Season 16, Episode 12: “In the Cards”

Ladies of Twitter
35 min readFeb 6, 2024

As the episode begins and the main title cards fade from the screen, we see shots of Twitter Beach as the waves crash against the shore as seagulls can be heard flying along the coast. We see shots of the Ladies going about their days, before the camera transitions and we see Grace at her beach house opening a bottle of wine. We see Harlow walking up to Grace’s beach home as the scene begins…

Grace’s Confessional: Harlow has been away for a hot second, so I decided to invite her for a cute little drink on the beach by my beach house. Catch up and reconnect time is much needed. Sun, sea and some sangria, what could be better!

Harlow: Harlow walks in. Hello Grace doll! Harlow hugs Grace.

Grace: Hi honey, come sit! Did my housekeeper take your bags? If you’re here for a few nights I thought why not do a cute beach drink.

Harlow: Yes, she did. Harlow takes off her sunglasses.

Grace: Harlow, have you been crying?

Harlow: This morning but I’ve calmed down.

Grace: So, what’s been happening? Grace pours wine for herself and Harlow.

Harlow: I mean, the custody battle seriously is getting to a point where I’m getting so mad and upset. I just can’t do this anymore. My life is in pieces.

Grace: Oh hun, I just hope you’re not being too hard on yourself. This isn’t your doing.

Harlow: Harlow pats her eyes with a tissue. I’m just so overwhelmed. This break helped but not too much.

Grace: Have you spoken with him?

Grace’s Confessional: I’ve not spoken to Harlow’s ex, I’ve cut ties after finding out what he’s trying to say about Harlow.

Harlow: Harlow shakes her head. Not at all. I can’t even look him in the eyes!

Grace: Well listen, I’m here, you’re here for a few days. It’s all going to be okay. And any issue we may have had, under the bridge. I love you, I don’t want to fight.

Harlow: I don’t want to fight either. You know I love you. Harlow wipes her tears.

Grace: So, we’ve got a gorgeous lunch. Some wine and champagne. What could be better?

Harlow: I love it. How’s the group been?

Grace: It’s not been great or positive to be honest.

Harlow: What do you mean by that?

Grace: Billie and Amal are trying to ruin my life. Teairra stormed out of an event. Devyn continues to be a flip flopper.

Harlow: Oh my god, what happened?

Grace: Amal’s telling everyone that my daughter isn’t speaking to me because I shunned her from my podcast.

Harlow: She would never do that.

Grace: Well, she’s not speaking to me at the moment. That’s true. But it’s because of the champagne business. She didn’t want me to do it, I’ve used some money from another venture with her and she’s just annoyed with me for not moving forward with that.

Harlow: That’s understandable.

Grace: That’s a normal thing. But I can’t do or say anything without them coming for me or calling me a liar. They want to ice me out of this group.

Harlow: I feel like you’re always painted to be the villain but they never want to see more of you because all they do is disregard you.

Grace: It’s exactly that, and I’m tired of it.

Grace’s Confessional: Harlow nailed it, they don’t want to see the real side of me.

Grace: Have you spoke to Teairra?

Harlow: Not at all. Ever since that dinner, I cannot speak to her.

Grace: Well, I’m gonna get you two talking.

Harlow: You think there’s going to be any progress? Harlow tilts her head and sips her wine.

Grace: We will make it happen. There’s too many bad vibes.

Harlow: I mean I have hopes because of what you did with Erica and I. But I still don’t trust her.

Grace: We will make it better.

Harlow: We’ll see…

As the Ladies continue to talk, the camera pans out as the scene shifts and we see Billie strapping on a bike helmet as she stands in a park overlooking the Twitter coast. The camera then pans as we see Teairra walking up to Billie…

Billie’s Confessional: Today I decided to do something different and get some bikes for T and I! She seems like the type to get on a peloton and sweat it out in the mornings for fun! So, this will be right up her alley!

Teairra: Hey, hey Billie!

Teairra’s Confessional: I haven’t rode a bike in lord knows how long! Only thing I’ve been riding is my man. Teairra laughs. But it’s a bit nostalgic that Billie invited me out for something like this, so of course I was down with it!

Billie: Hey girl!! You look too cute on this hot day! I already took my bike for a spin! Cycling is one of my favorite things to do!

Teairra: Around this whole area?! Teairra looks around. Oh my god, you definitely are a pro cause honeyyy…

Billie: It’s just a beach stroll, T!! I’m not going to kill you! Billie laughs. Here’s your bike!

Teairra: Oh, you know me so well! This bike is so cute! Teairra gets on the bike. I think I still got it!

Billie: Let’s take a stroll and catch up! So, tell me what’s been going on with you since Amal’s game night?

Teairra: Teairra starts to stroll off slowly as they start talking. Well, honestly both me and Donte have been having a lot of conversations lately just about this whole fiasco going on, I think he was just embarrassed to tell me the honest truth but it’s like I’m your wife so why couldn’t you tell me instead of me looking crazy…you know?

