Season 16, Episode 2: “Back to Square One”

Ladies of Twitter
44 min readDec 4, 2023


As the episode begins and the intro fades from the screen, we see shots of the sunrise as a new day begins in Twitter. We see a shot of Grace looking over paperwork in her office, followed by a shot of Harlow as she looks over pieces in her showroom. Just then, the camera transitions and we see a yoga studio on a crowded Twitter street. We see clips of Amal walking in with her gym bag as the scene begins…

Amal’s Confessional: After the mayhem that was Billie’s party, I decided to invite Kaylani and Teairra to my favorite yoga studio for a little debrief. They both seem like sweet girls, so I’m hoping we can get our sweat on and have a little Kiki all at the same time!

Just then, Kaylani is seen parking outside and making her way into the facility, greeting Amal with a hug…

Amal and Kaylani

Kaylani: I’m so excited you know one of my favorite hobbies is yoga and that’s how I keep this body right hunni! Kaylani laughs.

Amal: Hi gorg!! Look at you looking all cute! I just knew you’d be into this!

Just then, we watch as the camera transitions once more and we see Teairra making her way into the yoga studio…

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Yoga? I actually love yoga, but to be honest, I was a little surprised to see Amal invited me because we don’t know each other too well and had a little tension, but I’m never turning down a little chill day like why not?


Teairra: Hey, hey!

Amal: Amal turns to see Teairra walking in. Oh, hi lovey!!! Loving you in this red! Amal gives Teairra a kiss on the cheek.

Teairra: Thank you! Hey girls! I’ve never been here before. How we feeling girls?

Amal: It’s my favorite studio in Twitter. It’s all about getting zen and sweating out all the toxic energy. Something I know we all need after Billie’s party! Amal laughs.

Kaylani: Well girl, I’m feeling really drained honestly after that slight incident at the party the other night.

Teairra: Well, yes! That was all over the place… Teairra laughs. I’m still a little confused on when it went left.

Kaylani’s Confessional

Kaylani’s Confessional: I hope I can explain my side and why I reacted the way I did, I don’t want these girls to be on guard with me just cause of that incident.

Amal: I can imagine. Amal takes a sip from my water bottle. So, what actually happened? I was over chatting with Billie and the next thing I know you were calling Erica a two-dollar hoe and she was screaming that you’re a clown bitch or something. Had you met her before the party?

Teairra: Yeah, what was that about? You even told her you’ll bring the Compton out like woah; I won’t even lie, I wasn’t expecting that from you! Teairra laughs.

Kaylani: Well, no, I haven’t heard of her or seen her around; I mean she just popped out of nowhere like a jack in a box. I didn’t even know who an Erica was till last night like girl did you see those braids, she reminds me of Ursula the way she just got in my face. I think it went left when I was introducing myself and she made that slight comment like I’m trying to introduce myself and here she goes being passive aggressive

Amal: Oh okay…so she’s the one who starred it? Do you remember what she actually said or was there just a vibe she was giving off

The camera pans to Teairra as she nods along listening and makes a face…

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: I feel like Kaylani may be a really sweet girl, but the way she acted last night? It’s like a little reality check like maybe she’s just a little more sensitive and on edge than everybody else got it! Teairra does a check with her hands.

Kaylani: Yes, she was being passive aggressive and I wasn’t going for it. I’m over here introducing myself and here she go, and I’m not the type to back down, I guess she was intimidated I don’t know.

Teairra: Oh okay! Well, you’ll have to have some more tough skin in this group honey.

We then watch as the girls get down onto their mats and begin to do some yoga as they continue to chat…

Amal: Well, my only advice is, if I’m even qualified to give it, is that these girls are really cliquey. I think you should chat with her at some point and sort it out because the last thing we want to see is you getting iced out because of one bad night

Teairra: And they’re very, very shady! It’s like a natural thing though, you’re close with Billie and I love her, but she’s a shady girl too so I know you know. Teairra laughs.

Kaylani: I’m a girl from Compton who was raised by a single mother who was always working, and I married well and built something with my husband, I’m a black woman who owns 3,200 hotels and here she goes downplaying that.

Amal’s Confessional

Amal’s Confessional: This issue between Erica and Kaylani is pretty petty, so I think they can definitely move on, but hell who am I to give advice. Erica said all of 6 syllables to me at Billie’s party!

Teairra: All I remember was her saying something like… Teairra does air quotes. “Right…” when you were mentioning your businesses and whatnot, maybe it was just taken the wrong way? It was a little shady! But I don’t think anyone was expecting a blow up.

Amal: I was expecting a blow up but I thought I’d be on the receiving end of it! Amal laughs.

Kaylani: Yeah, but don’t you see how that can be shown as being passive aggressive?

Teairra: I get that, hopefully you two can come to some type of common ground next time you’re in the same place because honey… Teairra laughs. Maybe it was the alcohol, I don’t know

Kaylani: I’m a tough girl, but I WILL NOT back down! But if she can apologize to me on how she came at me, I’m willing to look it over for sure.

Teairra: Wait, wait. Teairra looks over at Amal. Speaking of apologies, how do you feel about the girls now that you’re back in Twitter? You did kinda you know, shade almost all the girls me included. Teairra laughs.

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: Me and Amal never met in person before besides maybe one time with the whole Erica and Devyn situation, but now that it’s all cleared up and out the way, i just want to see where her heads at because it’s been a long-time coming honey! She seems more clas- not classy, she’s calm right now I should say Amal: Amal laughs. Look, I definitely was on one last year, so I’ll take ownership for that. I said some really messed up things about almost all of the girls and I’m really sorry for that.

The camera pans to Teairra as she listens intently and dramatic music plays

Amal: You and I don’t really know each other and I shouldn’t have said anything about you. So, for that I am sorry. As for the rest of the women, I know I still need to sit down with Erica and Grace. Erica, I’m more inclined to fix things with because Grace… Amal shakes her head. Grace really broke my heart.

Teairra: And I accept your apology, I would like to apologize for all the things I’ve said about you as well because this is our first time being in the same room away from the others, but wait what happened with Grace? She broke your heart more than Erica?

