Season 15, Episode 17: “Reunion — Part Two”

Ladies of Twitter
41 min readMar 27, 2023
Ladies of Twitter Season 15 Main Title Pose

As the episode begins and the title card fades from the screen, we watch as the Ladies are all beginning to turn to their seats to continue the reunion. With the theme song playing lightly in the background as the Ladies are getting final hair and makeup, and some of the them appear annoyed as the cameraman begins to count down…FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE before pointing to Andy as he begins to speak…

Ladies of Twitter Reunion Seating

Andy: And we are back with the lovely, and occasionally loud, Ladies of Twitter. When a jeweler to the stars started hanging out with the Ladies of Twitter, she brought along with her the baggage of her freshly filed divorce from a clerk at your local Walgreens. However, as Harlow continued in the group, she found that more and more of the Ladies had questions about her divorce. How would she handle the questions? Watch and see.

Footage plays as we see clips of Harlow sharing that she is divorcing a Walgreens’ employee followed by clips of Leila, Devyn, Erica, and Teairra making jokes about it at various times. The clips then transitions as we watch Harlow continue to politely avoid the Ladies at first, before Billie and Teairra encourage Harlow to use her voice, and the package concludes with Harlow yelling at Erica regarding her shade towards Harlow’s divorce.

Andy: Harlow, coming to you first, what’s the status of your divorce now?

Erica: Erica claps. Yes Mighty Mouse!

Billie: Not the Walgreens clerk… Billie laughs.

Harlow: Well, currently it’s almost processed. Me and my lawyers have spent a long time focusing on this divorce so I’m excited for this period to finally come to a close.

Teairra: I know thats right.

Grace: Next chapter for you! Best is yet to come.

Andy: Any spousal support to him? I assume he still works at a Walgreens.

Harlow: Well he’s unemployed now after this show. He does come from a VERY high-profile family here in Twitter so I bet his father is still funding him some paychecks. Harlow smirks.

Leila: Then why the hell was he working at Walgreens if his family’s rich? It ain’t adding up.

Harlow: He’s very high profile! He wanted to actually experience what a real life person did! So I guess he decided to see Walgreens as the path to go.

Andy: Oh no, not unemployed. Andy laughs. Now Erica and Leila, you were perhaps the most vocal about not understanding Harlow’s story, so what do you think after watching all the footage?

Erica: I mean, her story is still coming across fishy as hell.

Leila: I mean, I don’t think the footage showed anything new. It’s still a weird ass story

Erica: I’m sorry that Leila and I were the only ones with enough balls to ask questions to her face.

Leila nods in agreement with Erica…

Harlow: Oh shut up.

Teairra: Clock it Harlow.

Erica: Girl, you shut up, like you did the whole season bitch. Did Billie and Teairra bring you a new battery today? Because you’re gonna need it.

Grace: You both just acted like bullies towards her. Not giving her a chance. Pretending you knew anything about her.

Harlow: You’re one nosey ass bitch.

Andy: Now, Erica mentioned that Grace had concerns. Harlow, do you feel Grace had your back regarding your divorce after watching everything?

Devyn: No, Grace didn’t.

Harlow: Grace certainly had my back, but now I kind of do feel like at some points Grace was taking my husbands side, which I don’t really appreciate.

Billie: Grace is no one’s actual friend. I told Harlow she clung onto her because she felt she didn’t have anyone.

Erica: Oh, but I was lying right? Erica laughs. Girl Bye!

Harlow: You think I hacked into the production headquarters and saw what Grace said? Fuck no!

Luciana: Grace was Harlow’s number one fan. I don’t think she was trying to hurt Harlow by any means.

Erica: I would never think that. Your brain size is a little too small for me to ever believe that.

Harlow: Shut up skank. Harlow rolls her eyes.

Andy: Grace, do you feel that you took her husband’s side at all?

Grace: Can I just say it’s like sitting next to a fucking parrot? You say whatever you think is cool Billie. Shut up! Grace turns to Andy. No, I took Harlows side. She was hurting. Her husband I’ve know longer than Harlow, but he’s completely indefensible

Erica: Erica makes a confused face. Luci is doing the same thing!

Andy: And then to Erica, do you feel you were hard on Grace regarding Harlow or do you feel that Grace wanted you to bring things up?

Billie: It’s the truth. Sorry you have a hard time accepting the truth considering you’ve been running from it for years.

Grace: What are you even on about Billie? Again, shut up.

Erica: Grace wanted me ask questions. Erica laughs. She was even trying to get Harlow to talk about it herself. But Andy, I was going to ask questions either way because none of us KNEW Harlow.

Grace: No I didn’t! You’re just nosey.

Teairra: Once again, bitches are just too busy in everybody else’s business instead of their own, it’s a cycle.

Grace: I wanted Harlow to open up more on camera, Andy. It takes time to get used to it.

Erica: Coming from Nancy Drew herself?

Harlow: I actually wanted to open up to you guys! The reason why I never opened up to you because I never was allowed the chance to speak and interject! I’m no attention seeking whore wanting to make the focus about me like you!

Leila: You should be ready to open up if you sign up for a reality show.

Grace: What did you open up about Leila?

Andy: Teairra, I’m going to ask you a question because you did change a bit after getting to know Harlow. What did you begin to see that Leila and Erica never got around to seeing?

Teairra: I just started to feel like there’s honestly no reason for her to lie so why would she? they started to get TOO invested. I’m more of a girls girl!

Leila: Harlow you never spoke in the first place! You just stood in the corner!

Erica: Bitch, you never even spoke one word coming into our events! How were we supposed to get to know you?

Harlow: You guys could’ve actually said stuff!

Erica: Bitch, you were a mannequin, a paid fucking stand in!

Leila: And I’m an open book Grace, ask me anything. But we’re not talking about me now we’re talking about Harlow and her lies.

Harlow: If I saw someone at a dinner party not speaking, I would talk to them!

Billie: Harlow, I did wish you spoke up more.

Harlow: And you were a blabbering bitch Erica. Always up in everyone’s business.

Erica: Bitch? You are GROWN! Why do we have to say shit to you?

Devyn: Let’s be honest, Grace begged producers to put her friend on so she wouldn’t be alone. Then threw her friend to the wolves.

Grace: Exactly, you said nothing Leila so be quiet. And that’s not true Devyn!

Devyn: Harlow is a nice girl by the way. Just too closed off.