Teairra’s Confessional: Me and Donte haven’t been the best as we usually are, it’s just always something going on and I’m always being the last one to find out about it, it gets really tiring. It’s just a lot of conversations about trust in a marriage going on with us right now, let’s just put it like that.

Billie: Oh Teairra, I couldn’t imagine how blindsided you felt when you found out what happened, and finding out the way you did! Donte from the outside looking in seems to have a hard time telling you important things like this. Does that make for tougher times for your marriage?

Teairra: 100% does for me because I’m always so quick to tell him any and everything about my life, and he tells me just bits and pieces, well…the least important things going on with him. It’s like we’ve been together for so long, why are you still closed off?

Billie: And you’re a real ride or die for your man, T! I mean you stood by him through many dark days it seems and it’s just not fair for you to continue doing this if he’s going to continue to keep things from you and make you look like a fool.

Billie’s Confessional: Look Teairra is one of the only ones in our group to still be married but I’m starting to wonder how much of a marriage She’s actually in if she’s finding stuff out about him after we already do? It makes you wonder what else he is hiding from his wife.

Teairra: Teairra nods. I know, and the way it was handed to me took me way off guard, like I’m still in disbelief that it can possibly be true. He didn’t confirm it, he’s beating around the bush and all that’s telling me is it’s definitely leaning more towards being truthful. But it’s like why even hide something like that from me? And if you aren’t at work what are you possibly doing.

Billie: That’s exactly what I was going to ask you! What has he been spending his free time doing? I don’t like this for you T. I’m just going to ask, has Donte ever gave you the indication he might be dabbling elsewhere?

Teairra: Well, no, and I don’t want to assume he’s you know … c word! Teairra laughs nervously. But it’s like he’s still getting money, he’s still paying the bills, like are you a scammer? Or do you have something else going on? I sshouldn’t even be questioning it honestly, I should be in tune with everything he has going on, that’s the problem.

Billie: I just had to ask; I think Donte is great but I don’t want you oblivious here to all possibilities. I wonder what is going on, if he is paying the bills and doesn’t have a job? Could you look at your bank statements and see where the money is coming from?

Teairra: You know what I was thinking about that, but I’m honestly scared to look because I know for a fact if I see anything sketchy, I’m going to want to rip his head off. I’m honestly thinking he’s using the money he DID make until his pockets run dry for now, he told me he’s looking for a new job but I just don’t know.

Billie: Well hopefully he finds something soon… I know how much you like to spend! Billie laughs. How are you feeling since you last seen Devyn?

Teairra: Well, at this point, I feel like I got what I needed to say off my chest about her, I was actually sparing her but when you constantly poke me what do you expect to happen? She should tread lightly. Teairra laughs. How do you feel about her?

Billie: She’s like a dysfunctional sister I love to hate. I had a hard time with how she handled your situation with Donte and how she presented it in front of the group. Devyn has a hard time being called out and taking ownership.

Teairra: Absolutely, instead if apologizing she is quick to deflect and act like she didn’t do anything wrong and it’s the other persons problem. And I hate that for her, because it’s like you’re too grown for that.

Billie: And that’s Devyn for you. Maybe she will come around… you know what they say as you get older you get wiser. Billie busts out laughing. Speaking of older, do you see what the tabloids keep saying about Grace?

Teairra: Teairra laughs with Billie. Oh my god, there’s another tabloid? I’m not sure, what was it?

The screen shifts as we see a tabloid headline flash across the screen whilst Billie shows the headline to Teairra…

Teairra: Oh … it’s like every week a new headline! what is going on in the Whitworth Palace.

Billie: I think there’s some things going that she’s not being honest about.

Teairra: She touched the base on something about Luci throwing her problems onto her when she spoke to me, but I’m still a little confused but now everyone has ahold of it, she needs to clear it up before it gets worse.

Billie: As one who is currently in a legal case myself, it doesn’t make it any better when she runs from things. She needs to face this stuff head on and talk about it in the group.

Teairra: Right, and I know for a fact getting to know grace as of recently she DEFINITELY sees every headline about her so it needs to be brought to the forefront, no ducking this time. Teairra laughs. Because this is getting out of hand.

Billie: I’m tired of everyone running away when the heat gets hot in the kitchen. I hope she is ready because between me and you we are going to get to the bottom of all this nonsense. If they are going to try and expose you and Donte, then other people should be exposed, right?

Teairra: You actually do have a point, because I’m still not done with Devyn. If she comes for me again, I’m definitely finishing it. Everybody getting aired out.

Billie: So how are you feeling about the other ladies?!

Teairra: I’m good with the other ladies, maybe except Harlow, there’s still some broken bridges and fried brain cells on her end but that’s okay. Are you good with everyone else?

