Season 16, Episode 11: “Questionable Games”

Ladies of Twitter
32 min readJan 30, 2024

As the episode begins and the main title card fades from the screen, we see shots of Twitter’s beach as the sun is shown rising and the day begins. We hear upbeat music as we see Grace speaking with a co-worker followed by a shot of Teairra as she enters the recording studio. We then watch as the camera pans in on Billie’s beachside home where we see her looking through her wine fridge as Erica walks up to the door and the scene begins…

Billie’s Confessional: Today I decided me and my girl Erica needed some time together just us girls away from the group! I need to know what’s really going on with her marriage and I need to let her in on what’s going on with the lawsuit!

Erica: Erica is shown walking towards the door and ringing the doorbell, looking in the house. MS REEED IM HOMEEE!

Erica’s Confessional: When Billie sent the text about a girl’s day with just us? I was beyond ecstatic, I mean I think I replied within .05 secs with an immediate yes. Being away from the group and just being with a true friend is all I really need at the moment.

Billie: Girl, come on in! Don’t you LOVE the new place? I figure it has enough room for me, you and the crew! Billie laughs.

Erica: Erica walks in. This is niceeee, it’s so chic to me!

Billie: Thank you sister! I’m still got some stuff to unpack! Let’s sit out on the balcony and have a bottle of wine!

Erica: My favorite word! Well, one of my favorite words. The other one is nicely rolled in my purse here.

Billie: Perfect, take it out that purse and let’s lite it up before we drink!

Billie’s Confessional: Listen weed is legal in Twitter and me and Erica originally bonded over our love for weed so it’s only natural we smoke when we get together. Even on cast trips we go buy our own to deal with these bitches. Billie laughs.

Erica: Erica takes out her joint and lights it. This is such an amazing view.

Billie: So, have you talked to any of the ladies since Devyn’s gala? That was a shit show if I must say!

Erica: The only ones I’ve heard from were you and Amal. Teairra is ignoring my calls for some reason. How about you?

Billie: I’ve just talked to you of course, Kaylani and Amal. It was a sad night for Teairra if I’m being honest. That was humiliating for her to find out her husband was let go from the hospital!

Erica: I think Devyn was 100% in the wrong and it was just so calculated of her to do that. That’s why I was calling Teairra to check up on her but I think she’s over the group at the moment.

Billie: I’ve texted Teairra and didn’t get anything either and she’s usually really good about texting me. We may just need to go over there and check on her. I’m sure she feels blind-sided by the group! Which I’m with you, Devyn still should’ve handled the situation privately especially if that’s her so called “friend.”

Erica: I honestly believe Devyn did that as retaliation. She invited both Donte and Teairra to humiliate them and to then have Donte escorted out? That was just very tacky and left me in disgust with the doctor.

Billie: Retaliation for what though Erica, do you know something I don’t? Teairra hasn’t done anything to that damn doctor!

Erica’s Confessional: After Devyn’s Gala, my feelings for Devyn has once again went back to how I viewed her last year. She’s calculated, a liar and she’ll do anything to try and humiliate a “friend”. She gives me the ick hunny, real bad ick.

Erica: Well, that part, I don’t know? I’m honestly just trying to put the pieces together myself because if she’s not attacking Teairra, then she’s attacking you.

Billie: I think Devyn, is having some deeper problems going on that we all aren’t aware of because why does she keep gunning for her friends!? She and I were on a better path and Teairra hasn’t done anything to her. So, between me, you, Harlow, Grace, and Teairra she is burning her bridges in this group.

Erica: I feel like it’s because she forced herself back in that marriage with that man. She’s never been happy with him, let alone been truly happy with a man. Erica shakes her head and passes the blunt to Billie.

Billie: Billie takes a hit. So, girl, speaking of marriages…let’s talk about what’s really going on between you and Robert… How are you really doing since the blogs have reported Robert was out with the other woman?

Erica: I honestly don’t know where I am with my feelings. I feel like I’m so used to closing myself off with everything that it’s all coming back, being a full-time mom and entrepreneur, you have no time for personal stuff, you know? But it’s really been so hard coping with all of this. And then to just continue finding our more information just overwhelms me at time. If it wasn’t for my kid, I think I would be a wreck.

Billie: Erica… Billie looks at her with tears in her eyes. I am so sorry that you are going through this. When I first met you, you were an advocate for mental health and you helped me find peace within myself. So, I want to be that champion for you. This is the last thing I would’ve ever expected from Robert especially all the shit you got from his family!

