Season 16, Episode 13: “Warm, Wet, and Wild”

Ladies of Twitter
29 min readFeb 10, 2024

As the episode begins, we hear upbeat tropical music as the cameras pans in on sunny Rio de Janeiro. We see shots of the beautiful beaches, colorful art on display, and people all over the streets smiling and dancing. The camera then pans in as we see the Ladies, who have arrived in Rio and settle into their suites at a beautiful resort. We then transition several hours later, as we see the Ladies dispersing to explore Rio in two vans, and we watch as some of the Ladies in the van when the scene begins…

Amal’s Confessional: So we’ve touched down in Rio baby and we’re wasting no time exploring! Dev, Billie, Kaylani, and I are going to the waterfalls whilst the other girls do something else. I don’t know what they’re doing, but they’re stuck with Grace so I’m sure whatever it is, it won’t be fun.

Billie’s Confessional: We are on RIOO baby! Can’t wait to see the hot Brazilian men and women hear along with the beautiful culture. Thank God we are going to some waterfalls today because it is hot and humid here in the summertime!

Kaylani: Isn’t this lovely ladies?

Billie: Hey Kaylani, how are you after the flight?

Kaylani: BILLIE!! AMAL!!!! And Billie, I know you don’t got them legs out like that in RIOOO! Kaylani laughs. But I’m doing well. I’m a little jet lagged but I’ll be okay, and I know you girls are gonna give me life!!!

Billie: I have a coverup, but it’s so hot! I haven’t quit sweating since we got here! Billie laughs and starts fanning her boobs. Amal, how was it flying by Grace? That’s crazy you ended up next to Grace on the flight?

Amal: I popped myself a little sleeping pill, guzzled a vodka martini and passed out. She could’ve been a fully grown walrus sitting next to me and I wouldn’t have noticed. Amal laughs.

Kaylani: Oh Amal… are you okay? i know that had to be some long dreadful hours.

Kaylani: Devyn!! You look sexy!

Billie’s Confessional: Look on the flight over here I don’t know what shady person put me next to Grace but I went up to the counter and had our tickets switched! Does that make me a bad person?

Devyn: Thanks Lani. You look amazing as well.

Billie: There’s our last guest! Okay bus driver, we can head out. Is everyone happy to be in Rio?

Kaylani’s Confessional: Now I love the men but seeing some of these ladies makes me wanna dip my toe into the lady pond… Kaylani whispers. Don’t tell my husband but hey he probably knows anyway.

Devyn: Yes Billie. I’m really excited. I needed a trip.

Amal: I’m so happy! You know I have to show off my new BBL to the Brazilians. The inspirations for this new ass. Amal laughs.

Billie: This should be fun, I think Erica said we are seeing waterfalls this morning! Billie points at the waterfalls. And we are here ladies!

Devyn: Hey Billie, can we chat for a minute?

Amal: Come Kaylani! Let’s get a head start on the girls and leave them to chat.

We watch as Amal and Kaylani make their way towards the waterfall as Billie and Devyn stand by the van…

Billie: Sure, thing Devyn! What’s going on?

Devyn: I just wanted to talk about us real quick if that okay.

Devyn’s Confessional: I had to abruptly leave Twitter for Jamaica on a family crisis, and I’m glad to be back. And now I want to see where things are in this group…

Billie: Yeah absolutely. I’ve been rather confused when it comes to us. So, I’ll let you explain your side, because somehow, we’ve gotten ourselves off track.

Devyn: Sure, thank you for letting me speak. I feel like every chance you get to join another lady against me, you do that. I just don’t understand why you do that. We’re not kids, so I don’t understand the picking sides against Devyn thing you are doing. Do you want me to stay the villain on this show?

Billie: That’s not true because Grace and Harlow have both attacked you several times and I actually have your back when it comes to them. It just so happens you come after my friends and the delivery was wrong. You chime in when it comes to Amal, what’s wrong with me doing that for my friends?

Devyn: I feel like I have opened myself back up to a friendship/sisterhood with you, but you keep stabbing me in my back.

Billie: Billie laughs. And villain? Devyn at best you might be the sidekick but you’re not nowhere near a villain compared to some of these order ladies, myself included.