Teairra’s Confessional: Both Harlow and Devyn have crossed me and haven’t even tried to take accountability for what they’ve done it’s like they’re blatantly acting stupid, and I don’t have time for the kid games, I’m grown, so they can stay where they’re at.

Billie: Really the only two I’m on the outs with is probably Grace and Harlow. They both are like dumb and dumber. It’s like they share a brain. I just don’t get them two.

Teairra: I definitely see when they’re together it’s a little iffy, but Grace has stood back during me and Harlow’s arguments, so I think they’re getting out of that phase a bit.

Billie: Well, let’s hope they are getting out from each other’s ass! I was going to tell you since you’ve been there with for the legal stuff that I have court in a few days, and it’s going to be a really hard day for me. If you could accompany me to the courthouse, I would really appreciate it. I think Erica was going to come too.

Teairra: Oh, of course! I’ll definitely be there! You’ve had my back and you’re my girl, I have to!

Billie: Billie strolls up to the end of the trail. Thank you T, you really have shown up for me lately! I will text you when to meet me there. I really couldn’t have done this without the support from my sisters. Now let’s go eat some dinner, that’s the least I can do since I got you out here in this heat biking around!

Teairra: You know I got you bitch! Teairra laughs. And yes let’s, I’m hungry as hell!

As the two are shown getting off their bikes and heading for the pier to eat, the scene quickly shifts again as we hear upbeat music and see a shot of a bustling street in downtown Twitter. The camera then focuses in, as we see a sleek, upscale art gallery where Amal is looking at pieces as we transition…

Amal’s Confessional: After the joyous occasion that was my game night, I’ve invited Erica and Devyn to my girlfriend Estela’s art gallery. Estela is renowned in the Seth world for her portrayal of nudes, so I’m hoping some T&A will bring my girls E & D together.

Erica: Erica walks along the sidewalk to the gallery doors as I swing the doors open looking around. Well, this is gorge!

Amal: Erica!! How are you my darling?

Erica: Erica hugs Amal. Hi love, I’m doing amazing how are you? Well, this is… Erica looks around. Very risqué.

Erica’s Confessional: All I seen on the walls were dick, vagina, balls, some compromising positions. I know I haven’t some in a while, but I hope this wasn’t Amal’s way to get me turned on… honey I like the real thing. We should have had some strippers! Erica laughs.

Amal: I’m well!! Amal laughs and playfully swats at Erica. Well, with all the mess going on between you and Devyn, I thought it’d be cute to get us together. See some tits and booty in hopes of bringing about peace.

Erica: Oh, I forgot that one was joining us, maybe I should get a drink.

Amal: A server brings them glasses of champagne. Whilst we wait, fill me in on everything that’s been going on? Have you spoken to any of the girls since the other night?

Erica: Well, Billie Teairra and I went out after your game night. Erica laughs. We needed some fun after that mess. That night was so hectic, did you know Grace was coming just to stir up some mess?

Amal: Grace’s existence is revolved around stirring up some mess but for her to talk about me dating some married man… Amal shakes her head. It was ludicrous. Poor thing is starting to show her age.

Amal’s Confessional: I haven’t really told any of the girls that I’m going through a separation. I feel like my love life is so complicated with Tommy at Home and Julius not at home. I truly care for both men but I know talking about it with these girls isn’t going to help this situation one bit

Erica: Where could she have possibly got that information from though?

Erica’s Confessional: Amal and Grace have been spilling tea on each other back on forth this whole year, first it’s grace with the OnlyFans penis, now Amal has a side man, and now Grace is once again estranged from her daughter? I honestly can’t keep up.

Amal: Lord knows. You’d think her services would be better used selling that cat piss she’s marketing as champagne.

Erica: Erica looks around and smiles. I’m guessing your friend won’t be joining us, what a lucky day.

Amal: Amal looks at her watch. I don’t know. I guess she’s running late.

Erica: Erica sips her champagne. In all honesty, how do you feel about your friend? She’s been on quite the warpath, hasn’t she?

Amal: I love Dev. I honestly don’t know what’s going on between she and you girls, but it kind of seems like it came out of left field. Like she was having an issue with Teairra and next thing you know, she’s on the outs with you and Billie. What even kickstarted this whole thing between you guys?

Erica: It’s not really an issue per-say with me, I just feel as if Devyn has a history of just attacking her friends, apologizing and then repeating with her attacks. Her attacking Billie came out of nowhere and her attacks on Teairra has been so unwarranted.

Amal listens intently as Erica continues…

Erica: She literally shades and attacks Teairra at any instance and at some point enough is enough. I think the whole setting her husband up to come at the gala and then throwing him out was just disgusting behavior. Like, I couldn’t sit there quietly.

Amal: Amal nods. I get that. I would’ve been livid had she thrown my man out of an event. Absolutely livid.

Erica: Exactly, it was just all fucked up and I genuinely asked was something wrong with her because how do you go from Teairra I’m sorry to just blatantly attacking her husband yet again. And I thought what I said last year was bad.