Billie: Devyn, you nailed it!

Andy: Alright, we are going to start to move on from this segment. Andy laughs. As we close, Harlow, if you could do it over again would you be more open from the start or do this journey as you did?

Harlow: Definitely. I feel like these new groups of girls I wasn’t really used to, but as I grew more closer with this group, I spoke more and more. I would’ve love to be who I was toward the ends in the beginning.

Leila: Maybe she shouldn’t have cheated on her husband and then she could’ve been more open. Leila shrugs.

Erica: Andy, can you ask her is her side boy going to help her when her husband takes everything from her?

Andy: Andy looks at Erica then to Harlow. And are you seeing someone new, Harlow?

Harlow: Leila shut up! You are one hell of a bitch! I never cheated once!

Leila: Really? You never cheated?

Harlow: I am not seeing someone new actually. I’m as free as a bird!

Leila: That’s a lie. You did.

Devyn: Well, that’s the loudest I’ve heard her all season.

Harlow: I didn’t! That “know it all” saying of yours is a lie.

Leila: No, you’re seeing the same person you have been for years!

Harlow: Oh really? Where’s the receipts!

Erica: Clock that tea!

Leila: Really bitch? Leila reaches behind a pillow and pulls out her phone.

Harlow: You are a fucking sneak and a snake. What the fuck is that! Harlow laughs. What a joke!

Teairra: This is a mess.

Leila: Leila swipes and holds out phone to camera. Here he is!

The camera focuses in to show a photo of Harlow with an unidentifed man…

Erica: Boom!

Leila: Y’all told me to come with receipts, best believe I listened!

Luciana: Look at the shoes…either gay or European!

Harlow: Oh wow. Really? That was my gay best friend at a party! Harlow laughs.

Leila: That’s the man you’ve been cheating with Harbore. Get with it and be real.

Grace: She’s such a time waster, I can’t.

Harlow: Stalker much!

Leila: Okay girl, whatever you wanna say! Leila rolls her eyes.

Andy: Okay, this is actually a good place to transition I think. Don’t you all?

Teairra: Leila as always with the fake receipts just like her fake relationship, show your husband!

Erica: Well, that’s not what he nor your husband is saying. So, clear that up in your own camp.

Billie: Yes Andy, let’s hit the next subject. Billie laughs.

Leila: Oh so NOW I bring receipts and they’re fake? Y’all are so stupid.

Harlow, Erica, Grace, Billie, Teairra, Luciana, Devyn, and Leila

Andy: We’re back! This season, we saw a socialite and businesswoman in Twitter enter the Ladies’ circle, Leila Harris. Well-connected and friends with lots of people in the community, would Leila’s entrance into this circle go smoothly or would she find herself boiling over like her teapot? Let’s take a look.

Footage plays as we watch Leila’s introduction to the group followed by Billie, Devyn, and Erica discussing their friendships as the clips play. We then watch as Leila shares tea she’s heard including clips of her saying Grace doesn’t pay her bills, that Teairra’s move is suspicious, and that Harlow’s divorce is questionable, followed by a clip of Leila’s hot mic moment at the Election Night party. We then see clips as Leila argues with Grace before the package transitions to show Billie and Leila at odds at Leila’s boutique opening and fashion show and in Cape town as the package comes to an end.

Erica: Erica’s eyes widen. Whew…

Devyn: Leila is the moment. Devyn laughs.

Teairra: Oh, let’s wake that up, what was THAT about? After Iwas being nice to a raggedy bitch like her.

Andy: Leila, first question goes to you, has your boutique always been the place for tea in Twitter? Andy laughs.

Grace: I overpay my bills, my accountant hates me.

Leila: Leila laughs. What a package! Always! People forget I’ve known these girls for YEARS! And the boutiques have always been the place to spill the tea!

Billie: Leila’s place has been my source of tea for the past two years.

Devyn: Leila is like the modiste in Bridgerton! Devyn laughs.

Harlow: I think Leila is the TMZ of Twitter. She says some actual “tea” but then also says fake tea. I think she needs to check some of her sources.

Teairra: She has no real source her sources are always, “trust me I know” like…

Leila: I think you need to shut that mouth Harbore ever since you found that voice you won’t shut the hell up.

Harlow: Just like you guys!

Andy: And what was it like being in this circle and revealing some of that tea? Before we dive in deeper on what was said!

Erica: I love how y’all say her tea is fake now because its regarding y’all. Erica laughs. Especially the unknowns of Twitter talking over there.

Leila: Well, I didn’t come on the show to spill the tea I was just keeping it 100! Something that’s hard for these girls to do!

Teairra: It’s been fake all season, let’s wake up bitch.

Devyn: Let’s talk about Grace not paying her contractors. Cause that’s the real tea.

Harlow: I actually have class and respect people when they speak! I’m not like you when you attack someone for speaking then blabber for twenty minutes straight!

Grace: Where’s the truth been? We’ve been waiting. Grace laughs. You dud!

Andy: Now, looking at some of the things said, let’s start with the Grace rumors.

Billie: Well, Grace paying her contractors is one of the truths.

Leila: Y’all are crazy let me answer the man’s questions! Sure, let’s talk about everything with Grace.

Devyn: Grace, I’ve heard the same as Leila. After you sold me my house, there were many contractors who said you owed them, and they wouldn’t work with me if I continued to work with you.

Andy: To be fair, it does seem that several Ladies that you’ve worked with have said that Grace. Kathy, Elle, now Devyn and Leila, what is Grace’s response? And then Leila can say her piece on that tea and we move on to the next bit.

Grace: People use it because they have nothing. I run many multi-million dollar companies, Andy.

The camera pans out as we see Billie laughing next to Grace…

Grace: You think I don’t pay the people that work for me? C’mon, it’s ridiculous.

Luciana: It seems like it’s all people who already have issues with Grace. A little ironic

Andy: We know, so that poses the question why would so many people say the same thing, no?

Leila: The story is a few ladies came into my boutique, very trusted customers of mine and got to talking about their recent renovations. Then my girl… The camera bleeps an unknown name. She said that Grace used her contractor and didn’t pay him the correct amount of money he was owed.

Grace: Not one person has come forward saying it’s true. Show me then! I pay everyone.

Leila: That was the first time I heard about it and then other people started connecting the dots too.

Andy: Sure. Next up, let’s talk about that hot mic moment in Teairra’s driveway.

