Season 15, Episode 16: “Reunion — Part One”

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30 min readMar 25, 2023
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As the episode begins, we hear dramatic music as we begin to see the Ladies getting finishing on their hair and makeup, before they strut out on the reunion stage as we then see a shot of Andy Cohen then making his way onto the stage. The scene then shifts as we see the group all seated and we hear the theme song, Fake Ass Bitches plays in the background as the camera pans in on Andy Cohen to begin the reunion…

Ladies of Twitter Season 15 Reunion Looks

Andy: Hello, I’m Andy Cohen, and I am here today with the always radiant Ladies of Twitter for their epic fifteenth season reunion! Andy turns to Grace. Hi Grace, do you think the Ladies will be taking your book’s title as advice and giving you any grace today?

Grace: Hi Andy! Grace smiles. Well, let’s hope so but you never know!

Andy: Hey Luciana, it’s hard to believe this is your fourth reunion. There is certainly some tough stuff to get into with you in a few minutes, but any words of wisdom to bestow upon the group before we begin?

Luciana:Everyone deserves second chances. No one is perfect.

Andy: Hello Teairra! It’s your first time on the reunion stage, any jitters for what’s to come or are you ready for this?

Teairra: Hey Andy! And no jitters on this side! I’m 100% ready.

Andy: Hi Billie Reed, your first season back as a Lady, how does it feel being back on the reunion stage? Ready for today?

Billie: Is that even a question Andy, I was born ready for this!! Glad to be back! Billie smiles.

Andy: Hey Erica, you definitely got that post-baby body back, do you think motherhood has given you any tools for today’s reunion?

Erica: Oh Andy absolutely, now I know how to put children in their place correctly. Erica looks across the stage towards the other couch.

Andy: And last but not least, hello Doctor Devyn, congratulations on your recent nuptials! Is any of that marital bliss going to be on appearance today?

Devyn: Absolutely. Marriage couldn’t be better. I don’t need any drama. Devyn flips her hair.

Andy: Andy laughs. Great to hear it! We certainly have alot to talk about this season, so let’s dive right in. When Luciana returned to this season, she found her crystals in one of her life’s many interesting predicaments…one where her whole past was called into question. But as she sought answers about that problem, would brand new troubles be awaiting Luciana in her Italian restaurant backyard? Let’s watch and find out.

Footage from the season plays as we see Luciana crying to Maria that she feels like an orphan, followed by footage of Luciana’s announcing her trip to Italy and clips of home videos from Luci in Italy. The footage then watches as she returns without answers, before flashing ahead to footage showing Luciana crying as she “discovers” her restaurant burning down and then footage plays of the police escorting Luciana from the confessional booth.

Andy: Certainly lots to unpack here, Luciana, let’s start with the status on the search for your birth parents. Any updates?

Luciana: The camera pans in as a single tear runs down her cheek. Right now, I have a lot going on, so the search for my birth parents has been put on a pause…Thank you for asking, Andy.

Grace: Wow.

Andy: Andy nods. That is certainly understandable. What was your reaction to some of the Ladies claiming that you were too old to search for your birth parents?

Devyn: Devyn laughs. Who said that? But no shade, they are probably dead. I agree with the sentiments. Whoever said it.

Teairra: Teairra giggles. Well…

Billie: I mean it’s a legitimate question. Have you checked death certificates?

Luciana: Age is always a topic of convo with some of these ladies. These season I was called granny, old lady, Miss Wrinkles. I can go on and on. It’s disappointing, but some of these ladies would be and are terrible mothers.

Grace: It’s never too late to find your family.

Teairra: I don’t think it was shade more so being realistic. Teairra shrugs.

Luciana: It was rude what it was.

Teairra: Well, I still feel the same exact way, its not changing.

Erica: I don’t think she was too old to look for her family or find out where she came from, but you have to be a bit realistic in saying they most likely aren’t alive love.

Billie: It was no harm no foul from me. Just being realistic.

The camera pans to Luciana as she rolls her eyes at the Ladies’ responses…

Grace: My parents are still alive… Grace shrugs. So, I think Luci can say whatever she wants.

Billie: How old are your parents Grace?

Luciana: Exactly. It’s possible. Sorry for being positive

Grace: They’re in their eighties.

Devyn: Uhm…the math ain’t mathing.

Billie: Anyways…

Erica: We’re not faulting you for being positive, but you went looking for them and it was a bust. Maybe you should have checked death certificates as well. That’s all we’re saying. Erica shrugs.

Grace: Andy, they need math class.

Luciana: They didn’t graduate high school…so that’s why math “ain’t” mathing.

Billie: Ain’t ISN’T A WORD!

Andy: Now, let’s pivot a little bit, I am not here to do math. Your restaurant burnt down as well this season, capping off a difficult year for you. We saw police come in and ask to…question you. Could you enlighten us on why they did this? Andy nervously laughs.

