Season 5 – Episode 2 : ‘Cry And Go Bitch’

Ladies of Twitter
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Ladies of Twitter Season 5 Intro

The episode begins with various shots of the skyline of Twitter, we focus in on an upscale jewelry store where we see Lauralie trying on various pieces. She sits trying on different necklaces and bracelets while waiting for a friend.

Lauralie Confessional: Tyler and I had some bumps in the road, but I don’t hold any grudges after what happened a couple months ago. I would like us to be friends again. Plus, we didn’t talk at the Gala much, so I decided to invite him shopping. Nothing can go wrong here.

Tyler walks in and quickly hugs Lauralie and grabs a seat next to her.

Tyler: Hello darling! You look great!

Lauralie: Hi Tyler! How are you?

Tyler: I’m good, still trying to unwind from the gala. How are you?

Lauralie: I’m good, a lot was happening, we didn’t have any time to talk to be honest. So, what you think about these new ladies?

Tyler: Yes, so much. And sorry we didn’t get to chat. I was so busy. Brian is my cousin and Ava is nice, we were working together. And Devyn seems nice, she said we should get to know one another, she’s Joshuaa’s friend though so we will see. What did you think?

Lauralie’s Reaction

Lauralie laughs once she realizes that Brian is Tyler’s cousin.

Lauralie: He is your cousin? Oh God Bless You.

Tyler: He’s lovely, what makes you say that?

Lauralie: Well, to be honest, we know each other from long ago. We were friends back then, but let’s say that we didn’t leave things on a good note.

Tyler: I’m sorry to hear that. I love Brian though. How was the gala for you, any action?

Lauralie: Not really, I was chatting with Billie, what about you?

Tyler: I got into it with Joshuaa a bit to say the least.

Lauralie: Oh, I think you should move on from this stuff.

Tyler: I want to! I had no intent of speaking to him about it or anything. He starting saying my name

Lauralie: I’m shocked that he is pregnant though, I didn’t see that coming.

Tyler: I didn’t expect it at all either. I was shocked, but good for them

Lauralie: Joshuaa as a mother? I guess pigs can fly then. How pregnant is he?

Tyler: He said 7 or 8 months I think the other day. He seems to be due soon, are you going to his shower?

Lauralie: Yeah, I’m coming. Wait. If he is 7 or 8 months pregnant then that means…

As Lauralie pauses, Tyler looks waiting for her to say yet she just smiles and giggles.

Tyler: That means what?

Lauralie: He was drinking alcohol while pregnant.

Tyler’s Reaction

Tyler: Oh Lord girl, you are a mess. So I’ll see you there, I better head to the store to check on things.

Lauralie Confessional: Well, I’m just stating facts.

Lauralie: I think I’m going to buy him a chalice and bottled water.

As the scene shifts we see Joshuaa and Devyn putting the finishing touches on Joshuaa’s Baby Shower. They are seated putting the last details together on the seating chart.

Devyn Confessional

Devyn Confessional: It’s finally here! I’ve been about to bust a gut keeping this secret from Joshuaa. We talk every day and now I finally get to share what she is having! This is going to be a fun time. I really hope Roxy doesn’t try it today. I’d hate to have to put somebody in their place. This is a joyous occasion.

Joshuaa’s Baby Shower

We see shots of Devyn and Joshuaa greeting the various guests including Tyler, Lauralie, Billie, and Ava. The women then greet each other, all complimenting one another on their outfits.

Ava: Now Devyn, are you prepared to deliver this baby Just in case?

Devyn: I’m always ready Ava girl!

Joshuaa: Lawd, this baby feels ready.

Lauralie: Congratulations Joshuaa. This place looks good; you really outdid yourself. Here is my gift for you.

Lauralie then hands Joshuaa a bottle of water. The women all clearly confused, ask Lauralie what she means.

Lauralie: Reminds him of his favorite liquor… no girls, I’m just kidding.

Devyn: Could we keep it classy here please, I don’t want a stressed out Mom, thanks.

Joshuaa Confessional: I’m trying here, but it’s so awkward with Tyler being around.

Then Ava walks over to where Tyler is standing.

Ava: Any thoughts on having lunch just you, Joshuaa, and I?

Tyler: Joshuaa and I are just where we are. I’m letting him have his pregnancy and be him. He doesn’t want me in his life. It’s clear

Ava: Well, you’re here, he wouldn’t have invited you here if you weren’t welcome.

