Season 15, Episode 9: “Tyler to the Rescue?”

Ladies of Twitter
30 min readFeb 28, 2023
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As the episode begins and the intro fades from the scene, we quickly return to the dinner in Martha’s Vineyard as tempers flare among the Ladies and ominous music plays…

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
Devyn, Luciana, Harlow, Leila, Billie, Teairra, Erica, and Grace

Erica: Teairra mama, see me in 2 months! Erica blows a kiss as she starts to walk away with Billie.

Billie: Mazel tov Devyn! Billie pours a water bottle on Devyn. This will get you nice and wet for Corey! I’ve been waiting all night to do that! Cheers to Devyn! Billie begins to quickly exit with Erica.

Luciana: Oh my God! BILLIE!

The camera then focuses in on Devyn as she looks briefly stunned before running after Billie and Erica…

Devyn: Devyn grabs Billie by her hair from the back. Give me one damn reason why I shouldn’t beat the dog shit out of you.

Erica: Erica gasps as she watches in horror. OH, HELL NO!

Luciana: Someone call the cops!

Leila: Okay, I’m done. I didn’t sign up for this. Leila walks out of the restaurant.

Leila’s Confessional

Leila’s Confessional: We’re fighting? Physically fighting? What the actual fuck!? I will not be a part of this group if we’re doing that. No way.

Erica: Erica pushes Devyn lightly. Oh my God, let her go! You psycho!!!

Devyn: Stupid bitch. Devyn walks back to the table to grab her bag.

Erica: Erica grabs Billie. Uh, uh, stay with me!

The camera pans back inside as Devyn returns to the table…

Luciana: Is Billie okay? She didn’t have much hair to begin with.

Teairra: Teairra gasps. Oh, but I’m wrong?

The camera pans back outside to the SUV where Billie and Erica are standing…

Billie: She just assaulted me!! She needs to be FIRED. Erica, did you just see that psycho?

Erica: She’s a wildebeest!

Billie: I need to go and keep me far away from her. She is crazy!!

Erica: No, those are beasts and I can’t be around them anymore! Erica and Billie get into their SUV and are driven away.

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: This is just disgusting. Ladies of Twitter? More like the Gutter of Twitter. Get it together ladies.

The scene then once more shifts back to the table where the other Ladies remain, the camera pans over Harlow’s shoulder as she is seen ordering her own Uber…

Devyn: This was all bullshit and a waste of my time. Devyn leaves restaurant.

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: These ladies are hypocrites! They’re not the saint they try to portray themselves as and this just shows it! words was wrong but actually pouring water and grabbing someone’s hair is? Laughable. Where do we go from here?

Teairra: Teairra walks out with a to-go box. Where is my car?

As the group begins to exit the restaurant, we see the camera shift to confessional interviews with Devyn and Billie…

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: I’ll never celebrate occasions with this group again. I didn’t do a damn thing to Billie for that crusty has been ass to do that. Nobody fucking defended me either. Fuck them all. I’m done.

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Thank God for Erica, since she’s pregnant she’s like a shield for protection. Devyn and I, I don’t know how we are going to move forward from here.

Harlow: Alright, my Uber is here. Harlow exits the restaurant munching on a crouton. Did I get a Diet Coke?

As the Ladies have left the restaurant, the screen fades before transitioning back to Twitter as we see an image of the Twitter skyline a week after the Ladies’ return from Martha’s Vineyard. We hear birds chirping as the women go about their days. We see Luciana and Maria sitting down for coffee, followed by Grace showing a listing. The camera then pans as we see a a brunette walking through the Twitter Hills. The camera pans up to reveal it is Tyler Newman, a former Lady of Twitter…

Tyler Newman (Lady Season 1–11)

Tyler Newman (Former Lady): Tyler is strolling through the Twitter Hills until she reach Devyn’s gate and start buzzing the bell. I know she’s in here somewhere! Tyler laughs.

The camera then pans to Devyn’s home as we see her…

Devyn’s Home

Devyn’s Confessional: I was so excited when Tyler mentioned he would be in town for a visit. I’m looking forward to catching up and talking to a real friend.

Tyler: Tyler walks through the gates and runs to greet Devyn. Hello darling! It’s so good to see you!

Devyn: Hey honey! I missed you.


Tyler: I’ve missed you too! It’s a shame Malibu and Twitter aren’t closer together.

Devyn: Come on in. I made some brunch stuff for us. It’s such a shame. MOVE BACK!

Tyler: Tyler walks in. Yummy! Sounds great to me. The house is great as always. How have things been? Fill me in while we fill our faces. Tyler laughs.

Devyn’s Living Rooms

Devyn: Things are going good personally. The kids are fantastic. They are around here somewhere. Business couldn’t be better. Devyn shows Tyler her engagement ring. As you know Corey and I are remarrying.