Amal’s Confessional

Amal’s Confessional: The way Grace ambushed me last year at dinner was devastating to me. She knew that I had been going through hell with my legal case back in Dubai and she kind of piled on.

Amal: Grace and I were best friends. I had her back around these women for years. She came with me to an OBGYN appointment and held my hand whilst I waited for test results for my son. I was there for her when she was fighting with her daughter and searching for her sister. She knew that I was struggling mentally and emotionally last year and she turned on me like that. Amal snaps her fingers. Was I in the wrong for what I did to Erica? Absolutely but I was dealing with the case filed by my ex-husband whilst trying to navigate motherhood alone in Dubai. I needed her to give me the grace that I had given her for all those years and she just didn’t.

Teairra: Oh my god! I wouldn’t have ever guessed that, so have you two never really spoken since then? Or is it just a rocky situation and you don’t know where you guys stand yet?

Amal: She came up to me at Billie’s party with an attitude and I just wasn’t interested in talking to her at the time.

Amal: I know we need to sit down at some point, but if she doesn’t take any accountability for how she hurt me then all bets are off. I know where all the bodies are buried and I’m not afraid to expose them.

Kaylani: The Grace I met doesn’t seem that way, do you think you two can move pass this?

Teairra’s Confessional: I would’ve never guessed that Amal and Grace had beef this DEEP! For all I knew, it was Amal and Erica with the real beef because Grace and Amal have always been really tight, it just sorta shows that friendships get tested a lot within this group of ladies!

Teairra: Oh honey, the Grace you JUST met! Teairra laughs. Me and Grace are on good terms but she can be a little .. how do I put this? I’ll just say messy but she knows this!

Amal: Amal shakes her head. Look, I don’t know. The trust is gone, so I’m not sure. I’ve been very unhappy these past 2 years and I’m ready to be happy. I just don’t know if Grace is someone who makes me happy

Teairra: But you guys have known each other for a long time, is it worth throwing the whole friendship away?

Amal: That’s the big question. Honestly, we’ll have to wait and see

Amal’s Confessional: Grace and I need to sit down. My hopes aren’t high but if she’s friendly then I’m friendly. If she’s not, then boy will she see another side of me. Let’s play Miss Grace. Let’s play.

Teairra: Teairra drinks her water. Lord, it’s like bridges are always getting burned in Twitter. Is it bad luck here?

Amal: No bitch, it’s just Twitter. Amal laughs.

Kaylani: Looks like my bridges I’m building keeps crumbling, but I’m gonna try to rebuild especially with Billie. Kaylani laughs.

Amal: On that note girlies, should we get out of here? There’s a cute juice place down the street.

As the Ladies laugh and exit the yoga studio, the scene shifts and we see shots of a summer camp outside of Twitter. We see children running around, as they ready for their big showcase to round out their week at camp. We hear a fun, upbeat music as the camera focuses in and we see Devyn sitting in the audience with a program. The camera then pans out to the lobby, where we see Billie making her way in as the scene begins…

Billie’s Confessional: After my soirée the other night, Devyn sent me a text letting me know that King wanted me to come to his end of the camp showcase. I’ve always said I’ll be there for little man despite what me and his mother have going on. Those kids are like mine, so I appreciate Devyn sharing this with me.

Devyn, King (Devyn’s Son), and Billie

Billie: Billie walks into the auditorium. Hey Devyn! Billie takes a seat next to Devyn. This seems exciting!

Devyn: I’m so excited. So glad you came. How are you?

Billie: I wouldn’t miss it for the world! He sent me a letter and it just touched my heart. He was telling me how much he loved camp and how he wished I would come see him more!

Devyn: You can always come see him whenever you would like, Billie. You don’t have to wish you could see him more.

Devyn’s Confessional

Devyn’s Confessional: Billie will not make it seem like I am preventing him from seeing King and Mya. That’s on PERIOD!

Billie: He wished and I came to see him more Devyn. To be honest with you, I haven’t really been in the right mindset to be around kids or anyone lately. I have a lot going on, that I’m dealing with. Although I have to admit King always does a good job of taking my mind off things. He keeps me active! Billie laughs.

Devyn: What’s going on with you? If you want to share.

Billie: It’s just my stuff with the sexual harassment charges I’m filing against a major production company.

Devyn: I’m sorry Billie. I hate that you are going through this. Is there anything that I can do?

Billie: Honestly, I just need us back on a better path. Whatever that needs to look like. Slow and steady, I don’t care. I miss my friend and i just think our sisterhood is what I need again. We use to have a ball and laugh until we damn near pissed our pants.

Devyn: I miss you too Billie. I was really heartbroken about you believing I would sexually assault someone. You more than anyone should know that I would never. I just wanted your support. Devyn dabs tears from her eyes.

Billie: I was fighting a fight that wasn’t mine. I’m working on not being an overbearing friend. It seems to get me in trouble!

Devyn: I love you. So much. I just want your support. And I want to give you my support.

Billie: Well, let’s try and find a new path forward for us. Like I said I’m game for taking it slow and steady. This was the first step, for me. I just want to be able to eventually get back to where we were, but I know that takes time and action.

Devyn: You shouldn’t have to walk through this harassment thing alone. We can whoop his ass, girl. Devyn laughs.

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Look DEVYN, is always going to be a sister to me. Sisters fight, and pull each other hair, but they always come back. We both have shared some really great times together and have experienced some of the lowest of lows together. I’m hopeful that we can come back from this better than what we were before.

Billie: Billie sheds a few tears. Thank you, Devyn, thank you. I just need the support of my sister. That’s all I can ask of you. Plus, I owe you for keeping my other lawsuit under wraps.

Devyn: I agree sister. Slow and steady. The show is about to start. Let’s talk after.

Billie: Okay, I want to get your thoughts on the pool party. *turns and looks to stage*

The Ladies then quiet as the lights dim and the children begin coming out and performing. The scene then watches as King, Devyn’s son, gets out on stage and does his part to end the showcase with Billie and Devyn standing and applauding as it ends…

Devyn: Devyn stands and claps. YAY KING! Look at our boy BB.

