Season 15, Episode 15: “Operation Celebrations”

Ladies of Twitter
44 min readMar 21, 2023


Previously, this season on Ladies of Twitter…the Ladies reunited, and tensions abounded from the jump as allegations against Devyn from Erica caused uproar among the group, and differing stories as Amal popped up in the circle. Grace began writing a book in hopes of sharing her life with the world. Erica’s old friend Teairra moved to Twitter with secrets from her past, leading to all-out war between Erica and Teairra. Luciana’s Italian restaurant burned to the ground leaving Luciana in shambles. Billie faced legal troubles as her career reached new heights.

Ladies of Twitter Main Title Pose

As the episode begins and the intro fades from the screen, we see shots of the women going about their days in Twitter as upbeat music plays. We see shots of Devyn as she looks over the finalized plans for her wedding, followed by Erica looking at the decorations for her baby shower. The camera then focuses in as we see Luciana standing beside her sister Maria as they stand outside the burnt down Milan Restaurante as sirens are heard and the cameras show a plot of land covered in debris as ash rises like smoke…

Luciana’s Burnt Down Restaurant

Luciana: Oh my God!

Maria and Luciana

Maria: Oh, I know, I know. It’s so bad.

Luciana: Luciana is crying. I can’t believe this. This was my life.

Maria: Don’t forget about the Exotic Lounge.

Luciana: At least that’s not burnt down.

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: Wow… after all these years… my restaurant and my life all burnt down. My life just turned to ashes. I’m beyond heartbroken.

Maria: Have you heard about how it started?

Luciana: Something about a cigarette they said…

Maria: Please tell me you were not smoking at work in the office a-

Luciana: Luciana cuts Maria off. I don’t smoke!

Clips then play as we see Luciana smoking at numerous group events throughout the season…

Maria: Did you get to enjoy Africa?

Luciana: Of course not. I was stuck with Devyn.

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: I’m still in shock that Devyn was so nonchalant about my restaurant burning down. Do I think she had something to do with it? Luciana shakes her head. ALLEGEDLY!! God know Devyn loves trying to silence people.

Maria: Did you punch anyone?

Luciana: Almost Devyn!

Maria: That little girl always has something to say, doesn’t she?

Luciana’s Confessional: Devyn really is an interesting creature. I think she’s a fame whore, money whore, and an opportunist.

As Luciana and Maria continue to chat and look through the rubble that remains of the restaurant, the camera shifts quickly down the busy streets of Twitter and focuses on Teairra’s home in the Twitter Hills as we see her running around frantically as the scene begins…

Teairra’s Home


Teairra’s Confessional: What everybody may not know is that donte and I have been in and out of court for the past couple years since the incident to clear our names. I didn’t tell anybody about it because it’s literally none of their business, I know how to keep this mouth sealed but today? Teairra smiles. Let’s just say we got some of the best news in a LONG time.

Donte comes around the corner peeking…

Teairra and Donte

Teairra: THERE YOU ARE! Oh my God, I have ness! Teairra walks over to the couch and sits down. Come sit, come sit! Teairra pats the couch.

Donte: Donte walks over and sits down on the couch. What is it? Must be good, I heard you from the other side of the house! Donte laughs.

Teairra: Oh, trust me it is, so…Johnny called me with good news regarding our court case!

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Johnny AKA Jonathan is Donte and I’s lawyer, he was recommended to me by a close family member & he has been SUCH a help in such a troubling time like… Teairra moves her hands in the air. THIS! What we’ve been dealing with. I can’t thank him enough for dealing with all this.

Donte: And what was this news? You got me on the edge of my seat.

Teairra: He pretty much told me that the investigators & the family of the said victim is backing off of us, so it’s looking like our names are pretty much cleared!

Donte: Donte’s eyes widen. WOOOOOOO! This is more than good news baby!

Teairra: I KNOW! Teairra screams. I hope this becomes the end of the case; it’s been such a weight on my shoulders you have no idea!

Donte: No, no, I get it, and I’m sorry you’re taking heat for it…you did nothing but be a good wife to me and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Teairra: Don’t make me cry please! Teairra laughs as tears start to come and she fans her eyes.

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Being as though my name has been dragged through the mud for the past couple of months, I’m glad some good news finally came out of all this, God always comes through for me and I can’t be more grateful. Teairra makes praying hands. What can you say now bitches?

Donte: Don’t cry please. Donte leans in and wipes Teairra’s eyes.

Teairra: I’m just so happy right now! these are happy tears! Teairra laughs and grabs a tissue wiping her eye. I just hope this doesn’t come back to bite us in our ass.

Donte: I’m sure it won’t, I’m innocent you trust me, right?

Teairra: I’m here, aren’t i?

Donte: I just needed some reassurance. Donte laughs.

Teairra: We’re years into this! You know I’m always riding for Dr. Blanco! Teairra winks.

Donte: Donte leans over and kisses Teairra. We gotta go out today for a celebration, I’m paying.

Teairra: Don’t you always pay for me?

Donte: Donte laughs. Just let me have my exaggerated moment!

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Let this be the start of the new era for me and my husband, Lord knows how much I needed at least a LITTLE weight off my shoulders because moving to Twitter seems to only make matters worse, but guess what? Who always comes out on top? Teairra points to herself. Oh okay, that bitch.

Teairra: Boy hush! Teairra laughs. And go get ready! It’s a celebration all day today! Teairra screams and jumps around. The Blancos Day! Let me get me a shot cause whew!

While the camera pans out of Teairra’s home, we watch the scene focus in on downtown Twitter where we see Grace signing books at a bookstore while upbeat music plays. As Grace’s book signing ends, we see her exit the signing and head next door to a small boutique restaurant…

Grace: Table for two please? Thank you!

Grace’s Confessional: After the signing I made sure I had time to sit down with an old friend who’s back in town once again, we’ve got a lot to discuss.


A black SUV pulls up outside the front of the restaurant as the camera pans around the car to the back passenger side door which opens to show Amal Hadid hopping out of the car…

Amal: Amal takes a deep breath. Isn’t this cute! Amal walks into the restaurant and sees Grace and waves at her. Hello gorgeous lady!

Amal Hadid (Friend of-s14; Lady-s15)

Grace: Hi troublemaker! Grace kisses Amal.

Amal: How hot do you look?! Look at you in this sparkle! Amal laughs and takes a seat at the table. How’ve you been my darling? How was the signing?

Grace: I am good, very good! It went well, 300 people, wow! It’s been a crazy time, you’ve missed a lot!

Amal: Oh, how fabulous! I know! I’ve been out of town! So, tell me, what’s been going on? How are all the girls?