Tyler: I know, I’m so happy for you both! And I love all the pictures of the kids that you send me. They’re growing like wildfire!

Devyn: On the show, things probably couldn’t be worse.

Tyler: Tyler’s eyes widen. Oh no, what’s going on?

Devyn: Honey! Where do I even begin? Erica accused me of trying to sleep with her. Erica says this happened while we were filming Legends. Erica is lying.

Tyler: Sleep with her? Tyler laughs. I’m your Eskimo Sister, I don’t know if I believe that one.

Devyn: Exactly. It’s maddening. And get this. Billie says that I tried to sleep with him at some point to defend Erica when I said she was lying. Billie knows damn well I’ve never wanted him in anyway sexually.

Tyler: Billie who? Our Billie? You’re kidding! You two have always been thick as thieves, sometimes even closer than us!

Devyn: Yes! That Billie. I know Ty, I was shocked. Billie and I have been so close. We couldn’t be further apart right now.

Tyler: That’s so upsetting to hear, so many of my good memories of this show were with you two!

Devyn: It upsets me too, but the bitch is wilding out. We were in Martha’s Vineyard last weekend for my bachelorette party. At the dinner, Billie threw a drink at me. I’m just so pissed off!

Tyler: Threw a drink at you? Not the Billie special! You know she loves to do that from time to time. Did you react? Tyler laughs nervously as she bites her sandwich.

Devyn: I think Billie is using me for a storyline at this point. He has nothing going on in his life and us trying to start relevant. Of course I reacted! I ran behind her and grabbed that damn mop on her head, and I told her I should beat her ass. Not my finest moment.

Tyler: Oh Dev. Not grabbing her hair. Have you spoken since? I still feel like the two of you have hope. This can’t be the end of the road. Have you spoken to any of the group?

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: After how hard the trip was, it’s nice to be with a friend who just understands me and always hears me out!

Devyn: I just don’t see it, Ty. I haven’t talked to Billie, but I have talked to Leila, Teairra, Luci and Grace. Everyone is still kinda shocked by everything.

Tyler: Well, I’m glad it isn’t some sort of pile on; but I hate to hear that my girl is having a hard time! Tyler hugs Devyn. Maybe if we all met up, you and Billie could truly figure things out!

Devyn: That could be fun. We have Erica calling Teairra a murderer. Harlow being accused of cheating by her husband. Erica’s husband nor his family want this child she’s having. Grace is writing a book about God knows what. Leila is a funny messy girl. Billie is irrelevant, and Luci is playing with crystals. Devyn laughs.

Tyler: Oh my, what a group! You all have been busy since I left. Tyler laughs. Why don’t you invite Teairra to join you at my suite for a pajama party? I’m seeing some of the other girls for a bite of food later

Devyn: So busy. I need you back! Sure. That would be cool. I think you will like her, Ty. She’s been nice to me.

Tyler: I’d love to meet her! Let’s do it. Any friend of yours is welcome in my hotel room for at least fifteen minutes! Tyler giggles.

Devyn: Devyn laughs. Well aren’t you sweet my booty sister. Tell me, how’s California? Do the girls love it?

Tyler: California is great! Life is peaceful on the other side for me. Tyler laughs. Zack is working hard, and we’ve gotten back on track, the girls are thriving with two in New York and the youngest two still at home. It’s fabulous! And as always, Adam sends his love! Tyler winks.

Devyn: That’s so good to hear. I miss the girls. Adam is hilarious. I love working with that man. Well, I won’t hold you. I know you’re only in town for a short time. I’ll see you for your pajama party!

Tyler: Sounds good baby, wear your sexiest PJs and I’ll see you then! Tyler air kisses Devyn.

Devyn: SEXY PJ’s??? Noted I know just the outfit. Devyn walks Tyler out. I love you!

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: It was fanatic seeing my friend. Devyn tears up. I wish she lived here again.

As Tyler leaves Devyn’s house, the scene transitions to several hours later as we see Tyler riding in the back of an SUV with Billie as the scene begins. The scene then pivots as we see Grace at a lunch table, toying with the silverware and napkins.

Grace’s Confessional: So, we’re back from our trip and man oh man do I need a cocktail. I’m getting some of the girls together to dissect and discuss. This group needs to come together that’s for sure!

The camera then pans as Luciana walks in…

Grace: Oh my god Luci, someone’s over dressed for brunch? Do you have a date after or something?


Luciana: I was feeling glitzy and ritzy!


Grace: Stunning!

Erica’s Confessional: Martha’s Vineyard was an absolute shitshow, I appreciate everything Luci did, but I think my real vacation was actually being home and away from all these crazy bitches.