Billie: THAT’S MY BABY!!! GOOO KING, you got them acting skills like AUNT BILLIE!!!

Devyn: Devyn cries. I’m so proud of him. Wish my HUSBAND was here. Right? You’ve taught him some things.

Billie: I wish he was here too, Dev! But I’m glad I could take his spot! Billie laughs. I really needed this!

Devyn: So glad that you’re here. Let’s sit and chat more. King has to do back stage stuff with his company. The ladies take their seats again as the audience disperses. About that D&G soirée. Girl who is your friend? She came in hotter than hell.

Devyn’s Confessional: I do want to move forward with Billie. We have to rebuild trust though. I hope I can trust him. I truly do.

Billie: The party was more chaotic than the name of my party! And Kaylani, I think I left the part out where she’s a firecracker. I was really shocked to see her kinda go for Erica so hard…

Devyn: Same. Didn’t she know Erica was your friend? Seems like she’s trying to take Erica’s place in your life.

Billie: Yes, she knew about all of you ladies. I think she might’ve watched the show and came on with an agenda. It seems like to me.

Devyn’s Confessional: Erica isn’t a battle for everyone. Kaylani might be up for the fight but I doubt it.

Billie: I just couldn’t get why her and Erica couldn’t connect. They both are in the hospitality world

Devyn: The difference is Erica doesn’t use her married last name for clout. She is an independent business woman in her own right. Hell, I didn’t realize she was married into THAT Dalio family until after we were friends. Kaylani seems to act like the prize is her last name. Just my opinion.

Billie: Billie laughs. Yeah, them Dalios might run laps around the Marriott family. But I think Kaylani may have came in there a bit too strong. I’ll have to talk to her because that behavior yesterday wasn’t the Kaylani I know. When I met her, she was fun, flirty and a bit feisty.

Billie: That’s what I’m afraid of. I don’t want her on island by herself and I’m the only one that still wants anything to do with her. I’ m going to hope it was the just the tequila being served and not who she actually is.

Devyn: Enough about her it’s almost time to go get King, but I wanted you to know that I’m up for the Head of Medicine position at Twitter General Hospital. I really want this job.

Billie: Oh my god, no way!! That’s huge Devyn, you’ve worked your whole career for a job like this! What does the process look like for being hired for it?

Devyn: I’ve done everything just waiting for the board to decide. Tons of interviews and vision planning girl. Devyn checks phone. That’s a text from the director. Let’s go back stage and get our star. Thanks for coming honey.

Billie: Billie hugs Devyn. Keep me posted. If you get the job, we will have to do something to celebrate! Okay let me go see my baby King!!!

Devyn: Let’s go.

The camera then watches as the two Ladies goes backstage to hug Devyn’s son as the scene begins to transition once more and we see a butterfly garden expo set up in the heart of Twitter. We hear soft music as we see butterflies flying about, before the camera focuses in on Grace as she sits watching when the scene begins…

Grace’s Confessional: After an eventful evening, I messaged Erica and Harlow to bring them together to see if they can hash out whatever issues they have. I mean, Devyn tried to ruin Erica’s life and she’s now friends with her again, so this should be a piece of cake. Grace laughs.

Just then the camera pans as Erica enters the tent…

Grace and Erica

Erica: Oh, this is so beautiful Gracie!

Grace: Hi gorgeous! Grace kisses Erica. Here, have some champagne.

Erica: Hi Love. Erica takes a glass. Nothing like sipping champs in a beautiful scenery!

We then watch as Harlow struts in, mesmerized by the butterflies…


Harlow: This is beautiful.

Harlow’s Confessional

Harlow’s Confessional: Grace invited Erica and me to a greenhouse. I am a bit hesitant seeing Erica after the events last year, but I have to be a big girl and be open-minded.

Harlow: Hi Grace! Hi Erica!

Grace: Hi hottie Harlow!

Erica: Erica sips her drink. Hi Harlow!

Grace: Now girls, sip your champagne we have a zoo keeper man who is going to bring us beautiful butterflies to look at whilst we eat and drink amazing food.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: I have no idea what we’re doing here, I got free tickets so I thought it would be cute!

Erica: So, we’re at a butterfly zoo?

Grace: Grace laughs. I have no idea. Maybe it’s a flower expo? I bought $3000 worth of flowers for my house before you got here that’s all I know.

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: I think Grace brought Harlow and I to one of the most peaceful settings that she could find so that we couldn’t potentially strangle each other. I mean I don’t think I can kill Harlow in front of these beautiful Butterflies… or maybe I can.

Grace: So girls, before I say what I want to say, how did we find the other night?

Erica: As much as I love Billie and I love to support her, I just felt so much negativity being around certain people. Especially the one chick, Kimberly.

Grace: I have to say I was surprised that she didn’t really help you out more. But I saw you and Devyn talk?

Erica: I don’t think she knew what was going on, she of course checked up on me after. And that was a pleasant surprise…

Erica: Erica laughs. But we agreed that a more in-depth conversation and some work is needed to even begin to repair that friendship of ours.

Grace: Wow, I really didn’t ever see you two coming back from where you were. We love some positive steps forward!

Harlow: This is such a nice place Grace.

Erica’s Confessional: Listen, the doctor was at the forefront of the assault against my husband last year and honestly I still hold some resentment; however, I have to take accountability of my part in that messy situation and I’m not worried about these girls. I’m worried about my marriage!

Grace: Which brings me to why I invited you both, I have a lot of love for you both, you know that, and well what better place to talk things out than a butterfly museum or whatever this is! Grace giggles and sips her drink.

Erica: I didn’t either. I’m hoping we can stay on this path. We were once very good friends.

The camera pans from Harlow to Erica and back as an awkward silence fills the air…

Grace: So c’mon girls, talk it out!

Erica: Erica looks at Harlow. Well, I would like my apology now. Erica laughs. No, I’m just kidding dear. I have to say I truly don’t remember how our issues started.