Devyn: That was a moment, Andy.

Teairra: Teairra sits up straight. Which was another lie. That was a moment? Teairra looks at Devyn.

Andy: You discussed Harlow and Teairra in the driveway, I believe. Obviously we’ve discussed the Harlow part.

Leila: Yes I did, and I OWN what I said!

Devyn: The hot mic moment was a moment.

Teairra: Teairra rolls her eyes. So, where’s the receipts on my husband being broke? It wasnt a moment and you both looked stupid, if we’re being real.

Erica: Erica’s eyes widen. Oop, not both. Ain’t that your friend?

Leila: Tiny T, I don’t care whether you think it was a moment or not. I was just laying out the facts of what I was told

Teairra: And who was your tea provider?

Leila: Your bank records are public knowledge anyone can look them up.

Devyn: And I was just listening. Pipe down with that stupid word.

Leila: The story was that your husband KILLED somebody. Whether it was intentional or not. And had to move from all the criticism and the legal bills draining your account

Teairra: Girl, you just be pulling shit out of your ass, not one person besides you has ever said some shit like that. Get real, my husband is rich and so am I!

Leila: He’s an intern because he overdosed a patient with the wrong meds. And he got his license revoked, THAT is the story. The wealth isn’t showing because you’re leasing and your husband doesn’t have an income.

Teairra: Girl what? Oh, you’re working yourself up to a lawsuit bitch, you might want to shut that beak before all those boutiques are revoked. The two boutiques that is. Broke bitch.

Leila: And I don’t see you walking a runway anywhere sweetheart. Because I’m speaking the truth?

Teairra: No Devyn, because… Teairra turns and looks at Devyn. I would’ve expected an apology when the episode aired and you rather laugh with the bitch and indulge in that?

Leila: Ohhh, here it is everyone!! I’m gonna get sued! Okay, deflect your poorness on to me Tiny T. Nobody is buying from you honey! Tell that to the actual rich bitches in my store everyday.

Erica: I think you said Devyn was weird for doing that, right Teairra?

Devyn: That happened BEFORE Teairra and I were friends!

Erica: Don’t tell us that, tell her that! She said it…

Teairra: Bankruptcy coming from this bitch, I cannot.

Devyn: Teairra said I was weird for what exactly?

Teairra: For indulging in those lies whether we were friends at the time or not! You had just left my home.

Devyn: Teairra, have you never listened to a friend talk about people you don’t really know?

Andy: Okay, okay Ladies! We also need to discuss the fighting between Billie and Leila. What do you both think led to that?

Billie: I think Leila said it best earlier. My feelings were hurt because I felt like Leila already chose Devyn’s side without hearing my side.

Leila: I did hear your side Billie, I just didn’t like or agree with what I heard. I felt like since your poured the water unprovoked that it was your fault. But I’m glad to say that Billie and I had a heart to heart off camera after the show wrapped and moved forward

Grace: How convenient!

Leila: What do you mean “how convenient?”

Grace: It happened off camera

Billie: Yes, we really laid it all out there and made up. It was needed. I don’t think some of the ladies like to see reconciliation in this group.

Grace: Yeah, you’re right, you don’t Billie. You feed off other people’s unhappiness.

Leila: Yeah we need to take some time away from each other to come back and work on our friendships. I’m sorry that you don’t know anything about real friendships, Grace.

Devyn: I’m happy for both of you.

Grace: Those lips are like your main leeches. I’m sorry I have a big business and brand Leila.

Billie: You’re truly the only miserable one here, Grace. Everyone else seems to be thriving. Both professionally and personally except you.

Grace: I’m not miserable, I’m great.

Devyn: What’s your brand Grace? I’ve never heard anything more comical.

Harlow: I think we’re all great no matter how much we hate each other.

Leila: Girl…okay. Leila laughs.

Grace: Bitch, I’ve got more than you’ll ever have okay.

Andy: Okay, well that’s great to hear in regards to Billie and Leila! We’re going to move onto the next segment please.

Ladies of Twitter Reunion Seating

Andy: And we are BACK! This season, Billie Reed was back as a Lady of Twitter for the first time since season 7 and her career was on the up and up. Big opportunities in her soap opera and a new movie offer made it seem as though the sky was the limit. But, we quickly discovered that Billie had big challenges on the horizon…and a day in court? Let’s check it out.

Footage plays as we see Billie return to the show and discussing her opportunities in daytime TV followed by the reveal that she was cast in Scream 6. We see shots of Billie on the set and at the People’s Choice Awards, before we see Billie sharing with Erica that she’s being sued and Devyn sharing with the Ladies in Cape Town that Billie is being sued.

Luciana: Wow Scream! Iconic!

Andy: Billie, we’re going to start with asking how the acting is going, are jobs still free flowing?

Grace: Billie’s jobs are like her lips, inflated and overly hyped. There’s nothing but hot air there.

Erica: Well shit Andy they better be flowing, Scream was amazing! I’ve seen it about 3 times, Billie’s chase scene? It was amazing!

Billie: The offers never stop especially since my gig with Scream 6. We’ve been in the box office for one week and have already made over the projected amount. So, I have another movie in the works and my acting career is booming on daytime tv. We got picked up for another three seasons. So blessed and successful are some of the words to describe my acting career right now.

Erica: Erica claps. Yessss!

Harlow: Billie is an absolutely great actor. I love all of her work and movies. She is a great representation of a bad ass bitch!

Grace: She’s a great actress, she did it all season. THE EMMY AWARD GOES TO MS REED.

Erica: Maybe you should try acting Grace, you tried to do that all season as well. It just fell flat on your behalf.

Leila: Oh my god Grace, what are you on? You’re psycho today.

Devyn: Those are facts

Grace: I lived in truth. That’s the facts. Page 234. Grace waves her hands.

Erica: You didn’t. You’re still in-denial about paying people, girl please. Erica fans away Grace.

Grace: Show me the receipts. You can’t, so shut it!

Billie: Grace I know you like to take everyone’s limelight but this is about me. Can you shut up?

Grace: Blah, blah, blah.

Erica: Erica looks over at Grace. What the fuck is your problem today?

Teairra: Oh, Grace has reached the boiling point…and she’s starting to crack.

Andy: That’s amazing! And now, on to a harder topic. Andy nervously laughs. Could you share a bit about your pending lawsuit or lawsuits?

