Season 16, Episode 9: “Talk of the Tabloids”

Ladies of Twitter
34 min readJan 22, 2024

As the episode begins and the intro fades from the screen, upbeat music begins to play as we see shots of busy Twitter streets. The camera then focuses in as we see the Ladies going through their days, we see a shot of Amal walking into the park with her son followed by a shot of Devyn as she gets out of her car and makes her way into the hospital. We then transition as we see Billie driving her car through an expensive Twitter neighborhood as fun music plays. We then watch as we see Kaylani at her house, getting things ready and speaking with her staff…

Kaylani: Okay you guys, can I please meet with you for one second? I have a special guest coming over and I want her to feel just as much welcome. I want the pianist and violinist playing in the center of the foyer, I want my two butlers to greet her and show her to the patio to where we both will be having some tea on patio. You guys got it? The teams nods and returns to preparing for Billie’s arrival.

We then watch as Billie arrives at Kaylani’s house and walks up to the door when the scene begins…

Billie’s Confessional: After we got back from Poconos Kaylani decided to host an actual afternoon tea party with just her and I. If I know how Kaylani is she will go all out just to have one person come over. God, I love her, she’s so extra!

Billie: Billie knocks at Kaylani’s door. Yooohooo is anyone home?

Jerrod (Kaylani’s Butler): Jerrod opens the door. Yes, madame come inside! Mrs. Marriott is waiting for you on the patio where I will serve you both some tea. Follow me! Jerrod walks Billie to the patio.

Billie: Oh, how lovely is this! Billie sees violinist and pianist playing the in the foyer. Am I attending someone’s funeral? Billie laughs.

Jerrod: Jerrod laughs and side eyes. Not today madame.

Billie: This is lovely, she went all out for a high noon tea!

Kaylani: Kaylani opens the door to the patio. Oh my God, the baddest bitch with lips has arrived! Kaylani laughs. Come on girl and take a seat out here!

Billie: Billie laughs. Bitch, you had me thinking I was walking into a funeral! You went all out!

Kaylani: You know I got to show you the bougie side, I know you seen the ratchet side so I have to show I have a little class in me. You look lovely! Kaylani smacks Billie’s ass. Come on, take a seat we got a lot of catching up to do after that last dinner in the Poconos with the girls. Now that was explosive!

Kaylani’s Confessional: I wonder how Billie feels after that big brawl from the dinner in Poconos and I know I need to get all the latest tea about the scandalous alleged pornstar Miss Grace and I want to get the bottom of what really happened between the two.

Billie: Oh my god, you are so playful! Yes, let’s sit down and talk all about it! It was so much that last night! Lots of bombs dropped.

Kaylani: The butler pours the tea. So girl, how do you feel about the things Grace said about you? I heard her say something about you even asked to go in business with her?

Billie: Billie laughs. I did actually mention to her that I would be interested in helping her out by going into business with her. When my lawyers got to looking at the contract, they found out that she was going to be screwing me over in the long run. She says she holds things in the vault. But I know more about her than she does about me if she wants to go there. Billie sips her tea.

Billie’s Confessional: Look if Grace wants to open Pandora’s box I’m happy to go there with her. Yes, I did offer to go into business with her to help her not go bankrupt, but when the contract was reviewed by my lawyer. In the fine print, she would be making profits off my investment. Sounds like a scam to me. Billie shrugs.

Kaylani: Oh wow, I didn’t know that. I was warned by Amal previously about how Grace is and I didn’t wanna believe it, but it seems as though she’s a shady person and then you remember she tried calling me a dark horse but she has more bones in the closet more than anyone on that table

Billie: What’s the famous saying. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. If she keeps fucking with me, I’m fixing to shatter her whole house, and her world is about to crumble. Grace isn’t this New York Times Best Selling Author, or she’s not this World-Renowned Realtor that she makes it out to be. That article released about her is only the beginning of her being exposed. I’m afraid… Billie smirks.

Kaylani: Mmm, I hear that sister and did you hear about the pornstar boyfriend and let me tell you she’s is very much lying or he’s lying to her, but i definitely have DMs from a month ago asking to take me out to dinner.

Billie’s Confessional: Now I love my girl Kaylani but why is a married women in the DMs unless you and your husband are swi- you know what I want even go there. Billie laughs. Not my monkey not my circus!

Kaylani’s Confessional: Let me explain me and my husband have been going through the ringer in our marriage so we have agreed on having a hall pass from time to time just to keep it fun but it’s what work for us but I be damn if I go out for the night with a pornstar.

Billie: That is hysterical! So, how are you feeling about Teairra and Harlow? Have you gotten a chance to know Harlow?