Harlow: Harlow crosses her legs. Well, last year I didn’t think I had to really apologize. You did say some extreme stuff and started to talk about my marriage as I was in the middle of a divorce, but I did say some foul stuff that I shouldn’t have said. So, I do extend my olive branch and say sorry, because I really do want to like you.

Erica: Ahh! Now I remember, last year I was truly just asking the burning questions. It was out there and all over the blogs and I just wanted to get to know you. I’d rather come to the source, you know. But I completely understand that my questions could have been a bit mean girlish especially since we didn’t really know each other.

Harlow: Harlow nods. And then I remember that first ever time we met at your party, you did give off a bad vibe towards me and really gave me a weird, mean girly attitude which set me off.

Grace: I think Erica, you were in a bad place and maybe didn’t give Erica a real chance? And Harlow, you were maybe more on the defense as you were going through a divorce?

Erica: A bad place? No, I was in good place. Very good actually, I was pregnant. but now I’m not because these girls threw out malicious lies on the paternity of my child. And if I can recall clearly, At Billie’s premiere party Harlow and I actually talked it out.

Grace: But Harlow didn’t do that. It was maybe misplaced anger?

Erica: Harlow repeated the information.

Harlow: I repeated it and I apologize. It’s something that I shouldn’t have said but I do think you said stuff in return that was below the belt.

Grace’s Confessional: Conversations with Erica before we came back to this group were that she was in a bad place, before the baby came. So, I’m confused what she is saying now as it’s not what she’s told me before

Grace: Should we maybe go for a fresh start?

Erica: Listen, I’m not actually here to rehash that because if I can accept an apology from the person who started that rumor, I can definitely accept yours and apologize for my wrongdoings as well. I would like to get to actually know the real Harlow!

Harlow: I’d like to know you as well because I hear so much good things about you that I don’t want to portray you as this bad person. Harlow extends her hand towards Erica. So, can we move on?

Grace: Hallelujah!!!

Erica’s Confessional: Becoming a mom has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. The petty and insignificant drama is just not worth it and I can agree I did give Harlow a hard time! Erica laughs. Not harder than her husband though hunny. Erica laughs. No, Harlow and I are good.

Erica: Erica shakes Harlow’s hand. Girl, we’re good. I promise I’m truly fun. I’m in this zen stage! And no, I won’t be using crystals to keep my sanity.

Grace: I have a crystal dildo you know, one of my girlfriends gave it to me for my birthday. It’s so cold! I can’t use it.

Harlow’s Confessional: I really appreciate Erica. I’m glad we can put things to an end. I’m sure we’re going to be good friends.

Erica: I like ’em hard Grace, but not that hard hunny. Erica giggles.

Grace’s Confessional: A producer asks about the crystal dildo. It’s like pink and pointy, which is weird because I’m not sticking that in my cookie, no thank you.

Harlow: How does a crystal dildo work? Harlow laughs.

Grace: So girls now we’re good, I need some advice…Amal seems to have returned to Twitter, and you know we have a lot of history. I wanted to know what you think about me asking her out to lunch to sort of just see what’s happening. She’s spoke a lot in the press about me and truly tried to ruin my friendship with you Erica, but I feel like I need to speak with her.

Harlow: I think it’s good you’re extending the olive branch. This year is full of new beginnings and you should use some inspiration with me and Erica.

Erica: Erica rolls her eyes. You ask me of all people? You know my answer!

Grace: I know and I hate to ask, but I’m stuck here. I can’t ice someone out if they’re back in the group, can I?

Harlow: Just try to hash things out with her, but if it doesn’t work give her hell.

Erica’s Confessional: Now, I know I said I was changing and in the spirit of zen but I’m not that Zen bitch. Ms. Piggy and her 5 neck rolls flopped her way all over Twitter running around with lies against me, my husband and even going as low to discuss my child. I have no energy for her and she needs to stay in Devyn’s shadow before I have to snatch the bitch up, swear.

Erica: Honestly, with me, the issues with Amal and I are at a point of no return. However, if you want to see what her motives are go ahead. You two were thick as thieves.

Grace: I think her and I can never be the same.

Erica: Then maybe that’s where you go from there? Get your answers and close that chapter in your life.

Grace’s Confessional: Amal and I were close, really close… and then she turned on me and tried to get me in trouble, it’s like a big betrayal!

Grace: Yeah, I guess you’re right Erica. Anyway enough of that, why don’t we take our champs and take the tour?

Erica: Erica looks at her glass. I need a refill but yes please lets. Erica stands up. Does these things poop on you?

Grace: I’m so happy what happened here today girls. I have a lot of love for you both!

Harlow: I’m so happy we can move on.

Erica: I’m happy we were able to move on as well, cheers to that hunny!

Harlow: It’s a new era. Harlow laughs. Cheers ladies to new beginnings!

As the Ladies head off on their butterfly tour, the camera focuses in on a butterfly, before we watch as the scene shifts to several days later. We see shots of a beautiful home that is almost complete, within a gorgeous gathering of trees, almost a forest but not quite. We see the summer sun shining down, as Grace exits her car holding building plans as the scene begins…


Grace: Oh my, it’s so hot, wow! Grace walks into her new home. Wow Ron this place looks absolutely immaculate!

Ron (Grace’s Builder): Yep, only the best for you. Ron chuckles. We’re officially handing you the keys today!

Grace jumps in excitement and kisses Ron on the lips, who looks uncomfortable…

Grace: Wow, what a moment!! Where’s the champagne?! Fireball maybe?

Ron grunts softly and laughs and reveals a bottle of Fireball…

Ron: I got you, it’s a long time coming!

Grace’s Confessional: It’s an exciting chapter for me! I’ve had amazing success in my business, I’ve wrote a book which made the New York Times best sellers list and I’ve been building my dream home. A sanctuary away from the hustle of the city. Life’s been pretty good, except from the mess Luci left me in. But that’s a whole other confessional.

Grace: Did you get that toilet changed I asked for?

Ron: Yes! Of course!

Grace: Okay perfect, this is truly amazing thank you so much I love it. Wow.