Billie: So, there’s two lawsuits. One I wasn’t supposed to talk about that happened at the beginning of the season and k thought was kept quite. and the other was just something that happened out of no where. The sexual harassment lawsuit is still on going, but my law suit with an old stylist is closed and it was dismissed.

Andy: Andy nods. Alright, so did the case with the old stylist settle? And to Devyn, it seems the sexual assault lawsuit was the one you alluded to, right?

Billie: Yes, the judge dismissed the case. And Devyn, I’m hurt by you for even talking about that on camera. You knew about that since the beginning and talked about that. Just so everyone knows. I’m the plaintiff in the lawsuit.

Devyn: Yes I did reveal that. It was hitting the papers the next day. Billie, I’m sorry you were hurt. I didn’t give TMZ the quote they were looking for about it though.

Billie: It was not something I really wanted to disclose or talk about.

Luciana: Luciana sarcastially states. That is so nice of you, Dev.

Andy: You’re the plaintiff?

Billie: Yes, I’m the plaintiff, Andy.

Andy: Wow, understood. Andy nods. Did only Devyn and Erica know about this or anyone else?

Devyn: Y’all the filings are public documents. Billie, unless you’re the plaintiff in a counter suit, you’re the defendant. I honestly thought TMZ would have contacted more than just me.

Billie: Devyn, did you even read the whole filing? I’m suing a producer I used to work with for many years for sexually harassing me and making me do things to secure jobs. Devyn knew and yes Erica knew. No one else did.

Erica: Erica holds Billie’s hand. It’s okay.

Billie: I hope NONE of you ever had to go through that. Even you Grace, while you sit up here and act like the biggest asshole.

Luciana: I had no idea. I’m still confused. But I stand with Billie.

Grace: I’ve been sexually harassed. So, I know exactly what it’s like.

Harlow: I’m so sorry Billie for you having to go through that. It’s unfortunate that this stuff happens and still happens.

Erica: Erica nods and tries not to tear up. I just hate that men feel as though they can always take advantage of us. I’m sorry if any of you had to go through that.

Leila: It’s a shame how fucked up this world is.

Billie: Can I have a tissue please? Billie wipes tears from her face.

Andy: We are definitely sorry to hear about that suit and the situation Billie. As we close out this segment…I think we would all just like to say that we support the Me Too Movement and we believe women. Our hearts are with you all! We will be right back.

The cameraman then shouts out that they are done shooting the package as the women begin getting up for a break. We watch as Luciana walks over and sits beside of Billie…

Luciana: I’ll always believe you sweetie.

Billie: Thank you, I’m sorry to hear about you going to prison Luci…. Sorry for ripping you a new one out there.

Luciana: It’s fine. I should have told you. I only told Grace.

Billie: Billie hugs Luciana. I’ll put money on your books!

We then watch as the remaining women on stage begin to filter backstage to their dressing rooms to get touch ups on the break…

Billie and Erica’s Dressing Room

Grace: Grace goes to Erica and Billie’s dressing room. Knock, knock.

Billie: Billie’s stylist opens the door as Billie speaks. Oh Hi Grace, come in! We were just fixing to take a shot.

Erica: Erica sits in her chair getting touched up holding her cup up to Billie as she looks over at the door. I wasn’t expecting you to be visiting us Ms. Whitworth.

Grace: So, I just want clarity on where I’m at with you both. Because pre- reunion we were fine and now you’re coming at me like we haven’t been fixing our issues since we stopped filming. I saw you for lunch two days ago Billie for gods sake.

Billie: Billie takes a shot. Well, your behavior here today does not exemplify that you’re trying to befriend either one us. I mean you just sat up there and said I was JOBLESS. I am the one that picked up our tab.

Grace: Billie, you’re like the biggest flip flopper!

Erica: You’ve been on one since the moment you sat at the edge of that couch, Grace.

Grace: Because you’re not treating me fairly. You’re giving it most to me when it should be to the others out there.

Billie: Now I’m the biggest flop flopper? Grace, you’ve acted like a lunatic today. You need some accountability and if you want yes men like Harlow and Luci as friends then me and Erica aren’t the ones!

Grace: It’s insane!!

Erica: How aren’t we treating you fairly? Because we’re telling you the truth?

Grace: What about your truths?

Erica: And what exactly are my truths? Please, let me know.

Grace: You’re calling me broke, an old lady, I have no businesses, I don’t pay contractors? And now you haven’t even read my book?

Billie: Grace, to be fair, no one has read your book yet. I didn’t say I wasn’t going to. But why do you put these unrealistic expectations on your friends when you can’t follow through with them?

Erica: Erica turns her back to Grace as she is getting touched up. Well, you were all those things…it’s all true.

Grace: You’re both absolutely right, I am insane today because you’re both giving insane issues at me. A LOT of people have read my book!

Billie: Back to my question. Why do you put unrealistic expectations on friends when you don’t follow through with them? We made up in Cape Town yet you were still attacking me in your confessionals after the fact.

Erica: And you’re over here attacking us when one of your best friends called you disingenuous and the other one is about to get you arrested as fraud for being an accomplice to her crimes.

Grace: As were you Billie! Why call me out for something you’re both doing? It’s ludicrous.

Erica: I’ve said everything to your face! And when you call me out on the things I’ve said you don’t see me crying and stomping like a damn baby.

Billie: When I own my shit you just say some snide comment and expect me not to react. You always got to have the last word, don’t you?

Erica: You’ve been whining the whole reunion! All we’ve said is own your mess. I know sometimes the light isn’t on up there but it’s not that hard to comprehend.

Grace: Because you lie Billie. And you mock me and you sit there and think I’m going to take you talking to me like I’m one of your minions.

Billie: What do you want from us Grace, a car, my mother, my jobs, me begging on my knees for you to like me? I just don’t know what to do with you. I’ve laid out there my issues with you, and you aren’t receptive to hearing the part you play in it.

Grace: You’re both dumb if you think I’ll that the bullshit you’re giving today. See ya! Grace begins to walk out of the dressing room.

Erica: And you got another thing coming if you think you’re going to continue talking to us like that. Erica laughs. She’s attacking us and she’ll be going away for 3–5 years for being an accomplice.

Billie: Billie gets up and shuts door behind Grace. That bitch just killed our vibe! Now we got to go back out there. One more shot for the road! Billie laughs and takes a tequila shot.

