Season 16, Episode 18: “Reunion — Part Two”

Ladies of Twitter
35 min readMar 11, 2024

As the intro fades from the screen, the camera quickly returns to the reunion stage where we see all six Ladies, along with the Friend of the Ladies, as the cameraman counts down five…four…three…two…one, before pointing at Andy as the reunion resumes…

Andy: And we are back with the radiant Ladies of Twitter. Now for several seasons, I have asked Grace about the mess that she brings to the table. But THIS time around, we watched as Grace was found by two of the Ladies to be…well full of lawsuits and lies. Let’s watch what was said and try to make sense of the fighting.

Grace: What lies, Andy?

Billie: Well, you were caught up in a few here today…

Footage plays of Amal as she reveals to the group that Grace facetimed her with a porn star, followed by a shot of Amal discussing her podcast daughter fallout, and Billie inquiring whether Grace’s business is a scam and if Grace’s launch party had cocaine as the package ends.

Andy: Grace, we’ll start with you for a moment, what do you have to say watching all the stuff that was shared about you this year? We’re gonna break down all rumors, but let’s just start there.

Amal: Full of lawsuits, lies and lube. That’s our Gracie.

Grace: I think it’s easy to sit here and call me a liar and a fraud. I’m Twitter’s most successful realtor for the 5th year running, I’m super proud of that. Amal is jealous of my man and concerned with what I put between my legs.

Andy: Amal, turning to you, did you feel you needed to reveal the truth about the FaceTime from Grace and her daughter?

Amal: Oh absolutely. Grace spouts out lies about all of us constantly, so I thought it was appropriate I share about her relations with her big, dicked boyfriend. Andy, he’s really big. I know you’re a top, but you may end up bottoming for him.

Andy: And what about the daughter?

Grace: WHAT LIES ANDY? I told you to not speak on my daughter or you will be sorry.

Amal: As for the daughter, this is something I know to be true. Amy sought legal counsel. I know this to be true. The basis of her legal case is that Graveyard Grace cut her out of the podcast deal. This I know to be true. So, I only spoke the truth.

Grace: That is a lie. Amy did not seek any legal counsel.

Amal: She most certainly did

Grace: Prove it, she didn’t do that Amal. You are lying!

Amal: I really like Amy. I can’t blame her for her mother’s ways.

Teairra: Grace, she’s drunk.

Grace: Clearly, she is drunk, T. Drunk and deranged.

Billie: She’s not drunk Teairra. You guys are disgusting to try and say she’s drunk here today.

Amal: Amy and I have coffee about once a month. Everyone’s drunk according to you two.

Teairra: She is drunk, she had a glass behind her chair, are you serious?

Erica: I just think we should leave kids out of it. The kids have nothing to do with anything we do here. Rumors or not. There has to be a line.

Amal: It’s just a way to deflect from the fact that I know the truth about your daughter.


Amal: Amy asked me to speak on her behalf, Andy. I don’t want to do this.

Grace: Do it, then let’s talk about your sons true paternity? If kids are on the table.

Amal: I don’t want to come between a mother and a daughter. It’s not what I’m here to do but Amy is being silenced. Grace you’re just speaking to speak, and I get it.

Erica: This is nasty.

Amal: You’ve been caught with your pants down and you’re now trying to say the father of my son isn’t the father of my son. It’s very clear to all of us here the type of person you are.

Andy: Are you speaking to Amy, Grace?

Grace: Grace speaks through tears in her eyes. Yes, it’s been rough. I need a minute Andy I want a break please.

Andy: Amal, do you feel that issues with Grace’s daughter were something to share here?

Amal: Absolutely. This is a reality show and we’re here to share our reality.

Billie: Isn’t this about our real lives? When did we pick and choose what is shared.

Andy: Do you Ladies agree? As we look to take a quick break, what does everyone think?

Erica: I don’t necessarily believe that was Amal’s place though. Whether Grace’s daughter is grown or not, I think there should be a fine line between what we talk about. And kids need to be off limits. Period.

Grace: They’re trying to turn my own daughter against me, it’s disgusting. She’s shown me the texts you’ve both sent her. Asking her to come here today, that’s MY daughter.

Teairra: I think it’s very low down and gutter.

Devyn: Amy is a grown woman. We’ve all had issues with our kids and mothers. I think we lose sight of that sometimes when we talk about others.

Billie: Oh, please spare me Grace the theatrics.

Amal: Grace, your ways turned your own daughter against you.

Grace: You both are low, low, low, and dirty, dirty, dirty.

Kaylani: When are we gonna realize that’s her brand?

Erica: So, we can talk about the child you gave up Dev? No, you wouldn’t want that. So just because you’re in a bad spot with Grace, let’s not act dense.

Devyn: Everyone here deserves to do their jobs without having to nurture such intimate parent child relationships publicly. That’s just my opinion.

Erica: Andy, where’s this break?

Grace: I’m so done.

Andy: Alright, well, we’re going to put a pin in this now. We’re gonna take five…

The screen fades to black, before quickly transitioning once more and showing the Ladies as they take their seats again and the reunion resumes once more…

Andy: And we are back with the lovely Ladies of Twitter. We took a break to clear out the room, so let’s hope that did the trick. We were discussing rumors about Grace, and we discussed some from Amal. Billie, what made you bring the things you shared out?