Erica’s Confessional: Listen, I don’t know if the doctor’s bored in her marriage or she’s just bored with life at the moment but picking at somebody’s marriage, the same marriage you took up for last year is a different kind of miserable and I don’t know about these girls but I’ve never been a bystander. So, yes, in the words of Billie Reed, these lips were made for talking.

Amal: Amal looks around. Clearly, she isn’t showing up, so we won’t be coming to any sort of resolution today. Do you want to bounce and go grab a cocktail? I’ll let you feel me up under the table.

Erica: Let’s! A single mother in Twitter? You know I need a little cocktail. Erica locks arms with Amal. Is there a strip club around?

Amal: A strip club? You trying to put me to work?

Amal and Erica are shown laughing as they walk out of the gallery together and the scene transitions. We then watch as the scene shifts to several days later, as we see Amal looking through a boutique as the camera pans to Billie swinging the door open…

Billie’s Confessional: Oh Amal’s game night was so messy, so I was glad she invited me to do some shopping, because we got some things to cuss and discuss!

Billie: Amal, is that you all pretty in orange?

Amal: Amal turns around to see Billie. Billie!! Come over here and give me a hug!

Billie: Billie hugs Amal. I stopped and got some cupcakes for us!

Amal: Not cupcakes! Amal takes a cupcake from Billie and takes a big bite. Oh, these are dangerous!

Billie: Billie laughs. You better save me some for my late-night munchies! So, what’s new with you? How are you doing since your game night!

Amal: Honestly Billie… I’ve been all over the place! The way it devolved into such chaos… Amal shakes her head. It was a lot.

Billie: How did we go from game night to fight night. I was hoping for a game of poker or Yahtzee even!

Amal: Have you seen any of the girls since?

Billie: I took Teairra on a stroll around Twitter Beach the other day. It was lovely, don’t you just love that Teairra!?

Amal: She’s such a sweetheart! But if I’m honest, I’m in a pretty good place with all the girls right now. Well, all the girls except for Gross Worthless.

Billie: You mean Twitter’s Grinch? Billie rolls her eyes. Who would’ve thought that our common enemy would both be Grace!

Amal: Amal laughs. I just can’t with her. The way she turned my game night into a disaster, and that it was all because I spoke the truth about her relationship with her daughter was maddening.

Amal’s Confessional: Grace likes to portray that her life is perfect. That she’s an upstanding pillar of our community when she’s nothing of the sort. She just needs to own that she gets pounded by porn stars, doesn’t speak with her daughter and is involved in some crooked activity with this champagne business. Just own it GRACIE!

Billie: Right? She does seem to always make things about herself which is starting to get really old. Plus, I don’t get why she sat down with Elle? To talk about what? From what I heard from Elle last, she couldn’t stand her and was glad she’s out of her life and now they are getting lunch and gossiping?

Amal: Look, I love Elle, but Elle is a bit of a fame whore. If there’s the whiff of a camera, Elle will be there.

Billie: But you know Grace orchestrated the whole thing… that’s what I don’t get. She thought she was going to her hot gossip on you and in return Elle dropped a bomb on her that you said. Billie laughs. Play stupid games win stupid prizes, I guess?

Billie’s Confessional: I love when Grace tries and act like she’s some ringleader when in reality she’s actually the circus act itself.

Amal: If I’m being completely honest Billie, I was willing to drop everything with Grace. I was willing to drop the sexcapades with her bareback lover, the estrangement with her daughter and her shady business practices with Luci but for her to say I’m having an affair with a married man is where I’m like, ‘Ok bitch. The gloves are now off.’

Billie: But where does that come from Amal? Did she just make that up out of thin air or are you seeing someone who is indeed married?

Billie’s Confessional: Okay bitch, the people want to know what’s really going on, because I’ve heard this too and it wasn’t from Grace.

Amal: Amal looks to Billie. Well, there is something I haven’t really shared with any of you girls except for Devyn… Amal flicks hair out of her face. Tommy and I have been separated for about 6 months. During this separation, have I been dating? Absolutely. Is there someone I like? Absolutely. Is he married? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Billie: I think Grace is playing tit for tat with you on that one! If you and Tommy aren’t together anymore then who cares? I would just watch who you have in your home, you never know about these men in Twitter nowadays.

Amal’s Confessional: I feel kind of liberated talking about where my marriage to Tommy is right now. When I came back into this group of girls, I had all of this going on but I didn’t feel like it was a safe place for me to share. Now, I’m here with someone I consider I really close friend and I’m able to be my authentic self. It really has been a journey for me.

Amal: If she wants to play tit for tat, we can play tit for tat for all day long. We all know I love games. Amal laughs. But what’s going on with you Devyn? I was so confused. I thought you two were back to being in a good place.

Billie: For me, when it comes to Grace, I just don’t feel like she’s authentic and being honest with the group. You see her leaving scenes to take phone calls from “someone”, deflecting from her issues, new blogs being posted about her and her always pointing the blame elsewhere.