Erica: Erica looks at Billie and takes a shot. Maybe we’ll give them a jail fall and put some money on their books.

Grace: Grace talks to Luciana in the hallway. They’re not going to use me anymore, I’m done.

Luciana: Good for you girlfriend.

Billie: Billie opens the door again and yells. NO ONE CAN USE YOU GRACE IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO OFFER.


Harlow: Harlow walks out of a dressing room. What is all this screaming about?!

Luciana: The cats are in heat again.

Erica: Oh, absolutely not! Erica stands up in between the door and Billie laughing. Girl BYE! Ain’t nobody worried about a Grace Whitworth!

The camera watches as Grace storms off and slams the door to her dressing room, and Billie and Erica shut their door back too.

We then transition once more as we see the cast returning to the couches as the camera focuses in on Grace and Billie clearly annoyed with one another as they sit down together again. We then watch as the camera focuses in on Andy once more as the reunion begins again…

Ladies of Twitter Season 15 Cast

Andy: And we’re back with the lovely Ladies of Twitter! One of the most explosive and shocking feuds of the season came out of the Legends trip that several Ladies present attended. Last season, Devyn and Erica were thick as thieves, but from the outset this year, it was clear things were different. And the results? Explosive on all sides. Let’s watch the footage.

Footage rolls as we see clips of the Ladies at Billie’s Legends Dinner where we see Erica accuse Devyn of trying to sleep with her, followed by the shocked reactions of many at the table. Footage then plays as we see Devyn vehemently deny the accusations and accuse Erica of projecting, as the two decide to be cordial. The clips then show as Luciana’s invites everyone out of town for different trips so they all arrive, before the package concludes with Devyn and Erica trading jabs in Cape Town.

Devyn: Devyn whispers to Teairra. We’ve done well today. Here we go.

Andy: Devyn and Erica, certainly a lot of questions here. I think the first one being was it difficult coexisting this season as things become very tense very quickly?

Devyn: I would call it a preview of hell.

Grace: Messy, messy, messy.

Devyn: No, not really. We just ignored each other in person, and said what we said to others. It was very middle school, but we couldn’t find common ground on a lie.

Erica: Andy, I had no problem being around Devyn. I cut people off all the time and can still be in public settings with them. Yeah, we couldn’t find any common ground with you lying all season.

Billie: But who’s telling the lie here Devyn?

Andy: Got it, you’re both on the same page there at least! *laughs* Now we’re going to get into all the allegations that were discussed but I do want to start with Legends trip one. Erica, I do have to ask you one question because I rewatched Legends in preparation for this reunion. The Ibiza destination was in some of the middle episodes, but as I watch the whole season, you and Devyn still seem close up to the finale. So my question would be when did you decide you wanted distance?

Erica: As I stated before Andy, I decided to distance myself after my husband said how uncomfortable he felt about the situation because yes, Devyn and I innocently flirted all the time but it was when she crossed that boundary from playing to actually expressing that she wanted to do something is where my husband drew the line.

Grace: Legends was a whole other ball game, Andy.

Andy: And then Devyn, I would pose a similar question because you did seem to sense something was off even in the premiere before things were shared. So my question to you would be what caused you to immediately feel that there was tense with Erica? Did you also feel something happened on your Legends trip together or was it something else?

Devyn: Andy, I felt that way because when I entered the room a read her body language. I tried speaking a few times after Legends and only got dry responses in return. It was pretty clear she was not talking to me from the start.

Erica: So if you knew I wasn’t talking to you from the start, why put on this big show the first two episodes acting like this was a brand new thing?

Devyn: On the Legends trip I felt Erica and I’s friendship was strong. I didn’t have an inkling she was upset about something until we started filming this season. Devyn turns to Erica. Because it was brand new for you to be acting that way in-person. I just thought our communication between Legends and the start of this season was due to two people being busy as hell.

Erica: I wasn’t upset at all. It wasn’t until you went around telling everyone that I was ignoring you, as if you had no clue why I was acting the way I was. Yes, we were good friends and I appreciated the friendship we once had but my husband is always a number one priority to me.

Devyn: You were ignoring me, Erica.

Teairra: Teairra mumbles. Mhm, sounds very on brand of her.

Devyn: And I never asked or assumed that I would be before your husband in your life.

Erica: I was but what I’m saying is I was ignoring you before we started filming, you made it seem as if we started filming and it was oh lets ignore Devyn and start with her when that wasn’t the case.

Devyn: That’s the way it seemed to me. As. I stated, I just thought we were both busy with our lives, and that’s why I didn’t hear from you.

Erica: Well… Erica shrugs. At least you know now.

Devyn: But let’s me real, you only told your husband about the flirting, and made it seem to be more on me than you, because you were unsure what would be aired during Legends.

Andy: Now, I think it’s fair to say that you two are never going to agree on how things went do in regards to that night in Ibiza. The footage from this season shows that time and again. Would you both agree with that?

Grace: We’re never gonna know the truth, Andy.

Erica: I mean, can we agree to that? Because she went on WWHL and said her recollections varied on that night. I remember everything perfectly clear.

Devyn: What was aired was an accurate portrayal of what happened, and walking it back would have made Erica seem like a liar. No Andy, we won’t agree ever.

Luciana: Erica isn’t the liar here…

Erica: Clearly you’ve been hanging around that dingy girl right next to you because what’s not clicking for you? My husband knew we flirted… he watched the show.

Devyn: Alcohol doesn’t turn you into a creep. Maybe for some people, but not for me.

Billie: Is there not any footage from that night? No cameras in the house or anything?

Erica: I didn’t say you were a creep, but drunken actions are sober thoughts hunny.

Devyn: Your husband was an asshole to you who acted like you didn’t exist. Then you got pregnant. That’s the true tea. You wouldn’t have been flirting with me across Europe if everything was good at home.

The camera pans around the couches as we see various shocked reactions…

Erica: Erica sits up in her seat. You’ve talked about my family every chance you got and I have yet to bring up yours. I could bring up how your husband used to shoot up in a crackhouse time and time again. I could bring up how you let his crackheaded ass back in your life.

Grace: Lies, lies, lies. The both of them.

Erica: I could bring up how you abandoned your first child because you were too busy dropping that pussy low to the ground just to score some ones.

Grace: They’re just trying to hurt each other.

Harlow: This is getting very… Harlow flips her hair speechless.

Erica: Erica looks over and points to Grace. And you shut up!

