Season 16, Episode 17: “Reunion — Part One”

Ladies of Twitter
25 min readMar 9, 2024

As the episode begins, we hear tense music playing as we begin to see each of the Ladies, except Harlow, as well as Friend of the Ladies Kaylani arriving to the studio. We hear upbeat music, as we see clips of the Ladies in their trailers, with makeup artists and hairstylists abounding. We see Andy as he readies for the day, making his way onto the soundstage and taking a seat. Just then, the cameras shift as we watch each of the six Ladies making their way out onto the stage one by one, before we hear a cameraman count down to start, before pointing at Andy as the reunion gets underway…

Andy: Hello, and welcome to the season 16 reunion of Ladies of Twitter, and tonight I am joined by six of the beautiful Ladies of Twitter on our set which pays tribute to Rio. Welcome Ladies.

The camera pans around the stage as the Ladies smile and wave…

Andy: And right off the bat, we have to address the absence in the room. Harlow Laurier has opted not to join us all this evening, and she will not be continuing on with Ladies of Twitter next season.

We see the Ladies exchange awkward faces at the announcement, before Andy quickly moves on to the next question…

Andy: Hi Devyn! Do you feel prepared to start this reunion today?

Devyn: Well Andy, I’m as prepared as I’m going to get. I’ve been in the headlines this year since filming stopped so I’m ready to address it all.

The camera pans to Erica who is snickering at Devyn’s response…

Andy: We can’t wait to hear it all! Hi Amal, how’s it feel to be back on these couches instead of Zooming in?

Billie: Hopefully not cussing us out this time! Billie laughs.

Amal: It feels great Andy! It’s much easier to read a bitch in person.

Andy: Oh boy. Andy laughs. Hello Billie Reed! What are your thoughts as we all sit down together again?

Billie: Hopefully, we can get some answers to some things that we ALL need the answers to…

Andy: I know I want some answers. Next up, hi Grace! Do you think this evening will feature resolution between you ladies?

Billie: Billie begins to mumble. If she takes some accountability there will be some resolution.

Grace: Hello Andrew, who knows. I think we’re already going to have trouble without Harlow here, but I’m ready and here to talk about it all.

Andy: Trouble at a Ladies reunion? Never! Andy laughs. Hello Mrs. Teairra! This is your second reunion, did the first one prepare you for today?

Teairra: Oh, it did and I’m active and ready for anything coming my way.

Andy: Activated! And last, but never least, hello Erica! It’s been a long season, do you feel you have more apologies to give or receive this evening?

Erica: Hi Andy! Erica waves. I’ll be expecting the apologies this go around. Erica looks up and down at her couch. Hmph.

Grace: As per usual.

Andy: Andy laughs. Well, I know I’ll be on the lookout for those! Let’s dive right in! When the season began, we were introduced or reintroduced to Amal Hadid. And when the season started, she was surely at a loss…a loss for friends. Let’s take a look at Amal’s return.

Footage plays of Amal reentering the circle with Devyn at Billie’s opening party, as well as tense reactions from Erica, Grace, Harlow and Teairra. We then see clips of Grace and Amal arguing and reconciling early on, followed by a clip of Amal and Erica screaming at one another as the package fades.

Devyn: Oh shit. Here we go.

Amal: Well, wasn’t that eventful! Amal laughs.

Andy: My first question on this one goes to Amal. Were you apprehensive about returning to this circle after all that happened last year? Aforementioned Zoom included.

Billie: Amal, keep your calm. Keep calm.

Grace: She was sitting by her phone waiting for your call, Andy.

Amal: Amal laughs. You know, I was a bit nervous about coming around the girls. I had said a lot of things about them because of the place I was in. My life really took a turn when I was last on this show, and I was quite bitter about it. I’m just glad that the girls were able to accept my apologies and my olive branches.

Devyn: You would know a thing or 2 about that Grace. Since your bestie is in prison and all.

Grace: We’re not here to talk about old news Dev, pipe down.

Andy: Now, turning to conversation to the group, how did the rest of you feel that Amal was returning?

Devyn: It was great for A back for me.

Billie: I was apprehensive when I heard she was coming to my soirée if I’m being honest. Amal last time we saw her came in here like a tornado.