Grace: Grace rolls her eyes. This is just so wrong…

Billie: I figured since Grace pushes for authenticity with the ladies that she needed to be honest about what was out there about her. For the last two seasons we as a group have tip toed around Grace to please her and I wasn’t doing that anymore.

Grace: You’re so dumb Billie. I don’t claim or demand anything from anyone. But if you bring up anything to do with me, then you’ll tell the truth.

Andy: Grace, do you feel that the girls have tip toed around you?

Grace: No, I don’t Andy, they’re all happily telling me how they feel. But if I do it, I’m wrong. Everyone here has been wrong.

Devyn: Grace isn’t always wrong. Just sometimes.

Teairra: Teairra rubs Grace’s back. No, it’s okay, don’t even take it there, you’re a strong woman.

Billie: I think some of them don’t tell you how they feel because it’s a bigger headache to deal with her than to not.

Amal: Grace, I think you need to hear me when I say that you have a group of women who are saying that your actions have deeply impacted us. You’ve poked and prodded for years now. You are now understanding how we feel.

Billie: That’s exactly right Amal.

Grace: I listen and I’m listening. But what about everyone else sat here?

Erica: But should you really be the spokesperson for that statement?

Billie: You listen with your EARS not your mouth.

Grace: Amal, you’ve lied on me all season, Billie too Why am I being held to the stake?

Amal: Listen love, there is no stake. Good Friday is many weeks away.

Erica: I get that we all have our problems with grace but we’ve all pushed and poked each other so if she has to take accountability, so does everyone else.

Grace: Thank you Erica.

Amal: Amal raises her hand. I’ve taken accountability!

Grace: For what Amal? You’ve lied all season.

Devyn: That’s true Erica. And speaking of accountability, before the break you brought up my adopted son. Why?

Erica: I brought up your son as a point, if you didn’t like it, now you get my point. Children shouldn’t be brought up.

Grace: Your whole life is a lie, Amal.

Billie: Well, I don’t have lawsuits against me so there’s that Erica. Billie looks sharply at Erica.

Grace: Neither do I anymore.

Amal: I’ve never lied Grace. I’ve never once told a lie in my entire life and I won’t be accused of such horrific things.

Erica: Why am I getting so much backlash?

Kaylani: Well….

Grace: You’re a liar and a disgrace. Grace says you’re a disgrace.

Devyn: Devyn elbows Amal. Bitch, you lie too.

Teairra: Amal and Grace just need to hug it out, Amal misses her obviously!

Amal: Amal’s mouth drops. A disgrace? Wow! WOW! That’s just wow.

Billie: I sat up here and owned my lies, Grace doesn’t. She heavily deflects. I told Devyn I was sorry for lying on her.


Andy: Okay, okay, Ladies. This is starting to go in circles. As we close out this segment, is there any resolution to be had between the three of you?

Grace: Absolutely not.

Billie: I think the door is closed on me and Grace for now. I’ve said my peace.

Grace: You don’t lie on me for over a year, drag me through the mud, bully me and harass me and try to paint me out to be this evil conspirator and get away with it

Billie: I wish her well in what’s in store for her next.

Grace: I don’t wish you well at all. You can rot in hell!

Amal: I personally wish Grace all the best. I am sad about the state of our friendship, but I think until she is capable of taking ownership for her role in the dissension of so many of her relationships here, there will never be a path forward.

Teairra: Teairra jumps back in her seat. Oh my God, Grace!

Grace: Andy, I want them to tell me what lies I’ve told.

Billie: That’s the difference between me and you Grace. But this is the girl you guys’ support! Billie looks at Teairra and Erica in disgust.

Grace: You’re a low-down dirty dog

Erica: The girl I support? I’m not even friends with Grace and you know that. But all three of you are attacking her on that couch. When y’all do the same shit! Erica points down the line at the other couch.

Andy: Okay, let’s end it here, we will be right back with more of the Ladies of Twitter.

Andy: When Teairra decided to take the Ladies away for a weekend in the country, she expected some trouble about the lack of WiFi. What she didn’t expect was the fractured friendships that would leave the group forever changed. Let’s check this out.

Footage plays as we see the group arriving in the Poconos and their reactions to the location, followed by clips as we see the group calling out Billie for her messy ways, with Devyn calling her a backstabber, before footage changes and we see Teairra and Devyn hashing out their issues before it erupts even further. We then see a package as we watch Kaylani and Erica arguing over their initial issues as the package fades.

Teairra: Teairra laughs at the footage. What a joke.

Devyn: Whew Lawd.

Andy: Billie, we’re going to start this segment out with you, what was it like being called out by nearly every Lady for being messy? Do you think you’re a mess?

Grace: Funny how everyone else thinks the same about lips.

Amal: I don’t think Billie is a mess. She is very clean and hygienic.

Devyn: She is a mess Andy. Loved by some. Hated by many.

Billie: Well, hell yes, I’m a mess. I mean a hot fucking mess. I own it. But that’s also why I’m here on this show and have been a hit. I’m organically a mess and people love it.

Amal: The cleanest mess I’ve ever seen.

Andy: Fair enough. Erica, this season we saw you upset with Billie in the Poconos as well. Do you think sometimes Billie talks too much?

Erica: I think when Billie talks that mouth of hers sometimes takes control. With our situation, she didn’t even know she slipped up and said anything about problems within my marriage. Sometimes it’s just you know… Erica does a closing sign with her hand. But I love her honesty.