Erica: Erica walks towards the table. Hi everyone!


Luciana Hello!!

The camera pans as we see Tyler and Billie’s SUV approaches the restaurant…

Tyler: Well, well, well, here I am again. Tyler laughs. Am I ready Billie?

Billie: I think you are! I don’t think these are too crazy! You’ve seen worse I can assure you. Billie laughs.

Tyler and Billie

The scene then returns to the table where the other Ladies are chatting…

Erica: Luci, you look amazing love! You going out after this?

Luciana: No! Just feeling glitzy and ritzy!!!

Grace: She’s deffo got a date. Grace laughs.

Luciana: Oh, stop it! Luciana laughs.

Billie: Billie walks into the restaurant with Tyler. Hello, hello Ladies! Long time no see!

Grace: Tyler! Hi! Grace hugs Tyler. I didn’t know you were coming I don’t have a seat for you!

Erica: Ohh Billie!!!

Luciana: Luciana stands up. Hi, I’m Luci! Nice to meet you, Tyler.

Tyler: Hi girls! Tyler smiles. I’m in town for the week and thought I’d stop by- Tyler pauses and looks at Luciana. Darling, we’ve met! Tyler laughs.

Billie: Billie pulls another chair over for Tyler. I got her one, don’t worry Grace!

Luciana: Luciana blinks. Oh…yes.

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: We met?!? Where!?

Billie: Is this us all? Grace thanks for having us!

Grace: So, we’re getting like a bunch of dishes served no need to order from the menu unless there’s something you want.

Tyler: Hello! I’m Tyler Newman, it’s great to meet you. Tyler stands for Leila.

Grace: Ty, you missed our crazy trip we just went on. Grace raises her eyebrow.

Billie: Brunch and bottomless mimosas are a girl’s best friend!! Except Erica needs water!

Luciana: Did you all have fun on the trip I planned?

Billie: Oh, trust me I filled Tyler in on the whole trip on the card ride over! She knows how crazy you bitches are now! Billie laughs.

A flashback plays as we see Tyler and Billie discussing the trip to Martha’s Vineyard in the SUV en route to Grace’s brunch, as Billie shares her side of what occurred between Devyn and Billie. Tyler talks about how he is disappointed in both of them, and how he wanted Devyn and Billie to reconcile.

Erica: I’ll take the orange juice, no liquor please! Erica laughs. The crazy beasts are not here thankfully.

Tyler: Oh, I have heard a bit. I’ve got my friends among you. Tyler winks. Present at the table and otherwise!

Grace: Well, I think Tyler also knows how crazy you are too Billie. Grace laughs.

Tyler: I was very saddened to hear everything that happened between my friends Billie and Devyn. Tyler sips wine.

Billie: Oh baby, we’ve worked and been friends for years. She’s well aware of me! Billie laughs.

Grace: Well, that was unexpected but not surprising.

Tyler: Billie and liquids don’t mix. Tyler nervously laughs. For better, or usually for worse.

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Tyler always understands me, she’s definitely a friend that I can count on.

Tyler: I definitely told I’m not okay with what happened on her end there and she agreed. Tyler takes a bite of food.

Luciana: Luciana takes a bite of a mozzarella stick. It’s not classy!

Grace: What else did Devyn say?

Tyler: Tyler squints at Grace. She said this and that, we mostly caught up on life. She said something about murder accusations and divorces, but why don’t you tell me what’s happening Nancy Drew?

Billie: Billie laughs. She loves to be Nancy Drew, Tyler!

Grace: Who’s Nancy? I don’t know a Nancy?

Billie: You are, Grace! Always in everyone’s business.

Grace: I’m just asking questions! Okay, I’ll zip it.

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: Luciana laughs. I like this Tyler chickie.

Tyler: Aren’t you writing a book dear? That’s what I heard, haven’t you heard of the Nancy Drew novels?

Grace: I am writing a book yes! Thank you for asking. It’s about having it all but realizing you’re a total shit bucket mess. Grace sips. I wish I was kidding.

Billie: God, aren’t we all a shit bucket mess? Billie laughs.

Tyler: Oh! Shit bucket messes. Tyler nods. Can’t wait to get a copy. So, what’s been going on with you all? Tyler motions her hand around the table.

Billie: Who wants to fill Tyler in on their side? She’s already got mine. Billie laughs. She wants Devyn and I to fix our shit!

Tyler: They were the Thelma and Louisa of my time, Billie knows it.

Grace: I still don’t get the issue there. Billie, what happened?

Erica: I was confused myself Grace, one minute we’re leaving, and the next Billie’s is getting snatched up!

Luciana: Did we miss something?