Grace’s daughter then enters holding a bottle of champagne…

Amy (Grace’s Daughter)

Amy: Wow, it’s almost there! This is stunning. Oh, look you got the dresser I told you about!

Grace: Hi darling. Grace kisses Amy. Welcome! Isn’t it fabulous! Ron, I love you, I’m gonna go talk to Amy!

Amy and Grace sit down at the kitchen counter as Ron leaves the house…

Amy: So, what’s up mother, I haven’t seen you in a bit!

Grace: I know, it’s been pretty hectic here, like the book tour, the house, the show and the podcast I’ve got coming now

Amy makes a face and laughs…

Amy: Yeah, I’m still not very happy about that to be honest, it was a very difficult situation for us. I’m not really happy I’m not involved now to be honest after it was my idea.

Grace: Well, like I told you, business is business and this is nothing to do with you not being able to be a part of it, they offered you a deal and you didn’t like it. You chose not to be a part.

Amy: Yeah, but mom you’re supposed to be my business partner yes, but a mother first. And you didn’t have my back.

Grace’s Confessional: Look, they came to us yes and we negotiated, Amy wanted more than I did, it’s more of a collaboration than an owner thing for me, I don’t have the time to curate it all. So, I went ahead without her yes… Grace pauses. It’s just business.

Amy and Grace sit in silence for a moment…

Grace: You know I love you, I got you babe okay. You’re CEO! Let’s move on anyway

Amy: So, have you seen the girls? Who’s around now anyway? You know I heard from one of your old friends…

Grace: Oh god not Luci? How? She’s jailed? Grace laughs, looking confused. I’m good with everyone to be honest, even Billie. We’ve been out for dinners and texting a lot. Who? Kathy?

Amy: Nope, Amal. She wanted to take me out for lunch for some reason, weird. Like I don’t know her that well and she wants to go for lunch, we know why don’t we.

Grace: Yeah well, leave that alone that’s all I’ll say. She’s not happy with me, like at all.

Grace’s Confessional: Grace rolls her eyes. Why do we need to talk about Amal? Listen, it wasn’t my finest hour last season, with the whole Erica situation. I apologized and I told the truth, granted I haven’t before but I realized she was mad she was off the show and then chose to use me to get to Erica for some reason. Now she’s after me, because believe me I know a LOT about Amal Hadid, and she hates it.

Grace: Well, she got her wish and she’s back and she’s making money, good for her. I just want no part in her escapades.

Amy: Well, new house, new start for you!

Grace: Yes!! but can the same be said about the other girls?

As the scene fades out, we hear dramatic music as we see Amal making her way into a restaurant and to the hostess, before she is lead to a table where Grace is seating with a glass of wine. We see Amal take a seat across from Grace as they both make fake smiles at one another and the scene begins…

Amal’s Confessional: I was surprised when I got a text from Grace for a lunch invite. I really don’t know what to expect. I know I did a lot of wrong last year but I felt like my best friend kicked me whilst I was down. I don’t know if there is a path forward at this point

Grace and Amal

Amal: So…Hi! This place is cute. A nice breeze from the beach.

Grace: Hi, you look so different wow, but beautiful, of course!

Amal: Amal laughs. I know! A lot of changes. Still the same girl underneath it all though.

Grace: Well, we hope so.

Amal: Anyway, how are you? I was surprised to get your text… Amal takes her sunglasses off.

Grace: I’m actually doing okay, a few things considering. Business is good, I have my own podcast now, it’s all going well. You? You’re obviously back in town. When did you move back?

Amal: Oh yes, I saw. It’s something about god? Godless Gracious? Something like that? I’ve been back for a few months now. The case against me in Dubai was finally dropped and so I moved back with my son. Plus, I wanted Chris Stonewood to do my work, so yeah. Amal laughs.

Grace: Goodness Gracious. Well, that’s good news. So, I mean, I didn’t think we’d be here but I’d like to open the floor to you to kind of explain your side. To see if I’m missing anything…

Amal: Well, thank you. I thought that you inviting me here meant there was something you wanted to say to me but I’m more than happy to go first. Amal adjusts herself in the seat. Look, I know I did a lot of harm last year. I know that. I see that now.

The camera pans to Grace who nods in agreement as she listens…

Amal: I was completely wrong for spreading the rumor about Erica. I repeated something I heard and that was wrong. I also wasn’t in a great place in my life. I really haven’t been since Jamie was born. Think about it Grace, a mere few days after giving birth, I am charged with a crime in a foreign country by my ex-husband. So yeah, I kind of went off the deep end a little bit but you’re supposed to be my friend. You’re supposed to stick up for me and have my back LIKE I HAVE FOR YEARS. Amal takes a deep breath and fans herself.

Amal’s Confessional: Wow. I don’t know where the hell that came from. Clearly, I’m madder at Grace then I thought I was and she’s now finding out

Grace: Okay first of all do not raise your voice to me. I invited you here to sort things out, I don’t need to be shouted at. Second of all, you chose to do what you did last year and involve me, make me out to be this evil gossiper who tries to just destroy friendships and relationships. I can’t even begin to tell you the hurt and trouble you caused that night. It’s disgusting!

Grace’s Confessional: Amal may have been going through a tough time, but you don’t go and throw your best friend under the bus over and over, throw her to the wolves and clear up your mess. I’m mad, like real mad.

Amal: Grace, let’s call a spade a spade right, they’re saying you’re a gossiper and a little shit because that’s all you’ve done to these women for 3 years and I stood by you and defended you!

Grace: That’s not true. You chose to do what you did to me, your so-called friend.

Amal’s Confessional: This woman seems to a strange relationship with the truth. Is she really going to sit in front of me and blame all of her problems with these girls on me? Love, have you watched the television show you’ve been filming for 3 seasons?

Grace: So what? You go back to Dubai and get a lobotomy? Forget who was there for you, brought you to this group, held your hand, wiped your tears. Don’t you dare come here and play victim and pretend it was because of your legal issue!

