Season 16, Episode 16: “So Much for Sisterhood”

Ladies of Twitter
60 min readMar 5, 2024

As the episode begins, we hear upbeat music as we see shots of Twitter’s skyline as the moon rises over the city. We see shots of the Ladies getting ready, before we quickly pivot to a beautifully decorated venue where we see posters all around promoting Teairra’s forthcoming single. We see clips of guests pouring in, as we also see the Ladies beginning to arrive, before panning to Teairra and her husband Donte…

Teairra: I’m so excited!

Teairra’s Confessional: Today is an amazing day, I’m FINALLY able to announce my debut single, I’m just so excited to have everyone see what I’ve worked so hard on and see everything come full circle, from the rehearsals, the studio sessions and everything in between its been a JOURNEY, I can cry right now! Teairra fans her eyes.

We then watch as the Ladies and Teairra’s other guests begin to mingle, as the party truly comes to life…

Billie: Hey beautiful! Billie hugs Teairra. I’m so excited to hear you sing tonight! Are you nervous?

Teairra: I’m super nervous, oh my god! But I’m excited. Teairra spots Amal. Hey Amal!

Kaylani: Teairra girl! Now why you ain’t tell me you been in the studio?

Amal: Hey lovey!! Look at how cute you look. Amal gives Teairra a kiss on the cheek then spots Kaylani and walks away from her to the bar.

As all the Ladies arrive, we see them all chatting amongst themselves, as upbeat music plays. We then watch as two of Teairra’s friends make their way over to the group of women…

Keeunah (Teairra’s Friend): Heyyy T! Thanks for inviting me, can’t wait to hear this song boo.

Teairra: Hey Kee! Is that my girl Angie?

Angie (Teairra’s Friend): Hey gorgeous! Angie hugs Teairra.

Teairra: It’s been so long!

Teairra’s Confessional: Me and Angie go way back! Well, the little fallout I had with Erica last year was kinda because of her, so Erica might feel a way but I don’t care this night is about ME!

Billie: So Teairra, who are these friends of yours? They are stunning!

Teairra: This is Angie & Keeunah! My girls from way back!

Billie: Oh, so nice to meet you gorgeous girls! How awesome that you girls are real friends. That’s few and far between with this group!

The camera pans over as we see Erica chatting with Grace…

Erica: Erica makes a face. Grace, do you see that girl right there?

Grace: Who?

Erica: Erica points at the girl with Teairra. That’s the girl who told me about Teairra’s husband, Angie.

Grace: Oh god…

Grace’s Confessional: Jesus Christ, Mary, Joseph, and all the other prophets.

Erica’s Confessional: I’m not sure what game Teairra is trying to play here but inviting a “weirdo” to your invite after talking all of that shit about her is weird… Angie was also the one who put out there that I was an escort so I don’t know what Teairra’s trying to get at here but I would HATE to go backwards.

Grace: I’m just going to enjoy my margarita…

Teairra: Teairra looks around. Wait, where is Harlow?

Billie: Teairra, have you introduced all the ladies to your friends Angie and Kee?

Grace: Harlow can’t make it hun, she sends her apologies.

Teairra: Oh wow! Well, let me introduce the ladies to my girls… girls! These are my friends Kee and Angie! They came to support me!

Grace: How do you gals know each other then?

Angie: Hey ladies, how is everyone?

Keeunah: Hello, Hello!

Amal: So…what’s going on with this party? It’s a little… Amal pauses. Flat.

Erica: Erica makes a slight smile. Nice to meet you Kee. I’m Erica.

Angie: Erica, hey girl! Angie pushes Erica’s shoulder playfully. Long time no see.

Billie: Oh, you two know each other Angie and Erica?!

Angie: Yeah, we go way back.

Erica: Erica looks at Angie’s hand and brushes her shoulder. Not long enough I see. Teairra, you’re back cool with her? That’s a bit interesting.

Amal’s Confessional: I hear single release party and at a bare minimum I expect to hear the single that is being released. Right now, I hear a bunch of people chewing, some small talk, the clack of some Christian Louboutins, and I think I hear Grace farting.

Teairra: Teairra smiles and nods. We’ve buried the hatchet we once had!

Grace: Oh, there was beef? What happened?

Erica: Billie, Angie is the one that had so much to say about Teairra’s fabulous husband. Erica laughs.

Billie’s Confessional: I thought this was a single release party not some high school reunion where beef is rehashed. Billie laughs. These bitches.

Grace: I’m so confused what’s happening. I thought we were here to listen to music.

Teairra: She also had a lot to say about you erica, but that’s neither here nor there it’s time we just let it go!

Billie: Now say what, Erica? She was the one telling everyone in Twitter about his incident in California?!

Angie: Uhm…no honey. I told one person.

Erica: I thought so too, I didn’t know we were being messy but hey. Where’s the music? I came here to listen to it.

Teairra: Messy?! She’s here to support me not bring drama! Teairra grabs Angie’s arm and walks away. We’re not doing this today; I have to change for my performance.

Billie: Teairra don’t let this mess up your big moment! Go get on that mic and drop us some beats.

Erica: I’m not understanding… Erica does a hand motion over towards Teairra and Angie. This. That’s weird.

Grace: Erica what’s the issue, can’t we get them to move and we sit and enjoy the show?

Erica: No, she’s weird for that.

Amal: Aren’t they friends?

Billie: Erica, you are being messy!

Amal’s Confessional: Thank God for Erica! She’s giving this party a heartbeat.

The camera pans as we watch Teairra emerging onto the stage in another outfit as she taps the microphone to capture the crowd’s attention…


Amal: Amal looks to the stage. WE’RE PAYING ATTENTION.

Grace: I can’t hear it! Has she started? Where are we meant to be looking?

Teairra: Hey everyone, thank you all for coming! It’s been a long journey and I’ve been working so hard, and it’s been a long time coming music has been an escape from reality for me and this song explains me and my husband’s relationship from the beginning to end! It’s called Drive Back, and it explains that through everything we’ve been through, I still came back to my man. Teairra points to Donte in the crowd. So now … lets Drive Back!

The audience begins to clap as the lights dim and we see Teairra begin to perform…

Teairra: Teiarra starts to sing. Must really think I’m playing…reverse the conversation…trust me it’s not what you WAAANT!

Amal: Amal starts to dance as Teairra sings. Oh wow! She sounds to great… Amal turns to Billie. And she isn’t even lip syncing!

Billie: I know Amal, that surprised me to not see her lip syncing!

Teairra: Teairra keeps singing as she walks back and forth on the stage and drops low. BOY YOU KNOW YOU MAKE ME COME BACK!

Kaylani: She can actually sing!

Erica: Erica starts dropping it low in the crowd. Come back!

Grace: Give her a Grammy!

Amal: Amal starts shimmying. Yes!! You make me CUM back too girl!! WOOOO!

Teairra: Teairra sings and does her high note. I’m out tippin dusse, riding up in two lanes ROAD RAGE DRIVING BACK TO YOU YEAHHHHHHHH!

Billie: Oh wow! She hit that high note! My ears may be deaf.

Amal’s Confessional: Teairra is an amazing singer, but I kid you not…when she hit that high note I swear I started to hear a whole bunch of dogs barking.

Teairra: Teairra does her dance break and poses as the song ends. All I do is drive back home to you!

Erica’s Confessional: Although, It felt like we waited for what felt like a year for Teairra to actually say a word into the mic I have to give her credit, she was amazing but although the song hot our friendship right now is very cold and the way I’m feeling, this could go one or two ways. Teairra can decide.

We watch as the Ladies applaud, along with Teairra’s other guests, as she does a bow and exits the stage…

Teairra: Teairra walks back over to the group. Hey girls!

Kaylani: Teairra !! Good job, I’m gonna make sure I download it to the iPod.

Erica: Erica turns to Angie. Teairra invited you here right?

Angie: She did —

Erica: Erica puts her hand up to Angie. Okay, thanks. That’s all I needed to know. Erica turns to the Ladies as they speak with Teairra. Hi, hi, this was fabulous, the high note was so cute Teairra!

Angie: Someone’s a little uptight, huh?

Erica: I didn’t know you were driving our friendship back into the ground but hey, I guess that’s just a part of your brand now.

Grace: Erica, what’s got you so upset?

Teairra: Driving it back into the ground? Did I miss something? What’s the problem?

Erica: Inviting someone who threw out not only malicious rumors about your husband but also went around telling you that I was an escort, is disgusting and low. Erica looks at Grace. Did I not have Teairra’s back all in Rio?

Teairra: Erica, she has apologized, and we have moved on! Maybe if y’all can talk, you can resolve it as well! If I can forgive everyone else about my husband’s situation, what’s the problem?

