Season 16, Episode 14: “Cultural Clashes”

Ladies of Twitter
31 min readFeb 13, 2024

As the episode begins and the main title card fades from the screen, we see shots of Rio and its beautiful nightlife, before tense music plays and we focus in on the resort where the Ladies are staying. We watch as Billie and Amal are walking to the bar off the lobby, as Amal is seen with makeup running down her face as the scene begins…

Amal’s Confessional: Uhm… Amal pauses. I’m embarrassed. I’m devastated. Amal fights back tears. I pride myself in being an upstanding pillar of this community and tonight I behaved nothing like that. I’ve truly disappointed myself.

Billie: Billie is seen consoling Amal. Amal, you have to calm down. That’s the best thing you can do. Do not let that evil human being get you to that point.

Devyn: Devyn sees the Ladies walk in. Hey y’all. I brought candy.

Billie: Devyn, you just missed an explosive dinner. We had the owner come ask us to leave. Drinks were thrown it went down.

Devyn: Well damn. I would say sorry I had a migraine, but I’m not now. What happened?

Amal: I — I — I just can’t believe I behaved like that.

Devyn: Devyn gives candy to Amal and Billie. Don’t chew ladies. Swallow. What happened Amal? Jesus. You’re a mess right now.

Billie’s Confessional: Look I’m annoyed with Devyn but you know I’m always a fan of candy. Especially after the shit I just witnessed

Amal: Amal takes a seat at the bar and puts my hair in a ponytail and wipes tears with hands. Dev, I snapped. I honest to God snapped. Amal puts her head in her hands.

Devyn: Who pushed you to snap?

Billie: Grace Whitworth did.

Devyn: Dear God. What now?

Billie: It was such a disgusting attack on Amal tonight. All the ladies went in on how Amal is the reason that things keep getting leaked about Grace and her misfortunes.

Devyn: Grace is the reason her shit gets leaked. She’s fucking a porn star. I’m sorry Amal. What does Amal gain from leaking anything on Grace?

Billie: Not a damn thing.

Amal: You know how Grace is. She’s yapping at me and then Harlow is yapping at me and I’m trying to explain all the things that I’ve said about her, right? So, she then starts to talk about Jordan and how we were sleeping together before Tommy and I separated and I lost it, Dev. I grabbed my wine and I threw it right in her face. The girls had to hold me back. I just believe I let that old hag take me there.

Amal’s Confessional: I’ve been dealing with a lot of emotions about the end of my marriage. You know, part of me is happy to have met someone and to be moving on with my life but I’m also devastated that my family is now broken and that my son will likely never remember his parents together. That in it of itself is enough to make any woman snap.

Devyn: I’m sorry. Grace had no right. She really pushed you to your limit.

Devyn’s Confessional: Devyn laughs as a Producer asks what is so funny. Oh, just Grace get something else shot in her face. I sure hate I missed it. Can y’all slide me the tape?

Amal: And the way the other girls looked at me? Like I’m some kind of monster… Amal starts to cry again. You know I worked so hard to come back into this group of girls and try and make amends and in the matter of seconds I ruined it.

Devyn: Amal, calm down. Women have shown their ass worse on this show. You’re not a bad person. Please give yourself a break.

Billie: Amal, some of these girls have done far worst things in this group and has recovered. Your relationships are not irreparable, you just need to have some conversations with all the ladies including Grace.

Amal: Amal leans over and hugs Devyn and Billie. I’m so grateful to have you two by my side.

Devyn: Talk to Grace about what Billie? She’s only going to play the victim like you did last season after throwing water on me. Save yourself the headache Amal.

Amal wipes her tears and looks over at Billie…

Billie: Oh, for fucks sake is tonight about you and I or are we trying to support our friend Amal? I just think if Amal wants to rectify her issues especially in this group, they are all going to push Amal to talk to Grace so why not just do it on your own accord and get it over with? I mean at bare minimum explain what got you to that point and apologize if you feel like it wasn’t necessary. You seem remorseful that you got that point, or am I wrong Amal?

Billie’s Confessional: Look as one of the longest cast members on this show I like to think I have some knowledge on how this group works. Why are these girls acting like they can’t listen to one another?

Amal: Amal nods. I’m absolutely remorseful.

Devyn: Billie giving advice she doesn’t take. A tale as old as time.

Billie: I know you are Amal. I know you are. It’s all going to be okay!

Devyn: Anyway, Amal, I support you. Whatever you decide to do.

Amal’s Confessional: Things were bound to explode between Grace and I. The woman will sit in your face and lie but I shouldn’t have thrown something at her. Hell with her cataracts, I’m just glad the bitch’s eyeballs didn’t explode.