Devyn: Isn’t that a pot calling the kettle black type of question?

Erica: Are you trying to address me Mrs. King?

Amal: Doctor King.

Teairra: Doctor is a little questionable…

Erica: I didn’t say doctor because with all these stories running around that title may be revoked soon enough.

Devyn: My title isn’t in question.

Billie: I love you Erica but you are believing a woman who couldn’t even show up today to say her peace…it upsets me a bit.

Erica: Billie… you said it on camera. We saw it on the episode.

Teairra: Said it to all of us actually.

Amal: Amal shakes her head. This is just nasty.

Andy: Devyn, we saw your friendship with Billie and Teairra fracture in the Poconos. What happened in the Poconos for you that fundamentally changed those friendships?

Teairra: I can’t wait to hear this…

Devyn: I’m not going to make any excuses about what happened with Teairra. I was wrong. I was wrong for not considering how she would feel when I didn’t talk to her for months after her attempts at reaching out. I was wrong for publicly embarrassing her and her husband at the Gala. I’m so sorry Teairra. The rewatch really made me feel shame.

The camera pans to Teairra who is shaking her head as Devyn continues…

Devyn: As far as Billie, I thought we were repairing things at that time, and Billie just couldn’t help stabbing me in the back. It is ancient history now, but I was so damn hurt.

Erica lets out a chuckle…

Devyn: Oh I’ll deal with you shortly, Elmo.

Andy: Okay, now Billie and Teairra, what would your responses be to Devyn?

Grace: The doctor is wrong a lot this season! Grace laughs.

Teairra: I just feel like Devyn does this a lot, she acts like she cares about somebody’s situation if she’s friends with them but once you fall out at the slightest convenience, she’s throwing it in your face. She’s done it with Grace, Billie, Erica…I mean… Teairra looks around the group. Who’s really off limits? She’s not the girl’s girl that she tries to make herself out as.

Amal: I don’t think that’s fair Teairra. You supposedly abandoned your best friend, Harlow. You two were slamming tables and hurling accusations at each other and from my vantage point, that was over a slight inconvenience.

Devyn: I haven’t displayed characteristics of a girl’s girl. So, I would agree Teairra. I’ve also been the first one to level an apology at this reunion.

Teairra: Well, isn’t that hypocritical, Amal? You’re literally doing that to grace right now and that was your best friend. Teairra puts her hand up to Amal. Save it hun.

Devyn: You are mad at me for doing to you what Harlow claims you did to her.

Teairra: Girl, it’s not the same situation.

Erica: Girl, are you listening this time around? No one cares about your apologies because they’re disingenuous. You apologize, attack, apologize, attack.

Billie: I think Devyn and I go down this road at least every season we are on together. But when the cameras are down, we are at each other’s houses and constantly in communication with one another. So, I say she can say some of the most vile things to me but we somehow always manage to come back together. I came here today not really knowing what I was going to get with you Devyn. So where are we today?

Amal: No, I’m not doing that to Grace because Grace and I didn’t fall out over a few unanswered text messages. She betrayed me, my family, my honor, and my dynasty.

Erica: It’s a repeated cycle and everyone sees through the bullshit. Like spare me. Amal, you sat here and attacked Grace and I because you wasn’t on last season of Legends. Let’s get real here. I’m tired of this victim shit when y’all both have done things to each other.

Devyn: Billie and I are great. It’s been so rewarding to get to be by your side in this season. We’ve re-built trust and I’m so grateful for you and Amal.

Grace: Amal is a top tier victim.

Erica: Grace isn’t a saint, and neither are you, like you get a new face and you think you the Virgin Mary in this bitch. Erica flips her bob.

Amal: Grace, the only victim in this room is that puss of yours. Murdered on the daily by that ten-inch pee pee.

Teairra: Amal, you literally went on a Grace hate campaign and you still are. It’s tired like let it go, you can’t tell me what I can’t be mad at! I get Devyn is your friend, but I really don’t give a fuck.

Amal: Exposing her truth isn’t a campaign, Teairra. What isn’t sinking in that thick skull of yours? You moronic birdbrained bitch.

Billie: I mean do you see Grace’s behavior, Teairra?

Teairra: Bitch, you look obsessed, what isn’t sinking into YOUR brain? Grace doesn’t fuck with you get over it nobody cares about the sob story.

Andy: Okay, back to the topic at hand, in the Poconos, Teairra, where you shocked to hear what Devyn said about things with your husband? And later on, were you shocked they were true, at least in part?

Billie: I want to know why does Donte keep you in dark?

Teairra: I was shocked about her calling him a murderer…yes, but the whole firing situation wasn’t as deep as they tried to make it seem, I just didn’t like the way it was “exposed” people get fired all the time. She tried to embarrass me, and that’s the issue I really had.

Andy: Did you know he was fired when he was escorted from the gala?

Devyn: Devyn shakes her head no. She did not. He didn’t tell her.

Teairra: I didn’t know at all, but everyone else knew so I was actually embarrassed, it was just a very weird situation.

Grace: We don’t do fake and phony on this couch, Andy.

Erica: Well, I think Billie’s question is valid here, why does he keep you in the dark when it comes to important situations?

Teairra: But somebody who was supposed to be my friend waited to be in a public setting and do that, and she expects me to respect her?

Devyn: I was wrong for calling him a murderer, but I’m more wrong for embarrassing you at the Gala. I’m sorry.