Kaylani: I have, but not as much as I would like to. I definitely enjoyed her on the boat ride we did, but I definitely saw a different version of Harlow that I haven’t seen before.

Billie: I have never seen Harlow that riled up. I mean EVER. It was a shock for me given last year she was mute, and wouldn’t hardly speak up for herself.

Kaylani: I thought Teairra and Harlow’s dispute at dinner was intense it’s a lot of mending that needs to be done between the two and I feel as though Harlow is hurt by her. I mean she was saying that Teairra isn’t there for her like she needed her to be.

Billie: And see Teairra is saying to me and Erica that Harlow was the one that ghosted her and Harlow is saying that Teairra is the one that ghosted her. It’s really confusing and a lot of ghosting is going on. I think there’s a lot of bullshit going on, but I’m fixing to find out who’s really real and who’s a load of bullshit in this group.

Kaylani: As you should, but I’m definitely glad me and Erica made amends and you as well Billie. I’m glad you and I made up, I missed you being around, I missed my friend and my sister. I’m glad we could make up for a small misunderstanding.

Billie: Look, I’m really sorry for what I said about you, I really didn’t mean it. I was just talking to talk! I have enjoyed you being in this group of girls. You’ve calmed down a whole lot, and I think the girls are getting to see the Kaylani that I know and Love!

Kaylani: Yes, I felt like I had to prove myself in this group and I’m glad I’m getting comfortable with the girls, and I know Billie when those lips starts yapping it’s no controlling them. But I love you girl. Kaylani gets up from her chair and hugs Billie. I would French kiss you, but I don’t know where those lips been! Kaylani laughs.

Billie: Well, you have a seat at this point maybe more than others! You belong here Kaylani… end of the discussion. Billie hugs Kaylani. You had no problem French missing these lips at my summer soirée! Billie laughs.

With Billie and Kaylani laughing on the patio, the scene transitions as we see Erica walking into an upscale nail salon on a bustling Twitter street. We see her make her way in and begin looking at color options, before the camera pans and we see Grace followed by Teairra making their way in and greeting Erica as the scene begins…

Grace’s Confessional: I’m very happy to be home and feel back to myself, I just feel like some of these girls have it out for me. Erica’s invited me and Teairra for some new nails so, let’s hope neither of them don’t pick sharp nails.

Erica: Oh, hi girls! Come right in here! I’ve reserved a room just for us.

Grace: Hi Erica, this is so nice thank you for inviting me.

Teairra: Hi honey! Teairra walks over and sits beside Erica. Hey Erica boo!

Grace: I don’t know about you girls but I’ve been in need of some relaxing time!

Erica: Yes, yes! I’m glad you girls could make it. I think we have some bubbly coming out while we wait. Everything is on me today! And yes, I know you both could use the relaxation. How has everything been since we got back?

Teairra: Oh absolutely, it’s been feeling a little better. I’m just glad we all made it back in one peace because last time was a little bit of a disaster.

Grace: Oh, it’s on you! Thank God because from what the blogs are saying, I can’t afford a Starbucks… Grace laughs. It’s been great since I’ve been back, I haven’t seen any of the haters!

Teairra: Teairra laughs. At least you can laugh off these allegations, you have a strong backbone!

Grace: I’m glad you think so! It’s been a rough week to be honest.

Erica: Well… Erica looks over at Grace. What’s really going on? I need to know, is it something to do with Luci or are people just trying to put this on you because of her? Because now multiple blogs are coming out and also some of your GoodNessGracious Guest.

Grace: None of my guests have said anything!

Erica’s Confessional: Some girls that I know have now came out with saying that their GoodnessGracious episodes have yet to air and it’s been MONTHS. Now, I do adore Grace and have a soft spot for her, but honey I need to know what’s going on. She was very oblivious when it came to Luci and her criminal activity so maybe she doesn’t know what’s going on now? But honey… somethings fishy.

Grace: Well… I’m in a lawsuit yes, that’s correct. Thanks to what Luci did, she left me in a huge mess financially with vendors left unpaid, etc., etc. I’m a proud woman, it’s a business I know can succeed. So, I carried it on, but it’s a huge task… Grace begins to tear up. It’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through to be honest and to be here because of someone who was supposed to be my best friend, is heartbreaking.

Erica: So, did you get a PPP loan?

Grace: No, I don’t need any loans, Erica. That’s not true.

Grace’s Confessional: I can be vulnerable today, they are being friends and asking me with care. But don’t worry girls, I’ve got money in the bank. I don’t need to open my legs for dollar.

Teairra: I’m so confused, what did Luci do?

Erica: I’m just trying to clear this whole situation up because at the end of the day, you have to clear it up especially since you’re closely associated with a criminal.

