Season 5, Episode 18- ‘Midnight in Mykonos Part 2’

Ladies of Twitter
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Previously on Ladies of Twitter, the ladies jetted off to Mykonos and began the trip with a dramatic dinner. Afterwards, to unwind, some of the ladies decided to go to a club to celebrate Ava’s birthday, but when Devyn sent Ava a text message about Joshuaa’s marriage, the women rushed home to tell Joshuaa…

As the intro ends, we see Jac, Tyler, Brian, and Ava get out of their taxi and head up the steps of their villa.

Jac Confessional: My heart is in my stomach, my palms are all sweaty and I’m beyond nervous for what is about to go down. I feel like this is going to completely ruin her life and part of me can’t bare to watch. The other part of me knows she needs to know

Tyler Confessional: Well. Here goes nothing. I don’t plan to be in the forefront of this with Joshuaa because we aren’t the closest, so I think it’s best that other ladies break it down for him

Brian Confessional: I feel terrible for her. Although she is a shitty person …she doesn’t deserve to be shit on….much.

Ava Confessional: I am literally SHAKING with this revelations about Joshuaa. Am I being a good friend by telling him? Why is this happening??

Jac: So are we ready ladies?

Tyler: As ready as I’ll ever be

Jac: Where’s Devyn? Can someone go get Devyn? We need her by our side when this all goes down.

Ava: Oh God, I texted her, she’s coming

Devyn: *comes downstairs* Early good morning ladies

Ava: Devyn, we’ve got to wake Joshuaa up and tell him

Devyn: Tell Joshuaa what? I’m confused.

Ava: About the text you sent me

Jac: We need to Dev. By morning it could be plastered all over the tabloids.

Devyn Confessional: Dear Jesus Christ, really Ava?

Billie: What’s going on girls?

Ava: Imagine if Joshuaa finds out we knew and didn’t even bother to warn her. He deserves to know.

Devyn: That’s very true. Let’s do it

Jac: Let’s go girls

The ladies then make their way towards Joshuaa’s bedroom in the Villa. Jac then knocks on the door.

Jac: Sweetie are you decent? *opens door* Honey, it’s Jac, you need to wake up

Joshuaa: *wakes up* Oh Lord, who died? *laughs*

Joshuaa Confessional: What the hell is up. These ladies look serious and I’m like what the hell is going on

Brian: Your heart

Joshuaa: Huh? My heart what?

Jac: No one died but you need to get dressed. Something has happened.

Joshuaa: Girls, I’m tired, let me sleep

Devyn: Joshuaa, it’s important.

Joshuaa then gets dressed and follows the ladies down into the main room

Joshuaa Confessional: I go into my bathroom where my phone is and I see that I’ve had over 100 messages… I know somethings up but I just couldn’t bear to look. What if my boy is sick or what if Nina or my brother are in trouble. My heart was pounding.

Billie: Is someone going to let us know what’s happened? It’s 4 AM, this can’t be good

Joshuaa: What is it girls?

Jac: Ava, where’s your phone hun? Pull up the texts.

Joshuaa: Okay what is happening my phone is blowing up I can’t look someone tell me what’s happened *begins to panic* is it Hugo?! SOMEONE TELL ME

Jac: Some information has come to light and before you look you need to know that we love you and we support you regardless

Ava passes Joshuaa her phone with the photo pulled up

Jac: It’s Derek with another woman tonight

Joshuaa: Who…who is that? *tears begin to fall* I feel like I know who that is….

Jac: Just know that we are here for you and we want the best for you

Tyler: I’m truly sorry about this Joshuaa. Just so you know, my heart and prayers are with you and Hugo

Joshuaa: Oh God…where is my boy when he’s out with this hooker?? I need to leave *runs back upstairs*

Billie Confessional: Y’all got me up at 4 am about something I already knew about.

Jac: I feel so BAD for her *sobs*

Billie: I feel awful for Joshuaa. We are all the way in Greece for God’s Sake. This was horrible timing


Joshuaa: *sobs on the bathroom floor* HOW COULD HE DO THIS TO ME? TO OUR SON? *begins throwing things* I’LL KILL HIM

Jac: *knocks* Joshuaa, can I come in?

Billie: Joshuaa honey it’s okay girl. It’s going to be okay. Let’s just take a breath

Joshuaa: I’m so angry Jac. I can’t breathe.

Jac: Joshuaa, we’re going to get through this, you need to calm down

Ava: *walks in* Oh no. *shouts* Devyn, she’s having a panic attack!

