Season 5: Episode 19 — ‘The Wedding Billz’

Brian’s Confessional: I’m SO glad to be back in Twitter. I have SO MUCH work to get done and need to get some filler done before the wedding, so there’s a lot going on!

Tyler’s Confessional: I haven’t seen most of the women since Greece, but I’ve missed my two B’s so I’m excited to see them today

The ladies all greet each other as they enter a small boutique for some retail therapy.

Billie: Hey ladies, how are you guys?

Brian: Hiiiii hunny bunny!

Tyler: Glad to be back in Twitter! *laughs*

Billie’s Confessional: It feels great being back, my hubby to be missed me so much! I love these two women so I appreciate being invited out today, I’ve missed them!

Tyler: I had a blast in Europe; I needed some time away from here.

Billie: Greece wore me out!

Brian: Oh SAME. I’m so tired of it all now. Is there always that much drama when you all go away?

Tyler: Umm yes. Haha

Billie: welcome to the group B!

Brian: Can we sue Joshuaa for ruining our trip?

Tyler: This group has had enough tears and lawsuits for a lifetime without doing that

Billie: With all his hardships right now, I can’t do it to him.

Brian: *laughs* well Billie you ready for the big day?!

Billie: I am. I’m nervous though!

Tyler: It’s going to be fabulous

Billie: Well… let’s hope so! I don’t want these ladies to ruin anything for me

Tyler: Has anyone spoken to the others since being back?

Brian: Fuck no!

Billie: I called Lauralie & Jac, no one else.

Billie’s Confessional: As unfortunate as it is that Joshuaa isn’t a part of my wedding, maybe it was God shining the light that Tyler and I were supposed to be friends…

Billie: So what do you girls think will happen with Joshuaa and his little family that isn’t happy anymore?

Brian: I doubt he will leave his ass!

Tyler: I hope he can be happy moving forward, it’s a sad situation I think.

Brian: He seems extremely needy

Tyler’s Confessional: Sure, I told Joshuaa about how his marriage was with the first cheating but I feel for anyone who has to go through this.

Billie: does anyone actually know where Joshuaa is living?

Tyler: I haven’t been to his house for over a year, so no.

Brian: I guess downtown Twitter aka the slums?

Billie: Well he isn’t in the hills by Tyler, by the beach near me or in upper Twitter?

Brian: I know everyone where I live, he couldn’t afford anything there.

Billie: He could be Downton with Jac, also don’t you think their relationship is odd? *pauses* like built off of convenience?

Tyler: Always have. Steph and I said it all last year.

Brian agrees and suggests he would be great friends with Jac if Joshuaa wasn’t in his ear

Billie: well I guess we will find out soon enough!

The ladies finish mooching through the store and all walk out laughing, heading to a manicure as the scene ends

Joshuaa appears out of a car service and takes a seat outside in the sunshine as he awaits some of the other ladies…

Joshuaa’s Confessional: So it’s been a couple weeks since we got back from Greece and a lot is happening in the world of Twitter honey! I invited all the ladies to brunch so we could try to clear the air; Billie, Brian and Tyler all declined my invite. So here’s to moving forward with the rest of these bitches!

Lauralie is the first to arrive

Joshuaa: FINALLY! Where you been girl?

Lauralie: Traffic. You know me I am always the first one to show up, How are you?

Joshuaa: You look great!

Lauralie: As do you honey.


Ava’s Confessional: LAWD I need a vacation from that vacation. So many difficult moments but I am looking forward to seeing Joshuaa to check in.

Ava sits down and the ladies order some coffees as Jac and Devyn arrive next

Lauralie: Wow Jac 2000 is back, you look amazing!

Jac: Hi girlies!

Joshuaa’s Confessional: THIS. THIS is what it should be like, ladies coming together and having a nice time!

Joshuaa: Everyone still has their Greece glow I see! How is everyone?\

Devyn: The question is how you are?!

Jac: yeah girl whats happened?