Grace: You’re coming in very hot, if she made amends, they what’s the issue E?

Erica: I’m not talking to her; I’m talking to you. I literally went to war with Devyn for YOU! So, this is a slap in my face right now.

Teairra: It’s one night of celebration! You can’t be serious.

Erica: One night and I could have stayed home with my child, if I don’t want to be around negative people who’s not a part of this group, I should be able to do that.

Billie: Erica, let’s just table this issue for another night. I understand why you’re upset, but tonight is not the night to go awol on Angie or Teairra.

Teairra: Erica, the night isn’t about you though is what I’m telling you, she’s here for ME! After this you may n-

Erica: You know what, you’re right. Let Teairra have her moment. It might be her last one anyways with that high note.

Teairra: Oh, she can go with her attitude. Teairra walks over to Amal and Kaylani. Anyways… Erica is throwing a fit, but are you two good? Or…

Kaylani’s Confessional: I’m just trying to stay low tonight and off the radar cause if Amal situation comes up, I’m gonna continue to say my truth, I’ve been quiet too long

Kaylani: Ohhh hey Teairra . It’s a lot going on over there I see, but no, we’re not.

Amal: We’re good. I’ve decided we never have to speak again *smiles* so yes I’m perfectly fine

Teairra: Oh! These are two different answers.

Kaylani: Amal, you’re still in denial I see.

Amal: Girl shut up!

Erica: Erica makes her way back to Amal and Kaylani. What’s going on!

Kaylani: Girl, you shut up and stop trying act all goodie when you know you have bones in your closet.

Teairra: I get you two have swinger allegations but don’t start swinging here!

Amal’s Confessional: I was this girl’s only friend. I mean her only friend for months and now she’s going to sit here and lie in front of these girls. Amal shakes her head. No, she gets nothing from me.

Erica: Kaylani, I don’t think Amal wants to talk to you at the moment.

Amal: Now if you will all excuse me… Amal starts to walk away from the group. I’m not dealing with this shit.

Kaylani: Well Erica, I hate to say but we all know Amal was having an affair and doing all the dirty stuff behind the scenes, it’s no secret but…

Grace: Oh, now you’ll back it up Kaylani, you didn’t though when I brought it out in Rio?

Kaylani: I’ve been trying to protect this allegation but since it’s out in the air it’s time to be open and honest about it.

Amal: Amal is shown standing at the bar with Angie, Teairra’s friend. She’s just a fucking bitch. Lying and claiming I slept with her. Lying no good trick is what she is.

Grace: Look, let’s not ruin Teairra’s night. Let’s park this.

Billie: Kaylani, when did you ladies even hang out with each other without the group?

Amal: Amal turns around and screams at Grace. SHE CAN PARK IT UP HER ASS!

Kaylani: It was a onetime deal, but it definitely happened but I’m gonna open more of that bitch tea later, I don’t wanna ruin Teairra’s night over Amal’s sexual adventures outside of her marriage.

Billie: Billie looks at Erica. Can you believe this shit?!

Erica’s Confessional: I don’t know how we got here. Amal is running around with Angie, Kaylani is talking about sexual adventures and Grace is actually not into it with NOBODY! What the fuck is going on.

Erica: I knew about Jordan, but swingers? This is crazy!

Teairra: I don’t want to sound crazy, but Kaylani isn’t that technically outside of your marriage too?

Kaylani: Yes, it’s wrong but me and my husband have talked it out and we do what we like and it’s more of an agreement than a marriage.

Amal: Amal stands at the exit of the event with the producer. I’m not going back in. She’s no good attention seeking fool that you people dug up to bring her around and stir shit. If this is the type of person you want on your show, then have it! Amal storms out of the event.

As Amal exits the event, we watch as the rest of the Ladies also begin to depart from the event as the camera pans to one final confessional from Teairra…

Teairra’s Confessional: My night has been amazing nonetheless as its winding down, I don’t care about Erica’s tantrum, I’m not feeding into her narcissistic ego not everything is about ERICA! It’s time to shut it down, I have a man and good friends to tend to, goodbye bitches!

As the camera pans out on the event, we quickly transition to the following day, where we see the Ladies going about their days. We see a shot of Devyn at the hospital, and Grace speaking with a client, before we quickly transition to Billie’s home. There, we see Billie with a somber face as she sits in her living room as police sirens are playing faintly in the background and somber music starts to play…

Billie’s Confessional: Where do I even begin… Billie starts to tear up. Whether I’ve vocalized it or not. I have had a really hard year. Probably one of the hardest years of my life. I’ve hurt people and I’m hurting. I don’t know how I’ve gotten myself here but here I am, and now I have to fix the mess I made.

A producer then asks Billie about her DUI the other night as she begins to become more upset…

Billie’s Confessional: Well, it all started after I left dinner and drinks with my friend Kylee Everett. I just finished my deposition for our last court date before the judge and the jury make their decision in the coming weeks and it was just a really hard day. I was just an emotional mess and I resorted to drinking way too much that evening at dinner and recklessly got behind the wheel and drove home. I was about 3 blocks from my house when I saw red and blue and then next thing you know I’m being handcuffed and heading to jail. That was probably the lowest point of my life. Billie starts crying. I’ve never been in such a low spot in my life like I am now. This is not who I am. I’m so embarrassed.

Billie is then seen FaceTiming her mother…

Billie: Mom, Hi! Long time no see!

Louis (Billie’s Mother): Hi honey… Louis adjust camera lens. Sorry, my face was too close to the camera. How are you, honey? You look sad — is everything OK?

Billie: Well Mom, you know the lawsuit situation has been super stressful for me. We just did my final deposition for the jury and judge for next week’s final hearing.

Louis: Well, I know you’re ready for this to be behind you and I am too honey. Are you sure that’s everything going?

Billie: Mom, I’m just really having a hard time right now. Life is overwhelming and I don’t know how to keep myself afloat. Last night I went to dinner with Kylee, you know my Italian sister Kylee and we started drinking and for once I was having a good time that I didn’t realize how much I had to drink.

Louis: Go on, Billie. I’m listening…

Billie: So, when I went to leave, I might’ve realized while I was driving that I had indulged in too much wine. I thought I was doing great until I came about three blocks from my house when I side-swiped a house and fled the scene. I think I was just pumped with adrenaline that I freaked out and didn’t know what to do.

Louis: Louis gasps. Oh honey, no you didn’t. Please tell me you’re not being serious. This makes me so sad for you because I know the little girl I raised and the amazing women and life you have built for yourself. Do you realize how bad that could’ve turned out for you or anyone for that matter?

Billie: Mom, I know. I know. How do you think I feel? I am the one that committed the crime plus dealing with this now on top of my lawsuit is just really taking a toll on me.

Louis: Look honey, all I know to tell you to do is just be honest and be transparent on what happened that night if anyone asks, especially with your group of friends. That’s all you can do. I just hope you learn from this mistake. What are you going to do about the house you side-swiped?

Billie: I’ve already been on the phone this morning finding out the homeowner’s information and have called and let them know I will pay for all damages done to their residence. I am just trying to avoid any charges being pressed on me, especially with this lawsuit. I don’t want this to persuade the judge any other way.

Louis: I am going to look at the flights to Twitter and see if I can be there this weekend. You need some time with your mother. It will do you some good.

Billie: I have the girls coming over later this week for dinner to see if we can find some resolution but after that, I definitely will want you to be in town.

Louis: Have you told any of the girls about what happened? What were their reactions?

Billie: Amal and Erica have been over to check on me. They both were uplifting and understanding of the position I was in. They probably have been the most supportive of me this last year.

Louis: Look honey, good friends will carry you far in life. I’m glad you have great girlfriends. Lean on them during this time and I hope the other girls will be as gracious with you as Erica and Anal has been. As humans we make mistakes and all you can do is learn from them.

Billie: Mom! It’s not Anal it’s Amal, but you’re so right. If the other girls bring it up I’ll talk about it but I’m not going to reach out to any of them and tell them what happened.

Billie’s Confessional: Look if I wanted to throw a pity party for myself I would text in our group chat and tell what happened but I’m not looking for that plus these girls are never honest about what the blogs say about them, so why should I be so quick to explain myself to them? And do I really expect them to show me grace, HELL NO!

Louis: Honey, I’ve got to get off here. My friends are on their way over for a few games of bridge so I will look at flights after they leave, and I will call you later and let you know my flight information. Just know everything is going to be okay and we are going to figure it out.

Billie: Oh mom, you and your game of bridge with friends! Okay, just call me when you figure out when you’re coming down. I’ll go ahead and get your room ready!