Grace: I wasn’t surprised she was coming back, after what she did to me last season, so it was just another day at the office when she started turning up again.

Erica: I was 50/50 on the whole situation. On one end, the bitch who was attacking me on social media will finally be in my space and then on the other end I wanted to protect my peace.

Teairra: Uhm, honestly, I was shocked because me and Erica aren’t on the best terms right now, but seeing the way she attacked Erica for days upon days and then came back in the group like it was peaches and cream was very questionable and bold of her.

Amal: Bitch?

Grace: It was a smart move from Bravo I’ll say that.

Amal: And I appreciate that girls. I know I was in the wrong with what I said about you ladies. I took full accountability for my actions and wholeheartedly apologized.

Billie: You did take accountability and that is why I was willing to move forward with you and I’m glad I did.

Amal: And I’m grateful that Billie, Erica and Teairra were receptive to those apologies. I now consider them to be some of my dearest friends.

Grace: Apologized but then went straight back into being awful.

Amal: Amal shakes her head. It’s all just rumors and nastiness.

Andy: Turning to you specifically Erica, did you feel like there was space for a friendship when you all began the season?

Erica: Absolutely not. Even Billie Reed couldn’t stop me from wanting to strangle Amal at any given moment and that’s one of my closest friends. I think the drama between Amal and I online got so bad that for me it was either strangling her or never be around her again. I’m glad we were able to move forward from it all because that is a sister to me.

Amal: You can strangle me whenever you want baby. I love a little choke and stroke. Amal laughs and winks at Erica.

The camera pans to Grace as we see her rolling her eyes…

Billie: That’s true when Erica is done a war path there’s no stopping her! I’m glad they both made up and have had some resolution.

Andy: Now turning to Grace, you and Amal were once the best of friends. We saw an apology between you two early on, did you hope that you all would be back as you once were?

Grace: I absolutely thought we were on the right path again and I got the apology I deserved. Amal was back in the group, and she started off like she should of, but it was just the rest that lead us to where we are now.

Amal: You know, Andy I was split. Part of me felt that there was a real chance we could re-establish our bond but then the other part of me was still upset about how she turned her back on me during the lowest point in my life. When the going got tough, Grace hobbled away and I think subconsciously, I wanted her to pay for that.

Grace: When did I turn away? When you asked me for money?

Amal: Did you watch the show? Money? Who asked you for money?

Devyn: You have money to lend?

Grace: You asked me for money to help you get a new place in Twitter. It’s a shame we picked up the cameras too late to catch that though.

Billie: This is a joke! Grace, you didn’t have money to lend out you were too busy getting hit with lawsuits.

Grace: Nobody here knows anything about my finances Andy, so they’re all talking out of their asses.

Amal: Are you out of your mind? Why would I ever ask you for money? Grace, you barely have a pot to piss in. Me asking you for money is like Elon Musk asking a homeless but not toothless man for spare change.

Devyn: Exactly. Weren’t your assets frozen at one point?

Grace: You asked me for help. It’s a shame Harlow isn’t here she was there when you called me.

Amal: I asked you for help to find me a home because you’re a realtor. You aren’t a banker. If I wanted money, I call my banker. Not my realtor.

Devyn: So, now it’s gone from asking for money to asking for help? Noted.

Erica: So, she called you before we started filming and asked for money?

Andy: Amal, have you ever asked Grace for money? Were you struggling financially?

Erica: I’m trying to make sense of this matter because if you two were on that type of level of communication what was this whole drama about this whole season.

Grace: You asked me to delay payment on a home before filming started, you said you were waiting for the funds and for me to take it off the market. I declined and you said could I buy it and you’d pay it back. It was a while before we picked up. She’ll say no Andy so just move on.

Amal: On my son’s eyes, I have never asked Grace for a cent in my life. My family are multi-billionaires. I don’t need the 0.25% she makes on selling $500,000 condos in West Twitter.

Devyn: I mean that does seem like the Ponzi schemes you involve yourself in minus Amal.

Grace: Let’s see the proof of the wealth is all I’m saying. Grace laughs.