Teairra: Well, that’s unfortunate…

Luciana: Well ladies, I need to be honest about something… this year I’ve had trouble with money. I was feeling very trapped and in a lot of debt. Credit card companies calling me non stop.

The camera pans around the rumor as the Ladies look at Luciana with confusion…

Luciana: One night, I was doing some billing in my office at the restaurant and I lit a cigarette for my nerves. Well…the cigarette drop from my hands and into my waste basket under my desk.

Erica: So, you were the one who set your restaurant on fire? To get some money?

Devyn: This is a well concocted lie. Girl, we know you’re an arsonist, and you had your mob friends help you burn it down. Then blame ME. You old bitch!

Luciana: I was trapped. I had no other choice in my mind.

Billie: So, why did you point it to Devyn? I backed you up on that.

Erica: Well now you’re broke, restaurant-less and could potentially be facing jail time for fraud. Like Luci, I worry about you. That’s not okay.

Teairra: And where did that get you exactly? Teairra looks over at Luciana. Maybe a job wouldve been a little better option, I don’t know.

Andy: I’m going to have to interrupt and ask, just so it’s clear…weren’t you in South Africa when this fire caught?

Devyn: Yes Andy, she was.

Billie: We were together in South Africa when she got the call, Andy.

Luciana: It was a desperate act. I have taken blame and I will be away for 15–35 years starting next week.

Grace: Grace gasps. What?!

Billie: Now where’s mathematician Grace? Because this is not mathing!!

Andy: Andy’s mouth drops. Oh…okay. And so, what have you been charged and convicted of?

Devyn: Where’s my apology for defaming me, Luci? I would sue you but you’re broke.

Teairra: Arson? Teairra gasps.

Luciana: I’m not apologizing to you Devyn. After watching they way you’ve acted all season. It’s gross. Luciana turns to Andy. I’ve been convited of arson, Andy.

Billie: Luci, this still doesn’t explain how the fire happened. Did it take 3 days for it to catch on fire?

Erica: If I’m being honest here…

Andy: You did accuse Devyn of burning your restaurant down, to be fair. I have to ask, because I know viewers are wondering. Did Maria have any involvement?

Erica: I feel like Luci is covering for Maria. Erica shrugs. Andy took it right outta my mouth.

Luciana: The fire didn’t happen when we were on the trip. That was an act. The night before we left is when it happened. Maria was clueless.

Teairra: Oh, this is insane, I thought there was only one actress on the cast.

Grace: I’m like, shocked…

Luciana: Not my best, but the crystals and I will be okay. We will heal together.

Devyn: Devyn leans forward. Why did you blame me?

Luciana: Because you have tried to ruin me all year. And well, I don’t even care about you, Dev. I don’t even know your husbands name let alone your real hair color.

Andy: Did any of you have any idea about this before today? I know Grace is typically very close to Luci.

Billie: I had no clue. I’m shocked. But I think Luci isn’t telling us everything.

Grace: I clearly had no clue I mean, I have so many questions. We just started our champagne business together, I’m like, in shock.

Erica: I didn’t. Like that’s a long time…

Teairra: I think everybody is confused here, she was very convincing that somebody did this to her. Even i started to believe it!

Luciana: Aww thank you Tea!

Grace: Why would you do this Luci? Your life is so much more important than money.

Billie: Well Grace, I do know a thing or two about wine!

Erica: Oh my God! So Luci, did you use the restaurant being burned down and its money to fund your business with Grace?

Andy: Luciana, I have to ask, I agree with the women. Are you giving us the full story?

Luciana: Grace, I wasn’t thinking clearly. I’m sorry for our new business venture. It was selfish.

Devyn: Glad everyone sees Luci for the fraud she’s always been.

Billie: Grace, did you fund the start up cost and Luci’s name was just attached?

Grace: We both own 50%…

Luciana: Andy, I can’t say too much. It’s still a evolving case.

Erica: Erica whispers to Billie. Oh my God, Grace is going to Jail too

Devyn: Which means you own nothing Grace. That asset will be used for restitution.

Andy: Evolving how? You’re about to go to jail next week, no?

Luciana: Yes, but my lawyers have a strong belief that I won’t be in for maximum. We will see. But next year, I won’t be on this couch.

Billie: Billie whispers. She’ll be the next one indicted next, you mark my words.

Andy: Alright then… Andy shrugs. Any final thoughts as we close out this package? Do you feel sorry for everything that this has caused, Luciana? You lied and accused Devyn, you invested in a business with Grace…it’s a lot.

Billie: This is such bullshit. Luci, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY?

Teairra: I honestly hope she makes it out of there, thats a long time for somebody her age. Teairra looks down at her nails.

Luciana: Of course. Most of us are a family here. And I’m sorry to let you all down, mental illness is a real thing. And just remember me as classic wacky Luci. I’m so sorry Gracie.