As the FaceTime ends, Billie’s phone rings once more as she answers her attorney’s call…

Steve (Billie’s Lawyer): Billie, it’s Steve, I just wanted to let you know that I just got word that TMZ is fixing to release some bystander footage of you side-swiping that house from that night. We need to work on a statement for you, because this is a matter of time before it’s out there.

Billie: Motherfucker, you have got to be kidding me. If it’s not one thing it’s another. I just can’t catch a break. Thanks for letting me know Steve. I’ll figure something out and get back to you. I just need to process this.

Steve: You just let me know what you want me to do, and I will do it, but thankfully the homeowners have agreed to not press charges and will accept you paying for the repairs that need to be done to fix the house.

Billie: Thanks Steve, I’m glad I’ve kept you on retainer all these years. My money I guess is paying off… Billie shakes her head. I’ll be in touch soon.

As the camera pans out, and somber music plays, we quickly transition and see Teairra and Donte walking into an upscale restaurant on a date as Donte pulls Teairra’s chair out for her and the scene continues…

Teairra: Thank you baby!

Donte: Treating you like the queen you are.

Teairra: Please don’t make me cringe! That was cute though glad you said QUEEN. Teairra does a crown with her hands. You knew!

Teairra’s Confessional: Me and Donte have once again reentered the path of being on good terms again, he has been trying his hardest to be more honest with me about EVERYTHING! Which he should’ve always been considering… Teairra shows her ring to the camera. But whatever.

Donte: How was today?

Teairra: It was really good, I’m glad we’re actually enjoying ourselves again, it’s been like a dark cloud for these past couple of weeks, honestly.

Donte: I know, I always feel like I’m somehow at fault for all the backlash and I’ve apologized time and time again, but again, I’m sorry.

Teairra: You’re fine, we talk all the time off camera and what’s understood doesn’t need to be explained to ANYBODY! We’re good now and forever.

Donte: Whew, you scared me at first saying dark cloud.

Teairra: No, I was just explaining what it WAS! before recently, but I have been in high spirits ever since Drive Back dropped! like the public responses and everything is amazing.

Teairra’s Confessional: So my song is out! And I don’t care what happened other than THAT making music has always been a dream of mine and it came true as fast as I thought it would and the public loves it…it’s only up from here for Mrs. Blanco.

Donte: You know I love that song and I love you even more but what else do you have planned for the future? Like what’s your musical direction?

Teairra: That’s a good question, I want to try everything a little bit of pop a little bit of rap but of course R&B might be my main thing, my vocal tone is just so… fitting for it!

Donte: Definitely you got a good voice in the bed too. Donte winks.

Teairra: Teairra laughs. Please stop, we’re in public!

Teairra’s Confessional: Nonetheless, this year has been a jumpstart for my career, never in a million years would I have thought my music career would take off before my CLOTHING line which by the way is STILL coming. Teairra laughs. Please wait on me for that, but music is my escape from all the bs because it’s my real emotions so it’s different for me. I’m just ready for more ideas to fill up for me and more opportunities, I want all the Grammys and the awards, I need that and I manifest that.

Donte: You didn’t even take a bite out of your food!

Teairra: I’m sorry, I’m just so distracted by this view! How did you find this place?

Donte: You know I have to always do the most for you, this year has been another rollercoaster ride but I’m glad I’m still on the ride with you. Donte grabs Teairra’s hands.

Teairra: I’m glad too, we’re in this for the long run I promise. Teairra holds out her pinky.

Donte: What the hell is this?

Teairra: A pinky promise, duh!

Donte: We’re nearing 40… Donte laughs and puts his pinky up as Teairra wraps her pinky around his.

Teairra: Boy, shut up! Never too old for a pinky promise.

The camera watches as we see Teairra and Donte laughing as the scene fades, and we quickly transition several days later. There, we see a split screen as we watch both Grace and Erica prepare for their big launches. We watch as the guests begin to arrive at both venues, and the scene begins to focus first on Grace’s champagne launch as we focus in…

Grace’s Confessional: I can’t quite believe that the day has arrived that the champagne Luciana and I started working on over two years ago is finally relaunching. She may be locked up, but this champs isn’t and tonight we celebrate!

The camera pans in on the logo for Grace’s business, before shifting as we watch many people arrive to the event, and greet Grace and one another. The cameras focus in on Grace, Harlow, Kaylani, and Teairra as we begin…

Grace: Girls, girls, help yourselves! We’ve got champagne, champagne cocktails, champagne chocolates, and a champagne foot rub. Grace laughs.

Kaylani: Hey Teairra and Harlow, you two look fabulous as ever!

Harlow: Hello loves! I’m so sorry I had to miss your event T!

Teairra: You do as well! Teairra looks over at Harlow. Oh, you’re here! It’s okay, I’m glad to see you here today!

Teairra’s Confessional: Seeing Harlow here did catch me off guard because we’re working on our friendship again and she didn’t have time attend my single release party but … hey! Maybe she was busy?

As we see shots of all Grace’s famous guests, the camera pans in on Grace as we see her stepping up onto a pedestal and clinking on her glass as her guests quieten down…

Grace: Ladies, ladies! I just want to thank you all for coming out this evening to support a relaunch of a business that has hit the headlines before it was even on the shelves! I am sure you all are aware I’ve been facing several delays, lawsuits, hiccups and more — but today is a momentous day for me and I want to personally thank you all for being here to support.

We watch as the camera pans around the room of women smiling up at Grace…

Grace: You’ve all got a personalized bottle each, along with some goodies so please enjoy and taste the fucking champagne that cost me over $1,000,000 fucking dollars!!!! Cheers! Grace chugs from a bottle as the crowd applauds.

Grace’s Confessional: Grace begins to tear up. Being real, I didn’t think this day would come. But it has and it’s here and the bottles are here, and people are sipping on it. It was all a huge gamble; I just hope it pays off now. Because I’ll be bankrupt if it doesn’t! Grace laughs.

Grace: Grace gathers Teairra, Harlow, and Kaylani. Girls, thank you for being here. I feel very overwhelmed.

Teairra: Of course! I’m here to support you were there for me!

Harlow: Don’t feel overwhelmed Gracie! We’re so proud of you!

Kaylani: I’m so glad you invited me to both the pre- launch and launch and I got a personalized bottle as well. I’m glad someone isn’t here we know we have to keep her away from fragile objects who knows what might fly across the room.

Grace: Obviously, it’s a shame we can’t all be together. But I feel like this group we have is so divided and those three are so incredibly toxic, I didn’t invite them all.

Harlow: Who are you talking about, Kaylani?

Teairra: It’s a couple… Teairra laughs.

Kaylani: Kaylani coughs. Amal.

Harlow: You’re not lying… Harlow sips her champagne and smiles.

Grace: Listen I’m still hurt, Amal and I were so close. But now, I don’t see anything but darkness there.

Kaylani: Honey, you know she can’t hold anything in her hands she couldn’t even control that marriage and even I know that, and I have receipts to prove it.

Grace: What marriage? She’s got her toyboy. Anyway, let’s not talk about them, let’s talk about us! Teairra, congrats on your single!

Kaylani: Yes, that she doesn’t mind sharing.

Grace: How are you feeling about the single party, T? Grace turns back to Kaylani. Oh, stop it you, she really does that?

Teairra: I was a nervous wreck to perform and everything else, but I’m glad I got it over with and got it out there! I’m very excited about the new journey I’m taking!

Harlow: I’m so sorry I had to miss the release, I really do mean it. Something did come up where I had to rush somewhere. In no means was my absence meant maliciously T.

Grace’s Confessional: Listen I’m not bringing all that to camera, I mean even I’m not going that far.

Grace: Are you two still good?

Teairra: Teairra nods. Well, I didn’t think it was intentional, but I won’t lie, a couple girls came to me and told me about you not attending and telling me you aren’t a real friend, so it did make me think otherwise a little bit.

Harlow: Oh my god. Seriously? It’s called manipulation T.

Grace: They want to isolate us and make us feel inferior and invisible.

Teairra: I just really think they don’t want us to put our issues behind us.

Grace: Us four here are the realest ones…and Erica of course.

Harlow: It’s seriously called jealousy. They all have skeletons in their closet and I’m not afraid to reveal information I have.

Grace: Claws are out at this point, they’ve all gone for the jugular.

Harlow: How’s everything going with your life? I just wanted to ask about the lawsuits and stuff.

Grace: Well, we’ve sorted most of the lawsuits out thank god, obviously or we couldn’t have had today happen and you wouldn’t be drinking the champs. Vendors are paid, the farm in France is officially mine, the farmers are happy, and we’ve got 2,500 bottles ready to go.

Harlow: That’s great for you!! I’m so happy.

Grace: Luci’s mess is officially over and done with, and for that I say we cheers!