Billie: Thank you, Devyn. I’m glad you saw that because I have to agree that was hard to watch you embarrass her like that in front of all of us.

Teairra: Uhm, I wouldn’t say he keeps me in the “dark” maybe he was also embarrassed to let me know but it’s not that serious he can get a new job… Teairra snaps. Just that quick.

Devyn: I shouldn’t have done that, fair enough, but why do you expect more from me than from your husband?

Amal: Teairra, do you place any blame on your husband for putting you in that situation? He clearly knew his employment had been terminated yet he still agreed to attend the event with you.

Billie: I don’t know how he’s going to keep getting jobs if he keeps losing them…

Teairra: I’m not blaming my husband for anything, I was personally invited, I wasn’t worried about anything else besides attending and having fun.

Andy: Alright, just two more quick questions as we close out this segment. Teairra, Devyn apologized, do you see a path forward for the two of you?

Grace: Teairra deserves better.

Teairra: Teairra lets out a sigh. I don’t think so, not at this moment at least, she apologized 85 times and still attacked me after that.

Devyn: I did apologize, and you accepted none of them.

Teairra: I don’t think I’m obligated to accept anything I don’t want to accept, I’m glad I didn’t because you apologized about the husband comment and then you did worse, so yeah.

Andy: And who here wants to head back to the Poconos?

Billie: I think I’ve seen all of the Poconos there was to see. Although, I think my mother would like it there.

Devyn: I don’t. That’s hell on earth.

Teairra: I would attend with my husband next time.

Amal: I actually had a great time in the Poconos. I would just ensure that there is sufficient food and alcohol the next time I visit.

Andy: Alright, we’ll leave it there. Thank you to the Poconos, let’s keep it moving.

Andy: While love may have been in the air for some, for a few of the Ladies of Twitter, there were romantic blues and secrets to be had, and boy did they come out. We’ve got a few packages to watch on this one, let’s start us out.

Footage plays as we see Amal tucking her son in and arguing with her husband, Tommy, before the scene shifts as we see the group questioning Amal about having an affair as the footage fades.

Andy: Amal, how are things going with you and Tommy now?

Devyn: Devyn rubs Amal’s hand. It’s ok honey.

Amal: Well, I have formally filed for divorce from Tommy. We are in communication as it relates to the wellbeing of our son, Jamie but I think him seeing me move on with Jordan has had a real impact on our relationship. I’m just hopeful we can continue to coparent.

Andy: How is your son and how often does he see his dad?

Amal: Right now, Jamie spends half of his time with Tommy and half of his time with me. He seems to be unaffected by the divorce. He has made some comments about wanting his mummy and daddy to love each other… Amal pauses and starts to tear up. You know that… that really gets me.

The camera pans to Erica who is crying as Amal speaks…

Billie: Billie grabs a tissue and blots her eyes. Damn, this is hard to hear.

Andy: That must be difficult. We’ll get into the affair allegations in a bit, but tell me about how long you’ve seen Jordan and how is that going now?

Amal: Amal dabs tears in the corner of my eye and lets out an awkward laugh. Jordan and I have been together for about 10 or 11 months now. It’s kind of hot and cold right now. My main priority is my child and Jordan doesn’t really understand that. So, it’s kind of a day-by-day thing.

Grace: It’s all smoke and mirrors. She was with her new guy way before she says, Andy. Let’s talk the truth.

Amal: For me Andy, I’d never do anything to harm or jeopardize my child. That’s the type of mother I AM.

Andy: Have the Ladies been supportive?

Amal: Absolutely. Erica, Billie, and Devyn have been there for me nonstop. Teairra has reached out to see how I am and I’m very appreciative of that. Despite what we get into here… Amal gestures to the room. We’re all women who are just trying to survive the ebbs and flows of life. We’re capable of seeing the trees through the forest and for that I’m so grateful.

Grace: Grace rolls her eyes. Give her an Oscar, Andy.

Billie: I would say most of us are gracious in this room. Some of us could learn how to show others GRACE.

Andy: Okay, thank you for sharing your journey Amal, we’re gonna move to our next package in this set, let’s watch.

Footage plays as we see Devyn hustling for work, and revealing her big promotion as chief of staff, with a big gala in her honor, before the footage shifts and we see Devyn crying as she reveals that she had an affair many years ago, and it’s about to be weaponized against her as the package ends.

Devyn: Oh my.

Teairra: Affairs run deep in that duo I see…

Andy: Devyn, how is the new gig going?

Devyn: The job is great Andy. I love being at the hospital everyday, and to shape positive patient experiences. We’re expanding our emergency room care to include a trauma center which I’m proud of.

Andy: It’s a big honor to get that job, I’m sure. Does it take up a lot of your time?

Devyn: It does Andy. I’m as present as I can be as a working mother and head of household. I will always be home for bedtime, and school functions. That’s for sure.

Grace: Grace turns to Teairra. Everyone over there gets the flowery segments, but not us.

Devyn: There’s nothing flowery about this affair that I have to discuss.

Billie: I will say no matter how busy you are Dev, I can appreciate how you still show up to your kids’ school functions. And I’m thankful you invite me. And there was nothing flowery about my DUI and sexual harassment lawsuit. Just an FYI…

Devyn: I’m so thankful that you’re the best co-parent ever Billie.