Amal nods in agreement…

Billie: As for Devyn, she did this last year and now she’s doing it again this year. How does a “friend” just exploit another friend like she did to Teairra. You know as well as I do Devyn was WRONG for bringing that information about Donte to the group like she did. Devyn has a prestigious position and sometimes her actions do not reflect that. Billie shrugs.

Amal: Look, if my husband was kicked out of my friend’s event, I’d be absolutely furious. So, I understand why Teairra is angry, but I don’t know how it turned from a thing between Devyn and Teairra to Devyn and all the girls.

Billie: For me it’s just watching a pattern with Devyn and calling her out on it. Look I’m no yes man friend. If you fuck up, then I will call you out on it and help you rectify the problem. But there’s no way of doing it with Devyn, she gets defensive and then turns nasty.

Amal’s Confessional: Devyn and Billie have been friends for about a decade now, so to see where they are now is sad for me. I just want to bring them back together, but Devyn needs to start showing up. She can’t keep hiding after she gets into these fights with these women.

Amal: I understand that. I just want Devyn to show up after she gets into these altercations with the girls. She, Erica and I were supposed to get together at an art gallery the other day and she completely stood us up. No text. No phone call. Nothing. So, I agree that she isn’t helping herself when it comes to these girls.

Billie: I’m all for forgiving and moving on with Devyn because I have a special kind of love for her and her kids, but she is MIA all the time it seems and when she’s around she doesn’t seem interested in being in the group. Maybe her and Grace are a lot more alike than we give credit for. I wonder why she stood you guys up without any kind of text? Isn’t she supposed to be your friend? Billie looks confused.

Amal: Lord, don’t do that to my friend and liken her to that wench.

Billie’s Confessional: Look Devyn, has to show up and work. This is not only our reality but it’s also a job that we signed up to do and right now Devyn and Grace both are not doing their parts by running all the time. It’s really disgraceful.

Amal: I hope she shows up when we all get together next. She needs to just address it so we can all move on. I’m sick of these girls just fighting and fussing. We need to do something FUN!

Billie: I agree, maybe we should host something together to really have all the girls come together and just have a good time! I feel like your game night needs a redo!

Amal: Oh lord, not another game night! Amal laughs.

Billie: Maybe not a game night but I have a friend who does card readings, and I think that would be fun and very interesting.

Amal: Oh, I love that!! A little psychic party!

Billie: Great, I will call my friend and see when she can come do it! I think I’ve got some cute outfits; I’m going to checkout and then hit this new lunch spot in town if you want to join me!

Amal: Oh girl, that’s the way to my heart. Food!

As the pair walks out of the boutique, the camera shifts as we are taken to Billie’s home several days later. There, we see Billie finalizing the décor and food around her home for her Psychic party. Just then, the cameras transition as we watch all of the Ladies, except for Devyn, slowly begin filtering into Billie’s home as lingering tensions and awkward pauses fill the room…

Billie’s Confessional: Tonight, my good friend and psychic reader Bridgette de Bridge is coming over and going to read these girls and hopefully open their eyes to some things. Let’s hope these ladies treat Bridgette with the respect she deserves. She’s been doing this for many moons.

Billie: Well ladies, I have my friend Bridgette coming tonight! She’s world renowned for card reading.

Harlow: I love going to a psychic!

Amal: Ohhh Bridgette. What a sexy, sultry name.

Erica: So, does she come with a magic ball? I love those things.

Billie: It’s actually cards! The cards tell the future! I figured we could all use a look into the future. Billie smirks.

Teairra: She sounds like a good time! I hope the cards are accurate. Teairra laughs.

Amal: You know I’m a very public figure Billie, so I hope she didn’t google me before tonight.

Just then, the doorbell rings and we watch as Billie goes and answers, revealing a woman with large blonde hair, as she enters the home…

Billie: Oh my god my friend Bridgette is here ladies! Billie hugs Bridgette.

Grace: Oh, it’s hair, Harlow look!

Bridgette de Bridge (Billie’s Friend and Psychic): Bridgette walks in waving. Hello dolls, hello dolls. I’m Bridgette! Bridgette de Bridge. My friends call me Bridgey de Bridge. But we are not friends…yet.

Grace: Oh, she’s spunky!

Teairra: Oh my…

Teairra’s Confessional: Bridgette is definitely a jump scare, I think it’s the hair that threw me off! She would do amazing in a live action lion king movie!

Amal: Well hello Bridgette de Bridge! I love this hair. It’s giving Grace’s a run for its money.

Harlow’s Confessional: Bridgette looks like the woman on Long Island Medium. I loved that show!

Bridgette: Where should we sit? Me and my cards?

Billie: Ladies, let’s move into the dining room. I have a chef preparing us some food!

Erica: Well that’s an interesting look… Erica sips her drink. Welcome Bridgette hun!