Devyn: I “come after your friends.” Thank you for that honesty and letting me know where we stand. You’ve never defended the way they talk to me. How about staying NEUTRAL.

Billie: Do you think you were being a friend to Teairra by bringing up her husband was fired from a job in front of the group?

Devyn: This is about YOU AND ME! This has nothing to do with anyone else.

Billie: But it stems from when I jumped in and defended Teairra then you went all in on me. I don’t get where your anger for me comes from?

Devyn: I will talk to Teairra, but that again had nothing to do with you.

Billie: You say I take any opportunity to attack you but I think it’s actually the diametrical opposite. You brought up my lawsuit last year, you talk about how horrible of a human being i am, the list goes on.

Devyn: It wasn’t just Teairra. You’ve done it with Erica as well. You’ve even gone so far as to LIE and say I tried to sleep with you to defend someone. It’s all fucked up.

Billie: So, are we not past that or are we still living in that? I’ve owned my part in that and have profusely apologized. So, I guess we aren’t over that and we are back to square one.

Billie’s Confessional: One thing about Devyn is when she gets going it’s like a carousel. We will just talk and go in circles for hours. Getting nowhere. But that ends here, and it ends here at these waterfalls.

Devyn: You just brought up the past also with that damn lawsuit. Devyn rolls her eyes. So don’t act like I am the only one that still has a lingering issue.

The camera briefly pans to Amal and Kaylani as they fool around by the waterfalls…

Amal: Oh, they heated…should we do something?

The camera pans back to Billie and Devyn as tense music swells…

Devyn: I also never called you a horrible human being. I said you’re untrustworthy and stabbed me in the back. That’s how I felt. This is going nowhere. Maybe this friendship is more unredeemable than I thought. I’m going to hang out with my real friends. Devyn walks away towards Kaylani and Amal. Stupid bitch.

Billie: I Guess if that’s how you see it than that’s fine with me. All we can do is try. Billie shrugs.

Amal: Amal sees Devyn approaching. Hey diva! I’m assuming that went well?

Devyn: As well as Billie’s cooking.

Billie: Anyways ladies sorry about that, Mother Theresa over here does not want to move forward. I give her relevance and she loves it.

Amal’s Confessional: Can Billie cook?

Kaylani: Wow, so there’s no reconciliation that can be done?

Devyn: No ma’am. And I’m so over trying.

Billie: I was getting around to an apology and Devyn doesn’t want to own what she did wrong so we are just going to exist in each other’s world.

Devyn: Billie doesn’t like my speaking up for Amal after everything she’s done.

Billie: I was just saying how I was doing for Teairra like what you’ve done for Amal, that’s all.

Devyn: Billie also wants to talk about Teairra, and I’m not talking about Teairra when I can talk TO HER! I’m not giving Billie the chance to lie on me.

Amal: Girls, I really don’t want the trip to be like this. I understand that you guys have an issue but can we try and table it so we can enjoy this beautiful day? We’re at the waterfalls in Rio for Christ’s sake.

Devyn: But anyway, I’m trying to enjoy the waterfalls and the peace.

Billie: This isn’t going anywhere ladies, I’m mature to be around this woman. Let’s do what we came here for.

Kaylani: Let’s just have some fun and enjoy this beautiful view. I needed this trip to leave the drama back in Twitter.

Billie: Well, you came with the wrong group Kaylani…

Amal: Amal starts walking with the girls towards the waterfall as my ass jiggles in Kaylani’s face. HERE GIRLS! The waterfall! Look!!

Billie: I can’t help but like at that big ass in front of me Amal! Is your ass the waterfall?

Amal: Oop! Look at that man!

Kaylani: Amal don’t tempt me girl. Kaylani smacks Amal’s ass.

Billie: So Kaylani, what’s been going on in your household? Is everything going better?

Amal jumps in and starts swimming towards the man laying under the waterfall…

Amal’s Confessional: Yes, I’m dating someone but this Brazilian god can get it! Plus, I’m into that voyeur shit. You know? When people watch me have the Sex?

Kaylani: They are trying to revoke the privileges of the family name from me and my husband and he doesn’t want to deal with that so we have been on odds because it seems like he cares more about his name than me.