Billie: Amal, so where do we go from here?

Amal: Tonight, I need to go to bed but tomorrow when we’re all together, I’ll sit the girls down and apologize to them for my outburst but I don’t want to drag this on. I want us to enjoy our trip regardless of what happened tonight. I’ll apologize then I’m just going to leave her alone. Keep 50 feet between she and I for the rest of the trip.

Devyn: Devyn checks her watch. I need to go make a call. Have fun. Cheer up Amal. You’re a good person. Devyn looks at Billie. More than I can say for our friend here. See y’all later.

Devyn’s phone then rings as she departs and answers it…

Billie: Why don’t you ladies come over to my room for breakfast and we can just go ahead and get this all out there! See you later Devyn.

Amal: Amal’s mouth drops as Dev walks away after hugging me. Did she?

Billie: She did… Billie rolls her eyes.

Amal: You girls are too funny.

Billie: At least we can add you some comic relief. She’s like the annoying younger sister I didn’t wish for. Billie laughs.

Amal: Do you think there’s any chance for the two of you?

Billie: I don’t see that chance anytime soon. I really wish her well but I think there’s other things going on in her life to cause her to lash out like this. Billie shrugs. That’s all I’ll say.

Amal: Well, I’m not exactly one to be speaking about lashing out. Amal laughs and stands up. Let’s get out of here. My glam are in my suite having a few drinks. Let’s go there.

As Amal and Billie walk out of the bar, the scene shifts as we watch Erica, Grace, Teairra, Kaylani, and Harlow arriving to the resort and making their way into Erica’s suite as she pops open a bottle of wine…

Erica: You bitches are stressing me out already!

Erica’s Confessional: If I’m being honest, I was expecting some drama to go down but not THIS! These girls are acting like complete animals and we just got here. A beautiful city and it’s clearly being ransacked but these creatures we call the Ladies of Twitter.

Grace: I think I’ve got wine in my eye.

Harlow: She is a crazy woman!

Erica: Yes hun… Erica grabs a rag with water giving it to Grace. God.

Teairra: Girl…what was that?

Grace: That stings like a mother. I don’t know! What is wrong with her?!

Harlow: She’s like some rat! She is so hypocritical! Did you guys see her contradicting herself?

Erica: I mean, she’s been hiding her true self all this time. I’m not surprised she finally blew up.

Grace: She’s a walking contradiction.

Harlow: She said that Grace needs to be real when she wasn’t being real and didn’t tell us that she was cheating on her spouse!

Teairra: Absolutely, and she did cause a scene and made it seem like something took over here after she realized she threw the drink. Like girl, get real this isn’t a movie.

Erica: Erica laughs. It’s been an act. Sorry to say it.

Grace: Billie was frothing at the mouth too, did you see? Erica, can you pass me my phone?

Kaylani: Yeah, but Grace did give her the ammo although I don’t agree with her actions.

Harlow: Billie’s ass was speechless. She couldn’t defend her own friend because there’s nothing to defend.

Grace: I’ll show you all the proof.

Harlow: Kaylani but Amal started it!

Kaylani: She did, but Grace came for her marriage and was saying she was having an affair.

Erica: Erica hands Grace her phone. I don’t think Billie wanted to defend Amal; I think she more so wanted the truth. Billie’s my girl, she just likes to get to the bottom of things.

Grace: Kaylani, she’s having an affair and has been having an affair. The guy wanted to buy a house from me.

Harlow: She’s not real!

Grace pulls out her phone and shows the Ladies two photos as they flash across the screen….

Erica: Wait… Erica snatches the phone back and looks at the photo. THAT’S JORDAN?

Kaylani: I know, but just because there are rumors doesn’t mean we have to throw it in her face is what I’m saying.

Teairra: Oh my God!? Jordan?

Harlow: Amal’s been throwing shit at Grace’s face for such a long time!

Erica hands the phone back to Grace, shocked, as she shakes her head and looks at Teairra…

Grace: It’s been happening for months.

Harlow: Wow. There’s no real in her.

Grace: Kaylani here, look, so that can inform you.

Kaylani: Okay let me see… Kaylani grabs the phone, looking through the photos. Oh wow…

Teairra: It doesn’t seem too off brand for her.

Grace’s Confessional: I’ve held these pics back because of who I got them from, who I won’t say. Because it’s too damaging.

Teairra: I have heard a lot…

Erica’s Confessional: Teairra & I know Jordan. He’s been around a particular woman of this group for quite some time now and if I’m keeping it “real” that woman is not Amal. Erica smirks and sips her drink from the straw.