Grace: The money she said was in the business wasn’t. And as the co owner, they all have come for me. I’ve got multiple people coming for me. The business owes close to 1.3 million dollars.

Erica: Sadly, she left you in such a terrible position it’s horrible

Teairra: Oh, that’s disgusting.

Erica’s Confessional: Do I believe Grace got a PPP Loan? Listen… All I’ll say is the business was crumbling, the people are sending lawsuits left and right and she’s still managed to have a relaunch coming soon. You do the math.

Erica: So, do you believe that this is something you truly want to continue with, if it’s already in debt?

Grace: So, I’ve injected a lot of money to get it off the ground again.

Teairra’s Confessional: I always knew Luci was nasty, but now she’s in jail & she has Grace carrying her dead weight, its actually disgusting to see it happening in real time because I KNOW it hurts Grace but she’s handling it better than I would, I’ll say that.

Grace: Yes babe, it was my idea and my business plan. I started it and I’ll finish it It’s going to succeed. It has to… Grace dabs her eyes.

Teairra: I hope everything goes well, because I know that’s a lot of stress honey. I don’t know how you do it.

Erica: That is a lot of stress. Not to mention the fact that you two have been attacked by your close friends. So, it’s like where are you supposed to get support from… you know? Erica puts her hand under the dryer.

Teairra: I’m used to it at this point, no offense to you Erica… Teairra laughs. But me and Harlow is a fresher friendship so it’s definitely not the same.

Grace: Harlow and Billie have both truly like, stabbed me in the back. You two are like the only girls in this group that seem to want to give me the time of day.

Teairra: And that’s actually crazy to think about, because we used to all be the main ones clashing against each other, and now look at where we are.

Erica: I think sometimes you are a bit misunderstood Grace and you won’t really know that until you actually know you. I think Billie is misunderstood as well, but I don’t know how you two can fix that. It went a little low our last night there.

Grace: Erica, you and I know a lot about Billie. She wants to go for me and talk to the press because I asked her not to, then game on.

Teairra: So, you’re going to do the same to her? You’re bigger than this Grace.

Grace: No, I’ll just talk it on camera.

Grace’s Confessional: Oh, it’ll come out, let’s just say she’s where she is today thanks to giving men a lot of things.

Erica: Listen, I have nothing to do with the drama between you two and I won’t get in the middle. I just know that when Billie did the interview it was purely out of how well you mesh with the group, nothing ill intended but like I said, that’s for y’all two to figure out at this point because it did get low.

Grace: Not from me, Erica. I hit it back We were friends a week ago and now look. It’s weird and calculated.

Teairra: Yeah, you two definitely have the rockiest friendship out of everyone here.

Erica: Coming from somebody who shook the table on their bestie? Erica laughs. Teairra please!

Grace: You were on fire the other night T.

Teairra: Teairra laughs. Well, I felt like I was being punked, and I didn’t like the feeling. I only could handle so much and me being the host, I wanted to keep it classy and…I guess I just exploded. Did I expect it to be Harlow of all people? Absolutely not.

Grace: Harlow’s not the person I knew. I’ll say that.

Erica: I just feel like Harlow is trying to find her voice and it’s coming out the wrong way. I think she’s been quiet for way to long and now she’s trying to navigate how to really say what’s on her mind.

Teairra: You and me both, Grace. This is a completely different Harlow this time around.

Erica: She just doesn’t know how to explain herself as well as us yet.

Grace: And she’s listening to Amal and Billie. Wrong road to take!

Erica: What? You girls told me be friends with her! How is it that I love her and now you girls hate her. Erica laughs. I can’t!

Grace: I don’t hate her I’m just upset with her. She lied to me. I asked her if she knew anything any of the girls were saying and she said no. You two could have told me before also by the way.

Teairra: Well, she was also talking about me to all the ladies before I even addressed her, so she’s just been really questionable all around.

Erica: Well, I had just found out about the whole ordeal just prior to the dinner. That’s why I decided to ask the questions because I was so confused! Like 10 inches? Wow!

Grace: Girls…

Teairra: Well…Amal did tell me and she did show me the man and I won’t lie to you… I did google him and I was shocked.

Grace: It’s truly a religious experience with him. It’s incredible!

Teairra: So, is he like your dream man?

Grace: Amal’s just jealous…she’s got a fat husband at home, no wonder. Let’s just say I’m now a squirter in my 60s…

Erica: Erica lets out a giggle. Oh my god.

Teairra: Teairra jumps back and laughs. OH! So, he knows all the tricks!

Grace: It’s just a bit of fun, nothing serious…

Erica: I do both nowadays! My rose has been during the trick since my separation though. Erica laughs.

Grace: Why not you know, I’m not young anymore. I just thought fuck it, so I did!