Just then Doctor Devyn clinks her spoon up against her glass to get the attention of the room.

Devyn: Ladies can I have your attention? It’s time for the moment we have all been waiting for the Gender Reveal! It’s a BOY!

Joshuaa’s Excited Reaction

The women then all scream and shot with joy. They then congratulate Joshuaa on his coming baby boy as Joshuaa celebrates alongside his husband, Derek.

Tyler Confessional: It’s bittersweet though because a year ago I would’ve been right there next to him celebrating and now we barely even speak.

Tyler: Joshuaa honey, when you have a chance, I was wondering if we could chat.

Joshuaa: Sure Tyler, we can go sit over there.

Tyler: Yeah sounds great. I’m sure those feet are killing you. I remember that feeling *laughs* You’re up more than I was at this stage.

Joshuaa: Girl I’ve got money to make, homes to decorate, it’s a busy life I lead, I feel huge though.

Tyler: I can relate to that darling and you look lovely. If my ass could lose baby weight, I know you can.

Joshuaa Confessional: Okay girl stop buttering me up, what do you want?

Tyler: I just wanted to chat one-on-one to talk about what happened with us *starts to tear up*

Tyler Crying

Joshuaa: Why are you crying?

Tyler: Joshuaa because it does upset me. We were best friends; you were like a sister to me. It’s upsetting that we aren’t that anymore. It doesn’t make you want to cry?

Joshuaa: Tyler, I cried months ago when you didn’t respond to my emails, calls, or texts. You hurt me and you didn’t realize. You hurt our friend. You caused a lot of shit and not once have you owned it. I’ve moved on.

*Flashback to Season 4 drama of Joshuaa and Tyler*

Tyler: I cried too! I needed space. She’s not a friend of mine. Threatening me? I know I did things the wrong way, but she would not sit down with me to talk about it afterwards. A businesswoman finishes the job.

Joshuaa: You broke her! You absolutely annihilated her and I’m left to pick up the pieces. And now you are feeling bad and crying. It’s sad, you were my sister.

Tyler: I didn’t break anything that wasn’t already in pieces. And furthermore, the second that girl became your friend, you stopped being mine and that’s the truth damn it.

Joshuaa: Whoa don’t go there. Tyler, I’m serious you’re going to get me mad. That is not the truth. You got busy with your shop and you became a lousy friend!

Tyler: Joshuaa, you admitted you were going to go to her fashion show! We had been friends for years and you said you were going to her show! You’re right, I was a lousy friend last year. There! Is that what you wanted to hear? I was a shitty friend

Joshuaa: Still no apology. *begins to cry* You have broken our sacred bond and I don’t think we can ever get back there.

Tyler: I apologize that I was a shitty friend to you. Are we arguing over phrasing now? Jesus. If that can’t make up for the mistakes during the History we have, the amazing three years of friendship, then I don’t know.

Joshuaa: I’m about to have a baby Tyler and look at you. Coming here and apologizing to me for something that happened months ago. *stands up* I need to leave.

Tyler: Leave, I knew that you would darling. Congratulations on the baby, he’ll be great

Joshuaa: Tyler, why don’t you leave? You’re good at ignoring what’s good for you. BYE!

Tyler: I will darling. *gets my bag* Enjoy your Shower. Have a lovely life. *walks out to wait for car, gets in car, and leaves*

Tyler Confessional: Children about to be raising children. *laughs* It’s funny really. Good luck

As Lauralie sees Tyler exit, she follows suit, tired of seeing watching the drama ensue. Finally, Joshuaa closes with a toast about the strong women that his son will grow up surrounded by, including himself as a mother. The ladies then toast, followed by various shots of the remaining four women enjoy the baby shower. Next, the screen changes and we see images of the Rodeo Drive of Twitter, we then zoom in on Boutique by Tyler, seeing Tyler working alongside his employees. Shortly thereafter, we see Brian arrive and get out of his car, head inside, and greet his cousin.

Tyler Confessional: I am at a loss for what to do at this point with Joshuaa. The baby shower was a disaster for us. I know Brian will know just what to say though and that’s what I love about him.

Tyler: Brian! I haven’t seen you since you abandoned me to go to a baby shower *laughs*

Brian: Oh no love, how did it go?