Bridgette: Oh good, I thought we were gonna have to lay one of you down to sit the cards on. I’ve done it before! Bridgette sits at the head of the table as the Ladies follow Billie into the dining room.

Billie: Bridgette, I have you a nice set up in here! Come in here ladies let’s sit and get this started.

We then hear mysterious music as the camera pans around the group before focusing in on Bridgette…

Bridgette: Now Ladies…it’s lovely to be with you all truly. Now my cards will do the talking…so take no offense. I will reveal things, and you may share…or comment as you see fit. I don’t know you birds or your squabbles. I just know my cards. Got it?

Amal: Do the cards have names?

Grace: Can we ask questions? Or will that sway the cards?

Amal’s Confessional: She’s talking about these cards as if they’re an old girlfriend of hers that she goes out with cocktails on a Friday night.

Billie: Ladies let’s let Bridgette do her thing!

Bridgette: You may ask questions, but I may not have your answers. Bridgette shuffles the cards. Let’s start. Bridgette flips the cards. The cards first bring me to…YOU! Bridgette points at Grace and flips three cards before grimacing. Oh…OH! The cards share with me that the issues that bind you will soon reach their fevered peak. You may be crushed, but if you surround yourself with friends and accept their words and support while sharing your story, you shall soon be free once more.

Grace: Oh good. What issues?

Amal: What in the voodoo priestess is going on over here?

Billie: Oh, this is going to be good…

Grace’s Confessional: I mean of course I’m first and it’s not super positive, I demand a recount. Grace laughs.

Erica: So, what you’re saying is she needs to speak more about the porn star!

Kaylani: Well, she’ll be locked up forever seeming as though she hides a lot.

Bridgette: Well, I see legal issues in the cards…

Teairra: Oh, these cards are a bit nasty I see.

Amal: Amal smirks at Billie. What kind of legal issues Bridgette?

Grace: The card tells you I’ve got legal issues? There’s a few happening. Grace laughs. Well let’s hope things work out.

Kaylani’s Confessional: Maybe we’ll get more information from the cards then we will ever get from Grace so let me soak this moment in.

Grace: I’m STRESSED!

Billie: Well, what’s going on Grace? The cards are saying be more open.

Amal: From what I understand and forgive me Bridgette as I don’t speak card, but your issues will be resolved if you’re honest. Have you tried being honest?

Grace: I’m very open where I’m safe.

Billie: Well Bridgette used to be a counselor in her past life so I think we are safe.

Kaylani: You don’t feel safe around us Grace?

Grace: Well, the whole Luci issues caused a lot of lawsuits and issues, and there’s some other bits that are happening. I only feel safe around friends; Erica Harlow and Teairra know what’s happening. My podcast has a lawsuit too from someone.

Billie: Oh?

Amal: Amal looks to Kaylani and Billie. I guess we aren’t her friends!

Teairra: And I’m sure everyone here supports you as well. Well…hopefully.

Kaylani: Kaylani laughs and whispers to Amal. I guess not but that’s probably why I’m not in any legal troubles like she is.

Grace: Anyway, it’ll be okay. I’m strong. But if you have any questions then please ask. You have the floor ladies.

Amal: Of course, we are all supportive of Grace, Teairra. None of us want to see a mother and daughter embroiled in legal battles.

Grace: Amal? Billie? Kaylani? Do not speak my daughter’s name Amal. I told you that lie was untrue.

Harlow’s Confessional: I love Amal but that is such a lie. These girls clearly have something out for Grace and don’t care for her.

Kaylani: So, tell me about the situation with your podcast cause I been hearing the rumors.

Grace: What rumors hun? There’s a lot out there.

Billie: I think I’ve beat a dead horse when it comes to you so I’m good.

Grace’s Confessional: These girls all know the rumors, because they are the ones who started them!

Kaylani: That it is being used as a cover up and why hasn’t nobody been on it ?

Grace: A cover up for??

Kaylani: Your money problems, I only seen it from a blog that posted an it awhile back.

Erica: I think she’s referring to the PPP Loans?

Grace: It’s a new podcast babe, a new venture for me and it’s had a slow start yes, but one interview went south and isn’t being used due to them saying some scandalous things. And there’s a suit out to stop it from being aired. So, the company paused the pod for a few weeks. I don’t have any loans.

Erica: But Kaylani is that you being nosey or sincerely asking? Because you were just snickering with Amal about 2 minutes ago. Erica sits back and smirks.

Bridgette: Ladies, Ladies, let’s just look back at my cards. These next cards… Bridgette draws them and looks to Teairra. They are for you my dear. The cards reveal that relationships you held dear six months ago are now more strained than ever. The path forward may be unclear, but with truth and compassion, all old relationships can become new again.

Erica: Erica coughs. Bullshit.

Teairra: Teairra widens her eyes. Woah? You know what I’m actually not that mad at these cards. Does this mean the friendships I had have run dry?