Grace: Grace sips wine slowly. Now I won’t lie, it’s a rocky road with the girls…and I’ll be honest Amal, you’ve caused a lot of trouble for me this year.

Amal: Amal’s eyes widen whilst sipping wine. Trouble? What trouble have I caused?

Grace: Well, I haven’t seen you in a while, since my penthouse event where you basically had the girls blame me for you being very, very messy. I just want to know why.

Amal: Amal laughs. Messy? Grace, I just told the girls what I know to be a fact.

Grace: Which is?

Amal: That she was the one who propositioned Devyn.

Grace: You have them all thinking we spoke before and made this huge plan to take Erica down, now she hates me because of you. You weren’t there, who even told you that?

Amal: Amal shrugs. Well, that’s not really my problem, is it Grace? It’s not my fault they’ve concocted some story in their heads.

Grace: It’s because of what you said though and how you acted.

Amal: How did I act? I just told them what I know to be true.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: Amal causing the snowball issue with me and the girls has only made them not trust me even more, which is why I’m angry at her.

Grace: Just say I didn’t know what you were going to say. You sort of set me up, by asking me to say something that I had no clue on. Grace puts her hands up. I should own my actions I know but I’m collateral to this issue you have with Erica. What’s she even done to you?

Amal: Listen, did I want you to ask me what I know on camera? Abso-fucking-lutely!

Grace: Wow, I feel really sorry for you. You’re going through something quite dark right now.

Amal: My issues with Erica run deep, okay? She knows what she’s done to me. She took an opportunity away from me, that she KNOWS! Amal raises her voice. Was meant for me, okay? Amal aggressively nods. Were you collateral damage? Yeah, sure but I wasn’t even thinking about you Gracie.

Grace: What is it? What’s Erica done? The fact you would use me like that? Wow.

Amal: That doesn’t concern you, Grace. None of this concerns you and in typical Grace fashion, you’re making it about yourself. Amal scoffs. No one used anyone Grace. Enough with the theatrics, okay? You aren’t even that fond of her either.

Grace: Don’t you dare. Don’t start that shit. You used me. Tell me what it is, what you have heard. Just say it.

Amal: It’s always a big issue with you. Did I want you to bring it up on camera? Sure, but it wasn’t this diabolical scheme.

Grace: You’re a liar though, that’s the issue. How did you even hear about anything that happened on Legends? You weren’t there.

Amal: Amal raises her eyebrows. Liar? I’ve never lied about anything in my life. Have I exaggerated? Sure, but lied?

Grace: You lied to me!

Amal: Look, I was told by someone, okay?

Grace: Grace cancels food order with a waiter walking by. I’m not going to be eating. Grace gets up. What? Who?

Amal: Oh, so you’re walking out on me? Alright, Grace. Run along!

Grace: Grace walks away. I’m not doing this with you anymore, I don’t talk in riddles.

Amal: You wanna know who told me? Amal screams so the entire restaurant can hear. The same person who told me you were fucking around on your ex, bitch!

Grace exits the restaurant as the door slams behind her…

Amal: Fucking bitch! Amal shakes her head and sips her wine.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: I know exactly what Amal is doing. And you need help Amal, I’m sorry but you do. Grace shrugs.

As the camera pans away from the restaurant, we watch as we return to the Twitter Hills once more as we watch Billie driving up to a mansion and being buzzed through the gates as the scene begins…

Kylee Valenderia’s Home

Billie’s Confessional: Today I’m going over to my good friend Kylee Valenderia’s house A flashback plays to Billie and Kylee’s huge fights in season 3. We’ve come a long way since season 3! God knows I love this woman; she really has been there for me a lot in the past few years. I’m hoping she can bring me some peace with this lawsuit.


Kylee Valenderia (Billie’s Friend): Kylee opens her door with a wine glass in one hand and a joint in the other. Hi gorgeous!

Kylee Valenderia (Friend of the Ladies)

Billie: Holding two of my favorite things while I look like a two-bit whore who just got off from her shift at the run-down strip club!! I feel as good as I look! Billie laughs.

Kylee: Kylee laughs. Come in, come in! Come sit down! Kylee walks Billie into her great room and pours her a glass of wine before opening the windows and setting up an ash tray. How are you? Last time you were here we got way too drunk!

Kylee’s Home Interior

Billie: God, I know! We really had too much fun the last time we were here! Plus, I was filling you in on my adventures with those ladies I went on that trip with! What’s new with you? How have you been? Also, everyone in this group does agree on one thing, your food is to DIE FOR!

Kylee: Oh, not much! Looking to sell this old place as you know. Kylee takes a puff of her joint and passes it to Billie. The new mans has a place for us, the kids moved out, Alexander gave it to me so I can do what I want, and girl, who needs all this square footage you know? Tell the girls I love them and they’re all always welcome in!

Billie: I will definitely! Billie takes a puff and exhales. So, I have some shit to fill you in on.

Kylee: Fill me and spill me!

Billie: So, bitch, I’m being sued for a several thousand dollars by one of my old stylists. It’s brought a great amount of stress in my life.

Kylee: Aww Billie, no! I hope all the Ladies have been extremely supportive of you!

Billie: They’ve been the opposite. Do you know that Leila girl?

Kylee: She owns that boutique we shop at, right? Nice younger girl?

Billie: Yes her!! My so-called friend. She’s been apprehensive about the news and has been giving me hell.

Kylee: Are you fucking kidding?

Billie: So have Devyn and Grace. Really none of the ladies have shown me any grace except Luci, Erica, Teairra and Harlow. Devyn is the one that mentioned it in the group. I had planned to keep it quiet and just discuss this with you.

Kylee: Well Devyn’s a two-faced idiot so don’t expect anything good from her, and I don’t really know Grace but I’m disappointed to hear that. I find it so interesting Devyn wants to spread all your fucking business, but when anyone does it to her, she’s a damsel in distress full of sanctimonious bullshit. Kylee takes a puff. But that’s just my opinion.

Billie: Devyn and I haven’t been the greatest this season as I’ve told you but she really thought she was sticking something to me when she brought up my lawsuit in a group of women. She is just trying to throw anything out there that covers up her own skeletons. She can run but she can’t hide for long. Billie winks.

Kylee: She sounds like she’s trying to fucking bait you. What a bitch. Kylee laughs. Honestly, I’m disappointed to hear that I thought you two would find a way to make amends but obviously that hasn’t been the case.

Billie: Not at all, lately it’s been a gang up on Billie fest with all these ladies. That’s why I had to invite you to my premiere party, because I know you’ll check a bitch!