Billie: I’ll explain my side of things in a way maybe you will all understand. For me what really started it was when she lied on Erica and came for her and called me a liar. She was mad at me for being honest and not protecting her like I always have. I just wanted my friend to stand in her truth and be honest about what transpired. Now, it’s snowballed into this huge disagreement.

Grace: Right…so your best friend of God knows how many years touches you because you said she lied…and you haven’t known Erica that long…

Billie: That right Grace, yes.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: It’s strange to me, but I like that Billie is making Devyn tell the truth…I guess?

Billie: Well, you and Luci are example of time doesn’t equal loyalty. So, time shouldn’t matter.

Tyler: Billie knows I think it’s all a bunch of malarkey.

Luciana: Malarkey? Is that a bird??

Grace: Luci and I had real issues, and we dealt with them.

Billie: If Tyler could have it his way, we would be at his house in Malibu drinking wine and hashing this shit OUT and getting back to Dance Moms.

Grace: That’s what you and Devyn need to do

Tyler: But Billie knows we’ll handle that. Tyler smiles. But what else is happening? There’s no way the drama started at the end of the last dinner.

Billie: I think Devyn and I haven’t had a chance to let the dust settle and have a conversation not in the heat of the moment. Erica and Leila, tell Tyler about what got out there about our other friend Teairra!

Erica: Well, going back to the “murder accusations,” we’ve just recently found out that Teairra’s husband killed someone. She says it’s an accident but everyone else back in Cali is saying otherwise. Hence, the sudden move here. Erica shrugs.

Billie: So, that resulted in Teairra almost getting physical with Erica and Olive Garden put she and I in our own casita.

Grace: Erica, what else do you know about Teairra? I feel like there’s something.

Tyler: Oh my word, Murder? That’s a big M word.

Grace: Grace jumps up. Oh my GOD! I am Nancy!

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Here comes Nancy Drew!! I’m starting to think she’s writing a book on the group lives instead of her own. Billie laughs. She’s so damn nosey!

Erica: Grace, I feel like you should just ask Teairra these questions yourself. I’ve said my peace plus my doctor told me to keep my stress level down!

Grace: I did, but she’s saying you’re crazy.

Luciana: Mamma mia!

Tyler: Well…speaking of asking Teairra herself, I’d like to invite the five of you to a little pajama party I’m having! I’m staying at suite at the St. Regis while I’m in town and I’d love to get everyone together. Tyler sips her drink.

Erica: As long as nobody is walking up on me… I’ll be there.

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: I’m very hesitant about being in the room with the two wild banshees, Teairra and Devyn, but I know these girls won’t let nothing happen to me so I’m just gonna let my hair down and finally have some fun! With my taser right in my purse. Erica laughs.

Billie: It’s a nice room, girls! Tyler, you are so sweet to open your room up to this crazy bunch! Tyler and I have handled worse though. Billie laughs. We will make sure no one is hurt!

Tyler: Oh, listen, you don’t know me like this Erica but rest assured, there will be no fists flying, no knives thrown, and no wine spilled. Tyler laughs. We’re gonna have some fun!

Billie: Well ladies, Tyler and I got some shopping to do! Nancy Drew thanks for inviting us to lunch!

Luciana: Can’t wait for the PJ party!!

Tyler: This was a delicious meal! I love coming back to town, everyone here just keeps feeding me! Tyler laughs. I’ll see you girls soon! Thanks for finding a seat for me, Grace.

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: God, I just love having Tyler in town. She always brings me down to my calm space. She’s got her work cut out for her when it comes to Devyn and I though.

As the Ladies begin to exit the crowded restaurant, we hear upbeat music as we see shots of Tyler’s hotel suite as the camera pans around it. We see staff bringing in food and drinks as Tyler comes out in her pajamas and the scene begins…

Tyler’s Hotel Suite

Tyler: Tyler walks around making sure the food and drinks are prepared. Great work everyone! Fabulous work! But you got to go so they think I did this all without a kitchen! I’m Wonder Woman, no? Tyler winks and laughs.


The camera then pans as we see Grace walk in wearing a pajama set like Tyler’s…

Grace: Grace walks in. HI BESTIE! Grace laughs with Tyler.

Tyler: Tyler’s eyes widen. Oh my god. Good to see you Grace!

Grace and Tyler

Billie’s Confessional: Tyler, I love that bitch. She probably has more money than us all combined, and she’ll have us in slippers and PJS and eating pizza out of cardboard boxes! Sometimes this group needs simple and not dramatic. Billie laughs.

Billie: Billie knocks on hotel door. Tyler, I’m here and I got lots of wine and champs!


Grace: Wow, we look sexy!

Tyler: And you know I do, Billie! Get in here!

Billie: Damn, you two look fucking amazing!! Almost like sisters!

Tyler: Now Billie, be a doll and don’t tell us which one looks older. Tyler laughs.