Andy: Okay, okay, let’s pivot to one more thing about Amal’s return, before we wrap. Who here thinks Amal sincerely tried to work to be friends with the group?

Amal: Andy, let’s end this topic with the fact that her cat piss champagne isn’t selling and her podcast isn’t podcasting . When she becomes successful at something then we can talk.

Teairra: I think she actually did try, with everyone except grace due to them having deeper issues.

Erica: I can agree with the lady next to me on that statement.

Grace: And what are your businesses? NONE!

Billie: I do think she came back on an apology tour. Some were receptive and some had an agenda. Billie shrugs.

Devyn: I think she tried with everyone including Grace. She just couldn’t forgive Grace the way she thought she could.

Grace: Forgive me for what Devyn?

Devyn: Did you not hear her say you abandoned her?

Grace: You should do what you do best and sit and be quiet because it doesn’t involve you. Much like the rest of the season.

Devyn: Grace got her one rehearsed zing in. Now can we move on to her schemes?

Andy: Okay, let’s put a pin in this topic. Amal, thank you for coming back and joining us, we’re gonna move on. And with that, let’s bring out Kaylani, the Friend of the Ladies.

The camera pans around the group as we see their reactions and sighs as Kaylani makes her way out onto the stage, and takes her seat next to Devyn…

Kaylani: Kaylani walks out waving at the ladies and Andy. Well, hello there everyone.

Andy: Kaylani, now that you have joined us on the couches, as we transition I have to ask, how are you feeling for your first reunion?

Kaylani: I’m excited mostly and ready to check a bitch when necessary.

Andy: We intending to have this segment address Harlow’s newfound voice this season, but as we can tell, Harlow hasn’t joined us today. This season, we saw Harlow stand up for herself at times and for a friend when needed as well. However today, she’s opted not to join us and won’t be returning next season. But let’s watch this package and talk on the other side.

Footage plays of the season beginning and Harlow reconciling with Erica with Grace’s help, before we see footage of Harlow calling out Amal for her Grace problems, Billie, and screaming at Teairra that she’s a bad friend as the package plays out.

Amal: Oooo. The mouse mustered up a roar.

Teairra: Wow, that was definitely something. It’s unfortunate she isn’t here but I’m glad we patched everything up we have been through a lot this season.

Grace: It’s a shame Andy, but I also understand why she’s not here.

Billie: I hate Harlow isn’t here today.

Andy: Since Harlow isn’t here, I’d like to open this up by asking how everyone feels about Harlow not being here today. Obviously, she had many issues with several of you.

Amal: Personally, I think it was a cowardly move. She signed up for something and she should’ve seen it to the end.

Billie: That was one I was looking forward to putting the final nail in her coffin.

Grace: Harlow is a dear friend, Andy. She isn’t here today after a rough season and her ex-husband continues to drain her, but also with some of the girls over there for what they’ve done and said about her.

Devyn: I feel nothing. I hope she’s well though.

Erica: I think it’s a big slap in the face when somebody doesn’t show up to the reunion. We all have a job to do, and we all have personal things that happen to us, so to me it was a bit cowardly. Especially, knowing that she’s still on Twitter tweeting as of 5 mins ago.

Andy: Grace, you think the women are to blame?

Grace: Absolutely. And they should be ashamed.

Billie: Oh, that’s fucking the furthest thing from the truth.

Teairra: I think she was going through a lot more than just LoT, but she definitely would’ve had to face a lot of these ladies if she came, and she may be just protecting her peace.

Billie: That’s absolutely the truth Erica! She can be on Twitter delivering a goodbye speech, but couldn’t come here today to do her job and talk about the shit she said about me.

Grace: I think that’s what it is Andy, Teairra said it best. I also agree with Erica though, she should finish what she started and end her time correctly.

Devyn: I missed a reunion once, and it was a dereliction of my duty. I’m still remorseful. But some people can’t own their shit. I was once some people.

Erica: Clock it. It’s theatrical.

Andy: Billie, do you think you have any blame for Harlow’s absence? Grace seems to think it’s the Ladies, and you were one of her sharpest critics this year.

Billie: She came on TV AND EXPLOITED MY DUI. I wanted to be able to address that with her. She’s a coward honestly Andy. I hope she isn’t reconsidered on the rehire list. If anything, she’s running from the fact I said she’s running a Ponzi scheme. It’s interesting when she found out that was making the cut she fled the scene.