Grace’s Confessional: I fixed Luci’s mess she left us in, at great cost financially and emotionally.

Grace: So girls, what are we going to be doing with the other girls? We have that dinner next week. What do we want to come out of it?

Harlow: I know resolution isn’t coming out of that dinner, especially with this group of girls.

Teairra: Honestly, I don’t even know what’s going to happen at this point…Kaylani, how do you feel about the ladies? I don’t think I have a clear understanding.

Kaylani: I hope it goes well but I honestly know it’s not, and honestly, I think I’m at a neutral spot with everyone besides Amal.

Grace: You know what though, I’m hopeful at least some of us can heal?

Kaylani: Of course, I don’t want to be seen as the villain I just feel like I held the truth for too long, but I have something for her when we’re all together again.

Harlow: Amal is just so full of herself. That pufferfish sidekick too. And the furniture.

Just then, the camera pans as we see another woman walking into the event and waving towards Grace and the Ladies…

Harlow: I think someone is waving at you!

Grace: Grace turns and looks. Oh shit…

Harlow: Who is that?!

Grace: That is Erica’s competition, her hubby’s mistress.

Julie (Erica’s Husband’s Mistress): Julie walks over to the group. Well hello my darling. Julie hugs Grace. Congratulations on this beautiful event!

Harlow: Oh, she is nothing on Erica’s level!

Grace: Oh, thank you honey, thanks for coming. I invited my whole client list I didn’t think you’d come!

Harlow’s Confessional: She is nothing like Erica’s youthful self! She would get along more with the cackling hags of the group. Cough, cough.

Julie: Oh of course, thanks for inviting me! You know I had to have a taste. Julie takes a champagne flute off the tray and tastes. Delightful. Well, hello gorgeous girls…did I interrupt?

Grace: We were just discussing a few things…

Teairra’s Confessional: Me and Erica are already on bad terms due to the guest I invited so for grace to invite her husband’s mistress…this doesn’t look good on us at all!

Grace: Erica isn’t here you know that? I don’t think it’s a good idea anyway, considering the situation.

Teairra: Oh, this is interesting…

Julie: Oh, I don’t care where she is. I came for the champs. I’ll see Erica at the next play date…

Grace’s Confessional: It’s so awkward I’m getting hives and about to shit out all these bubbles, like this woman has balls!

Harlow: Play date?!?

Teairra: Oh, so you’ve actually met Erica?

Grace: Wait, what are you talking about? She told us she doesn’t know you.

Kaylani: She lied, I knew it was all a lie.

Julie: My son and Erica’s son…they share the same father. And Erica has definitely met me. Like I said, the kids have met before.

Grace: You have a child with him?

Kaylani’s Confessional: Erica wants me to spill my dirty laundry when all along bitch your laundry ain’t washed either girl… honey bye!

Julie: Yes, he’s older than Erica’s. She didn’t tell you girls?

Grace: Okay well I appreciate you coming, but it’s starting to feel a bit like a planned attack on Erica for some reason. No, she’s not mentioned any of this to us.

Kaylani: Wait a damn minute, so this affair has been going on for a minute now?

Teairra’s Confessional: Not only did he cheat on her, he had an entire CHILD, he’s been living a double life for lord knows how long and erica knowing is even crazier … that may explain some of her recent aggressive behavior.

Harlow: What are you trying to accomplish, Miss Mistress?

Julie: Aren’t you the one who brought up Erica? I came for the champagne. And it was nice seeing you girls… Julie pauses for Kaylani’s question. We’ve been together for several years now. But as I was saying, I’ll go mingle…let you girls chat. Julie waves a walks away.

Harlow: What was that?!

Teairra: Do you think that’s why Erica was so tense the other day? She’s going through more than we know!

Grace: If Erica’s lying to us about that, what else is she lying about….I’m worried. Girls, before I have to go do press, please let’s toast and celebrate this right here. This night is certainly interesting.

Teairra: I don’t even know what to say like … yes, let’s please toast!

Grace’s Confessional: A huge success of an event, I couldn’t be happier. I know I need to talk to Erica, because things aren’t adding up. If you cannot tell us one thing, what else are you hiding?

As the four Ladies toast to Grace’s success, the camera zooms across town as we see Erica’s beauty launch event. We see the other Ladies, along with Erica’s guests, pouring into her bright, beautifully decorated party as we continue…

Erica’s Confessional: After a long year and, honestly, a lot of self-doubt, I’ve finally made it to the launch of Glamour by E’Ka’oir. A soft reboot and marriage problems later, your girl Erica is still standing and doing what she knows how to do best, making that money. Erica snaps. I’m excited that all of my close friends and family could honestly be here to celebrate. This is just the start of a new Erica.

We watch as Erica makes a grand entrance, surrounded by her entourage, as Beyonce’s “Cuff It” plays…

Erica: Now THAT is how you make an entrance. Erica laughs.

As we see all of Erica’s party guests laughing and greeting one another, the camera pans in as we watch Amal, her boyfriend, and Devyn walking over to Erica…

Erica: Hi GIRLSSS, thank you all for coming!

Amal: Thank you for having us E! I hope you don’t mind, I invited Jordan to come along with me tonight. Amal gives Erica a kiss on the cheek.

Devyn: You’re welcome. The place looks wonderful. Congratulations. Devyn hands Erica a gift. It’s from Harlow’s new line.

Erica’s Confessional: Now, When Amal asked me about a plus one, I clearly thought of Jordan in the moment but Devyn making her way here as well? I’ll put all the bullshit aside because she clearly came here to support me.

Devyn’s Confessional: Did we establish that girls jewelry is likely fake? Yes. But women supporting women.

Erica: Erica looks at Devyn’s gift and whispers. Is it real diamonds this time?

Devyn: I sure hope so cause it wasn’t cheap.

Erica: Thank you for honestly coming here to solely support.

Amal: So, did you hear that the rest of the girls are at Grace’s little Prosecco launch party?

Devyn: You’re welcome. You deserve support. Like a phoenix from the ashes.

Erica: Grace is having a launch party today?

Devyn: I did. I’m sure she’s spreading more rumors about me sleeping with RNs. I would have at least chosen a doctor.

Amal: Yes girl! You know how she went into business with Luci and claimed that Luci was a fraud and then the business didn’t proceed? Well now, the business is back just in time for the cameras.

Devyn: Just in time for jail you mean.

Billie: Billie walks over to Amal, Devyn, and Erica. Hey gorgeous girls! How are you girls?

Amal: Hey lovely! We were just talking about how much happier we are to be here with our girl instead of at Grace’s cat piss party.

Devyn: Not the cat piss. Well, she is a well-documented older cat lady.

The camera pans to Erica as she makes a face…

Erica’s Confessional: I find it very weird and convenient for Grace to have her launch on the same day as mine with notifying me, inviting me or even saying a word. I’ve been with Grace through her whole endeavor, so this is really just a slap in the face. Maybe, the lawsuits aren’t hitting hard enough, but baby you need all the friends you can get especially if you want me to send you any commissary.

We then watch as Erica climbs up onto a stage and taps the microphone as the DJ stops the music…

Erica: Hi Everybody! Whew, where do I start? I remember first starting my business and coming here to Twitter. I was scared, a bit to myself, but always opinionated because these lips were made for talking. Erica points at Billie and laughs. I never thought things would fall apart the way they did. There were times where I fell off the face of the earth, never wanted to work again, and wanted to hide in my home for as long as I could. But by the grace of God, the love of my son, my family, and my friends, I’m still here! I’m still successful, and I’m still Erica Ka’oir Honey!

The camera looks to Billie as she smiles up at Erica…

Erica: So please, let me reintroduce myself! This is Glamour by E’Ka’oir! Our first line has an array of tones for our products. From Body Shimmer to our 3 different Lip Gloss Lines: Heat, Icy, and Cream! and even a new product we like to call Glisten. It helps hydrate, brighten, and reduce the look of pores. With that being said, my staff for the day will be bringing out hefty gift bags full of E’Ka’oir products. I am honestly so honored that all of you have decided to walk with me on this journey to success and that we’ve finally gotten to this moment. Thank you all for being here, but now, ladies, this is an Erica Ka’oir event… It’s time to party!

As the screen shifts, we see the products laid out along the tables along with tables where the guests are shown getting their makeup done with the new products as the Ladies all applaud Erica…



Amal: You’re a star Erica!!!!!

Erica: Now let’s party bitches!

Erica’s Confessional: I’m honestly so proud of myself and this soft reboot. Lord knows, it’s been a year for me, but I’ve made it and now… I’m celebrating with my girls tonight.

Devyn: The makeup artist around the room are a nice touch. Erica wanted us hands free for checks and drinks. I respect it.

