Season 16, Episode 3: “Serving Honest-Tea”

Ladies of Twitter
38 min readDec 6, 2023
Season 16 Ladies of Twitter Main Title Pose

The intro fades from the screen as upbeat music plays and we see the episode beginning. We watch clips of the Ladies going through their day. We watch as Devyn is seen hustling into the Hospital, followed by a shot of Teairra as Donte brings her a steaming hot plate of breakfast. We then watch as the camera focuses in on Grace’s new home, where we see Grace as she opens a bottle of unmarked champagne while gleefully laughing. We then watch as Erica pulls up to the house to go inside as the scene begins…

Grace’s New Home
Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: So, I missed the last event so I extended an invite out to everyone to come to mine and taste some of the newest bottles of MY new champagne. It’s stressful so I hope they like it. They get to see my new home and my new business venture, two for two!

Grace and Erica

Erica: Erica knocks as Grace’s door opens. Graceee honey, I’m here!

Grace: Hello honey! Welcome, welcome. Come on in!

Erica: Erica walks inside, looking around. This is so nice! How many acres?

Grace: Thank you, it’s 45 acres.

We then watch as Harlow, followed by Kaylani, arrive to Grace’s house and begin to make their way inside…

Kaylani and Harlow

Harlow: Hello, hello! Harlow is here!

Kaylani: Kaylani walks in and hugs Grace. This is so beautiful, Grace.

Grace: Hey Kaylani, come in. Take a seat girls, I’ve put us some nibbles out.

Erica: Harlowww! Erica hugs Harlow. Yes hun, I’m so glad you made it.

Erica’s Confessional

Erica’s Confessional: You can say that Harlow and I are definitely in a better spot since our last conversation. We’ve been working out almost every day together and I’m growing quite fond of the girl.

Grace: It’s just us four today, everyone else is busy! Grace shrugs.

Kaylani: So, Grace, how did the business come about?

Grace: Let’s sit outside and I can show you it all Kaylani

We then watch as the Ladies all walk out and take a seat on Grace’s patio as the conversation continues…

Harlow: This is amazing, isn’t it Erica?

Erica: I’m absolutely loving this Harlow. Miss Whitworth has been working, hunny.

Grace: Hard work ladies, hard work!

We then watch as Grace removes a cloth from a table to reveal a display of bottles of Grace’s new champagne…

Grace: Okay, so here we have the newest batch of my champagne line which is called SPARKLE.

Harlow: Ooo! I love champagne!!

Grace: Grace pops bottle a new bottle. It’s come all the way from France, aged and bubbled to perfection hopefully! Grace pours a glass for each lady. Take a sip and tell me what you think.

Kaylani’s Confessional

Kaylani’s Confessional: I do see Ms. Erica and I would definitely like to apologize for me behavior, but I think this is all about Grace introducing her business so I’ll save it for another time.

Kaylani: Grace, I love how you branded this, I love the designs this is gonna sell very well. Kaylani sips on the champagne.

Erica: Erica takes a sip. Hmmm… Erica takes another sip. I think the flavors actually balance well, it’s a good glass of champs.

Grace: I’m so pleased you like it, we’ve had… difficulties let’s say that. I think we’re nearly there. I want to do a huge launch, to restart this venture.

Harlow: Harlow takes a sip. This is super good. Great work Grace. You’re such a hard-working woman.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: Grace takes a deep breath. They like it! I’m so happy!

Kaylani: You definitely should, I can’t wait for this to be in the market. Grace, I hate that you missed the Save The Ocean Event it was very impactful to say the least…

Erica: I’m happy that you’re officially restarting this venture, if you don’t mind me asking. This champagne is Luci free, right?

Grace: I know I was sad to miss it. Yes Erica, this is now solely my venture. Nothing to do with the criminal. We had a friend Kaylani who was once around this group, she’s in jail for fraud. We started this together and she lied and left me in the shit with this new business basically. I’ve spent close to a million dollars on this now.

Kaylani: Oh my god, so is she no longer involved with the business?

Grace: No hun, she’s in jail. Grace laughs awkwardly.

Kaylani: Did you know she was committing fraud?

Erica: Erica chokes on her drink. Oh my

Grace: I did not. She lied to everyone. Anyway, this is about the champs and us all being here together.

Harlow’s Confessional

Harlow’s Confessional: I used to trust Luci. Ever since she was pleaded guilty there was no trust with her. I loved her like she was my sister. It was upsetting when the events unfolded.

Grace: I’m so pleased you all like it, so now, catch me up on the other night that I missed.

Kaylani: Hmm interesting, yes, well I’m glad you’re relaunching. I’m definitely purchasing a few glasses but the other night was definitely eventful to say the least. I donated 200K from my business.

Kaylani’s Confessional: Grace, so you telling me you was in business with a newborn felon and ain’t know anything… Kaylani pauses looking in the camera. Okay girl.

Grace: What is your business again? I can’t remember.

Erica: Erica swirls her drink. Well, it seems as if some ladies from this group don’t know how to act in a charity setting. Instead of donating, the girls were once again worried about Erica.

Grace: What is it about you Erica? They all just come for you! Grace laughs.

Kaylani: I own about 3,600 hotels internationally and we’re doing an expansion and launching our first resort soon.

Grace: Oh, well, that’s great!

Erica: I think it’s the ass… Erica gets up and shakes it before laughing and sitting back down. I truly don’t know what it is. I’m all for having meaningful conversations like Harlow and I had but at a charity event? Absolutely not.