Grace: Billie, you’ve done every trick on the book stop acting the victim.

Amal: Grace, even you can agree it was cowardice thing to do. Hell, I showed up during the season 14 reunion when Elle and Kathy were on one and going after me constantly for months and months. She should be here.

Billie: What did I do to Harlow? Name them, name them right now. All I did was get into it with her due to you.

Andy: Do you Ladies think that Harlow is running a Ponzi scheme?

Grace: She has a successful business, Andy. Some of them can’t say the same.

Devyn: Of course. She’s friends with Grace. That’s evidence enough. She sells fake jewelry. She should just own it. Kendra Scott has become a billionaire doing the same thing.

Amal: I think Harlow is a pretty girl and who designs jewelry.

Teairra: I don’t think so, I may have said some nasty things to her about her business when we were at it but I think she’s organically successful!

Erica: Listen, All I know is what I saw on the paper when Billie tested her diamond.

Billie: Which said what Erica? Tell the ladies.

Andy: Erica, you two were close, do you believe Billie’s receipt or do you believe Harlow?

Erica: The receipt indicated that Harlow’s diamonds were not real.

Grace: Billie just wants to say everything about everyone so she can deflect from the truth.

Erica: What’s her truth?

Billie: We will get to you and I shortly Grace. You sit tight. Your time is coming.

Grace: Who’s truth? Bully Billie?

Andy: We’re gonna get to Billie. Now, Amal, you and Harlow fiercely butted heads this season. Did you feel she was fighting her own battle? What did you think of your issues?

Billie: Grace will always try and deflect all topics to me. I’m her escape goat for everything.

Amal: I think Harlow knows how this all works. She had been listening to me talk about Grace all season long and then decided to muster up the courage months later to express her dissatisfaction with what I was saying. Her faux outrage was a flop as was she.

Grace: Billie, you do that every season to someone different so cry me a river. Harlow is my friend and stuck up for me, like friends do. You both were just being mean girls and wanted to make every scene uncomfortable for me.

Amal: If she was such a great friend to you, why did she wait months to tell you what I had been saying about you.

Andy: Now, Billie and Amal, we’ll get into some of the specifics, but I do want to ask you both this. What would you have had to say to Harlow if she was sitting over there today?

Amal: Oh wow. That’s a great question Andy. Umm…I’d probably ask her where she got her shoes from because she always has the best shoes.

Devyn: If anyone is to blame for Harlow not being here it’s Grace. Grace put her in no win situations all season as her only friend.

Billie: Why did she turn on me like a light switch? Who influenced her to make this switch. I was Harlow’s number one fan last season. Rallied around her and even helped her more than her so called “friend” Grace integrate into this group. So, that’s what I would ask her.

Grace: That’s laughable.

Erica: The 180 kind of shocked me with Harlow and the group this year. Somehow everyone hated her and I was one of the only ones who liked her… Erica laughs. Like it was crazy.

Billie: I think Harlow’s true colors started to shine this season. Hanging out with people like Grace will do that to you.

Devyn: What’s laughable Grace is you using that impressionable woman to fight your fights.

Grace: If you don’t go along with Billie, Amal, and Devil then you can’t be in the show?

Andy: As we start to close out this segment, I’ll just ask a general question which was supposed to be the theme of this segment until Harlow didn’t come, who here feels that Harlow found her voice this year?

Amal: I think she now needs to learn how to silence that voice of hers. I guess her not showing up today is her doing that. Silencing herself

Devyn: She didn’t find her voice. Grace found the hole in her back to stick the key and turn.

Teairra: I definitely think she found her voice, she was actually fighting back this time around because she’s not allowing anyone to walk all over her like before.

Grace: She’s done, let’s just leave it. Why talk about someone who couldn’t be bothered to show up? I’m annoyed she isn’t here. She found her voice and now she isn’t here to end the bitches who caused her so much anxiety and pain this season.

Erica: I have to say even though Harlow and I aren’t in a great space. She did fantastic this year when it came to sticking up for herself. I’m happy she found her voice and wish she was here to actually use this newfound voice.