Joshuaa: I’m kinda just figuring it all out right now. That’s all I can say really. I’ll be throwing a divorce party that’s for sure!

Lauralie: Wait, what? Have I missed something?

Devyn: Joshuaa

As the ladies all fill Lauralie in on what happened and Joshuaa’s impending divorce, the conversation turns to Billie’s wedding…

Jac: well now that I am a last minute bridesmaid, I’m looking forward to it! *Laughs*

Joshuaa: I’m bringing a handsome date

Lauralie: I’m happy for you!

Jac’s Confessional: Joshuaa seems to be rushing this whole ‘moving on’ thing. I don’t know if it’s a copping mechanism or what. To me…it seems like she’s trying too hard to move on

Joshuaa: Well, who knows what will happen! Cheers girls, to fresh starts with you all!

The ladies all cheers as the scene ends and they all finish up their plates

Billie’s Confessional: Here comes the bride here comes to bride. YASS bitches it is Mr and Mrs Harry Hamlin to you! It’s the day I’ve been waiting for! I’m gushing with excitement as I have finally married my true love! Now let’s hope these bitches don’t mess up my wedding party!

Tyler’s Confessional: The wedding was fabulous and I’m so proud to have been the Matron of Honor. Billie is an amazing friend and I’m proud to have stood next to him. Now I’m hoping to party and celebrate Billie and his hubby

Brian’s Confessional: What a gorgeous wedding, what a gorgeous bride and now it’s time to enjoy and get our dance on!

Joshuaa walks into the reception with his date and Lauralie

Joshuaa’s Confessional: C: the wedding was…. cringe. So much kissing and wet tongue. I mean I’m happy for Billie but I certainly thought she had more class!

Lauralie’s Confessional: Too bad that Aaron couldn’t make it, but he’s more needed somewhere else. However, I wish I knew that Billie is going to wear a red dress. Now people will think I’m a bride. *laughs* To be honest… I look even better than she does.

Jac walks in with Tom

Jac’s Confessional: Pick your faces up off the floor. Yes I’m here with my supposed to be estranged husband but he’s been texting me lately and I just couldn’t resist. Look at him in that outfit…could you? I’m so happy Billie asked me to be apart of his special day. He’s had a few marriages fail so fingers crossed this one makes it to the finish line

Ava and Devyn arrive to the reception

Ava’s Confessional: Despite everything that has happened I am truly happy for Billie and wish him nothing but the best. I’ve got some things on my mind that I have got to get off my chest with Tyler. Maybe a few glasses of champagne will help me

Devyn’s Confessional: Weddings are always a happy time. I hope Billie as a life full of happiness and great sex. I just want to show my face then leave. I don’t desire to have any drama whatsoever.

Billie: *walks into the room with her new husband* I’M MARRIED NOW!!

All the ladies clap in celebration of Billie’s wedding and arrival to the reception

Tyler: Congratulations! If I may, I have a small toast to the bride!

All the ladies gather closer and await to hear Tyler’s speech

Billie: Let’s hear it!

Tyler: Billie, we’ve know each other for two years. And in that time, I’ve seen you grow into a truly strong woman. And then I saw you with Harry and it was the perfect fit. I hadn’t been a Matron of Honor before and I’m honored to have stood next to you in that chapel and watched you become man and wife. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness

As most of the ladies cheers to the toast, Joshuaa and Jac both look at each other in confusion

Joshuaa’s Confessional: BITCH! Tyler, you were my maid of honour first? Did you forget that huge and expensive may I add trip where I GOT MARRIED?

Jac’s Confessional: Did Tyler just say she’s never been a Matron of honor before? Did this bitch forget she was standing by Joshuaa’s side during his wedding? That dementia must be further along then any of us thought

Joshuaa: WOW *laughs*

Jac: That was beautiful, shady but beautiful…

Ava: Erm, i think I’ve seen you in that role once already Tyler…

Tyler: I’ve stood beside of other women, but it was *sips drink* different.