Amal: Speaking of, here she comes!! Erica!! We’re so proud of you doll!!

Devyn: Yes, we are. So proud.

Erica: Erica struts over to the girls. Yes Honey, yes! I really appreciate all of you ladies being here.

Amal: Of course! This is the only event I’d ever want to attend tonight!!

Erica’s Confessional: Devyn and I are like… I don’t even know. One minute I hate the bitch, the next I love her. Very Hot and Cold, but I am very happy she’s here tonight.

We watch as everyone at the party laughs and enjoys themselves as the Ladies mingle with all the guests, laughing and trying Erica’s new products…

Amal: Girlies, I’m just going to steal these ladies… Amal gestures to Devyn, Erica and Billie. Away for a second. Do you guys mind?

Tre Spice-Slovain (Former Lady of Twitter): Tre walks up to the Ladies. Now, may I ask why some of you weren’t at Grace’s launch party? Especially you Amal. That was your girl!

Erica: You were there? I didn’t even know of an event happening, was it supposed to be close friends or?

Amal: Because that old bitch and I aren’t friends. Like at all…wish her the best in her late in life career reinvention but we’re good where we are.

Tre: I went there first and then hurried my way over here. Tre laughs. It was a nice launch honestly. It wasn’t many of her friends I noticed, but you know one is in prison so she can’t help that.

Devyn: There’s no way I’d launch a business that my business partner is already in the federal pen for.

Billie: Wait, Grace is having an event today?

Erica: Well, I’m glad you made it to a very legalized business with no scandals behind it.

Devyn: Yep Billie. For her “friends.”

Amal: All I know is I’ve been getting texts from friends of mine at the party all night and they have some interesting things to say.

Tre: Wait a minute girls, she gave us a personalized bottle of champagne. Do I need to take it back?

Erica: And Erica was surely not on the guest list. Tre, I would hate for you be subpoenaed for that champagne, sis.

Billie: If I were you sister, I’d take that bottle up to the police station and wipe your hands clean of it.

Tre: I’ll give it to Mike when I get to the house.

Amal: You need to pour it down the drain girl. I’m pretty sure there’s Clorox in there.

Erica: I didn’t even know I had a problem with her. You three? Erica points at Devyn, Amal and Billie. Yes, but me? This is a slap to my face.

Amal: There must be a reason why E! Maybe there’s someone there she doesn’t want you to be around.

Devyn: Speaking of the 4 of us, can we dip off for a sec? I need to talk to you.

Amal: Yes! Let’s go sit over there!

The four Ladies go to the couches and take seats as the scene continues…

Devyn: So… A TMZ piece is dropping on me tomorrow.

Amal: What piece?

Billie: Over what?

Devyn: Devyn takes a deep breath. I had an affair in medical school with the Head of Medicine. It lasted 2 years. I was young and dumb, but it happened. I’m so embarrassed.

Amal: It’s okay girl! You were young.

Billie’s Confessional: Oh, so that’s how Devyn secured her big wig job at the hospital. Billie laughs. No wonder she knew about Donte being fired before Donte knew he was fired.

Devyn: They have pictures and everything. I don’t know how. Devyn tears up. I might lose my job at the hospital.

Erica’s Confessional: I would gasp… but this is kind of on the track record with Devyn’s behavior. So, I’m not really surprised but I guess I’ll give some dramatics just to spice it up a bit.

Billie: So, this is not recent news? I’m confused why would they release an article on you that was YEARS ago?

Amal: About an affair you had many years ago? That’s ridiculous. That should have no impact on your current job. We’ll fight this girl!

Devyn: Because I was invited to give the keynote at graduation, and he’s retiring. Let’s just say his wife, now school president, wasn’t happy the board asked me. She’s known about it for 18 years. This isn’t new.

Billie: Look, we haven’t been in the best place but I’m happy to support you through this. You’ve been pretty good at defending my names to blogs and I only owe you the same respect.

Devyn: I know. I just don’t want my kids to know just how much of a hoe bag I was back then.

Billie: Who cares? You were in your 20’s popping pussy girl!

Erica: Do you ever think that maybe you should get in front of it before the story comes out? If you’re in the wrong, so is he. I feel like telling your side before it blows up, is probably your best chance at getting ahead of this.

Devyn: Thanks girls. Just wanted you to hear it from me. You have a point, Erica. PR at the hospital have been saying the same thing for 24 hours.

Just then, Jordan, Amal’s boyfriend, walks over to the women…

Jordan: Hey baby, what are you girls talking about?

Erica: Erica smirks at Jordan. Oh, come take a seat! I’m so happy you made it here.

Amal: Hey love, Dev was just sharing some stuff with us that’s about to drop in the press.

Billie: Billie scoots over. Jordan, are you part of the women now? Come sit.

Jordan: Jordan takes a seat. Is it about how that lady has been lying on me?

Erica: As much as his names been dropped, he should be.

Amal: Oh babe! Don’t. Let’s not talk about Kaylani tonight.

Jordan: Nah, let’s talk about it.

Billie: Jordan, which one? We have one accusation that Kaylani our friend is saying y’all slept together or you talking about Grace saying you two were having an affair before her divorce was final?

Amal: My divorce isn’t final Billie. Jordan knows that.

Jordan: Amal and I never crossed that line when she was still with Tommy. Was there an attraction there? Absolutely. Look at her! But I want to talk about that other female saying we slept together. I’m telling you women, I’ve never met that lady a day in my life

Billie: So, Kaylani just made that shit up? Billie laughs.

Erica: So, you’re not a swinger?

Devyn: Kaylani lied on her pussy? Whew.

Amal: Hasn’t she been making shit up since she came into this group? First it was the DMs from Graces man then she had issues with Erica and Billie and now me? The girl is desperate for her 5 minutes of fame and doing whatever she can to stay relevant.

Devyn: Jordan, we were over here thinking you were into swinging or something. It sounds something like an orgy.

Jordan: The only swinging we do, is in a sex swing.

Amal: Amal laughs and playfully smacks Jordan on the hand. BABY!

Billie: I know that’s right Jordan! My girl Kaylani is a mess box!

Erica: That’s insane. Billie, what have you brought around us?

Jordan: All I’m saying, is I’ve never met that woman. I understand she wants to align herself with someone like me but I ain’t never penetrated her.

Billie: Look girls, I knew she was a wild card, but I didn’t think she would come in here with these outlandish rumors.

Amal: She’s a lying card. Lying trick. When are we all getting together next? Isn’t someone planning a dinner for the lot of us in a few nights?

Devyn: So, wait Jordan. You haven’t even met her? So it was all a lie? Normally people sprinkle in a little truth.

Erica: So, she’s right where she belongs with those other girls because as of right now, I’m not here for any of them.

Jordan: I’ve never met that woman. I’ve never heard of that woman. I couldn’t pick that woman out of a line up

Billie: I think we are getting together next week! I thought maybe dinner at my house, but I’m afraid it will all go to hell. There’s so much divide in this group right now. I feel like it’s us four against them four.

Devyn’s Confessional: Thats some bold claims by Jordan. I get not sleeping with her, but he’s adamant he doesn’t know her. But he was in Vegas in the same week that Billie met her. They were all staying at the same hotel. Something is fishy.

Jordan: I know which four I’m putting my money on Amal. Let me leave you beautiful women alone. I’ll be over there babe. Jordan departs.

Erica: Wow. Now if category 5 Hurricane Erica comes out at dinner, they’re to blame for their snakeish ways. Erica shrugs.

Amal: Isn’t that man just something else? And let me tell you, the way he lays it down… I’m getting red just thinking about it.

Devyn: He’s something alright. He’s cute, but has believable liar written all over him. Be careful Amal.

Billie: Oh god Amal, we are glad you are getting laid! With a beautiful face and body like that it is no problem for you! But this cougar is ready to cut LOOSE and have some fun.

Erica: Now enough of those slithering bitches, let’s celebrate and get DRUNK! I have a section booked downtown; the party never stops.

Billie: Let’s get real champagne not some fizz in a bottle that Grace is celebrating!

As the Ladies laugh and continue to celebrate Erica, the scene fades away as we transition to several days later where we see Billie’s house as the dining room is beautifully set for a dinner party. We watch as Billie finishes getting ready, before the camera pans and we begin to see the Ladies starting to arrive to her house…

Billie’s Confessional: Tonight is the night. This is all coming to an end. I hope all the ladies can come to my house this evening with an open heart and an open mind. There’s been so much conflict with these ladies that I hope we can get at least an ounce of it resolved. No matter where we are at with each other this is still a sisterhood so I want to have the ladies over to remind them of that.

Harlow’s Confessional: It’s the last dinner with these girls. Do I think there will be any true resolution to anything? No. These women are as tough as nails and are very grumpy women.