Devyn: Crack was never his drug of choice. It was prescription pain meds. He is now sober and working very hard on recovery. We aren’t going to knock anybody making that effort.

Erica: Once a crackhead, always a crackhead. You would know right? You’re one yourself.

Andy: Okay so, now I’m going to turn to you Billie! Because you dove head first into this story. You stated at one point that Erica came into your room, which seems to be what you said most of the time, but then you also said that Devyn was in your room that night and that Devyn tried this with you. So my question is, everything between them aside, why would you go so far as to lie to back up Erica?

Billie: I admitted I lied to hurt Devyn a while ago. I wanted to hurt Devyn, not necessarily lie to cover for Erica.

Erica: And I wasn’t even going to go nasty like this, but what you WON’T do is talk about my family every chance you get and you’re over there living in a drug infused glass house.

Devyn: I don’t do drugs Erica. You would know though. That’s why your mom abandoned you. I also gave my first child up for adoption. I didn’t abandon him.

Erica: Maybe you should watch the episodes. My mom is here and present. Where is yours? She’s probably the reason you were addicted to drugs. Like mother like daughter, huh?

Andy: Let me ask it another way Billie. Why would you dive headfirst into this story when both of these women, at one point, were supposed to be your best friends? I’m not saying it’s a cover for Erica, I’m just trying to understand.

Grace: She admits to lying but in the liar and fraud!

Teairra: Is this about the lie that Devyn slept with Billie?

Billie: Because what Erica said is the truth, and quite frankly I was hoping if I said something that Devyn would just admit fault. GRACE, SHUT UP! MY GOD.

Devyn: For the record my mother passed away 6 months ago of COVID. So I won’t be talking about her. Billie, you lied and said I tried to sleep with you. I have no clue what you are basing this belief of Erica on but it seems like jealousy.

Erica: Well, don’t talk about moms if you don’t wanna go there.

Andy: Alright, Luci, I’ve a question for you! Did you think that things would go smoothly inviting the group on two different trips? Andy laughs.

Grace: Luci meant well.

Devyn: Luci was a bitch and a liar. Meant well my ass.

Luciana: I thought it would go much better.

Teairra: Luci is very good at hiding her messy side, I give her that.

Luciana: At the time, Devyn and I were close so I thought things would go great. I also wanted the best for Erica. We were working on our friendship.

Harlow: Harlow laughs. I think Luci just wanted a vacation but wanted to bring us along as her source of entertainment!

Erica: Looking back, I can see that Luci was just trying to bring us all together. Erica laughs. I feel like that’s just her wacky way of doing things. Even on the trip, she made sure we were well taken care of. So I can’t fault the girl for trying especially because she didn’t know how bad it really was.

Devyn: Andy, I hope after 2 seasons of Luci disappearing during shows that the cameras aren’t following her to prison.

Luciana: Thank you Erica. I sincerely wanted you to have the best time.

Andy: I certainly got a laugh out it right up until that brawl. Andy laughs.

Luciana: I did mean well. I don’t care what anyone says. Especially YOU, Devyn!

Devyn: Anything that comes out of your mouth is a lie, CRIMINAL! CONVICTED FELON.

Andy: Now, there was one more person who discussed this story with you Ladies…I’d like to hear her perspective and then get everyone’s reactions on the other side.

The camera then watches as a Production Assistant wheels out a monitor onto the stage. We watch as Amal Hadid sits down in front of the monitor and begins to speak…

Amal Hadid (Friend of — Season 13; Lady — Season 14)

Amal: Hello ladies. Amal smirks. Of course, I’ve clearly been a topic of conversation this season, so I’m happy to be here with you virtually!

The clip then progresses as we begin to watch Amal share about her relationships with the Ladies prior to season 15…

Amal: Uhm, well Grace and I were how you’ve seen us for the last 2 seasons. She and I were very close and dear friends. She was an amazing support system to me when I was going through everything last season and I to her when nobody liked the sight of her face. Devyn and I have always been friends. Her story from the strip club to the operating room is one that just inspires me. As for that pregnant buffalo, she and I were not in the best place coming into this season. She was on a high from being on Legends and thought she was better than everyone, the fandom sees it. They’ve seen how she bullies and berates, and that’s why they all have supported me endlessly.

Harlow: Harlow whispers to Grace. Now this is getting serious…a pregnant buffalo? Oh MY!

Luciana: OH! I remember her.

Grace: Oh Lord…

Erica: Andy, absolutely not.

Billie: Why are we giving her a platform? Billie rolls her eyes.

The camera then watches as Amal begins to speak about the story shared at Grace’s Girls Night…


Amal: Did I speak to the Erica or Devyn or Grace while they were on their Legends trip? No, I didn’t but I heard from someone very close to the production about what had transpired in the middle of the night, and it was very interesting to me. This person is a private person, and I don’t think it’s fair for me to put their name on blast for the millions of viewers that will be watching this segment. What I can say is that they are a very reliable source and a pillar of the community. Amal nods. And they told me that it was Erica who aggressively tried to munch on the Doctor’s box.

Erica: I won’t sit here and listen to this Shamu try and get more time on this show.

Amal next begins to speak about ending up at Grace’s Girls Night event…

Amal: So, Grace has few friends. She can probably count her friends on one hand and that includes her daughter, so she invited me to attend. I hadn’t really met the new girls, so I thought I’d show up and support my friend because I’m very loving like that. I only ever show love and support. As for what had been discussed with Grace, I did ask her to ask me what I had heard about the situation on camera. Did she know what I was going to say? Well, no, but she knew I had pertinent information that would help fill in some of the gaps in Erica’s very weak story. I genuinely had no idea who was going to be there. For all I knew, it was going to be Grace, her assistant and I because as I’ve said multiple times now, she has no one in her life.

Grace: I think I’m vindicated Andy. She says it herself that I had no idea what her agenda was that night of my event.

Billie: She should’ve said this sooner because she’s certainly said on Twitter that Grace knew she was coming…

Amal next begins to speak about Grace aiding her reveal of information at Girls Night…

Amal: Grace didn’t have any reservations about asking me. You know, this is my third season on the show and clearly what I have to say about this situation is very important to the fans, the girls and the international viewing audience, so why would she have any reservations? Grace is a woman in her 60s with no man, no love life and few friends so without the mess who is she? What does she contribute to the world if not mess?