Erica: Oh, Absolutely not. Hold on. Erica sits forward facing Luci. What you will NOT do is try and blame mental health and wellness when EVERYBODY on this stage and people that aren’t here now has tried to help you and struggles

Devyn: I have a thought. I think is was fowl for Luci to accuse me of setting fire to her place. I had to speak to detectives four damn times. bitch. But some of y’all actually believed her that I would do that.

Erica: So, please don’t blame that for you and your idiotic actions right now.

Billie: I agree with Erica, that’s such an excuse. We have all shown you grace Luci, especially Grace. Sitting right here about to have a nervous breakdown. You’re weak for doing this, especially with no warning.

Luciana: Luciana leans in. Until you live in my shoes, do not judge! Devyn, again, no one cares. Go ahead, call me weak. I admit to being weak! I did something terrible because I was in a terrible spot in my life.

Devyn: Girl, you have regular appointments with a judge. We can judge. We know you don’t care criminal. Your only friend is over there in tears wondering if you made her a co-conspirator to your crimes. YOU DON’T CARE!

Andy: Alright, alright, we are going to shift gears a little bit now. We’ll be right back after this.

Erica, Grace, Billie, Teairra, Luciana, and Devyn

Andy: And we are back with the Ladies of Twitter! This season was one of celebration for many of the Ladies, including the ones to my left and my right. Andy laughs. But this season, we quickly discovered that the issues these Ladies face aren’t only with each other. Let’s watch Erica’s package and talk on the other side.

Footage rolls from the season as we see Erica announcing her pregnancy to the group, followed by clips of Erica with her husband at doctor’s appointments. The footage then transitions as we see Erica’s mom asking her about Robert’s families’ reactions to the news, followed by a shot of Robert’s mother causing Erica to get upset, before she is kicked out of Robert and Erica’s home.

Andy: Erica, definitely hard to watch the issues with your family, any progress that has been made since then?

Erica: Whew… Erica fixes her dress. It was definitely a-lot honestly. Diane & I have actually had some talks and she was there when my child was born. She’s been coming over, respecting boundaries and we’re finally getting to a place where everyone can just be happy for my son. Erica fights back tears. It really took a lot to get here.

Grace: It was really emotional to watch, I have to say.

Andy: He’s certainly beautiful, how has it been being a mom?

Erica: It’s amazing! I feel like I never loved anything more in my life. He’s just all this personality and it truly just makes me see life differently.

Andy: That’s amazing! Have any of the Ladies met him?

Billie: I have, he’s such a bundle of joy! She’s such a wonderful mother! Watching her makes me have baby fever. Billie laughs.

Erica: On this cast? Just Billie, and then Grace has seen him on Facetime. He loves him some auntie Billie. Erica laughs.

Grace: He’s beautiful, and she’s a brilliant mom, so kudos.

Luciana: I’ve seen some cute photos. Adorable!

Erica: Erica makes a heart with her hands. Thank you all.

Andy: And to the rest of the Ladies, did you have any idea that Erica was dealing with this tension from Robert’s family? It was alluded to a bit by several of you, but did you know it was as bad as shown?

Billie: It reminded me of the joy I had when King was born, Devyn!

Teairra: Honestly, I didn’t know it was kicking out the mother type of bad, but I definitely knew about it.

Billie: I knew about it just from my conversations with Erica, but to see it play out on the TV was definitely difficult to watch…

Grace: I think now, it makes a lot of sense as to why she was so quick to anger, I’ve had the same experience where you’re running on low and need to just get to the end of the day.

Billie: It’s probably a lot having your mother in law down your neck not respecting boundaries. So I agree, it probably did feed into her anger.

Andy: Erica, do you think that’s true? Did your anger towards your mother-in-law bleed over to this group?

Devyn: I will agree that the mother-in-law stuff was a lot. I hated to see you were going through that.

Erica: I can definitely admit that it was stressful being pregnant and also dealing with being alienated from my husbands family. So yes, I can admit I was angry and the hormones didn’t help me at all. I realized that in Cape Town, how angry I was becoming because of everything I was going through. That’s why I apologized for being so combative and I’m apologizing again to everyone here. That was a bad side of me.

Billie: I love you Erica!

Grace: Yeah, it wasn’t a cute look.

Teairra: Is the apology real this time?

Luciana: You’ve been through a lot, Erica.

Erica: It was real the first time, until your beast of a husband attacked mine. But I am sure we’ll get there later, so sit back and relax honey. You’ll get your moment.

Luciana: Luciana chuckles. Call it out.

Teairra: Teairra waves her hand. Oh girl, save that!

Andy: Wow, that WAS a happy note to put a pin in things on I believe. Andy laughs. We’re gonna get there soon. We certainly loved watching your journey unfold, Erica.