Devyn: Mice tend to scurry when the lights come on.

Billie: I would have to echo Erica, I think she did a decent job at speaking up for herself but at least this season she worked for her job like it was in jeopardy. However I hate she didn’t come use that voice today.

Andy: Alright, well, we are going to leave this one here. Thank you, Harlow, for showing your life this season, and so long. We’ll be right back.

Andy: This season, we watched as several of the Ladies dealt with high highs and low lows in their lives. From legal trouble to financial trouble, to everything in between. These Ladies beared it all for the screens. Let’s watch this first package.

Footage plays of Billie as she tearfully discusses the lawsuit she is involved in and the possible outcomes, followed by clips of her sharing that with the ladies. As the footage closes, we see Billie crying to her mother as she reveals she has not been charged with a DUI.

Billie: That’s how you share your real life, Grace.

Andy: Billie, we will obviously start with you and the lawsuit you were involved in as the season began. What is the status of things now? What can you share with us?

Grace: I’ve never seen a worst actress in my life. I’m sure she has her script behind her Andy to tell you. Que tear in 3,2,1.

Amal: Billie has starred in countless straight to DVD movies! How dare you!?

Billie: Well Andy, the lawsuit is done and I can say that everything worked out in my favor. I am taking a year off from doing any kind of acting gigs and I’m going to focus more on some philanthropy work.

Andy: Happy to hear that. I was just about to ask if it’s affected your career, but should I infer the break means that it has?

Grace: The scripts dried up, did they?

Billie: I’ve actually had some organizations reach out to me about sexual harassment and do some speaking engagements. So, I’m turning my pain into a purpose.

Kaylani: As you should. I’m so proud of you Billie!

Andy: That’s great to hear! Did you feel the Ladies were supportive of you in this process?

Billie: That’s ultimately what led to me taking this break. I can return to acting as soon as I’d like but I’ve been doing it for 20 plus years, and I want to take a step back.

Amal: She really is our generation’s Buddha.

Grace: That is commendable. If it’s true…

Devyn: That’s great Billie.

Erica: Oh, come on Grace… we don’t believe victims?

Billie: I think all but Grace has really been supportive. Grace has made a mockery out of my situation and that’s honestly been disgusting to see.

Grace: I mean in terms of companies wanting to work with her.

Billie: And even her behavior today questioning my truth is even more disgusting. I hope this is the last time I have to see you.

Grace: Well, maybe it will be.

Andy: Grace, what do you have to say to Billie in regard to that? Do you make a mockery of her situation?

Grace: I’m going to say two wrongs don’t make a right and yes I’ve been in defence mode when it comes to Billie and her relentless lies and attempts to manipulate situations and group scenes, but I too have had my own experiences like that and I wouldn’t mock that. Maybe a lot of the rest, but not that. We’ve both wronged.

Andy: Now Billie, can you share anything with us in regard to your recent DUI?

Amal: Billie isn’t even a big drinker.

Billie: Look, I made a mistake after one night out with a few of my friends. I got in the vehicle and drove under the influence. Thankfully I do not have to serve jail time, but I was ordered to attend an alcohol wellness retreat and that’s why I wasn’t in Twitter for the last 2 months.

Andy: Do you believe you have a drinking problem? And ladies, to you all, what do you think of Billie getting a DUI?

Grace: Not surprised.

Devyn: Mistakes happen Andy.

Billie: No, I don’t. But I want to ask the ladies, do you girls think I do?

Amal: Human beings aren’t infallible. Billie made a mistake and it happens. Grace guzzles on Grey Goose in almost every single scene she’s in and no one is asking her those questions

Erica: I was about to say. If anything, we have a smoking problem and I’m not talking cigarette. Erica laughs. I think a lot of us are just happy that she was safe. It was an honest mistake, she nor anyone else were hurt. She’s clearly learned her lesson they had her on a retreat for god’s sake.

Grace: Thank God nobody was killed.

Kaylani: I don’t believe you have a drinking problem per say but when you drink you can be a word cannon for sure.

Billie: Yes, I am very grateful no damages were done to any buildings or individuals. This was a pure traffic stop that encountered.