Kylee: If I see anyone getting out of line with you, you better believe I’ll have your fucking back Bills Bills Bills, but I know you also can handle your own fights. If the girls wanna gang though I can mob. Kylee winks and laughs.

Billie: Kylee, I fucking love you! If anyone has my back, I know you do my Italian sister! I don’t need full on mobster but maybe a bitch slap if it’s necessary!

Just then, a knock is heard at Kylee’s front door…

Billie: Kylee, I invited over company bitch!

Kylee: Kylee laughs. You know I got you! Who bitch?! Kylee walks over and opens the door.

Jac Carter (Former Lady): Jac walks in. Why hello little miss GIRLS!!!!

Jac Carter (Lady season 3–4; 6–7; 10–11; Friend of- season 5)

Kylee: JACC! Kylee screams and hugs Jac. How are you!?

Billie: It’s fucking Jacqueline Carter!! I haven’t seen you in months!

Jac: My favorite little meatball!! KYLEE! I’m well my darling! How are you?! And hello Billius!! I know! It’s been a minute. I’ve been over in Beverly Beach these past few months.

Billie: Come sit down little sis!! We were just talking about my movie premiere coming up and how I told her the ladies haven’t been the nicest to me. Billie laughs. I’m so glad you will be at my premiere!

Kylee: It’s gonna be a fucking party, I know that!

Jac: Jac takes a seat. Not the girls being mean to my Billie!! What are they doing to you now love?

Billie: I don’t know if I got a chance to tell you lately but I’m being sued by my old stylist and the ladies did not give me the support I thought I’d receive.

Kylee: They’re harassing her. Dr. Dumbass especially.

Jac: Jac shakes her head. I read about it in the National Enquirer. I’m so sorry my friend. Jac holds Billie’s hand.

Billie: Be careful Kylee, Devyn is Jac’s sister.

Jac: Wait, Devyn? Why isn’t Devyn being supportive? Jac laughs. Devyn is definitely my friend! I’m going to her wedding, but lord knows we’ve had a lot of problems over the years. A flashback plays to various seasons where Jac and Devyn have fought.

Billie: Devyn and I have been on the outs lately. She’s been on the outs with everyone this season. I actually did not get an invite to her wedding. Did you Kylee?

Jac: Jac’s mouth drops. What the hell happened between you two? You’re the godmother to her babies.

Kylee: Of course not, she went on an interview saying she’d never wanna see me on this show again she definitely didn’t invite me to the wedding. Kylee laughs and puffs her joint.

Jac: Ohhh, give me some of that! Jac takes the joint from Kylee, has a puff then coughs horrendously.

Billie: And I still am. Billie starts to tear up. I’m partially to blame for the demise of our relationship. Some things were said. Some physical violence happened. It’s been a season.

Kylee: Awh no Billie! Physical violence?

Jac: Jac still coughing. Not… Jac coughs again. Violence!

Billie: Yes, I poured water on her, and she dragged me by my hair! So, things are nowhere like they use to be.

Kylee: She fucking did what? What?

Jac: This is crazy!

Kylee: I get sprinkling wine or champagne or water but dragging you by your hair?!

Billie: It was so bad I have a couple spots where we had to do a hair transplant because she pulled so hard. I was like damn bitch I’m getting hit on by hulk, and not the sexy one either! Billie laughs.

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Devyn and I are a work in progress to say the least, but I don’t think this is the end of the road for us either. We’ve definitely weathered through worse storms.

Kylee: Jesus Billie, it sounds like you guys need some counseling or help.

Jac: Jac checks Billie’s scalp and gasps. Oh my god, I see the bald patches! I’m so sorry Billie!

Billie: It definitely has been crazier being back in this group than when it was our time way back in the day! We all three haven’t been in a room since when? Billie laughs. This is revealing my age!

Kylee: Don’t say it! It’ll reveal all of our ages!

Jac: Y’all can reveal your ages. All I know is I’m still the youngest of this bunch!

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Back seasons ago you could not ever imagine that Kylee Valenderia, Jacqueline Carter and Billie Reed would be SMOKING joints and sipping wine and actually enjoy each other’s company in the same room, I would’ve laughed. But they really have stepped up over the years and helped me find this namaste Billie that I’m supposed to be, and we see how that’s working out for me. But nonetheless I’m thankful for this sisterhood right here!

Billie: That’s why we envy you bitch! So young and youthful!

Jac: And supple and stunning. Don’t forget supple and stunning. The viewers will read you down! Jac laughs.

Kylee: Jac shut up! You girls hungry? I have food and wine upstairs in the pool and bar room!

Billie: Yes, let’s go on upstairs and have some fun in the pool!! I’ve been dying to show you ladies my new bikini wax!! This KITTY is ready to play!

Jac: Oh, not the infamous Reed Snatch! I heard Patrick Fireson got a glimpse at it when you two were best friends and sisters! Jac laughs.

Billie: Billie looks at the cameras. You can cut that shit out. Billie laughs. Jac, I’m going to get you bitch for that one!

As the camera pans out once more, we watch as the scene transitions to several days later as we begin to hear wedding bells and watch as the cameras focus in on a beautiful chapel in the heart of Twitter. We see shots of Devyn and Corey getting ready with the bridesmaids and groomsmen respectively. We then transition into the chapel as we begin seeing guests arrive…

Devyn’s Wedding Day

Tyler Newman (Former Lady): Tyler strolls into the church. Hi, which side is the bride’s side? I’m Tyler Newman and this… Tyler points to her date. This is Dr. Adam Scott. Tyler walks to their seats.

Tyler Newman (Lady season 1–11) and Adam Scott (Tyler’s Ex-Husband)

Jac: Jac fixes her ponytail as she walks into the service. I’m not even sure I’m allowed to be in a church. Jac laughs with the usher.


Joshuaa Lime (Former Lady): Joshuaa walks in smiling and waving. Oh wow, this is absolutely stunning! Hi! Joshuaa winks at the camera. Babe, look for our seat, oh there’s Jac! Joshuaa waves and sits down.

Joshuaa Lime (Lady season 1–6; 10–12)

The camera pans to Jac as she blows Joshuaa a kiss before transitioning to Teairra as she enters the chapel…

Teairra’s Confessional: I don’t know the theme but I’m here for Devyn! And this would probably be the first time I came anywhere with my husband, he WAS the talk of the town the entire season but I feel like he would be more welcomed with this group of ladies instead of the other half.

Teairra: Teairra walks in slowing with Donte. Well, this is gorgeous, isn’t it!

Teairra and Donte

Tyler: Tyler spots Teairra and waves at her. Oh, there’s one of the girls I met when I came for a visit a couple month back.