Andy: Erica’s celebration wasn’t the only one we watched unfold. This season, we watched as Devyn was reunited with her one-time ex-husband and decided to get hitched again! Would the road to the alter be a smooth one or full of bumps? Let’s see.

Footage plays from the season as we see Devyn and Corey screaming in unison that they are engaged again. We then watch as clips play showing Devyn at a dress fitting and tasting cakes with Corey. The footage then continues as we see the group discussing Devyn’s past relationship followed by a clip of her at the alter crying as Corey says his vows.

Andy: Devyn, what was it liking getting married to Corey again while on this show?

Billie: Billie whispers to Erica and Grace. We should’ve crashed that wedding. Billie laughs.

Devyn: It was a lot, Andy. I wasn’t sure if I wanted our reunification to be part of the show. We have a rough past, but the future looks very bright. We are extremely happy now. My husband is sober, and a commitment to therapy, even after marriage, has really helped.

Andy: That’s amazing! Now, a lot of the Ladies discussing your last relationship with a woman named Jessica, so I feel the need to ask, what happened to end that relationship?

Devyn: Dr. Jessica and I mutually agreed to end our relationship. There were 2 things that caused that. One, she wanted more children and I didn’t. Two, she didn’t like me continuing to work, and have a practice with my ex fiancé Adam Scott. Those 2 things caused a rift that was too great to overcome.

Luciana: So many lovers, I’m confused. Probably because I’m old.

Devyn: We are still friends today. She was at my wedding, and is engaged to be married herself to a wonderful woman.

Billie: How long were you broken up with Jessica before you got with Corey? Like two weeks, wasn’t it?

Grace: Changes like the tide!

Erica: Erica laughs. Now catch that tea.

Luciana: Isn’t that the truth Grace. More like the stench of the riptide.

Devyn: Jess, and I broke up about 3 weeks before my surgery and my move to Jamaica. It was more like 5 weeks, but who’s counting? Devyn laughs.

Grace: She ditched the husband then girlfriend then got bored and back to the rich husband.

Billie: Well, she first had Corey then got with Tyler’s ex husband and then went to Jessica and now back to Corey! What a triangle!

Devyn: Corey is rich. Where did you get that? I mean he’s a doctor as well, but rich isn’t why I’m with him. I don’t need his money.

Erica: Well hunny, you did file for bankruptcy before, maybe you might be that low again.

Grace: I mean I’ve just seen him, so I assumed it had to be because he’s rich. He’s no Brad Pitt.

Devyn: I had a flavor of the month type of love life. It can be exciting and lonely.

Erica: So you needed his money?

Devyn: No, I don’t need his money. I had more money that him actually. He’s a great provider for our children.

Andy: Alright, alright. We’ve got a lot to get through so we need. So, I’m going to ask one final question that will segway us to the next segment. Was it difficult deciding not to invite Billie?

Devyn: Yes Andy, it was very hard. In hindsight, I would have made a different decision.

Billie: Andy, it was hard for me to see the wedding. I hated we weren’t in a place for me to be there. I just think for the kids sake, being their god mom, not being there on their parents wedding is hurtful to me.

Andy: Well, it was certainly beautiful to see your love journey unfold and we wish you both all the happiness in the world. We’ll be right back.

The camera then pans as we see Harlow and Leila, the Friends of the season, making their way out as Harlow takes her seat beside of Grace and Leila takes a seat beside of Luciana as the episode resumes…

Ladies of Twitter Season 15 Reunion Seating

Andy: And we are back with the Ladies of Twitter, and we’re joined by their friends Harlow and Leila! Hey girls! You both look amazing, it’s so great to see you.

Leila and Harlow

Grace: Grace holds Harlow’s hand. She’s here!

Harlow: Harlow waves to Andy. Hey love.

Luciana: Yay!! Harlow!!

Teairra: Queen Harlow!

Billie: Hey Harlow, hey Leila!

Leila: Hey, hey bitches! Leila laughs.

Andy: When Billie Reed returned to Ladies of Twitter, many would have guessed we were in for the return of a dynamic duo…Billie and Devyn. However, we quickly discovered that things were not what they seemed…and this friendship? It was on thin ice. Take a look at the package.

Footage plays from throughout the season as we begin with Billie and Devyn as friends in the premiere before a thunderous boom plays and we see clips of the Ladies’ physical altercation followed by clips of them both speaking with their old friend Tyler followed by clips of the two of them trying to hash things out at Tyler’s Pajama Party. We then watch as clips of their arguments in Cape Town play.

Devyn: Devyn whispers. This is hard to watch.

Andy: Billie, Devyn, gotta come to you both. Is it hard seeing that Martha’s Vineyard fight?

Teairra: It turned into Martha’s boxing ring that day!

Devyn: Absolutely Andy. It was very uncalled for. Billie I’m sorry.