Joshuaa: *shaking* I just want my baby…I WANT MY BABY *sobs*

Devyn: Joshuaa, I need you to calm down. *grabs syringe to give Joshuaa an anxiety shot* Deep breaths sweetie. Girls, this medicine is probably going to make her sleepy, it’s a good thing

The ladies, after a frantic night, then all go to their bedrooms to try and get a bit of rest. Soon, the sun rises and they all get up for breakfast

Brian: What a night…

Billie: Tyler, what the hell happened last night when you girls went to the club? Last night was a mess

Jac: I can’t even eat.

Tyler: Well we were drinking and dancing and next thing we knew, Ava got the text from Devyn

Devyn: Joshuaa is still sleeping. He will probably be awake soon.

Ava: Have you seen all the blogs? It’s everywhere

Billie: I mean Tyler was the first to call it *shrugs shoulders*

Joshuaa: Morning ladies…so what is the plan for today?

Jac: Honey, are you sure you want to stay?

Joshuaa: Oh absolutely. I just got off the phone from my mom, she’s got Hugo. We FaceTimed and he’s perfect…. *begins to cry* anything else I can handle when I get to twitter. I…. I’m trying here okay?

Ava: Well then let’s just try and have a good time.

Joshuaa: I just can’t believe he’s done this to me. Just so you ladies know, I will be filing for divorce. Now let’s enjoy Greece.

The Ladies then all head up to their rooms and get dressed to go out on a yacht. Some of the ladies put on bathing suits, while others go with a wrap over their suits. They then all get into their van and head towards the Sea, arriving at the pier and getting on to the yacht.

Ava Confessional: C: After a terrible TERRIBLE night! I decided a day in the ocean is what this group needs…especially Joshuaa. Being trapped in a yacht in the middle of the ocean with no escape is perfect with these bitches, right?

Devyn Confessional: Last night and this morning was tough. Joshuaa is being way stronger than I expected him too. I’m glad he’s ok. Just because I’m a concerned friend doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten his little act of betrayal yesterday.

Joshuaa Confessional: I’m calm, I’ve had three drinks and I’m about to spend the day in the middle of Greece on a yacht! I’m just looking forward to holding my baby!

Billie: What a beautiful yacht!

Brian: This place is gorgeous, thank you Ava!

Ava: Thank you ladies, make yourselves at home.

Billie: I’m going to lay up on the front of the boat! Anyone want to join me?

Brian: I’ll join you hun! Let me just change into my other outfit that I just happen to have in my purse!

Ava: Wait, first ladies, let’s take a shot to celebrate!!

Tyler: *takes shot* To Mykonos and Ava’s Birthday *walks over to Joshuaa* Could I talk to you for a minute?

Joshuaa: Sure Ty…

Tyler: First I just want to say I’m sorry that this is all happening like this, especially in Greece ,and secondly, I just want you to know how even though I may have said some things, this truly shocked me and that I’m praying for you and Hugo

Joshuaa: Me too, well, I mean, you knew this was coming, right?

Tyler: I knew he had cheated but I didn’t know it was this deep, hand to God. I just knew of the one standalone time. I was just as shocked when Devyn sent that text to Ava

Joshuaa Confessional: I do believe Tyler knows more than he lets on.

Jac Confessional: I’m watching over these two like a hawk. Secretly I’m praying that this tragedy brings them back to where they used to be but I also know how these two can be. One wrong move and BOOM we could have another fight on our hands

Joshuaa: Well thanks for your condolences, I guess.

Tyler: No problem, I truly hope one day we can get to a better place than now. Enjoy your day Joshuaa. I know this is difficult

The scene then shifts to Brian and Billie who are sunbathing on the front deck of the boat.

Billie: So Brian how shocked on a scale of 1–10 were you when you found out Joshuaa’s husband was out whoring around

Brian: Negative 2.5, are we really surprised? Hell no!

Billie: I mean, why amI being woken up at 4 AM to hear some news that we knew about?

Brian: I know, and really did she have no idea? Why is he whoring around? Clearly he wasn’t getting any in the house

Billie: I think Joshuaa really does know what’s going on. I don’t buy this dumb joshuaa. She’s actually super intelligent. I think he was afraid the spotlight from the trip was being taken off him and told his husband to go out and do this and probably hired someone to take pictures so they could send it to a blog, all for a publicity stunt.

Brian: Wow, that’s probably so true, I bet they also got so much money.

Brian Confessional: I’m not one to talk badly about someone but this is karma.

Billie: Like I said, Joshuaa is no dumb bitch. But let’s enjoy some Greece and some vitamin D!

Joshuaa: *walks over to Devyn* Thanks for calming me down last night D!