Erica: So, are you going to ask him about the whole Kaylani thing? Because what was that about? Sometimes I just feel like she just wants to be in something.

Grace: I’d love to see the proof. He said he doesn’t know her. It’s a reach anyway, isn’t she married?

Teairra: She showed me the dm request from her phone, it looked real! But I didn’t touch the phone so I’m not sure. She mentioned that to us that she’s married and said something along the lines of he DMs everyone.

Grace’s Confessional: Kaylani is a mystery like I said, and not one many of us care to solve. Grace shrugs.

Erica: She’s supposed to be married but don’t quote me on this, I have heard some rumblings that she’s been masquerading as a Marriott but hey? That’s just the highly respected community of hotels and resorts talking.

Grace: Who cares! She’s dull. I say I have a blue car, hers is bluer.

Erica’s Confessional: Are the Marriotts completely debunking that Kaylani is actually associated with them? Absolutely. The girls talk and they are talking about the fraudulent activity that surrounds her. Erica laughs. Poor child.

Teairra: I think you should give her a chance! She’s actually really sweet, she’s just unfiltered.

Grace: Thank you for thinking of me, Erica. And I hope you both can kind of see now more of the situation I’m in.

Erica: Yes of course, Like I said I’m in a better space now than I have been so I really just want peace with you ladies and amongst this group.

Teairra: Yeah, this is definitely an eye opener. I’m glad you told me exactly what it was because that was a lot unpacked in one night.

Teairra: Teairra dries her nails and looks at them. Pink always does the job!

Erica’s Confessional: I’m so happy that I could treat the girls and actually have them relax for a change. I know I’m usually the main one stressing them out so to be able to flip that around just feels good. Hopefully, I can continue to extend my good spirit to this group and get all these bitches in shape because this group has truly hit the lowest of lows. Erica looks up. Jesus Help Us.

As the Ladies finish getting their nails done, the scene shifts as we transition to the following day, as we focus in on Erica as she is shown walking around her new office space as she sits down with her marketing representative Lisa when the scene begins…

Erica: Okay Lisa, So we’ve been over a couple of things. You know how I feel about the body shimmer! I absolutely adore it and it’s had me in such a choke hold, but these lip gloss colors. I want something that pops! But we also want it to help with the hydration of lips.

Lisa (Erica’s Marketing Representative): I think that’s something that everyone is truly looking for. Not only a Gloss that makes the lips pop but something that keeps in hydrated all in one. Great quality and knowing it won’t take massive amounts of it to work.

Erica: Exactly!

Erica’s Confessional: Aside from all the drama that’s been happening in my life, the Poconos trip was truly good for me. I let out a-lot of grievances when it came to the friend group and my problems with my marriage, and now, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder. I’ve been full throttle into my relaunch and I couldn’t be any happier.

Just then, there’s a knock on the door and Jess, one of Erica’s assistant is shown peeking in…

Jess (Erica’s Assistant): Ms. KaOir, there’s something that you need to see.

Erica: Hey Jess. Sorry, we should be wrapping up here shortly, Can you give us a second?

Jess: Ma’am, I think you might want to see this.

Erica: I’ll see it after Jess, it’s okay.

Lisa: Lisa looks down at her phone as it vibrates and her eyes widen. E, you need to look at this.

Erica grabs the phone before reading it thoroughly as TT’s news article comes out with evidence of Robert with another woman…

Erica: Give me one second, I have to go to the bathroom ladies.

Erica is shown leaving the room quietly as everyone looks around…

Cameraman: Can we see that?

The cameras zoom in on news article on Jess’s phone as it flashes across the and a producer enters the room…

Producer: She’s leaving, she’s leaving. Go, go.

The cameras are shown following after Erica as she has already made it outside of the building towards her car…

Erica: Seriously. I’m not doing this. Stop!

Producer: Erica, we have to talk about this.

Erica: Talk about WHAT? My husband with another lady? Do you want me to cry is that what you want me to DO? ACTION ACTION. Now Jake seriously, I’m done. Erica takes off her Mic, handing it him as she bursts out in tears as a car comes for her.

Erica is then shown getting inside of the car as it zooms down the street. The scene transitions to the Erica’s Confessional interviews as Producers ask her questions…

Producer: Why did you leave the scene so abruptly?

Erica: I was hurt, I was shocked, I was blind-sighted. I think what really hurt me the most was I had just found some self-happiness after the Poconos so to see that picture truly tore me down.

Producer: Has Robert ever had you around this woman?

Erica: I’ve seen her a couple of times. As a family friend. Simply a family friend.

Producer: Have you been in contact with Robert after this?

Erica: All communication between Robert and I are now going through our attorney’s as we prepare for our divorce.