Brian laughs and walks away

Joshuaa: I think what Tyler meant to say was that she didnt have to buy her bridesmaids dress for my wedding, but she did for this one!

Devyn: *shakes head* That’s just wrong Tyler

Tyler: If Joshuaa wants to talk to me about it, why don’t you girls let him. He can talk too

Joshuaa: I’d rather not Tyler.

Billie: Wait a minute… Joshuaa did you just say Tyler had to pay for her bridesmaids dress?

Tyler: Perfect! I can’t be bothered either…

Jac’s Confessional: It’s another low blow. She knows Joshuaa’s marriage is falling apart and he can’t help but make a dig. It’s so pathetic

Joshuaa: Your facelift is too tight I think it’s giving your brain problems

Lauralie: No fighting. It’s Billie’s day.

Joshuaa takes himself away from the group and sits with his date

Jac’s Confessional: It’s another low blow. She knows Joshuaa’s marriage is falling apart and he can’t help but make a dig. It’s so pathetic

Jac: You claim to be about women’s empowerment. You know his marriage is falling apart and you pull that stunt. It’s low and it’s nasty ty

Tyler: It’s between Joshuaa and I. And Joshuaa loves to attack looks. He did it last year at my store opening as well

Devyn’s Confessional: Jac always has something to say. Like I liked her before she started trying to have an opinion on every damn piece of conflict in this group.

Lauralie: *To Brian* Did you see Joshuaa with that man? Suspicious.

Brian: Yes… He’s moved on fast! I mean, it wasn’t a shocker. I’m sure he knew something was going on…

Billie walks towards Joshuaa and his date

Billie: Hey Girl! So I heard something along the lines of these woman paid for their dresses is that true

Joshuaa: That’s what I heard. Congrats! You look great!

Billie: Well thank you I appreciate it. But I won’t have you sit here and talk shit about me on my wedding day! Because what you “heard” was some bull shit. Who even told you that

Joshuaa: Oh well, Your assistant told my assistant *walks away to get a new drink*

Billie: *whispers* no wonder his husband cheated

Devyn and Ava dance together on the dance floor

Devyn: I ned to fuck! Who’s coming for me?

Ava: Okay time to put down the champagne chile!

Joshuaa hands Jac a new drink

Jac: What was going on over there?

Joshuaa: Billie being messy yet again!

Brian and Lauralie continue to chat amongst themselves

Lauralie: I’m glad we’re moving on Brian!

Brian: Did we lauralie? That trip was anything but fun. Are you looking to finally apologize?

Lauralie looks confused and asks Brian what apology he needs to give

Brian: Dear god nothing. Let’s just agree to disagree and move the hell on.

Ava, Devyn, Jac, Joshuaa and Lauralie all dance together as Brian Billie and Tyler all gather to gossip some more

Tyler: What’s wrong B?

Billie: Joshuaa over here telling people I made my bridesmaids pay for their dresses! It’s a white lie!

Tyler’s Confessional: *Producer asks him if he paid for his bridesmaids dress* Erm, no comment!

Tyler: But he wants you to react! Don’t let it get to you!

Billie: NO WONDER his husband is getting divorced from him!

Brian yells over for Jac

Brian: Why don’t you get Joshuaa and teach him how to keep a main? Maybe teach him how to give a proper blow job so he can keep a man!

Joshuaa overhears and approaches the other women

Joshuaa: Ladies, ladies, ladies why are y’all so mad about me? You know I can hear you all? Being bitches?

Brian: And? We will say it again!

Tyler: I haven’t said a word

Jac: We are your friends too Billie

Joshuaa: You’re all being mean girls, what’s wrong?

Joshuaa’s Confessional: Billie can’t just enjoy his day, she has to open his mouth about me yet again. Dumb.

Billie: We aren’t mean girls. You’re miserable and I should’ve never let you come back into my life.