Billie: Billie laughs. I would neve- Billie’s eyes widen as she looks at door open and it is Devyn. Oh shit.

Tyler: Hi Dev baby! You look fabulous, I love the sexy PJs! Tyler hugs Devyn. The girls are just starting to arrive

Luciana: Luciana walks into the suite. I took a nap and I’m ready to party!


Devyn: Hey ladies. Thanks Tyler. Sexy is on tap tonight.


Tyler: Luci! Welcome! We have pizzas and burgers, along with several sides, and then any drink you can name. Make yourselves at home. But don’t sleep in my bed or number two in my bathroom, two rules! Tyler laughs.

Luciana: Let me test these pizzas!

Teairra’s Confessional: I’ve heard a lot about Tyler in good and bad ways; so, I’m already knowing today is going to be interesting! I’m just glad to be invited, I love a good get together! Where’s the drinks?

Teairra: Teairra walks in slowly. Hello?


Devyn: Hey Teairra. Over here. Tyler meet Teairra. T meet Ty.

Tyler: Tyler looks over. Hello! You must be Teairra. It’s great to meet you, Devyn told me lovely things!

Billie: This is what I talk about Fine dining! Billie grabs a plate and starts getting some pizza and fries.

Teairra: Teairra nods and smiles. Hey! Nice to meet you. I hope they were lovely! Teairra laughs.

Devyn: Luci, how is your aura today?

Luciana: Nervous! I’m more concerned about you? How are you doing?

Devyn: I’m good babe. I really am. Therapy has helped a lot this week.

Luciana: You scared me Dev, it’s like you saw red.

Devyn: Luci, I did.

Erica: Erica knocks on the door and opens it. Hellooo?


Tyler: Tyler turns to the door. Hi Erica, glad you could make it!!

Billie: Billie waves at Erica. I’ve already got you a plate fixed with burgers and pizza! I knew you would like both!

Billie’s Confessional: Trying to keep Erica and Teairra as far as we can from each other. We don’t need an incident!

Erica: Hi Tyler! Erica hugs Tyler. This room looks amazing! Thanks Billie. You know me so well! Erica smirks and goes to sit down.

Tyler: Everyone get some food and get comfortable! We’ll dish and have some fun.

Grace: Tyler, do you own this place?

Tyler: Tyler laughs. Oh no, I sold my mansion in Twitter, I’m just staying in this suite for the week. I live in Malibu, California! I actually heard that you are from California too, Teairra! So, a little connection there.

Teairra: Teairra nods. Yes! I love Cali.

Billie: Teairra, what part of California did you live in again? Tyler may know your family!

Devyn: California is not a small town, Billie.

Teairra: Teairra laughs. It’s many cities in California, but I was in Beverly Hills.

Billie: I asked what part, Devyn. Please listen before you interject. I didn’t say there was any connection.

Tyler: Well, my… Tyler pauses. Devyn and I’s ex is a doctor in California now, so maybe he knows them. I haven’t had the pleasure yet though.

Teairra: Y’all share an ex?

Billie: Yeah, that’s Devyn for you Teairra!

Devyn: Devyn laughs loudly. Devyn and I’s ex!

Tyler: Well, he was my husband of twenty-seven years. We divorced and then he was engaged to Devyn.

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: And Devyn is not a freak? Please.

Grace: I couldn’t be friends with my ex’s woman. I’m too jealous.

Teairra: That’s … interesting! You’re better than me. Teairra laughs. No offense.

Devyn: Well, I’m so glad we are mature women who could handle it and form an amazing friendship.

Tyler: Oh, we weren’t always friends. Tyler laughs. But life puts you back together as friends when it’s meant to be. Which brings me to the pajama party at hand… Tyler puts on a pair of glasses.

Erica: Erica eats a french fry. Tyler, did you at least tug her wig a bit? Because wow!

Tyler: Shift her wig? Tyler laughs. No. but trust me I read that bitch down. Tyler winks at Devyn.

Erica: Hide your men y’all! Erica laughs and drinks her juice.

Devyn: Also, to be clear Adam and I were never together when he was with Tyler.

Billie: You just had your eye on him while they were together, got it. Billie laughs.

Devyn: I don’t want anything any of you have. Hell, I didn’t even want Adam in the beginning. But this is all water under the bridge.

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: None of them have a man I want. Most of them look like they settled anyway.

Tyler: Now, I’ve heard from many of you about the state of your friendships and… Tyler sighs deeply. It’s a lot. I think we could all benefit from honest and real communication, something I think many of you may struggle with. I packed a gavel, but don’t you bitches make you use it on this nice coffee table. Behave!

Billie: Come on therapist!! This group needs a resurrection.