Amal: Okay yes! Did I make you look bad? Sure. I did. I take complete ownership of that Grace. I’m sorry but I’m telling you I wasn’t in my right frame of mind Grace. Amal tears up and pauses.

Grace: I’ve certainly had my fair share of mistakes and issues with the group, but I’ve owned it and tried to make it better. I don’t go and fuck my best friend over!

Grace’s Confessional: This is something that runs much deeper than last year. Amal has been doing a lot of things to hurt me, I’m not falling for these tears. Children do it when they want attention.

Grace: Okay, so what about what I’ve been told you’ve been doing with Luci? Talking shit about me, telling her it’s my fault the business we started together failed. I take it you think she’s innocent too?

Amal: Amal looks shocked. What I’ve been doing with Luci? What have I been doing with her?

Grace: People tell me things Amal, so stop with the dramatics.

Amal: She’s absolutely not innocent. She’s in jail Grace! She needs to serve time for what she’s done but do I think you had something to do with the failed business? I mean yes. Yes, I do. Coming out with a champagne business? Like seriously Gracie. I’ve never seen you drink champagne a day in your life.

Grace: I have a vineyard, what are you talking about?

Amal: It’s all a bunch of BS, Grace. Look, you and your vineyard, enjoy those bottles you keep in your garage because no one wants them.

Grace: No, what’s a bunch of BS is Amal Hadid!

Amal: I’m not sitting here saying I haven’t been talking badly about you. I have been talking badly about you, Grace.

Grace: You’re gonna come here and cry at me and tell me you did all you’ve been doing because of a legal case. Okay, great. Finally, she tells some truth. Why? What did I do to you for you to be so evil?

Amal: Look, we aren’t going to agree on this.

Grace: What’s your business anyway? What do you actually do? Grace laughs. And you’re gonna laugh at me, that’s comical.

Amal: You’re going to say I’m evil. I’m going to say you’re a bad friend.

Grace: I was nothing but an amazing friend to you. So, what happens now then? I’m so mad at you

Amal: Amal nods. Sure. It seems you really believe that you’ve done nothing wrong and you can believe that. I’m not going to sit here and go back and forth with you Grace because I can really go there with you if that’s what you want. What I want is for us to draw a line under this. I’m willing to apologize. I hope you can apologize as well and I want us to try and get back to where we once were. It’s crazy for me to think that you haven’t seen Jamie in a year. That’s crazy to me!

Grace: I apologize that I was a good friend to you and it wasn’t enough. I invited you here, don’t you think I want to clear the air? I just don’t know what I did to you. I’m seriously trying to understand what you’re saying.

Grace’s Confessional: Like explain it bitch, you turned on me and tried to get me in trouble? And I have to apologize to you?

Amal’s Confessional: There’s a real friendship here. Grace came with me to the doctor’s office when I was the size of a damn house and hasn’t seen my son in almost a year. I want to move forward with Grace. She’s very old and I would hate for her to die and us not be friends. Amal pauses then laughs. Damn, that was mean.

Amal: I felt that you weren’t a supportive friend of me last year. I felt that you knew I had to move home to focus on my legal case and you let these girls say horrible, horrible things about me. You didn’t defend me. Not once did you ever say to any of them that they were wrong and they really came at me Grace. All of them came at me. I had a problem with Erica. I said crazy shit about Erica and they all attacked me. You don’t get it and that’s fine. You don’t see why I’m upset and that’s alright

Grace: I hear you. I do, and I do apologize that you feel that way. I’m truly working on being a better friend in this group, I should have checked in more. I was upset with you though after what happened, so I may have chose not to talk to you when I should have voiced my concerns. So, I apologize too, I really do.

Amal: Amal takes a deep sigh. God, that was hard. Amal laughs and reaches across the table and grabs Grace’s hand. I don’t want to be around these women and feel like I can’t talk to you

Grace: Well. I’m here. Always have been

Amal: Okay! Okay…the last person I need to sit down with is Erica. What do you think? Do you think she’ll hear me out?

Grace: I don’t think so no, not right now. She’s not in a place to want to talk to you right now.

Amal: Amal nods. Fair enough. I get it. She needs more time.

As the two continue to chat, the camera pans out as we see the scene transition and upbeat music plays. There, we are transported to a party venue on Twitter’s beautiful coastline. We see shots of the DJ, followed by the partygoers, and then a full shot of the Save Our Oceans Silent Auction and Gala. We then watch as the Ladies begin to make their way in as the scene begins…

Teairra’s Confessional: I’m actually honored that we were invited to a charity event about the ocean, because for 1 — it’s pretty much worldwide at this point and 2 — I’m sure a lot of the ladies NEED to be educated on what goes on I mean if you don’t know…you know now! Think of it as a reality check!

We watch as Teairra, Kaylani, Amal, Erica, Billie, and Harlow make their way into the event, followed by clips of them mingling and greeting one another as light music plays…

Teairra, Kaylani, Billie, Amal, Erica, and Harlow

Erica’s Confessional: If I could escort anyone off the premises based on fashion, it would definitely be Kaylani. This is a charity event and she’s looking like the one who needs the charity the most. Erica shakes her head and looks down. Poor child, and I thought she was a Marriott?

Erica: So, are we ready to sign some checks B?

Billie: How are you after the other night Erica? I’m signing checks, and cashing them too! Billie laughs.

Erica: Eh… I think I’m good. You know no bitch can kick my spirits down. Erica laughs. What was that exactly? like your friend was acting like a lunatic.

Harlow: Teairra! Ahh! Love this look on you! Harlow hugs Teairra.

Amal: Amal laughs. Teairra, hi lovey! You look stunning

Teairra: Teairra hugs both. You both look gorgeous, how are you guys tonight?

Harlow: I see Miss Marriott is here looking like she’s going to a brunch or something. Harlow laughs.

Amal: I’m good. I’m good. I actually had lunch with Grace the other day.

The camera pans to the entrance as we see Devyn walking in and making her way to the group…


Devyn: This is giving knock off Little Mermaid premier.

Devyn’s Confessional: I was at the premier with Mya and Teairra. Some of these ladies could never.