The clip package then continues as we see Amal discussing the Billie’s reactions to her revealing the information…


Amal: I didn’t expect the outrage I was met with. There was this immediate sense that I was lying, and look, I may have confabulated when saying I heard it directly from Erica but I heard what happened. I was just shocked that they were believing the word of a former porn star over a registered medical practitioner. I was most shocked by Billie as I was under the impression that she cared for Devyn and Devyn’s children but clearly that isn’t the case. You know half the time I don’t think Billie knows what she’s saying. She’s had a career as a C list actress in Hollywood and you know those soap stars love their cocaine and things of that nature, so I don’t know. Amal shrugs. Her opinion of me means next to nothing. She’s like the turnout at her latest movie, nonexistent.

Amal then begins to discuss the rest of the group and their reactions…

Amal: I know that the Tiara woman had some things to say about me on WWHL, but then again why would I take her word seriously? Didn’t she and her husband flee the great state of California because he murdered his patient or something? Am I really going to take anything she says seriously? Harlow was kind of just there, which seems to be her running theme this season, but I did like when she said in later episodes that Erica has like 6 or 7 potential baby daddies because that’s what I heard from the prominent person. As for Leila, I’m just insulted by her fashion choices, so I don’t really hear anything that comes out of her mouth as her clothing assaults my eyes.

Teairra: Oh, get her off the screen! BOOOOOOO!

Erica: Tomatoes! Like, girl, we do NOT care.

We then finally watch as Amal addresses her issue with Erica and where she believes things go from here…


Amal: Hopefully there will be an opportunity for Erica and I to discuss things, but if we don’t then I’m fine with that. I wish her nothing but the best in her pursuit to find out who her baby father is, and I’ll leave it at that. I do want to share that I will be moving back to Twitter so all these stories about me hiding from my ex-husband are a complete lie, but then again, they were started by Erica the liar so I’m not shocked. And I’ll also be getting some cosmetic works done as I’m sick of these ladies constantly body shaming me when outside of that I’m an amazing mother, a phenomenal friend and an overall kind and loving person.

The screen then fades to black as the Amal video package comes to an end and the camera pans around the couches of stunned Ladies…

Erica: Erica looks over to Andy. We really doing this?

Devyn: The truth always comes out. I wasn’t even going to say and haven’t said what Amal shared about that night. Feels good to be vindicated.

Teairra: She needs a new makeup artist, she’s looking like a jump scare up there.

Erica: The Truth comes out? Bitch, she wasn’t there! She literally LIED the whole season. Just like you! Erica looks at Billie. Is this bitch deaf or just dumb? I think the bitch is dumb.

Grace: I didn’t know anything. She said it herself.

Harlow: Why was she even given a whole flat screen rolling television? Harlow laughs.

Erica: See Harlow, I can agree with you about that!

Andy: Alright, so a few questions that on this package, so we’ll start with Grace. What’s the status of your friendship with Amal since this season?

Grace: I’m vindicated. Well, you saw in the finale Andy, she used me to get to Erica and hurt her, which ultimately has ruined my friendship with Erica in the process. Amal and I aren’t talking right now, I don’t have time for the theatrics.

Devyn: Grace annoys me, but nobody can control Amal’s mouth. I doubt Grace knew what Amal would say.

Erica: But Grace, you let her. She asked you to ask about this situation, and guess what, you did! You asked about it.

Andy: Okay, so obviously Erica you don’t care for this package, so I’ll ask you a simple question. She mentions that she would like to sit down with you and chat. What are the odds of that? Andy laughs.

Grace: She said she has a vendetta for you, Erica. I don’t want any part in that.

Devyn: A cold day in Luci’s cell. Devyn laughs.

Erica: Of course she would like to chat Andy but she’s not getting any discussion from me EVER. That bitch can jump back in the ocean where she belongs.

Billie: Amal should’ve only been on here to give Luci some advice for prison. Nothing else. This is absurd.

Erica: And Grace, she said you didn’t know I understand that, but you still went along with her plans. And that’s all she’s getting out of me today.

Grace: She wanted to come to my event!

Billie: She just said you invited her though!

Grace: She was my friend at that point. That’s all I knew, she was on the cast last season. Why wouldn’t I accept her request?

Andy: Okay, now one more tough topic that she mentions…that Devyn has mentioned…that Harlow and I believe Leila mentioned, and that is Erica’s baby paternity. Now realizing this is a sensitive subject, I’m going to come to Erica and give you the first word on the topic.

Erica: The problem is Andy, it wasn’t a big secret the Dalio’s weren’t feeling me. Simply because they wanted to choose the perfect wife for my husband; however, for this bitch… Erica points across the stage at Devyn. To go around to every bitch who was eager to listen and spread lies about the paternity of my child was fucking low. I never came at her about her crackhead husband, her fake lesbian storyline or any other bullshit she had going on.

The camera pans around the group as we see eyes widen…

Erica: But this bitch couldn’t handle the truth and spread that rumor around to what? Build an army against me because all three of those bitches couldn’t take me!

Andy: Devyn, we do see you mention the paternity thing from early in the season, what’s your response?

Devyn: My response? Her husband openly said he had a vasectomy before. Two, she was neglected. I don’t blame her for seeking comfort elsewhere. Three, I’ve never claimed to be a lesbian. I am openly bisexual. Also, please stop calling my husband a crackhead. There are a lot of things I can start calling Robert.

Andy: Did you bring it up in response to Erica’s allegation regarding the Legends trip and the dissipation of your friendship?

Erica: Andy, do you even believe that? You’re just mad that I have a perfect loving family on my FIRST try. Crackhead, Crackhead, Crackhead, Bitch.

Billie: Billie holds down Erica. Don’t get out of this seat.

Devyn: No, it wasn’t in response to anything other than her suddenly being pregnant and the math not mathing.

Erica: A crackhead and his druggie wife? Please.

Andy: Harlow, you also brought up the rumor, so I’m going to ask. Did you hear it from Devyn or did you hear it elsewhere?

Harlow: I’ve heard it elsewhere but I’m sure it had came from Devyn. The only reason I ever brought it up was because I’ve heard it around town, which is what a lot of these ladies like to do.

Erica: Erica fake snores. Andy I’m Bored. I’m Bored with her. Erica fans Harlow off. It’s just lie after lie.

Devyn: Andy, I’m not going to sit here and be accused of doing drugs when I am not. I am a doctor. A false allegation like that could impact my career.

