off and it falls down onto the safari…

Devyn: Oops. I’m so sorry.

Erica: What the…

Billie: Billie goes to pick up phone and leans under the table. Girl, your thighs are not that strong. Sit down, jelly legs.

Devyn: Devyn smirks. The phone is gone girl. You were just picking up your dignity. I love to see it.

Grace: I’ve had enough, I’m heading back.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: Like, I know this is what happens with this group, but it’s too beautiful and an unmissable moment in time to be listening to them bitch at each other for one more second. It’s too much, even for me and I start a lot of it. Grace laughs.

Leila: Grace, I’m going back with you. I’m sick of all this. Leila stands up.

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: I thought Billie had an Android all this time! I was expecting the battery to fly across the room as it fell, I’m glad she’s up to date.

Devyn: Devyn watches as the Ladies are starting to depart. Such a gorgeous sunset!

Billie: It’s okay, all my photos are on my iPad in the room. I know you thought this was cute, but I’ll send you the bill for this! And Leila, you are sick of it but you are the cause of it. This group is fucked! Let’s go Erica, all of these women fake and phony as hell!

Teairra: Teairra watches the sunset. At least we get to witness this!

Luciana: Can I come with you girlies?

Billie: Come on Luci, I’m taking us to look at the sunset far away from these bitches!

Erica: Now to go home and have the rest of that pasta. Erica laughs as she walks away with Luciana and Billie.

Devyn: Burnt pasta. Or so I’ve heard.

Harlow: Harlow grabs food at the dinner table. Yum! Harlow eats a portion from someone’s food. Amazing. Is there a waiter? Can I get a to-go box?

Harlow’s Confessional

Harlow’s Confessional: At this point, all I care about is food! These girls are cuckoo!

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: We came, we saw, and we did not try to make this group anymore untied. I have a new phone, thank God, but this group is so messed up.

As the group begins to depart the table and get into their safari carts, the camera pans out to a shot of the safari as the scene and the episode come to an end.

Next time on the season finale of Ladies of Twitter…Erica’s baby shower and Devyn’s wedding arrive, bringing familiar faces from Ladies of Twitter and many other shows along to celebrate their milestones. Grace chats with Amal about all that occurred this season. Billie sits down with a close friend to discuss the lawsuit she’s facing. Luciana and Maria deal with the aftermath of the restaurant burning down. As Billie’s movie premiere night occurs, the Ladies, and some of their husbands, put on a show of their own.

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