Billie: God awful! Billie wipes her tears. Like I didn’t want to take it there, but it was mostly my fault on why I acted out that day.

Devyn: Thank you for owning that.

Billie: I also apologize to all the ladies that my behavior put a damper int the trip. I should’ve never poured water on Devyn. I like to think I’m more of an adult than this.

Andy: Harlow, coming to you next…was your Uber out of that fight fast? Andy laughs.

Harlow: Very fast. Harlow laughs. And took me straight to where I wanted to go!

The camera pans around the room as we see Grace, Teairra, Billie, and Devyn laugh…

Andy: Continuing on, it kept seeming like the issue between you both was hard to pinpoint. What caused you both to grow to…hate each other that much?

Grace: A storyline was needed, no? Just asking…

Devyn: Well, Billie and I weren’t really talking after Legends. Nothing bad happened. Just life. She got under Erica at that time. Not literally. I just think disliking me became easy for her with the company she was keeping.

Billie: Billie makes a face at Grace before ignoring her. For me, Andy, my issues arise’d from just observing her behavior with the Ladies in the group. She wasn’t the friend I thought of her to be at the time. I didn’t care for how she treated Erica especially. That was her best friend and it made me wonder if she would do it to her was I next?

Devyn: The issue was hard to pinpoint at first, but after Billie lied about me trying to sleep with her, there were valid reasons.

Grace: Legends changed a lot, Andy.

Leila: Billie had clearly chosen a side in the Erica and Devyn feud, and I think, correct me if I’m wrong, Dev you were hurt by that.

Billie: Which I’d like to say was a blatant lie that I told. I was hurt and I was trying to hurt you at that point.

Devyn: I was very hurt by that. Devyn dabs her tears. Billie was my best friend and sister. We were very close. She’s my kids’ godmother.

Andy: Now looking to everyone, we will certainly be addressing Legends in a bit, but what did you all think of their argument? Did you understand?

Grace: I didn’t understand it personally, it looked as though Billie wanted to dump Devyn and become best friends with Erica. That’s what I think

Leila: I did not understand that shit one bit. Billie throwing the water made no sense to me and I made that known. Which is why Billie and I fell out.

Grace: It’s easy to forget they have so much history, because you didn’t see any of it this season

Luciana: It all seemed very calculated…

Devyn: Honestly, I think Billie felt Erica was replacing her in my life on Legends.

Billie: Erica and I was developing a relationship on that trip, Devyn. You’re the one that encouraged us to become closer.

Harlow: Harlow nods her head. I didn’t understand it much.

Andy: Did both of you seeing your friend Tyler help at all? It certainly still seemed strained when he left. Because you do both seem to be a bit better again now, no?

Grace: And I think Devyn did the same thing, especially with me.

Erica: I honestly just think you two drifted away from each other and instead of discussing what happened between you two, you internally blamed each other which made things worse.

Grace: I agree with Erica.

Devyn: Erica, might have a point. And yes Andy, Tyler, coming in helped to crack the ice. I will always love my bestie for that.

Billie: You have a point Erica. Which is why I’m owning my shit today. I do think Tyler was just what I needed more so, Tyler has always had a calming affect on me. As for where we are today, I wouldn’t say we hate each other, but we aren’t anywhere where we used to be.

Grace: So, you two aren’t friends? It was real or fake?

Billie: Now or when are you referencing Grace?

Grace: Now, today.

Leila: It sounds like they’re working towards it, right?

Andy: Do you both think that you can get back to where you once were? As we start to close out this package.

Billie: I would like to say we can work on a path to friendship. I’m open to it. I’m trying to admit my faults here but it’s going to be a process for me, personally.

Luciana: That’s sweet Billie.

Devyn: I don’t know if will be that close again Andy. But we are trying everyday to regain the broken trust, and repair our relationship.

Leila: Y’all just need to have a good ki, I’ll make that happen. Leila laughs.

Devyn: For my part in the breaking down of our relationship, I’m so sorry Billie.

Andy: Well, we are certainly keeping our fingers crossed for you both! We’re going to take a break and be right back after this.

Harlow, Erica, Grace, Billie, Teairra, Luciana, Devyn, and Leila

Andy: This season, we saw a new Lady enter the fold fresh off her move to California…but if you asked some of the Ladies, it was less of a move and more of a sprint out of town. Whether you asked Teairra or the Ladies though, there was more to the story than first met the eye. Let’s take a look.

Footage plays as we see Teairra introduce herself to the Ladies at Erica’s announcement in the premiere followed by a clip of Erica chatting with Grace about the circumstances of the move, followed by a clip of Leila questioning the move and of Grace questioning Teairra play. The footage then rolls of Erica calling Teairra’s husband a killer followed by their argument play, before the footage concludes with Teairra and Donte discussing that the investigation and lawsuits have concluded.

Andy: Teairra, we’re going to start off with you of course, how was it getting introduced to this group of women? Especially given the situation.