Tyler: It was a shit show to put it mildly.

Brian: What? How? What the hell happened?

Brian Confessional: I’m not surprised! These ladies belong in the zoo. At the charity event for Twitter city they were looking for drama.

Tyler: Well, I pulled Joshuaa aside to chat. He is having a baby boy first off so you know. But anyways, I started crying because I was emotional over how big a moment this was for him and I wasn’t really a part of his life anymore. Then he goes off about how he cried months ago and that my tears mean less. I was crying months ago too; you were there for that. It just seems nothing I do is good enough to please that sour Lime.

Brian: He just needs to cut his childish behavior; he’s going to be a mother for God’s sake.

Tyler: Exactly! I even apologized for being a shitty friend last year to him. That wasn’t enough either.

Brian: Well what the hell does he want from you then?

Tyler: I could say so many nasty things to respond to that, but I won’t.

Brian: Speaking of nasty, I had no idea Lauralie was in your circle of friends. Tyler, when I tell you she has no class, manners, or self-worth, I mean that! Did she tell you how she appeared on my talk show a couple of years ago?

Tyler: She mentioned that you two weren’t friends, but no, she didn’t tell me about it.

Brian: Let me tell you. She first requested $2,000 for her wardrobe for the filming… then she insisted that awaiting her Arrival she was expecting bananas that were individually peeled and cut into small squares. And she was BEYOND rude to production.

Tyler: Small squares? Our grandma didn’t even eat like that. *laughs* That certainly sounds diva-ish though. Maybe her separation changed her.

Brian: Maybe that or she is just a rude, icy bitch. Who knows? Anyways, how’s the fam?

Tyler: Thank God you are here with me in this group. And they’re all good, Adam is so busy, the kids are growing like weeds. How about yours honey?

Brian: Aww!!! And Devin is doing good!!! We have been struggling with having kids for two years now so I’m think of giving up and adopting!

Tyler: Oh wow! Brian, I’m so happy for you!! *hugs Brian* You will be the best mother I know that. And I’ll be by your side the entire way *holds Brian’s hand* I promise that

Brian: *sheds a tear* You have always been more of a sister than a cousin.

Brian Confessional: When Shauna got me fired from our talk show, Tyler was the first one to step up and make sure I was ok. He is now more of a sister to me than Shauna will ever be.

Tyler: I feel the same way Brian. *gives Brian a kiss on the cheek* And Aunt Tyler has a nice ring to it! *giggles*

Brian: Yes! Now let me get going, I have a couple of meetings!

Tyler: Bye Darling! I will see you soon.

Next the sun sets in Twitter and we see Joshuaa waiting in a restaurant to have dinner with an old friend.

Joshuaa and Paul’s Outfits

Joshuaa Confessional: I’m meeting with Paul for dinner before she heads back to YouTube, she said she has a lot to tell me, that could be anything with her!

Joshuaa: Hi Paul, girl I’m exhausted, let’s eat!

Paul: Hi doll! I’m sorry I couldn’t make it. You know I had a business meeting today or I would’ve loved to join you. Well congratulations on everything. I could barely get a word in edgewise the last time I saw you at the gala.

Joshuaa: I know it was crazy, so good to see you though, it felt like old times.

Paul: I’m glad we’re on a better note now too. How’s Nina doing? I haven’t talked to her in a while.

Joshuaa: It’s water under the bridge. Nina I haven’t seen in a while, she’s in London with my brother. Oh and Tyler showed up to my baby shower, you know! Cried and tried to make up and then left when things got real. I just don’t know what’s happened to her. It’s like a different person

Paul: Well Tyler sent me some texts after the gala. And let me tell you, they weren’t nice.

Joshuaa: Oh, sounds juicy girl! Who were they about or what should I say

Paul about the texts

Paul: They were about you. The texts wre about how he isn’t happy for you. He dissed your life and called you a fraud. I was just shocked at how much anger he expressed.

Joshuaa: What? Show me! This is unbelievable…

Paul then shows the texts to Joshuaa who immediately forwards them to himself. Both Joshuaa and Paul then express their shock at these texts. The women then chat back and forth about the group and the many changes in it since Paul left Twitter. Finally, Paul checks his watch and sees that he needs to head to the airport for his flight back to YouTube. The two hug and depart together as the screen turns dark and the Ladies of Twitter Logo fades onto the screen.

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