Andy: Now, as the season progressed, we say you spend less and less time with the Ladies, was that a result of the new gig? What do you say to the Ladies who say you weren’t present here this year like they were?

Grace: She just couldn’t turn up for this job, Andy.

Devyn: It was because of the new gig Andy. I also lost my mother and spent considerable time in Jamaica taking care of her affairs. I’ve found balance now which is so good for me.

Amal: We’re going to be until March of 2025 if you keep up with this, Grace.

Andy: Got it. Now talk to me about the affair you had that was revealed in the finale. Has your marriage and job been impacted?

Devyn: In medical school I had an affair with the Dean of Medicine. The affair lasted 2 years. His wife found out 8 months in and was content letting him keep me if he chose not to divorce her. If he did file for divorce, she would out the affair, I would be kicked out of school, and he would be fired.

The camera pans to Grace as she rolls her eyes…

Devyn: Devyn tears up. He was the great love of my life. My soulmate. And before the questions are asked. Yes, my degree is real. No, he never taught me a class, and yes I was under review by the medical board and the case was closed last month. I still love Harvey very much unfortunately. He retired last year and is dealing with the unfortunate diagnosis of ALS. His wife and I have made peace. His kids not so much, but I understand.

The camera pans around the stunned group…

Devyn: My kids are still quite young to understand, but my husband is doing the best he can I guess. Devyn rolls her eyes. My oldest Marcus has been my rock along with Amal and Billie. I appreciate you both.

Erica: Erica mumbles. That came out the sky chile… Erica adjusts her dress. She wanted to save that bird hunny.

Andy: Oh okay…so are you in love with this man or your husband?

Devyn: I would say it has affected every part of my life marriage and career, not the hospital board has been supportive and the review by the medical board is closed. I’m moving forward.

Billie: I think Andy asks a very valid question, Dev. Where does your marriage go from here?

Devyn: I’ll forever be in love with Harvey. The love is different for Corey. I love them both in different ways. Corey and I are in therapy and taking it one day at a time.

Erica: That’s what happens when you rush into marriage for a storyline.

Teairra: You’re 52, are you ever just going to settle down with one person?

Devyn: I’m not 52, but I would hope so. I’m a hopeless romantic and I hope for forever love.

Grace: She can’t ever make her mind up, and always makes excuses for not turning up to work.

Devyn: My mother died. I’m sorry that was an inconvenience for you.

Andy: That’s certainly a lot to deal with. Devyn, thank you for sharing all that. Let’s watch our last segment in this package Ladies, and I have a few more questions on the other side.

Footage plays as we see Erica with her mother-in-law as she reveals that she and her husband are separated, before footage plays of Erica discovering the headlines about her husband and his mistress as the package ends.

Andy: Erica, what is the status of your divorce from Robert now?

Erica: We’re officially separated. We’re moving forward with the divorce and we’re only communicating via our lawyers, so yeah. Erica shrugs.

Andy: Does he see Chance at all? I know he hasn’t seen him in a while during filming.

Devyn: Imagine talking about my marriage while dealing with your own marriage issues.

Billie: Robert is such a POS. I hope Erica takes him to the bank and clears him out.

Erica: The only time he’s seen his son was at his mother’s Christmas Party. Other than that? Radio Silence.

Grace: You deserve much better than that Erica. I hope you find happiness away from him.

Amal: He’s despicable! And I can’t believe that some of these girls would entertain Robert’s mistress. For me, that’s probably the worst of it all

Andy: How are things with you and his mother?

Erica: We’re actually in a great spot. She’s very supportive within me working, being on this show and just being a mom to her grandchild. Although, she still oversteps… she’s really been a great help and I love that my son can still be connected to that side of his family.

Andy: We’ll be getting into the mistress more at the end of the night. As we wrap up this segment, Erica, do you have any dating or romantic plans on the horizon? Or focused on your business and your baby?

Erica: Honey, Erica has been dating. I’m not taking anything serious. My sole focus is on my son at the moment and being the best mom I can be. Erica shakes her bob. I’m bad like, He missing out.

Billie: Erica, we need to get you on some dating sites! They are fun. Billie laughs.

Amal: Have you thought about joining this application called Grindr? I hear it’s a lot of fun!

Andy: Andy laughs. We love to see it. Nothing like getting even to get revenge. Thanks for sharing your authentic life with us, Erica. Let’s transition to our next package.

Andy: When Erica decided to take the girls down to warm and sunny Rio, all the Ladies couldn’t wait for some sun and fun. But things quickly took a dark turn; that left all the Ladies screaming or speechless. Let’s take a look.

Footage plays of sunny Rio, with the Ladies drinking and dancing, and then the scene shifts as we see Amal and Grace yelling at each other at the first dinner and Amal throwing her wine at Grace after Grace mentions her alleged affair. We then watch as Erica asks Kaylani about Amal’s boyfriend Jordan, and Kaylani saying that she slept with both Jordan and Amal as Amal flies into a rage and the package ends.

Andy: Erica, starting with you, did Rio live up to the trip you wanted it to be?

Erica: Uhmm… Absolutely not. I thought at-least we could have some moments where it could be fine but the group was pretty fine,tured at that point and it derailed the entire trip. We didn’t even have any drunk group moments. Erica laughs.

Billie: I was pissed that we didn’t get to experience Rio like I did back in the 80’s! The carnivals, the dancers, the drunk people. I felt like we got the rated G version of Rio!