Grace: So, what happened the other night? Did you two talk yet? I know Erica mentioned there was some drama. Grace points to Kaylani and Erica.

Harlow: Lots of drama.

Erica: Kaylani this is your time to speak up hun, we know you love to talk and seeing as though you have this underline issue with me, you can say your piece.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: Erica called me and told me everything, so I’m hoping Kaylani is going to own up to her actions I guess because she’s come in very hot.

Kaylani: Kaylani laughs. I tried to apologize, but it didn’t work out cause some people don’t see when they’re in the wrong. But yes Erica, I wanna be the bigger person and apologize if you will allow me to.

Erica: So, is it an apology or are you going to just put blame on me? Because if that’s where this conversation is going, we can stop it here.

Grace: From what I hear you’re stirring it up out there. Let’s keep it calm and classy here ladies.

Kaylani: Okay Grace, I will. I would like to sincerely apologize to you about our previous encounters. I didn’t know your marriage was falling apart and you didn’t need someone else screaming in your face when you already have enough of that at home.

The camera pans to Harlow whose eyes widen as Kaylani continues to speak…

Kaylani: So, I do apologize to you sincerely. I should’ve gave you the benefit of the doubt. Kaylani holds champagne glass looking at Erica. I’m sorry.

Erica: Erica moves her glass to the side. Excuse me, what did you just say about my marriage?

Kaylani: Well, I was just saying I shouldn’t have done that you have enough going on at home so I sincerely apologize.

Grace: She’s apologized. That’s a good step forward.

Erica: I’m going to respect Grace wishes and keep it completely calm and classy. But you don’t know me, nor do you know my husband or anything surrounding us. I would appreciate if you keep anything about my husband out your mouth. Like I said, I don’t know you nor do I have enough energy to entertain this “problem” that you have completely made up in your head.

Harlow: Kaylani don’t bring up Erica’s marriage next time. That was below the belt. Don’t do it here.

Erica: So, how about you continue to focus on your little rooms you call a hotel and I can be over here doing me. No beef, no nothing. It’s closed and done with.

Kaylani: Well, I don’t have to know you to know that your life is crumbling before our eyes, but let’s move on. I tried to apologize and you just can’t accept it.

Grace: How would you even know anyway Kaylani? You don’t know her?

Erica: Thank you, Harlow. I don’t have time for her backhanded apologies. My thoughts exactly Grace.

Grace: Quit the speculation and just get to know the girls.

Harlow: Her life is not crumbling! Don’t assume that cause that’s something you should not do. It will really get real if you continue to insinuate lies.

Kaylani: No Harlow, it was below the belt when I hear from a little birdie that she’s talking about my business ventures that I hold that seriously as well.

Harlow: But the marriage is something you should not talk about! Erica had an opinion. Your statement was degrading.

Kaylani: Whatever I say be nothing but facts. I sincerely tried to apologize to her, not insult her marriage.

Erica: What did I say about your hotels? You have YET to tell me. You know what? Erica puts her hand up. Anyways. Did you all receive an invite to Amal’s tea party?

Grace: Amal and I actually met and talked things through.

Harlow: Yes. Amal told me about that.

Kaylani: Yes, I’m going to the tea party.

Erica: So, it went good, Grace?

Grace: I said my piece and she did the same, although I’m not sure where she and I go from here. When someone shows you who they really are, believe them is my new fav saying girls.

Harlow: Preach Grace! Preach.

Grace: We’re all going then? Erica?

Kaylani: So, did you to work out the kinks? Cause from what I heard from her that you two was close then you turned on her. I was warned to watch you.

Grace: Amal told you to watch me?

Erica: I’m still a bit apprehensive. You know how I am about Amal. It takes everything in me not to just attack her, especially since she parted her lips to say something about my child.

Kaylani: Well, if you two are on good terms, I don’t wanna mess anything up, but yes, I heard to watch my back.

Grace: Erica, I think be the bigger person and show up and at least be there so you’re not missing out.

Kaylani’s Confessional: I’m new to the Twitter group of ladies and maybe call me the bone collector, but I feel as if someone is saying something behind these girls back, then they have the right to know. Cause I definitely would, that’s how you be a true friend.

Grace: Grace winks at Kaylani. Say no more, I’ll keep my eye out.

Erica’s Confessional: I’ve been on the fence about Amal’s invitation because my “friend” tried to destroy me for a yearlong and actually helped cause problems between Robert and I. I know she’s going to be around so maybe it’s time to finally face her.

Erica: Erica takes a deep breath. I’ll go. Let’s get this over with.

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: Amal continues to run her mouth. I’m not surprised, she’s a thirsty bitch. But okay Amal, game on!

Grace: Okay girls it’s getting chilly, let’s head in. I’ve got some bottles for you to take home. Thanks so much for coming this evening!

Kaylani: Kaylani walks inside, grabbing her bottle. Mmm, well, I will see you at the tea party.

We then watch as Grace waves and watches the other ladies depart from her home as the scene transitions while the sun sets in the Twitter Hills. We then watch as a jazzy beat plays, and the sun rises before quickly transporting us to a recording studio where we see Teairra once more singing her song in the booth. The camera transitions as we see Amal and Billie are arriving outside the studio, and the scene begins…

Teairra’s Confessional: I’m not sure if the girls know, but I have been in the studio dibbling and dabbling to work on finally debuting, it’s definitely nerve-wracking at times but I need to get used to some type of audience so I invited Amal and Billie just so they can see me work, I’m really loving where I’m heading right now when it comes to singing.