Teairra: Teairra laughs. Oh, this is getting spicy, I might need a drink. I don’t know. Teairra looks left and right.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: We’ve got the OG tonight! No running away!

Tyler: I hired a DoorDasher to double as a waiter all night, just raise that glass high Teairra my dear. Now, where was I? Would anyone like to begin? Tyler reaches behind a pillow to produce a talking stick. If so, I’ll give you the stick. Now here, we only talk when we have the stick.

Grace: Oh, good lord, it’s like therapy.

Billie: That’s going to be hard for me and my lips Tyler!

Teairra: Teairra crosses her legs. Same, what if we hear something we don’t like?

Tyler: Then perhaps we start with you and Devyn, Billie! Tyler looks at Billie and laughs. If you don’t like what’s said, you will have your time to respond. If we get that far in the healing process. Tyler takes a big sip of wine.

Devyn: Doubt we get there!

Tyler: Tyler hands Devyn the stick. Devyn, why don’t we start with you? Where do you think your relationship with Billie has gone astray?

Devyn: I feel like Billie lost her sense of loyalty a while back. I have watched her cope in a very unhealthy way. I watched her trash other old friends.

The camera pans to Billie as she is seen listening to Devyn…

Devyn: She has been acting super sketch towards me since the Legends trip. I’ve heard he talks about me to everyone. I don’t get it. We were like sisters moreso than friends. Not to mention that he flat out lied that I tried to sleep with him to support Erica’s claims. I’ll never forgive him for that. In addition, Billie holds unnecessary grudges for a long time. No telling what he is pissed about.

Tyler: Tyler chews her pizza. Okay, thank you for sharing Dev. In the spirit of healing though, let’s not use words like never or not. Now, Billie, would you like the stick to respond? Tyler hands Billie the stick.

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: I hear you, Ty…but it’s hard not to say never right about now. Devyn laughs.

Billie: Yes, I would! For me, it all started when Devyn called me a liar. Devyn knows damn well I’m a lot of things but a liar I am not. Maybe I over exaggerate things but there’s always the truth in every story I tell. The only thing I fabricated was you trying to sleep with me. You’re right you never did that.

The camera pivots to Devyn as she nods in agreement while listening to Billie…

Billie: But I didn’t lie when I said Erica came to me that night and told me what happened in Ibiza. I’m not lying when I say that you sent me into Legends guns blazing for Grace and you fabricated things that she supposedly said about me so I would do your dirty work for you. I’m sorry Devyn you’ve done some things and I’ve been your yes man for so long that you’re not going to get away with this. I love you and my godchildren, but I can’t be your friend and stand by this behavior.

Erica: Oh wow.

Tyler: Now, you’ll each get a response to one another with the Baby stick. Tyler pulls out a tiny stick and hands it to Devyn. Dev, you’ll get it first!

Billie: Billie takes a shot of tequila. Now let’s hear your response.

Teairra: Oh dear Lord…

Devyn: You say you aren’t a liar, but you lied. The fact that you lied about me trying to sleep with you is TRASHY. I don’t care what Erica told you in Ibiza. You didn’t have to lie on me. As far as Legends, I did tell you some shit about Grace, but I didn’t lie. I didn’t ask you to do my dirty work though. How you responded to Grace wad of your own doing. I didn’t like Grace then, and only tolerate her now. I was furious with Grace, but she knew that, and I said what I needed to say.

Grace: Why am I in this? You were a bitch to me Devyn and apologized for it, what the hell did I do to you?

Billie: I was just using you to make a point Grace.

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Billie waves her hand. You’ll get your turn, Grace!

Devyn: Because Billie brought you up.

Billie: Tyler, do I get to respond now?

Tyler nods as she hands Billie the smaller talking stick…

Billie: Billie takes the stick. I know how to admit my lie and did just that, you cannot. You wanna talk trashy? Billie laughs. Let’s talk about you getting with Tyler’s husband, how you actually found your wife, and how you tried to sleep with Erica! Your track record is nothing but trashy Devyn, and I’m just back to call it out. As to what happened with Legends, you’re right how I responded was my own doing, but you didn’t make it any easier for me to develop a relationship with Grace, who I have kind of grown to like!

Devyn: Not that I have to defend myself, but Tyler and I weren’t friends when Adam and I started dating. They were divorced, and we were partner. Tyler got over it a long time ago, so should you. Secondly, I never had a wife bitch. I had a girlfriend though. Lastly, Erica’s version of what happened in Ibiza doesn’t square with what I remember.

Luciana’s Confessional

Luciana’s Confessional: Oh my God! Watching these two go back and forth…and back and forth. It’s just a lot.

Tyler: So…what I’m hearing is that there’s hope! Right girls? Tyler chugs a glass of wine.