Harlow: Oh yes! Gracie told me about that. How was it?

Amal: It actually went really well. It didn’t start out that way but we finally got there. I love Grace but she has a hard time taking accountability sometimes but by the end of the lunch she understood why I was upset and I of course understood why she was. I just want to leave last year in the past and move forward with everyone

Kaylani: It looks stunning in here. Kaylani walks over to Billie, walking past Erica. Hey darling, you look lovely. I’m loving the dress.

Billie: Hey Kaylani, I was just talking to Erica about the other night! Do you want to apologize how that all went down. Billie looks nervously around.

Kaylani: Cause she was in the wrong as well her slight reaction cause me to react so sure. do you think she would be a grown lady today?

Erica: Erica looks around. Apologize for what exactly?

Devyn: Devyn stands by Erica. I’m just here to be nosy. Don’t mind me.

Billie: Billie hands Devyn my drink. Here you go. You’ll need it. I just wanted Kaylani to apologize to Erica for overreacting.

Devyn: Billie baby, I am not your coffee table. Devyn drinks the drink. Time to get a new one.

Kaylani: Well, since you’re peeping in you definitely caused me to react by being passive aggressive when I was talking about my business and what me and my husband worked hard for so of course you need to apologize.

Erica: Peeping in? You and your size 15 heels stomped your way other to us, dear.

Kaylani: Wait a minute, Billie, what exactly do you mean overreacting?

Erica: You were overreacting. I didn’t even say anything to you that night. Teairra asked a question about your business and you went all hood rat

Devyn: Because it’s not her business. And that’s okay. Some of us earn money. Others marry into it.

Amal’s Confessional: We‘ve been at this charity event a whole… Amal looks at her wrist with no watch. Five minutes and these girls are already going at it. Amal shakes her head. Where’s the decorum? We’re here for the ocean people.

Billie: Kaylani, you literally made a molehill into a mountain at my soirée. Erica literally said to you that night that any friend of mine is a friend of hers. So, I don’t know how it got misconstrued that she was somehow shading your business.

Kaylani: Girl, well my size 15 heel cost more than your whole outfit today so just admit that you were jealous we can move on from there. I never hated on you like you did me so just apologize boo.

Harlow: Are they fighting over there? I thought this was a charity event!

Erica: Erica laughs. You’re just a bit deluded in the head and I can see that clearly now, my dear, but I’m not doing this at a charity event. Erica puts her hand up and walks away. Done.

Kaylani: Erica babe, you was being passive aggressive and making slight remarks about my business; of course I’m gonna react.

Kaylani’s Confessional: Yeah Miss Erica power walked away she knew to run those heels away from me. I see she’s still being the immature one and honey when it comes to that it’s best to walk away from low life trash

Erica’s Confessional: This is what I mean when I say Billie brings in strays, Billie’s plus 1 is acting a damn fool at this charity event. I know my girl loves ALL but please let’s leave the animals in their cages and clearly Kaylani belongs in a cage.

Billie: Billie shakes her head. What a disaster.

Amal: I’m going to go and check on the girls. Amal walks over to Kaylani, Erica, Devyn and Billie. Hi lovely ladies, how are we all doing on this fabulous night!

Erica: Erica smiles at Amal and walks away to the bar with Devyn. Not today hunny. How are you ma’am? You look amazing today.

Devyn: Thanks Eri. You look great too. Fairfield Inn has a lot of opinons.

Erica: Erica giggles a little and drinks. So, Dev how is everything? And how is everything with Billie?

Devyn: Not Ramada. Billie and I are okay. He came to King’s show over this week. We are trying to move forward, you know.

Erica: I love that. I know you two definitely have love for each other and I want y’all to work out. We were all so much fun together on Legends!

The camera pans back to Billie, Kaylani, and Amal…

Billie: Well, not great if you’ve been watching us. But I don’t think tonight’s the night to make for apologies.

Devyn’s Confessional: Listen 3-star Fairfield Inn is really opinionated for someone who met drunk Billie in Vegas. Why wasn’t she richly on a yacht in Bora Bora or something.

Amal: Amal watches Erica walk away then turns back to Billie and Kaylani. Stunning dress she has on. Really elegant.

Kaylani: How do y’all do with miss thing over there? She very thrifty to say the least

Amal: As you can see, she doesn’t really say much to me!

Kaylani: Well, the trash that come out of her mouth, I wouldn’t want to hear what she has to say look at her she’s a walking disaster

Amal: What do you think Billie?

Kaylani: Maybe we need to just pay that beast dust and party like Billie.

We then watch as the camera focuses in on Harlow and Teairra as they chat at the party…

Harlow: Well, Grace decided to be how she always is and invite Erica and me to a serene garden house. Me and Erica talked our differences and stuff between us that occurred in the past year and thankfully, we both extended our olive branches.

Teairra: Oh my God, that’s good me and her have yet to have an actual conversation, I’m not sure how it’s going to go, I mean it was cordial at Billie’s, but hm, I’m not sure with that one…

Harlow: I mean especially with your husband being vindicated, you should definitely try and extend your olive branch. I’ve noticed this year is full of resolutions.

Teairra’s Confessional: Erica and I have always had a rocky relationship, and our husbands are very close but me and her have been a bit distant with each other which is inevitable, I mean she crossed and burned a lot of bridges but I’m always open for resolution IF it gets there.

Teairra: Eh, I mean… she seems like she’s on edge already, she’s pacing back and forth through this event right now do you think now is a good time? Teairra laughs.

Harlow: I think you should waltz over there. Harlow chuckles. But yeah, I think now is a good time.

Teairra: Teairra walks over to Erica with her drink in hand. Hey boo!

Erica: Erica looks at Devyn. I’ll be there soon. Erica looks over at Teairra and sips her drink. Hey… you look amazing.

Teairra: You do as well, it’s been a long time coming for us to speak right?

Erica’s Confessional: First it’s Kaylani with her gigantic feet, Then Amal and her new fat face and now this bitch? Oh, give me a break.

Erica: Erica looks up. We’re speaking right?