Billie and Amal

Amal: Amal talks to Billie as they walk into the studio. Oh, this is so exciting. Maybe she’ll ask us to be background singers!

Billie: Billie walks into the studio and hears Teairra singing. Okay Teairra, I see you girl you sing like Whitney Houston reincarnated!

Billie’s Confessional

Billie’s Confessional: Today, Teairra invited myself and Amal to listen to her vocals. I’m impressed by what I’m hearing, and who knew she was into signing. I certainly didn’t. Billie laughs.


Teairra: Teairra takes off her headphones and stops singing as she sees the Ladies. Oh! The girls are here, oh my god.

Billie: Hello, Teairra!! You did not tell us you could sing like that!

Amal: Ahh, look at you girlie!!! Those pipes are something else!

Billie: Amal, didn’t you think that was great?

Teairra: Teairra slowly exits out the booth and laughs. Oh my god! Thank you so much, I’ve been practicing. How are you ladies? Teairra hugs them both.

Amal: Absolutely phenomenal! I can’t wait to get in there and lay down my vocals! Amal pretends to sing and laughs.

Amal’s Confessional

Amal’s Confessional: I’m a horrific singer. It sounds like someone strangling a cat when I let out a simple Ohh. The camera shakes as Amal lets out the note. See…I told you! Amal laughs.

Teairra: Teairra laughs. Yess Amalcé!

Billie: We had to stop by and see what this was all about! I didn’t get to talk to either of you much at the charity event that turned into chaos.

Teairra: Right… Teairra lets out a sigh. I really didn’t expect it to turn left at all angles like that.

Amal: Ughhh I know. It was absolutely embarrassing. I was dying when Kaylani stormed the stage, stole the microphone, shaded Erica and donated $200,000 to the oceans. I felt like I was in a movie.

Teairra: It was so dramatic. Teairra laughs. I think some people were just more on the tense end of the spectrum.

Amal: Have you spoken to Kaylani B? I think she was saying something about being mad at you. I couldn’t really keep up with it all.

Billie: I mean Ladies, the mayor sent me a letter. Billie pulls it out and begins to read.

We watch as the text of the letter appears on the screen while Billie reads…

Dear Billie Reed,

We are deeply saddened to hear about the behavior of you and your friend group at the Twitter Save the Ocean Charity Event. We hope next year if you ladies attend that you come and be charitable. We would like to showcase Twitter as an area of affluence and sophistication.


The Mayor of Twitter

Teairra: Teairra jumps back and gasps. Is that real? That’s embarrassing.

Amal: Not a letter from the mayor. Amal takes the letter and reads it. Oh, thank god. No mention of Amal Hadid! Amal laughs and hands it back to Billie.

Billie: Girl yes, this was embarrassing to receive hand delivered to my door! And who’s Kaylani mad at now? Probably me.

Amal: Yeah, she was saying that she was disappointed that you didn’t have her back. I’m not too sure honestly. There was so much going on, it was hard to keep track of it all.

Teairra’s Confessional

Teairra’s Confessional: I mean I knew a couple of us did act a complete fool, but it definitely wasn’t on MY agenda, I was having a good time…til I wasn’t! But the MAYOR? Pretty much calling us classless is … humiliating to say the least, who knew the mayor could be so shady!

Teairra: Wait, how long did you know Kaylani, Billie? Because she definitely is pushing you to pick sides as if you two have been friends for ages!

Billie: Girl, I met her maybe a year ago at the Wynn in Las Vegas. She and her husband were out at Tao nightclub and I was doing an appearance there and she and I quickly hit it off. I don’t know if she was a fan and has now clinged onto me or what. But she’s crazy if she thinks I think Erica is in the wrong.

Amal: Amal makes a face. Look, I don’t even know what’s going on there. It’s not like Erica and I are in the best place right now, so I don’t really know.

Amal’s Confessional: And by not in the best place, I mean she hasn’t said more than 6 words to me in succession at any one time.

Amal: How are you and Erica, Teairra? There seemed to be something going on between the two of you as well?

Billie: I think Érica is the type of girlfriend that once you betray her and her trust it takes time for her to let you back in.

Teairra: Chile, I was hoping Erica and I would be able to have a cute little conversation at the event, but she kept telling me it’s not the best time. But it’s like she isn’t willing to talk to me any other time so when else? Teairra grabs her water and sips.

Billie’s Confessional: Look, I’m trying to let Erica be her own woman but it infuriates me when these ladies act clueless as to why she won’t talk to them…

Billie: Amal, aren’t you having some tea party at your house? Maybe you can have the conversation there Teairra and Amal! We have to move forward as a group

Amal: Amal nods. I get that. For me, I’m just giving her space right now. I know she’s still mad at me, so I’m just leaving her alone. Amal turns to Billie. I am!! My little Hones-tea!! I want us all to dress our best and talk about our worst. Our worst and most fractured relationship in the group in hopes of repairing. I want hearts to bared and guards to be dropped.

Teairra’s Confessional: Me and Erica don’t have to be friends, I’m cool with that! But at the same time, we’re still going to end up having to see each other due to our husbands having a friendship so why not be cordial? But I will NEVER beg for a friendship I didn’t break! That’s a no for me.

Teairra: Oh lord! Is there going to be any games? Maybe everybody can just talk it’s a lot of unhashed conversations

Amal: Maybe! I was thinking pin the tail on the Billie. Amal laughs.

Billie: I think we should bring in a mediator. This group has a track record of talking over one another! Want me to call my good friend Oprah Winfrey?