Erica: No, don’t cry. If you cry, I’ll cry. Erica laughs. I feel like I lost myself a little when I said I do. Between having chance, stopping therapy and even neglecting my business a bit, I’ve kind of lost me in a sense and honestly having that panic attack was my realization of that. And I just didn’t see this in him Billie, I didn’t. And the fact that his mom has been checking in on me, she didn’t even see this coming.

Billie: Oh god here comes the water works. Erica, I hate to even hear you say that you feel like you’ve lost yourself in your marriage that you worked so hard for makes me devastated. I know there’s light at the end of this tunnel waiting for you but I don’t want you to get yourself in a dark hole that you can’t get out of! Billie looks shocked. His mom has been reaching out to you, now that is shocking as hell. But I’m glad she understands how shitty her son is being!

Erica’s Confessional: Honestly, I feel like once I officially became a Dalio everything changed for me. Between the family drama, stepping away from my brand, and just the internal mental health situations I always advocate for, I lost myself. So, then you look back at the marriage and then you wonder, was this really happiness? Or were we just in a long honeymoon phase.

Erica: Oh Billie, no. Erica laughs with tears in her eyes. I’m trying and honestly Chance is the reason I continue to fight, I have to be strong for my son, you know? Imma get through this.

Billie’s Confessional: I see myself in Erica 9 seasons ago when I just married Harry and I got so lost in him that I became a bitter and angry person once we got a divorce. I just don’t want that for Erica because whether she portrays it or not she actually is the sweetest and most compassionate human being.

Erica: I was shocked that she’s actually team Erica, I think she’s just so in love with Chance.

Billie: Well, you and Chance always have a place here at Case del Billie! I’ll make sure I stay stocked up on snacks!

Erica: You know Chance loves his Auntie! Erica laughs.

Billie: I was going to give you an update on the lawsuit too, I know we haven’t talked about it in a while!

Erica: I was just going to ask about that, I know you’ve been being such a good friend to me and my issues but you have issues going on as well So I’m all ears! What’s going on?

Billie: So, my attorneys have done all they can for me, and honestly I’m exhausted, they’re exhausted. It’s just a case that has been looming over my head for months now. I’m ready to close this chapter but it could come at a cost. So my attorneys told me that I had two options. Withdrawal from my lawsuit and receive a HUGE check and still have my acting career OR take this to trial and possibly lose everything including this home, and my acting career. My attorneys told me since this is a huge production company, I’m going against that they could blacklist me in the acting world.

Erica: That is so exhausting. You know I know how long and disgusting those battles are but how do you feel about these options? Like are you actually weighing option 1?

Billie: I’m leaning more so towards that one because all I have ever known is acting and it’s like what will I do if that’s over? I have been a nervous wreck over this whole situation. I’ve received death threats. You name it, it’s probably happened to me. I just want this all to go away

Erica: Now the first thing, I’m going to say to you is when did you become such a punk ass bitch? No, but in better terms, when have you Billie LIPS WERE MADE FOR TALKING Reed ever backed down from a fight?

Billie begins to cry again…

Erica: I know acting is such a comfortable and at home position for you; however, take it from someone who didn’t tell anyone about my sexual assault. My sister was affected after me from it. That’s probably the one moment I’ll always regret because I got my sister hurt in a way. You’re one of the strongest women I know and if anyone can take them down, it’s you. Just because one seems easy doesn’t mean it’s going to give you peace.

Billie: See, this is why I needed to talk you, you always know how to boost my confidence! I am a fighter and I always fight for what’s right to me, so this should be no different! When I tried talking to Devyn about this a while back, she said I just needed to give it up and take the money and never look back!

Billie’s Confessional: See this is why I love Erica. She’s a realist and she always has a way of putting things in perspective for me! These lips were made for talking and that’s just what they’re going to do! I need to share my truth so maybe I can help someone else down the road.

Erica: And you know, I got your back 100% along the way. Plus I have Diane Dalio in my pocket now. Erica laughs. I dare a bitch send another death threat. Oo girl, Devyn just really gives me the ick. I can’t do her girl. I just can’t.

Billie: That’s right and I got your back until the end Erica, seriously! You are my girl! These girls tried to break us up but it only made our bond stronger! Frick and Frack until the end. Let’s kill this other bottle of wine I bought from a winery up the street! We got some other stuff to cuss and discuss without these cameras. Billie whispers. I’m seeing someone. I’ll tell you later!

Erica’s Confessional: Honestly, seeing what Billie is going through just reminds me of what happened my first year in Twitter with my uncle. She’s really a force to be reckon with and I would never want to see a lady that strong succumb to scum like that, EVER. If anything, Billie is truly a sister and seeing her get her confidence back just gives me mine.