Producer: How do you feel about him fathering that woman’s children?

Erica: He can drown in the river of sorrows in the deepest pits of Hell. There’s nothing worse than a woman scorn. He’ll remember. And that’s Eri shit.

Erica gets up from the confessional chair as the scene transitions and somber music plays and we see a shot of the sun setting over Twitter Beach. We then transition to several days later, as we see the cameras focus in on an upscale steakhouse in Twitter, as we see Kaylani arriving and being led to a backroom for her reservation as the room is panned across. We then watch as the Ladies begin to arrive and the scene continues….

Kaylani’s Confessional: So, tonight I thought it would be nice to invite the girls to our to dinner. To just have some fun and hopefully talk and make amends after the last dinner from the trip and hopefully we can discuss a few other things that’s going on in each other’s lives.

Kaylani: Hopefully tonight goes well and we can catch up with each other.

Teairra: Teairra walks in slowly. Hello, hello!

Kaylani: Hey Teairra, you look beautiful!

Billie: Billie walks into the restaurant. Wow, this looks stunning!

Billie’s Confessional: Let’s hope Kaylani is paying the tab tonight, considering some of these girls are fighting legal battles. I’d hate for them to be in more debt than they already are! Did I just say that out loud…

Billie: Kaylani! How are you doing gorgeous, hey T!!

Kaylani: Thank you, I tried to put some place cards out show no one would be confused where to sit. BILLIE!! I’m doing great. How are you, sexy girl?!

The camera the pans as we see Erica entering the restaurant’s prive room…

Erica’s Confessional: I was so hesitant on coming to this dinner party that I have a change of pajamas in my car just in case I decided to bail out. But Billie called and insisted that I show my face to take my mind off of Robert and the blogs posting him and his new woman.

Erica: Hi Ladies…

Kaylani: Hey Erica, how are you doing?

Erica: Erica smiles at Kaylani. Hey. I’m doing okay love, this is amazing.

Grace: Hi girls! Grace hugs Erica from behind. Squeeeeze!

Teairra: Hey girls! Everyone is rolling in.

The camera pans over as we see Devyn walk in and make her way to the group…

Erica: Erica lets out a slight laugh and looks back. Gracie hi!

Grace: How are you feeling?

Erica: Like I could use a drink. Erica laughs. I’ve been better, but I’m here, right? How are you?

Kaylani’s Confessional: Have I seen the blogs? Yes, I have. Do I really wanna ask her about her situation? Yes, but only as a friend and support; hopefully she can share with us.

Billie: Well, I got you a drink Erica, I know it’s been a long week for you.

Harlow: Harlow walks into the dinner area. Hello ladies!

Grace: Thanks for having us, Kaylani.

Billie: This place looks stunning Kaylani, I think our girl Erica needed this!

Kaylani: Yes, I’m glad she’s here tonight and I appreciate her for coming out why don’t we all get some glasses of champagne. Everyone I put place cards for everyone to sit and you may notice that you are sitting with the person you may have conflict with but there a reason.

Devyn: Erica, honey how is the new line coming along?

Devyn’s Confessional: Listen, I care more about her successes than her failures. For example, her marriage.

Erica: Dinner and a show as usual I see… Erica sips her champagne. Dev, we’re actually in the final testing stages and confirming our launch date. So big things are coming!

Grace: Is that necessary Kaylani?

Billie: Who are we sitting next to? I think I need to sit by Erica tonight! No one needs to fight against Erica, not tonight.

Kaylani: Oh yeah, I just wanted everyone to make amends tonight…

Erica: I think making amends tonight is a great idea Kaylani. That’s if everyone is open to actually talking and not yelling.

Devyn: Sure, let’s do it Kaylani!

Harlow: I’ve been going to therapy and yoga lately so I’m zen tonight.

Grace: I’m not here to fight with anyone, not tonight anyway.

Kaylani: I figured since our last dinner didn’t go so well we could have a civil conversation about how we feel without crossing boundaries.

Grace: Well boundaries are the press that’s one thing that doesn’t help.

Kaylani: So, yes. Billie is next to Grace, Teairra is next to Harlow, Devyn is sitting next to Billie. And then Erica will be next to me. We all need to talk it out we are all friends here.

Billie: Well, I’m honestly here to have good food and good drinks but if you ladies want to heal what’s broken, I’d like to see it.

Grace: Erica, don’t forget what I said yesterday, don’t give the press anything you don’t want out there.

Kaylani’s Confessional: I want these girls to know at the end of the day we all need to be here for each other without the bickering and arguing.

Devyn: Devyn blankly stares. Can we get water in bottles please? She’s known to throw water.

Teairra: Oh! This will be interesting…

Billie: I won’t drench you tonight DEVYN, come have a seat.