Amal: Amal looks shocked. You know Oprah?!

Billie: Well of course I do!

Amal’s Confessional: Billie knows every-damn-body. The mayor. Oprah. The Ocean people.

Amal: I’d love for Oprah to ask if anyone has silent or silenced. I would die.

Teairra: I’m sure Oprah would be mortified entering one of our conversations

Billie: I think she would love these group of ladies! It might be her biggest challenge yet as a host.

Billie’s Confessional: Listen being in the Hollywood game for all these years. You get to know the who’s-WHO of the world. Oprah is that girl and she’s legendary for what she does.

Amal: Maybe we leave Oprah out of this. We seem like too much work for that lady!

Teairra: No seriously, I’m sure she has huge connections in the industry. I don’t want to be blacklisted! Teairra laughs.

Billie: Listen, before I go back to work…can us three get in the studio and drop a BEATTT?

Amal: Ohh yes!! Please Teairra!

Teairra: Oh absolutely! Teairra gets up laughing and enters the booth again. Oh my god, are they going to put this on TV?

Amal: Amal stands with Billie and Teairra in the booth. On TV? Girl, I’m hoping for a feature on the Billboard charts.

Billie: I want a Grammy for this performance. Billie starts singing as her voice cracks. Maybe I need to warm up!

Amal: Amal starts singing Ohs and Ahs as Teairra makes a shocked face. Good, right?

Billie: We can auto tune this right? I’ve heard they do that a lot now days so anyone can sing!

Teairra: Teairra jumps back and looks at Billie and Amal. Maybe a Kids Choice Award ladies! Teairra laughs.

As the camera pans out on the Ladies laughing, we watch as the camera swirls across town. We see a see of people on a crowded screen, before Cameras descend upon a home in Twitter Beach, as Erica is shown in her office talking to her brand team for E&J Cosmetics about a relaunch for her new products…


Erica: I’m talking full relaunch, new products, new name, new everything!

Lisa (Marketing Assistant): We’re thinking about making the new name something close to you. This year is all about your growth as an entrepreneur, and as a Woman. We want to capture that in this relaunch.

Erica’s Confessional: The last time you all seen me, I was probably big as a boar, almost belly bumping Teairra out of my face and I was located in my home in Twitter Hills. However, things have surely changed. I’m now residing in Twitter Beach for the moment and my baby Chance is here. I’ve been a full-time mom and just putting everything into my work and my child.

A Ring doorbell notification is shown popping up on Erica’s phone…

Erica: I’m sorry ladies, we’ll have to wrap this meeting up. We’ll start fresh with everything in the morning.

Erica is shown walking towards her living area as she is met by Diane, Robert’s mother, and Chance…

Erica: My Baby!!! Erica hugs Chance as he wobbles towards her. Mommy missed you so much, did you have fun with granny?

Diane: We had a ball darling, tell her granny’s baby. Diane pinches chances cheeks as he laughs.

Erica’s Confessional: I know what you’re thinking. How the hell am I sitting here with this lady who completely attempted to annihilate me last year and it’s very simple, it’s Chance. Diane has become such a saving grace when it comes to Chance knowing his father side and just being there for me during this time. Robert and I are going through so much, so it’s good to have someone else to lean on.

Diane: So how was that therapy stuff, you guys are doing?

Erica: Erica laughs. Therapy stuff. But it’s been… not successful. Erica looks down. We’ve been trying and trying but I feel like it’s become so fractured. He shows up, I show up but we never get anywhere.

Diane: I told you about that therapy stuff, it’s a scam and you just have to get in control of your family. You’re the matriarch here, remember that.

Erica: I know Ms. Diane, but what can I do? He still refuses to believe me. He got up and told the therapist “fuck you” and left the our last session. I haven’t heard from him since.

Diane: Silly boy. Playing kid games. I’ve taught him so much better than that.

Erica’s Confessional: The last time I saw my husband, he left in a huff from our therapy session. Our doctor basically agreed with me about how he’s been distant from his own child and he wasn’t hearing any of it. I just tend to ask myself how did things this bad?

Erica: Erica tears up. You know I’m trying. I’m trying to keep my energy up, this marriage together and my son happy but when does this all come to an end? When can I finally just be happy.

Diane: Look at me… Diane grabs Erica’s face. You’re a strong woman. You are a mother. Your story, your background and everything that defines you has made you the strong woman sitting beside me. You will not cry, because as much pain that you are in right now, you will prevail. Now wipe your tears, I’ll be dealing with my child. I don’t know what has gotten into his ass, but we don’t play about marriage nor children. He made this bed and he will lie in it.

Erica: I really appreciate your support, I needed it the most this year and it’s been everything to me. Erica wipes her tears.

Diane: As much as I hated to admit it, we’re so much alike in ways you couldn’t even imagine. You will get through this.

Erica’s Confessional: Being a full-time single mom at this point has been exhausting especially when you’re technically not single. As much as I would love to just sleep beside Robert as he hold me and be a big happy family, it isn’t realistic right now. I have to do what’s best for me and that’s focusing on my happiness and the love for my child.

Diane: Now, we have to get you and my grandson out of this party house. I need it a bit homey if you two are going to reside in it.

Erica: Byeeee Ms. Diane. Erica laughs.