Erica: Bitch to the end!

Billie’s Confessional: Listen you need friends like Erica that can relate to going through shit in life with. Most of these girls have first world problems and me and Erica are having real world problems. So, I’m glad that Erica and I can be a shoulder to lean on for one another during our difficult times. Everyone needs an Érica just not mine.

As the scene pans out, we shift as we hear a slower beat as we pan to Grace’s podcast studio where we see her sitting with headphones on talking as a producer nods along. We then see the camera pan as glitter flashes across the screen and we see Elle Stonewood strut her way into the studio and speak with a receptionist as we begin….

Grace’s Confessional: I’m having a lot of personal things happen, I don’t feel like the girls are there for me, or even anyone to be honest. I’m at work and told an old friend and former enemy for lunch at my offices, let’s see what she thinks about all this.

Elle: I’m here to see Grace Whitworth! One of Grace’s assistants escorts me to Grace’s office as Elle holds up a bottle of bubbles and Ben & Jerry’s. I came in peace!

Grace: Grace claps. She’s here! Yay.

Elle: How are you darling? Elle takes a seat.

Grace: It’s so nice of you to come here I know you’re busy, thank you. I’m alright, I’m alright.

Elle: Thank you for having me! It looks amazing in here!

Grace: Grace lets out a big sigh. Well, we need to have you on the podcast!

Elle: Yes, you do! I’ve been meaning to send you my availability, I’m so sorry! Work is crazy right now!

Grace: How is everything going? How’re the kids?

Elle: Work has me in a chokehold. Elle laughs. But I get my breaks where I can! They’re amazing! Lily’s at camp and Jack just got back from camp, we’re taking our final family trip of the summer to Lake Como this week! How are you how’s the housing market, and the new podcast too, how fun!?

Grace: Oh lovely! Grace sips on champagne. Well work is good, steady, I moved into my new home I built.

Elle: Oh, it’s finished? We’ll have to do dinner! I’ll bring my chef! Elle laughs.

Grace: Podcast is doing well too, I just don’t think the same can be said for me and some of our girlfriends. Grace pops a bottle of SPARKLE. Here’s my champagne too, I’ve been meaning to send you. Tell me what you think.

Elle: Oh, you know me so well! Elle pours them both glasses and spills a little. Oops! Well, spill about the girls like I just did these bubbles! Elle takes a sip. Oooo so smooth it’s lovely!

Grace’s Confessional: Elle and I have a great friendship, we’re not best friends but we respect each other and have come a long way. She’s a great girl, I have a lot of time for someone who just tells me the truth.

Grace: Cheers darling. So, yeah, the girls. Have you spoke to any of them recently?

Elle: I got drinks with Erica, some dinners with Amal, and I’ve been texting with Billie but she’s so busy, OH and I met Harlow finally at a jewelry expo! She was lovely I got a gorgeous diamond necklace from her line! But I don’t know much because they don’t tell me much.

Grace: Billie and I have gone nuclear, Amal is also coming for my neck. It’s a turbulent time, I have this lawsuit, I was telling you about,

Elle: Yes, I remember how is that? Hopefully getting cleared soon!

Grace: I’m not talking to some people who are close to me, It’s a lot. So, before Luci went away, she didn’t pay our vendors and I stupidly let her deal with everything. Close to a million dollars I’ve spent but there’s no going back now, I’ll be having a launch soon you’ll have to come. But yeah, the girls are just spewing lies, telling me I have no friends and just not really being there for me.

Elle: Oh my God, how awful. This is why I never do business with friends I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’ll definitely be supporting the launch and promoting it gorgeous!

Grace: I’ve been dating this porn star too. Grace laughs. Honestly, Elle, my life is crazy at the moment.

Elle: Elle chokes on champagne. Oh my! Well! At least you’re satisfied in the right places! No, but I’m sorry all this is happening. What do you think sparked the issues with you and the girls? The root I should say.

Grace: Billie said things like I don’t belong in the group.

Elle: I saw those interviews, yes. Elle frowns.

Grace: Well, Amal and I our issues sparked because she said I wasn’t there for her. When I was, she’s mad I chose to distance myself. Billie was speaking about me to the press and I said stop, and it just started this war,

Elle: With Amal, she’s very delicate, I’ve spoken to her slightly and I think she just needs to feel appreciated and valued at all times, and maybe your distance made her feel abandoned. Maybe she felt how you did about Luci you know?

Grace: I see that and I tried to fix it, but she won’t hear me. She isn’t interested, she’s just running her mouth about me constantly.

Elle: Have you tried one on one with her, none of these other girls chirping in? We know this group loves a good squak!