Kaylani: Erica, I think we can be a prime example of talking out issues out, so I would love if you sit next to me.

Erica: Uhm… Erica laughs. Okay.

Erica’s Confessional: Issues? We have issues? I could have sworn we talked about these “issues” in the Poconos and agreed to actually move on. I don’t have time for the BS today.

The camera then pans around the table as all the Ladies take their seats and make their orders before an awkward silence fills the air…

Teairra: Okay, so now what? How is this being started?

Kaylani: Well, since we all know where we are sitting I want us to talk and get any issue out that we have with the person next to us, and see that if me and Erica can make amends so can anyone else.

Devyn: I don’t mind going first. I don’t have an issue with anyone, but Billie, and a dinner isn’t going to fix it.

Billie: I think a one on one will fix this. I know you have a problem admitting fault in a group setting.

Kaylani: So, you don’t believe you two relationship is fixable?

Devyn: Billie, I love you, but I’m in strong dislike right now. It will pass. I don’t mind admitting fault, when I’m at fault.

Grace: Billie can’t do that Dev.

Billie: Hey not tonight Grace… unless you want to talk about them PPP loans.

Erica: Can we get a little insight of this problem? Because it really came left field well for me. I’m just so lost. Erica laughs.

Billie: I don’t need Grace and Devyn both coming for me. I can handle one or the other.

Grace: I’ll be quiet…

Devyn: Oh, I’m not coming for you yet. I’ve been really respectful and calm. Besides, you have a steak knife and you’re sitting next to me. I know my limits.

Billie: I think I’ve beat a dead horse to death with Grace. Devyn, I’m open to talking things out.

Devyn: I feel at every turn when Billie could defend me, she doesn’t, and becomes the loudest soprano in a choir she’s not in.

Grace: Devyn’s very clear where she’s at.

Billie: Devyn, if anyone was to talk negatively on King, you, Corey or anyone else in your family I’d be on their ass. Teairra’s husband has gone through so much in this group of women and he’s not even the female. I just thought it was wrong for you Devyn to bring that up in front of everyone especially if Teairra is your friend.

Devyn: Devyn rolls her eyes. We can move on from us. Who’s next?

Kaylani: Well, I’ll go so I wanted everyone to see that a simple conversation can fix anything and I just want to say for you Erica… I’m glad that me and your relationship has gotten better and I don’t know your situation as far as what I read on the blogs, but I want you to know that I’m here for you.

The camera pans around the table as the Ladies’ eyes widen…

Kaylani: And I know that the other girls can put their differences aside for you and if you want to talk about it or vent we are here for you to be open.

Erica: I appreciate that Kaylani and I’m glad that we’ve come a little ways in our growing friendship. With the whole Robert situation, I don’t know where to start but I guess I’ll start with this. Yes, Robert is seeing someone else, and yes, he hasn’t seen his son in months.

Grace: Grace holds Erica’s hand. It’ll be okay, fuck these men!

Teairra: Teairra gasps. Months? oh no

Kaylani: Wow, how are you feeling? How did this happen?

Billie: That’s so awful of Robert. I’ll never understand why a man will pick women over their own kids. Especially when you both just had a newborn!

Harlow: Oh my god that’s too much. Months?!

Devyn: Screw him.

Kaylani’s Confessional: My heart sinks for Erica, she just had a baby and it felt as things were going well for her then boom! This happens?

Erica: I mean honestly, I just feel so numb. I have a child and my siblings & mom depend on me to work so I’ve really just been so caged up. But imagine hearing that your husband who you’re supposed to be working on a marriage with is playing house with another woman and her kids.

Kaylani: Did you find out from the blogs?

Billie: WAIT, HE’S PLAYING HOUSE WITH ANOTHER FAMILY? Do you know the women he’s with?

Erica: I’ve known about this since before we left for the Poconos. Erica looks over at Grace. It’s one of Grace’s acquaintances. I’ve met her in passing through events and Galas. She was a “friend of the family.”

Kaylani: So, Grace knew this woman?

Teairra’s Confessional: The more Erica talks about Robert’s situation the nastier it gets, who would’ve thought they had any cracks in their marriage…they’ve always been tighter than glue!

Erica: Older than me is all I know. Is that all you ladies wanted to know? Erica holds back tears and looks away.

Grace: I don’t know her personally, I sold her her house about a year ago, and she’s on the board of a few different charities.

Billie: So, you know her, Grace? Has she said anything to you about ever seeing Robert?

Grace’s Confessional: I met this woman in question a year ago when I sold her a house, she was going through a divorce and was already telling me about a guy she was seeing. I don’t know if that was Robert or not.

Grace: She was dating a married man for a while, but I never found out who he was.