Teairra: Yes! Hey, long time no see! Your sleepover event was fun.

Tyler: Fun is one word for it. Tyler laughs. I’m glad to see you and Dev have gotten close.

Teairra: Teairra nods and smiles. Yes! We’ve came far I must say I consider her a friend now. And this is your man? Teairra looks at the man beside Tyler.

Tyler: Tyler laughs. Well actually, this is my ex-husband, Adam. He was the one that was engaged to Devyn too! He couldn’t miss this.

Teairra: Teairra widens her eyes. Ohhhh! That’s where I remember him from, I’m glad everyone is in attendance. Teairra makes her way back to her seat.

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Devyn is such a good person, I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that she’s friends with Tyler like she quite literally stole your man and the damn man is here? You know what that’s not my business, cause i get mouthy! Teairra smiles and nods at the camera.

Jac: Jac sees Tyler from a distance and whispers to one of the people in the church who I’ve never met before. Oh, that’s Tyler. She looks great for a woman in her 60s, doesn’t she?

Joshuaa: Joshuaa moves and air kisses with Jac. Hey bestie! I’ve missed you!

Jac: Hey lady! Look at you with the breasts out in the house of the lord!

Joshuaa: We gotta sit together for this!

Jac: Where is she? I know brides can be late, but we’ve been sat here for like an hour now. A flashback plays to Jac’s canceled spin-off Carter Down The Aisles where Jac was 2 hours late to her wedding ceremony.

The camera then pivots as we see Devyn standing in the well of the church as the wedding is about to begin. We see Leila standing among the bridal party as the music begins to play…

The Bridal Party including Leila

Devyn’s Confessional: I’m so nervous. Oh My God! Devyn takes deep breaths. It’s time to do this. I can’t believe it’s my wedding day.

We then watch as Corey and the groomsmen start to walk in as instrumental music plays. The bridesmaids begin to follow led by Leila as the matron of honor.

Pastor Kevin: Please rise for our bride.

We then watch as the chapel begins to rise and curtains slowly open as Boys 2 Men sings Devyn in, we see the crowds’ reactions as Jac tears up and Teairra cheers for her friend as she walks down the aisle…


Teairra: She looks like a supermodel!

Pastor Kevin: who gives this woman to be married to this man?

King and Mya (Devyn and Corey’s Children): WE DO! YAY Mommy and Daddy.

Jac: Awwww adorable!

Tyler: Tyler tears up. So precious.

Pastor Kevin: Alright now. The bride and groom have written their own vows. Corey, you go first.

Corey: Corey fighting tears back. Devyn, you are so beautiful. Not just today, but every day that I’ve known you. Thank you for having me again. I promise to love honor and cherish you. I promise to put nothing before you. I promise to support you baby. I promise to be the best version of myself. Lastly, I promise to grow and learn to love you like you need to be loved.

Pastor Kevin: Alright now. Devyn your turn.

Devyn: Corey, I never would have imagined we would be here again. Let’s be honest, I’m not always easy to love. Devyn tears up. Thank you for always seeing me. For carrying me when the heaviness of my day becomes too much. Thank you for being mine. I promise to love honor and respect you. I promise to be your best friend, and forever dance partner. I promise to do this with you until my last breath.

Pastor Kevin: The rings please. The camera watches as Leila and the best man hand the Pastor the rings. Repeat after to me. With this ring, I wed you Devyn Nicole. For today tomorrow and all the years to come.

We watch as Corey slides the ring on Devyn’s finger and says the vow…

Pastor Kevin: Repeat after to me. With this ring, I wed you Corey Lee. For today tomorrow and all the years to come.

We watch as Devyn slides the ring on Corey’s finger and says the vow…

Pastor Kevin: With the power invested in me, I now announce you man and wife. Corey, you may kiss your bride.

We watch as the camera catches Corey kissing Devyn followed by the crowd cheering and the bridal party walks back down the aisle behind Devyn and Corey, before the scene then transitions to a beautiful reception hall. We see the venue and hear the DJ announce Corey and Devyn for their first dance to All My Life by KC and JoJo as they smile at one another….

Devyn’s Reception
Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Seeing Devyn get married is so exciting! It’s bringing back memories from when Donte and I got married, it’s a beautiful sight to see, I must say … like I love weddings! I’m a wedding type of chick! They bring so much happiness to my heart.

Devyn: Come on everybody.

Jac: Jac dances with Tyler and Adam Scott. When did you two get back together?

Tyler: Tyler joins Devyn on the dance floor. I’m so happy for you love. Tyler laughs at Jac. NEVER!

Devyn: Thanks for coming Ty and Adam. Devyn poses for a photo with them.

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: Yes, I just took a photo with my ex-fiancé and his ex-wife. We’re totally normal over here.

Tyler: We’re always here for you! Cheers to Devyn King-Moore, once MOORE! Tyler laughs.

Jac: Jac hugs Devyn. You look beautiful! I’m so happy for you but where’s Billie? Why isn’t she here?

Joshuaa: Cheers Devyn!

Devyn: Devyn laughs. I know right. AHHHH Josh and Jac. I’m so happy to see you. Jac, she wasn’t invited. Billie has been wilding out. Devyn sees Teairra and Donte. Excuse me. Hey Dr and T. Thank y’all for being here.

Teairra: You’re so welcome! You know I’ll be in attendance every time!

Devyn: I appreciate you, sister. So much.

The scene then transitions as we continue through the evening and see the group seated for dinner and speeches and watch Leila come to the stage…

Leila: Hey everybody, my name’s Leila Harris, if you don’t know me but I’m Dev’s matron of honor and it’s something that I hold near and dear to my heart. I met Dev five years ago and we became instant friends. We’ve had so many laughs and so many struggles, but we’ve always been there for each other. Even when she dipped into the lady pond, and then out of it again Leila laughs. I’m just so happy that you’re happy and in love again it truly brings me so much joy. So, let’s cheers to the couple of the night and PARTAAAAYYY!

We then transition as we see the wedding filled with love and joy as the guests celebrate. We hear more celebratory music as the camera focuses in on a beautifully decorated Winter Wonderland themed baby shower as we see Erica getting ready for the party as her guests begin to arrive…

Erica’s Baby Shower
Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: The day has finally come to celebrate my baby boy’s birth. I’ve invited all of my close family and friends and leaving all the negativity out of this event. So if you didn’t get invited, now you know why. I can’t wait to celebrate this miracle that is my son and of course, turn up with my girls!!

Billie: Billie walks into the event. Oh, the party planner did great!!


Grace: This is stunning!


Billie: Oh! Grace, look at you looking so stunning and shimmery! Gimme a shimmy girl!!