Grace: Well yeah, Billie and I just trade insults it never gets anywhere. Have any of the girls told you anything about me recently? I know you’d tell me.

Elle: Well, Billie actually told me something, and I don’t know if it’s true so I do want to ask you directly because you know I go to the source!

Grace: Ask me anything. Should we be podcasting this?

Elle: I don’t think you wanna air this before speaking to the girls about it.. it’s uhm… below the belt.

Grace: Well, what is it Elle? C’mon.

Elle: Basically, Billie heard from Amal that there’s a rumor in Twitter circulating that your daughter, I’m going to say allegedly because I don’t want any implications in this, that she won’t speak to you because you cheated her out of the podcast to get more money. Elle shrugs.

Grace: What? Are you serious? They said that?

Elle: Elle nods. Amal did apparently, I didn’t hear it so it’s hearsay but that’s the rumor.

Grace’s Confessional: I’m like in shock that this is being said, it’s false, and it’s a complete fabrication. What is happening here?

Grace: There are some issues with my daughter. But it’s not anything like that.

Elle: I’m not going to pry but I will say, fix whatever the issue is with your daughter before these women. These women are not your priority, nor should they be your burden. Elle takes Grace’s hands. Families the most important thing especially a mother daughter relationship. I wish I could have spoken to my mom before she passed.

Grace: Grace looks at the cameras. I don’t want to film this anymore, okay, I’ve had enough. Elle, I love you but this is too much, I don’t want to talk about my daughter. Grace tears up. It’s like enough already.

Elle: I get it, I’ll back off completely.

Grace: They hate me then they hate me, but I’m not doing that.

Grace’s Confessional: They want to have a war? Then let’s have a war

Grace: Elle, let me take you for lunch.

Elle: Yes lets, and get these mics off so we can hit Neiman’s and I don’t get in trouble with Chris over the bill!

Grace: Let’s go, cameras off guys I’m serious! Enough.

As cameras quickly leave Grace’s podcast studio, we hear tense music play as we watch Kaylani walking up to a cryotherapy studio and make her way into a private room where she changes into her robe. Just then, the cameras shift as we watch Teairra pull up outside the studio…

Kaylani’s Confessional: Today I invited my girl Tea-irra to get the latest tea on the gala event and I also didn’t like how things was done as well so hopefully we can talk about it and also cool down after the last gathering cause she definitely needs it.

Teairra: Teairra walks in slowly. Hello, hello! Teairra looks around. What is this honey?

Kaylani: Kaylani jumps up smiling at Teairra before hugging her. Hey girl you look fabulous as always.

Teairra: Hey Kay! You do as well. How have you been?

Kaylani: I’ve been good love…how have you been?

Teairra: Well… Teairra laughs. I’ve been very iffy but I’m okay for now chile.

Kaylani: Well, I brought you here because i think me and you could cool down a little and it’s good for the body as well it’s called cryogenic therapy. You ever heard of it?

Teairra: Oh honey, absolutely not! Have you done this before? Is it safe?

Kaylani: Yes, I do this all the time especially with the stress with my husband, so yes of course I do it.

Teairra: You’re having stress about your husband too? Okay so I’m not alone! I’m ready for it, we need to talk anyway,

Kaylani: Okay, so first you have to get naked and get in the tube thingy but girl it’s cold as hell.

Teairra: Let me get undressed in the corner chile. Teairra laughs and goes to corner undressing and hops in quickly. Oh my God … Teairra screams. Okay! I think I got it. And you do this often?! Girl, I’m turning into a icicle.

Kaylani: I love, love, love this so get in so we can get into some things to take our minds off this coldness.

Teairra: Right, girl…last time we saw each other was a hot mess, I wish I was able to say goodbye to some people but I was just over it!

Kaylani: Yes, you didn’t say goodbye to me. But tell me how do you feel after the last time we saw each other.

Teairra: I feel like, it was an ambush because honestly I thought everybody was leaving that fired issue behind us, due to it being pushed under the rug a while ago…now all of a sudden it’s a hot topic again? It was just weird to me. I don’t really have issues with anyone asking questions, but Devyn? Oh she pushed it, that was her last straw with me.

Teairra’s Confessional: Devyn has a history of befriending people, being the coolest girl you can meet and then suddenly you’re put on blast, embarrassed in front of the group and she plays like she’s the victim, it’s annoying she needs to realize she’s the problem. I see what the girls were saying now, 100%.

Teairra: She most definitely did, her and her sketchy team, but it’s not just that it’s the fact that she was the host and it was a gala for her apparently and she brings this to a gala? Like clearly the bitch doesn’t know the time and place for anything.