Archie (Billie’s Butler): Archie greets the Ladies. Welcome to Case del Billie. Please grab a glass of champagne!

Harlow: Oh my gosh champagne! Is this Grace’s?

Amal: Oh, not the Casa! Amal takes a glass of champagne as she walks in.

Grace: Grace hears Harlow as she enters. Let’s hope so! I sent everyone two cases!

Teairra: Teairra walks in as she grabs a glass. Oh, I know that’s right Billie.


Archie: I’m afraid not ma’am, this is Dom Perigon.

Kaylani: Oh, this is beautiful.

Devyn: Devyn whispers to Amal. Please tell me it’s the good stuff. And not that other criminal juice.

Erica: Erica walks in hugging Billie’s butler as she grabs herself a glass. I hope Billie isn’t working you hard today.

Billie: Billie comes down the staircase. Welcome ladies, to a fabulous evening at Case Del Billie. Please grab your champagne and let’s have a seat in the dining room!

Teairra: Billie, did you do some renovation?! I feel like the house got bigger!

Harlow: Fancy…

Amal: Is there a seating chart Billie?

Billie: I did a little bit of a tweak, T! Nothing major. It does make the space more open and inviting! Thank you girls for all clearing your schedules to come.

Devyn: All of you look great.

Billie: There will be assigned seating this evening.

Devyn: Billie, I will not take part in an organized crime.

Teairra: Teairra sips out of her glass and pushes the chair back in that she pulled out. Oh! Assigned seating?

Amal’s Confessional: Girl, what in the hell are Team Grace wearing? Grace is living her cougar fantasy, Kaylani looks like a knock off Angelina Jolie from the Lara Croft movie and Harlow is wearing a napkin wrapped around her neck… Amal shakes her head. Classless.

Billie: So, I have Erica by me and on the other side of me is Amal and then beside Erica is Harlow. Beside Amal is Devyn and beside Devyn is Grace and beside Harlow is Teairra and Kaylani I have you at the end facing me!

Devyn: Oh, this is going to be good.

We watch as the Ladies then take their seats and look around the table as an awkward silence fills the air…

Erica: You girls know I’m not great with the awkwardness… Erica turns to Billie. Would you like to tell the ladies why we are dining on this fine evening?

Billie: So, ladies tonight is about being open and honest in this group. We once started out as a sisterhood and over the span of a few months we have kind of lost sight of that. So tonight, my hope is we can at least allow everyone to speak and let their side be heard. Whether we leave here as friends or foes that’s up to you girls!

Grace: We love being open and honest!

Amal: Amal nods. Harlow, can I have some chapstick please?

Devyn: Billie definitely believes in a higher power with those goals. We can try, right ladies?

Harlow: I have extra in my bag. Harlow hands chapstick over to Amal.

Amal: Amal applies Harlow’s chapstick and hands it back to her. Thank you.

Erica: Sharing chapstick? That’s a step right! Erica nudges Harlow.

Billie: So, my first topic of discussion is the relationship between Amal, Harlow and myself.

Grace: Why are we sat here like we’re in court? It’s weird.

Devyn: Harlow doesn’t have a return policy if you’re about to ask Billie.

Billie: Grace, I’m just trying to coordinate dialogue so we are not screaming at one another. Harlow do you want to share why you have a problem with Amal and myself. And then Amal, I’ll let you respond and then I can respond.

Amal: Yes. I’m all ears Harlow because it seems as though you’re the one with the issue.

Harlow: So, the thing is. I had no problem with you Billie until you had a problem with me. It all started off with Teairra. You immediately came after me for no reason and was acting like a bulldog at me when not once did I have a single problem with you.

Grace: She does that Harlow.

Harlow: Now you Amal, I cannot stand having to sit in a seat and hear you talk about my friend.

Devyn: Are we in fucking kindergarten?

Amal: So just to clarify your issues with us stem from other people?

Harlow: Amal, I’m seriously not joking. Having to hear about you talk about the problems or the dirt you have with Grace just irks me.

Amal: But that’s between Grace and I.

Grace: There’s no dirt.

Amal: You didn’t seem too bothered by it when you were sitting with me at the table.

Harlow: I can’t hear you continue to constantly attack my friend. You would’ve done the same with your close friends.

Amal: I would’ve said something in the moment. Not sat on it for months and stewed and boiled and then come out of left field with a problem

Billie: Honestly, my issue stems from me observing your behavior and relationships with the other girls. I think you’re a social climber Harlow and you are looking to get to the top, when you’re not a high society woman.

Harlow: But like I’m sorry but if you heard someone constantly talk about your best friend you would defend her! And Social climber?!

Amal: But that’s the difference between you and I. I’m a real woman and will speak up in that moment. I know you’ve found your voice this year because from what I have heard from these ladies, you were as quiet as a church mouse.

Harlow: Oh my god, this is so stupid! That’s last year. We’re in the present.

Amal’s Confessional: I don’t think Harlow is a social climber. What’s she using Grace for? To climb the social ladder of the local senior center?

Devyn: You could hear a cat piss on cotton when in the room alone with her.

Erica: Okay, the problems is on the table, now where do we go from here you three?

Harlow: It seems like I passed it onto you Devyn. You’re the furniture of the group now.

Amal: I’m looking for resolution. I just wanted to clarify that I haven’t done anything to Harlow personally.

Billie: I honestly don’t have a problem with Harlow as a person. Is she shady, sure? But I don’t think she’s a horrible person who’s incapable of being forgiven. She just has to OWN IT!

Harlow: I know you haven’t, Amal. I’m just saying I defended my friend.

Amal: Amal puts her thumbs up. I get it. You were defending your friend. I don’t recall your friend defending you but that’s a conversation for the two of you to have

Grace: What hasn’t she owned Billie? She’s been pretty clear what her stance is.

Harlow: Why don’t you own it, Billie? There’s a lot of stuff about you out there! I’m not close with you and I don’t have an interest into being close with you that’s why you know nothing about me.

Billie: What is there out there about me Harlow? I’m curious to know. I’ll own my shit.

Harlow: You don’t want to talk about your recent DUI? Harlow pulls out a folded paper from her purse as the document flashes across the screen.

Erica: Woah…


Devyn: Always wanting to talk about someone else, and never herself. Typical.

Billie: How did you even find that?

Harlow: You want to talk about my problems let’s talk about yours.

Billie: Hold on, hold on. Just a damn minute

Harlow: You want to accuse me of running a pyramid scheme let’s talk about real facts!

Grace: She’ll own her shit but won’t tell anyone about her life. Figures.

Erica: I mean I wouldn’t either, Harlow just threw it in Billie’s face?! What happened to are you okay? I’m glad you survived the accident? What happened to that?

Billie: I own my shit. I have been in a dark place lately regarding my court date coming up. And honestly, I just let myself go last Saturday night and yeah I was behind the wheel under the influence. Sure, I’m not proud of it, but that’s another thing I have to deal with.

Amal: No, but this is seriously disgusting.

Kaylani: I’m glad you’re okay Billie.

Grace: So, you’ll bully everyone else but hide your shit!


Amal: Amal rubs Billie’s back. You don’t owe these women an explanation.

Grace: I mean I’m glad you’re okay but you saying that is fucked up. Acting all holier than thou when you have that going on? That’s pure wrong.

Billie: Fuck you and Harlow both for this. I know you both bitter bitches went to the court house as soon as you could to get these records. Billie starts to cry. I’m so disappointed in you two. This is something serious.

Harlow: I was given these court records by a mutual friend.

Amal: No Billie!! Don’t cry!

Billie: Who gave you these documents Harlow. TELL ME RIGHT NOW!

Harlow: No! I want to know who told you I was running a pyramid scheme!

Grace’s Confessional: Billie wants to demand honesty and truth from everyone but can’t do it herself? Like someone make it make sense.


Teairra: I’m glad you’re okay Billie, that’s all that matters!

Grace: And you called us alcoholics?

Billie’s Confessional: I am embarrassed of my actions. ABSOLUTELY but for Harlow and Grace to throw this in my face like it’s some game. Two can play that game baby.

Kaylani: At least you’re taking accountability for your actions and hopefully it never happens again.

Amal: Kaylani…what I want to know is why you’re going around saying you slept with me and you slept with my man. You know neither one of these things happened. You’re a liar from the pits of hell and the truth isn’t in you.

The camera pans as Teairra’s eyes widen…

Amal: You and your confabulations have run wild these last few months and it’s disgusting. A woman in her 50s talking about another woman and man in a sexual manner. It’s vile. It’s vulgar. And at its core it’s a pile of untruths concocted by a woman so desperate for attention it’s pitiful.