Grace: Bringing the glitz! Grace shakes.

Billie: And there’s the GLAM, Luci Donatella, get over here!!

Luciana: Luciana walks over. All glam mama!!!! Hello!!!


Tre Spice (Former Lady): Tre walks in. This is a Winter Wonderland! My sis really outdid herself! Tre spots the other ladies. Hi ladies!

Tre Spice (Lady season 2 and 7)

Billie: Ladies, ladies, are we recovered from Cape Town?

Luciana: It’s been a struggle!

Grace: Hi Tre!

Billie: Billie hugs Tre. You are a pleasant surprise!! I was just asking the ladies about Cape Town!

Tre: Tre hugs Billie. Ah yes, I just came back in town. I couldn’t miss out on supporting Erica!

Grace: It was certainly a mess, but I thought I did amazing as the host!

The camera pans back to the door as we see Elle Stonewood entering the event with a gift basket full of Stonewood Baby products…

Elle: This is so posh oh my gosh!

Elle Stonewood (Lady season 13–14)

Tre: How are you Miss Grace Whitworth? You don’t look a day over twenty-five!

Grace: And thank you Tre! It’s good to see you again.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: I actually do love me some Tre, I think we’re sugar and spice

Erica: Erica walks out from behind the back with Robert behind me. HELLOOO! Erica smiles and gets excited looking at the decor and guests.


Billie: Who is this blonde Barbie, that just walked through?

Tre: Hi Elle! You looking amazing girlfriend! Tre hugs Elle and smiles as Erica walks in. And there’s the mother and father to be!

Billie: There’s our SOON TO BE MOMMY!!! WOOHOOO

Elle: ERICA! You look GORGEOUS!

Grace: This is a gorgeous event

Erica: Ahhhh!!! All of you girls made it! Erica goes over hugging everyone one by one.

Luciana: Oh my, she’s so gorgeous!

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: I’m so excited that all of the girls could make it. I’ve been in some pretty rough spots with some of them but regardless they’ve all truly became my sisters. I even got Tre to come back to Twitter early for this event. Erica laughs.

Elle: Wouldn’t miss this day!

Tre: You’re glowing sis!!! So happy for you girl!!

Grace: Becoming a mother will change your life, I know it changed me. You’re going to be wonderful!

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: I can’t believe when I found out Erica was going to be a mom, my first thought was UGH, she will be a terrible mom. But now that I got to know her, she will be wonderful to her children.

Erica: Any advice ladies?

Grace: Don’t trust a moist nappy!

Luciana: If you drop them, just pick them back up. Life happens!

Tre: Make the most of it because they honestly grow up so fast.

Grace: Oh, and don’t have one, I did and wish I had another one!

Billie: Girl, just call me when you’re ready for a good time! I don’t have any kids, just the Rich auntie!

Elle: My advice is don’t listen to anything anyone here has to say about your parenting because none of us are perfect. Elle laughs.

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: All of these ladies are excellent mothers, so I definitely appreciate their kind words and advice. Plus, they all live in the area so like Billie said, I’ll be shipping my son off to any of them whenever I need to!

Erica: Ladies, you can help yourselves to the open bar and we also have some food catered by Kylee of course.

Tre: Ooooh yesss Miss Kylee throws down in the kitchen

Billie: Girls, let me know what you guys think of Kylee’s cooking! She’ll also have her catering team doing my event!

Erica: Erica walks with Elle to the food as she hug her. I missed you bitch!

Elle: Girl, anything made by that crazy chef is good, she’s a nut job but Elle takes a bite of the mac & cheese. Anything she makes is DELICIOUS! Elle hugs Erica. How are you baby you look ready to burst!

Erica: Damn near, I’m two weeks away from my due date. Girl… Erica laughs. I’m scared.

Elle: Don’t be scared! Just don’t say no to the epidural I did the first time and girl ooo! My coochie hurt! Elle giggles.

Erica: Erica takes a bite of the mac and cheese. Oh, I need this in the delivery room with me! I’m taking all those drugs. I’m sorry.

Erica’s Confessional: I’m a certified mac & cheese connoisseur and this is HITTING! I know some black people that can’t even make it like this! Kylee girl, you’ll be on speed dial.

Elle: I do not blame you sis! Let’s go talk to Grace and Luci I’m sure they’re DYING to see me!

We watch as the whole group stands together now…

Tre: Now ladies may I ask a question? Don’t shoot the curious cat please because the last time I was with most of you ladies, we were shooting Legends. Tre laughs. So, where is Miss Devyn?

Billie: Devyn is tying the knot again.

Luciana: Devyn is still trash.

Billie: Were any of you invited?

Elle: Girl, she wouldn’t invite me if I was the last blonde on earth!

Tre: Oooop, okay well that answers my question. Thanks ladies. Tre giggles.

Erica: She will never be in my space EVER again. Robert gets annoyed at the name of Devyn and walks away.

Billie: Yeah, she’s not been a good conversation starter in this group.

Tre: I didn’t mean to upset anyone. I apologize. This is a happy occasion!

Elle: I think a PINK shot could lighten the mood about the resident resident in question! Ask if he wants a shot Tre!

Erica: He loves those! Erica looks around. Did Leila not show up?

Grace: I haven’t seen her

Luciana: Where’s Harlow?

Billie: No, she’s not here. She RSVP’d she would make it and then I guess never showed

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: Leila and I have been friends for a little while now, so for her to not come to my event is kind of like a slap in the face. It just screams bitch fuck you and your family.

Erica: Harliar will never be near such a wonderful occasion like this.

Grace: Don’t worry about those who aren’t here

Billie: Girl, I came in this loose pantsuit so I could twerk what little ass I have and dance on these tables for you!!

Erica: Yes! I have a game for you ladies! Erica hands everyone a tummy weight. LET’S SEE WHO CAN TWERK WHILE PREGNANT!

We then watch as the Ladies begin to twerk, dance, and laugh as Erica yells for them to turn the music up and the Ladies are all having fun.

Erica’s Confessional: This is all I wanted on my big day! Regardless of Robert’s family not being here, everybody who we see as family is here! This has been the prefect day and I couldn’t be any happier! Erica wipes her tears.

Tre: There we go Miss Reed! *claps* Now we need to help Miss Elle! Tre laughs. It’s not your back girl it’s your butt. We know it’s tiny, but you have some rhythm back there

Billie: Just start moving it from side to side. That’s a start!

Elle: I can’t! Elle shakes her waist, and nothing jiggles. I’m too boney!

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: This was such a great event for Erica. No drama, just good times and good girlfriends. I’m ready for Erica to pop out this baby, I’ve missed my herbal medicine buddy!