Billie: So, hubby is wanting to keep his last name while they are trying to revoke it? What a mess… I’m sorry Kaylani. That’s got to definitely put a strain on your relationship with your husband.

Kaylani’s Confessional: What I mean by revoking privileges is take away our rights to have anything dealing with any hotels that the family name owns. we only own a certain percentage of these hotels, and they think it’s bad for business for me to be a public figure.

Kaylani: Yes, it is but I won’t let them if I have to go against the Marriotts, I definitely will in court but I need to just forget about it this week and just enjoy this time with you girls.

Devyn’s Confessional: God, I hope Lani isn’t telling Billie all her business. The whole group will know by dinner.

Amal: Amal swims back towards the girls. I was barking up the wrong tree, if you know what I mean ladies!

Amal’s Confessional: There’s a massive LGBTQIA+ community in Brazil. I think that’s why I’m so loved here. I have a huge gay following.

Billie: Well, I can definitely help you with the fun! I just wanted to make sure after the psychic night the other night, that you were all good!

Devyn: Devyn laughs at Amal. You know they are 50/50 around here.

Amal: That Bridgette lady sure was something. You missed out Dev. The lady told me I like to spread true information around.

Kaylani: She was right, and I just don’t know who I can trust within this group besides you girls.

Devyn: I bet some people didn’t like to hear that.

Billie: Well, just trust your gut, Kaylani. And Amal, she said we both like to spread information around.

Amal: You can definitely trust Grace, Kaylani. She’s a very trustworthy individual. Very honest and transparent and ethical.

Kaylani: Kaylani laughs. Now Amal, I know you’re joking.

Billie: She’s about like Devyn they’ll listen and provide great advice, but they will use it as ammo to get back at you.

Devyn: I wouldn’t tell Billie my personal business, but Amal is trustworthy.

Kaylani’s Confessional: Billie is so shady but that’s why I love her, so much she’s gonna give you that quick shade.

Billie’s Confessional: It’s a wonder Grace and Devyn can’t get along it’s because they are both the same. Guttersnipes from the side.

Amal: Since we’re all being open and honest, Kaylani there is something I want to tell you. I’ve shared this with my girls Devyn and Billie, but since we’re here I may as well tell you. Tommy, my husband, and I have been separated for the last 6 months or so.

Devyn: Lani, Billie is the godmother of my children. If she can continuously backstab me, she would do it to you without batting an eye.

Billie: Devyn, I’ve apologized TO YOU! Billie’s voice echoes through the forest. Let this narrative go! Amal, go on!

Kaylani: I seen him leave at the game night, but I thought everything was good.

Devyn: I’m sorry things aren’t better Amal.

Billie: Amal, I was really hoping you two would reconcile.

Amal: You know, ever since I came back to Twitter from Dubai, there’s been a lot of tension between us. He wasn’t happy that I relocated to the Middle East to focus on my legal dramas and it kind of just broke us. The sexual chemistry wasn’t there anymore. The intimacy wasn’t there anymore. The love wasn’t there anymore. Amal starts to tear up. So, I’m just trying to navigate life right now without the father of my child.

Devyn: I’m so sorry Amal. It’s Tommy’s loss.

Devyn’s Confessional: Tommy wants Amal’s life revolving around him. God forbid she focus on herself and moving forward.

Kaylani: Kaylani gets up and hugs Amal as they both now cry. It’ll be okay. You hear me, don’t cry. Just know, I’m here for you sister.

Billie: Amal, you are a strong woman. I mean you have weathered through some tough storms. I have no doubt you will come out on the other side of this, and it will be Tommy who will be begging on his knees for you to come back.

Amal: I also think the fact that I’m now dating someone else… Amal shakes her head. I think that chapter is done.

Amal’s Confessional: This trip has come at the perfect time. Tommy and I have been living together despite going through this separation. We both need some space to decide what’s next in our lives. I want him to be involved in Jamie’s life, but I can’t have it be at the detriment of my happiness.

Amal: Amal holds Billie and Devyn’s hands. This is why I need my girls around me. I need the support of you beautiful women now more than ever.

