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Andy: Hi, I’m Andy Cohen and thank you for watching this VERY special Watch What Happens Live! Episode, it’s a doozy! We’re here tonight to celebrate all things Ladies of Twitter. After a record breaking and dramatic fifth season, the ladies have proved to be an unstoppable force… check this out!

Clips throughout the shows five seasons play, from the original OG’s and the first reunion, to the cast trips and explosive dramas to the most recent reunion where everything changed…

Andy: WOW. The ladies are on fire! So, let’s dig in! We asked every lady to be a part of our special tonight, unfortunately not all could make it. Never the less we have most and I am SO excited!

Andy: We asked the ladies some questions, we’re going to reveal some of their answers in clips! The first being What was it about the show that made you want to sign on?

Paul: It was a brand new show, never done before… It looked like it would be fun and for the most part it was! *laughs*

Joshuaa: The opportunity to meet new people and make some amazing friends and memories. It’s been a blast so far!

Tyler: Well I was one of the original girls so I was approached by one of the Executive Producers and I decided to give it a try because it was unlike anything I had ever done.

Nina: Well initially I was signed on as a friend but got promoted due to some other cast members quitting. But I wanted to sign on to just explore the option and see what being apart of a show was all about.

Tre: What made me sign on to the show is I felt the show needed a little Spicé. I mean, look at this face? Why would I not sign on? Plus, I was new to Twitter and plus it was the perfect platform to promote my new show and be a messy little bitch. *laughs*

Jac: I had launched a new business and saw it as a great opportunity to gain some great exposure. Initially I was hesitant because at the time, Tyler and I had parted ways and ended our business relationship but once I found out what the weekly viewership numbers were I was sold!

Kylee: I thought it’d be a super fun thing to do and that I’d meet lots of new friends.

Brian: My cousin Tyler. He though that I would be a great fit and he told me he really needed someone in his corner. He told me the ladies were vicious to him.

Andy: I LOVE THIS. The next question is… What is/was the best thing about your time on the show?

Billie: The best thing about your time on the show? The best thing about my time on the show has been watching myself back and learning more about myself. It’s hard to recognize your flaws till you’re on a tv screen.

Jac: The best thing about being on the show would have to be my relationship with a few of the women. I have a made a life long friend in Joshuaa and Nina and I are closer then ever.

Devyn: Travelling to all the places and my friendships. I’ve made sisters is Joshuaa and Ava because of this show. Snatching a few wigs is just the icing on the cake. *laughs*

Nina: Mending my relationship with my sister in law Joshuaa and building a everlasting friendship with Jac.

Andy: What’s the most shocking moment of your time on the show and why?

Steph: Oh wow. Probably me having an exploration of sorts with my sexuality. It was unexpected but also very liberating. I’ve had so many people reach out to me who are going through the same things. I am an even bigger champion today of LGBTQ rights.

Devyn: Most shocking moment? Whew… I have a few Tyler outing Joshua’s husband as a cheater in public. Lauralie questioning whether Ava could be response for her husbands death. Those were truly shocking moments and lows for me.

Joshuaa: I think the season one finale where Nina and my brother turned against me was a highlight. Mykonos was horrid and terrible from this season too, my whole life turned upside down

Ava: I think the highs and lows of the show, I found it hard to decompress when we finished taping!

Lauralie: When they openly smoke a pot on my property. First of all, it’s illegal. Second of all, rude. You don’t do drugs in someone’s house.

Tre: The hardest thing about my time on the show was being called a fraud, and a liar, and THE FIGHTS! Usually, I brush these things off, but DAMN every week, Tre’s this, Tre’s that, and I’m like “OMG” when will this nightmare end! *laughs* Towards the end, I didn’t care though. I’ll be the first to admit I was a fucking bitch and I honestly don’t know why. I look back and I’m like damn, what was up with you? Was I going through a mid-life crisis? *laughs*

Paul: I think the hardest part for me was the drama, sometimes the show doesn't show the whole picture and it can get really frustrating!

Tyler: Obviously for me, it’s my falling out with Joshuaa. We were best friends for so long to see that dynamic change and crumble on television is sad to me.

Andy: For those Ladies who are no longer on the show, Do you still watch the show and if so who are your favourites?

Tre: I do watch the show from time to time and my favorites I like all of them when they are getting along! *laughs* In specifics, I love Jac, Billie, & Brian!

Nina: When I have time yes I do. I was so excited to see Billie back this season and Devyn seems to be really fitting in. Of course I love Tyler, Joshuaa, and Jac returning.

Paul: I keep in touch with Joshuaa & Jac from the show. Tre and Nate as well and I see Tyler from time to time at social events.

Andy: Who do YOU think is the OG of the OG’s of Twitter City?

Paul: Joshuaa for sure. However Tyler has an interesting story every season as well.

Steph: Tyler and Joshuaa. They have been on every season and are a staple for that show.

Ava: Joshuaa is the OG of OG’s. Joshuaa Lime is synonymous with LoT!

Lauralie: Tyler, point blank and period.

Kylee: OH! Erm nope, I won’t pick, sorry!

Jac: I’m biased because of my relationships with Nina and Joshuaa but in all honesty they’ve all brought something different and unique to the show.

Tre: Paul, without a doubt! Even though he isn’t on the show anymore, I mean he was the main storyline for the first two seasons and managed to give most of these ladies a storyline. The others contributed as well, but I mean, let’s be honest, Paul!

Billie: Tyler Newman Scott, of course.

Andy: What has been your best moment on Ladies of Twitter?

Ava: Making so many good friends! The group scenes are where we have the most fun!

Tre: *bursts out laughing* My best moment would be when I told Joshuaa to meditate on a man’s penis and I threw the shoe at Nina. Emotions were high that day and that’s not how I wanted dinner to go! I don’t know what the hell happened at that dinner, but it’s pure comedy now! Back then, not so much, but now I look back at it and laugh!

Steph: The finale of Season 3 at Billie’s house warming party will always be legendary.

Billie: My friendships with these ladies, as well as, a platform for me to be a role model for women to achieve anything they want to achieve.

Joshuaa: Apart from the huge cheque?! *laughs* Showing everyone how to have fun and stand up for yourself, you may not always be right but it’s important to be yourself in this journey!

Lauralie: A trip to France. I could spend time with my family and my new friends, we had a blast when I look back!

Devyn: Best moment? Probably delivering Hugo and helping Brian become a mom. Those moments are really special to me.

Jac: I don’t have a single best moment. I’d say that laughing with these women is my best moment on the show because in all honesty when we have fun we have SOO much fun

Brian: MONEY! A lot of money! *laughs*

Andy: Thank you all and thank you to our viewers! The Ladies of Twitter will be back for their sixth season in October!

All the ladies gather back together and dance as the episode and the show ends…



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