Billie: And she never said his name to you? I don’t buy this crock of bullshit that Grace is selling us.

Grace: Billie, just relax for one second.

Harlow: That’s… wow.

Harlow’s Confessional: I’m speechless. I’m feel so bad for Erica that her marriage deteriorated that badly. It brings me back to my divorce.

The camera pans to Billie as she shakes her head and looks at Grace in disgust…

Billie’s Confessional: Grace might can tell a tall tale when she’s selling a house but it’s hard to pull something over me.

Grace: Like I said Billie, not sure if you were listening, I don’t know her personally.

Erica’s Confessional: I never would have thought that my world would just be flipped upside down in a blink of an eye. Erica fans her eyes. I was trying my hardest to be a strong woman and hold it all in but this is just too much.

Billie: I’m relaxed and feeling this wine! I’m just asking the questions we all want to know.

Grace: I don’t know all my clients personally.

Erica: She said this a year ago, Grace? Erica looks over at Grace.

Billie: Oh, come on Grace, you know this woman. Amal was a client of yours, and she became your best friend.

Grace: Stop looking for what isn’t there, Billie. That’s all you do with me, stop it.

Billie: I’m not looking it, it’s SUSPICIOUS! Am I the only one that is questioning the holes in your story?

Erica: A year ago was when I was pregnant, right?

Grace: No Kaylani, she volunteered the information to me randomly, she’s adding to the house and I asked why. I’ve been cheated on, I didn’t want to know anymore.

Devyn: I’m sure if Grace knew she was having an affair with Erica’s husband, she would have said something.

Grace: Exactly, I wouldn’t hold something like that from my friend.

Teairra: Teairra nods and looks at Erica. 100%, you were pregnant at the time.

Grace’s Confessional: Billie, have another wine and make something else up, let’s see how crazy you can get.

Erica: Erica starts hyperventilating as tears falls down her face. I need a moment, I need a moment. Erica gets up and leaving the dining room.

Billie: See ladies now we’ve upset her. Billie gets up and follows Erica out.

Grace: Grace shakes her head. Billie can’t read a room.

Teairra: Let Erica breathe for a second, this is all a lot at one time for her.

The camera pans as we see Erica standing outside gasping for air…

Billie: Erica, wait, wait. It’s okay!

Erica: Erica gasps for air. I can’t breathe right now, I think I’m having a panic attack.

Billie: Look at me, count to 5 and then tell me three things you can see right now. I learned this technique at a wellness retreat. You are resilient Erica, you have overcame so much. Billie starts tearing up. You don’t deserve this.

Erica: Erica starts counting while trying to calm my breathing down still crying. Billie for over a year though? A year?

Billie: I know I’m disgusted by Robert truthfully, like how could he do this to you? He knew how much trouble you went through to have your baby and the complications you faced during your pregnancy and now you how to deal with seeing him out with another woman. Billie shakes her head. This just isn’t right.

Erica: Erica wipes her tears. How could he really do this to me? To me of all people! I can’t go back in there right now. Tell the girls and Kaylani thank you, but I need a minute and i’ll be back in.

Erica’s Confessional: Erica looks away from the camera holding back my tears. I don’t know what to say.

We then watch as Billie returns to the dining area with the other Ladies as tense music continues to play…

Billie: Ladies Erica, just needed a minute. She will be back in a second!

Grace: So, are you just not talking to me then? Grace points to Harlow.

Harlow: Grace, I have no problem with you. I’m trying to keep my cool.

Grace: I have a problem with you Harlow. I just thought I’d have heard from you after Poconos. And it was me texting you, but no reply.

Harlow: See, this is how I remember what I heard a few days ago. I do have a problem with you —

Grace: Can I finish? Then you can go?

Harlow: Go on.

Grace: I asked you if the girls were talking about me, you said no, I asked you if you knew anything they were spreading about me, you said no

Harlow: I didn’t want to get myself in the middle of it. Now can I say what I wanted to say?

Teairra’s Confessional: But I was gaslit and got the situation flipped on me when I said I wasn’t reached out to by Harlow, we all can’t be lying on you…maybe the name HarLIAR was more than accurate.

Grace’s Confessional: I have a lot of respect for Harlow, she’s been through a lot. But I won’t stand for a bad friend, what she did was wrong.

Harlow: I seriously meant no harm. I wasn’t trying to get myself in the middle of things. You were already spiraling enough. But then you become a sick and twisted person just because I didn’t tell you ONE thing. There’s someone I know out here in Twitter. And I find this really upsetting. You know I’m going through a disgusting custody battle. You know how low I’ve been. But I come to find out you’ve been having dinner with my ex-husband. And talking shit about me. Ever since we got back from the Poconos. I wanna hear you explain yourself.