Erica: Whew, how long have they been together, Grace?

Grace: Months. Way before her ex asked for the divorce.

Kaylani’s Confessional: I’m really trying my best to defend my girl Amal but it’s just too much going on … like wow.

Teairra: Does anyone else here know Jordan or heard about this?

Grace: I’ve heard he likes to drop his pants.

Teairra: Well, he definitely gets around!

Erica: Wait, so you think Grace getting drenched was justified?

Kaylani: Nobody deserves all that…

Grace: I’m just over this whole narrative of me being this nasty evil human, Amal is dangerous and has the resources to make anything up girls.

Kaylani: Grace, I respect you for not retaliating but it should’ve never gone that far on both accounts.

Grace: Kaylani, you don’t seem to realize what she’s been going about Twitter doing.

Erica: I mean honestly, it’s been a constant thing with Amal. Ever since she left last year, it was constant digs against me and Grace, and she’s still attacking Grace.

Grace: Telling the girls I’m poor, I’m going to prison, I have a fake business and then to top it off she brings my daughter into it and says I’m not speaking to my daughter. She’s disgusting.

Erica: It’s just a lot of picking at this point but I’m not surprised because her best friend has been picking at Teairra as well.

Kaylani: Yes, but from our conversation it seems like you’re the reason for that as she was saying you started it so tell me from your point of view.

Grace: I didn’t come to Rio to be doing all this. She started it when she wasn’t around us last year and tried to bring me into her issues with Erica.

Teairra: Yeah, I wasn’t expecting it to end up like this because Amal consistently tries to tell me good advice and how to react to things but she’s throwing drinks. It’s like right message wrong sender, I guess?

Kaylani: Yeah, it’s hard to defend Amal in this instant but she’s going through a lot right now.

Grace: Who isn’t here Kaylani? Stop making excuses.

Grace’s Confessional: Kaylani is blinded by Amal’s veneers, like I was, it’s okay she’ll see the truth one day.

Erica: I just think it’s getting to a point where no one in this group wants to voice their truths because of how malicious some people have become.

Grace: And I’m sorry, but Billie? Billie is a complete bitch

Teairra: I think Amal is sweet sometimes but the constant picking at Grace is getting old. She’s just like Devyn, literally.

Grace: Those three other girls are just the worst and I have no intentions of talking to any of them.

Kaylani: It just seems like you were coming for her marriage and it was giving her the ammo to throw the drink on you. AMAL IS WRONG! I just felt like things could’ve been handled differently, that’s all.

Grace: Well, I’m not apologizing. Jabs, jabs, jabs.

Erica: So, how is everyone with Devyn? I heard she’s around here somewhere too.

Harlow: I don’t know where I stand with Devyn. She’s irrelevant in my life and I don’t care to know her.

Grace: Devyn is just irrelevant to me too to be honest. She and I made amends then she comes for me more.

Teairra: I’m at the point of fuck Devyn, she can’t handle what she dishes out, she thought she had all the tea in the world and I had to show her otherwise.

Grace: I don’t want to be coming into a room not knowing what Devyn I’m going to get.

Erica: I think that’s just her thing? She befriends people and then attacks them to hide from her own drama. Like girl we get it, you faked loving your husband again and now you’re stuck in a marriage with him while in reality you want to go be with that girl. We get it!

Kaylani: It seems like everyone is on the outs with her.

Grace: Is she licking pussy or not? Like, it’s so confusing.

Teairra: Teairra snaps. Clock that tea! She gets defensive about it and its literally the truth that she’s confused about what she likes.

Grace: And it’s not on us to be telling her. She clearly wants someone to just tell her.

Erica: Apparently, it has something to do with her parents not accepting it but Teairra was right about that hospital tea. My thing is if you’re supposed to be this strong fearless woman, why be forced back into the closet? That’s what I respected about Devyn she didn’t give a fuck, but this? I want her to do better.

Grace: I hear you, she should be setting the example, not waiting for someone to set it for her. She’s 60 for Christ’s sake.

Erica: 60? Whew! She definitely needs to find her maturity again.

Grace: What are we going to do girls? We’ve got this trip.

Teairra: Teairra laughs. She’s 60 trying to live out her fantasy of being a mean girl, it’s pathetic.

Grace: Billie and Amal bring that out of her.

Teairra: Unfortunately, but her and Billie even clash a lot! I really think Amal being back is bringing it out of her the most.