Devyn: I’m here. I’m sure Billie will be too.

Billie: We love you Amal, I promise we are here for you during the whole thing. Billie looks to Devyn. Let’s table this petty shit for another day because Amal needs us now more than ever and we are the two closest people to her.

Amal: Amal wipes tears from her eyes. Should we head back to the resort? I need a cocktail… Amal pauses. And a cock. Amal laughs as she wipes her tears.

As the Ladies begin to make their way back to the van, the camera transitions as we see Erica, Grace, Harlow, and Teairra walking out one the beach as the scene continues…

Erica’s Confessional: RIO! We’re finally in Rio, thanks to Harlow and I, and this place is amazing! The first thing I wanted to do is, have some fun on the beach and just get some peace, I just didn’t know Teairra and Harlow were coming. If I knew, I would have sought peace elsewhere.

Teairra’s Confessional: I’m actually really excited for this Rio vacay! Did I know I would be grouped with Harlow the moment we got here? Absolutely not, I don’t even know where we stand based on the last encounter but from MY perspective, its giving fuck you. Teairra shrugs. But for the sake of Erica having a hand in the planning, I’m here for the fun!

Erica: This beach is just amazing. Like look at this view!

Grace: Okay girls I brought us all a fireball shot, c’mon before we get started. C’mon! One two three Rio. Grace downs her shot.

Teairra: Fireball? Oh, you’re spicy. Teairra laughs. But the beach is definitely beautiful!

Harlow: I’m gonna get such a good tan!

Grace: It’s gorge, here wow. How’s everyone feeling?

Erica: Ooo girl. I’m feeling a bit relieved. Escaping the bullshit, and just taking in Rio.

Teairra: I’m feeling okay, now that I’m here I kinda have a different type of energy everything is so pretty.

Harlow: I’m just going to leave everything in Twitter and just enjoy Rio.

Grace: I feel like we all have a lot going on. Let’s sit by the water and put our feet in?

Harlow: Let’s do it.

Grace’s Confessional: These are the girls who I feel most comfortable with, who I call friends. I know they let me be me and yet still accountable for the bullshit I do sometimes.

Erica: Erica walks in the water and breathes. I really love just being away from Twitter. I feel like we’re all just swamped with issues there.

Harlow: I feel like right when we stepped out of that airport, I felt everything go away.

Grace: Let’s talk, get it out what’s bothering us and release it into the sea. I think it will do us some good to start the trip off right.

Teairra: Teairra kicks her slides off and walks towards the water. Oh my God, it’s so cold but the water is so clear!

Erica: Well, I’m at the point where Robert and I are actually talking. He wanted to sit down and have a conversation with me before we left Twitter but… Erica crouches down and threads the water with her fingers. I don’t know how to talk to that man right now.

Grace: Do you think you’ll get back with him?

Teairra’s Confessional: I will say Erica is very strong to even have a conversation with Robert after the embarrassment he displayed to not only disrespect her, but disrespect her PUBLICLY, but for the sake of her child I think it’s only right they can at least be cordial.

Erica: You know me. Erica laughs. I’m really one and done at this point. He did what he did, he doesn’t see our son and I just really want answers if anything. Like why? Was it me? Was I not enough?

Grace: You’re the whole dessert tray darling, you’re more than that man deserves. He shouldn’t get away with what he’s done.

Harlow: He’s already done enough. He’s done so much to destroy you.

Grace: That’s what people do, they’ll fuck you over and expect an apology. Like my issues right now, I mean I am dealing with a lot, I’ve got pending lawsuits happening but I think I’ll be able to sort them. I’ve got one that I mentioned about my podcast, and then my daughter and I, yeah, we’re not really talking right now. It’s really I feel like the life I’ve built and worked so hard for, to provide for all my family is just crumbling down to be honest.

Teairra: You’re never not enough, the only person to blame is Robert, he didn’t value everything you’ve done for him and he’s very stupid for that.

Erica: Thanks girls. And Grace that does seem a lot, it’s like a bunch of legal issues on top of each other. I know that has to be stressful.

Grace: We’re here for you Erica, we always have and will be don’t forget that. Yeah I’m stressed but I’m going to be okay.