Erica is shown laughing as she escorts Diane out of her home ending the scene quickly transitions once more to later in the day. We see a shot of Billie in the studio running lines, followed by a shot of Grace as she shows a listing. aerial shots of the Twitter skyline are shown before the camera settles on the quaint yet modern exterior of Amal Hadid’s home. The camera then shows the interior of Amal’s five-bedroom, three bathroom house before focusing on Amal who is seen laying on the couch reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban…

Amal’s New Home

Amal: Amal licks finger and turns page. That Harry Potter is always up to something, huh?


The front door of Amal’s home is then opened to show Amal’s husband Tommy and their son Jamie enter…

Jamie (Amal’s Son): Jamie starts running into the living room. MOMMY! MOMMY!! Look!! Jamie holds out a painting he brought home from school that shows he, Amal and Tommy as stick figures holding hands in front of their house.

Amal: Oh baby!! Look at you my little Van Gough!! Jamie hugs Amal as she kisses him nonstop.

Tommy (Amal’s Husband): Maybe not Van Gough. I want my child to keep his ears. Amal laughs.

Amal’s Confessional: So, it’s been quite some time since you’ve all seen me in my natural habitat. Amal laughs. Since I was last on the show, my life has changed drastically! I left Twitter and moved back to Dubai with Jamie amidst crazy scandal. A flashback to season 14 and the articles surrounding Amal, her pregnancy, the legal case with her ex husband and the drama with Elle & Kathy plays. I felt that moving home to Dubai was what my family and I needed. We needed to escape from the storm that was my life in Twitter and focus on proving my innocence.

Tommy: Amal, I’m going to leave Jamie’s book bag in his room before I get out of here, okay?

Amal: Before you do that, can you come here for a sec? I think we need to chat. Amal looks to Jamie. Baby, can you go with Cindy? She’s going to get ready to give you a bath. I’ll be right in there my favorite little man!

Tommy: Tommy walks back into the living room and takes a seat. What’s up?

Amal: I think we need to have a chat, don’t you?

Amal’s Confessional: Even though all of the drama of those 18 months is now behind me, the new development in my life is the separation of my family and I think with everything I’ve dealt with, this has to be the most challenging.

Amal: I think I umm… Amal pauses as she tears up. I think I underestimated the impact of Jamie and I moving to Dubai on the trajectory of my marriage. Tommy and I umm well we haven’t been living together for quite some time and as of right now… Amal shakes her head. I just don’t know if we ever will again.

Tommy: Sure Amal. Tommy looks at the cameras. Let’s talk.

Amal: We’ll I know that this separation is new and fresh for us but I want us to find a way that we can both be there for Jamie. You know, when he’s with me he cries for you and I know that when he’s with you, he cries for me.

Tommy: Well, he cries for me Amal because you took him from me for 6 months and moved to the middle east. Of course, he cries for me.

Amal: Amal raises her eyebrows. Are you serious right now Tommy? Is that what you’re going to bring up to me when I’m talking about having a health coparenting relationship for our child?

Tommy: Am I lying though?

Dramatic music starts to pick up…

Amal: I wanted you to come with me. I needed you to come with me Tommy and you didn’t. That was a choice you made.

Tommy: Bullshit! Fucking bullshit Amal and you know it. You left. You left for 6 months and only cares about yourself.

Amal: I was fighting for my life Tommy! I was fighting for my freedom and you chose to not stand by or support me. That’s why we’re in the place we’re in.

Tommy: We aren’t in the place we’re in because you’re out there dating?

Amal: THATS WHAT YOU DO DURING A SEPARATION TOMMY! What do you want me to do?

Tommy: Nothing Amal. You’re doing everything just right.

Amal’s Confessional: Am I dating right now? Of course I am but I’m still married and respect the sanctity of my marriage and let’s just say Tommy isn’t exactly sitting at home twiddling his thumbs.

Amal: Listen, I’m not here to litigate the past. I’m here to worry about the present and look to the future. I want us to be good parents to our son. Amal goes to grab Tommy’s hand and he snatches it away.

Tommy: I’ve always been a good parent to my son. I put him before myself. Look, I’ve got to get out of here Amal. I’ll see him again later. Tommy gets up and walks out.

Amal: Amal lets out a deep sigh and walks into the bathroom where Jamie is getting ready to have a bath. Look at you with your little bubbles buddy!!

Amal’s Confessional: This separation is going to be harder than I thought, but at the end of the day, my son is what I’m focused on. Always and forever.

The camera watches as Jamie jumps up and down by the bathtub before splashing Amal with water…

Amal: Amal laughs. You little devil you! Amal splashes Jamie back.

As the camera pans out from Amal and her son, we watch as the shot shows a glimpse of the Twitter Hills. Quickly, the scene transitions as we return to Amal’s house where we see her setting up for her Hones-Tea Party and the scene begins…

Amal’s Confessional: Today, I’ve invited all the girls over for my first soirée since returning to Twitter. I’m hoping my Hones-tea will bring all the girls together and allow us to lay out our issues, talk like civilized women and move on but knowing these girls that probably won’t happen. Amal laughs.

Amal and Kaylani

Kaylani: Kaylani gets out of her car, walking up to Amal’s door and going inside. Hey beautiful!! You look lovely!

Amal: Amal scurries over to Kaylani. Ahh Kaylani!!! You’re the first one here!! Don’t you look stunning! Amal hugs Kaylani. Come, Come! Grab a drink and let me show you around.

We then watch as Billie, followed by Grace, arrive to Amal’s home…

Billie and Grace

Grace: Grace walks in. Hello, wow, this is lovely.