Andy: Diving into the drama, Grace, what made you share about Amal having an affair and do you still feel it’s true?

Grace: I shared it because of Amal’s holier than thou attitude. And it’s the truth Andy, she met him when we were still friends.

Teairra: Was it not the truth though, that’s who she’s seeing right now, right?

Devyn: Amal doesn’t have to defend her relationship.

Grace: Oh, but I have to, that makes sense.

Amal: Did we meet prior to my separation? Absolutely. I’ve never denied that, however, it was a platonic relationship. I know Grace busts her legs wide open for anything with a pulse but I’m not that kind of person. When I’m committed to someone, I’m committed.

Devyn: Fuck who you wanna fuck. We don’t care.

Grace: Lies again. And exactly, I can have sex with whoever I want!

Billie: Grace, you slept with a pornstar the first night you met him. Give me a break. Who cares who’s fucking who?

Grace: You don’t know shit Billie, shut up. This is all because Amal claims she didn’t have an affair and she did.

Andy: Who here thinks Amal was with Jordan before her separation? By show of hands.

Teairra: Teairra raises her hand. I have to be real.

Grace: Grace raises both hands. I’m voting for Harlow too.

Devyn: And if she did, who cares? For what it’s worth I believe you Amal.

Amal: I don’t really care what Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Cunt think about my sexual activities. That’s my personal business.

Teairra: Andy, the times aren’t adding up, she moved on that quickly and expect it not to be questionable?

Grace: But it’s okay for you to be all up on my business. Where’s the moral high ground now you dumb fuck? Such a liar, I just can’t take it.

Amal: Amal lets out a deep sigh. Would it make you happy if I said I was fucking him whilst still married to my husband?

Grace: Tell the truth. You had an affair with him. And now you’re with him!

Amal: There was no affair GRACE!

Billie: Who really cares at this point? I know I don’t. It’s no skin off my back who she’s fucking. Billie laughs. Just like I didn’t really care grace is fucking a pornstar. Who CARES?

Amal: Was there an attraction? Absolutely. Was it a little more playful than it should’ve been? Absolutely. Was it inappropriate at times? Absolutely but there was never anything sexual. It was an emotional connection.

Andy: Okay, okay, we aren’t going to see eye to eye on this one. So, the other big scandal involving Amal on the trip…Amal, what would you like to say about your alleged tryst and Jordan’s alleged tryst with Kaylani?

Grace: Are we not getting me an apology for throwing wine in my face Andy? Is that on your cards? Or are we skipping that too?

Erica: I’ve been waiting for this. Erica snaps at Kaylani. Wake up hun, you’re up.

Amal: Kaylani is a known and glorified liar. She has lied about each and every person sitting on this stage. She’s a liar from the pits of hell and the truth isn’t in her. That’s what I have to say about Kaylani’s accusations.

Andy: Well…she apologized on the show. It isn’t like we are going to make peace here, but what would you like me to ask her about the wine toss, Grace?

Amal: I did apologize. I wasted a lovely glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and it was unbecoming of me.

Grace: Grace looks at Andy. Whatever, it’s fine, carry on. Grace turns to Teairra. It’s funny that if I did that to them, I’m sure we’d have a whole segment on it.

Billie: Never do that again Amal. It is too expensive to waste like that.

Andy: Does Jordan deny sleeping with Kaylani, Amal? And what do Teairra and Erica have to say about what they’ve seen and heard.

Amal: Jordan says he’s never been inside her.

Billie: Not even his fingers or tongue?

Teairra: I mean, he definitely has had relations to Kaylani, men lie all the time.

Amal: I also find it funny that Kaylani had been around us for months and not once mentioned that she and I had supposedly slept together. I find that interesting to say the least

Erica: Well Kaylani told Teairra and I that she originally slept with Jordan. This sister wives, swinger allegations came out of left field.

Andy: Does anyone here believe that Amal slept with Kaylani? By show of hands.

Amal: Teairra, I would tread very carefully if I were you.

Teairra: Teairra raises her hand. Maybe she’s embarrassed, but she’s a freaky lady, I don’t put it past her. I don’t tread lightly with NO bitch, so.

Kaylani: She definitely did, I have no reason to lie on national TV especially about that.

Amal: Just remember Teairra, Grace isn’t always going to be here to protect you.

Grace: Oh, I feel threatened!

Teairra: Grace doesn’t need to protect me, I can protect myself sweetie.

Amal: No one is threatening you Grace. I’m threatening Teairra.

Andy: Kaylani! So, you still stand by that Jordan and Amal slept with you in Vegas?

Kaylani: Yes, it’s very true, at first it was Jordan then he asked if Amal can join there’s receipts to prove that I don’t know why 7 faces is lying on national television.

Amal: I have just one question…

Kaylani: And I have an answer hun.

Erica: Not 7 faces hunny.

Devyn: Being put between Amal and Kaylani is an occupational hazard.

Amal: The invoice you presented during our final dinner. Do you know that the address on the invoice does not relate to any Marriot Hotel in the world? Care to explain?

Devyn: I still can’t get over the allegation you would be staying at the Courtyard myself. Devyn laughs.

Kaylani: It definitely does babe, can you show proof that it doesn’t that’s my own establishment? Why lie on you or my business at that? I care more about my business than anything you have going on.

Amal: Babe, google the address.