Teairra: We all have drinks, some just like to drink more than others I should say…and that’s okay we’re all grown here.

Grace: Saint Billie, praise her!!

Billie: And again I’m deeply sorry to you ladies for disappointing you all with this. But I am human and I do make mistakes.

Erica: So, you’re saying she drinks more than others, Teairra?

Teairra: You said it not me.

Billie: I do not drink more than you Teairra. You take advantage of every open bar we had at events this season.

Teairra: You think I drink more than you Billie? Teairra laughs.

Billie: I do yes. You just might carry your liquor better than me or you do it when the cameras are down, but you do indulge in the drinks. Don’t sit over there like hail merry.

Amal: Why are we all counting each other’s drinks?

Erica: I love me some wine chile.

Andy: Okay, we’re going to put a pin in this because we have a couple more packages to watch in this segment. Thank you for sharing all this with us this year, Billie. Let’s watch this next segment and I have a few questions on the other side.

Billie: Thank you for allowing me to Andy…I love sharing my authentic life.

Footage plays as we see Grace discussing the mess Luci and she’s business venture created, followed by footage of her discussing her problems with her daughter, before the screen fades to black.

Andy: Grace, in the finale, you mention that the lawsuits are wrapped up regarding the champagne business. Is all good with that business now?

Amal: Amal reaches behind couch and grabs my glass of champagne and takes a sip. Ahhh! God I love Veuve Clicquot.

Devyn: Ponzi scheme.

Grace: Well, yes Andy, thank you for asking. We’ve just bought a second vineyard and we’re expanding and pouring those bottles! I’ve got one for you in your dressing room. There are no more lawsuits for that business, no Andy. Thank god. Luci did me dirty.

Billie: Can you go online to the website and order bottles, Grace? I’ve ordered a bottle for my friend and she never received her order.

Grace: You sure can Billie, everyone has a case in their dressing rooms I believe.

Andy: Have you ladies tasted Grace’s product and purchased any?

Teairra: Of course! I love Grace’s champagne.

Amal: I’ve tasted it. She brought it to my home when I hosted the Hones-tea but I certainly haven’t purchased it

Kaylani: Yes, I tasted it when we was all together that day it was pretty good especially for a new champagne business.

Devyn: It’s disgusting … and I have better charities to give my money too.

Grace: It’s an affordable luxury champagne Andy, it’s a new product and it’s doing very well.

Billie: I ordered some for my friend And she didn’t receive her order, but I have tasted her champagne.

Grace: We’ll be sure to get that friends name off you Billie and I’ll personally deliver it to them.

Amal: Ahh so you’re more like an UberEats delivery person instead of a mogul?

Billie: Her name is Rose Salazar. Should ring a bell. Billie winks.

Andy: Now, another business you had this year was your podcast, Grace, can you tell us what went on there?

Billie: The podcast that flatlined?

Grace: Yeah well I’ll tell you the truth Andy.

Amal: That would be a nice change.

Devyn: What were you saying the other times Grace? Lies perhaps?

Grace: Someone from another show on Bravo sent me a cease and desist following an interview, we had a falling out and IHeart decided to not pick up my show. It was a trial basis, a pilot if you will, and it wasn’t picked up. You win some, you lose some.

Amal: What about the fact that you cut your daughter out of the podcast deal. Can we talk about that?

Grace: No, because you will not speak about my child.

Andy: We will get to the rumors.

Amal: I’ll speak about a fully grown almost 30-year-old woman if I please.

Grace: No, you will not.

Erica: The person you’re referring to says she’s been waiting on the episode and actually released it herself. So I’m still a bit confused about that whole ordeal.

Grace: I’m not at liberty to talk about it, sorry Erica.

Andy: Erica, anything you can share?

Grace: No, thank you.

Billie: I call such bullshit on this, Andy.

Grace: I’m not talking about it, Andy, I’m serious. I won’t give that deadbeat any more life.

Andy: Well, I’m asking Erica.

Billie: How is Grace going to say that she was shopping the podcast around to different networks when she was her own producer and creator of the show and was putting out episodes herself? If you got too overwhelmed, and we’re too lazy to record the episodes, just say that. I will take that over this narrative that you’re trying to have.