Erica: For the sake of Rio, please ladies NO more drink tossing. We have a couple more days here and we all need this break. We’re ladies, so let’s address our issues with a bit more decorum.

Kaylani’s Confessional: Grace, come on you’re 60 and beyond dating or a pornstar like come on. Kaylani laughs.

Teairra: She’s so happy her bestie is back that its charging the battery in her back.

Grace: Just sit me the other side of the table and it’ll be fine.

Harlow: Don’t engage in Amal’s stupid shit. She’s below you Grace.

Grace’s Confessional: To be honest, it sounds like Amal and Devyn have a lot of issues with this group. They’re incredibly damaged. Billie? She’ll change like the wind, so who cares.

Kaylani: I just want this trip to be a relaxing one and a break from home because it’s a lot going on back at home so I just want us to have fun and enjoy this trip the best way possible if it’s even possible.

Erica’s Confessional: Even though I have a grand time dragging most of these girls into yesteryear, I have too many problems at home to be flipping tables and throwing drinks. My looming conversation with Robert is the only drama I need right now, and this trip is supposed to be my peaceful week.

Teairra: I guess we’ll just have to see how the rest of this trip goes, didn’t know Devyn was coming it might actually turn this whole trip the wrong way. She’s like a dark cloud but I’m here to have fun!

Grace: Girls it’s up to us to make this thing not flop. That includes you, Kaylani.

Erica: Alright Ladies, as much as I know you girls love to see my beautiful face. I have a midnight massage I have to get ready for and I don’t think anyone wants see my cooter tonight!

Grace: Let’s go and get some rest and start fresh tomorrow.

Teairra’s Confessional: Rio is so gorgeous! I want to make the best of it 100% but with Devyn landing in … for lord knows what reason she could’ve stayed home. Teairra rolls her eyes. Anyways! I just hope we can hold it together in public at least, next time I don’t want to go to Rio jail!

Grace: Group hug!

As the group is shown hugging one another, the cameras shift as we see the night turn to day in Rio and fun music plays as the cameras quickly pan through the Ladies as we see everyone getting ready to start a new day. We see the Ladies then getting on two vans as we focus in on Grace, Billie, Teairra, and Harlow as they arrive to AquaRio…

Grace’s Confessional: It’s a new day in Rio and we’re off to the city to see some of the sights, I’m not in the mood for anything to do with drama so I’ll be keeping schtum and enjoying the day.

Grace: Okay girls, let’s see some fishes.

Harlow: Yes, this will be so cool!

Grace: I’m so hungry though! I hope there’s food. Wow, it’s hot too.

Billie: This place is interesting… Billie laughs. I figured there would be more to Rio than this aquarium.

Teairra: I’m sure there’s some inside, hopefully!

Harlow: Maybe they’ll serve us fish fresh from the tanks… just joking!!

Grace: Yeah, what made you pick this Harlow hun?

Harlow: Well, I mean I chose this because some people think their big fishes in the pond and think they stand out when everyone stands out equally! So, I thought it was fitting!

Billie: Oh… very fitting for a few ladies in our group! That’s right Harlow. How did everyone sleep?

Teairra: Teairra nods. Ohhhh, I get it.

Teairra’s Confessional: I don’t get it! Teairra laughs. I think I’m the biggest fish in the SEA not the pond!

Grace: I slept great considering. Managed to wash my eye out.

Teairra: I slept good! I didn’t have a hangover thankfully.

Harlow: I slept good. Last night tired me out.

Grace: How did you sleep Billie?

Billie: Well last night was something… I didn’t go to sleep til almost 3 AM. I think Amal had a full-on breakdown.

Grace: Oh really, well that’s a shame. Grace looks at the fish in one tank.

Billie: Someone’s mental health struggles is just a shame?

Grace: Grace points at a puffin fish. No, I don’t think anyone heard her having a breakdown that’s all. Everyone’s got their issues Billie. Just because she’s the loudest doesn’t mean it’s the most important. Grace winks.

Billie: Oh my god I can’t deal with you Grace. You don’t even try and reason with Amal. You are your own worst enemy. As for you Harlow, what’s your DIRECT issue with Amal and why did you feel the need to jump in?

Harlow: Cause she was attacking my friend constantly!

Grace: I’m sorry but it’s a problem Billie that you refuse to see anyone else’s issues other than your own or Amal’s.

Harlow: I’m going to stick up for my friend!

Teairra’s eyes widen as the watches the other three Ladies fight…

Billie’s Confessional: Grace is almost 70 years old I think by now she can stand up for herself. Especially against Amal. Why Harlow jumped in, i don’t know unless she was looking for a moment.