Kaylani: And if you were wondering why I never brought it up, it’s because the tea was brought up and all I did was serve it, which was the truth.

Andy: Alright, one more question to you both as we round out this segment…Amal and Kaylani, do you see any chance for a friendship in the future?

Kaylani: If Amal can be real unlike everything on her body then yes.

Amal shakes her head no in disgust as Andy quickly announces that the reunion will be right back…

Andy: With the Ladies back in Twitter, there were big celebrations and big confrontations were still to be had for the Ladies. However, only a genie could have predicted how some of these friendships would be left at season’s end. Let’s take a look.

Footage plays as we see Teairra’s single release party as we see the confrontation between Erica and Angie, as Erica is shocked to see her after last year’s issues. We then watch Grace’s champagne launch as the ladies stand chatting when Erica’s husband’s mistress arrives and greets the Ladies, discussing she and Erica’s relationship, before the footage shows Erica arguing with Teairra, Grace, Kaylani; and Harlow for speaking with the mistress before Billie kicks the four out of her house and the package and season conclude.

Andy: Teairra and Erica, starting with you both, what happened with Angie that triggered such reaction in Erica at the single release?

Erica: I don’t understand why Teairra would have me around someone who told me the rumors about her husband and also told her I was an escort. I was put in a rather uncomfortable situation by someone who I took up for this whole year. I don’t need that near me.

Teairra: I could see where Erica is coming from, but that night was about ME! And Angie is still a dear friend to me regardless of all the things I’ve went through with her as well, I feel like erica made it about her.

Erica: I still supported your song right? You still got up there and sung some screeching notes, correct? If I made it about me, I would have made an entire scene, but I didn’t. I was just confused by your newly rekindled friendship and the fact that you didn’t give me any warnings about her.

Devyn: Erica could have just left if she was so bothered.

Erica: And you could just shut up like you did for half the season.

Devyn: Sometimes it’s better to not say anything than to make yourself look like a fool.

Teairra: Nothing was screeching hun, don’t downplay my performance. I felt that way and I still feel that way.

Andy: Have you seen Angie since Erica?

Erica: Absolutely not. She followed me on Instagram and left a DM but that’s about it.

Andy: Well, let’s bring her out.

Teairra: Teairra looks shocked. Excuse me?

Erica: Bring her out.

Andy: Kidding. Andy laughs. But you two had been good all season, was this a moment that fully set back your relationship?

Billie: I hated seeing the fun girl trio break up. I want you two to make up! You guys are better friends than enemies.

Grace: There’s a lot of feelings there.

Erica: It was really a slap to the face. I took up for Teairra this whole year when Devyn set out to humiliate her and she couldn’t even give me a heads up about that one little thing?

Teairra: I saw no ill will with it, didn’t even think she would notice that Angie was there it was so many people there, but I will admit, I was wrong for not giving a warning even if I didn’t think it would blow further out of proportion.

Devyn: It’s good that Teairra can forgive Erica calling her husband a murderer for a year. Surely a little dust up about a mistress isn’t going to break that bond.

Andy: Moving to the other big topic of the finale…Erica, what was it like seeing the girls chat with Robert’s mistress?

Billie: Disgusting. Honestly none of you are Erica’s friends.

Teairra: And you are? You opened your mouth about her situation as well.

Erica: I was kind of taken back. These are supposed to be my sisters, my friends and to see each one of them actually entertain her and her nonsense, it really hurt me.

Billie: Mine wasn’t with malicious intent. What was yours talking with a known mistress?

Grace: Everyone spoke with her one way or the other.

Erica: Erica jumps back. What is that supposed to mean?

Grace: There was no ill intent there from me whatsoever.

Devyn: We’re supposed to be your sisters? That’s news to half of us.

Erica: Devyn, what is your issue? We ended the season off actually cordial. I know the reunions are used to redeem yourself from your lackluster performances during the show but I won’t be entertaining it moving forward.

Devyn: I don’t have a problem with you Erica, but you came into this reunion being shady and less than supportive. So, I don’t want to hear it.

Teairra: I don’t recall speaking with her, did I?

Grace: But you kind of let everyone else speak on that for me Erica, which was disappointing.

Andy: Do you feel the girls should’ve shut her down, Erica?

Grace: You guys put a mic on her, we didn’t.

Erica: I wanted them to, absolutely. I took up for a lot of these girls this year. Especially Teairra and Harlow. So why couldn’t they do the same for me? I was in a very good place with Grace, why was she at Grace’s event.

Kaylani: And if I was talking to her it was for information purposes, not to hurt Erica.

Erica: Like what? We were going to bring her to Billie’s dinner next?

Grace: Like I said, everyone was invited to my event Erica. She was a former client, I don’t know what else to say on that, other than I’m sorry. I wish you hadn’t booked your event the same day as mine, but I thank god you did so you didn’t get to be in that position.

Billie: A friend’s ex-husband’s mistress would never be invited to an event of mine.

Andy: Three more questions as we round out this segment! Erica, it seems like Grace is apologetic, do you see a path forward for the two of you?

Erica: I think right now, space is needed between me and the people on this couch. I don’t hate them, I don’t wish anything ill on them but as of right now, I’m good.

Teairra: The event situation was also a little rip in our friendship, I tried to make it to both, it was just a lot going on.

Grace: That’s fair. I wanted more from you too this season, so I think that’s for the best.