Devyn: You’re welcome Joshuaa, I’m glad you’re feeling better today, I truly am

Joshuaa: Thanks, I’m just so ready to go home

Devyn: Joshuaa, we are true friends, right? I’m just wondering why you backed Lauralie yesterday when it was revealed she told Brian I was a fake doctor. It kind of hurt my feelings

Joshuaa: Absolutely, and no I didn’t, I just said that a gang up wasn’t cool. I don’t support what she said

Devyn: That’s what I thought, sorry if I misinterpreted it. I wanted to clear the air.

Jac: It was a gang up on Lauralie darl.

Devyn: Probably wasnt the right time to ask but I was curious

Jac: It definitely wasn’t the right time

Billie: Sorry to interrupt but we are going to go snorkeling in the ocean. So let’s table the petty shit and let’s go swimming with the sharks. Oh wait I already do that now *laughs*

The ladies then stop and decide to all go snorkeling and enjoy their time. Shots are shown of the women jumping into the water and shots of them all swimming. However, after a while, they get back onboard and head back towards their Villa where the women all get ready for the dinner. Ava has hired a chef to come into the Villa for the ladies’ final night in Mykonos

Ava Confessional: Well. This super exciting trio with all of my best friends has been super exciting *big smile* Did That Sound convincing? In all honesty I’m glad this trip is finished. So many twist and turns and revelations with Joshuaa’s marriage put a dark cloud over the trip. Let’s just get through dinner and head back to Twitter

Devyn Confessional: Today has actually been a good day. After the conversations earlier we were able to get along for the most part on the yacht. Lots of snorkeling and swimming. I hope that Ava has had a great birthday.

Lauralie Confessional: I got really sick earlier, so I decided not to join the girls on the boat trip. However, now I feel much better, and I’m ready to reconcile with “Doctor” Devyn…. and Ava?

Joshuaa: Ladies, it’s been one hell of a trip, that’s for sure!

Brian: Joshuaa, how are you holding up love?

Joshuaa: Yeah, I’m fine, just dreading leaving here.

Brian: *realizes Lauralie is here* Oh…

Lauralie: Yes Brian? Are you okay?

Brian: Peachy.

Brian Confessional: I’m not playing Lauralie’s games anymore. She owes us an apology for how she treated us at the dinner

Lauralie: Say it Brian! There’s no point in beating around the bush

Brian: Lauralie, you know why I’m upset with you, it’s no secret.

Lauralie: I don’t understand it. It’s not like I have to ask you for permission.

Joshuaa: Can we not? Why do you hate each other so much? It’s weird.

Brian: *rolls eyes* Can you just like leave me alone? You don’t get it.

Lauralie: You are hurt, but it wasn’t my intention. I’m just supporting your sister, that’s all. Also I wanted to say sorry to Doctor Devyn Tennille King

Devyn: Apology received.

Lauralie: I shouldn’t say that you are not a real doctor, but let’s not act like you didn’t go around the city calling me prostitute.

Devyn: Well Lauralie I’d give you more respect than that and call you an escort. But I get the point. Thank you.

Jac Confessional: Lauralie got some rest and came in guns a blazing.

Billie: *stands up with Jac* My little sis will be apart of the wedding as a bridesmaid!! After tears and wine we decided to make her a bridesmaids

Jac: *tears up* Oh my god Billie! That’s so sweet *hugs Billie* I can’t wait to be there to celebrate your day

Joshuaa: Congrats *gets up* Excuse me ladies *gets up and leaves*

Jac: Joshuaa, what’s going on?

Joshuaa: I just wanna go to bed Jac I don’t wanna be talking about weddings right now

Jac: Ohh…I get it. Do you want me to come with you?

Joshuaa: No, Jac, it’s fine.

Jac returns to the table where Devyn and Lauralie have continued bickering with one another.

Jac: If you bitches can’t get along then sit in fucking silence! Jesuss! *looks at Lauralie* I get you are trying to smooth shit over but it’s not working. *looks at Devyn* You’re supposed to be a doctor and be above this mess*

Devyn: How are we not getting along? I accepted her damn olive branch. Told her I’d call her an escort not a prostitute. She claims I would know about that and I agreed.

Lauralie: Because it’s not true, I’m not an escort. Get your facts right.

Ava: Well ladies you can continue arguing about escorts and hoes and whatever. I’m leaving. I’ll see you all back in Twitter. Goodnight

Devyn: It was a damn joke to you accusing me of calling you a prostitute. Y’all just wanna make a mountain out of a damn mole hill. *gets up to leave and walks out with Ava*

The ladies then all head off to their bedrooms to sleep for a few hours, we then see all packing up their bags and getting ready for the airport,, before getting in the van, arriving at the airport, and flying away back to Twitter as the scene and episode end.


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