Grace: She’s in the wrong here, period.

Harlow: Amal constantly attacked Grace and pinned her against the wall every time she could! I couldn’t bear to hear it any longer!

Grace: Harlow did for me what you do for whoever your flavor of the day is so don’t act like it’s some shock that she’s looking out for her friend. Amal threw wine in my face for gods sakes.

Billie: Well, Grace digs her own grave Harlow. You’ve even told me that! So I don’t know why you felt the need to jump in!! She hasn’t done anything to you!?

Grace’s Confessional: It’s like listening to those dogs that scream at their owners, like the constant yap, yap, yap, that’s all I’m hearing here.

Harlow: Am I not allowed to stick up for my friend? Let’s talk about every time I had NO problem with you and you still had to butt your trout mouth into the conversation!

Billie: And Grace she threw wine in your face after you alleged she was having an affair on her husband! You would be livid!

Harlow: She literally confirmed she had an affair!

Grace: Well, it’s true, had she asked I’d have shown the proof that I’ve known for months.

Teairra: Well Billie, do you not see it as bullying? What Amal has been doing to Grace every chance she gets I know you two are really close and I’m cool with Amal as well! But it’s like when does it stop?

Harlow: Exactly! Like why does she care that Grace is getting that porn star dick?!

Grace: She has it out for me too anyway Teairra so it’s not worth it. Billie’s just riding the coattails of a sinking ship. Let me tell you something Billie, when you ride with dirty dogs, you get fleas.

Teairra: I honestly think the constant poking she does & playing victim immediately after…she gets it from the Devyl herself. It’s all too familiar. Hopefully you guys can talk about it! but it did go too far.

Grace: Amal and I were very close, I know her better than anyone here. I know she’s hurting inside.

Harlow’s Confessional: Amal contradicted herself and was shown to be a hypocrite. She’s constantly bullying and pinning Grace up on a cross.

Grace: But I’m done with her bullshit.

Teairra: Has she ever thrown wine on you before?

Billie: BULLYING!? Billie gasps. Teairra that’s a little far-fetched. Grace you’re not innocent and you all are acting like she is. Grace, we all know you are leaking these stories about yourself to the blogs.

Grace: Billie what is up your ass, seriously! It’s not a dick because you’d be more relaxed. Grace laughs and shakes her head. I haven’t claimed to be right in all things or pretend to be something I’m not, Amal on the other hand, is. And that’s the problem.

Harlow: Billie you’ve never held Amal accountable though. I’ve never once seen you hold her accountable for the shit you’ve said.

Grace: Because she wants to take me down.

Billie: I do want to take you down Grace. I want to make sure you go down in flames. Billie smirks. That’s ride. Now what? Now what?

Grace: Grace points at a piranha. Look Billie, it’s you! Girls I’ve gotta take this call it’s my lawyer.

Billie: Oh, here she goes again running and taking calls. Can she ever stick around to actually have a conversation?

Teairra: Billie, no, we’re better than this.

Grace: Billie, I’ve got a business to run unlike some. I’m trying to have a conversation with you but I’d rather talk to that wall they’re painting over there.

Grace’s Confessional: Sorry I can’t stand here and listen to you ramble on about Amal Billie, I’ve got customers and money to make. Hello?

Billie: Teairra, dumb and dumber want to paint me out to be some kind of bad guy, by supporting Amal. What they don’t know is that I told her she needs to talk to Grace and hash it out, at least hear Grace’s POV.

Teairra: Teairra nods. I also think Grace should be able to talk to her after all of that, and hear what triggered Amal even though I think we all know what it was since we were there. But it WAS in the moment so I’m not even sure what it is anymore.

Billie: We did see it but it’s deeper than that you guys.

Grace: I’m not painting you out to be anything other than what you are Billie which is a meddler, you’re meddling in other people’s business and it’s just not right.

Billie: Grace are you talking to your lawyers or talking to me?

Grace: I’d happily sit and talk to her and you alone to see why you just have this issue, but I think even you don’t know what it is. Honey I’m on hold, so I can ramble some more. Oh yes hello, it’s Miss Whitworth, yes. Grace walks away.

Billie: Harlow, now that Grace is gone. What’s your issues with Amal? Other than she attacked your friend. Do you just not like her?

Harlow: That’s honestly my only issue. I love her until I don’t! I just can’t sit there and let her continuously babble about Grace and her lawsuits and blah blah. Someone needs to shut her up.

Billie: But it’s Grace’s reality…. I mean you’ve been exploited, Teairra’s been exploited, and I’ve been exploited on this show. So why is Grace the only one that gets to hide or run from her truth?