Teairra: Wow Grace, you’re also very strong to be carrying so much baggage and still keeping a smile on your face.

Erica’s Confessional: I feel for Grace, I know a lot of these recent issues have come from her shady business dealings with Luci and that’s just sad since they were besties but anytime you mess with a snake always prepare to be bit.

Grace: I’ve got the champagne relaunch coming up I’m planning so we have to start selling or it’ll flop, and I’ll be millions of dollars out of pocket.

Erica: Well hopefully, it all goes good. Legal issues aside, it’s good that you’re keeping a smile on your face and working through it all.

Grace: Girls if you don’t then the haters will win.

Erica: Harlow, how have you been? I know we’ve talked about our husband issues, but how’s everything, especially with you coming to Rio amidst it all?

Harlow: Well, I mean with the break I had from the group, I really had to look back and see how my life was going to go going forward. The custody battle with my ex-husband is getting to the point where I’m just at such a low point. The reason I really wanted to take a trip out of Twitter was to get my mind off of things.

Grace: It’s going to be okay H. You’ve got this.

Harlow’s Confessional: This custody battle is getting really hard, and then with everything getting piled up like the drama with this group and the jewelry company, I’m just really at such a low state.

Erica: You’re a good mom and you know this. You know that you can talk to me whenever and You’re going to get through this.

Grace’s Confessional: It’s really refreshing to see everyone be so open and honest, and real. It’s so nice to know that the sad, sinking feeling I’ve been feeling, happens to us all sometimes. Life is hard, it’s important to speak up.

Erica: He may have a wealthy family, but his track record is not the best! He will be dealt with.

Harlow: Thank you. I just wish that everything would end. I don’t know why it’s gotten to a level where it’s gone way below.

Erica: I feel like all of us have been going through things and both you and Teairra have been at your lowest honestly, do you girls think y’all can keep the drama in Twitter for this trip? Or can you girls agree to maybe see where things went wrong when we return?

Grace: I think deep down you both could work through this and start anew in the friendship.

Teairra: I think I can keep it in in twitter for the sake of the trip, I think there’s a lot of miscommunications there and we both say things that trigger one another so it goes nowhere.

Harlow: I want to leave everything that’s happened back in Twitter in Twitter. I just want this trip to be fun. That’s all.

Teairra: Well, should I lay out what’s been going on in the Blanco household?

Erica: Erica kicks water. The floor is yours hun!

Teairra: Well, since that very embarrassing firing situation, I won’t lie to you guys, I was definitely caught off guard. I didn’t expect it to come out that it was true but that girl is still very wrong for doing it the way that she did so Donte and I have been having a lot of conversations about trusting one another. I mean of course I trust him, but it doesn’t seem like he trusts me to not mention something as petty as THAT you know?

Grace: You’re very valid in your feelings. What happened is wrong and you’re in a partnership he shouldn’t expect you not to have questions.

Harlow: I agree.

Erica: Well, maybe he was embarrassed as well? I think your feelings matter but also, take In account that Donte has been under a lot of fire since the move to Twitter including heat from myself. So maybe, he’s just a bit scared because he feels like he’s disappointing you in a way.

Teairra: Wait, Erica, I have never seen it from that standpoint that would make a lot of sense. I kinda did take it all the wrong way and lashed out at him, but I mean if we can get through such a hectic situation like the last one this should be lightwork.

Erica: I think you both just need to hear that the outside noise doesn’t affect how you two see each other. Simple. As for the very nasty lady, I’ll be keeping it very nice with her unless she continues with her antics. She’s been on this warpath against you and I’m not with the wannabe bully. I’m sorry.

Teairra’s Confessional: Erica definitely opened my eyes to a different perspective because in MY eyes it was looking like he was hiding things from me, but it could’ve been him feeling embarrassed just as much as me, the next conversation will definitely be different with him and I.

Teairra: Teairra laughs. I’m not sure what her issue is but it does seem like she’s constantly poking at me, I would’ve never thought in a million years we would be where we are now.

Harlow: She is a crazy woman to me.

Teairra: She’s trying to wake up the inner beast and she’s almost there, the last conversation was just a sneak peek.