As the Ladies are all shown laughing and dancing the night away, we see a split screen of the two parties: Devyn’s Wedding and Erica’s Baby Shower before the screen fades to black. We then transition to two days later as we see a beautifully decorated rooftop and indoor party as music plays as we see Scream posters all over the space and staff reading for a special screening. The camera then transitions as we see Billie standing on a red carpet posing as the scene begins…

Billie’s Movie Premiere

Billie’s Confessional: TONIGHT is the night that I have been waiting for. It’s the pre-screening of my movie Scream!! I’m just hoping these ladies come out and show out tonight in a good way! Billie chuckles. Just one good night is all that I want for this group!


Jac: Jac Carter exits her SUV as she is photographer by a sea of photographers. Thank you! Thank you! No tonight is about my dear friend Billie Reed, I won’t be commenting on anything in the press!


Grace’s Confessional: Ut’s been a hell of a ride and tonight is Billie’s premiere, which I’m actually excited about! It’s the first time we’ve all been together since the trip and well, I have some things to say.

Grace: Grace poses and pouts. I got my lips done!


Kylee: Kylee’s red Ferrari is shown rolling up as she gets out and speaks to the valet. And don’t fucking scratch it I just got it cleaned. Kylee takes off her fur and hands it to the coat check and lights a blunt as she enters. Billie won’t care as long as I pass it.


Harlow: Harlow walks in and greets the guests. Hey everyone!


Billie: Billie starts smelling marijuana. Kylee is nearby

Tyler: Tyler steps out of an SUV and waves to the press. No, no, I’m not moving back to Twitter. Tyler laughs. The rumors aren’t true. I’m here for my dear friend Billie, and earlier for my dear friend, Devyn.


Billie: Oh my god you girls look so fabulous!!!

Erica: Erica walks into the Venue and talks to Robert. This is so niceee.


Grace: We had to bring it for the movie star! Now where’s Ryan Reynolds?

Teairra: Teairra walks in slowly holding Donte’s hand and looking around. Isn’t this cute?

Teairra and Donte

Luciana: Luciana walks in and bumps into Tyler. Whoops!!


Billie: Ryan is actually over there talking to the producer! Billie points at him.

Sheridan Campbell: Sheridan walks into the venue. Wow, Billie really did a nice job! Gorgeous!

Sheridan Campbell (Real Housewives of Beverly Beach)

Tre: Tre walks in with Cédric Moreau, Billie’s French friend. I know we look like a power couple, but we are here in support of our dear friend Billie Diane Reed.

Tre Spice and Cedric Moreau

Harlow: Harlow holds her bag and walks around. Hey everyone? Is there a bar?

Tre: Tre hugs Billie. Thank you for inviting me hun! So proud of you!!

Billie: Tre, meet my friend Harlow! Harlow this is Tre! I was telling Tre how I’ve helped you out Harlow about standing up for yourself!

Harlow: Hey Tre! It’s nice to meet you!

Tre: Tre hugs Harlow. So glad to finally meet you! Billie told me a little bit and I was like do we need to bring read school back in Twitter.

Harlow: Harlow laughs. I definitely learnt from Billie! She’s a great coach!

Kylee: Erica girl, I hope the catering was good the other day! I sent my best employees!

Erica: Kyleeee!!! Erica hugs Kylee. It was everything and more! I appreciate it all. Just know, I’ll need your services for the delivery room and after! Erica laughs.

Grace: Kylee! It’s nice to meet you again!

Kylee: Done E! Kylee hugs Grace. How are you my beautiful blonde SUPERSTAR agent?!

Billie: Billie walks over to Teairra. I just wanted to thank you and Donte for coming.

Teairra: Of course! we’re glad to be here.

Erica: Erica hugs Luciana. Come on all black!! I’m loving it.

Luciana: I’m getting lit tonight!

Tre: Tre walks over and speaks to Kylee & Tyler. How are you ladies?! You both look wonderful! Kylee, the food you catered at Erica’s baby shower was absolutely delicious!

Tyler: I’m doing well. Happy to see you Tre honey! And you too Kylee!

Jac: Jac poses with Tyler for a photographer. Look at us! Here together with an entirely new batch of ladies! Remember how it was back in our day when you tried to steal my company and then we became best friends?

Devyn: Devyn walks in and sees Tyler and Jac. Hey loves. Thank y’all for coming yesterday.

Devyn’s Confessional: I’m happy for Billie. She’s been trying to get B list roles again for awhile. I won’t be able to stay long because the Moore’s are leaving for the French Polynesia for our honeymoon in 4 hours. Showing my face then dipping out.


Tyler: Tyler hugs Devyn. I was happy to see you there. And here. *smiles* You know I want you and Billie to make peace.

Billie: Can I talk to you and Donte for a second?

Teairra: Teairra nods. Yes, of course, where should we go?

Billie: Right here, I’ll make it quick. I just wanted to apologize to you both tonight. What i said in regard to your husbands practice. Was completely wrong and out of line for me. Malpractice insurance exists for a reason and true accidents do happen.

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: If I knew that Billie was permitting animals on the premises, I would have had my tranquilizer gun ready and loaded.

Billie: Teairra, you have been, so nice to me for the most part except our little hiccup in the road but I just us too work on fixing things.

Teairra: I accept your apology, and I’m glad you’re giving that to me because I was hurt by it. We can definitely work on a friendship again. Teairra looks over at Donte.

Donte: I can accept that due to the fact I don’t know you well, its moreso about somebody else that’s here I’m not feeling.

Billie: I just wanted to apologize but I need to go up and do my speech!! Seriously, thank you both for coming!

Teairra: Yesss! break a leg!

Billie: Billie walks up in front of the ladies. Can I get your attention for a second?

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: I know for a fact that Donte isn’t here for Erica, he’s expressed to me multiple times although she already apologized, it’s just a barrier there for him. This night can go one or two ways.

Billie: I just want to say real quick thank you all for coming here today. It has been real fun and real interesting being back in this group of ladies. No matter where we stand today with each other, I just want to say it means a lot to me for you all to show up and be a part of my movie premiere, it shows we are capable of being a sisterhood even if it’s fractured right now. I hope everyone has a Scream-Tastic time tonight, I brought in a very special friend of mine, to DJ for us tonight. Welcome THE Paris Hilton to the stage!! Now it’s REALLY time to party. KYLEE, Jac, and Tyler, let’s show them how we used to get down back in the day!!

Jac: Show them how we used to do it? Do you want us to start fighting?

Billie: Not fighting but kissing! Billie grabs Jac and kisses her. LIKE THIS!!