Kaylani: I feel you on that when I saw that he was asked to leave my jaw dropped to the floor but I want you to be honest with me do you believe your husband is telling the truth about what happened cause I’ve heard two different stories on his firing.

Kaylani’s Confessional: I do think that Devyn could’ve handled thing differently but it is her gala and she probably didn’t want to deal with it who knows.

Teairra: He didn’t even tell me anything about him being fired which is the crazy thing, all he told me was it was a complicated situation the night of the situation when we got home. So, now I’m just as lost as everyone else.

Teairra’s Confessional: And if he did fired… so what people get new jobs every day! That resume is long honey, he’ll get a new one.

Kaylani: So, do you think he got fired do you think he’s be entirely honest with you?

Kaylani’s Confessional: I’m asking Teairra these questions but it seems as if she doesn’t know herself, like how do you sleep with a man every night and not know his full truth?

Teairra: Eventually I’ll get the truth, but either way I think he’ll be good he’s told me plenty stories about that janky hospital anyways and I bet you Devyn won’t speak on that though.

Kaylani: Well, honestly, I think the whole situation is cloudy and shady and so I don’t know do you think you and Devyn is at the point of no return after this?

Teairra: As of right now, absolutely… I wouldn’t say no return but she’s definitely going to hear what I have to say because that was a weird setup.

Teairra’s Confessional: Devyn wanted to try and embarrass me but won’t speak on why she’s ACTUALLY getting promotions at that hospital she’s working at, but trust and believe it’ll be out on the forefront. Let’s have the Embarrassment Olympics.

Kaylani: How do you feel about the other ladies questioning you about it?

Teairra: I was lost at first, like why are they asking me these questions but it kinda made sense by the end of the night. Like literally everyone knew I was coming so it was clear they wanted this to happen, that’s why I felt set up. How do you feel about it?

Kaylani: I think I was feeling the same way the other girls was feeling, I wanted to know because there’s a lot of different viewpoints to the story so I think it was us trying to get to know the situation better because Devyn made it seem as though he was lying and was a 100% fired.

Teairra: Teairra nods. And I get your point of view, it’s all just a lot going on for me once again. I feel out the loop and hit off guard but I will definitely have that conversation with my man and get to the bottom of it in depth, we only touched the surface of it.

Kaylani: That’s good, I feel the same with my husband at times. I have to question the things he does as well so just tell him to be open with you and honest.

Teairra: Of course! You know what this little place actually just brought some relief or maybe its just my body going numb. Teairra laughs.

Kaylani: Kaylani gets out, putting her clothes on. I’m glad it did Teairra and just know if you need another day like this let me know girl, and I want to tell you that you can always be open with me about it. I’m here for you.

Teairra: Well, you know you’re one of the few ladies I trust in this group. Teairra gets out and gets dressed. So, we can always have a good conversation, we definitely need to catch up more! There’s a couple coffee spots nearby we can go to.

Kaylani: YES, we definitely need some hot coffee after this cold shit. Kaylani laughs. Let’s go one.

As the Ladies walk out of the cryotherapy studio, the camera pans out as we see the city skyline of Twitter on a beautiful and sunny day. The camera then pans up to the sun before shifting to several days later where we focus in on Amal’s home in the Twitter Hills. We watch as Amal is seen putting the finishing touches on her game night. We see food, drinks, and games laid throughout the home, before the camera pans to Amal and Tommy who stand in the kitchen…

Tommy: I don’t get why I have to leave.

Amal: Look, I know this living situation with us isn’t working right now but I’ve invited my friends over and I don’t want them to see this. Amal gestures at Tommy and herself.

Tommy: Whatever. Tommy leaves and slams the door behind him.

Amal rolls her eyes as she puts the finishing touches on the charcuterie board…

Amal’s Confessional: Things at home with Tommy haven’t been great so I decided to invite the girls over for a little games night. I just need some fun.

We then watch as the Ladies begin to filter in one by one and greet one another with smiles, hugs, and shots as they laugh and try to enjoy the night with clear tensions in the air. We then watch as the last of the ladies arrive and take a seat in Amal’s living room…

Amal: So ladies, if we can all take a seat. I have a little game I want us to play!! Amal grabs a bowl on the coffee table. Okay girlies, so in this bowl are a bunch of question. I want each of us to read out a question and then say who it relates to. Easy, right? I’ll start.

The camera pans around the group as we see many skeptical faces…

Amal: Amal pulls out a question, reads it and giggles. Okay, so my question is, “Who do you think has had the wildest sex most recently?” Amal looks up and laughs. I’m going to say Gracie. I can only assume riding that big dick man comes with more than just a few wild antics. Amal laughs.