Grace: Too right! Girls, I see a bar over there. What do we say to a holiday cocktail?

Harlow: I need one! Let’s start Rio with a bang!

Teairra: Oh yes! Let’s see who makes it there first. Teairra takes off running.

Harlow then begins to spring and faceplants into the sand…

Harlow: Oh god, it got in my face!

Erica: Erica is shown model walking through the sand twirling and then struts as the girls run. Bad bitches don’t run!

As the Ladies race into the bar, we watch as the camera shifts and we are shown arriving one by one, with the exception of Devyn, to a beautifully set table at a bistro near their resort. We see the group placing their orders and taking in the views as the scene continues…

Amal’s Confessional: So, tonight is the first night in Rio and all of us girls are getting together for a little dinner. After my breakthrough with Dev, Kaylani, and Billie, I’m looking forward to a nice quiet dinner. What are the odds of that happening? Slim to none. Amal laughs.

Harlow’s Confessional: Rio has been great so far. I’ve had a good tan so I’m happy! Tonight, we’re heading out to dinner. I really just want to leave everything that’s happened in Twitter in Twitter. I want this trip to be drama-free, but that’s not happening.

Billie: How are all you ladies! How was y’all’s day? What did you guys do?

Teairra: Well, we walked along the beach and just released all of our issues into the ocean it was a cute little wholesome moment honestly! What did you guys do?

Grace: We had a great time. Everyone listening to each other, very refreshing.

Billie: Oh, how fun, we had a cute little moment at the waterfalls nearby. We all rallied around our dear Amal. It was a beautiful moment. I felt true sisterhood in that moment!

Amal: It truly was! It was so nice to feel the love and support.

Kaylani: Yes, a bunch of emotions I’m glad to have shared that moment with you Amal.

Erica: I think a lot of us could use support. Erica takes a piece of bread. I wish we could that could happen with all of us present.

Billie: I agree Érica. It was real nice to be able to support Amal without any naysayers present. Billie side eyes Grace.

Amal: Unfortunately, Erica, that just doesn’t seem possible.

Erica: Why not? Harlow and Teairra did it earlier! I think it can work! And they were just calling each other bitches.

Amal: Amal sips her cocktail and nods. Well, that’s lovely for them.

Kaylani: Everyone would have to be vulnerable and open and some of us aren’t very truthful.

Erica: And who might you be referring to Kaylani?

Grace: Erica, I don’t think some of them can’t have adult conversations.

Kaylani: Well, not to single anyone out but… Kaylani looks towards Grace. It seems as though we never get the full story from her.

Billie: We are on a reality show that shows our lives. We don’t get to pick and choose what we want to air.

Grace: It’s a shame but doesn’t sound like it’s possible here Erica.

Amal’s Confessional: Open and honest. Truth and transparency. This dinner sounds like a sermon at The Church.

Kaylani: I just think people try to control the narrative of what’s out versus what’s the real truth.

Grace: You’re right Kaylani, they do that. Grace points at Amal then Billie.

Erica: Well, I do believe that Grace, Harlow, Amal and Kaylani was a bit closed off around group settings. So, maybe all you ladies should just put it all out there. Grace & Harlow talk to me, but I don’t know if they talk to you guys. I’m just saying!

Kaylani: The whole purpose of REALITY is the first four letter which is REAL, and I don’t think she’s REAL.

Teairra: I think they’re open where they feel comfortable and feel like there’s a safe place.

Amal: I didn’t realize I had an issue with Harlow. Amal turns to Harlow. Do we have an issue?

Harlow: I don’t have an issue with you Amal?

Erica: No, not issue, I’m referring to you 4 like to be closed off.

Billie: So, where does everyone stand with everyone. Does anyone have anything that they want to get off their chest? It seems like Harlow has been through quite the friendship changes. Harlow, do you have an issue with me?

Harlow: But here’s the thing Amal, I do think that some stuff you do say can be a bit over the top.

Amal: Okay… Explain please.

Harlow: You constantly bash Grace and pull up random stuff about her, like I just want to know how you find that entertaining.

Amal: I don’t find it entertaining. I find it saddening. It hurts my heart to see the devastation that surrounds Grace and her tragic life.