Teairra: Lord, I had high hopes for this group of women! Until we were in our first group setting, and I knew right then and there it was definitely not what I was expecting and as you can see, I was right. Teairra laughs.

Erica: Erica lets out a laugh. Girl…

Andy: Andy laughs. It’s certainly a tough bunch. Focusing in on the story of you moving to Twitter, do you feel like Erica was fair to reveal it in Martha’s Vineyard? And do you feel she mischaracterized it?

Teairra: Of course, she mischaracterized it, it’s on brand for her and it wasn’t her place to even do that, ESPECIALLY over something so dumb.

Erica: I mean he did kill somebody, no?

We see Leila nod in agreement…

Grace: He’s a doctor, he’s going to have patients die. I always found it so strange that that was what was being focused on.

Teairra: But that wasn’t the way you blurted it out.

Leila: The cover up is worse than the crime though

Luciana: And we all make mistakes!

Teairra: You made it seem bigger than what it was!

Erica: And they were saying it was murder, hence why you were off in the corner like Harlow quiet for the first part of the season because you didn’t want anyone to know.

Billie: Exactly, like Teairra why did you hide it from us if it’s so common?

Grace: Erica and Leila made it seem so much worse.

Erica: You made it bigger than it was by hiding it.

Teairra: I was escaping that part of my life! If I don’t want to speak on it, I don’t HAVE to. Who are y’all to me?

Harlow: You guys were exaggerating it.

Billie: Well, it’s public records so it can be common knowledge to anyone.

Teairra: Well, did anybody do the research?

Andy: Erica and Leila, do you feel that you were too tough on Teairra about this? It was her husband’s problem, does it automatically become hers too?

Erica: Grace, every scene you were in you were asking about Teairra’s move.

Leila: You can’t come on a reality show and not show your real life. Girl c’mon.

Devyn: As the only doctor on this stage, I think it’s fowl to call losing a patient murder. It’s not.

Grace: I asked because you all were making it seem like she was married to Ted Bundy!

Teairra: Leila, we dont even know who your new “husband” is stop it. He’s fake if you ask me.

Erica: When she’s running behind him like a puppy erasing that part of that life, yes, its her problem as well.

Leila: Girl I’ve been married for 10 years do YOUR research before you come for me.

Billie: I just think it could’ve allowed the ladies to feel more open to her if she would’ve been vulnerable and I told you that Teairra.

Leila: We can look at those medical records if we want to. Leila winks.

Teairra: Teairra looks around. Whatever that means…

Grace: It’s hard to be vulnerable when you’re being attacked.

Leila: I wasn’t tough, I was trying to get this girl to be truthful about the shit she left behind in Cali.

Teairra: But thats not your business bitch! thats what you fail to realize but thats besides the point.

Andy: Now, in the finale, we see Teairra and Donte discuss that the suits against them are over. Is that still the case, Teairra?

Teairra: Yes, its still the case, we’re on the right track and I’m giving them one less topic to talk about.

Leila: Girl do not call me a bitch. Find some class. Oh wait, you have none.

Erica: And hopefully you don’t fade in the back like your friend without a scandal surrounding your name, forgettable.

Andy: Andy laughs. Okay, now in the finale, we also see Robert and Donte, your husbands, and they nearly start fighting at Billie’s movie premiere. Did that all build up because of the tension between the two of you?

Billie: I like that question Andy. Why did both the husbands get involved in the women’s drama at MY event?

Teairra: Oh, trust me honey, you two bitches… Teairra points to Leila and Erica. Will find something to talk about. Teairra laughs. Like please! But, of course, Donte didn’t like the fact that Erica was spreading that around running her mouth as always. Considering our history, it was distasteful.

Grace: Leila knows everything about everyone apparently. Grace laughs.

Billie: She knows plenty about you, so I’d be careful. Billie giggles.

Teairra: But she’s the lady with the mystery husband, we don’t even know his name.

Leila: Yeah I know a lot, and I don’t get why that’s weaponized against me. Sorry y’all got skeletons and I got sources.

Erica: Erica flips her hair. I hated seeing that go down, but my husband is no punk. Teairra and her lapdog had no decorum at an A-List event.

Devyn: What Billie said.

Erica: Her husband walked up on my husband like they were in the streets.

Andy: Have your husbands spoken since then?

Teairra: Teairra lets out a laugh. Of course not, but men are different maybe they’ll rekindle before us.

Erica: Oh? Well Robert said he congratulated us on the baby and they talked then…maybe you need to get back in sync with your husband. Erica shrugs.

Luciana: Maybe they talk in their DMs!

Teairra: Teairra makes a face. Been in sync you saw when we walked up. Teairra winks.

Andy: Now Erica, one question about your past with Teairra, when she was coming onto this show did you feel that you’d be friends or did you know that you would probably butt heads?