Billie: I’ll never say never! Behind all this is love for me. Hell, I love her kids, I have to have some love for her! Devyn and I just need time. And a weekend at your house in Malibu Tyler!

Tyler: You keep these cameras over in Twitter though! Tyler laughs.

Devyn: My kids love you, and I’ll never stop them from talking to you. I don’t see a path forward for a friendship, but who knows what the future my hold.

Tyler: Now Teairra, I’d like to go to you next, I’ve heard lots about you and your husband’s practice of medicine. Wanna fill me and the group in? Tyler hands Teairra the talking stick.

Teairra: Lord! Teairra laughs. I feel like I’ve explained this countless of times, but my husband is a cardiac surgeon and always kept the same profession back in California…

The camera pivots around the room as we see the Ladies’ reactions and Erica listening intently…

Teairra: A patient ended up dying in his care over there and it tarnished both my image and his because they felt as though foul play was involved when that’s not the case whatsoever. That’s pretty much all that is, I feel like it’s being played out to be more than what it is! I moved away because the pressure on me was too much to handle over there, I felt unsafe.

Erica: Erica lets out a low laugh and mumbles. Right.

Tyler: Alright, well thanks for sharing Teairra! Erica, would you like to share what you have heard? Tyler takes the stick and hands it to Erica. Or how it differs from her account, rather.

Erica: Well, I’ll keep it nice and simple. Teairra, you remember Angie, right? Our mutual friend back in Beverly Hills. Well, you know she informed me that foul play was indeed involved when it came to that “accident” with your husband. She also stated that before they could even get a warrant or anything of such, you and Donte packed up and moved.

Tyler: Short and sweet, that’s a new style for today’s session! Tyler laughs. Teairra, would you like baby stick?

Teairra: Oh, yes please, because what is she talking about? Teairra takes the smaller stick.

Erica: You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Tyler: See, I can tell healing is happening girls!

Teairra: No, no, no, because why the hell would you believe Angie? Teairra makes a face. Was she in the room with him? Like, let’s be so serious here, I’m his wife, I think I’m more reliable. Erica: More reliable? You’ve always been an alternative facts type of girl, so how could you be reliable? In fact, you hid the whole reason you came to Twitter from the group!

Luciana: Not alternative facts!

Tyler: Now I have to inquire, as the neutral third party who doesn’t have to play stick. How long have the two of you known one another? And Angie who, we may need to subpoena her in her PJs. Tyler laughs as she jokes.

Teairra: When have I not been reliable…Erica please, you’re the same one acting like you haven’t dealt with Devyn, stop it. But back to Tyler!

Erica: Hold it! Hold it! Not back to anybody. What you will NOT do is try to deflect from what the fuck we’re actually talking about here.

Teairra: I’m pointing out when you weren’t reliable, what do you mean? I’m not reliable? You aren’t either. How many different stories were there about you and Devyn? Teairra pauses before answering her own question. Exactly.

Erica: Now you don’t believe me. Exactly, you’re a fake ass bitch. Because you were JUST on my side attacking Devyn about it

Teairra: I was always neutral!

Erica: Now its I’m lying? You’re trying to save your ass here and it’s not working.

Teairra: I believed you until I heard her side! That’s real, is it not?

Erica: This isn’t about DEVYN! It’s about YOU. Erica points at Teairra. YOU!

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Please God Tyler, interject in this shit. It’s fixing to go to hell!

Teairra: Teairra puts her hand up. Oh, shut up, back to the original question, I’ve known Erica for years before any of these ladies. A decade in. Angie is just some messy lady we were friends with.

Erica: Don’t tell me to shut up. If you’re so innocent, why deflect and not answer questions about it? Grace, did you not ask about the situation?

Grace: I did, yes.

Teairra: Teairra makes a face. The problem is…you’re asking the same questions, bitch! I already answered it

Erica: Wait, wait, who you calling a bitch???

Teairra: I’m calling YOU a bitch!

Tyler: Okay, before we let this healing marinate.

Erica: No, you’re a bitch, bitch!

Tyler: I must pass Miss Erica the baby talking stick to fully heal us here.

Billie: Everyone’s bitches!!

Devyn: Ain’t that the truth Billie.

Teairra: This is just all so fake. Teairra laughs. I can’t.

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: OH God. Is healing really taking place? I just agreed with Billie. What did Tyler put in this drink?

Teairra: Can we move on to somebody else? We’re talking in circles and it’ll go left. Maybe Grace since she has a lot to say.

Erica: Exactly. I don’t want this stick to magically fly across the room.

Teairra: I just feel like the fake kumbaya shit isn’t working.

Luciana: If people owned their shit, maybe it would work.

Billie: Teairra, YOU’RE not being receptive to it.

Teairra: Teairra waves her hand at the girls talking to her. Oh, save it! I don’t care.