Billie: Oh, Grace must’ve gotten her puppet wound up tonight.

Erica: Oh, not puppet…

Harlow: But then why are you making it worse Amal? I feel like you just continue to throw things out about Grace, even if it’s true or not, maybe it’s best to keep it behind closed doors.

Amal: No, it’s okay Billie. I’m more than happy to address this. I’m glad that Grace has one friend at this table, so let her friend take up for her.

Harlow: Billie, let’s not. I’m no puppet do not refer me anything else other than HARLOW.

Amal: What have I thrown out, Harlow? Enlighten me. Amal flicks her hair out of her face.

Harlow: The pornstar! I learned about the pornstar through you and Devyn.

Grace: No one’s my puppet

Teairra: Oh, this is definitely going left…

Billie’s Confessional: Harlow can go right back up Grace’s ass where she came from! Anyone that’s a friend of Grace is always a yes man for her.

Amal: That’s throwing something out? Me sharing with the group that she’s in a sexual relationship with an adult entertainer despite the fact that she called me on a FaceTime with the man?

Grace’s Confessional: Harlow is just highlighting the truth, and it’s amazing to see Amal and Billie freak out about it.

Harlow: But did you really have to spread it like a plague?

Amal: I’d think Grace would be happy to share that with this group. Show the girls she’s still young and got it.

Harlow: But then why’d you reveal it for her? Isn’t it her place to reveal her relationship? It’s not yours!

Grace: Age is just a number.

Amal: Because she’s an inauthentic, calculated, lying, manipulative, no good CUNT. That’s why I shared it.

Harlow: It’s just weird! If Grace wants to private about her life let her be private!

Kaylani: If it wasn’t for Amal, then we probably wouldn’t have known it would be another skeleton in her closet.

Amal: Anything else I’ve shared that you care to address?

Erica: Erica whispers to Harlow and looks away. The daughter…

Amal: Then don’t … Amal raises her voice. SIGN UP FOR A REALITY SHOW!

Billie: What are we doing hiding our lives for HARLOW?

Teairra: Why the yelling!?

Harlow: What about the daughter Amal? And shut up Billie, calm your voice, it’s ONE ROOM!

Amal: Oh, about how Grace conned her daughter out of a podcast deal? Which resulted in their estrangement? I know… Amal nods. Very sad.

Harlow: It’s obsessive!

Kaylani’s Confessional: I feel if you want to be on a show then you sign away every right to be PRIVATE. Look at me, I’m airing out people from a multi-billion dollar company that’s trying to take away my rights of ownership from our hotels.

Harlow: You constantly bring out information about Grace’s life and it’s obsessive! You’re like a stalker! Because somehow you know every bit of Grace’s life!

Billie: It’s on the blogs for Christ sake.

Amal: Look, Grace and I were friends for a number of years. We shared a lot of life together. It’s not my fault that people in her life contact me to discuss the ways in which they’ve been harassed or betrayed by her. It’s like a little support group for those who’ve been abused by Grace Whitworth.

Harlow: Why is Amal interested in blogs that have GRACE WHITWORTH on the front title?! Why does she need to give one shit about her life?

Teairra’s Confessional: I won’t lie me and Harlow aren’t on the best of terms 100% but she’s making some valid points, Amal has been on a smear campaign against grace since the moment I’ve met her and every day, it’s something new she knows like at this point are YOU behind TMZ? Because you’re faster than the blogs.

Grace: Amal, you should just stop talking to be honest.

Amal: I don’t… Amal raises her voice. Read the blogs HARLOW! I just told you that these people came directly to me with this information.


Amal: No. I don’t have to stop talking. Is there anything else you’d like to address? What else did I tell you? The shady champagne dealings with Luci? Is that the next little nugget you’d like to pull out?

Harlow: I’m just saying you’re on a hate campaign against Grace and I find it gross!

Grace: It’s fine Harlow, she just doesn’t want her affair to be revealed.

Teairra: So Amal, basically you and grace are unrepairable? Got it!

Amal’s Confessional: Was this woman dropped on her head at birth? WE ARE FILMING A SHOW! Does she not see the cameras following us?