Teairra: I mean, I just want to know where we stand as of right now because … well, you know what went down between us two we never fully spoken about it, I’m just curious.

Erica: Well this is a charity event, and I wouldn’t really want to discuss our problems at this moment. Especially with how rowdy you can get dear!

Amal’s Confessional: Erica is running around this party dodging convo after convo. It’s giving that scene from the Matrix when the Keanu Reed character dodges all those bullets. A producer tells Amal it is Keanu Reeves as Amal laughs and replies. Oh, I thought that man was related to Billie or something

Teairra: Rowdy I can get? Teairra looks left and right and laughs. Right… I mean when else am I going to see you its only right, considering you’ve been just ducking every time I tried to reach out to you.

Erica: I’m not ducking anyone. I’m protecting my peace and quite frankly I don’t have time to continue this repetitive circle with you Teairra. We fight, we make up, fight again. It’s been years and years and I’m honestly over it.

Teairra: Well, who started these things honey? It certainly wasn’t me.

Erica: I’m not trying to cause a scene here, but this isn’t the time or place and you need to respect my wishes. Okay, I started it now what? Now what Teairra?

Teairra: I just want you to acknowledge the fact that you can at LEAST apologize. I know that’s hard for you, but I mean it’s a new year. What happened to growth?

Harlow: Harlow walks over to Teairra and Erica. What’s going on here ladies?

Erica: I think this is growth, seeing as though I have yet to raise my voice nor show you what aggressive really is. Erica looks at Harlow. I was just telling your friend, that this conversation is not needed at this event but she just insists to have it.

Teairra: And I haven’t either, and you know I can get really aggressive. No, I’m trying to have a conversation and she’s being really dismissive as if I did something to HER!

Erica: Let’s start with some rules of etiquette, never make a scene at a high-profile event. If you need the book, I promise I’ll buy you a copy, hun.

Harlow’s Confessional: Am I instigating something? What the fuck did I just start? I really wanted them to get along for once but I started something that shouldn’t have happened. Am I the drama? I don’t think so. Well, I hope I’m not.

Teairra: Well, you should take your own advice considering you were just arguing with Kaylani about 15 minutes ago.

Erica: All I said was this is not the time nor place, you don’t get that?

Teairra: I think we know who needs the book honey, we don’t have to talk ever sweetie!

Erica: You know what Teairra. You got it, hun. Erica air kisses Harlow. It was nice seeing you love.

The camera pans to Kaylani as she runs up on stage and grabs a microphone…

Kaylani: If I can get everyone attention right quick on behalf of the Marriotts hotels, and yes with an s, I would love to donate a 200K check to wonderful cause. I know some people unfortunately are dodging convos and checks, but I would love to donate this to your cause.

The camera pans to the group as we see confused faces along with applause…

Harlow: Love you Erica, bye love. Harlow slowly turns around to face Teairra. What the hell happened?

The camera then watches as Erica hands in her check and begins to exit the event…

Erica: 200k and she’s a Marriott? What a joke. Erica leaves the event.

Erica’s Confessional: Honestly, I’ve been trying and trying to keep my peace with all these ladies but all these bitches just want to pull that girl right back out and I’m not giving them that. So, here’s my exit, find a new topic to talk about. Boring bitches.

Teairra: Teairra looks over as Erica leaves, before turning to Harlow while laughing. Girl… typical Erica, she was being a bitch for no reason, I tried to have a conversation but you know it’s always something. Maybe you caught her on a good day?

Billie: Billie looks at Erica leaving. Oh, I guess Erica has left the building. Devyn, what happened?

Devyn: Girl, she’s trying to avoid the drama. She checked Marriott and walked out.

Billie: She’s just got bombarded from the time she walked in until she walked out. Billie laughs as Teairra and Harlow join the remaining ladies. Teairra! What did you do?

Teairra’s Confessional: Honestly, I’m not sure if I really care enough to even make amends with Erica at this point. Like she said it’s a cycle over and over that SHE started, keep that in mind… and at this point I’m done being nice, it’s been enough foul play on her end.

Amal: Billie, I know she’s your friend but she needs to be able to sit down and finish the conversation. She may not want to but we’re all going to be around each other and each time we get together there’s an issue.

Billie: Honestly you guys have to give Erica a break right now. She’s literally going through so much. It’s not fair for her to show up and not even be bombarded by conversations. Right now, she’s trying to save her marriage from something… Billie points at Teairra and Amal. have done!

Kaylani: I don’t know she’s been running throughout the building like she’s the flash.

Amal: Look, that’s why I’ve been staying away from her. I gave you a beautiful gift to give her for her child and that’s the extent of it. I know she’s not ready for a conversation and I respect that.

Teairra: Well, why did she come? She can save her snobby attitude.

Kaylani: Oh, so that’s why she being so passive she’s taking most of that anger out on the husband. make sense

Billie: She came because it’s charity event. Not someone’s private event in a backyard. We all were asked to be here and represent the Ladies of Twitter and instead we acted like some damn fools.

Devyn: It was lovely seeing you all. I need to turn couture into a lab coat and head to the hospital for an emergency board meeting. Y’all have fun.

Billie: Can I catch a ride with you Devyn, I’m ready to go. This isn’t charitable behavior. Billie rolls her eyes.

Teairra: She has yet to consider anyone else’s feelings in regards of anything, sorry to hear that but I can’t fake like I feel bad. Teairra shrugs. It’s looking like a farewell now.

Billie: Billie writes a check as she leaves and gives it the MC of the event. So sorry for my friends. Next year just invite me!

Amal’s Confessional: These girls are running and hiding and screaming and yelling. I didn’t even get the chance to invite them to my Hones-tea. Amal shakes her head. All I want to do is have tea and crumpets and make amends. Tea and CRUMPETS PEOPLE.

As the Ladies begin making their way to donate and exit the event, the camera pans around the charity event as many stunned partygoers watch in horror. As the Ladies walk out, the camera pans out to a shot of Twitter Beach as it glistens in the moonlight, and the scene and episode come to an end.



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