Harlow: Oh Erica please. You spread some fake shit too that you don’t own! Harlow rolls her eyes.

Luciana: Now your worried?

Erica: Devyn you fought on a TV show, I think your career is already impacted. And Harlow bitch, I literally asked YOU questions about what your ex-husband was saying.

Billie: Harlow, wasn’t it Grace that told you about the rumors?

Harlow: AND I SAID NO! Harlow looks at Billie. Yes. Grace told me.

Devyn: My career is just fine after that actually. Thank you. It also wasn’t a fight.

Teairra: The rumors spread like wildfire, I think everybody knew.

Billie: Did you help spread them, Teairra?

Devyn: Exactly. I didn’t make it up out of thin air. It was the talk around town that you were having an affair, Erica. Don’t blame me. Blame your own carelessness.

Teairra: I did speak on it, but I didn’t spread it! Although I should have.

Erica: Harlow, you found your outside voice and can’t seem to turn it off. Simmer the fuck down.

Harlow: As if you can’t simmer the fuck down either! Harlow laughs.

Erica: It wasn’t out there. Erica laughs. You spread that lie simply to get back at me.

Devyn: Exactly. I didn’t make it up out of thin air. It was the talk around town that you were having an affair, Erica. Don’t blame me. Blame your own carelessness.

Teairra: I did speak on it, but I didn’t spread it! Although I should have.

Erica: Harlow, you found your outside voice and can’t seem to turn it off. Simmer the fuck down.

Harlow: As if you can’t simmer the fuck down either! Harlow laughs.

Erica: It wasn’t out there. Erica laughs. You spread that lie simply to get back at me.

Harlow: Some of these ladies need to shut up.

Billie: I just asked a question…

Erica: I don’t have to yell at you Harlow, I can pack you up and nicely put a bow on top with ease.

Andy: Okay so I think it’s about time we land this plane before we aren’t getting anywhere. Andy laughs. I would ask if there’s hope for your friendship, but I think I could guess the answer. Harlow and Leila, thank you so much for joining us! It’s been a pleasure watching you this season. We will be right back with closing thoughts from the Ladies of Twitter.

The camera then watches as Harlow and Leila wave and give hugs to various Ladies before exiting the stage.

Luciana, Teairra, Devyn, Erica, Grace, Billie

Andy: And we’re back with the Ladies of Twitter for some closing thoughts. Now, I thought that in this fifteenth season, it could be fun to each of you share your takeaway from everything you went through this season. It can be anything, and we’re going to start with Teairra!

Teairra: My biggest take away is I shouldn’t have even been opening up and explaining myself to these bitches, I feel like it wasn’t necessary but it was better if Ispoke on it myself instead of somebody else speaking for me, I wouldn’t even pour a bottle of water on some of these ladies if they were on fire, no shade Luci… Teairra looks over at Luciana. But nonetheless, the good times were good, I can’t complain about that, Iwill definitely be working on being more controlling of my mouth and hopefully working on relationships with some.

Andy: Next up, we are going to turn to Grace. Grace, what would you say is your takeaway from the season?

Grace: My biggest takeaway is that yes, I may have a hard time apologising or owning my mistakes 100% of the time. But I hate being singled out, we all do it. Nonetheless, Erica, Billie, Devyn I apologize for hurting you this season. I want to leave here on a clean slate.

Billie: Billie looks to Grace and smiles. Thank you for that.

Erica: I appreciate that as well Grace.

Andy: Luciana, you’re up and certainly a lot of things coming for you, what’s your takeaway from all of this?

Luciana: Well, I wish I didn’t invite Quasimodo on the trip and just let the trio focus around Erica. I really wanted to work on our friendship. That’s my only regret besides well the obvious. I know some of you may think differently about me now, but I made a huge mistake. I love most of you so much. Gracie, Billie, thank you both for the many years of friendship. Gracie, thank you for keeping my secret. I love you guys.

Erica: Luci, regardless of everything, I do want the best for you and I wish you the best in Jail love.

Billie: I do wish you well Luci, thank you for opening your life to all viewers. I’ll have some money aside for your books!

Luciana: Yes! I’ll be out and better than ever! I gotta learn how to make booze in a toilet!

Andy: Erica, what are you taking away from all this?

Erica: My Takeaway this season is that clearly my smart ass mouth gets me in trouble! Erica laughs. And that I do have to watch it sometimes. Also, even though we attack each other like wild animals trapped in a cage, there’s some type of sisterhood here and we all do have together. So maybe, it’s hope for this group moving forward, who knows.

Andy: Devyn, what’s your takeaway?

Devyn: Not to let the length of a friendship make you vulnerable to people who would lie on you at the drop of a dime. To give love a chance even if it’s your ex husband. To be open to investing in friends because it always pays off. Thanks Teairra and Leila. To not carry on with pointless battles. Sorry Grace. To move forward because the only thing behind you is your ass.

Andy: And Billie, it’s your turn, what is your takeaway?

Billie: My biggest takeaway from this season is: I need to think before I speak. I clearly hurt a lot of you in someway this season with my vicious lips. I always try and take each season as a learning lesson since I’ve been doing this for so long you’d think i would be a pro at this, but I’m not. I really wanted to come back and it be fun times all the time like Legends was, but that hasn’t ever been the case with these ladies since I started doing this show 12 seasons ago.

The camera pans around the group as we see many of the Ladies nodding in agreement with Billie…

Billie: I hope moving forward we can all find grace in ourselves to understand we all go through shit, some shit we talk about and some we don’t. I’d like for us all to move forward with one another and try and have a clean slate with one another. I know we can do it, because sisterhood, has been one of the best things this show has ever taught me so let’s try and get back to that. I’m sorry Grace and Devyn especially for my actions and words this season. I know I’ve got some wrongs to right with you both but, I hope my actions can prove that moving forward.

Andy: Alright Ladies, thanks for being with us today! In honor of the stunning season fifteen cast photo, we have lavender infused cocktails coming out for you all. Let’s cheers to the end of another fabulous season. Thanks Ladies!

As cocktails are brought out and Leila and Harlow return to the stage to celebrate with the Ladies, the camera zooms out as we hear Fake Ass Bitches play softly in the background while the episode and the season come to an end.

Ladies of Twitter would like to thank its viewers for tuning into our epic fifteenth season! We will be back with Season 16 so stay tuned.



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