Kaylani: Oh Amal, please, you did it. It’s okay to admit that. But let’s get into it… Kaylani digs in her purse and brings out a paper. Well today, I’m here to reveal one of Amal Hadid’s bones that are in her closet since the bitch like to air everyone else’s bones let’s air out hers.

Amal: I’ve never been within 30 feet of your vagina. The odor wreaks. You understand that no one at this table believes a single word you say. You’re a clown. You belong in a circus.

Billie: Billie remains crying. This is far from sisterhood…

Kaylani: But I have hotel records boo, I own a business so I always have files.

Devyn: Well, Jordan said he doesn’t know you Kaylani. Imagine how shocked we were to hear it.

Amal: I do know. I know that no one here thinks highly of you. I know that no one here actually wants to be around you. I know that no one here respects you.

Kaylani: Of course, he’s being groomed to lie to protect her ass.

Erica: Groomed?

Amal: Groomed? Change those words my darling. This isn’t Fox News.

Erica: But you have to admit Kaylani, you’re not the most credible person here. You’ve forced issues with multiple people here, so it’s coming across a bit like a fan or desperate for attention.

Billie: Wait, why would Jordan be groomed. They are the same age?

Devyn: GROOMED? Did you lie on your pussy or not?

Kaylani: Yes, he’s groomed by her to say that didn’t I would lie to if the person I dated wanted me to.

Amal: Jordan is 15 years my junior but he’s a grown man. He makes his own decisions and I can guarantee, sleeping with that… Amal gestures to Kaylani. That is not a decision he would make. You better stop saying that word groomed to me. Do you hear this shit, Grace? Tell her to drop this grooming shit right now.

Billie: Kaylani, we all talked to Jordan this week and he swore on his dead grandma that he didn’t sleep with you.

Kaylani: Amal, one thing for sure and two things for certain you’re nothing but a low class wanna be two cent version of Kim Kardashian hoe so please calm down your man would be grateful to be with a real woman and not a wannabe blow up doll.

Amal: Who the fuck would sleep with that dried up used condom of a woman?

Devyn: So, you’re calling someone you say you slept with capable of being groomed? Did you groom him?

Erica: So Kaylani, what’s your truth?

Amal: Girl, where is your husband? Where is the Marriott family? Why aren’t you over there with your man? Has he slipped into a permanent coma after smelling the fumes from that vagina?

Kaylani: Well, there’s record to prove this, I don’t have to lie on anything.

Amal: There’s a record to prove that my man put his penis inside that hole of yours?

Erica: Please put it on the table honey! Erica snaps. Let’s go.

Kaylani brings out a piece of paper and shows the Ladies as it flashes across the screen…

Kaylani: Here you go.

Devyn: Not the Courtyard!

Erica: No, no, lemme see… Erica snatches the paper.

Amal: Sorry? Do you see a name on this receipt?

Erica: Oh honey… Erica looks at Amal handing her the paper pointing to Amal Hadid on it.

Devyn: Devyn leans over. I don’t see a name on this receipt.

Teairra: Vegas?!

Amal: Amal stands up. Do I look like the type of bitch to sleep in a $189 a night hotel?

Devyn: See, I thought Jordan might be lying yesterday because Billie met you in Vegas in same weekend you said this happened. But I KNOW Billie Reed didn’t stay at a damn Courtyard.

Erica: Erica read the Receipt. Amal Hadid, May 12th 2023, 3 guests.

Amal: Amal rips up the receipt and throws it at Kaylani. That’s what I think of this doctored documentation.

Billie’s Confessional: Look if these girls are swingers, they just need to say that! I had a lot of fun in the 80’s swinging from sex swings! What’s the big deal.

Billie: Billie laughs. That’s right Devyn, I’m more a four seasons girls!

Kaylani: You spend so much money on those surgeries so I would believe you wouldn’t have money for anything else.

Amal: I know she’s used to the pump and dump motel but that’s not my life

Teairra: Well, I think we should just move on there’s a lot of denial chile.

Billie: So, I’m still fucking fuming over this report you’ve decided to pull out of purse Harlow. Do you care to share who gave this to you to do their dirty work. I can take a guess. Billie glares at Grace.

Grace: Oh please, you think I would have done that? I’m more than capable of doing it myself Billie.

Billie: Well, considering she’s been your lap dog all season I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t have her do it. But you’re right you’d love to promote my misfortunes on your own.

Grace: Billie, you do the same to me, I’m just giving you the same energy back baby. You called us alcoholics but got a DUI? Make it make sense! You and Amal are just nasty desperate people. And I seriously hope you both become better.

Amal: Sweetheart, that hairdo is desperate. Desperate to pull back that sagging face.

Billie: How are we desperate people? Do you hear this?

Amal: She’s got dementia. Just ignore her.

Billie: Why are you so bitter towards us? Because we exposed the truth on you and everything you’re about?

Grace: No, just the fact you’re both spreading misinformation and lies about me, when the ones I’ve spoken out about you two have all been confirmed.

Amal: I’ve never spread a lie about you.

Billie: How are we spreading misinformation about you? You’re getting SUED by not one person but serval people.

Grace: All suits are settled thank you.

Amal: Well, you are sleeping with a porn star, you are involved in some kind of legal action over your champagne business and your daughter like most of the women at this table, can’t stand the sight of your face. So, I haven’t lied about you Grace.

Grace: Don’t be jealous about my man. It’s okay. You need a good fuck that’s all. Don’t talk about my daughter, Amal!

Billie: That’s great to hear Grace, I just have one last question.

Amal: What am I jealous of? The fact that your man has had Syphillis more times than I’ve been to the bathroom this year? Tell me.

Grace: Don’t be jealous now.

Teairra’s Confessional: All I’m hearing is you did this, but you did that! Teairra motions her hands left and right. And it’s just going nowhere, I learned that conversations like this lead nowhere but a dead end!

Amal: What am I jealous of?

Grace: You’re a desperate housewife!

Billie: Since we are doing an expose tonight. I just have to ask. Were people doing Coke at your event, Grace? I heard from an attendee that everyone just vanished and no one really said good bye.

Amal: You need to keep that heartbeat at an even keel girl. We don’t want you popping a vessel and dying in Billie’s dining room.

Teairra: Teairra jumps back. COKE?!

Harlow: Who’s doing coke at Grace’s event?

Grace: You’d know a coke deal more than anyone else here.

Billie’s Confessional: Grace Whitworth Checkmate bitch. My friend Tre called me to tell me about Grace’s event and how everyone just got up and vanished without saying anything.

Teairra: I don’t do coke, don’t put that on me.

Grace: No drugs were at my event, I do not invite anybody that is in those sort of circles. Another lie and another attempt at coming at me Billie.

Harlow: There’s lots of crackheads in this group and it’s not me!

Erica: Maybe that’s why they missed my launch, it was a winter wonderland over there.

Billie: Well, you’re a pornstar so I wouldn’t be surprised if drugs aren’t something you’re dabbling in nowadays.

Grace: I’d say take a long drive but you got a DUI, so, there’s that. Who has to be dumb enough to get a DUI anyway in these days? How shameful.

Amal: Are we really doing this?

Billie: Someone who’s in a really dark place Grace. Sorry you’re some privileged white bitch.

Grace: Oh, shut up with that shit, Billie. You can dish it, but can’t take it.

Billie: I own my shit. Maybe you should try it instead of dancing around everything.

Erica: I have to ask, was throwing her DUI out there planned between you two?

Grace: I didn’t know about it until tonight, so no.

Billie: I don’t believe that for a second Grace. You and Harlow totally got together to bring this up.

Amal: Teairra…can you speak with Devyn?

Teairra: About?

Erica: I have to say, tonight has been very distasteful.

Amal: The fact that your husband who had his medical license revoked was invited to and forcibly removed from her event.

Teairra: He didn’t have anything revoked; he was simply just fired but there’s nothing left to talk about with that…she put it out there. I thought she was a friend, turns out she isn’t. I don’t care anymore.

Devyn: I’m not sure what else Teairra and I have to discuss. I sincerely apologized in Rio. She rejected said apology. What is left to be said?

Erica: Well, that was fast!

Amal: Beautiful. So that’s been cleared up. Is there anything else we need to discuss or can we end this travesty of a night?

Erica’s Confessional: For the first time in a long time, I actually get to sit back and not be in the drama. I feel so damn good… Erica moves and dances.

Harlow: It’s astronomical to hear you guys are talking behind my BACK and saying that i’m not a friend to Teairra for not showing up to her event.

Erica: Erica shrugs. Well Harlow, you didn’t show up to my launch either so… it’s right up your alley a bit.

Harlow: I didn’t get an invite! When did you send me an invite? It wasn’t in my texts or my email or anything!