Grace: You don’t understand the business world then clearly

Erica: Well, I know the woman she’s referring to and that’s not the story I’ve been told. That’s not the story that’s been told around Twitter either. Grace aired a couple of episodes I believe and then that one was miraculously cut.

Grace: I was picked up for 8 episodes, we had a legal issue and I wasn’t picked up.

Billie: So then, they dropped you is actually what happened.

Amal: Wait, were you picked up or were you not picked up? You just said you weren’t picked up.

Billie: She can’t keep her lies together Amal.

Grace: I said it wasn’t picked up twice. And Erica, don’t believe what that person says.

Devyn: So, you they ordered an 8-episode pilot of a podcast?

Grace: Indeed, they did, a test run, if you will.

Billie: Grace, you can’t be picked up and then not picked up.

Grace: Pilot run honey.

Andy: Okay, so we’re going to put a real pin in these, as we will be discussing the rumors further in just a few minutes. Why don’t we watch a light, fun package and cool the room down?

Amal: Isn’t it exhausting trying to keep up with your lies?

Billie: Pilots typically don’t ever see the light of day if they aren’t picked up.

Grace: I did my commitment, it wasn’t picked up for more. I was fired, there, does that make more sense to you dummies? Dumb and dumber over there.

Andy: Okay, enough. Let’s watch the next set.

Footage plays as we see Teairra rehearsing for her single debut, and revealing her nerves as she practices along with the Ladies, before the camera pans and we see the group dancing along at her single debut as the screen fades.

Andy: Teairra, I LOVED watching your journey this year. How is the single doing and can we expect an album?

Teairra: Thank you Andy! It was such a fun experience being able to create that song and its doing amazing, I’m actually working on my album as we speak and we should be able to see it very soon!

Grace: It’s amazing music, makes me feel so young again.

Amal: And we know how difficult it is for you to feel young.

Andy: Yay! Can’t wait for that. Was it fun getting to experience this journey with your friends here?

Teairra: It actually was, it was a heartwarming moment although I was nervous at first when it all was done it was a weight off my shoulders.

Andy: Now Ladies, what did you all think of Teairra’s single and performance?

Amal: Definitely, I thought it was fun. I like the beat… Amal pauses. So yeah.

Grace: Brilliance, I can’t wait for more, more, more!

Kaylani: It was beautiful Teairra, keep it up and never give up.

Erica: I actually enjoyed the track. The performance? Hopefully we have a little more practice before we go on tour.

Teairra: Everyone was living regardless of the little shady comments, they can’t have any negative “thoughts” the notes were hit every time.

Devyn: It’s so nice she’s taking her friends on tour. The single was good. She worked with a great producer that was able to make her sound like a up and coming star.

Andy: Now Teairra, as we close out this package, I have a fun question. What recording artist would you like to go on tour with? Ladies, you can chime in too!

Amal: I think Teairra should open for Saucy Santana. I think they’d do well together.

Kaylani: I think she would go good with someone like Jazmine Sullivan, I would love to see that and would definitely attend.

Devyn: Maybe Xscape needs an opening act. That would be cool.

Erica: I could definitely see the Jazmine Sullivan

Grace: Beyonce!

Teairra: Oh my god, that’s such a good question its so many amazing artists…definitely the big names in the industry! but i would aim a little lower say somebody like Summer Walker, SZA, someone like that.

Erica: Definitely SZA.

Amal: Beyoncé?! Beyoncé? Maybe Luther van Dross

Billie: I think she would do good with some Mariah Carey!

Devyn: Jazmine Sullivan? Beyoncé? Can we at least stay in the same weight class?

Teairra: Amal…let’s calm down honey. Put the cup down.

Devyn: Luther is dead, Amal.

Amal: Is he?! Since when?

Grace: Amal thinks she’s cute.

Devyn: Amal…over a decade sister.

Andy: So many fun options! Glad we’re able to have a few laughs in this segment. Thanks for taking us on this journey, Teairra, can’t wait for more.

As the segment comes to a close, we hear a set producer shout that it’s time for lunch, as we see sighs of relief and smiles from the Ladies as they stand to take lunch, and the camera pans out as part one of the Reunion comes to a close.



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