Amal: Billie! You look adorable! And you came with Gracie! Hello my darling! Amal hugs both Billie and Grace. Thank you both so much for coming

Grace: You’re welcome, I brought you an early bottle of my champagne, it’s called Sparkle.

Billie: Yes, I made Grace ride with me so I could have someone to drink with on the way over!

Kaylani’s Confessional: Hopefully today I can discuss with Billie on how I’m feeling about our friendship and get things back on track cause I do consider her to be a dear friend.

Amal: Oh, thank you!! I’ll make sure it gets chilled so we can have a toast with it later on. Hopefully a celebratory one! Amal laughs.

Grace: Who knows… You know we have a lot to say!

We then watch as Teairra makes her way into the home and greets Amal and the other Ladies…


Amal: Amal laughs then turns to see Teairra. Look at you!!! Looking like you just got off the stage at Madison Square Garden!

Teairra: Thank you! You look gorgeous as well. Teairra hugs Amal and looks at all the ladies. Hi ladies! you all look amazing!

As the Ladies continue to greet one another, the camera transitions as we see Erica and Harlow making their way into the Tea Party…

Harlow’s Confessional: I mean, right now there is a lot going on with this group that I don’t even know how this is going to go. Teairra and Erica are beefing, Erica and Kaylani are not on good terms, and Grace just found out that Amal told people that they need to watch her out.

Erica’s Confessional: I’ve been very apprehensive about even coming to anything that Amal has invited me to, but from much words from my friends here, I’ve decided to grace this little party with my presence. I know they’ve been waiting for the main event, anyways.

Erica and Harlow

Erica: Erica walks in behind Harlow. Girl…

Grace: Grace waves to Harlow and Erica. Hi girls!

Billie: Oh, look at these two stunning ladies walking in!

Amal: Hi lovely!! Amal greets Harlow. And hello Erica! Thank you so much for coming! Amal gives Erica a hug. It means a lot.

Grace: So, what are we doing Amal? My old bones need a seat.

Erica: Oh… Erica smiles as Amal hugs her. Thanks for the invite.

Amal’s Confessional: I’m hoping that Erica coming today means she’s open to a reconciliation. I’m not going to push it but it’s a step in the right direction.

Amal: Let’s all take a seat outside girls. There are the most handsome waiters who will be filling our glasses with tea. Amal winks. I’ve had today catered by my dear friends over at Nobu as we all know I can’t cook. Amal laughs. And when we’re all ready, I’d love to make a little toast.

Billie’s Confessional: I feel like any minute Amal is going to bring out some magic mushrooms and we all are going to go to Alice and Wonderland with this scenery!

Teairra: Let me go sit down, its already hot out here, maybe I should’ve changed into something else. Teairra laughs and walks to her seat.

Grace’s Confessional: This is all too formal and calm for it to be an Amal event. Grace laughs. What’s happening?

Grace: Let’s hear the toast!

Billie: Billie downs champagne. Can I get some more real quick?

Amal: Amal stands up as the ladies take their seats. So girls, firstly I want to thank you all for attending today. I wish the Doctor was here as well but I know she’s at the hospital saving lives, so I’ll forgive her absence. Amal laughs.

The camera pans to Grace who is seen rolling her eyes…

Amal: But before we begin, I want to take this opportunity to truly apologize to you all for the mayhem I caused last year. As some of you know, I’ve been struggling the past few years. Following the birth of my beautiful miracle baby, Jamie, I was thrust into the most horrific legal situation that almost destroyed me. It forced me to move back to Dubai and leave my life in Twitter behind.

The camera then shifts to catch Erica’s reaction as she listens and makes a face at Harlow…

Amal: I’ll be honest, it made me mad. I turned into a completely different person. A hateful individual who only wanted to cause pain and for that I’m truly sorry. Especially to you Erica. I know we haven’t really communicated since I came back, but I am hoping that we can sit down and talk it out.

We then watch as the camera pans around the table to each of the girls, with skeptical looks on their faces…

Amal: That’s why I decided to host an Hones-tea. I want us girls to lay out our issues and remember that we’re a group of friends, regardless of the bullshit. So, I want us to go around the table and talk about an issue we’re having with one of our sisters and talk it out with them in an honest way.

Billie: Boy, she sure is long winded, isn’t she?

Erica: Whew. Very, that surgery helped with the heavy breathing I see. Erica giggles.

Grace: Can I say something?

Amal: Of course, Gracie. This is an open forum for all of us to talk

Grace: Grace stands up. Thank you for inviting me and the rest of the girls today, under this glorious sun. In this gorgeous house. Your words, Amal… Grace sips her drink. They make a lot of sense, but I have concerns. Your friend, and I use that term loosely, Kaylani said to me that you said she needs to watch out for me. Do you care to explain? Because your words just now is the complete opposite of what you’ve been doing. Grace looks around as she sits. Cheers girls!

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: I can easily plan Amal’s game. We’ve all got trauma here, we all have issues. It doesn’t mean we act like a complete cunt! Grace laughs.

Amal: Amal looks shocked and looks over to Kaylani. I told you that you need to watch out for Grace?

Kaylani: Well yes, Amal, I told grace that I was warned about her. I never actually said who warned me, but I told her I was definitely warned and anything else I told her was for you two to reconcile because I remember you were saying you two was close.

Grace: Kaylani, you definitely said Amal told you that.

Erica: I know you’re trying to save your ass here Kaylani, but you definitely said it was Amal.

Kaylani: I definitely didn’t say any names, you assumed.