Grace: Well Erica, you knew we had our event on the same night which was unfortunate.

Erica: I sent everyone an invite! You’ve been through this launch journey with me this whole entire time.

Harlow: Yeah! I would’ve wanted to come to your event! You know me, Erica! I would’ve split my time to attend your event! But I didn’t get the invite, which I was shocked by.

Erica: So please stop, I’ve been very supportive of you, Teairra, and Grace so it was a slap in the face from all 3 of you. Harlow, I don’t do bullshit. And bullshit is spewing from your mouth right now.

Teairra: Erica, is it that serious?

Harlow: I didn’t receive an invite. Last time you texted me was if a dress was good for a cocktail party. So maybe you missed my phone number and didn’t send me an invite.

Teairra: You and Grace had an event at the same time, I was going based off the energy and you gave me bad energy last time! So, I just went with Grace’s.

Erica: To do coke?

Teairra: No drugs were involved. But there was a special guest in attendance that I’m sure you’re familiar with.

Erica: Yeah, Tre and Alexis both told me they were there.

Grace: Someone else who was once a client of mine…

Billie: Who was the special guest?

Grace: My entire client list was invited by the way before anyone jumps the gun here.

Amal: Who was it?

Teairra: No, it was somebody else quite closer to you, I’m sure you know who she is. I forgot her name. What was her name?

Erica: Will someone spit it out?

Grace: Your husband’s mistress…

Kaylani: It’s your husband’s baby mama.

Amal: You’re a god damn lie!

Erica: Ohhhh… really? And what did she have to say?

Teairra: I was shocked myself! I never knew the information she put out there.


Grace: We all defended Erica.

Erica: I didn’t receive any calls from any of you though.

Amal: Grace, you invited her.

Erica: So, why would you ever bring it up here Teairra? Grace, why would you invite her? All of YOU know how hard It’s been because of this bitch.

Grace: My whole client list got an invite.

Devyn: Y’all are shady.

Teairra: It crossed my mind when you kept mentioning Grace’s event! She did tell us some shocking things Erica, I just need you to confirm.

Billie: So, you did know her all along!!

Grace: I don’t know her!

Erica: Erica points over in Teairra’s face. I have nothing to say to you. I have NOTHING to say to you.

Teairra: Does your child often go on playdates with her child? I just want to know!

Billie: How is she a client of yours but you don’t know her?

Erica: What did you just say about my child?

Teairra: I asked you a question, that’s what she told us.

Harlow: The girl said she did play dates with your child and her child! And you guys made play dates or something…

Erica: Erica stands up putting her purse down. No, you fucking vindictive bitch! What happens with MY child doesn’t concern any of you bitches! None of you called me? Texted me nothing? SO, FUCK ALL OF YOU! Erica puts her hand in Teairra’s face.

Teairra: And she also told us her child is older than your child, so this has BEEN a thin- Teairra looks at Erica. Don’t call me a bitch. Teairra moves Erica’s hand. And don’t put your hand in my face.

Billie: Erica, just calm down.

Erica: Don’t touch me. Erica snatches Teairra’s hand.

Teairra: Erica… you’re mad for what?

Kaylani: Girl, I was just there for grace and the champagne not the baby mama drama.

Erica: Is this what the fuck y’all wanted?!

Amal’s Confessional: Erica is doing great. I would’ve flown across the table and close lined these bitches. They’d all be on the floor right now.

Erica: Can I say one last thing before I go? Erica takes a deep breath. I thought this was a sisterhood, I confided in a lot of you and I’ve rode for most of you so for y’all to do this to me? And sit up here and laugh about this, fuck this sister and fuck y’all. Whatever. Erica grabs the table cloth off the table pulling it with the glasses and plates making it fall on Teairra and Harlow. Fuck all you bitches, I’m out.

Harlow: Harlow stands up. What the fuck! You just ruined my custom dress! What kind of person are you?! This was 20K!

Teairra: Teairra stands up. Oh, fuck you too, Erica!

Kaylani: You do this at you friend’s house?

Harlow: She has lost my respect! She wants to act a total bitch to me!

Teairra: Teairra starts to wipe herself off. She’s mad because she know that bitch was telling the truth.

Devyn: Amal and Erica stay… THOSE bitches can go. This is OUR friend’s house.

Billie: Erica don’t leave. These other girls can go. Everyone but Amal, Devyn and Erica can go.

Erica: Get those bitches out of here before I go to jail. I’m not playing.


We then watch as Grace, Harlow, Kaylani, and Teairra quickly depart in a huff as the camera pans between the Ladies inside and outside for a brief moment, before we catch a glimpse of the Ladies outside…

Harlow: Do you guys see how terrible these women are?!

Teairra: Fake ass friendships, those bitches don’t even like each other.

Grace’s Confessional: Why isn’t Erica owning that she knew about her husband’s other child all along? I’m confused by her reaction, she lied to the group yet she’s the one storming off?

As the camera watches the four Ladies depart, as the other four sit inside Billie’s home drinking and laughing, we shift as we hear the theme song “Fake Ass Bitches” and the Ladies’ final confessionals play…

Kaylani’s Final Confessional: This season has been full of ups and downs for me. My husband and i are at odds like never before. I have a court date with his family fighting for my hotel rights. It’s a lot but I’m grateful to have met these beautiful ladies at the right time. Overall, I’m blessed despite the odds that are against. Kaylani smiles and laughs.

Devyn’s Final Confessional: This season has been a lot for me personally, but my God I will rebound. I’m ready for the next month in New York with Tyler and Amal. Billie is supposed to go join us. I learned a plot about who not to trust. I don’t know what the future holds for my friendship with Billie, but we’re trying. As far as Erica, we’re ending on a good note. I have this drama to deal with concerning the affair, but I’m coming back stronger than ever. Fuck the rest.

Grace’s Final Confessional: Looks like I’m the ladies scapegoat once more for their foul behavior, but it’s okay, karma is real and very much something that comes back around. I learnt that this year with my new business, which I am so pleased has come to fruition. My life isn’t perfect and I certainly aren’t either. But what I am is true to who I am and that’s what matters.

Amal’s Final Confessional: I’m over these bitches. Grace, Harlow and Kaylani are all gutter rats and I’m looking forward to the day I never have to see them again. As for the rest of these girls, I truly love and care about them and I’m hopeful we can continue our friendship away from these cameras because right now I don’t know if being around this group serves me any purpose. I’m embarking on a new chapter in my life with my man and these girls remain in the slums where they have been. We’ll see what’s in store for Amal. We’ll see.

Erica’s Final Confessional: I’ve been through so many trials and tribulations this year and it was a trying time. I was probably at one of my lowest but through success, friendship and remembering my name is Erica Ka’oir, a girl bounced back and she’s doing damn good for herself. As for my so-called friends, I completely see who you are now more than ever. You took the knife Robert used and used it to continue to hurt me. I’m glad I’m ending my year off with the girls I’m with and with the success of E’Ka’oir. My marriage may be ending but honey, Erica Ka’oir is Timeless.

Teairra’s Final Confessional: And there you have it, the crumbling of the group once again because bitches cant own their truth! Nonetheless, I had a good time. I was able to be a little bit more mellow and myself! Even though I still am the same Teairra from before. I’m excited for everything I have in store for the future because I know for a fact that it’s only going up from here, more money, more friendships? Nevermind, scratch the friendships, I don’t need any bitch unless they want me around! I’m always going to be myself and if they can’t handle it they can kick rocks. Teairra throws up a peace sign. TKB out!

Harlow’s Final Confessional: These people have shown their true colors with me today. There are no real people in this group except Teairra and Grace. These people are all so like… hypocritical. These bitches say one thing and then automatically contradict what they just said. Billie, Erica, Amal, and Devyn are really just not my cup of tea. I’ve learned that and what I’ve learned coming out of this dinner is that I cannot stand these women. They don’t use common sense. And as for my “pyramid scheme” jewelry line, I’m still getting sales! And I’m still richer than all of these girls.

Billie’s Final Confessional: Well, call me delusional because I had higher hopes for this group than what just transpired tonight. I don’t know how to get the group repaired. I don’t know if it’s repairable at this point. I am no perfect human being and often make mistakes but the one thing about me is I will own my truth. None of these girls know what it’s like to live my life or make the decisions I have to make. I always leave each season off saying I have room to grow and as the seasons change I always get a little bit wiser. I am a work in progress to say the least. Who knows what the future holds for me whether it’s here there or everywhere but as long as I put one foot in front of the other and try again that is better than nothing. My one wish for all the ladies is that I hope they get what they deserve whether that’s love, success, happiness, or another job! Until next time! Billie winks.

As the final confessional fades from the screen, the screen fades to black as the episode comes to an end.



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