Devyn: Harlow, you seem to have a history of not responding to people. Do you consider these ladies friends or not?

Grace: Grace sips her drink. My turn? Because you’re wrong.

Harlow: Devyn, I don’t even talk to you can you not interfere? Harlow looks at Grace. Okay I’ll admit it. I was wrong. And I’m sorry. But what I’m not going to let pass by is that you’re talking to my ex-husband.

Grace: I’ve known you a long time Harlow, I’ve been there for you, I’m an investor in your business for God’s sake. You should be there for me, that’s what friends do. They stick up for you or hold you accountable.

Devyn: That is a question that needs an answer. Yes is a whole lot shorter than highlighting our lack of friendship.

Grace: I’ve also known your ex a long time.

Billie: She’s an investor in LAURIER Jewelries!?

The camera briefly pans outside as Erica is shown speeding off from the restaurant, before returning to the table as arguing continue…

Harlow: I was there for you. I don’t believe 100% that you are fraudulent. You know how much calls I get from blogs asking if you are a criminal and I respond with No?!

Grace: And it’s not like I go for manicures with him, but if I see him then yes I say hello. Do I agree with what he’s done, no. And I’ve told him that. Grace pauses. Okay, so what percentage do you think I’m fraudulent then?

Devyn’s Confessional: Calling your investor fraudulent? That’s a choice.

Harlow: 0%, I’m not like these ladies!

Billie: Oh Harlow, that is such bullshit! You got drunk in Poconos and told me and Teairra you thought she did shady business dealings!

Devyn: I don’t think you’re fraudulent anymore Grace.

Harlow: No, I did not?! When did I say that, Billie?! Billie your making shit up! What the hell?!

Grace’s Confessional: What is it with these ladies and them wanting to painting me out to be a criminal?

Grace: Billie, just stop, all you do is lie. Harlow, we’re good.

Billie: After the last dinner! When you were fired up Harlow. Did you indulge in too much alcohol and now regret the truth?

Harlow: Are you sure Grace? Billie, when the hell did I say that? When Billie? I had no drinks.

Grace: I don’t believe anything Billie says.

Devyn: I thought Harlow was a recovering alcoholic? We should call her sponsor.

Teairra: Harlow blurts out a lot of things, I’m sure those things were said from her mouth.

Billie: I know what I heard that night and I’m sure Teairra can recall it too.

Harlow: I did not say Grace was fraudulent! You guys make up lies left and right?! What is wrong with these ladies?! Are you guys nuts??

Grace: Someone roll the tapes.

Teairra: I recall, I’m shocked Harlow doesn’t.

Devyn: Grace, 2 people saying it makes it believable.

Harlow’s Confessional: I went from zen to ten to a hundred real quick.

Billie: But you know what Teairra they both deserve each other! Billie laughs. They live in their own fantasy world!

Grace: No, that’s you Billie. Cut the fucking bullshit and stop.

Billie: I live in a world of truth.

Harlow: Billie, you are such a bitch! You run to the blogs every damn day rambling about this and that! Shut the fuck up puffer lips!

Kaylani: Well, I don’t think we gonna be making amends with each other any time soon.

Grace: A world of truth?! What about what you said about Erica to me Billie? When you were drunk? At Frogmore’s?

Billie: Billie puffs out her lips. Baby, these lips are worth more than your net worth. Keep talking about them!

Harlow: I doubt it Billie!

Teairra: Oh, she’s angry … what happened to zen?

Billie: Kaylani, this was a nice dinner but I’m going to head out! Dumb and dumber… Billie points at Harlow and Grace. Are just idiots living in their own world!

Grace’s Confessional: Billie basically had one too many and kept talking about the cast and who she said should be on and who shouldn’t. She called Erica boring and baseless, but that’s her best friend, right?!

Harlow: The only thing that bitch knows is how to suck a micropenis.

Devyn: I’m out too, somebody needs to go find Erica and check on her. Keep arguing about whether is alcoholic was drunk talking or not.

Billie: I was actually heading over there too Devyn, I’ll see you over there.

Teairra: Teairra laughs. Well, this was more peaceful than I thought… Teairra gets up, grabbing her purse. I’d rather exit before it gets even worse!

As the Ladies begin to depart, the camera pans across the table as we see Harlow sitting there alone after all the Ladies left the restaurant…

Harlow’s Confessional: I seriously feel isolated on an island. These ladies suddenly turn on me and I don’t get it. I’ve lost every single friend and they push this narrative that I’m the bad guy! It’s not okay! Harlow wipes her tears. Not okay.

As Harlow’s confessional fades from the screen, we see a shot of Twitter’s city skyline as the scene and the episode come to an end.



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