Amal: Can we get to the meat and potatoes of this? Are you talking about Harlow or Devyn?

Bridgette: No, not necessarily, truth and compassion can heal all. If everyone wants it to…

Billie’s Confessional: Just for disclaimer I did not prep Bridgette about these girls before tonight. She’s really this talented!

Grace: So, what is it?

Teairra: Well, I think it’s more than clear who it applies to.

Grace: Who are you talking about?

Erica: Maybe Harlow?

Teairra: But it does say TRUTH and both the ladies mentioned don’t really know the definition of being truthful.

Harlow: Honestly, if the cards are sending something to Teairra and that there are signs that we could mend whatever was broken, I’m open to creating a better light.

Amal: She just said you’re not truthful. I think that ship has sailed my sweetheart.

Harlow: Teairra don’t even start. Harlow rolls her eyes. I’m not here to fight, but don’t say I’m not truthful. It’s sickening when you as well aren’t truthful with some of the things you say.

Teairra: Don’t start what? I just had to be real.

Harlow: You’re being shitty that’s what you are.

Grace: I think you two can mend this…

Teairra: You want to create a better light now or what? Because you won’t sit here and call me shitty.

Harlow: Because as I was saying what I wanted to say, you decided to dig at me and call my not truthful? That’s just shitty.

Billie: Sorry Bridgette, these girls will go off on a tangent and go in circles.

Bridgette: You are paying by the hour, let them talk.

Erica: So, what’s the truths ladies! You girls are confusing me.

Teairra: You’ve honestly been the least of my worries, I just had to say how I feel. Teairra waves her hand. You aren’t truthful to ME. Maybe the other ladies have different opinions.

Amal: Why are you two fighting anyway? All either one of you can say is that the other is shitty or not truthful. This is some petty shit if I’ve ever heard it.

Harlow: You fabricate everything about the friendship we had. You are nuts. Sick in the head. Truly.

Teairra: Sick in the head? Teairra laughs. Let’s move on before it goes left.

Amal: Bridgette, can I ask… Is Harlow saying that Teairra suffers from mental illness?

Bridgette: Perhaps. But that’s my ears not the cards I only trust my cards.

Harlow: Oh my god, I wasn’t saying that she was sick in the head literally! I mean maybe she is, but still!

Teairra: Oh, we know honey, because sick in the head is providing for a Walgreen’s worker.

Harlow: We have preferences in men. Clearly you care about money and not love.

Billie: Ladies this is getting too deep!!

Harlow: So don’t talk about who I care for.

Teairra: She’s not going to continue to throw digs at me. I told her I’m done with the conversation the bitch keeps talking.

Harlow: You threw a dig at me first! Ask and you shall receive! Don’t call me a bitch.

Amal: Bitch?

Harlow: You are the biggest bitch of this group.

Teairra: Being called not truthful and you tell me I’m sick in the head? Bitch, fuck you! How about that?

Harlow: Fuck you more!

Bridgette: Now, now, Ladies, let’s move to the next cards, they are speaking to…you TWO. Bridgette points to Billie and Amal with separate fingers as she lays the cards out. The cards show that you both…well, you like to run your mouths about that you have heard but never seen. So long as your intentions are pure, speak your heart and share your facts. But never tell lies.

Billie: Billie laughs. Oh Bridgette, you know these lips are legendary!

Erica: Not Bridgette telling y’all to shut up.

Amal: I’ve only ever told 1 lie and that was in relation to my dear friend Erica and for that I’m still apologetic. Everything else? That’s truth.

Bridgette: Do they tell lies? That’s when people need to shut up.

Grace: You’re so pathetic honestly. We know you’re lying when your lips move Amal.

Amal: Who is pathetic?

Billie: I don’t think I’ve told a lie this year.

Kaylani: Bridgette just gave y’all a real reading.

Amal: Girl, you’re the one being sued.

Grace: Doesn’t mean I’m a liar though.

Amal: Last I checked, it’s people that tell lies who get sued.

Teairra: Oh, this is crazy, I have a question! Amal, do you think you and Grace could heal your “problems” because you did just say me and Harlow’s “issue” is petty, but its looking like you’re dragging it with her.

Grace: HA!

Amal: Honestly, I don’t think it’s repairable whatsoever. There’s been a lot that has happened in this friendship outside of this group that doesn’t really concern you all.

Erica’s Confessional: I’m sorry, I love this side of Teairra, even when I almost choked slammed her! The bitch is hilarious.

Grace: Then don’t bring it to the group.

Teairra: That’s my point, why talk about it in front of the group? Because I’m sure everyone is just as lost.

Amal: What I do know is I’ve seen her for who she is. I know a lot of information about her, her business practices, her familial dynamics, her subpar ethical standards and many other things. If you knew one ounce of what I knew, you wouldn’t be friends with her either

Grace: We’re here, bring it to the group then. I’ll just say the same about you so we can be done here.