Billie: I’m going to say Teairra and Donte! They probably had some wild sex after the other night. Billie smirks.

Teairra’s Confessional: Now Amal knows damn well this game might end in a bloodbath and that’s what I love about her! She doesn’t care if her house got torn to shreds she likes to take risks! Teairra snaps.

Devyn: He has all the time in the world. But it’s definitely Grace.

Kaylani: I would say Grace and her 10-inch pole that everybody as probably already took a ride on.

Teairra: Well yes Billie, I did! But I would say Grace as well.

Grace: Grace laughs. Why do you think I wobbled in here?

Erica: So, everyone agrees it’s Grace? If it’s not Grace, it’s me and my rose hunny.

Billie’s Confessional: I feel bad for the guy that grace is fucking. I mean It’s got to be drier than a desert in there.

Amal’s Confessional: Me just picturing Grace with her legs spread from East to West is enough to make me join a convent.

Grace: Do I get to go then? Amal hands Grace the bowl and Grace picks out a card. Okay, let’s see here. Oh, this is a good one! Whose daughter isn’t talking to them over an apparent dodgy business deal? Grace looks to Amal.

Amal: Amal’s eyes widen. That isn’t a question I wrote down.

Grace: No, it’s not, you’re right Amal. But a little birdy told me it’s apparently me. And everyone’s talking about it.

Amal: Wow… Amal pauses. Very creative question asking.

Grace: So, I can put your minds at rest that it’s not true, and shame on you Amal for spewing that disgusting nonsense

Devyn: Oh… Sorry to hear that, Grace. Who’s next?

Amal: It’s not true? Are you sure about that?

Erica’s Confessional: Who is everyone? I think I heard about this one time and that was literally the only time. Girl, gone.

Amal’s Confessional: Grace picked the wrong day to start with me. I’ve got a lot going on with Tommy and I’m trying to host a fun girl’s night. The bitch has now pissed me off.

Grace: Elle told me that she heard from Billie what you have been saying about my daughter. How dare you!

Amal: Elle? What the hell does Elle have to do with this?

Grace: I had lunch with her, who told me what you’ve been talking about. Should we bring up your issues? Where’s your man?

Amal’s Confessional: For those of you watching at home, Elle was a former Lady of Twitter turned talk show panelist. The last you saw us, we weren’t getting along but apparently she’s back to cause some mess. Thank you, Elle. Amal blows a kiss at the camera.

Billie: Billie whispers to Erica. Pass me that bottle.

Grace’s Confessional: I don’t want to ruin everyone’s night but the rage in me is so intense I can’t help but say something.

Grace: Don’t talk about my daughter. EVER!

Devyn: Can game night continue? No offense, but I thought we were trying to get a reprieve from family and life issues tonight.

Amal: Amal raises her eyebrows. My husband was just here. He left. We speak though. I know that’s a unique thing for you…you know, given the current state of your relationship with your child.

Grace: Grace takes a shot. And he’ll continue to leave. We all know what happened in Dubai Amal! Let’s not pretend like you’re a victim here.

Amal: Girl, don’t be mad at me because your relationship with your only child has gone to shit over a podcast with one episode.

Billie: Devyn, can you ask the next question?

Grace: Anyway Devyn doesn’t want me to speak so you can continue playing your little game. Grace passes the bowl.

Amal: Amal sits up in her seat. No, not next question. What happened in Dubai, Grace?

Devyn: Devyn pulls a question and reads. Good question: who would you play Amazing Race with?

Grace: Devyn, stop talking for a second. Amal, you’ve not been having an affair with someone in Dubai?

Billie: Devyn, you’re being told by our teacher to be quiet!

Grace: You’ve not been sleeping with a married man?

Devyn: You stop talking Bitch. I don’t care about your child or what happened in Dubai. It’s GAME NIGHT.

Amal: Amal raises her eyebrows. Excuse me?

Grace: You heard me, talk about me and you’ll be sorry.

Devyn’s Confessional: As much sleeping around that Grace does, she wants to talk about who Amal may have slept with? I can’t.

Amal: Listen Grace… Amal gets up from the couch and starts slowly walking over to her. I don’t know what you’ve been hearing or who has been feeding you this information about my life but I would tred very carefully.

Grace: I don’t need to tred light anywhere honey

Amal is seen standing over Grace as tense music plays…

Grace: You want to talk about me I’ll talk about you and your dirty secrets.

Billie: Get her Amal! At this point we can turn game night into fight night!