Harlow: You’re saying that… when Amal was called out for having an affair and never told us about it.

Teairra: Wait, speaking of the said affair. Billie, do you know Jordan as well?

Billie: I’ve met him a time or two, but only as Amal’s friend. If I recall correctly, he was a trainer at their gym. Can you blame Amal for not wanting to be honest about her marriage issues? This group once they get an ounce of information against you they will use it on your worst day. Plus Harlow don’t sit here and act like it didn’t take you a while to open up and talk about your life on this show.

Harlow: It did! But I’m just saying, Amal is over here contradicting herself! And you know that! You’re acting like Grace wanted her legal issues or her relationship to be out there!

Teairra’s Confessional: Erica and I are well aware of Jordan and what that man has been involved in, we definitely need to fill Billie in because he’s definitely more than a trainer and has been involved with more than one lady here, it’s going to get out eventually.

Billie: Well, I told Amal to sit down with Grace and just explain what got her there. So, I am pushing for at least a conversation for both sides to be done but as you’ve learned Harlow with Grace you can lead a horse to a water trot but you can’t make them drink it. And Grace literally will not give us a clear answer on her legal issues. I don’t even know what’s real or not with her anymore.

Harlow: And maybe she wants to keep it to herself. If she wants to be private, let her be private. But Amal and Grace’s conversation needs to happen. For the sake of the group. Because right now, there’s a clear division.

Billie: Oh, so now we can be private? Billie laughs. Now you’re contradicting yourself Harlow.

Harlow: When did I say that?! I’m saying that Amal is contradicting herself! If people want to be private, let them be private! You’re making assumptions but it goes well especially when I know you are a known liar. You’re a good manipulator. A really good one.

Teairra: Okay ladies! this is obviously going left with the jabs.

Harlow: I want a separate taxi. I cannot stand here anymore. Harlow walks away. What a bitch.

Billie: So, Grace can be private but Amal’s scrutinized for being private? Harlow you’re a fake and phony BITCH. Billie yells. You CAN THANK ME FOR LEARNING HOW TO SPEAK UP!

Harlow: I’m not going to respond. Don’t make me respond to her! She wants to be her trout mouth little self, let her be! She knows that she’s a liar and I’m not going to let her run over me like she’s done to a lot of these ladies!

Teairra: Teairra holds Billie back a little bit and walks the other way. It’s okay! I think she’s leaving.

Billie: Teairra, I can’t stand either one of them. They practically share the same brain. It’s like trying to reason with kindergartens who didn’t get their way in the classroom with them two. I’m exhausted, my pantyliner is exhausted and I’m TIRED OF THE BULLSHIT IN THIS GROUP! Let’s go eat, I feel myself getting hangry.

As the Ladies disperse, the camera pans out and quickly pivots to the Museum of Modern Art where we see Kaylani, Devyn, Erica, and Amal getting out of their van and entering….

Amal’s Confessional: Since everything happened last night, I’ve spent most of the morning to myself. I needed to decompress and unwind from the toxicity that is Grace Whitworth but today? Today? I’m back in vacation mode.

Amal: Amal walks into the museum. Oh wow! Look at this foyer.

Erica: Girls, this is gorggg!

Amal: Girl, I’m exhausted. I didn’t sleep a wink last night. Amal takes glasses off to show her red puffy eyes. Last night was a lot.

Kaylani: Nothing a good doctor can’t fix! Kaylani laughs.

Devyn: This place is nice.

Erica: So, let’s get through these exhibits, girls. I want to see all the art Rio has to offer.

Amal: So, tell me girls…how’s Grace doing after last night? I wanted to text her but I just couldn’t.

Erica: Erica laughs. Are you really asking that? You did drench her, you know.

Devyn: We haven’t seen one piece of art yet, and we’re talking about Grace already. Can we wait until we get to the naked sculptures first? Devyn laughs.

Kaylani: She seems pretty upset she didn’t like you spilling a drink on her, and to be honest Amal, you’re my girl but I don’t agree with you pouring a drink on her.

Amal: Yes, I know I drenched her but I want to make sure she’s okay. Oh, it was absolutely the wrong thing for me to do. I’ve been beating myself up about it since it happened. Ask Devyn. I was a wreck last night.

Devyn: Yes, you were a wreck. It’s obvious you feel bad.

Kaylani: I do understand you’re going through a lot i just feel like we just have to control our anger.

Devyn: That’s true Lani. I do think Amal is very remorseful.