Joshuaa: So much venom! I’m here to celebrate your big day

Lauralie: Ladies let’s stop this attack on Joshuaa now

Billie: The talking behind each other back and forth is RIDICULOUS!

Joshuaa: Oh honey, you’re the queen of that! Let’s not go there.

Ava: Billie you were just saying “No wonder Joshuaa’s husband cheated on him”

Joshuaa’s Confessional: Disgusting!

Devyn: Awe look Lauralie is having Joshuaa’s back. I call it returning the favor.

Billie: Ava I can speak for myself. I said no wonder why her husband cheated on her.

Joshuaa: WOW. You’re actually a pig.

Ava: Yes we see your lips Billie we know you’re good at blowing…hot air from them

Billie: *To Joshuaa* You are here 2 and a half weeks later with a different man. Don’t seem like you’re to heartbroken to me

Jac’s Confessional: These girls find a new way to go lower and lower. Like there are no boundaries in this group anymore

Lauralie’s Confessional: I don’t like that everyone is going after Joshuaa

Joshuaa: He’s my brother’s friend Billie, but thanks for your concern

Lauralie: It’s not fun when you have four people against you, ladies stop this.

Billie: Oh I don’t wanna hear he’s your brothers friend. Find a different excuse that one so tired.

Devyn: Joshuaa can handle his own Lauralie don’t worry

Joshuaa: You are such a bitch *laughs*

Billie: YOU SAID MY BRIDESMAIDS PAID FOR THEIR OWN DRESSES!!! It’s hurtful that someone I thought I made up with in Italy is over here talking behind my back. Are you ever going to stop with the hate Joshuaa. I’m damn near 52 years old. I’m tired.

Joshuaa: It was a passing comment that YOUR assistant told mine! Stop spreading lies and gossip then!

Devyn: I think an assistant is getting fired!

Jac’s Confessional: Jesus you’d think Joshuaa said Billies husband fucked the dog. This reaction is so over the top…even for Billie

Tyler: I remember when I was your friend. But best friends work through things. If you want the real shit and we couldn’t and wouldn’t do that. Myself and You both wouldn’t. So we weren’t best friends, you’re straight about it because best friends work through their problems

Joshuaa: OH TYLER. This is just so boring to me now. You’re a mean girl, Brian is a mean girl and Billie you’re a mean girl

Jac: *grabs Billie by the shoulders* Billie you really need to think about what you are doing right now. He made a comment about dresses and you are losing your shit. You need to calm down


Tyler: *To Joshuaa* So are you bitch. All the women you have said about so many women. You are disgusting. And furthermore, mean girls attack other’s looks you attacked mine you mean, bitter bitch

Lauralie: Can you all take a breath? Jesus!

Joshuaa: Pathetic

Tyler: Yes, you are

Joshuaa: I’m here to celebrate love

Tyler: Clearly

Joshuaa: Not converse with trash

Billie: Well then you shouldn’t have came. Leave the drama at your broken house!

Lauralie: Billie. Don’t think about it. Let me remind you that you are going to have a great dicking from your husband.

Jac: Tyler should have more sense then to taint a special moment with a shady comment but I guess Tyler has less sense then that

Tyler: This is the first time I’ve truly felt like a Matron of Honor and that’s what I said. Why did I say it? I MEANT IT!

Joshuaa: I’m sick of you

Tyler: And I am SICK of you, you deplorable, nasty human. Leave me alone and I’ll do the same to you

Ava and Devyn both usher Joshuaa to say his goodbyes and leave the reception

Billie: You know what Joshuaa you should just leave to be honest

Lauralie’s Confessional: I’m embarrassed to be here. I’m embarrassed to be friends with them. Are they fighting over who bought someone dress? What is this? This is why I don’t like to be involved with them. They are acting like 5-year-old girls. Classless.

Brian: That’s right Ava, take out the savage!

Joshuaa goes over and collects his things and grabs his gift to Billie and opens it in front of him

Joshuaa: You want to talk about friendship? You want to talk about loyalty and being there for someone? *gives Billie a framed picture of himself and Joshuaa from 10 years ago*

Billie: *rolls eyes* Joshuaa just leave. I can’t take anymore.