Billie’s Confessional: Kaylani is fixing to learn that the checks she writes she better be able to cash them too! Billie laughs.

Grace: I said I met with Amal and it went well, and you said yes I heard about it and was told to watch out for you. Who else could that be? The Muffin Man?

The camera pans to Teairra as she watches intently…

Teairra’s Confessional: Well, I was there with both Amal and Kaylani, and it was said but I don’t think it was meant in the way it’s being ran back, but Amal and Grace were in a bad spot at the time and … its looking like they still are. Yikes.

Kaylani: Yes, I was told to watch my back. I didn’t say who told me that.

Erica: So, we all must be assuming then. Grace, you and I must have made that up, hun.

Kaylani’s Confessional: Can someone please roll back the tape cause I don’t definitely remember saying that!

Kaylani: Well, of course Erica, you hear anything that’s against me so there’s no shocker there.

Grace: Billie, who the hell is this woman?

Billie: Why are you looking to me to answer? I thought you didn’t like when I spoke for my friends. Ask her.

Grace: You brought her around, I’m just asking.

Billie: So, I’m responsible for her? Cut me a break. You literally had Luci as a friend.

Erica: Kaylani, you and this narrative that you’re trying to create is extremely tiresome. I know nothing about you, I don’t care to know anything about you and that’s that.

Grace: So, Amal, did you say that? I don’t care about her. Grace waves off Kaylani.

Kaylani: Erica, you have more things to worry about I definitely don’t give a care in the world what you think.

Amal: Look at the end of the day, I don’t recall saying that, but if I did it was said way before you and I sat down for lunch and sorted things out Gracie. I haven’t said anything negative about you since our lunch where we cried and hugged it out. Absolutely nothing since then!

Erica: Erica looks at Grace. You cried with her? Oh wow.

Grace: Well, she said it was after so I’m not sure what to believe. I didn’t cry, she did!

Teairra: Teairra pours up her glass again and sips. Well, this is a lot.

Grace: I’m done, who’s next?

Amal: Hold on Grace, do you want to move forward with me because it seems like now that you’re around Erica your tone has changed!

Grace: I’ve always been around Erica.

Amal: Erica wasn’t at our lunch so you aren’t always around her.

Grace: We’re fine, just don’t tell people to watch out for me. Because I’m not the one to be watching.

Amal: Amal rolls her eyes. Sure Grace. Okay… Amal smiles and raises her glass. Let’s leave it at that. We’re fine.

Erica: Did you tell her to watch out for you, Amal? Since you stab all your friends in the back?

Amal: I stab all of my friends in the back?

Grace: I’m just trying to see what the truth is here because it’s clear someone here has been talking. Probably Devyn too, that’s why she’s skipped this.

Erica: Absolutely. You went down a fine line last year, attacking everyone myself included.

Amal: Don’t bring Devyn into this. I’ve been nothing but an amazing friend to her Grace. I did attack you. I just owned up to that. I wasn’t in a great place last year. I heard something that I believed to be true and I repeated it. Amal shrugs. There’s nothing I can do about that now but apologize. But you clearly aren’t in the place to accept that. Or maybe you are. I don’t really know what’s going on in between those buns of yours.

Erica: You can save this whole I’m nice and for friends act because you’ve slandered my name, my husband’s name and even went as low to mention my child. You’re nobody’s friend and the fact that you think you could just waltz back in here with those thunder thighs and give these crocodile tears and everything’s forgiven is where you are sadly mistaken.

The camera pans to Harlow as her jaw drops in shock…

Erica: I’ve been trying this whole time to keep it calm around you but you are truly a despicable human being. No trauma would ever make anyone do what you did. Especially, when they had your back when your husband almost got you arrested!

Amal: We both said horrible things to each other. You called me a fucking hippo for crying out loud. You said I fled the country because of my ex-husband. You said a lot of shit too my darling, so let’s hop down from that high horse you’ve been on for the last year and take accountability for your actions as well.

Erica: Well, your actions have repercussions. You should have sat in Dubai and not mentioned me. Yes, you did look like an oversized whale, hence why you had to get sucked and plucked and pumped to even feel better about yourself again.

Amal: Amal looks around at the table. I’m a despicable human being? What do you call accusing your friend of sexual assault on national TV? Something that could’ve resulted in her losing her medical license. Amal waves Erica off. You’re no fucking angel!

Erica: Hold on, bitch. What you will not do, is spin this fucking narrative.

Amal: I’d watch your language in my house sweetheart! What am I spinning? Huh? What am I spinning?

Erica: I’ve never said Devyn tried to sexual assault me, go study last season again.

Amal: What was the insinuation? That you were drinking and she made sexual advances towards you…to me that equals you accusing her of sexual assault.

Erica: Once again you’re spinning stories to help your case just like you’ve been doing with Reza. Erica sips her wine. He sends his best regards by the way.

Amal: Oh, I know you two are friendly. He physically assaulted me and you befriended him. You really are the company you keep and you keep shit company my darling.

Erica: I had you in my company, correct? I think I get rid of shit hence why we’re not friends. So, you can stop going around asking for any peace from me because that door is CLOSED, bitch.

Harlow: Oh my god.

Amal: That’s fine. We’re not friends. I’m fine. Amal gives Erica a thumbs up before getting up. Excuse me for a moment ladies. I’ll be right back

Erica: Erica smiles and puts my glass up. Onto another topic of the evening.

Billie: Who wants this stick? Harlow? Kaylani?

Teairra: Teairra watches Amal walk away. I hope she’s okay.