Grace: She fucked a guy whilst married to her ex, and now she’s dating him. It’s okay!

Amal: Excuse me?

Harlow’s Confessional: An eye for an eye with Grace and Amal. Clearly.

Amal: What affair?

Grace: Jordan? The guy you’ve been having an affair with that you’re keeping from everyone. Yeah, I know all about that.

Amal: Amal looks in shock at Grace. There was no affair. Amal looks around the table. Because Grace is such a phenomenal friend, I may as well share with you all that my husband Tommy and I have been separated for the last 6 months. During this time, I’ve been dating a man named Jordan.

Grace: It started before you split from him. Don’t look so shocked. You want to talk about me and how disgusting I am? Well, you’re not much better.

Amal: No, it didn’t Grace! Tommy and I separated in March.

Grace: Stop lying!

Billie: This is absolutely draining to sit here and watch. Billie whispers to Erica. Can we leave this place?

Amal: Amal stands up and starts to lean across the table. Listen, THIS… Amal points at Grace. IT IS not something you want to do.

Billie: Billie stands up and puts hands in front of Amal. No need to attack the elderly. Let’s just sit down. How credible is Grace when she has her own shit going on.

Grace: Sit down you’re embarrassing yourself. You introduced him to me in February.

Amal: No fuck that… Amal shoves Billie’s hand off of her. If she is going to sit here and say I’ve been having an affair…

Erica: So, you weren’t all over Jordan while with Tommy?

Amal: Amal picks up her glass of wine and throws it in Grace’s face. AND WHAT FUCKING BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS?!

Teairra: OH… Teairra jumps back from the table.

Erica: Erica gasps and slides back. OH MY GOD!

Grace: Grace wipes her eyes. Okay then…

Amal: Huh?!

Billie: Billie stands up and gets back from the table. Okay now this is crazy.

Harlow: Harlow hands Grace a napkin. Oh my god, she’s sick!

Amal: WHAT FUCKING BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS?! Amal starts to walk over to Grace’s side of the table.

Teairra: Oh hell no, was all of that needed!? like really!

Billie: Ladies, the restaurant owner is on his way over here. I think we are being asked to leave.



Erica: Erica gets in between Amal and Grace. OH GIRL CALM DOWNN! Calm DOWNN!

Billie: Amal, you’re acting like a fucking wild animal. Jesus Christ, relax. That woman is fragile. What has gotten into to you?

Grace’s Confessional: This is inexcusable, I’m telling the truth and I have proof.

Harlow: Grace, we need to leave. Amal has turned into a psychopath!

Billie: Get Grace out of here NOW!

Amal: Amal is standing with wine glass in hand whilst talking to Erica who is holding her back. I’m going to lob this wine glass at her big head!

Teairra: Teairra grabs a napkin and helps wipe Grace’s face off. Are you okay? I think you should just go the other way! She’s losing it.

Kaylani’s Confessional: Well, I’m always with Amal but if you throw a drink on me then this lovely rich bitch will definitely turn in that Compton bitch real fast. Kaylani laughs.

Amal: Amal realizes that she is holding a wine glass and drops it to the floor. Oh my god! Amal looks taken aback and takes a step back. I need -I need — I need to leave.

Harlow’s Confessional: Amal is insane and she just needs time alone. She was triggered because it’s now clear that whatever Grace is saying is true.

Billie: Billie walks out with Amal. What the fuck was that all about?

Amal: I need to leave. I need to leave. Amal starts to cry with Billie. I need to leave. I need to leave.

Amal’s Confessional: Amal wipes a tear in her eye. I’m disgusted. I’m disgusted and embarrassed. That’s all I have to say.

Billie: Okay, let’s get you back to the resort. This was too much tonight.

The camera then pans back inside as the remaining five Ladies begin to collect their stuff…

Kaylani: I just know you not calling someone a liar…

Harlow: I’m tired of her. I’m tired of her attacking my friend and I’ve had it with her!

Grace: Well, hopefully now everyone sees she’s a liar.

As the remaining Ladies begin exiting the restaurant, the cameras pan towards the skyline as we see Rio beautifully lit up at night, before the screen fades to black and the episode comes to an end.



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