Joshuaa grabs the frame out of Billie’s hands

Joshuaa: You are standing there tearing me down constantly. I’ll be emailing you my divorce lawyers number, I’m sure you’ll be needing it very soon.

Joshuaa, Ava and Devyn all head out but Joshuaa heads towards Billie’s wedding cake and slams his framed picture into the side of the cake


As all the other ladies look on in horror, Jac can’t hide her amusement and Devyn flips the bird to Billie as she exits with Joshuaa and Ava

Jac: Oh my goodness, that was epic.

Brian: There’s nothing like a wedding in Twitter, huh?

As the scene and the episode comes to a close, the rest of the ladies toast to Billie’s new marriage and they all hug it out as the final confessionals hit the screen…

Brian’s Closing Confessional: I am at a loss for words right now. This wedding was ruined. Im glad I spoke up with Billie and the rest of us. I need a long break from this toxic group. As happy as I am my cousin brought me in, I wonder how much I need to pay her to get me out.

Ava’s Closing Confessional: In the end this wedding wasn’t really about Billie. It was a revival of sorts…..Of true pure evil! True colors shined bright like a rainbow after the rain and all the wicked witches melted. I’m always going to have Joshuaa’s back regardless of what these hateful bitches have to say! I’m focused on my children and this wonderful life these ladies wish they had *sips tea*

Jac’s Closing Confessional: This has been one hell of a journey. I’m in two minds about whether or not I should’ve come back. Part of me is glad to have grown closer to Joshuaa, repaired my friendship with Billie and met Ava but the other part of me is shocked by all the drama these girls bring. Well should I really be shocked?

Devyn’s Closing Confessional: This has been rather eye opening. I guess the fact of the matter is after a whole season I genuinely only have 1 friend in this group and it’s Ava. I actually don’t think Tyler is all that bad. I’m going to make the effort to build some report with him during the break. I’m not going to let someone else’s opinion if Tyler alter mine any longer. Hopefully these girls learn what true friendship means because frankly I think most are still learning.

Billie’s Closing Confessional: This year I can say I actually feel good about myself. When you first met me I was a wreck and was doing my best with a new group of friends. Now I have a backbone, I hold people accountable, I speak my truth, and I just love where I’m at in my life. I love the friends I do have. I am married and that’s Mrs.Hamlin to you! If people don’t like my over-the- top personality then I don’t know what to tell them! I am me and I’m not apologetic for it.

Lauralie’s Closing Confessional: I’m out. This is not my environment. It’s a human zoo and I’m just passing by. Hell no. They are acting even worse than animals. I’m pretty sure that I’m offending animals. I shouldn’t be comparing those two. Brian is in denial. I’m really sorry that I can’t help him. I’m truly happy for Billie, but he can’t behave like this. He is over 50. Act like an adult. You are not having a period anymore. I don’t want to even waste my breath on Ava or Devyn. They are classless, vulgar, mannerless, rude and trashy.

Tyler’s Closing Confessional: I’m so exhausted. This group has spent months talking about me and Joshuaa and me being so at fault and here he is, a TRUE MONSTROSITY of a human being. Insulting my looks, insulting Billie, he’s just a hypocrite and a fake. I’m done with that. This year has been great for me, I wrote a book, that I hope will help people, the store is doing great, and I’m happier with my family than ever. I’m finished with people attempting to use their negativities and insecurities to make me or anyone else the bad guy. But he “owns it”…right.

Joshuaa’s Closing Confessional: I’ve spent the year living by these women’s double standards. I’ve probably had the biggest year ever, I had my boy and now I’m getting a divorce. Never did I even fathom that I would be on such an island in this group. *pauses* see I own things… I take accountability and I’m always looking to better myself and be me. At the end of the day, that’s what truly makes a queen *winks to camera*



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