Erica: I thought we would be friends, Teairra and I have always butted heads and got back to be friends. We were like sisters, I never thought it would get this far. I stand on what I said in Cape Town, that I apologize for actually just blurting that information out but thats all I’m apologizing for. Its nothing there for me and that girl anymore.

Andy: Well, that partially answers my next question on this topic, do the two of you see any hope for a future as friends and sisters once more?

Teairra: Well, our falling out was clearly on her end, I was there for her in the beginning, she used her being pregnant and her family issues as a reason to lash out. Teairra shrugs. Who knows, apparently our husbands are still in touch we may just rekindle in the future but as of right now its not on my schedule.

Erica: I have nothing for that troll over here, Andy.

Devyn: That’s a good place to be T. Clearly, some of us, some more mature than others.

Harlow: Harlow looks at Erica. Oh wow.

Leila: That’s good, Erica shouldn’t need to be friends with a murderer and his midget.

Andy: Well, then let’s put a pin in this and get our pens out for the author! We will be right back, after this.

Teairra: Do we really want to talk about the husbands? I would hate to sit up.

Leila: Tiny T, SHHHH! We’re moving on! Leila shushes Teairra.

Teairra: Well bitch, sit back.

Erica: Oh, she is ON ONE today.

Leila: I don’t sit back, I sit pretty. Something you can’t do. You and your feathers stay over there.

Teairra: Teairra shooes Leila away. Anyways.

Ladies of Twitter Season 15 Reunion Seating

Andy: Three seasons in, if you asked most of Grace’s co-stars, I think they’d tell you one thing about her…she is always in the middle of the action. This season though, Grace came back onto the scene writing a book about her life and she hoped to share it all and begin to heal. But was healing what she’d find in the end or more trouble? Let’s roll the footage.

Footage plays from the start of the season as we see Grace announcing to the group that she is writing a book, followed by clips of her discussing the book with her mother, daughter, and sister before we see her sharing about the process with the group. We then watch as clips play of Erica, Teairra, and Devyn questioning the sincerity of this process and the package concludes with clips of Grace arguing with Devyn and Erica.

Luciana: Aww Gracie!

Andy: Grace, starting with you, do you feel that writing your book helped you grow?

Grace: I think it showed me how far I’ve come Andy and what I’ve achieved. I’ll be honest I set out to be better and often this season failed miserably, but I also have to stick up for myself.

Billie: I’ve always heard journaling things helps track your progress. I really hope it’s helped you Grace.

Grace: I think I’m getting there.

Andy: We see your family discussing your book with you…and they didn’t seem overly on board? Have they read the book and if so what did they think?

Luciana: You’re an inspiration, Grace.

Devyn: Luci must be Grace’s mediation app.

Grace: They didn’t want me to do the book because of my mother’s negligence and sister’s severe mental health issues and multiple suicide attempts. But in the end it became a book about how we’ve all come so much closer as a family because of the struggles we’ve endured

Andy: And now turning to the group, by show of hands, who here has read Grace’s book?

Erica: I mean I have a copy, does that count?

Billie: I bought it but it’s just sitting on my shelf, if I’m being honest.

Grace: It’s a New York Times bestseller Andy, they don’t need to read it

Luciana: I read it.

Teairra: I read a couple pages.

Devyn: I gifted it at a library book drive.

Billie: My lawyers read it to make sure there wasn’t any defamation of me in there. Billie laughs.

Harlow: I think Grace’s book is great. I’ve read a quarter of the book and honestly it’s shown me what I haven’t seen from her.

Grace: It says a lot about those who didn’t read it. But that’s okay, I don’t care.

Luciana: Still a New York Times bestseller!

Grace: Exactly. Third print!

Leila: I don’t read books Andy, but I’m proud of her.

Andy: So, some of you read it. Now, this season you did talk alot about growing and changing, do you feel that you did act differently around these ladies this year?

Devyn: Grace, you could have wrapped up those 400 pages in about a thousand words.

Luciana: But she didn’t, so why do you care?

Grace: Well, you didn’t read it so how would you know, bitch!

Devyn: Well bitch, I read the reviews like any good Amazon shopper.

Harlow: Harlow laughs. Oh my gosh Grace!

Grace: I think I tried Andy but they’re so easy to come for me when I speak up and make me the scapegoat for their wrongdoings!

Billie: It’s how you go about speaking up Grace.

Erica: Grace just face it, you’re messy. Own that and we can all move on. Erica laughs.

Devyn: Not Grace playing the victim.

Grace: Sure I’m messy, I’ll own that. But what I don’t do Andy is lie

Billie: I agree your apologies end in “I’m sorry but.” Billie laughs. SEE you just did.

Andy: Well, wouldn’t that mess be why these Ladies get upset? How is that scapegoating?

Grace: They’re upset with me if I breathe Andy. Let’s be real.