We watch as the camera pans to Paris Hilton deejaying as the group of women begin getting down and dancing to the music as everyone enjoys the night, we then see as another guest shows up to the party…

Paris Hilton

Nina Luv (Former Lady): Hiiii bitch! Nina taps Billie on the shoulder.

Nina Luv (Lady season 1–3; 9–10; Friend of- season 4)


Billie: THERE’S FUCKING NINAAAA LUV!! All of my favorite women in this room!

Nina: Hi girls, I don’t think we’ve all met before I’m Nina Love and old friend of Billies and well everyone. Nina laughs as she hugs the Ladies she knows.

Jac: Nina, you better come over here and give me more than that little hug!

Nina: Let’s have some fun, my babysitter is only giving me til midnight.

Billie: Ladies, let’s move up the rooftop! It’s getting crowded.

We then watch as the party transitions to the rooftop…

Teairra: Teairra walks up to the rooftop quickly grabbing my husband’s hand. Yes! Fresh air.

Devyn: Devyn motions Teairra and Donte over to her by the rooftop bar. Hey y’all!

Teairra: Hey Dev! How are you?

Devyn: Good T. I’m sorry Donte. Just ignore them. I still want to talk about you coming to private practice at our place.

Teairra: You can already tell it’s a bit awkward with Erica, Robert, and Donte in one room, considering what she was spreading.

Devyn: It is awkward. We had a great time at my wedding though. Devyn laughs.

Teairra: Teairra nods and looks at Donte. You’re good, right? Donte nods visibly annoyed and Teairra looks back at Devyn. Things will be addressed tonight! Teairra laughs. I’m telling you now, I can’t trust him in situations like this he’s a firecracker!

Devyn: Well, T I’ll be sitting right here texting my husband. I’m always here to back y’all up.

The camera pans over to Erica across the rooftop…

Erica: Erica says to Robert. Hold on really quickly. Erica walks over to Harlow. Can we talk, love?

Harlow: Yes Erica, of course

Erica: Erica pulls Harlow to the side. I just want to apologize for the way I have been acting towards you. I have been bit of a bitch and I’m hoping that we can get some to some common ground here.

Billie: Billie walks over to Erica and Harlow. Ladies what’s going on here. Peace tonight is the motto!

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: Do I believe anything Harlow has to say? Absolutely not. Her stories are faker than that jewelry she sells. But I’m willing to dead this foolish issue and just forget about this situation and hopefully her.

Harlow: Thank you Erica, I really appreciate it. I want to get this resolved because I think you were bitchy; I have to admit. But thanks for owning up to everything. I take back all I said to, because I meant nothing from what I said about your husband not being the paternal father.

Harlow’s Confessional

Harlow’s Confessional: I just want this to be resolved. But did I lie to her? Maybe. I’ve heard some… rumors about her husband not being the paternal father. But I will not disclose details. Harlow smirks.

Grace: Grace walks up behind Harlow. She’s a good girl Erica

Billie: I’m just proud Erica didn’t slap her like she said she was going to!! I love to see resolution!

Erica: Well, speaking on that, that was very nasty of you to say. I know the jolly green giant over there has been going around saying it but for you to be mad at me about bringing up things your husband has said in the media and then try to relate a malicious rumor to it, was just very distasteful.

Harlow: Darling, you’ve been out here calling me a liar. One thing I know is that I’m not a liar.

Erica: My husband doesn’t even want to be around this group because of y’all and this nasty rumor. I don’t know anything about you. So, like I said before, you COULD be a liar.

Grace: I mean blame Devyn for that. She’s the reason a lot of this happened.

Harlow: But you’ve been insinuating it and projecting the word Liar onto me!

Erica: I mean your story was changing up a little bit. So, it seemed like you were lying.

Harlow: And how was it?

Erica: Look, I’m not here to argue with you. I’ve said my piece and that’s all I can do.

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: I don’t know what’s going on over there but Harlow and Erica are talking, and my husband is to the side of me telling me he doesn’t want to be here at the sight of Robert and Erica, it’s just too much going on!

Harlow: I’m not here to argue with you either. I’m just trying to resolve everything. But honestly, it hurts. A lot of these ladies know I’m not one to lie.

Billie: Ladies, ladies, can we move this conversation to the couches. Follow me… Billie stops by the bar. Devyn will you come sit with us?

We then watch as the group all make their way to a set of couches as they sit down together for the first time since Cape Town…

Grace: So, can I just ask a question

Billie: What’s going on Grace!

Grace: Who here thinks they behaved like a normal human being on the trip? I’ll answer! None of us.

Billie: Grace, are we really doing this tonight? Are you that mad over us acting like we do any other time?

Grace: And why? Does anyone know why? I have a theory! It all just clicked for me the other night. The reason is you. Grace points to Devyn.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: It makes sense, she’s the one who gets us all riled up. It’s down to Devyn why Erica, Billie, Luci and myself are all at issue with her.

Billie: Devyn did it?!

Devyn: Grace, don’t point at me, and move on.

Teairra: Oh lord, here goes the fake feminism…

Grace: Devyn you cause issue with everyone unlike anything I’ve ever seen, you’re mean and manipulative and condescending. I wish you had left the trip. Everyone here has had an issue with you apart from Teairra. See, I cracked the Devyn code girls! Grace laughs.

Devyn: The only thing you’ve cracked is your face, Grace. Because you can’t even crack a smile.

Billie: Grace, as much as Devyn hasn’t been a friend to me lately, I don’t want us all piling up on her.

Erica: I have to be real here. Devyn and I aren’t friends and I hate what she has spread about my husband but are we really going to say she doesn’t support women? She was looking out for me during Teairra’s and I’s issue.

Erica’s Confessional: As much as I have a VERY, VERY bad taste in my mouth for Devyn right now, we have to speak facts. Devyn does show up when needed but she does have a very nasty side to her.

Devyn: You see Grace even your friends think you’re doing to much. I’m not doing this at Billie’s event.

Billie: Devyn being here tonight shows she supports me.

Teairra: Well, Grace do you think you haven’t tussled with everybody?

Grace: Oh, now she’s miss humble and proper? We have to laugh!

Devyn: Grace, do you need a moment? Weren’t you just passing out business cards at a friend’s event. Is the book not selling?

Luciana: Grace is different, she’s not an uptight bitch!

Teairra: Devyn isn’t a bitch! She’s outspoken like myself.

Erica: Putting out malicious rumors about someone’s husband isn’t being a bitch?

Teairra: Oh, does that make you a bitch as well?

Luciana: Luciana laughs. Okay Lapdog.

Erica: How would that make me a bitch?