Erica: I mean she’s right, game night is basically ruined and we barely got through one question. Amal’s about to pounce on you soon.

Amal: You cut your child out of a business deal! You brought her into this podcast partnership only to drop her at the last minute you CONNIVING FUCKING WENCH!


Amal: You deplorable bitch!

Grace: Grace walks to the door. I’ll sue you Keep talking.

Billie: Listen Amal, I would be careful talking about goodness gracious. I hear it’s being invested by the IRS…don’t want you to be subpoenaed into court.

Amal: Amal turns to the other ladies. Ladies, I’m very sorry about my outburst. Let’s get back to the game. For Amazing Race, I’d want to be partnered with Grace so I can shove her off a mountain top.

Teairra: Oh dear! Is she leaving?

Devyn: No offense Amal, but this game night is ruined.

Billie: Amal, you and Grace killed the mood tonight. We all came here on good vibes and you and Grace decided to have a queen off on who’s right.

Erica: It’s clearly a put it on a table party. So let’s just continue doing that.

Grace: Grace peers in. Girls continue your evening. I’m leaving.

Billie: No stay Grace. Why do you get to leave?

Teairra: Why are you leaving Grace?

Erica: Devyn, do you feel as if you’re borderline bullying Teairra?

Billie: ERICA!

Kaylani: Grace, why do everything? You’re starting shit you want to leave I mean if you can’t handle the heat don’t go in the kitchen.

Erica: I’m just asking because what I saw at the Gala the other night was rather distasteful.

Grace: Kaylani I can handle much more than you ever could. I’ll stay.

Teairra: Bullying is a stretch; I can’t be bullied by a woman like her.

Devyn: Teairra is a grown woman. The last thing she is a victim of bullying.

Billie: I would say she was a victim of humiliation. Maybe not bullying.

Kaylani: Apparently not since you’re dealing with more than enough legal issues that you know you can’t handle honey.

Devyn: What’s distasteful is her husband lying to her and her having to find out that way.

Teairra: It was definitely embarrassing.

Erica: Well, you are picking on her. You’ve been coming at your “friend” all year. I just feel like I would never set my friend up to be humiliated in front of a crowd like that.

Amal: Whose been humiliated?

Devyn: But like Grace and Amal didn’t do, I’m here to play games. Not air grievances.

Amal’s Confessional: At this point, no one is playing the game. So why not participate in the mess that is this group of women.

Teairra: Well Devyn, you aren’t quite truthful yourself.

Erica: Well, the game is, why do you always attack your friends? Because, you’ve been doing it since last year. When is enough, enough.

Billie: This is a shit show. Forget Game night. I didn’t realize we were having the circus in Amal’s kitchen tonight!

Devyn: I didn’t want that to happen at the Gala. I apologized to Teairra at the gala and since then.

Amal: Shall we play a game of never have I ever?

Teairra: Girl, cause you know you’re the least trusted in the group, it’s no question there. You didn’t apologize.

Erica: You apologized? You’ve literally made jokes about it tonight.

Amal: Oh, doesn’t matter. Let’s talk about the gala instead.

Devyn: I did apologize. Also, I’m not the least trusted. Grace is.

Billie: Amal, can I smoke in here? These girls killed my buzz.

Amal: Marijuana right? Not cigarettes?

Teairra: After you already made it the topic if YOUR night? Right…and maybe for you, but I trust Grace more than you right now, that’s saying something.

Grace: Me?! HA

Teairra: Please spare me with the bullshit because you don’t want to be scrutinized at the moment.

Erica: Inviting somebody and their husband to get them escorted out seems the least trustworthy, I’m just saying.

Devyn: Teairra was invited because she’s in this group. Her husband knew not to show up. He was warned. That has zero to do with me.

Grace: Dev, you’re wrong just apologize to Teairra.

Devyn: Furthermore, Teairra wasn’t escorted out. Her husband was. Teairra was always welcome.

Teairra: I was invited just for you to still make a big scene girl, get real.

Devyn: Make a scene on MY BIG NIGHT? I think not.

Teairra: I’m over the deflecting shit — YEA, that’s what you did.

Erica: I’m going to woosah here and take a minute because you said you extended a curtesy to Donte to attend the event hence why he showed up. Just admit you did it to embarrass Teairra.

Teairra: Everyone was there…like hello.

Erica: Very fucking tacky.

Billie’s Confessional: These girls will have to learn Devyn owns her own shit on Devyn time. It might be in a minute or it might be next year. She usually always comes to her senses.

Devyn: Teairra was already embarrassed by Donte the moment she stepped foot in this town. Let’s not pretend that the Gala was the first or last time she will be embarrassed because of him.