Teairra: Well, can you give us a glimpse of what you know?

Amal: Her claiming that I’m sleeping with a married man is just wow to me. It’s just wow. So, for the sake of my pristine reputation and standing in society, I ask that we move on. Miss Hair, I believe there are other ladies here who you’d like to read. You better watch it Grace before you catch yourself in another courtroom. Amal stands up. Sorry, I just need a moment.

Bridgette: Well…alright then. The cards next lead me to Kaylani. Bridgette draws and sits the cards down. The road with this group has been Rocky…but you are surrounded in mystery. Share the true you with the women around you and watch them trust you. Well, most of them.

Kaylani: Oh, wow… I definitely take that in and if any of you have questions I’m open to answering them.

Grace: Yeah, why are you so nosey and rude? Like I don’t know you really but you’re all in my business, which I assume is from Billie and Amal.

Erica: Oh wow!

Billie: I think Kaylani has tried to get to know you ladies by asking questions.

Kaylani: I’m not nosey I just feel like if we are group of friends then you should be open with the group and I’m only rude to you cause because you don’t live up to the name of Grace.

Grace: But you try to get to know someone to become friends with, you don’t ask them questions that you really have no business asking. That’s weird to me, but okay.

Billie: Well, you’re very weird to some of us. Billie shrugs.

Kaylani: Grace, to be honest, I don’t know if I can trust you considering your relationship with these other ladies.

Just then, the camera pans as we see Amal talking to a producer in the other room…

Amal: I just can’t sit there and listen to her talk about my boyfriend and make claims that he’s married. This is why I haven’t told these bitches about my separation. They celebrate chaos and confusion.

Producer: Amal, you need to go back in there and talk to them.

Amal: I’ll go back in there but I’m not saying shit James. That old bitch can fuck herself. I hope she drops dead.

Amal walks back into the room as the scene continues…

Amal: Sorry ladies. What did I miss?

Grace: That’s fine, one less friend to make Kaylani.

Kaylani: Glad we are on the same page Grace.

Grace’s Confessional: It’s just like, go away, go lick Billie’s ass some more to find the questions she’s asking you to ask.

Erica: Well Kaylani, I do have a question. Are you being shunned from the Marriotts for being in this circle?

Kaylani: Well like I said before I’m open to whoever is open with me, if you give me truth then I’ll do the same simple unlike Grace. We will never know her truth unless it’s on the news and to answer your question Erica, yes, I am because they are a more reserved family, and they don’t think I live to the name.

Grace: I heard your father had to bail you out a few years ago.

Kaylani: Well Grace, let’s don’t talk about anything legal considering you will have to be bailed out soon.

Harlow: Oh my god.

Erica: Well Kaylani, we’re not close or anything but I’ve also been through that with my husband’s family so if you ever need anybody to lean on, honey trust me, I got you.

Bridgette: Awww see! Look! My cards hard at work.

Kaylani: Thank you Erica, I really appreciate it. it’s really hard to be shunned from my own husband’s family so thank you.

Bridgette: Bridgette shuffles the deck and feels the deck before quickly pointing to Erica and Harlow. YOU TWO! I feel a strong energy that men have done you both wrong. Many, many men perhaps? But that isn’t for me to judge.

Erica: Erica nods and looks at Bridgette. They have.

Bridgette: But the cards also show a sunny beach, as well as the card that shows friendship. I’m thinking it’s a sign. You two need to take these girls on a trip…maybe Rio de Janeiro? Bridgette pauses without letting them speak. Yes, I think the two of you take these women to Rio, Brazil? Yes.

Harlow: I think we should Erica…

Grace: I’ve never been there, that could be fun!

Harlow: We’re going to Rio bitches!!!!


Billie: Oh, this will be a good time! I’ve never been to Rio, so this should be interesting. You ladies leave your Twitter behavior at home!

Harlow: We want everyone to disconnect from life and have FUN!

Kaylani: I need to hurry and go shopping and pack for this trip.

Teairra: Rio? YESS!

Amal: I’ll be there.

Erica’s Confessional: I think Harlow and I hosting a trip to Rio is what this group needs. We’re both a bit high maintenance so the girls won’t have to worry about rooms and won’t be flying coach. Hopefully, these girls can let loose and have some fun. Because I’m tired of these bitches lying every day.

Billie: I hope this is better than our last trip! Billie laughs. Well Bridgette, thank you for your time today! I think you ended up on a good note with these ladies. Ladies do not forget to leave a review in Yelp for my friend Bridgette!

Harlow’s Confessional: I’m so ready to take these girls to Rio. Hopefully they actually disconnect from the real world and have as much fun that they can. I want everyone to set aside their issues. And they’ll be treated like royalty as well. Some people can’t host like us. Harlow winks.

As the Ladies continue chatting about their upcoming trip and Bridgette leaves, the camera pans out to a view of Twitter’s city skyline as the scene and episode come to an end.



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