Amal: Amal starts crying as she walks into the house. She’s just a monster.

Erica: Erica looks over at Billie. Did you tell the ladies I was having problems with my marriage?

Kaylani: I’ll take it Billie, cause I definitely need to say something.

Grace: Kaylani, you’ve said enough.

Billie: I said what?

Erica: Well, Kaylani basically alluded that someone here said I was having problems with my marriage. Erica looks at Kaylani. Right?

Billie: Kaylani, you said what?

Harlow: Kaylani went below the belt and was wrong!

Grace: She’s saying a lot of shit, Billie. She knows things apparently.

Kaylani: I never said who. When I apologized to her, I just said I shouldn’t have came to her with it that night if I knew her marriage was a mess…

Amal returns to the table and takes a sip of my drink as dramatic music intensifies…

Teairra: Well, I was there and Kaylani isn’t technically lying this time…

Erica: Erica looks over at Teairra and then back at Billie. Wow.

Harlow: Kaylani, just stop insinuating shit about Erica. It’s wrong.

Billie: So, who told you this Kaylani? What was said Teairra?

Kaylani: I never insinuated anything, that night after Erica left, Billie you may have had way too many glasses but you did talk about Erica’s marriage.

Erica: Billie, tell me they’re lying right now.

Teairra: When Erica stormed out the ocean charity event, you basically told us Erica was having marriage problems and that’s why she was acting like a bit- Teairra coughs. She was acting really…snobby.

The camera pans to the shocked reactions of Amal and Harlow…

Erica: No, they’re lying right?

Grace: That’s a low blow Billie.

Billie: Billie laughs. Oh, so now It’s my turn to get blamed for something! I knew you bitches would try and turn this around on me! Erica, you know I’d never said anything like that!

Grace: They’re saying you said it!

Erica: Billie, I love you and you’re my sister but why does everyone here know about Robert and I’s problem? Did you say that???

Teairra: I wouldn’t lie about that, it might’ve been too many drinks, Billie.

Kaylani: I never said who told me, but if an issue is brought the table then it needs to be addressed. This is whole reason it’s called Hons-tea.

Billie: What I said was, these ladies… Billie points at Teairra and Amal. Both need to give you grace because you are going through some things in your marriage, thanks to them two. That’s what I said, but I love how that was left out of the story!

Amal’s Confessional: I was there when Billie said that Erica was going through a rough time in her marriage but I’m keeping my mouth shut. I’ve had my fair share of BS for one afternoon, thank you very much.

Amal: Okay, that’s a reach Billie.

Erica: As true as that is, I wasn’t ready to share that! Erica turns to Amal. It’s not a fucking reach, bitch.

Amal: Shut up idiot! It’s a fucking reach! Reach, reach, reach, reach, reach! Amal reaches out and pulls nothing back in. REACH!

Teairra: I didn’t say you said it in a bad way Billie! I was just clarifying Kaylani isn’t lying.

Erica: You know what…. This was supposed to be about becoming a friend group and NONE of you bitches are friends of mine. So, fuck all of you. Erica puts up her middle finger and storms away into the house, so she can leave.

Billie: Look, if you all… Billie points around the table want to make me out to be the villain then so fucking be it. And for you Kaylani to bring it up of all people. Let’s me know who you really are… Billie throws her napkin at Kaylani. I’m out of here!

Grace: What the???

Kaylani: Billie take that napkin and wipe it up your ass, let me get out of here before I show her Compton. Kaylani grabs her bag and leaves hurriedly.

Amal: Oh, is she going to leave again? Amal claps as Erica leaves. Bye lovey!

Grace’s Confessional

Grace’s Confessional: This is a mess. Billie looks scared, Erica stormed off yet again and Amal is serving double standards instead of double cream on her scones. What is happening here?

Harlow: Oh my god. This is…

Teairra: And this is why I didn’t tell my issues Grace, she can’t talk.

Harlow: Give me a second girls. Harlow walks out and follows Erica.

Amal: She’s always leaving or storming off. You can’t have a civilized conversation with her. She insults you then she leaves. It’s like, what’s the point?

Teairra: Teairra looks at Harlow walk behind Erica and laughs. Oh they’re besties now too, what is going on?

Billie’s Confessional: These ladies will paint me out to be the bad guy in every movie. And I’m sick of it. Honestly none of these girls here are my friends, because what I said was not said in malice intent.

Inside Amal’s house…

Erica: Erica takes her mic off. I’m sick of making these bitches famous.

Harlow: Harlow walks up to Erica. Erica, are you okay? I’m so sorry. These girls are absolutely crazy for even doing what they did.

Erica: Erica turns and looks at Harlow. What the fuck was that? I’m tired of all these bitches wanting to continuously come for me, FOR NO REASON! Erica fans her eyes. And Billie saying that? I don’t know what to believe anymore. I’m just so done with everybody.

Harlow: They’re just jealous! Don’t even engage with them! All of these girls want something out of you!

Erica: Erica keeps taking her mic off. It’s constant, but when Erica starts screaming and attacking, I’m the bad guy. I’m over it. Erica looks at Producers. I’m done for the day. Shut it down.

Teairra’s Confessional: I’m tired of the girls victimizing Erica, she’s a grown ass woman and they always want to pat her back when SHE causes her own problems maybe she should stop being so evil spirited, because karma always turns full circle.

As dramatic music plays and we see Erica fully removing her mic and walking out of the house, the screen fades to black as the scene and episode come to an end, as all the other ladies look on in shock as the scene fades to black…



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