Erica: At least you can see that the apology was not sincere at all.

Teairra: The bigger embarrassment is what my husband told me YOU do at the janky hospital you work at, don’t forget he’s in the same field as you boo.

Teairra’s Confessional: Devyn likes to put others down and make it seem like she’s some hard-working lady but my man ALSO has connections to the hospital you work at, and we know how you got to the “spot” you have now.

Devyn: And if I wanted to embarrass someone, it was “Dr” Blanco. Teairra was just guilty by association.

Amal: Amal makes a face. Oh Dev. That wasn’t right

Erica: So, would Teairra be wrong to embarrass you at this moment?

Billie: Devyn, come on now. You are above that.

Grace: Just ignore her Teairra hun.

Amal: Maybe we should all refrain from embarrassing each other and play a game of monopoly?

Devyn: I mean Teairra can do whatever she wants, but one has to feel embarrassment to be embarrassed. Good Luck.

Amal: Twister?

Teairra: Girl? You have an obsession with my husband clearly. I know its took you a minute to figure out if you liked dick or not but I would rather you hop off his.

Billie: Damn T… Billie laughs as Erica giggles.

Devyn: I’m bisexual. I like both. I don’t have to decide to like dick.

Teairra: But you were a lesbian last year? Girl, you’re having a identity crisis. Open up that big head of yours do some research on sexuality, you’re lost and confused.

Devyn: But I’m tired my sexuality being the go to in the group. What message is that sending to the people watching this show?

Billie: Okay girls, as the wisest in this group. I’m going to suggest for the sake of this. Let’s just table the dramatics for the rest of the night. We know who has problems with who here. So, I say let’s place a nice little game of never have I ever!?

Billie’s Confessional: I almost said eldest and forgot I was in the company of Grace.

Devyn: Yes, I dated a woman. Married a man. Dated a man. I am bisexual. Who the fuck cares.

Amal: Never Have I Ever had my party ruined by a bunch of bitches.

Teairra: Girl, shut up we’re over you now! Teairra puts up her hand.

Devyn: Bitch, tell your man to get a job. These Ladies checks can’t keep paying all the bills.

Grace: Oh god, I thought I took too long to talk.

Teairra: Bitch, actually DO your job and stop sleeping around your workplace for promotions.

Devyn’s Confessional: Donte Blanco is the last man I’d want to fuck after seeing the way he constantly fucks over his wife.

Devyn: I’ve only slept with 2 doctors at the hospital. One I was engaged too. The other I’m married too.

Erica: Someone call HR…

Teairra: What about all the ladies you told to keep it a secret? Oh, trust they talked about it.

Amal: On that note ladies, maybe we should start to you know…

Devyn: What are you talking about?

Erica’s Confessional: I’m actually here for Teairra finally giving Devyn a taste or her medicine. The bitch has been trying and trying Teairra every which way, so to finally see Teairra get this bitch, I’m a proud mom. Erica laughs.

Teairra: What I just said, you like to spread business like my man doesn’t have the same connections as you.

Devyn: I don’t know what y’all are talking about, but okay.

Erica: Erica grabs Teairra. Let’s Go T. I think you’re done here.

Devyn: Your man has been in this city for 5 minutes. He wishes he had the connections I have.

Teairra: Teairra gets up to leave. Girl bye, that hospital will get shut down the way it’s being operated.

Billie: This has been an interesting evening, thanks for having us Amal. We need to get lunch soon. Come on Kaylani. I want you out the burning house too. Billie walks out with Erica and Teairra.

Devyn: Tell Donte that the nurse he’s still fucking filed a complaint to HR on him.

Erica: Come on Teairra, we’re going OUT! Erica laughs loudly walking with Teairra out the door and whispers to her. You got that bitch.

Devyn’s Confessional: Listen, I have dirt on Teairra and Donte both for days. She can try it if she wants, but girl your closet is full of skeletons I know about.

Teairra: Teairra starts to exit and laughs. Fuck that bitch, she thought she had some tea.

Devyn: I’m so glad Erica and Teairra have united on some bullshit. It won’t last long. You can always expect Billie to jump on board too.

Amal: Amal sits with Devyn, shaking her head. That was a goddamn disaster.

Devyn: Facts. I’m gone honey. I have to go be mommy.

Amal: Amal gets up and hugs Devyn as she leaves. Call me when you get home.

Amal’s Confessional: So that was fun. Who wants to come over next week for Round 2? Amal laughs.

Amal sits back down at the table and sighs as the camera pans out while the scene and episode come to an end.



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