Teairra: Wait a minute, Luci, excuse me?

Luciana: Ya heard!

Harlow: Okay! I think you guys need to rest your vocal cords.

Teairra: I’m not a lap dog, I’m a good friend you should take some notes.

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: My production company is here and they’re getting a front row show to a real-life horror movie!

Billie: Girls this is not how I wanted us to end things…

The camera then pans as we see Donte approaching Robert…

Donte: Donte taps Robert. Aye, let me talk to you real quick!

Robert: Wassup?

Donte: Look I mean this in the most respectful way, I don’t know what your wife’s problem is, but get her mouth in check, that’s going to be the first and last time I mention it, do you have any idea what she spread about me?

Robert: Lemme tell you sum, Lemme tell you sum! Robert points, placing a finger on Donte’s chest. Don’t try to check shit over here about my wife. I don’t give a fuck about nun of that shit y’all got going on.

Erica: Erica looks over. What’s going on over there?

Teairra: Teairra looks over as Donte smack Robert’s hand away and gets up quickly speeding over there. Hold on, hold on, what’s going on?

Erica: Oh, hold on! Erica walks over to her husband. What’s the issue?

Robert: This bitch just tried to check me and we touching each other now Donte? That’s what we on?

Teairra: ROBERT! GET AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND! Teairra pushes Donte back and points towards Robert’s face.

Erica: Oh, We touching? We touching?

Teairra: Erica, you better get him before I do!


Harlow: Do something Billie!

Teairra: YOUR HUSBAND IS THE AGGRESSOR! Get that dog on a leash

Erica: Erica points and holds Robert back with her hand. NO, DON’T TELL ME WHAT I NEED TO DO BITCH! HE TOUCH ROBERT AGAIN AND IT’LL BE ANOTHER CASE

Harlow: Harlow walks to Teairra. Teairra, stop it! You’re better than this!

Billie: Billie walks up. Look you guys. But this is a Hollywood event, I need you guys and girls to bring it down and act accordingly.

Teairra: YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND ARE JUST ALIKE, ANIMALS! Teairra points back at Erica.



Harlow’s Confessional

Harlow’s Confessional: I mean, come on, that’s so three months ago! And another Erica lie!

Billie: Okay, Erica and Robert, come with me!


Teairra: Bitch, you’ll be next on the hitlist.



Erica starts moving closer mad as she yells shut the fuck up in Teairra’s face before she gets grabbed by Robert and walks away with Billie…



Teairra: SOMEBODY GET THE TRANQUILIZER! She is the problem, I’ve been telling everybody!

Grace: Grace laughs. I’m too old for this shit.

Erica: Erica is shown inside with Billie and Robert. These bitches got me fucked up today!

As the women are broken up, we watch as Billie and Grace lead Erica and Robert to a car before returning to rooftop and we watch Billie give a toast…

Billie: Well, I want to thank you all for being here. Cheers to your marriage Devyn, cheers to Erica and her bundle of joy, congratulations to Teairra and her new move here, congratulations to Harlow and her new beginnings, congratulations to Luci and her new beginnings and congratulations to Grace on her new book! I think that’s everyone.

As Billie and the remaining Ladies raise their glasses, the screen fades to black, we hear the theme song begin to play as we see the Ladies Final Confessionals of the season…

Grace’s Final Confessional

Grace’s Final Confessional: Honestly, if you could have told me a year ago I would be on the verge of becoming a NYT bestselling author…. I wouldn’t have believed it. But alas here we are, I’m on a new journey and it’s utterly fabulous. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m a work in progress, even at my age! Now that’s something worth celebrating. Cheers!

Luciana’s Final Confessional

Luciana’s Final Confessional: What a year it’s been. I’m not exactly where to go from here with the restaurant. It’s legit in ashes. Is this my future? Only time will tell.

Erica’s Final Confessional

Erica’s Final Confessional: This year in Twitter has been both a blessing and a curse. I’ve got the best bundle of joy in the world but of course it had to come with drama. Robert and I are working on our blended families and I’m just happy that his family is finally coming around. We can finally welcome our son, Chance Dalio to the world. The cameras shows me holding Chance in the confessional. Say Hi Baby. The cameras show Chance asleep as I smile and looks towards the camera.

Harlow’s Final Confessional

Harlow’s Final Confessional: My divorce has been rough to me. Lots of lies have been spewed by the other side, but right now, I think that rising from the ashes of hurt. I’m like a phoenix. Rising from the ashes! The time is just ticking and ticking for this divorce to be over! I hope it is. Fingers crossed!

Leila’s Final Confessional

Leila’s Final Confessional: I missed Billie’s movie premiere, but I wouldn’t change a thing about this year! I’ve been honest and told the truth, so if I offended a few of the other Ladies? Leila shrugs. Well then so be it, because one thing is for sure, I will always be me!

Devyn’s Final Confessional

Devyn’s Final Confessional: This season has been full of ups and down. Whew Lord! I’m so happy that we are closing this chapter. Marrying Corey has been the highlight of the season for me. Getting to know Teairra as a beautiful soul has been so unexpected. Leila, my ride or die, came in a slayed the group. I’m so lucky I’ve had her by my side. Billie and I are still on rough terms, but we are both trying. Everyone else has been a pain in my ass. Minus Harlow. The good sis is barely talking. I’m so ready for my honeymoon. The DOCTOR IS MARRIED! AHHHH.

Teairra’s Final Confessional

Teairra’s Final Confessional: Coming into this group of ladies in a new city moving from a place as luxurious as California, I didn’t expect as much drama as it became, but the good times were good and the bad times? Oh, it gets BAD my Vogue cover is still coming along with my VERY first fashion line and I’m excited for that nothing can ever hold me back, no matter what’s being said and done to me, I will always come out on top. I’m proud of myself. the money will just forever get longer on this side. Teairra blows a kiss into the camera.

Billie’s Final Confessional

Billie’s Final Confessional: This season has been a whirlwind for me coming back into this. Starting out this season best friends with Devyn and ending the season not knowing where we go next is hard. Thank god for Erica and my blooming friendships with the other ladies. Some ladies are fractured but one thing I know is for certain is that we always show up for each other in times of needs. Devyn proved that tonight. If Devyn and I of all people can come around for each other, these ladies can too. Just next time if you bitches want to act crazy do it at your own event and not mine! Billie laughs. Although all my friends in Hollywood said this was better than watching reality tv! I hope my return was everything and more!!

As the Final Confessional rolls, the screen fades to black as the episode comes to an end.

Next time on Ladies of Twitter…the Ladies’ reunion begins and tempers flare as the cast sits down with Andy Cohen.

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