Erica: Well, I know you’re on this whole spiritual journey but you also have to take accountability that you have been picking at Grace this whole year as well. I mean we learn something new about the girl every other week from your mouth. So, if you’re going to feel sorry, let’s be sorry about the whole thing.

Amal: Amal starts to tear up. You know, yesterday was a lot for me. I opened up to these girls… Amal gestures to Devyn and Kaylani. About things that have been going on at home with Tommy and I and I feel like my emotions were all over the place. It was hard for me to sit at that table last night and I’m beyond sorry that I took myself and this group to such a low level. No one deserves that. Not even Grace.

Devyn: You have a point. It’s clear that Grace had hurt Amal. Hurt people hurt people.

Amal: I agree. I shouldn’t be going around and spilling all her truth to you ladies. It’s not right at all.

Amal’s Confessional: Have I gone too far with Grace? Absolutely. It’s why I’m vowing to myself to leave that lady alone from here on out. I’ll exchange pleasantries. A nice l, ‘love your bag girl’ but that’s the extent of it. I’m done.

Devyn: At least Amal is owning it. It’s up to Grace to be forgiving or not.

Erica: I’m not the one to fault anyone for taking their anger out on someone hell I did it this year, but just like I was able to stop blaming you, I think you could do the same with Grace. They’ve been friends for a while, so hopefully that can be solved.

Kaylani: Yeah, I feel like you both are coming from a place of hurt but grace does say nasty things as well. Just like last night when Grace said her and Devyn makes amends just for Devyn to do something fucked up to her.

Devyn: Excuse me? What did I do to Grace?

Amal: I don’t think there’s any resolution there. Not right now, anyway. I’ve been around these girls for a few years and I’ve never displayed one ounce of that behavior so for me, I’m more than willing to apologize to her and to the group as a whole but there’s no future there. None whatsoever.

Devyn: I can be a lot shady, but I’ve backed off of Grace.

Kaylani: Yes me, Harlow, Erica and Teairra were having a conversation and Grace said that you’re basically bipolar and that we don’t know what Devyn we’ll get.

Amal: Amal’s eyes widen. She said what?

Erica: Well… we all did agree with her. Kaylani included.

Devyn: As someone who has openly struggled with my mental health, misdiagnosing me because your upset is trash. So y’all all agree that I’m bipolar? Lovely.

Amal: That’s not cool. We shouldn’t be diagnosing each other.

Erica: I think your behavior towards your friends is pretty poor. That’s something we all agreed on. One minute, someone’s your friend, the next your screaming their business to anyone who wants to hear it so.

Kaylani: Yes, I’m still figuring Devyn out so I just sat back on that one. I mean y’all were trying to figure out was she licking pussy or not?

Kaylani’s Confessional: Hunni I can’t sit around and not say what the people have been dying to know. The girls were talking about it and I’m just here to relay the message that’s all.

Devyn: Tears form in Devyn’s eyes. I just don’t understand why my sexuality is even a topic of conversation. Apparently some need to be educated on bisexuality. I don’t have friends in this group. Only Amal. I’m getting to know Lani, but that’s where friends stop.

Erica: Well Kaylani if you’re going to bring it up, let’s bring it up correctly. We brought up how maybe you’re acting this way in this group because you’re unhappy in your message hence why you’ve still been fooling around with women.

Amal: Amal grabs Devyn’s hand. Why are you all even gossiping about Devyn’s sexuality or mental health at all?

Amal’s Confessional: Didn’t Erica just say that every time she sees me I’m talking trash about Grace? Well, hellurrrrrrrrrr you’re all doing the same thing to Devyn.

Devyn: Fooling around with women? I’ve been faithful to my husband. I’m not fooling around with anyone.

Erica: Well, we’ve heard otherwise.

Amal: Erica. No, that’s not right. Devyn is a happily married woman.

Kaylani: Now Erica, I feel as though we need to put everything out there. I was hearing that you’re a 60-year-old woman who’s unhappy in her marriage, Devyn.

Erica: Well, when my husband & I were happily married we didn’t sleep in separate rooms.

Devyn: Whoever your “source” is is wrong. I don’t tell anybody my business and I just got married. I barely have time for my husband much less someone else. The hospital keeps me swamped. AND SIXTY??? Who’s 60? I’m not. I’m 47 years old.

Kaylani: Well, the source was Grace so do you feel as though you’re stuck in a marriage with a man and can’t put out your real truth? Cause this is what I’m hearing.

Devyn: My husband sleeps next me every night. Y’all want me to be as unhappy as y’all so bad.

