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Ladies of Twitter
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Dramatic music plays as we hear Andy Cohen’s voice and see shots of the Ladies of Twitter walking onto the stage as the reunion begins, before the quickly pans out to a shot of all eight cast members on the stage…

Reunion Stage and Seating

Andy: Tonight, the Ladies sit down for an EPIC two-part reunion special!

The scene then transitions as we see the Ladies arguing as the camera focuses in on Grace as she argues with some of the Ladies…

Grace: I think I tried Andy, but they’re so easy to come for me when I speak up!

Billie: It’s how you go about speaking up Grace.

Erica: Grace, just face it, you’re messy! Own that and we will ALL move on! Erica laughs.

Grace: They make me the scapegoat for their wrongdoings!

Devyn: Not Grace playing the victim.


Grace: Sure, I’m messy, I’ll own that. But what I don’t do Andy is lie!

Billie: Your apologies end in “I’m sorry but!” Billie shrugs. And SEE, you just did it again.

Andy: Well, wouldn’t that mess be why these Ladies get upset? How is that scapegoating?

Grace: They’re upset with me if I breathe, Andy, let’s be real! It’s bad for me to be messy, but what about everyone else? Come on!

The scene then transitions as we see the camera pan to Billie then Devyn as dramatic music plays…

Andy: What caused you both to grow to…hate each other that much?

Grace: A storyline was needed, no?


Devyn: I just think disliking me became easy for her with the company she was keeping.

Billie: She wasn’t the friend I thought of her to be at the time. I didn’t care for how she treated Erica especially. That was her best friend and it made me wonder if she would do it to her, was I next?

Devyn: The issue was hard to pinpoint at first, but after Billie lied about me trying to sleep with her, there were valid reasons.

Leila: Billie had clearly chosen a side in the Erica and Devyn feud and I think, correct me if I’m wrong, Dev, you were hurt by that…


Billie: Which I’d like to say was a blatant lie that I told. I was hurt, and I was trying to hurt you at that point. But Devyn, I’m hurt by you for talking about that suit on camera. You knew about that since the beginning and talked about that. Just so everyone knows. I’m the plaintiff in the lawsuit. Not something I really wanted to disclose or talk about.

Devyn: Yes, I did reveal that. It was hitting the papers the next day. Billie, I’m sorry you were hurt. I didn’t give TMZ the quote they were looking for about it though.

Andy: Andy’s eyes widen. Hold on, you’re the plaintiff?


We then watch as the scene shifts, and we see the group discussing Teairra and her husband…

Erica: I mean he did kill somebody, no?

Teairra: But that wasn’t the way you blurted it out. You made it seem bigger than what it was!

Leila: The cover up is worse than the crime though…

Erica: And they were saying it was murder, hence why you were off in the corner like Harlow quiet for the first part of the season because you didn’t want anyone to know. You made it bigger than it was by hiding it.


Teairra: I was escaping that part of my life! If I don’t want to speak on it, I don’t HAVE to! Who are y’all to me?

Billie: Well, it’s public records so it can be common knowledge to anyone.

Teairra: And did anybody do the research?

Leila: Your bank records are public knowledge anyone can look them up. The story was that your husband KILLED somebody. Whether it was intentional or not. And had to move from all the criticism and the legal bills draining your account.


Teairra: Girl, you just be pulling shit out of your ass, not one person besides you has ever said some shit like that. Get real, my husband is rich and so am I!

Leila: He’s an intern because he overdosed a patient with the wrong meds, and he got his license revoked. NOW THAT is the story!

We then watch as a production assistant wheels out a video monitor for the group to watch and we see Amal Hadid pop up on the screen with a prerecorded video for the Ladies…

Amal Video Footage

Amal: Well, we all know Grace has few friends. She can probably count her friends on one hand and that includes her daughter. Half the time, I don’t think Billie knows what she’s saying. She’s had a career as a C-list actress in Hollywood and you know those soap stars love their cocaine and things of that nature, so I don’t know. Amal shrugs. Harlow was kind of just there, which seems to be her running theme this season, but I did like what she said in later episodes about that Erica.

Billie: Billie rolls her eyes. Why are we giving her a platform?

Harlow: Harlow whispers to Grace. Oh, this is getting serious!

Erica: I won’t sit here and listen to this Shamu try and get more time on this show. Erica looks over at Andy. Are we really doing this?

Teairra: Oh, get her off the screen! BOOOOOO!

The camera then transitions as we watch the cameras focus in on Harlow…

Andy: Any spousal support for your soon-to-be ex-husband? I assume he still works at a Walgreens.

Harlow: Well, he’s unemployed now after this show. He does come from a VERY high-profile family here in Twitter, so I bet his father is still funding him some paychecks. Harlow smirks.

Leila: Then why the hell was he working at Walgreens if his family’s rich? It ain’t adding up!


Harlow: He’s very high profile! He wanted to actually experience what a real-life person did! So, I guess he decided to see Walgreens as the path to go.

Erica: I’m sorry that Leila and I were the only ones with enough balls to ask questions to her face.

Harlow: Oh, shut up!

Erica: Girl, you shut up, like you did the whole season bitch. Did Billie and Teairra bring you a new battery today? Because you’re gonna need it!

Harlow: You’re just one nosey ass bitch!

Leila: Maybe she shouldn’t have cheated on her husband and then she could’ve been more open. Leila shrugs.


As the camera pans to a furious Harlow, the scene shifts once more as we hear tense music…

Andy: Luciana, your restaurant burnt down as well this season, capping off a difficult year for you. We saw police come in and ask to…question you. Could you enlighten us on why they did this? Andy nervously laughs.

Luciana: Well ladies, I need to be honest about something… this year I’ve had trouble with money. I was feeling very trapped and in a lot of debt. Credit card companies calling me nonstop…

Erica: So, you were the one who set your restaurant on fire? To get some money?


Devyn: This is a well concocted lie. Girl, we know you’re an arsonist, and you had your mob friends help you burn it down. Then blame ME. You old bitch.

Luciana: I was trapped. I had no other choice in my mind!

Teairra: And where did that get you exactly? Teairra looks over at Luciana. Maybe a job would’ve been a little better of an option, I don’t know…

Luciana: It was a desperate act. I have taken blame and I will be going away…


As the camera pans around the group’s shocked reactions before the scene shifts once more and we see Devyn and Erica…

Devyn: Let’s me real, you only told your husband about the flirting, and made it seem to be more on me than you, because you were unsure what would be aired during Legends.

Erica: Clearly, you’ve been hanging around that dingy girl right next to you because what’s not clicking for you? My husband knew we flirted… he watched the show.

Devyn: Alcohol doesn’t turn you into a creep. Maybe for some people, but not for me.

Erica: I didn’t say you were a creep, but drunken actions are sober thoughts hunny.


Devyn: Your husband was an asshole to you who acted like you didn’t exist. Then, you got pregnant. That’s the true tea. You wouldn’t have been flirting with me across Europe if everything was good at home.

Erica: Erica sits up in her seat. You’ve talked about my family every chance you got, and I have yet to bring up yours.

The camera then transitions once more as we see Erica and Billie standing in a dressing room with Grace…

Grace: You’re calling me broke, an old lady, saying I have no businesses, I don’t pay contractors? And you haven’t even read my book?

Erica: Erica turns her back to Grace and looks in the mirror as she gets touched up. Well, you were all those things…it’s all true.

Grace Backstage

As the camera shows Grace enraged with the Ladies, the screen fades to black.

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