Andy: Now, on the things she said, what can you tell us about her son with Robert? Do you all have play dates and the like? If so, why were you so upset when the affair came out?

Erica: Let’s make things very clear. She was introduced to me as a family friend. Nothing more, nothing less. The son she has I never was “his son.” When I said he was playing house with her and not seeing his own child, I wasn’t aware of the situation. If that is his son, good for her for finally getting him to acknowledge that. My son doesn’t see his father and he damn sure won’t be anywhere near that wench.

Devyn: That’s a very mature response. I respect it.

Andy: As we wrap, the season ended with Billie kicking out of her house Kaylani, Teairra, Harlow, and Grace. So, my last question is for you all. With the group so divided, where do you all go from here?

Erica: I honestly don’t know. This season has been a very fractured point within the group, and I don’t know how we recover from this. Erica shrugs.

Kaylani: I expected better from Billie, honestly, I would never kick her out of my house.

Devyn: I’m not sure how we come back from where things are today.

Teairra: I was actually very shocked being kicked out of Billie’s home, because I thought we at least had a mutual understanding, but I get it, she’s closer to Erica so in that moment she had to pick someone closer to her.

Grace: I think it’s been a rough ride for this group and to be honest, I don’t see some of it being fixed. Things have been said and things have been done, it’s all about if you can look yourself in the r mirror at the end of the day and be happy with what you see.

Teairra: But she knew Kaylani longer than Erica and she was kicked out so …

Billie: Kaylani was riding for the wrong team is what ultimately got her out of my house. I think this group can move on if some dead weight is removed. There are some ladies here holding the group back and I think it’s time we say our goodbyes to them. There’s a chance of reconciliation in this group but some are too bitter to move on.

Grace: I’d like to apologize for telling Billie to rot in hell and that I don’t wish anyone well Andy, because I do wish them all well in their endeavors and their lives, some of us just aren’t meant to be friends anymore and that’s life.

Devyn: Care to name names, Billie?

Billie: I think I’ve made it obvious today who falls in that category.

Erica: Erica fixes her dress. Whew, I think it should stay anonymous. We might be here for another two hours if that list drops.

Andy: Well, we will leave it there. Kaylani, thanks for joining us. We will be back in a moment with closing thoughts from the Ladies.

We watch as Kaylani stands from the couch and leaves the set, before the camera focuses back in on Andy…

Andy: And we are back with the closing thoughts from the lovely Ladies of Twitter. I’ll start off with you Erica, and I’ll be asking you each your high and low of this season. Erica?

Erica: A low this season, was actually taking the anger I had towards my husband and projecting that onto my cast members. It put me in a very rough and nasty spot and I never wanna go there again. A high this season, was actually getting to work on myself. I got to release so much anger and hurt and actually rediscover who Erica is and how she is as a single mom. Let’s just say Mookie was doing some healing hunny! Erica laughs.

Andy: Teairra?

Teairra: I think a high of this season for me would definitely be making music and having my single release party, down to the performances the venue…everything was just 10/10 that was such a good moment I would want to relive if I could, but a low for me would be the whole “firing” situation, the embarrassment was just… through the roof I don’t even know how to explain it, it gives me the ick every time it’s even mentioned.

Andy: Grace, what are your high and low?

Grace: My high was finally reaching the top of the mountain that is the mess Luci left me in and how I was able to push through such a terrible time. My low was truly just not seeing or feeling this group be a sisterhood it once was. Some are so fixated on being the top dog that it ruins the whole group and the season. I hope that the show can get back to being focused on empowering and less about exposing. I’m ready for what’s next!

Andy: Billie, lots that happened, what is your high and low?

Billie: I think my low this season was my lawsuit and the DUI and my high this season was also my lawsuit. It took me through a tumultuous ride but the ending of it was worth it all. I am coming out of this on the other side and ready to start this new chapter!

Andy: Amal?

Amal: I’d definitely say that my highs of the season was coming back into this group of girls and being in a much better place mentally and emotionally. I feel like the viewers were able to see the person they fell in love with back in season 13 and for me, that’s all I ever wanted. As for my lows, it was difficult seeing my relationship with Grace fall apart the way that it did. That was certainly tough to relive.

Andy: And last but not least, Devyn, what are your high and low of the season?

Devyn: This season definitely had its highs and lows for me. Starting a new job made it difficult to balance both of my careers. I regret not being more involved in the later part of the season, but I don’t regret getting in the gutter with some of these bitches. I truly meant my apology to Teairra. Only time will tell if she chooses to let bygones be bygones. I love being on better terms with Billie, and Amal has been my rock. I don’t have any issues with Erica, but I’m tired of the shady shit she says. I’m going to try my best to build with Grace. Today highlighted that I really don’t have enough issues with her to be at odds. Overall, this year has been tough as I had to have a reckoning with my own feelings about my husband, as Harvey came back into my life. I’m not sure my marriage survives, but I will fight for it. I love Corey, but he doesn’t make it easy. There’s a huge deal on the horizon for me, and I simply can’t wait for it to be signed, sealed and delivered. But for now, this doctor is tired, and ready to be off to Greece.

Andy: Thank you all for what has been a jaw-dropping season full of twists, turns, and drama. I’d also like to thank Kaylani Marriott, for joining us this season. Until next time, thank you all and goodnight.

As Andy finishes up, we watch the six Ladies getting up, with tension lingering and relief in the air as the reunion and the season come to an end.



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