Erica’s Confessional: Hmm no time for your husband? Check. Always in the hospital. Check. Messing with a female in the hospital like Teairra said…. Hmm it’s all adding up here.

Erica: No hun, we want to know why you’re such a shitty friend. You’ve been attacking, attacking, and attacking all this year to people you’re supposed to have a friendship with. You’re clearly NOT happy.

Amal: So, is that we’re doing? One of our friends is in a tough place in this group, so we’re going to ambush her with these accusations and misdiagnosis?

Devyn: I’m not shocked at all. Grace loves to lie. I am happy with Corey. We have our issues but every couple does.

Erica: Amal, you have no room to talk right now. Especially since you’ve been doing the same thing. I asked if Devyn was going through something when she viciously attacked Teairra the first time, she said no. So, please spare me with this bullshit.

Devyn: Because I spoke truth about Teairra, I’m attacking people? I haven’t done a damn thing to you Erica, but it hasn’t stopped you from spreading Grace’s lies. Y’all are so two faced. Expecting something from me that you don’t do.

Erica: Spoke truth? You invited her and husband there and then kicked him out. Like girl BYE!


Erica: So, this asskissi- BITCH, WATCH THAT TONE WITH ME!

Devyn: I’ve apologized to Teairra. She was just collateral damage.

Erica: YOU’RE A BAD FRIEND SIMPLE AS THAT! You apologized and did it AGAIN.

Devyn: I’m not YOUR friend so it doesn’t matter what kind of friend I am. It’s NONE OF YOUR FUCKING CONCERN.

Erica: Bitch you’re NOT! Been NOT! But you won’t pick on a bitch in front me. YOU WON’T!

Amal: Wow, wow, wow!

Devyn: I just said Amal is my only friend in this damn group. I’m eager to keep it that way. And Lani if she wants too.

Amal: We don’t need to start with the bitch thing.

Erica: Erica waves off Devyn. Girl BYE!

Kaylani: I seem to be the only one telling Devyn what’s being said about her cause she has the right to know just like I would want someone else to tell me.

Devyn: Erica is a two faced, husband reject, that is trying to keep the heat off of her life by spreading lies about mine. YET AGAIN.

Erica: Two faced? Bitch, we aren’t friends. You’re a fake bully ass bitch and it won’t be going on around me. Know that! You’re miserable and you’ve been trying to take somebody down every other week. You’re a fraud.

Devyn: Thank you Kaylani. Erica only asks sanctimonious when it comes to Teairra and Billie. Erica had talked more shit about Teairra in the last year than the rest of us COMBINED!

Amal: I think we should go. We’re in a museum.

Devyn: Save your fake outrage and pearl clutching hoe.

Erica: Girl fuck all y’all!

Devyn: Go fuck ya husband. Oops. He doesn’t want you.

Erica: Erica calls an Uber. Go fuck that nurse in your hospital. You fucking slut. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Devyn: I don’t fuck nurses. I stay in my educational group. Specialist doctors and above. Like the one I fucking married.

Erica storms away towards the entrance…

Amal: Hey, Hey! We don’t need to do that! We don’t need to call each other sluts

Devyn: Erica wants to be me so bad. It’s been clear. At least my husband wants me. Not once but twice. Devyn flips her hair. That miserable women’s club deserve each other. I’m going upstairs to see the art I came here to see. I’m one of the few in this group that can afford to shop.

Amal: Kaylani, maybe you should go check on Erica. I’ll stay with Dev.

Devyn’s Confessional: Erica needs a life and a man. I feel bad for her honestly. I pity her. Her life had just combusted in front of her. Poor thing. I hope her just as miserable friends are supporting her. Poor girl.

Kaylani: Kaylani follows Erica. It’s no need for you two to call each other derogatory names that’s just nasty

Erica’s Confessional: All of these bitches are miserable hypocrites, one is struggling to keep her husband from popping a pill bottle while she fucks on nurses, the other is fucking a man while she’s married and don’t even get me started on the Compton gutter rat.

Kaylani: Erica turns to Kaylani. Back up out my face. Erica puts hand up to her and gets in the Uber.

Kaylani: Bitch, don’t put your hand in my face now. Kaylani knocks Erica’s hand down. That’s one thing I don’t play about.

Erica: Erica smacks Kaylani’s hand through the window. Fuck you bitch, fake Marriott ass bitch Erica yells as the car drives off.

Kaylani: Kaylani throws the finger at Erica and walk away, yelling. No wonder why your husband left your ass you dirty bitch.

As Erica speeds away, the camera pans out on a shot of downtown Rio as the scene and episode come to an end.



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