Teairra: At least she can own being messy, time for the girls to take some notes.

Grace: It’s bad for me to be messy, but what about everyone else? Erica, Billie, Devyn, they’ve all be so messy this season.

Billie: I own my shit…

Luciana: Grace ends up being the punching bag of the group because she always involves herself.

Harlow: There is a lot of ladies in this room that are messy and won’t own it!

Devyn: We own our shit.

Erica: Nobody’s upset with you… it’s the fact that you like to be messy and then act like you’re not. Oh, I am definitely messy. But let’s be clear, I’ve never said I wasn’t

Billie: And I don’t point the fingers at anyone.

Grace: You don’t own shit.

Leila: Can’t we all agree that we’re on a reality show and we all stir the pot at times.

Billie: It’s either you’re sorry or you’re not.

Grace: So why do I have to own it the most? That’s my question!

Teairra: But don’t stir the pot and hide your hands! That’s the issue, why not stand on it?

Grace: All you bitches are messy.

Billie: You own it the LEAST that’s the problem love.

Erica: Because you act like you’re not messy. That’s the problem! Hello?

Devyn: You don’t own it at all. That’s the problem.

Grace: When haven’t I owned it? When have I lied? TELL ME!

Erica: This whole I’m growing act and you were still being messy! Do we need to watch the whole fucking season?

Billie: You own it but you have an underlying thing to follow up with it.

Leila: The whole situation with Amal, Grace, that was so calculated.

Grace: Well, Erica, you’re the messy police, so you tell me.

Devyn: We don’t have time to do discovery on your lies, and messiness Grace.

Billie: Roll the tapes back, Andy! You did it MULTIPLE times this season!

Grace: You see, I have to back myself up. Nobody else will do it for me.

Billie: Because YOU WON’T OWN IT! You are indefensible.

Grace: Coming from you Billie, that’s laughable.

Devyn: Harlow and your co-conspirator are speaking up for you.

Billie: Give me one good reason why we should have your back Grace?

Luciana: I think the book explains why she is the way she is. It’s her upbringing.

Billie: You’ve trashed us ALL at one point this season. Every last one of us! Luci, Devyn, Teairra, Erica, Leila, and myself!

Teairra: Luci will find a way to defend her, don’t worry.

Grace: And you’ve done the exact same bitch! So shut your mouth.

Leila: Your childhood trauma doesn’t give you the excuse to act how you want Luci

Luciana: Actually it does.

Devyn: Grace is an old ass hag. Blaming her upbringing is bullshit.

Teairra: Oh my…

Luciana: There we go! Age shamming!! Classic

Grace: Who’s said I’m blaming my upbringing?

Leila: No, you take that childhood trauma and grow as a person. Not continue being shitty.

Billie: Luci, she needs therapy not a self reflection book to solve her trauma!

Luciana: I blame it on that, Gracie!

Andy: Okay ENOUGH! I’m going to ask another question.

Grace: Oh my God, this is so ridiculous!

Teairra: Teairra looks back at Andy. Chile.

Grace: Even after the finale with Amal you all still think I had a hand in that? Get real.

Devyn: If Luci doesn’t shut her “I’m going to be someone’s prison bitch” ass up.

Andy: It’s obviously alot of back and forth on this topic. So Grace, let me just ask you this, do you feel that it’s “owning” your mess when you put conditions on your apology?

Grace: Double standards here are gross.

Devyn: Andy, why are we subjected to being amongst a criminal?

Grace: Andy, I’ll apologize. I’ve done it multiple times this season.

Billie: GREAT question Andy. But it comes with conditions with you!

Grace: What I won’t do, is apologise and accept being mistreated the same way. Treat someone how you get treated.

Luciana: The golden rule!!

Andy: Okay, and do you feel your apologies have conditions attached? Like the girls have said today?

Billie: I think the saying is. Treat others the same way you want to be treated.

Grace: Erica, Billie, Leila and Devyn have trashed me all season. No, I don’t think they do.

Harlow: Thank you for those old school quotes Grace! Harlow laughs.

Billie: Andy, we aren’t getting anywhere with this.

Devyn: We didn’t trash you. We gave you relevance. You should thank us for those book sales.

Grace: I’ll apologize when I get an apology.

Andy: I don’t think we’re going to find much resolution so I’m moving towards our next topic quickly. As we close, Grace, I’ll ask one more question. Any plans for another book?

Grace: Whatever Andy, just move on to the next question. This is ALL bullshit.

Andy: Alright, we’re going to let the room air out a little and take a break here. We’ll be right back.

As Andy finishes speaking the camera zooms out as we see the reunion come to an end.

Next time on the conclusion to the Ladies of Twitter reunion…the Ladies discuss Harlow’s divorce and Leila’s tea. The group rehashes the explosive feud between Devyn and Erica. Billie’s lawsuits are addressed among the Ladies.

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