Tyler: Amen, Teairra said it best, save the hatred for somewhere else, we are healing. Tyler winks at Teairra and then turns to Grace. Grace, would you like the stick next since I heard you speak up?

Grace: Sure. Grace holds the stick. What am I doing?

Tyler: Grace, since I showed up here, I’ve heard a lot about your book. Your question from what I understand among everyone is this, “are you qualified to write a book on overcoming life’s shit? Can you overcome it?

Grace: Well, who can tell another person they can’t write a book? I’m qualified and then some.

Luciana: WHO here thinks Grace should not be writing a book?

Tyler: Well, the question wasn’t can you write, the question was are you qualified to write it.

Billie: Billie laughs. Tyler Newman!!

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Overcoming what though is the question.

Tyler: Well, the gist I’ve received from the circle… Tyler motions her hands to everyone. Is that the book is about having overcome life’s obstacles. So, my question was has she overcome them to write it.

Grace: It’s already half written and it’s changing me. It was about having it all, but I’m slowly realizing that I don’t have it all. And I have come to realize, it’s hard to actually have it all if that makes sense. I’m actually a very lonely, sad person at times, and I hope this book opens me up to new ways of expressing, being and loving. I’m very qualified Tyler.

Teairra: Teairra widens her eyes and laughs. Oh wow.

Tyler: Tyler nods. Got it, congrats then. Would anyone like to respond before we go to Miss Donatella?

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: Grace makes a face. What a self-righteous bitch!

Grace: I’m going to make sure you all get a copy.

Tyler: Tyler smiles. I can’t wait for that day.

Teairra: I’ll happily send it back in the mail. Teairra mumbles.

Erica: Oh wow! This is my type of peaceful.

Billie: I’m ready to hear what Olive Garden has to say! She likes to write checks her cash register can’t cash!

Tyler: Luciana, you have the simplest question of them all! Tyler laughs as she takes the stick from Grace and hands it to Luciana. Are you ready for it?

Luciana: Me?! I’m ready sweetie!

Tyler: Now get for, this is a doozy…how could you pretend you didn’t know me yesterday? Tyler laughs as a flashback plays to Luci reintroducing herself to Tyler.

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Is Tyler surprised she doesn’t recall? She’s almost 80 years old, like come on!

Luciana: Tyler, my dear, when did I meet you last!?

Tyler: On my talk show, multiple times! Tyler laughs. Shirtless men, free booze, ring any bells? But maybe that’s just a Tuesday for ya!

Luciana: Oh!!!!! That show! I totally forgot. You always reminded me of a glamours peacock. I think back when I did your sure, I was on the sauce a little too much.

Tyler: Tyler laughs. We always kept it flowing for you!

Devyn: She was an addict, Ty. She’s now in recovery.

Tyler: Tyler makes an awkward face. Well…we gave it to her just the same.

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: I’ve think I’ve said enough about Luci and her problems. I’ll sit this one out. Erica smiles.

Tyler: Well ladies, don’t you think we’re all healed? Tyler grins as she looks around the room.

Grace: Grace gets up. Cheers, thanks a lot!

Billie: I think this is the best we are going to get. Billie raises her champagne flute. Now, can I sleep in the other bedroom Tyler?

Luciana: Let’s get some drinks flowing, shall we?

Tyler: Cheers Ladies, to healing! Tyler winks. Now, there’s Ubers waiting for those of you I don’t know. Tyler laughs. That includes those things! Tyler points at the cameras and laughs. Adios Cameras!

Teairra: I brought my car! Teairra laughs and finishes her drink.

Devyn: Thanks for tonight Tyler. It had been great having you back in town. My lovely Eskimo sister. Devyn blows Tyler a kiss.

Tyler: It’s always great seeing my Dev and my B! And it was great to meet all of you!

Teairra: This was…cute! I think I held my composure. Teairra smiles.

We then watch as all the Ladies, except Billie, exit Tyler’s suite…

Billie: Well, I think having you back in town is what this group needed! Are you free in a few months when it all goes to shit again? Billie laughs and hugs Tyler.

Tyler: Tyler laughs with Billie. You haven’t seen today’s bill for therapy yet.

As Tyler and Billie are seen laughing and chatting, the camera fades out to a shot of the Twitter skyline as the scene and episode end.

Next time on Ladies of Twitter…Grace and Erica catch up with Leila and take some time to dish gossip. Teairra invites Devyn to a modeling shoot to catch up and get better acquainted. Harlow invites Luciana and Billie to her office to discuss the group, and how she feels the Ladies have been with her divorce. Harlow invites the entire group to a jewelry preview for her newest collection, and as the group reunites for the first time since Martha’s Vineyard, new tensions emerge among the Ladies.

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